A.K.O.B. (aka Another Kind of Blues)
Aaron Space
Aaron, Lee
Aarons and Ackley
Abbey Tavern Singers
Abraham’s Children
Abramson, Ronney
Absolute 9
Absolute Whores
Absurds, The
Ace Of Wands
Ackers, Buddy
Ackroyd, Gayle
Action, The (1)
Action, The (2)
Active Dog
Active Joy
Adam & Eve
Adams, Bryan
Adams, Charlie
Adams, Chef
Adams, Donna
Adams, George
Adams, Greg
Adams, Shelley
Adlam, Clare
Adopted, The
Adventures in Paradise
Afghanistan Banana Stand
After All
Age of Electric
Age of Mirrors
Aglukark, Susan
Agnello, Sebastian
Aircuts, The
Ajo & the Hungry Boys
Alberts, Vince
Alcorn, Coco Love
Alcorn, John
Alexander, Tom
Alexandrins, Les
Ali Baba Et Ses 4 Voleurs
All Good Children
Allan Sisters, The
Allan, Chad
Allen, Barry
Allen, Lillian
Allen, Ward
Allies, The
Alsop, Lee
Alta Moda
Altogether Morris
Alvarez, Gerry
Alynn, Vicki
Amants, Les
Ambrose, James Robert
Ambrose, Tommy
Amen, The
American Devices
Amesbury, Bill
Amey, Colin
An April March
Anders, Cy
Anderson, Gurney
Anderson, Kerri
Andrews, Mickey
Androids, The
Angel, Johnny T.
Anger Brothers
Animal Slaves
Animal Stags
Anka, Paul
Annabelle’s Room
Annonceurs, Les
Another Roadside Attraction
Antique Fair
Anti-Queens, The
Anvil Chorus
Apple Viper
April Wine
Arcade Fire
Ardels, The
Arden, Jann
Arends, Carolyn
Argue, Michael
Aristocrates, Les
Armed & Hammered
Armes, Robert
Arrogant Worms
Arrows, The
Arsenault, Angele
Artie & The Mustangs
Artificial Joy Club
Artificial Life
Arvak’s, Les
As Sheriff
Assassins, Les
Asteks, Les
Asteroids, The
Astronautes, Les
Atkinson, Danko and Ford (with Brockie and Hilton)
Atomes, Les
Attack In Black
Attenborrow, Anne
Aubé, Dany
Auchu, Claudette
Auf der Maur, Melissa
Aurora Borealis
Austin, Julian
Authority Fails
Autres, Les
Aykroyd, Dan

A.K.O.B. (aka Another Kind of Blues)
This Vancouver hardcore band was named after a UK Subs album and were the first to release a record on Undergrowth Records. Their self-titled 7″ EP was packaged in a picture sleeve and pressed on blue vinyl.

1985 Another Kind of Blues [5-song EP] (Undergrowth) [no cat.#]

Jake Thomas
(guitar, vocals) / Dave Moulaison (guitar, vocals) / Gene Falbo [aka Digigriano Cosenza] (bass, vocals) / Bob Disalle (drums, vocals)
Short-lived act that formed in Sudbury, Ontario and were signed by Warner Brothers. They relocated to Toronto and recorded their self-titled debut. The album spawned two singles including “Keep on Movin'” which scraped the bottom of the RPM Top100 singles chart for a few weeks in early 1972; Falbo would go on to form Jackson Hawke.


1971 Keep on Movin’/The Visitor (Warner) CW-4008
1972 Marsha/When She Smiles (Warner) CW-4010

1972 Aaron Space (Warner Bros.) WSC-9011

Born: Karen Lynn Greening on July 21, 1962 in Belleville, Ontario
Karen Greening was born in Belleville, Ontario and moved to Brampton, Ontario with her family at an early age. Her house was always filled with Streisand, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, and Dinah Washington music plus rock & roll records. Her first performance at the age of 15 was on a local cable television variety program where she sang Debbie Boone’s “You Light up My Life”. Discovered at the age of 16 singing in a musical production of ‘Babes in Arms’, Greening joined existing rock band Lee Aaron as backup singer and keyboardist. Rat-infested hotel rooms and biker bars didn’t deter her aspirations and as her experience grew, she moved to the lead singer position adopting the band name as her own. A year later, after graduating with honours and two scholarships, she met manager Rob Connolly who replaced her entire band which became The Lee Aaron Project to tour the Southern Ontario clubs. In 1982 she recorded her debut album The Lee Aaron Project with the Rick Santers Band as the backing musicians for the modest sum of $7,000. As a promotional stunt, Aaron posed nude for American adult magazine ‘OUI’ which failed to make an impact on her album sales or her career. In 1984 she signed with Attic Records and began her long friendship and association with guitarist John Albani (ex-Wrabit). Attic released the dark, Edgar Rice Burroughs visually influenced ‘Metal Queen’ and its the title track, was controversial immediately with the UK BBC network who gave it an ‘R’ rating, Australia banning it outright and Canada’s MuchMusic scratching their heads. But Much was in its infancy and needed the video for an, as yet untested, market making “Metal Queen” a hit. Impressed with the sudden interest in Lee Aaron, Attic Records bought the rights to ‘The Lee Aaron Project’ album from Freedom Records and re-packaged it for quick release as, simply, ‘Lee Aaron’. A tour was launched throughout the Eastern US seaboard and portions of Canada but it would exhaust funds and forced Aaron and Albani to return home, broke, in January 1985. They fired manager Connolly, dissolved the band, and contemplated their next move. Because the pressure was on from Attic Records for a follow-up, Aaron and Albani hit the studio with crack studio players and heavy handed producer Bob Ezrin. Recording was wrapped up in four months. By the time album number three, ‘Call of the Wild’, hit the racks, Aaron had managed to parlay a gig at the Marquee Club in London, England and the subsequent over-night success of the album led to a hastily assembled band for a two month European tour as opening act for Bon Jovi, Krokus, and Uriah Heep. With her popularity skyrocketing, a planned tour opening for Blue Oyster Cult had to be cancelled so that Aaron could headline her own tour in West Germany during October and November 1985. The success of ‘Call of the Wild’ led to a European distribution deal with Virgin subsidiary, 10 Records, in England. It was a short lived association as 10 Records went bankrupt after the release of 1987’s eponymously titled ‘Lee Aaron’ album with its smoother, softer production edge. It yielded the Top-40 hit “Only Human” which would be the first of many co-writing efforts with the likes of Joe Lynn Turner, David Roberts, and Dan Hill. The album did little internationally and would subsequently stall. Aaron took a long needed rest after this to re-assess her career. This re-invention was translated into the 1989 ‘Bodyrock’ album with the heavy anthemic singles “Whatcha Do to My Body” and “Hands On” as well as a cover of the Montrose song “Rock Candy”. The success of radio play and MuchMusic’s heavy rotation of the singles led to her first cross-Canada tour since 1983 in April 1990. She received JUNO Award nominations for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’ and ‘Best Video’ (“Whatcha Do to My Body”). Eventually, ‘Bodyrock’ would become Aaron’s most successful record with 230,000 units sold. Lightening nearly struck again in 1991 with the album ‘Some Girls Do’ and she repeated the formula with the radio friendly tunes “Sex With Love” and “Motor City Boy” (featuring a voice over by Q107 radio personality John Derringer) – a song about band mate and husband Greg Thomas Doyle. Another cover tune was in the mix of Stevie Wonder’s “Tell Me Something Good” while Aaron and Albani teamed up with Jim Vallance for the album track “Dangerous”. Once again she launched a nationwide Canadian tour – this time with Darby Mills (ex-Headpins). Despite another handful of JUNO nominations and wins at the Toronto Music Awards for ‘Female Vocalist’, the international Hard Rock scene began to wane as did album sales, and Aaron requested a release from her expiring record deal at the end of May 1992. Attic agreed and the two split amicably with her final release on the label being 1992’s best-of package ‘Powerline’. An emotional roller coaster ride ensued as her marriage dissolved and her lack of recording contract led to a two year grace period before fighting back with a new sound, hairstyle, wardrobe and independent album in 1994 called ‘Emotional Rain’. The CD was released on a new label she formed with manager Steve Propas who also distributed the disc through his own Spy Records. After changing direction to a grungier sound, she parted ways with long-time collaborator John Albani, moved to British Columbia in 1995. She soon hooked up with ex-members of Vancouver’s Sons Of Freedom to create the all new band, 2preciious, who released a self-titled debut in 1996 featuring the single “Superbitch”. She was invited many times to step outside the pop genre and perform live, twice in the prestigious Kumbaya Festival, and by November of 1996, flown in to special guest with some of the Toronto’s premier jazz and blues players for the Toronto Women’s Blues Revue. 2preciious never regrouped, and in early 1997 Aaron sought a departure from pop limitations to return to a pure, stripped down form – piano and voice. Coincidentally, while listening to the CBC late one evening, jazz pianist Dennis Michael Ziebart caught three tracks performed live by Aaron at the previous Women’s Blues Revue show. He sought her out and the two eventually connected fashioning their own versions of jazz and blues songs spanning from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. With a repertoire of over 160 minutes worth of live music they pursued a low-key tour through the British Columbia interior to test-drive the material some of which ended up on the Lee Aaron And The Swingin’ Barflies CD ‘Slick Chick’ which saw the light of day in May 2000. Videos for “Why Don’t You Do Right” and “I’d Love To” charted in the Top 10 on The Bravo Countdown. ‘Slick Chick’ was subsequently released in Europe and South America followed by a nine country tour. In 2002, on yet another musical adventure, Aaron took on a role with Vancouver’s Modern Baroque Opera whose performance at the Vancouver English Centre earned them an Alcan Performing Arts Award. In 2003, Aaron began writing and production on ‘Beautiful Things’ which was released in 2004. In the last decade Lee Aaron has resurrected her rock career with a new band and several new releases. with notes from John Cody, Al Mair, and Ralph Alfonso.

1982 Under Your Spell/I Like My Rock Hard (Freedom) FR-45-027
1984 Shake It Up/Deceiver (Attic) AT-307
1984 We Will Be Rockin’ (Edited Re-Mix)/Hold Out (Attic) AT-313
1984 Metal Queen/Deceiver (Bigtime – AUSTRALIA) BTS-1287
1984 Metal Queen/Head Above Water (Remix)//We Will Be Rockin’ (Edited Remix)/Night Riders (Live) [12”] (Bigtime – AUSTRALIA) BTE-1009
1985 Runnin’ From the Fire/Call of the Wild (Attic) AT-329
1985 Barely Holdin’ On/Danger Zone (Attic) AT-331
1985 Rock Me All Over (3 song EP) ATT-1238
1987 Only Human/Empty Heart (Attic) AT-350
1987 Goin’ Off the Deep End/Hands Are Tied (Attic) AT-358
1987 Dream With Me/Empty Heart (Attic) AT-363
1987 Powerline [one sided single] (10 Records/Virgin –EU) 109-147
1989 Whatcha Do to My Body (Single Version)/Tough Girls Don’t Cry (Attic) AT-394
1989 Whatcha Do to My Body (4-song cassingle) ATC-394
1989 Hands On (Single Version)/Shame (cassingle) ATC-396
1990 Sweet Talk (Single Version)/Rock The Hard Way (cassingle) ATC-403
1991 Sex With Love (Single Version)/Motor City Boy (Single Version) (cassingle) ATC-418
1991 Sex With Love/Peace On Earth (Metronome – GERMANY) 865-089
1993 Peace On Earth (6-song EP) CDP-431
1994 Odds of Love (Special Mix) [promo CD-single in Labatt’s beer cases] (A & M) LGDCD2
1994 Odds of Love (Radio Edit)/Odds of Love (LP Version) (Hipchic/A & M) HIP-PRO-CD-01
1994 Waterfall (Hipchic/A & M)
1995 Fire In Your Flame (Hipchic/A & M)
1995 Baby Go Round (Radio Love)/Baby Go Round (LP Version) (Hipchic/A & M) HIP-PRO-CD-02
2018 Diamond Baby Blues [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2018 Mistreated [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2020 It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2021 Cmon [DigiFile] (Big Sister]
2021 Twenty One [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2021 Vampin’ [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2021 Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2022 Rock Bottom Revolution [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2022 Troublemaker [DigiFile] (Big Sister)
2023 Elevate [DigiFile] (Big Sister)

with 2preciious
1996 Superbitch/Black Metal Jesus (No Bull – AUSTRIA) 33216-2

I’d Love To (Barking Dog Music)

The Lee Aaron Project (Freedom) FR-014
1983 The Lee Aaron Project Picture Disc [4-song EP] (Visual Vinyl) VV1001
1984 Lee Aaron [aka The Lee Aaron Project re-issue] (Attic) LAT-1193
1984 Metal Queen (Attic) LAT-1188
1985 Call of the Wild (Attic) LAT-1212
1985 Rock Me All Over [3-song EP] (Attic)
1985 Barely Holdin’ On [3-song EP] (Roadrunner) RR-5488
1987 Lee Aaron (Attic) [not the The Lee Aaron Project album] LAT-1231
1987 Only Human [3-song EP] (10 Records) TENT-155
1989 Bodyrock (Attic) LAT-1257
1989 Lee Aaron/Metal Queen [2-4-1 re-issue] ACD-24104
1991 Some Girls Do (Attic) ACD-1322
1992 Powerline: The Best of Lee Aaron (Attic) ACD-1369
1994 Emotional Rain [European bonus tracks: Concrete & Ice; Strange Alice] (Hipchic/Spy/A & M) 78871-7000
2004 Beautiful Things (Faithful) FP-503
2012 Radio Hitz And More… (Big Sister)
2016 Fire and Gasoline (Big Sister/ILS/Hypnotic) 24301
2018 Diamond Baby Blues (Big Sister) SRGILS530
2019 Power, Soul, Rock N’ Roll – Live In Germany [CD + DVD] (Big Sister/Rough Trade/Metalville) MV-0222
2020 Almost Christmas (Big Sister)
2021 Radio On! (Big Sister/Rough Trade/Metalville) MV-0278
2022 Elevate (Big Sister/Metalville) MV-0342

with 2preciious
1996 2preciious (Spastic Plastic/IMD) [released in Germany as Lee Aaron And 2preciious]


2000 Slick Chick (Barking Dog Music/Fusion III)

Compilation Tracks
1984 “Shake It Up” on ‘Masters of Metal – Volume 2 (K-Tel)’ TC-297
1993 “Watcha Do To My Body” on ‘Caught In the Attic’ [3CDs] ATTIC-XX
1998 “Some Girls Do” on ‘Attic Records Limited Twenty5’ [4CD] ATTIC-25
2021 “Goldfinger” on ‘Jaymz Bee Presents: Music For Secret Agents’

Chuck Aarons (vocals, guitars) / Jim Ackley (vocals, keyboards)
Originally from the United States, Chuck Aarons and Jim Ackley met through producer Dennis Murphy and became musical partners in late 1970. Chuck Aarons was born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. He played in various Rock & Roll bands throughout the 60’s and was excluded from the Viet Nam War draft in 1967 due to an asthma condition. Aarons ended up in Toronto in 1970 after his band called August split up during a New York gig. Ackley, originally a member of Oregon’s Thirteenth Story, had been touring with the Beach Boys, but dodged the Viet Nam War draft in 1966 and escaping to Canada. Ackley had been working at Capitol Records as a clerk in promotions when the two met. In short time the two had written and recorded enough material that they were confident enough to forward a demo to Capitol Records Canada’s A & R Director Paul White who, in turn, passed it on to the label’s New York office. A deal was struck in early 1971 and a full length album was begun with Dennis Murphy as producer and engineer Phil Sheridan. The self-titled LP featured ten original Aarons & Ackley compositions. Some of these tunes were co-written with L. Alan Morse and James Rolleston. Additional musicians included Rolf Kempf (guitar), Gordon Lightfoot sideman James Rolleston (bass) and Vancouver session drummer Terry Clarke. The album spawned two singles: “Let It Shine”, which was later covered by Alan Greenslade, and “Devil Song”. The band immediately returned to the studio and released another single by year’s end called “N.F.S” which would precede their 1972 follow-up LP ‘You and I’. This album spawned an additional single with “Bonnie Blue”. This time around Aarons & Ackley confidently carried the songwriting chores alone. As before, Dennis Murphy returned to the producer’s chair as did engineer Phil Sheridan. Additional musicians included James Rolleston (backing vocals), Terry Clarke (drums), Dennis Pendrith (bass), and fellow Capitol recording artist Chris Kearney (backing vocals). By 1974 they had switched to a short-lived deal with GRT Records. They were also heavily involved in the radio and television jingle business. Aarons, specifically, had hooked up with incidental music king John Oliver (‘21 Jump Street’/’Knots Landing’/’Beverley Hills 90210’/’Family Matters’) to produce background accompaniment to such movies as ‘Winter of My Discontent’ and ‘Quicksilver’. Chuck Aarons currently lives in the Vancouver area and still enjoys a career as a guitarist and session musician. with notes from Jeffrey M. Aarons

1971 Let It Shine/Lay Me Down (Capitol) 72648
1971 Devil Song/There Is a Lady (Capitol) 72656
1971 Girl I’ve Been Waiting/N.F.S. (Capitol) 72665
1972 Bonnie Blue/Could Have Had Anything (Capitol) 72680
1974 Where Did the Music Go/Victim of Sorrow (GRT) 1230-83
1975 Detective of Love/Beverley (GRT) 1230-101


1971 Aarons and Ackley (Capitol-EMI) ST-6362
1972 You and I (Capitol-EMI) ST-6379

Compilation Tracks
1971 “Swanee Song” on ‘Capitol Records Guide To Canadian Content Programming Phase II’ (Capitol) SPRO-102

Margaret Monks
(vocals) / Michael O’Connell (vocals) / Tess Nolan (vocals) / Mary Sheehan (vocals) / Brian O’Rourke (banjo) / John O’Brien (guitar) / Bill Powers (banjo-mandolin) / Tommy Rick (Illin pipes) / Seamus Gallagher (fiddle) / Joe O’Leary (fiddle) / Paddy Joseph “P.J.” Downes (spoons)
The Abbey Tavern Singers story, as outlined by the ARC Records sleeve notes, states that: “The Abbey Tavern Singers were formed in 1962 when Mrs. (Minnie) Scott-Lennon of the Abbey Tavern in Howth, Dublin decided that musicians and balladeers performing in a relaxed sing-along manner would be popular. Within a short time the newly formed Singers were drawing capacity crowds into the Howth establishment. In 1966 a solid Irish rouser “We’re Off to Dublin in the Green” featuring the singers was released on TV as a beer commercial. This ad created by Carling Breweries Ltd. increased the group’s popularity many times over and indeed in Canada listening to the Abbey Tavern Singers fast became the new national past-time. This song-come-jingle was then released on record by the Singers and became an international hit. Shortly thereafter the Abbey Tavern Singers toured North America and charmed the continent.” In 1966 “Off to Dublin in the Green” spent six weeks in the Canadian Top-10 reaching #2 for two consecutive weeks in August that year on the CHUM Chart. The song did quite well on US radio when the VIP label released the album south of the border. All the musicians in the band were native to Ireland. They never formally immigrated to Canada – at least not during their tenure with ARC Records. The group initially released an album on London’s PYE Records in 1965. The single and the songs on the first ARC album in 1966 were all recorded live at The Abbey Tavern. With the exception of ARC being a Canadian label and the tracks being featured in Canadian beer commercials there is no Canadian content. What the clever folks at ARC did do to slide into the Canadian Content good graces was to copyright these traditional Irish ditties’ arrangements as new works under the publishing arm of Canint Music Corp. Ltd with CAPAC (the Canadian performing rights agency at the time). Reality was The Abbey Tavern Singers never stepped on Canadian soil until 1967 when the demand was so huge for them that they launched a North American tour to support the hit song and the second album ‘You Don’t Have to Be Irish…’; whose songs were recorded at the Abbey Tavern during the same recording sessions in 1966 as the first album. The album cover even featured a photo taken at the same performance as the first album. And to capitalize on the success of their endless tour schedule was a third album called ‘Abbey Tavern Singers on Tour’ in 1968 which was recorded at Bay Studios in Toronto during a break in their tour between a Toronto and Peterborough gig. This, and only this, recording qualified the act for Canadian Content status. When the ’60s wound down they went back to the Tavern and released several more records on the Abbey’s own in-house label. Former members of The Abbey Tavern Singers still appear at the Tavern regularly. with notes from Deirdre Tobin (nee Scott-Lennon) .


1966 Off to Dublin In The Green/The Captain of  the Gallant Forty TWA’ (Arc) 1144
1966 Whack Fol De Diddle Dee/The Orange and the Green (Arc) A-1152
1966 The Wild Rovers/The Orange and  the Green (Arc) A-1165


1965 The Rafters Ring at The Abbey Tavern (Pye) NPL-18127
1966 We’re Off to Dublin In the Green (Arc) AC-5003
1967 You Don’t Have to Be Irish…(Arc) ACM-5005
1968 The Abbey Tavern Singers On Tour (Arc) AC-5010
1969 Traditional Music and Song (Abbey Tavern) ATP-101
1970 Traditional Ballads (Abbey Tavern) ATP-102

Richard Desjardins
(vocals, piano, guitar) / Francis Grandmont (guitar, vocals) / Claude Vendette (saxophone, flute, guitar, drums, vocals) / Rémi Perron (bass) / Richard Perrotte (drums, percussion) / Guy Jetté (drums)
Formed in Québec in 1976 featuring ex-members of Les Caïds.

1981 Boom Town Café (Ensemble) ENS-1

From Alberta

1974 Lisa/My Old Dog’s Gone (Westmount) WSTM-4551

Ron Bartley (vocals, guitar) / Shawn O’Shea (guitar) / Jimi Bertucci (vocals, bass) / Bob McPherson (keyboards) / Brian Cotterill (percussion) / Rick McDonald (bass; replaced Bertucci) / Joey Dinardo (bass; replaced McDonald) / Dave Dobko (keyboards; replaced McPherson)
Jimi Bertucci’s high school band was called Just Us with Ron Bartley. After high school Bertucci joined Manna briefly before he and Bartley formed Captain Midnite’s Dirty Feet which also included McPherson, and Cotterill. They landed a deal with GAS Records in 1971, and the single “Hot Love” was released prior to a concert on Toronto’s Centre Island, but gained much more attention after the concert where a picture sleeve was added that claimed “30,000 people on Toronto’s Centre Island can’t be wrong.” However, because Captain Midnight was the name of an American comic strip, the creators of the comic would not allow the band use of the name stateside. Not wanting to limit any future success across the border, the band went with a biblical subtext in Abraham’s Children and re-released “Hot Love” with “Goodbye Farewell” as the flip-side. “Goodbye Farewell” turned into a top ten hit across Canada and was released in Italian as “Bye Bye Bambina Occhi Blue” which also received plenty of attention on some of the ethnic stations across Canada. The band was able to parlay these and a handful of other singles into a full album, ‘Time’, which was released in 1973 and featured the addition of second guitarist Shawn O’Shea. The album spawned the band’s first successfully charting pop single, “Gypsy”, and legitimate international hit just narrowly missing the Canadian Top-10. An outside track from the same album, “Goddess of Nature” was scooped up by United Artists which became one of their biggest singles. Abraham’s Children would enjoy more chart action through the end of 1974. Before the summer of 1974 Bertucci quit the band and signed a solo deal with United Artists. Following Bertucci’s departure he was replaced by ex-Blacksheep members Rick McDonald (bass) and Dave Dobko (keyboards) – who replaced McPherson after leaving to join The Hometown Band. McDonald was only in the band a few months before being replaced by another bassist who in-turn was replaced by Joey Dinardo (ex-Magic Cycle). With the ability to attract a new audience through more complex, heavier songs, the band decided to change their name to the simpler The Children. The Children could not sustain their own success and disbanded in 1976. O’Shea, Dinardo and Bartley would go on to form Bang in 1976. Bartley would later rejoin Bertucci, along with Danny Smith (ex-Brutus) on drums, Laurie Delgrande (session keyboardist for Triumph) and formed a short-lived outfit called The Police [often confused with the British band of the same name]. Bertucci has had a lengthy solo career and returned to Toronto from his home in California in 2011 where he is in rehabilitation from heart surgery; O’Shea works for The Toronto Sun newspaper and released a solo CD called ‘Serfin’ the Beat’ in 2009; Cotterill passed away after a battle with cancer on September 11, 2007.  with notes from Jimi Bertucci, Shawn O’Shea, and Cam Atkinson. [also see JIMI BERTUCCI]


1972 Hot Love/Goodbye Farewell (GAS) G-1000
1972 The Lovin’ Things (GAS/Buddah) G-1002
1972 Bye Bye Bambina Occhi Blue/Hot Love (GAS/Buddah) G-1003
1972 Goodbye Farewell/Hot Love (GAS/Buddah) G-1004
1973 Gypsy/Fly Me to the Sky (GAS/Polydor) G-1005
1973 Thank You/Workin’ For the Man (GAS/Polydor) G-1010
1974 Goddess of Nature/(Boogie) All Night Long (Rampage/United Artists) UAXW-361
1974 Rockin’ In the City/Back Home Again (United Artists) UAXW-421
1974 Deni/Good Bye My Friend (United Artists) UAXW-580

1972 Hot Love/Take Care of Business (GAS) G-1000-S


1975 (You Know That I Love You) Christina/Cheatin’ (United Artists) UAXW-659

1973 Time (Polydor/GAS) GLP-2001
2011 Abraham’s Children 30 (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Goddess of Nature” on ‘Music Power’ (K-Tel) TC-214

Abramson was born in Paris, France but grew up in Montréal, Canada from the age of 2. Abramson studied classic guitar at McGill University’s School of Music (the first guitar student ever). She spent her formative years as a folksinger/songwriter in the coffeehouses of Québec and Ontario before recording her first album in 1971 with producer Andre Perry. Capitol Records released the album in 1972 and aside from some additional work writing soundtrack music for soft-core porn movies aired on television it did nothing in terms of improving her career. Instead she went back to the coffeehouses and would later play guitar in a band for John Mills-Cockell after relocating to Toronto. Cockell hooked her up with Bernie Finkelstein at True North Records which led to her second, more rock-oriented album, ‘Stowaway’, and her biggest single to date – “Your Love Gets Me Around”. Album No.3, in 1978, was ‘Jukebox of Paris’ featuring a duet with David Clayton-Thomas on the song “Trouble”. Alas it had mediocre success and Abramson resigned herself to doing pre-production work for the likes of Bruce Cockburn and Murray McLauchlan. Over the years Abramson turned to children’s music and recorded the highly successful ‘Rugrat Rock’ album and its sequel ‘The Rugrats Rock On’ with Fred Mollin. ‘Rugrat Rock’ won a JUNO Award for ‘Best Children’s Album’. In recent years Abramson has gotten her Real Estate license and sells houses but still does the occasional live show. with notes from Ronney Abramson, and Bernie Finkelstein.

1972 And the Child Will Smile/Noah (Capitol) 72684
1972 Accident/Purify My River (Capitol) 72697
1976 Question For An Answer/[same] (True North)  TN4-128
1976 Your Love Gets Me Around/The Best Friend I’ve Never Known (True North)
1977 S-T-O-Please/Baby Brown Eyes (True North) TN4-135
1977 Never Seem to Get Along Without You/As Time Sneaks By (True North) TN4-138
1977 Light Up Your Love/Song For Canaan (True North) TN4-141
1978 Trouble [w/David Clayton-Thomas] (True North) TN4-143
1978 He Needs You Anyway/Jukebox of Paris (True North) TN4-145
1979 I’m a Big Girl/Moon’s Memory (True North) TN4-154
1980 Je Suis Libre (True North) TN4-155
1983 Won’t Let You Get Away With That/[same] (Duke Street) DSR-30320
1983 Get This Love Out of Here Alive/[same] (Duke Street)
1983 Hold It, I Surrender [3-song 7″ EP] (Duke Street)

1972 Ronney Abramson (Capitol) ST-6378
1977 Stowaway (True North) TN-27
1978 Jukebox of Paris (True North) TN-34 21600

Compilation Tracks
“Your Love Gets Me Around” on ‘Music Machine’ (K-Tel) TC-243
2010 “I’m Waiting (Unreleased)” on ‘Into the 80s: Great Toronto Bands’ (Sugar Moon) SM10-001

Tim Caulfield
(lead vocals, guitar) / Case Caulfield (bass) / Dave St. Pierre (lead guitar) / Paul Drake (drums)
Four Edmonton students from the University of Alberta, and Grant McEwan Community College, who played accessible jazz influenced pop.


1986 Love and Work (Whitecroft) W-101

1986 Absolute 9 (6-song EP) (Whitecroft) [no cat#]

Ugly Dick Adonis [formerly Ugly Dick Drippin; aka Greg McConnell – Born: September 12, 1964; Died: April 4, 1999] (bass, backing vocals) / Clint Rude [aka Albert Saxby] (drums, bass, vocals) / John Paul Trash [aka Paul Bullock] (vocals, guitar) / Blind Pig Neuton [aka Vaughn Passmore] (guitar, vocals)
These self-proclaimed “drinkabilly” kings from Toronto’s late, but great, Hotel Isabella started performing under the Whores banner in 1985. Their debut cassette, ‘Killing an Elvis Song for You’, featured a raucous cover version of the Elvis fave “Heartbreak Hotel”. They began holding regular jam nights on Sundays at the Isabella in 1986 and brought in other acts to gain exposure and used the money from gate receipts to fund the printing of their community newspaper ‘The Whores Rag.’ Some of the money was also siphoned off to record a 7″ single – “I’m An Asshole (For Your Love)”. Their eponymous debut album featured nine original songs and four cover tunes including The Replacements’ “Here Comes A Regular” and another Elvis stomp – “All Fucked Up,” Following the break-up of the band, McConnell formed the Lost Dakotas in 1991 who released three albums before splitting up in 1995. In 1997, McConnell recruited Bullock and Passmore (among others) for his new band Strato-Chief. McConnell died on Easter Sunday April 4,1999 of unknown causes, but the band carries on. with notes from Vaughn Passmore, Jennifer Amey, Johnny Trash and Karen Murphy. [also see STRATO-CHIEF]

1986 Marking Time/I’m an Asshole (For Your Love) (Whore Songs) WRC3-4385

1985 Killing an Elvis Song For You (Whore Songs)
1987 Product [4-song cassette] (Whore Songs)
1989 Absolute Whores (Whore Songs) RDR-12-18

Jacquis Dupuis [aka Chemical Waste] (vocals) / David Madore [aka Peanut] (bass) / Beaver (guitar) / Animal (drums)
Montréal’s The Absurds was together from 1982 to 1985 and appeared on the ‘Primitive Air-Raid’ compilation LP. They shared stages with the most popular hardcore bands of the time. A career highlight was opening for The Exploited when they visited Montréal. In 1985, Dupuis formed Countdown Zero.

Compilation Tracks
“Moral Feedback” and “Futur’s Nature” on ‘Primitive Air-Raid’ (Psyche Industry) MPAS-01

Lee Rose
(vocals, guitar, violin, bass) / Anna Mernieks-Duffield (vocals, guitar) / Jody Brumell (drums)
Gothic pop band from Toronto formed in 2017 featuring Merniaks-Duffield (Beams, The Paper Makers), and led by Lee Rose. Brumell (Lowest of the Low) joined in 2018.

Heart Disease/Tarot Cards (Ace of Wands)
2017 Jolt the Amplifier (Ace of Wands)
2017 The Moth )Ace of Wands)
2018 Grown From Good [3-song DigiFile EP] (Ace of Wands)
2018 10,000 Feet [3-song DigiFile EP] (Ace of Wands)

Be My Sibling (Ace of Wands)

Owen Critchley (lead vocals) / Tamara Silvera (keyboards, backing vocals) / Spencer Critchley (guitar) / Michael Spencer Ascott (drums) / Peter Bleakney (bass) / John Whynot (keyboards)
Formed in 1984, Aceboy landed a song on the annual Q107 ‘Homegrown Album’ in 1985. In 1986 the band recorded publishing songs for Warner/Chappell Music, but the individual members would go on to bigger success. Guitarist Spencer Critchley has written music for the radio comedy “Radio Free Lunch” as well as voices for radio commercials and was most recently an audio/web consultant for Thomas Dolby’s Beatnik.com in Palo Alto, California; Brother Owen Critchley was in the made-for-TV movie “Unnatural Causes” and currently runs a studio in Bermuda producing/performing with Ricki The Cat and also producing such acts as The Kennelboys, Adi Wolf, and Clare Angel; Michael Spencer Ascott has played for Curtis Dredger’s The CeeDees and is now part owner of Different Drummer Studios in Bermuda where he composes for films and original music/stings for MTV; Tamara Silvera modeled and fronted David Hines’ band Flying Debris and was nominated in 1985 for ‘Most Promising Vocalist’ at the CASBY Awards. She would also sing on various recording projects including Vital Sines’ ‘Big Dark Dreams’ EP in 1986; Bleakney toured with Anne Murray; Whynot played in Johnny MacLeod’s Young Pioneers and has produced such acts as Whitenoise, Colin Linden, and Blue Rodeo among others. with notes from Owen Critchley.

1985 Let It Be Love/Time Will Always Tell (Roly) 4501

Compilation Tracks
“Little Bit of Love” on ‘Q107’s Homegrown Vol. 7’ (MCA) MCA-37272

French Canadian steel guitarist who joined Scotty Stevenson & The Canadian Nighthawks in 1959. Through the band’s deal with London Records, Ackers recorded solo for the label beginning in the early 1960s. [also see SCOTTY STEVENSON & THE CANADIAN NIGHTHAWKS]

197? À Son Meilleur (Bonanza) B-29552

1963 Buddy Ackers And His Steel Guitar (London) EB-67

Ackroyd’s country-born, city-bred sound comes from her upbringing on a southern Ontario dairy farm where she learned a few guitar chords from her sister, and began emulating her Canadian musical heroes: Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. At age seventeen she enrolled in Sheridan College’s Musical Theatre program where she began defining and refining her vocals. Her first professional job was singing back-up for Cliff Edwards (ex-Bells), followed by tours with various country bands. As part of a Top40 duo she developed the complete understanding of song structure, appreciation of consistent vocal technique, solid meter and a professional outlook. The performance of cover tunes was hardly satisfying and Ackroyd set out to develop her songwriting skills. She gained respect as a lyricist with her ability to capture the subtle emotional nuances of life. With that, Ackroyd has hosted songwriting workshops, including the TV series ‘It Started with a Song” on Graham Cable. Her talents have been recognized publicly as well with a Top10 placement for “Train of Love” in the Mix 99 FM’s annual songwriting competition. Simultaneously, Toronto Arts Council and FACTOR grants have allowed her to hone her writing skills in Nashville. Ackroyd’s public performances have also made her a star attraction with appearances at the Calgary Stampede, Mariposa, the Toronto Blues Society’s Women’s Blues Revue, the Canadian National Exhibition, Manitoulin Island Folk Festival, the Hamilton Blues Festival, various high profile club dates, and radio and television appearances on CBC Radio’s ‘Later The Same Day’, CBC-TV ‘Shades of Blue’ Canadian blues documentary, and ‘The Dini Petty Show’. Her single “Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing” charted in the US, Canada and Europe and her critically acclaimed 1994 album release, ‘Hard Luck Town’ featuring “Hot Breeze Blowin’”, was play-listed in 17 European countries. Her much anticipated CD, ‘Anything But Blue’, was produced by Mark Fournier and features Ackroyd on vocals and acoustic guitar, Ed Kapala (guitars), Mark Mariash (drums), Drew Birston (bass), plus special guests Chris Whiteley, Dennis Keldie and producer Fournier himself adding his own musical touch. In 2005 Ackroyd released the blues CD ‘Women Be Wise’. 2008 saw her latest CD, ‘I Wish You Love’, with producer Cam MacInnes (Bill Colgate). With notes from Gayle Ackroyd.

What We Have Become/[same] RR45-1008
1990 [split w/TJ THOMAS & DIAMON BLACK]/Don’t Mess Up a Good Thing (Reba) RR45-1016

Hard Luck Town
1997 Anything But Blue (Festival) ACK-002
2005 Women Be Wise
2008 I Wish You Love

John (Juan Carlos) Acosta (vocals, guitar) / James Francis Russell (vocals, guitar)
John Acosta was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and moved to Canada with his family at the age of 4; At the age of 12, James Russell joined the Toronto Youth Symphony. While attending a Scarborough, Ontario high school in 1983 Acosta and Russell struck up a friendship and songwriting partnership. After winning a Grade 9 talent contest the two decided that music was what they would pursue as a career. Their break came when Acosta sang back-up vocals and co-wrote several songs on a demo tape by another musician that was submitted to Eureka records. Eureka sat up and took notice and the duo was signed and groomed as a pop act. With the release of their eponymous debut in February 1991, the duo became teen idols with their first two singles charting simultaneously – “Never Change My Mind” making the Top 20. Tours on the ‘shopping mall’ circuit ensued and with the longevity of “Never Change My Mind” assured through countless weddings, Acosta-Russell actually performed at some wedding receptions as part of an Edmonton radio promo stunt. With the dissolution of Eureka Records, Acosta-Russell was without a label and went their separate ways; John Acosta has been performing as Barry Gibb in a long-running Bee Gees tribute act called Bee Gees Gold around the world. with notes from John Acosta.

Never Change My Mind (Eureka/Capitol)
1991 Call Me (4 mixes) U47-8001
1991 Without Your Love (Eureka/Capitol)
1992 Deep In My Soul (Eureka/Capitol) DPRO-522
1992 Running Out of Love [w/Lisa Lougheed]
1993 Do It to Me (Eureka/Capitol)
1993 Wherever You Are (Eureka/Capitol)

Acosta-Russell (Eureka/Capitol) U2-7002
1992 A Little Direction (Eureka/Capitol) U2-70010
1992 You’re So Tempting (The Mixes) (JRS – US) JPS1-822

ACTION, The (1)
Jerry Crowder (bass) / Rennie Sirianni (drums) / Brian Howie (lead guitar) / Bruce Howie (rhythm guitar)
A Canadian garage act from Brandon, Manitoba who released three singles including a remake of the McCoys track “Hang on Sloopy” in 1968.

1966 You’re Gone/Odin (Studio City – US) SC-1048
1966 It’s Not the Way (That Love Should Be)/Time Flies (Studio City – US) SC-1058
1968 Winsom’s Melody/Hang on Sloopy (TCP) TCP-103

Compilation Tracks
“It’s Not The Way,” “Time Flies,” “Winsom’s Melody,” and “You’re Gone” on ‘Buried Treasures: Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-9

ACTION, The (2)
Ted Axe
(vocals) / John Fenton (guitars, vocals) / Paul Fenton (guitars, vocals) / Michael Fenton (bass) / Scott MacDonald (drums) / Andre Action (drums, vocals)
Following a frustrating stint with Ottawa progressive rock act Avalon, John Fenton formed The Action in 1977 with his two brothers Paul and Michael. The band wasted little time in embracing the punk movement and a 4-song EP on Montreco Records in 1977. Songs included original songs “Do the Strangle”, “TV’s On the Blink”, “Downtown Boy, Downtown Girl”, and “Waiting For The Man” – the classic Lou Reed tune annihilated beyond recognition. The record became a cult hit in New York, selling thousands of copies in Montréal, Toronto, and Ottawa. Their studio follow-up in 1978 was never released but featured four original songs: “Seafood Mama”, “Let You Down”, “Press Pig”, and “Zona Rosa.” The record featured a more refined musical growth with nods to The Rolling Stones, Rory Gallagher, Status Quo, The Sex Pistols and The Vibrators. The band featured Paul and Michael Fenton who went on to major label status first as The Fenton Brothers, and later as The Fentons; John Fenton died April 2, 2020 of liver cancer. [also see THE FENTONS]

1977 TV’s On The Blink/Downtown Boy, Downtown Girl//Waiting For The Man/Do The Strangle [4-song 12” EP] (Montreco) EPMRC-3007
2009 Complete Punk Recordings 1977-1978 (Sudden Death) SDR-0084

Compilation Tracks
“TV’s On the Blink” and “Downtown Boy, Downtown Girl” on ‘Permanent Wave’ [7”] LPMRC-1478
2005 “TV’s On the Blink” on ‘Only In Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC-0101

Gus Vassos (vocals) / Tony Baloney (guitar, vocals) / Sam Salmon (keyboards) / Mike Kernaghan (bass) / Chris Taylor (drums)
Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983. Featured Payola$ member Chris Taylor who would go on to become a successful music entertainment lawyer.

Hash Assassin/Vagabond (Zulu) ULUZ-1

Compilation Tracks
“Party Dog” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu) ZULU-5-2

Bill Shirt [aka Bill Scherk]
(lead vocals) / John “Buck Cherry” Armstrong (guitar, backing vocals) / Ross “Mooch Flamand” Carpenter (bass, backing vocals) / Robert “Spider” Bruce (drums) / Terry “Mister” Bowes (lead guitar) / Gord Nicholl [aka Dash Hamhock] (organ)
After leaving White Rock, British Columbia band The Monitors in June 1979, John Armstrong moved to Vancouver to hook up with Carpenter, Bruce, Scherk, Bowes, and Nicholl.They picked up Bill Scherk (ex-Shmorgs) to become the six-piece Active Dog. Nicholl soon left the flurry of partying and chaotic live shows to join The Pointed Sticks. The remaining five-piece recorded their lone single “Rat Race” b/w “Good Filthy Fun”; Scherk would go on to join The Pointed Sticks; Armstrong would go on to join Modernettes, Los Popularos, and Los Durangos; Bruce would join Pointed Sticks and Barking Dog;


1979 Rat Race/Good Filthy Fun (Active Dog) [no cat#]

Compilation Tracks
“Fun While It Lasts” & “Nothing Holding You” on ‘Vancouver Complication’ (Pinned) PIN-79330001
1995 “Nothing Holding You” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu) ZULU-5-2

Anne-Marie Wilkinson (bass) / Dave Postnikoff (guitar, vocals) / Morley Swaim (drums) / Eric Lambi (drums; replaced Swaim) / Doug Fedyck (vocals, guitar)
A 4-piece Saskatoon synth-pop outfit formed in the early 1980s. A cassette was released in 1982, followed by their self-titled debut album in 1985. They would became a trio in 1986. Active Joy made an appearance at the Vancouver Alternative Music Festival in 1986.

Bubble In The Heart (Ripe) ripe1
1985 Active Joy (CVU) [no cat#]

Compilation Tracks
“Shattered Glass” on ‘Saskatchewan After Dark’ [2LPs] (Studio West) [no cat#]

Jim Marshall (guitar, vocals) / Eva Marshall (vocals, bass)
Formed in Calgary, Alberta in 1973.

My Love (Goes On And On)/Knockin’ At My Door (Westmount) WSTM-457516
1976 I’ve Got A Heartache/Ride The Wind (Westmount) WSTM-457605
1976 My Blue Guitar/Cold Winds (Horizon) HOR-457632

First Bite (Westmount) WSTM-7511S

ADAMS, Bryan
Born: Bryan Guy Adams on November 5, 1959 in Kingston, Ontario
Born into a military family on Guy Fawkes’ Day, Adams lived all over the world from two weeks after he was born until his parents split up. His mother eventually settled in Vancouver when Adams was 14 years-old. Hearing the Beatles for the first time while crossing the English Channel on a ferry, Adams was pointed in the rock n’ roll direction his life would take. Because of this he knew that being a musician was all he would ever want to be at a very young age, so he auditioned for band after band in the Vancouver area, finally putting his own together out of frustration. After playing the Vancouver nightclub scene for awhile, he finally quit school because he couldn’t be both a student and a musician. The money his parents had put away for his university tuition went towards buying a piano. In the summer of 1976 Nick Gilder left the newly-popular area band Sweeney Todd; Adams approached the band and convinced them that he was the one to replace Gilder. One audition was all it took and the band re-recorded their hit single “Roxy Roller” for release in the US. They went into the studio for Sweeney Todd’s second album which included three songs co-written by Adams. The ‘If Wishes Were Horses…’ album was released on London Records in 1977. Constant touring in confined vehicles eventually put too great a strain on Adams’s relationship with the rest of the band, and he left at the end of 1977. While in a music store one day in January of 1978, a mutual friend introduced Adams to local musician/producer Jim Vallance, then moonlighting as a drummer with the newly-formed Prism under the pseudonym Rodney Higgs. The two hit it off immediately and got together the next day to attempt songwriting together; the first song they wrote, “Don’t Turn Me Away”, ended up as the B-side to two later Adams singles. Their combined talents and Adams’s intense persona garnered Adams a recording deal with A & M Records in Toronto, for the now-legendary sum of $1.00. It has proven to be just about the best single dollar A & M has ever spent. Adams’s very first release for the label, “Let Me Take You Dancing”, recorded when Adams was 19, became a disco hit in 1979, selling 80,000 copies as a remixed 12″ single in New York City alone. In 1979 Adams knew that he needed someone to handle the business side of his career and there was no bigger music manager in Canada than Vancouver’s own Bruce Allen; the success he had had internationally with Bachman Turner-Overdrive coupled with the then-initial success in Canada with Prism made him the man Adams wanted, and so he went after him doggedly until Allen had no choice but to say yes. Impressed with the success of the first single, A & M sent Adams to record a full album in Toronto, the result of which was Adams’s eponymous debut in 1980. Although not having any chart-busting singles, the album paved the way for radio interest in the young Canadian singer on both sides of the North American border, as did touring with a band that could reproduce the sound live. For this task Adams hired a local existing quartet known as Remote Control featuring Steven Weakes (keyboards), Paul Iverson (bass), Darryl Kromm (guitar and back-up vocals – Kromm went on to form Strange Advance with Iverson a few years later), and Ross Hembling (drums). Such was A & M’s belief in the Adams-Vallance team that the label sent Adams to New York City to record his second album, 1981’s ‘You Want It, You Got It’. Produced by Bob Clearmountain, and featuring guest appearances by G.E. Smith (guitarist for Hall and Oates), Jeff “Skunk” Baxter (The Doobie Brothers), Cindy Bullens, Tommy Mandel, and Mickey Curry, the less-polished, edgier material and production caught the ears of radio programmers in the US and Canada, and the record’s various singles started climbing up charts across the continent. Needing a band, Adams went out and convinced three of Vancouver’s best-known musicians (Keith Scott, guitar; John Hannah, keyboards; and Dave Reimer, bass) to hook up with him; this line-up eventually changed and stabilized with Scott, Hannah, Dave Taylor (bass), and Jimmy Wesley (drums). Tours with the Kinks, Foreigner, and Loverboy across North America helped spread the word, and having songs covered by many other artists at the time also assisted in establishing Adams and Vallance as a strong writing team. Releases of Adams-Vallance tunes on the charts at the time showed covers by such diverse acts as Lisa Dal Bello, Prism, Tim Bogert, Ian Lloyd, Bob Welch, Bonnie Tyler, Rosetta Stone, Loverboy, and Kiss. By the time Adams was ready to record again, he had established a strong working relationship with guitarist Scott and bassist Taylor, so into the studio they went, and Adams once again used Mandel and Curry for keyboards and drums respectively. The result of their efforts was 1983’s ‘Cuts Like a Knife’, once again produced by Clearmountain and featuring Foreigner’s Lou Gramm on back-up vocals. The album was an immediate hit in Canada and Adams hit the road again, with Scott, Taylor, Hannah, and new drummer Frankie La Rocka from New York. Various singles caught on south of the border, and Allen secured Adams a tour opening for Journey in the US, one of their biggest acts at the time, as well as many headlining gigs all over the continent. The hard work paid off and single after single from the album hit the charts, as well as racking up considerable sales in both Canada and the United States. Anticipation was high for the next album, 1984’s ‘Reckless’, so A & M did something no other label had done before then: they simultaneously released a video package with the album. Clearmountain returned as producer, and the album featured the same core musicians as ‘Cuts Life a Knife’ (Scott, Taylor, Curry and Mandel). With the added bonus of a duet featuring Tina Turner on “It’s Only Love”, the album shipped platinum in Canada and the first single, “Run To You”, hit the charts instantly in the US and Canada.  Once again recruiting Scott, Taylor and Hannah to tour with him, Adams added relative newcomer Pat Steward on drums, and Adams set out for the first time as headliner in 1985. On the strength of strong single choices and constant touring, ‘Reckless’ eventually went on to sell over eight million copies worldwide and established Adams as a true music star. It was in 1984 that the world’s attention was brought to the famine situation in Ethiopia by Boomtown Rats’ singer (Sir) Bob Geldof and the charity single by Band Aid, “Do They Know It’s Christmas”, so when Adams heard that a similar effort was being made by a group of all-star American musicians, Adams insisted that Canadians get into the act as well. The result of which was the dams/Vallance/David Foster song, “Tears Are Not Enough”, a Canadian-history-making video featuring most of the country’s biggest stars, and an Adams band appearance at the historic Live Aid concert in Philadelphia that summer. This was the beginning of Adams’s public display of support for various charities, which he continues to this day. The next album, 1987’s ‘Into the Fire’, took a little longer to record and was met with critical and commercial puzzlement. Adams felt his experience with Live Aid and the 1986 Amnesty International tour (featuring U2, Peter Gabriel, Sting, and Adams, among others) had helped him to grow as a person, and the songs on ‘Into The Fire’ showed a more reflective, mature Adams that had left many a fan of his usual rock and roll fare confused. This showed in sales of the Clearmountain produced album, and featured the by-now core studio band of Scott, Taylor, Mandel, and Curry; it failed to reach the standard set by ‘Reckless’, eventually selling just over three million copies worldwide. While not a flop by any stretch of the imagination, it also did not produce great box-office numbers, and some live dates on the 1987 North American tour had to be cancelled. By now Adams had managed to convince Mickey Curry to accompany him on the road with Scott, Taylor and Hannah, and while still garnering positive reviews for their live shows in the US and Canada, 1987 was the year that saw Adams firmly establish himself in the hearts and minds of European and Japanese audiences. While previous tours overseas had always done well, particularly the opening slot for Tina Turner in Europe, the ‘Into the Fire’ tour solidified a fan base for Adams that to this day remains his strongest, both in terms of record and ticket sales. It was also on this overseas tour that Adams persuaded Tommy Mandel to join the band and his dream band was finally a reality. After coming off the road in 1988, Adams decided to regroup and refocus on his music. His writing relationship with Vallance had begun to deteriorate, but they managed to record a full album’s worth of material with producer Daniel Lanois. Not happy with the way it turned out, Adams scrapped the entire thing and started from scratch, writing new material and recruiting a new producer and writing partner in Robert John “Mutt” Lange (Def Leppard, AC/DC, Shania Twain). Lange had a reputation for taking his time with recording projects and such was the case with Adams’s album, and it didn’t see the light of day until 1991. ‘Waking up the Neighbours’ surpassed everyone’s expectations and went on to sell over 10 million copies worldwide. The band – Adams, Scott, Taylor, Curry, and Mandel – stayed on the road, predominantly overseas, for almost two full years, playing in sold out after sold out venue everywhere. With all the attention that was generated from this album and tour, Bryan Adams finally became a household name. Between ‘Waking Up The Neighbours’ and the next album of new material, 1996’s ’18 ‘Til I Die’, A & M Records capitalized on Adams’s new-found superstardom and released a best-of package, ‘So Far So Good’, in 1993, which eventually sold over 13 million copies worldwide. In 1994 they also released a live album called ‘Live! Live! Live!’ (featuring a bonus live disc on the Asian release), which showcased Adams’s strongest point – his live concert. But once again the rollercoaster of Adams’s career took a dip with ’18 ‘Til I Die’, also produced by Lange. Stylistically all over the board, it failed to produce any hit singles; even with a long tour of Europe, the album failed to sell well anywhere in the world (although going platinum in Canada almost immediately, it was a far cry from the multi-platinum sales of previous albums), and proposed dates in the US were cancelled due to lack of interest. Regrouping once again, Adams decided to take MTV up on a previous offer to do one of their famous ‘Unplugged’ shows, and a concert in New York City in early 1997 was recorded and released as ‘Bryan Adams MTV Unplugged’ later in the year. Reworking some of his biggest hits and some obscure album tracks to fit the more acoustically-inclined setting, the first single was very well received in North America, so A & M released a second single in the hopes the album would start gaining sales numbers in the US. It ended up selling fairly well, but nowhere near the numbers previous Adams releases saw. However, Adams is firmly established as one of the most successful singer-songwriters in music history, having sold over 50 millions albums worldwide, and with an impressive list of nominations and awards won: 24 JUNO nominations (16 won); 13 Grammy nominations (3 won), including one from the American Paper Institute for the environmental packaging of ‘Waking Up The Neighbours’; 3 Academy Awards nominations; 4 MTV Awards nominations (2 won); 5 MuchMusic Awards nominations (3 won); plus literally dozens of other awards worldwide since 1983. Adams took on the rock world again, with the 1998 release of the Brit-pop styled single/video, “On a Day Like Today” which was the title track from the album released in North America in October 1998. The second single/video, “When You’re Gone”, featured The Spice Girls’ Mel C. A planned tour for the U.S. was cancelled following the CD’s slide from Billboard’s Top 200 in December 1998. In November 1999, Adams issued a second hits compilation, The Best of Me and then in the spring of 2002 he collaborated with Hans Zimmer on his first full-length song score for a film, the animated DreamWorks feature Spirit: ‘Stallion of the Cimarron’. The soundtrack earned Adams and Zimmer a Golden Globe Nomination for their collaboration. The autumn of 2004 Adams released his 14th CD – Room Service. Produced by Adams Room Service was largely recorded in hotel rooms and backstage while on tour throughout Europe. Upon its release in the fall of 2004, the album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s European Top 100 album chart. Adams has released two books of photography; ‘Made in Canada’, published in 1999 and ‘Calvin Klein American Women’ (2005). Both books are sold in aid of breast cancer research and awareness. Aside from his constant output of solo album, Adams has continued to write music for film including ‘Colour Me Kubrick’ (2005), ‘Racing Stripes’ (2005) and ‘Old Dogs’ (2009). He and songwriting partner Jim Vallance have been working on a Broadway stage adaptation of the Garry Marshall motion picture “Pretty Woman” which finally saw the light of day post-COVID.

1979 Let Me Take You Dancing (3:01)/Don’t Turn Me Away (A & M) AM-468
1979 Let Me Take You Dancing (3:13/Don’t Turn Me Away (A & M) AM-474
1979 Let Me Take You Dancing (A & M) SP-12014
1980 Give Me Your Love/Don’t Turn Me Away (A & M) AM-497
1980 Hidin’ From Love/Wait And See (A & M) AM-2220
1981 Lonely Nights/Don’t Look Now (A & M) AM-2359
1981 Coming Home/Fits Ya Good (A & M) AM-551
1983 Cuts Like A Knife/Fits Ya Good (A & M) AM-602
1983 This Time/You Want It You Got It (A & M) AM-619
1983 This Time/Fits Ya Good (A & M) AM-2574
1983 Straight From the Heart/One Good Reason (A & M) AM-2536
1983 The Best Was Yet to Come/I’m Ready (A & M) AM-629
1984 Run To You/I’m Ready (A & M) AM-2686
1985 Somebody/Long Gone (A & M) AM-2701
1985 Heaven/Heaven (live) (A & M) AM-2729
1985 Summer of ’69/The Best Was Yet to Come (A & M) AM-2739
1985 One Night Love Affair/Lonely Nights (A & M) AM-2770
1985 Diana/Summer of ’69/The Bryan Adamix [12″ LP] (A & M) SP-23030
1985 Christmas Time/Reggae Christmas (A & M) AM-8651
1987 Heat of the Night/Another Day (A & M) AM-2921
1987 Hearts On Fire/The Best Was Yet To Come (A & M) AM-2948
1987 Victim Of Love/Into the Fire (A & M) AM-2964
1988 Only The Strong Survive/Home Again (A & M) AM-745
1991 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You/She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancing (live)
(A & M) 70301-2370-2
1991 Can’t Stop This Thing We Started/It’s Only Love (live) (A & M) 1576
1991 There Will Never Be Another Tonight/Into The Fire (live) (A & M) 1588
1992 Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven/Somebody (live) (A & M) 1592
1992 All I Want Is You//Run to You (live)/Long Gone (live) (A & M) AM-879
1992 Do I Have  to Say the Words/Summer Of ’69 (live) (A & M) 1611
1993 Please Forgive Me/Can’t Stop This Thing We Started (live) (A & M) 0422
1995 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman/Low Life (A & M) 1028
1996 The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You [4-song EP] (A & M – Europe)
1996 Lets Make A Night To Remember [4-song EP] (A & M – Europe)
1996 Star [5-song EP] (A & M – Europe)
1996 18 ‘Til I Die 4 [3 different EP variations] (A & M – Europe)
1997 Back To You (MTV Unplugged) [4-song EP] (A & M – Europe)
1997 Back To You/Hey Elvis (A & M – Europe) 582 450-2
1998 I’m Ready (MTV Unplugged) [4-song EP] (A & M – Europe)
1998 On A Day Like Today (LP Version)/On a Day Like Today (Pants Down Mix) (A & M) 314 582 774-2
1998 On a Day Like Today [2 different EP variations] (A & M – Europe)
1999 Cloud #9 [2 different EP variations] (A & M)
1999 The Best Of Me (A&M/Universal) UMDS-99239
2000 Inside Out (A&M/Universal) UMCR-4080-2
2001 Io Vivo (In Te) [3-song EP] (A&M – Italy) 497497-2
2002 Here I Am (End Title)/You Can’t Take Me Away (Alternate Version) (A&M – Europe) 497-738-2
2004 Flying (Polydor – Europe) FLYING1A
2004 Open Road/Blessing In Disguise (Polydor – Europe) 9868046
2005 So Far So Good (Polydor/Universal – Belgium) POL-205/00214
2005 Room Service (Single Version)/Open Road (Stripped) (Polydor -Europe) 9871026
2005 This Side Of Paradise (Mercury – US) MRNR-02629-2
2005 Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love (Mercury – US) MRNR-02663-2
2008 I Thought I’d Seen Everything (Radio Edit) (Badman) BA-111
2008 Tonight We Have The Stars (Polydor – UK) TONIGHT1
2008 She’s Got A Way/She’s Got A Way (Chicane Mix) (Polydor – UK) WAY1
2009 You’ve Been A Friend To Me (Walt Disney) [no cat.#]
2010 One World One Flame [DigiFile] (Universal)
2010 Bang The Drum A Little Louder [DigiFile] (Universal)
2011 Alberta Bound/What The Hell I Got [DigiFile] (Universal)
2011 Merry Christmas [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal – UK)
2014 She Knows Me [7″] (Polydor/Universal) BAD-0002
2015 Don’t Even Try [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal)
2015 Brand New Day [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal)
2015 You Belong To Me [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal)
2016 Do What Ya Gotta Do (Polydor – UK)
2017 Please Stay [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal)
2019 Shine A Light [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal)
2019 All Or Nothing [DigiFile] (Polydor/Universal)
2019 Je Reviendrai Vers Toi (Live)/I Will Always Return (Live) [DigiFile] (Polydor)
2021 On The Road [DigiFile] (BMG)
2021 Kick Ass (Edit) [DigiFile] (BMG)
2021 So Happy It Hurts [DigiFile] (BMG)
2022 Never Gonna Rain [DigiFile] (BMG)

1985 It’s Only love/The Only One (A & M)


1993 All For Love/All For Love (instrumental)
(A & M) 0476

1995 Rock Steady (live)/Thing Called Love (live)

1998 When You’re Gone (A & M)

Don’t Give Up (Radio Edit) /Don’t Give Up (Disco Citizens Vs Tomski Remix) (Xtravaganza/C2Records – US) 44K-79424

Run To You [4 mixes] (All Around The World) CDDJGLOBE-450

When You’re Gone (A&M/Chronicles/UMe – US)

Ce N’Était Qu’Un Rêve (Mercury/Universal – France) 10809

Tonight In Babylon (Protoculture Remix- Radio Edit) (Universal – UK) BABYLON1

Tonight We Have The Stars (Spinnin’ – Netherlands) SP-467

After All (Reprise – UK) [no cat.#]

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) [DigiFile] (Columbia)

That’s How Strong Our Love Is [DigiFile] (Polydor)

The Thing That Wrecks You [DigiFile] (Columbia Nashville)

Bryan Adams (A & M) SP-69902
1981 You Want It You Got It (A & M) SP-69955
1983 Cuts Like A Knife (A & M) SP-4919
1984 Reckless (A & M) SP-5013
1987 Into the Fire (A & M) SP-3907
1988 Live! Live! Live! (A & M – Japan) PCCY-10080
1991 Waking Up the Neighbours (A & M) CD-505367
1993 So Far So Good (A & M) CD-500157
1994 Live! Live! Live! (A & M – North America) CD-7094
1996 18 ‘Til I Die (A & M) CD-500551
1997 MTV Unplugged (A & M) CD-540831
1998 On A Day Like Today (A & M) CD-541015
1999 Best Of Me (A & M/Universal) 490522
2000 Live At Slane Castle – Ireland (Universal)
2001 Do to You What You Do to Me – Live In Mumbai, India (Universal)
2004 Room Service (Polydor/Universal) 9868055
2008 11 (Polydor/Universal)  1762237
2010 Bare Bones (Polydor/Universal)  2753506
2014 Tracks of My Years (Polydor/Universal) 3793620
2015 Get Up (Polydor/Universal) 4748145
2017 Wembley 1996 Live (Eagle) ER-416682
2017 Ultimate (Polydor/Universal) 5794416
2019 Shine A Light (Polydor/Universal) 0256788538
2019 Christmas EP [5-song] (Polydor) 0856386
2022 Pretty Woman – The Musical [DigiFile] (Badams)
2022 So Happy It Hurts (BMG) 538750822
2023 Classic [2LP] (BMG – Europe) 538836710

2002 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (A & M) 0694933042

Compilation Tracks
“Cuts Like a Knife” on ‘Electric North’ (K-Tel) TC-277
1983 “Cuts Like a Knife” on ‘Rock ‘83’ (K-Tel) TC-283
1983 “Straight From the Heart” on ‘Star Tracks’ (K-Tel) TC-286
1984 “This Time” on ‘Hot Tracks’ (K-Tel) TC-291
1984 “This Time” on ‘Raiders of the Pop Charts [2LP] (K-Tel) TC-298
1985 “Run To You” on ‘Chartbusters’ (Quality) QRSP-1010
1985 “Tears Are Not Enough” on ‘We Are The World (USA for Africa)’
1986 “The Wanderer (live)” on ‘The Prince’s Trust Concert Album’
1987 “Run Rudolph Run (live)” on ‘A Very Special Christmas’ (A & M) SP-3911
1987 “Run To You (live)” on ‘The Prince’s Trust Concert 1987’ (A & M) SP-39693
1988 “Somebody” on ‘Greenpeace Breakthrough’ (Geffen) M21-24236
1990 “Empty Spaces” [w/Roger Waters] and “Young Lust” on ‘Roger Waters: The Wall Live In Berlin’ (Mercury) 846611
1991 “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” on ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ (Morgan Creek) 2959-20004-2
1994 “Hound Dog” on ‘It’s Now or Never: The Tribute to Elvis’ (Mercury Nashville – US) 314-524 072-2
1995 “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman” on ‘Don Juan DeMarco (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ (A & M) CD-500357
1995 “Please Forgive Me”, “O Solo Mio” [w/Luciano Pavarotti], “All For Love” & “Brindisi” [w/ Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Nancy Gustafson, Andreas Vollenweider] on ‘Pavarotti And Friends 2’ (Decca)
1996 “Cuts Like A Knife” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25

ADAMS, Charlie
A bilingual folk singer/songwriter.

Minstrel on Ice/Troubadour du Nord (Boot) NCB-505

Born: Adam Edward Semeniuk March 14, 1927 in Sturgis, Saskatchewan
Died: August 28, 2017
After leaving home in his late teens, Adams worked around Sturgis and occasionally played at social functions like weddings and dances before relocating to Toronto in 1952. It was at a day job in a restaurant that he was first affectionately known as ‘Chef’. He fronted the Country Rhythm Kings in 1953, signed with Quality Records and released his first single “Now That You’re Gone” in 1956. Following a follow-up single, “Marilyn Bell Has Done It Again”, Adams quit the label over a musical direction issue. The ’60’s saw Adams form a duo with Yvonne Terry (in 1963-1964) and in 1968 had formed another band in which he fronted called Chef Adams and The Adams Boys who toured into the early 1970’s. He worked with many of the greatest international country acts including Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, George Jones, Glen Campbell and Patsy Cline before retiring from live shows in 1986. In 2001 Chef and his wife Pearl began hosting the Maple Leaf  Country Jamboree at the Lindsay Moose Lodge in Lindsay Ontario. The couple ran the event until 2013 when they were unable to keep up with the pace. with notes from Randy Semenak.

1956 Now That You’re Gone/Marilyn Has Done It Again (Quality) K-1550
1964 What’s To Become of Me/Destroy Me (Quality) 1692X
1968 Destroy Me/What’s To Become of Me (Sparton)  P-1692
1969 If She Could See Me Now/Wheel Chair (Sparton)  P-1719
1975 My First Complete Memory Free Day (Boot)


1964 We Asked For A Heartbreak/Walk On By (Arc) 45-1087

1979 Success/All Gone (Cheyenne)  CH-136

1959 Songs For Country Lovers (Town & Country/Chateau)  CLP-3001
1961 Songs For Country Lovers [re-issue] (Canatel)  CTLP-4006
1969 Singer/Songwriter (Paragon) ALS-229
1971 I Never Knew Her Name (Paragon) ALS-344
1976 Does The Sunshine Still Remember (Boot) BOS-7162
198? Old Time Country (Condor) HCD-4492

1964 Show Stoppers (Arc) A-649

Chef Adams And The Country Boys And Jenny Reeves (Paragon) ALS-190

Rose Garden

Success Success (Cheyenne) 89023

ADAMS, Donna
Country and Western artist from the Canadian mid-west.

Gotta Be A Blues Day (Damon) DA-5004

ADAMS, George
Jazz musician.

Sound Suggestion (ECM) 11141

Born: April 14, 1948

Died: September 26, 2008
Toronto singer/songwriter Greg Adams was a Communications Major graduate at Montréal’s Loyola University. During his student years, Adams played his personal brand of folk music at coffeehouses and anywhere else he could be heard. After turning down an acting gig in director Paul Almond’s film, ‘Journey’, he took up a regular, steady job at ‘Sporting Good News’. By the early ’70s Adams started the process of trying to sell his songs to the major labels which A & M Records took interest in by signing him to a development deal. His first and only single for the label, “Take the Road”, was released in 1973. Adams spent most of his formative musical years songwriting, acting and recording jingles. While doing jingles he hooked up with writers like James McGrath, Aidan Michael Mason and songwriter/arranger Eric Robertson. This partnership with Robertson would prove to be not only lucrative as jingle writers (the “Readalong” series) but as frequent writers for folksinger Roger Whittaker including “Time For Peace”, “New Love”, “Love Lasts Forever”, “Home For Christmas”, “Christmas Song”, “Darcy The Dragon”, and “I’ll Be There”. Adams single handedly penned Whittaker’s “Country Christmas”, “Don’t Let ‘Em Change” and “River Lady” which went to number one in Germany. Adams finally got back to working on his solo career with a deal on Attic. An introductory single, Hold On, was released in November 1977 followed by his eponymous debut in 1978. Adams continued a string of successful singles in 1979 including “Leave Me (The Way You Found Me)”, co-written with Mickey Buckins, from his follow-up LP ‘Runaway Dreams’. This single was also recorded by Anne Murray shortly after. Adams moved permanently to Lake Champlain, Vermont in 1986 and lived until his death on September 26, 2008. With notes from Norman Cyr, and Brad Boechler.

Take the Road/Close (A & M) AM-355
1977 Hold On/Tell Me Girl (Attic) AT-169
1977 Serene Serene/Every Wheel (Attic) AT-179
1978 Come Running/Mediterranean Lady (Attic) AT-191
1979 Leave Me (The Way You Found Me)/The Way We Love (Attic) AT-200
1979 Lady Liberty/Runaway Dreams (Attic) AT-211
1979 Need To Be Right/Lonely Girl (Epic – US) PC-7233

Greg Adams (Attic) LAT-1040
1979 Runaway Dreams (Attic) LAT-1059

Compilation Tracks
“Hold On” on ‘Star Power’ (K-Tel) TC-245
1977 “Serene Serene” on ‘The Hot Ones’ (K-Tel) TC-247

ADAMS, Shelley [aka Shelley Gordon]
Singer-songwriter Shelley Adams recorded her debut album, ‘The Coach House,’ at Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario in 2010. During the sessions she met Fox, Jordan who was hired to be part of her band The Shelley Adams Union. Eventually they would team up as a duo. This resulted in the release of an album together in 2016 entitled ‘The First Quarrell.’ Adams would change her name professionally to Gordon.

The Coach House (independent)

The First Quarell (Rarebird)

ADLAM, Clare
Born: February 19, 1916 in Grey County, Ontario
Died: June 5, 2000
Well known throughout the Canadian Country Music industry, Clare Adlam was an entertainer for more than 75 years. He started playing music at the age of 4, accompanying his father on the harmonica while his father played the violin. He soon learned the violin and received his own instrument for his seventh birthday. It wasn’t long before Adlam was playing a small community dance while his father played another dance elsewhere. By the age of 12 he was headlining his own shows around Ontario. By 1930 Adlam was appearing in his own radio show in Toronto called ‘The Adlam Show’ for CFRB. He was 14 years old. He also played at the Palaise Royale, Lowes Theatre and other Toronto entertainment landmarks from that era. By the late 1930’s he went to Wingham, Ontario. He had a radio show on Station 10BP which was owned by “Doc” Cruikshank. This station later became CKNX. He was involved in ‘The Early Bird Show’ which later progressed into the ‘CKNX Ranch Boys’ and began the annual CKNX Travelling Barn Dance which lasted for years and occasionally is revived throughout Western Ontario. Adlam helped with the birth of radio station CFOS by being its chief entertainer in the 1940’s. In the 1950’s he had a group called the Rhythm Rangers and would later appear on CKNX television in the 1960’s. His recording career began on Sparton Records, then Boot Records, and by the 1970’s he started his own recording company called Circle “M” Records along with Clare-Don Publishing. Adlam traveled and entertained all over North America, including Nashville and Wheeling, West Virginia before settling down with his own music store for many years.  He was nominated into the Country Music Hall of Fame in Alberta. Clare Adlam passed away from complications due to diabetes in 2000.  with notes from Verna Adlam Birch.


1964 Adlam’s Reel/Leap Year Jig (Sparton) 4-1257-R
1964 The Iron Horse/Moonbeam Waltz (Sparton) 4-1298-R


1964 Clare Adlam Presents Hodown Harmonies (Sparton) SP-223
1968 Fiddler’s Delight (Allied/Paragon) ALS-245
1969 Satan’s Nightmare: Jigs And Reels (Allied) ALS-282
1972 Canadian Special (Cynda) CNS-1021
1978 Adlam’s Apple: Canadian Old Tyme Fiddling At It’s Best (Circle M) CM-2002
1981 Golden Wedding Waltz (Circle M) CM-2009
1985 Clare Adlam Plays Sweet Fiddle Harmony [cassette only]
1986 More Toe Tapping Fiddle Tunes By Clare Adlam [cassette only]
1987 Clare Adlam, Lost In The Wilderness [cassette only]

1992 Bonnie Brigant And Clare Adlam (Circle M) CM-2931

James Harbinson
(bass) / Johnny Cinanni (guitar) / John O’Brien (drums) / Steve Hiscox (drums)
From Ottawa, Ontario.

1987 Watershed (Horizon Sound) HSR-0087

Susan Hamilton
(vocals) / Francie Holdsworth-Hill (keyboards)
This Calgary duo formed in 1982 while members of the band Mantra. After changing the name of their duo practically every week they finally decided on Adventures In Paradise at the suggestion of manager Doug Wong. They received a boost to their career when ‘Music Express’ magazine photographer Dee Lippingwell met up with Wong and soon returned to Toronto with the band’s independent single “You’ll Never Know” in 1983. CFNY DJ and ‘Music Express’ columnist Liz Janik liked the record and aired it on her ‘Independent Network’ show which just happened to be caught by Quality Records A & R Rep Larry McCrae. Their debut album, ‘It’s Just a Matter of Time’, was released in 1985 and received nominal airplay in the Prairies.

1983 You’ll Never Know/[same] (Best) BST-001
You’ll Never Know/Last Goodbye (Quality) Q-2439
1984 I Don’t Want Anybody Else But You/Curiosity (Killed The Cat) (Quality) Q-2461


1985 It’s Just a Matter Of Time (Quality) SV-2135

(vocals) / Franz (guitars) / Philippe (guitars) / Rob (bass) / Brendan (drums)
From Vancouver, British Columbia

1986 You Can Run…But You Can’t Hide [5-song cassette] (Adversity)                    
1988 Lost It All (Manic Ears – UK) ACHE-13

Brian Meissner
(bass, guitar) / Laurie Currie (drums, vocals) / Gary O’Connor (vocals, guitar) / Malcolm Buchanan (keyboards) / Tim White (guitar, vocals; replaced O’Connor 1979)
From the ashes of Beatles tribute band Liverpool – who were signed to do several singles of original material in 1975, including the radio hit “Dolly”, on Ray Danniels’ financially troubled Taurus Records, Aerial was born as the first signing to Danniels’ new label Anthem Records (Rush, Max Webster). Their debut album, ‘In the Middle of the Night’, was released in 1978 and spawned two singles: “Easy Love”, which was an instant Top-40 hit, and its follow-up “If Only I Were Older”. O’Connor’s frustration at lack of song representation in the band led him to leave shortly thereafter. Aerial brought in Tim White to replace O’Connor for their Ian Thomas produced 1980 follow-up album ‘Maneuvers’. The record spawned two more radio singles in “Moments Like This” and “Tears That You Cry”.  Following the band’s demise in 1981, Gary O’Connor would be signed to Capitol Records for a self-titled debut LP, and release a second solo album on RCA before becoming world renowned as a songwriter for such acts as .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, and Eddie Money among others; drummer Laurie Currie returned to his home in Saskatchewan playing in a band called the Doug Boomhower Quartet (2001) and The Maurice Drouin Jazz Show (2002); Meissner stayed in Toronto and has been recording solo material in recent years and has recently reunited with original Liverpool members Pearson and Moyle to reform that band. with notes from Vic Giggani, Rick Pearson, Gary O’Connor, Michael Gillespie, Bob Walker, Dave Sampson, Chris Stask.

1978 Easy Love/Race to the Sun (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANS-006
1978 If Only I Were Older/All Right (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANS-008
1978 Harmony/Gypsy Face (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANS-011
1979 Moments Like This/Tell Me (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANS-016
1980 Tears That You Cry/Up In The Air (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANS-024
1980 Tears That You Cry/Moments Like This (RCA – USA) 4545

1978 In the Middle of the Night (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANR-1-1011
1980 Maneuvers (Anthem/Capitol-EMI) ANR-1-1026

From Hamilton, Ontario.

Lady of Sorts/Be My Gal (Roto-Noto) RN-101

Scott Acomba (vocals) / Todd Simko (guitar) / Jordy Birch (bass) / Leigh Grant (drums)
Surrey, British Columbia’s After All had its roots as far back as 1980 when 13 year-olds Simko and Birch began experimenting with guitars and original music. By 1984 they had added drummer, Grant. After floundering for years in various incarnations Scott Acomba was the missing link, filling the void of singer in 1987. With several recordings under their belt, the song “Holiday” attracted the attention of Nettwerk Records and they were signed by the label and its management arm. Their debut album, ‘How High the Moon’, was released in the Fall of 1988 and produced two singles/videos – “Save Me From Myself” and “Bullets”. The record was critically acclaimed but failed to make any in roads with the record buying public. The band floundered and Acomba eventually left the band in 1989 and was replaced by keyboardist Mark Henning to become Grin Factory in 1989. Birch relinquished bass duties and switched to vocals and with the addition of bassist Dave Hadley as they became Pure in 1990. The new incarnation was signed to Warner/Reprise in 1991. Scott Acomba went underground, but has recently re-emerged with his new project, Satsuma. Satsuma’s debut CD, ‘Hello My Name Is’, was released in early 1999. Produced by Acomba and Todd Simko, the disc contains contributions from members of such notable Vancouver groups as the Matthew Good Band, Knock-Down-Ginger, and Pure; Simko died on April 25, 2012. With notes from John Lucas.

1988 Bullets/Colour of Mary’s Eyes (Nettwerk/Capitol) 73062
1988 Shadows of a Dove/90-92 (Nettwerk/Capitol) 73066
1988 Holiday/Waiting (Nettwerk/Capitol) 73072

1988 How High The Moon (Nettwerk/Capitol) C1-90662

Gilles Bergeron
(guitar) / Jean Bourassa (effects) / Yves Chevalier (keyboards) / Claude Duchesneau (trumpet) / André Dumont (vocals) / René Dupéré (keyboards) / François Kirouac (guitar, bass, glockenspiel) / Marc Lebel (guitar) / Michel Martel (percussion) / Jacques Mercure (bass) / Carole Paquin (bass)
From Trois-Rivières, Québec

1972 Le troisième seuil (independent) AG-2001

Todd Kerns (vocals, guitar) / John Kerns (bass) / Ryan Dahle (guitar) / Kurt Dahle (drums)
Todd Kerns started out back in the 80’s with a band called the Wicked Infants. The band changed their name to the Infants and performed around the Saskatoon area playing cover tunes by Platinum Blonde and Honeymoon Suite along with a handful of original songs. After the Infants, Todd Kerns joined another cover band called Bladerunner, but it amounted to nothing. He moved to Calgary in 1989 and began writing songs (some of which would end up on the first AOE release). Brother John Kerns formed a band called Tremor and also played with an early Line-up of the Infants. John Kerns went on to play with some Saskatoon musicians during mid-1988. The core of the Kerns brothers and another set of siblings – Kurt and Ryan Dahle – assembled as, simply, Electric in 1989 to play a lot of L.A. glam era covers. At gigs they sold a 5-song cassette which included early versions of future AOE songs “Aphrodisiac Smile” and “Rapid City”. The name Electric sounded derivative of the hard rock genre so they changed their name to The Age of Electric and released 1991’s ‘The Latest Plague’ which included remakes of “Aphrodisiac Smile” and “Rapid City”. The Derek Horn indie video for “Aphrodisiac Smile” attracted the interest of mega-producer Bob Rock who attached his distinctive style to five songs. Lack of response to ‘Latest Plague’, no record deal prospects and tenuous management left the Bob Rock recordings and the fate of the band in limbo. The group drifted for most of 1993 until they could scrape together enough money to press the ‘Ugly’ EP in 1994 on their own. It sold well, independently, but the band was having a hard time keeping up with the demands to press the record and digging up cash to do so. The band hooked up with Tim Law at Cargo in 1994 to distribute the EP and the title track debuted on the Canadian album charts at No.73. New York based Invasion Group Management took control of their affairs and a promotional push finally got the band video airplay on MuchMusic with the song ‘Ugly’. Still, no major label deal was forthcoming and the band decided to continue as they had before and record another independent LP called ‘Untitled’. 1995 saw AOE showcasing at Music West in Vancouver where they were spotted by Ed Eckstein and Peter Lubin of Mercury Records who promptly signed them to a worldwide deal and re-issued ‘Untitled’ as The Age Of Electric. The band won a Canadian Rock Award for ‘Best West Coast Independent Artist’. In March 1998, the band was nominated for “Best New Group” at the JUNO Awards. The Dahle brothers also recorded and performed in another band called Limblifter who also achieved a major label deal through Universal Records in 1996.

1991 Aphrodisiac Smile (God’s Teeth Ethel!)
1994 Ugly (God’s Teeth Ethel!)
1994 Untitled (God’s Teeth Ethel!)
1995 Enya (God’s Teeth Ethel!/Ugly)
1997 I Don’t Mind (Universal)
1997 Don’t Wreck It (Universal)
1997 Remote Control (Universal)

Electric [cassette] (God’s Teeth Ethel!)
1991 The Latest Plague (God’s Teeth Ethel!)
1994 Ugly EP (God’s Teeth Ethel!)
1995 Untitled (God’s Teeth Ethel!/Ugly)
1995 The Age Of Electric [re-issue of ‘Untitled’] (God’s Teeth Ethel!) GTED-9501
1997 Make A Pest A Pet (Universal) UMSD-81021

Michael Allen Guild [aka Dave Jones] (drums, bass) / Simon De Beaupre [aka Bob Bryden] (vocals) / Neil Bishop (guitar) / Mike Hampson (guitar; replaced Bishop) / Michael A. Bradshaw (keyboards)
Hamilton’s Age of Mirrors formed in 1985 out of the remnants of Benzene Jag originally as a three piece featuring Bob Bryden (Christmas, Reign Ghost) under the pseudonym of Simon De Beaupre. The band blended Euro-pop up tempo love songs and eclectic dance tunes and their debut LP, ‘Mirage’, play listed on college charts around Toronto. Reaction was unanimously good but lack of proper distribution slowed both the album and the band. Undeterred, they recorded a second album, ‘Screenplay’, before packing it in. Bryden went on to record several solo records as well as producing several punk acts including The Forgotten Rebels. [also see BOB BRYDEN]

1985 Mirage (A Major Record Label/Age of Music)  MRL-8001
1987 Live at ‘The Gown’/Demos (Age of Music) MRL-8002
1987 Screenplay (A Major Record Label) MRL-8003

Rick Livingstone
(vocals) / Craig Zurba (keyboards) / Robert Smart (guitar) / Andre Kunkel (bass) / Dave Allan (drums) / Troy Reid (guitar, drums, vocals; replaced Smart, Allan, Livingstone)
Zurba and Kunkel were songwriting partners as early as the late ’70’s and picked up Smart as their work progressed. In 1982 the trio did sessions for a Nancy Nash album. Within a year they had fleshed out their act with singer Livingstone and drummer Dave Allan and signed a management deal with Brian Wadsworth. With a self-produced video entered in the Video Culture Canada international video contest the band takes top prize. They attract the attention of CBS (April/Blackwood) publishing at the awards show. They sign with CBS Songs who shopped the band’s original material to Virgin Records’ newest office in Toronto. Agent were signed to Virgin and their self-titled debut album was released in 1986 to good reviews and lukewarm sales due mostly to the fact that the President of Virgin Canada quit the label during the week that the album was released and no label leadership is evident during the 9 months following the release. With freedom from their Virgin Records deal the band managed to re-record their debut effort and release it on Escape Music in Europe – much to the joy of AOR fanatics worldwide. In 1998 the band released a brand new effort called ‘Evidence’ also on Escape Music; Andre Kunkel passed away December 14, 2022; in January 2023, Rick Livingstone became the new lead vocalist for the band Fortune, replacing late singer Larry LA Greene. with notes from Craig Zurba .

1986 She Trusted Me/Headlines (Virgin) VS-1321
1986 All I Hear (Is A Heartbeat)/Surrender (Virgin) VS-1339
I Can’t Hold Back/Can’t Stop (Virgin) VS-1358


1986 Agent (Virgin) VI-2386
1996 Agent [re-recorded] (Escape)
1998 Evidence (Escape)

Jacques Mignault
(keyboards) / Pierre Veniot (saxophone, flute) / Normand Trudel (bass) / Normand Cataford (drums) / Sylvain Gagnon (bass; 1983-1984) / Michel Grenier (drums; 1983-1984)Formed in Québec in 1978; disbanded in 1984.

Agharta (Jam) JAM-1001

Born: January 27, 1967 in Churchill, Manitoba
Though she was born in Churchill, Manitoba, Susan Aglukark moved around the Northwest Territories for the first twelve years of her life with her father, a Pentecostal minister, mother and seven brothers and sisters. They eventually settled in Arviat, Northwest Territories – a community of 1,300 people on the northwest shore of Hudson Bay. After completing high school, she moved to Ottawa, where she was employed by the Canadian Department of Indian & Northern Affairs as a linguist. Aglukark later accepted the position of Executive Assistant to the political lobby group, Inuit Tapirisat (Brotherhood) of Canada. Shortly after taking this position, her musical career began to take off. In the three short years since Susan Aglukark gave her first live performance at a festival in her home town her career progressed by leaps and bounds. First CBC radio included her in a compilation of Eastern Arctic performers and writers, which due to extraordinary demand, Aglukark released as “Dreams for You”. The video for the song “Searching” followed and garnered a MuchMusic award for outstanding cinematography. In 1992 Aglukark released her first independent recording, ‘Arctic Rose’, which met with tremendous critical and commercial acclaim in the North. In 1993 she signed a worldwide recording contract with EMI Music Canada. EMI released Aglukark’s independent Christmas album in December 1993 featuring the single “Little Toy Trains”. They then re-released the ‘Arctic Rose’ album in April 1994. The first single and video, “Song of the Land, was followed by a second successful single, “Still Running”, that had been specially re-recorded for exclusively for the EMI release. Over successive years appeared on TV shows such as ‘The Journal’, ‘MuchMusic’, ‘Musique Plus’, and ‘The Rita MacNeil Show’, as well as several appearances on CBC Radio’s highly rated ‘Morningside’ and ‘Swinging on a Star’. Numerous interviews and profile pieces have appeared in such prestigious publications as ‘Saturday Night Magazine’ and ‘The New York Times’. In 1993, ‘Maclean’s Magazine’ named Susan Aglukark one of “Canada’s 100 Leaders to Watch For”. ‘Up Here Magazine’ named her ‘Northerner of the Year’ in 1993. She performed twice for HRH Queen Elizabeth at 1992’s Canada 125 celebrations, and at 1994’s Commonwealth Games Gala, as well as for Canadian Prime Ministers Brian Mulroney and Jean Chrétien. Aglukark was also honoured with the first ever Aboriginal Achievement Award in the Arts & Entertainment field in 1994. She also received her first music industry award in September 1994, as the Canadian Country Music Association awarded her the ‘Vista Rising Star Award’. Her first newly recorded CD for EMI, ‘This Child’, was released in Canada in January 1995 and would eventually find its way to Australia and New Zealand plus the Pacific Rim. It was produced by Chad Irschick (The Rankin Family), and features 11 songs, the majority co-written by Aglukark. The first single and video was “O Siem”, the title being an Indian exclamation of joy at seeing friends and family. The second single, “Hina Na Ho (Celebration)”, is a tale of surviving a winter and was written by John Landry (an aboriginal songwriter from the Western Arctic), Susan Aglukark and Chad Irschick. The title track, “This Child”, deals with the tragedy of suicide. It was written to accompany the film broadcast of ‘Trial at Fortitude Bay’, which aired in Canada on CBC-TV in December 1994. The film tells the story of the southern white legal system attempting to impose their laws and justice on a Northern Inuit community. Aglukark maintained a busy performance and speaking schedule including the Melbourne Music Festival, the WOMAD Festival and at the Davvi Suuva Music Festival in Sweden. In addition to her musical activities, Aglukark the official Spokesperson for the North West Territories – Economic Development & Tourism/Arts & Crafts, as well as the National Spokesperson for the Aboriginal Division of the National Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programme through the RCMP for 1994-1995. She also represented Canadian Inuit at the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna. Aglukark received a JUNO Award in 1995 as ‘New Solo Artist’ and ‘Arctic Rose’ received a 1995 JUNO as ‘Music of Aboriginal Canada Recording’. Susan Aglukark, and husband Jacques, had their first child in October 1996.  Aglukark appeared with Ben Heppner on the talk show ‘Pamela Wallin Live’ in 1996. In February 1997 she appeared on the Aboriginal Achievement Awards and helped open the World Special Olympics.

Searching (Independent)
1993 Little Toy Trains (EMI)
1994 Song Of The Land (EMI)
1994 Still Running (EMI)
1995 Breakin’ Down (EMI)
1995 Hina Na Ho (Celebration) (EMI)
1996 O Siem (EMI)
1996 Suffer In Silence (EMI)

Dreams For You [cassette]
1992 Christmas [cassette]
1993 Arctic Rose (Independent)
1993 Christmas [re-issue]
1994 Arctic Rose [re-issue/re-recording/re-mix]
1995 This Child (EMI)
1999 Unsung Hero (EMI)
2004 Big Feeling (EMI)
2006 Blood Red Earth (Arbor) AR-1256

AGNELLO, Sebastian [see SEBASTIAN]

[aka analystic investigations investigations analytiques analystisch forschunge]
Jean Raff / Marcel Mongeau / Stéphane Claude
Experimental/industrial music from Montréal, Quebec; Claude would go on to collaborate with Pier Lefebvre in the 1990s.

First Deployment [cassette] (Chimik)
1984 Second Deployment [cassette] (Chimik)

David Giddings (guitar, vocals) / Darryl Bohn (guitar, vocals) / Ron Hjorth (guitar, bass, vocals) / Bruce Johnston (vocals) / Lorne Fiedler (keyboards) / Donn Tarris (bass, vocals) / Gaymond Wong (keyboards) / Lorne Davidson (bass, vocals) / Pat Caird (saxophone) / Bruce Watson (drums) / Deborah Gibson (vocals)
Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1974. The group released their debut album, ‘Songs For the City’, on Ocean Records in 1977. The single off the album was the ballad “Marie”. Tarris would release the solo album ‘Party’ the same year. Airborne disbanded in 1978. [also see DONN TARRIS]

Marie/Lamplighter (Ocean) [no number]

Songs For the City (Ocean) OCEAN #1

Steve Taylor
(vocals, guitars) / John Nicholson (vocals, drums) / John Bertorelli (vocals, bass)
From Vancouver, British Columbia

Radioactivity/Sheila (Barnet) BR-1001

From Vancouver, British Columbia

Constant Rhymes/Reason To Be (Airkraft) AK-001

Charted in Canada with “You Got Me Dancin'” in December 1975 and peaked at No.62 in January of 1976. The second single, “Daddy Was the Leader of a Rock and Roll Band”, failed to chart, but their follow-up single in May 1976, a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Tell Me”, peaked at No.46 in July 1976. with notes from Stephen V.

1975 You Got Me Dancin’ (RCA) PB-50134
1976 Daddy Was the Leader of a Rock and Roll Band /(instrumental) (RCA) PB-50159
1976 Tell Me/You Got Me Dancin’ (RCA) PB-50221
1976 All The Hours of Love/ Daddy Was the Leader of a Rock and Roll Band (RCA) PB-50288

Compilation Tracks
1976 “Tell Me” on ‘Powerhouse’ (K-Tel) TC-233

Ajo Tomasso
(lead vocals, saxophone, harmonica) / John Langille (bass, backing vocals) / Joe Di Salvia (guitar, backing vocals) / Vince Menanno (drums)
Montréal, Québec rock ‘n’ blues act led by Ajo Tomasso.

The Peace of Beat/Ride An Elephant (EdiT/Electric) XTC-4501

Ride An Elephant (EdiT/Electric) XTC-3301

Jacques Viens
(guitar) / Pierre-Louis Mongeau [aka Pierre G. Verge] (guitar, vocals)
Ajour were a Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, Québec duo who played Québecois acoustic psychedelic folk and poetry.

1978 Ajour (Les éditions de la Membrure) DIS7901-AJZZZ

Dennis Mills
(vocals, saxophone) / Warren Ash (drums) / Warren Hunter (bass) / Alex Varty (guitar) / Angela Kaya (vox) / Tommy Wong (synthesizer) / Andy Graffiti (keyboards, percussion; 1980) / Colin Griffiths (guitar; replaced Varty 1980)
Vancouver, British Columbia’s AKA was formed in the Spring of 1979 by Warren Ash and Warren Hunter of the short-lived Exxotone. The band released one EP in 1980 before mutating into the band Rhythm Mission in 1981. [also see EXXOTONE, RHYTHM MISSION]

1980 Red Therapy [6-song EP] (Seouldog) SD-0634

Compilation Tracks
198- cut(s) on “Who Cares” (American Standard – US)
1982 cut(s) on “D.I.Y. Album” (JW Productions/D.I.Y. – US)
1991 “634 Dog” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu) ZULU-5-2

James “Buster” Fykes
(guitar, vocals) / Hector McLean (bass)/ Rick Knight (vocals, flute)/ Len Sembaluk (drums)
Not to be confused with the American act with the same name, the Toronto conglomeration of Alabama was steeped in Cajun and Acadian sounds from the principle songwriting team of Fykes and Knight. The duo had hooked up with McLean and Sembaluk in the early ’70’s under the Alabama moniker. Sembaluk had been a founding member of Brutus with Walter Zwol. Their recording career was short lived with one album and two singles in 1973 on the Smile label. “Song of Love” reached  No.26 in June 1973 and “Highway Driving” reached  No.42 in August 1973 on the RPM Top100 Singles Chart. Sembaluk and Knight would go on to engineer albums by other artists including The Stampeders’ ‘Hit The Road’ in 1976; Fykes lives outside of Whitby, Ontario on a 150 year-old farm. He still plays locally around the Durham Region east of Toronto.

1973 Song of Love/On the Hook (Smile/London) SLE-101
1973 Highway Driving (Smile/London) SLE-103

1973 Close To Home (Smile/London) SMS-2

Country and Western singer from Bathurst, New Brunswick.

My Love for You Will Never Die (Bonanza) B-29751
1982 Vince Alberts (RQ)

ALCORN, Coco Love
From Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Daughter of John Alcorn.

Coco Love Alcorn (Coco) CD-001
1997 Happy Pockets
2005 7 Coco Songs
2006 Sugar (Black Hen)
2007 Coco Love Solo
2009 Joyful

From Toronto, Ontario. Father of Coco Love Alcorn.

Live at the Top ‘O The Senator
1999 Haunted
2002 Quiet Night

Known in country circles as “Uncle” Tom Alexander.

Sizzlin’ Steel Guitar (Maple) MA-1005

Gilles Lavigne / Victor Shaitoyan / Luc Cousineau / Lise Vachon [aka Lise Cousineau]

From Quebéc. Initially a 4-piece but reduced to the duo of Luc & Lise Cousineau by the time they were signed to Capitol Records in 1966. With notes from Michael Charbonneau.

Chany/Amour conjugué (Capitol) 85.006
1967 John Kennedy/C’était (Capitol) 85.021
1967 Les copains/La danse de La vie (Capitol) 85.024
1968 Ballade pour Molly/Depuis longtemps (Capitol) 85.028
1968 Quelques arpents de neige/Il suffit de peu (Capitol) 85.031
1969 Angèla mon amour/Voyage (Polydor) 540.522
1969 Un testament d’amour/Je m’en viens (Polydor) 540.534

Les Alexandrins (Capitol) ST-70001
Les Alexandrins 2 (Capitol)  ST-70017
Les Alexandrins (Capitol) SN-70.021
Les Alexandrins dans double-jeu (Polydor) 542-502

Born: Alexis Radlin in Windsor, Ontario
Died: February 28, 2001
Alexis “Rose” Radlin was a singer/songwriter from Windsor, Ontario who moved to Vancouver in the 1970s. Once there she assembled a band consisting of Tom Lavin (Powder Blues) on bass, Les Law (Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck) on guitar, and Duris Maxwell (Doucette, Skylark) on drums. She recorded one self-titled album in 1975 for Mushroom Records featuring additional keyboard help from the late Robbie King. The album was nominated for a JUNO Award in 1975. Jerry Doucette was briefly in her band as Radlin had convinced him to move to Vancouver to advance his career (which he subsequently did). Radlin would relocate to her native Windsor and release the album ‘Alexis’ for Radio Canada International in 1977. MCA Records would put out a single called “Fly By Night” that year as well. She then appeared as a singer in the 1979 film ‘Stone Cold Dead’ and contributed three songs to the soundtrack. Radlin would sign a production deal with Doug Riley and Terry Brown at Sounds Interchange in the early 1980s which resulted in the release of one single for RCA in 1983 called “Dreaming Paradise”. She would eventually record another album released on Moksa Records entitled ‘Fishing for Sanity’ in the early 1990s. Alexis Rose Radlin died February 28, 2001. with notes from Eric Radlin.

1975 Hands Across The Dining Room Table/Do As You Will (Mushroom) M-7001
1975 Everybody Knows/Canada You’re A Lady (Mushroom) M-7004
1977 Fly By Night/[same] (MCA) MCA-40773
1983 Dreaming Paradise (RCA) PB-50794


1975 Alexis Rose Radlin (Mushroom) MRS-5001
1977 Alexis (Radio Canada International) RCI-467
199- Fishing For Sanity (Moksa)

Dallas Green (guitar, vocals) / George Pettit (vocals) / Wade McNeil (guitar, vocals) / Chris Steele (bass) / Jesse Ingelevics (drums) / Jordan “Ratbeard” Hastings (drums; replaced Ingelevics)
Following the near simultaneous disbanding of Pettit’s band Condemning Salem, Green’s band Helicon Blue, and MacNeil and Steele’s band Plan 9 in 2001, the four musicians recruited drummer Jesse Ingelevics to form a new super group. They chose the name Alexisonfire which was a derivative of lactating contortionist stripper Alexis Fire’s name. She threatened to sue the band for copyright infringement but the lawsuit was never pursued. Their first crude recordings were released as the EP ‘Math Sheet Demos’ in 2002. They soon came to the attention of new record label Distort Entertainment. Co-owner Greg Below was working with EMI and used his connection to record the band’s self-titled debut at the company’s in-house studio while negotiating a co-publishing and distribution deal. ‘Alexisonfire’ was released in September 2002 and its popularity grew by word-of-mouth. The band toured Europe and North America – with two cross Canada jaunts – playing with Billy Talent, GWAR, Juliana Theory, Godsmack, and Glassjaw. The album was soon certified gold in Canada. Though EMI distributed the highly successful debut, the band opted to maintain independent control of their follow-up. They remained with Distort Entertainment who put them in the hands of Julius Butty at his studio near Hamilton, Ontario, to record the sophomore release. ‘Watch Out!’ was released in June, 2004, and debuted at No.6 on the Nielsen Soundscan Top 200, and received gold certification in Canada in only twelve weeks. Ingelevics left the band in June 2004 to spend more time with his family. He was replaced by Jordan Hastings. In August 2006 the band released their third album ‘Crisis’ and launched a tour across Canada with Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats and Attack in Black. Their American tour featured Moneen, Cancer Bats, and A Change of Pace. They headed to the UK in November 2007 where they were supported by Saosin, The Ghost of a Thousand and Your Rigamortus. Alexisonfire began recording new material from February through March 2009. The songs helped them secure a new record deal with Dine Alone Records and announced they would play the ‘Warped Tour 2009’. The advance single called “Young Cardinals” was debuted in April 2009 with the video premiering in May 2009 along with the full album ‘Old Crow/Young Cardinal’ following in June 2009. In the Fall of 2009 returned to Europe with Anti-Flag, Four Year Strong and The Ghost of a Thousand, and returned to Canada to open for Billy Talent in March 2010. On February 16, 2010, the band was set to play a free all-ages show at the 2010 Winter Olympics but abandoned the stage a few seconds into their first song after the barricades broken and 19 people suffered injuries after being trampled. In the last quarter of 2010 Alexisonfire released an iTunes exclusive Digital album entitled ‘iTunes Originals’, an experimental EP called ‘Dog’s Blood’, and a digital version of their Aussie Tour 7″ single. Following their tour that year Dallas Green told the band his intention to leave Alexisonfire to focus on his solo act City and Colour. He agreed to not make any announcements while the group prepared to record their next album. However, an official public statement was finally made by the band in August 2011 that Alexisonfire wouldn’t have a new record but, instead, would be splitting up. Green continued on with City and Colour while MacNeil would become the new vocalist for Gallows.

Pink Heart Skull Sampler [2-songs] (Distort)
2004 Brown Heart Skull Sampler [2-songs] (Distort)
2004 Accidents/[split w/BLED] (Distort)
2004 Counterparts and Number Them/[split w/BLED] [7”] (Sorepoint – UK) SORE-026S
2005 Accidents/ No Transitory (Sorepoint – UK) SORE-039S
2006 This Could Be Anywhere in the World/Charlie Sheen vs. Henry Rollins (Hassle – UK) HOFF-018S
2007 Boiled Frogs [4-song 7″ EP] (Hassle – UK) HOFF-029S
2007 Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints/Thrones (Hassle – UK) HOFF-036S
2007 …Get On The Bus With (Defiance)
2009 No Rest
2009 Young Cardinals [DigiFile] (Dine Alone)
2009 Young Cardinals (Live At MMVA ’09) [DigiFile]
2009 Born and Raised (Radio Edit)/Born and Raised (Roadrunner) RR-PROMO-1154
2009 The Northern
2009 Old Crows/Young Cardinals Bonus Tracks [2-song DigiFile] (Dine Alone)
2020 The Insulation Tapes [2-song 7”] (Dine Alone) DAV022-7
2010 Aussie Tour 7inch [2-songs 7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-031
2010 The Northern (Road Runner – UK)
2012 Death Letter Bonus Tracks [2-song 7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-066
2016 Young Cardinal (Live In Toronto 12-29-2012) [7” flexi-disc] DAV-143
2017 Accidents (Live In Toronto 12-29-2012) [7” flexi-disc] DAV-177
2019 Familiar [single-sided 7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-252
2019 Complicit [single-sided 7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-263
2020 Season of the Flood [single-sided 7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-276

Math Sheets Demo (Distort) DE-001
2002 Alexisonfire (Distort) DE-002
2004 “Watch Out!” (Distort) DE-003
2006 Crisis (Distort) DE-008
2007 Live At Brixton Academy 11/13/07 (Concert Live – UK)
2007 Live At Manchester Academy 11/14/07 (Concert Live – UK)
2007 Live At Birmingham Academy 11/16/07 (Concert Live – UK)
2009 Old Crows/Young Cardinals (Dine Alone) DA-020
2010 Dogs Blood [4-song 12” EP] (Dine Alone) DAV-030
2012 iTunes Originals [6-song 12” EP] (Dine Alone) DAV-043
2013 Box Set [12LPs/10” single/4 – 7” singles] (Dine Alone)
2014 Box Set 2nd Edition [8 LPs/1 – 12” EP] (Dine Alone)
2015 Live At BBC 1 [8-song 12” EP] (Dine Alone) DAV-065
2015 Death Letter [6-song 12” EP] (Dine Alone) DAV-067
2016 Live at Copps (Dine Alone) DAV-109
2016 Greatest Hits Live [2CD] (Concert Live – UK) CLCD-506
2022 Otherness (Dine Alone) DAV-322

5-piece from Québec whose gimmick was dressing as Arabs. They were signed to Denis Pantis’ Jeunesse Franco label in 1966 for one novelty single called “Shish kébab yéyé.” With notes from Michael Charbonneau.

Shish kébab yéyé/Rappelle-toi, je t’aime (Jeunesse Franco) JF-4048

Original Line-Up: Freddy Curci (lead vocals) / Steve DeMarchi (guitar, vocals) / Steve Fossen (bass) / Michael Derosier (drums) / Roger Fisher (guitar)
2009 Line-Up: Freddy Curci (lead vocals) / Steve DeMarchi (guitar, vocals) / Marco Mendoza (bass) / Larry Aberman (drums) / Denny DeMarchi (keyboards) / Robert O’Hearn (keyboards)
After the breakup of their band Sheriff in 1985, Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi kept a low profile and got jobs as couriers, among other things, to help support themselves. What money they had left after bill payments went to building a 16-track basement studio, where they ensconced themselves to write and record songs – emerging in 1989 with over 50 tunes demoed. Because of the moderate success of Sheriff, Capitol Records had kept in touch with them, and when they came out of the basement, Capitol flew them to Los Angeles to do proper demos of some of their material (not entirely pleased with everything they had written, however, more songs were written in the studio in L.A.). During this time they met Michael Derosier and when they played him some of their material, he phoned Roger Fisher and Steve Fossen and suggested they listen to the songs. When all was said and done, the L.A. trio decided to join forces with the Canadian duo and Alias was born. Fossen, Derosier and Fisher were the founding members of super group Heart, which Fossen formed when he was in high school in Seattle in the early 70’s. Initially thinking to steer the band in the same type of musical direction as Foreigner, for example, Ann and Nancy Wilson’s presence seemed to change that a little too much for Fisher, and he left the group early on. Derosier and Fossen stuck it out until they were unceremoniously fired after the album ‘Private Audition’. Fossen went home and stayed home, telling his wife he would be there until the right offer came along – which happened when Derosier called him about Curci and DeMarchi. Produced by Rick Neigher (Sass Jordan, Vixen, Tonio K), Alias’s self-titled debut was released in 1990 and featured no less than six of the songs that Curci and DeMarchi had written in that basement over the years. The album was a hit practically out of the box, going gold in the US and platinum in Canada, sparking no less than two top 5 US hits (“More Than Words Can Say” No.3; “Waiting For Love” No.2), as well as Top 5 hits in Canada. They toured the US with REO Speedwagon in late 1990 but in 1991 Derosier, Fossen and Fisher left the band en masse due to ‘musical differences’ reason fostered by long distance communications problems between Toronto (where Curci and DeMarchi lived) and Los Angeles. As late as August 1991 there was talk of a second Alias album, but that eventually went by the wayside, and Curci ended up releasing his own solo album in 1993; In 2009 a second album surfaced entitled ‘Never Say Never’ featuring Freddie Curci and Steve DeMarchi plus a new backing band including Steve’s brother Denny as producer/keyboardist; Denny DeMarchi would also play with The Cranberries. He died unexpectedly May 14, 2020. With notes from Dave Knight.

Haunted Heart/Who Do You Think You Are [7”] (EMI – US) 006-20 3979
1990 More Than Words Can Say/Say What I Wanna Say [7”] (Capitol-EMI) B-73131
1991 Waiting For Love/Haunted Heart [7”] (Capitol-EMI) EM-183
1991 Into the Fire [7” & CD Nintendo promo] (MCA) MCAD-10440
1991 Perfect World [4-songs] Capitol-EMI C2-75264
1991 The Power (Capitol-EMI) CDPRO-538
1991 True Emotion/Standing In the Darkness (Capitol/Toshiba EMI – JPN) TODP-2286
2009 Diamonds/Call Me (EMI Canada) AM-006
2009 How Much Longer Is Forever (Original Version)/How Much Longer Is Forever (Zion Version) (EMI Canada) AM-006*

Alias (Capitol-EMI) C2-93908
2001 Second Coming (Resurrection) RES-1
2009 Never Say Never (EMI) 36941

John Redekop
(vocals) / Dave Clow (guitar; vocals) / Reid Barton (bass) / Shawn Saucy (guitar) / Steve Saucy (drums) / Joe Vorhes (drums; replaced Saucy) / Robbie Steininger (keyboards; added 1987) / Phil VanHorne (keyboards; replaced Steininger) / D. Larry MacDougall (drums; replaced Vorhes)
From the ashes of Northern Express came Vancouver country band Alibi in 1983. The original band featured Redekop, Clow, Barton, Joe Vorhes and brothers Shawn & Steve Saucy. In 1987 Steve Saucy was replaced by Vorhes. With addition of legendary BC keyboardist Robbie Steininger they became a six piece. However, by the time they released their debut album, ‘You’re The One’, Shawn Saucy, Vorhes and Robbie Steininger had been replaced by VanHorne and MacDougall. The group toured North America for more than a decade beginning in the early ’80s. They were nominated for a Canadian Country Music Award as well as a Canadian West Coast County Award, receiving awards for Best Group, Best Video (“Do You Have Any Doubts”) and Best single in 1989 on the strength of their ‘No Doubt’ album.  They backed up such artists as Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle among others. They also appeared at The Craven County Music Festival in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1989.  Alibi also made an appearance at Fanfare in Nashville, Tennessee the same year. A third album, ‘Walk On’, was released in the early ’90s, but the group disbanded shortly thereafter.

You’re The One/Home Again (Cloanna) CPA-01
1984 Which One Is It This Time/Alibis (Cloanna) CPA-02
1985 Carolina/ Midnight Rider (Cloanna) CPA-04
1985 Love The Night Away/Slip Away (Cloanna) CPA-05
1986 Christmas Elves/[same] (Cloanna) CPA-06
1986 Til The Fire’s Burned Out/Saturday Night (Comstock) COM-1813
1986 It Only Hurts When I Cry/[same] (Comstock) COM-1833
1987 Roller Coaster/[same] (Comstock) COM-1856
1990 To Be Lovers/[same] (ITS) ITS-004

1985 You’re The One (Cloanna) CPA-03
1989 No Doubt (Comstock)  COM-1884
1990 Walk On (ITS)

Simon Ruzzier (vocals) / Steve Metham (guitar) / Gavin O’Sullivan (drums) / James Werstuck / Sean O’Kane (bass)
From Hamilton, Ontario

All Good Children (All Good Children) AGC-001
1992 All Good Children [re-issue] (Raw Energy/A & M/Polygram) 74242-1002
1994 Fetish Fetish (All Good Children) AGC-895

Compilation Tracks
“Black and Blue” on ‘Indie-Can ’92 (Intrepid) CD-5
1992 “Black and Blue” on ‘CFNY 1992 New Music Search’ (CFNY)

Coralie Allan (vocals) / Jackie Allan (vocals)
The Allan Sisters were originally from Edmonton, Alberta. Jackie had begun singing at the age of seven and was later joined by sister Coralie for shows in Alberta. Eventually the duo would move to Toronto to try and foster this talent into a career. Jackie would soon marry CBC-TV musical arranger Art Snider (‘Country Hoedown’) but it would take several years before the duo would start recording. In 1963 they recorded their first single, “Larry”, for Art Snider’s Chateau label. The single hit the Canadian country charts in 1964. They would also see some success with follow-up singles on the pop charts. This chart exposure led to a guest appearance on CTV’s ‘A Go-Go 66’ (hosted by Mike Darow) which, in turn, brought them to the attention of Tommy Hunter. Hunter would feature the sisters on his own CBC-TV show as regulars throughout 1966 and made them fixtures for 11 years running. The sisters left the Tommy Hunter show in March 1977 and went on tour with their own musicians across Canada until 1983, when they agreed to go their separate ways. Jackie continued to tour western Canada until cancer was diagnosed later that year. Coralie did some touring around Ontario that year, but stopped to establish herself in a business career. Jackie died Christmas Eve, 1985. Coralie joined Splendid Entertainment in 1986 with Peter Glen for the show “Hits of the Blitz”. She continued with Splendid Entertainment doing various nostalgia dinner/cabaret shows around Muskoka, Toronto and the northeast U.S. until moving to North Vancouver in 2000 to be caregiver for her daughter, Darcia Gayle Nolan, who died of cancer in 2005. Coralie was married to singer/guitarist James “Jamie” Nolan until his death in August 1987. with notes from Don Wayne Patterson, Seb Agnello, Gillian Snider, and Coralie Nolan.

1964 Larry/Never On a Saturday (Shell/Raleigh) SL-314
1964 Mr. Special/Wherever You Are (ACT) ACT-102
1965 Remember The Face/In My Diary (Red Leaf) ACT-104
1965 Your Kind of Love/Lonely World (Red Leaf) ACT-107
1966 Dream Boy/Devil To Angel (Quality) 1807X
1966 I’m In With The Downtown Crowd/Give It Up, Girl (Quality) 1841X
1966 Silly Jilly/Drummer Man (Op-Art) 303
1970 Lily The Pink/Jinny Jo (Sound Canada) SR-701
1971 I’ve Heard That Song Before/Mr. Songwriter (SNOCAN) SC-120
1971 Rain/If You Don’t Like What I’m Saying (SNOCAN) SC-127
1972 Where The Lilac Grows/Just Out Of Reach (Arpeggio/RCA) ARPS-1012
1972 The Day After Tomorrow/Somewhere There’s A Mountain (Arpeggio/RCA)


1967 Drummer Man (Allied/Paragon) ALS-241
1969 Jackie & Coralie (Sound Canada)  SC-7704
1974 The Allan Sisters In Song (Arpeggio/Quality) ARPS-10006
1977 Cloudburst (Smile) 3314-ARE-2R
1978 Precious Moments (World) WRC6-699

Compilation Tracks
“It Is No Secret” on ‘Golden Country Gospel’ (Cachet) 1001
1974 “Easy Lovin'” on ‘Country Music Cavalcade’ (Marathon) CMC-101

Born: March 23, 1943 as Allan Kowbel in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Allan began his professional music career in Winnipeg with Chad Allan And The Silvertones (aka Al & The Silvertones) in 1960. The band was named after guitarist Gord Murison’s Silvertone guitar. The band featured Bob Ashley, Randy Bachman, Garry Peterson, and Jim Kale. In 1962 they changed their name to Chad Allan And The Reflections and in 1963 to Chad Allan And The Expressions. It was this incarnation that landed a recording contract with Quality Records. However, getting Canadian music played on the bulging American influenced Canadian radio stations was tough while the British Invasion was in full swing so Quality issued the band’s cover of UK act Johnny Kidd & The Pirates song “Shakin’ All Over” with a plain white label and the words ‘Guess Who?’ written on it. The record was released in 1965 and went on to sell 2 million copies. After two albums Allan’s vocals were beginning to suffer from the grind of 10 years of performing in smokey clubs so he quit and returned to school. The Guess Who would go on to be world famous with tunes such as “These Eyes” and “American Woman” but guitarist Randy Bachman felt that after hitting such a peak there would be nowhere left to turn but down and so he also quit the band. Bachman would invite his old friend Allan to become lead vocalist in his new band Brave Belt. The band released two albums for Reprise but the band’s move toward a progressively heavier sound wasn’t suited for Allan and he quit. After leaving Brave Belt, Allan pursued many musical endeavors including writing gospel music, hosting a children’s TV show in Winnipeg, and forming his own record label called Seabreeze Records from which he released several singles and an album that didn’t fare well. Allan still sings solo engagements doing ’50’s and ’60’s rock and roll classics. with notes from John Einarson, Gord Murison, and Vic Gaggini. [also see BRAVE BELT, THE GUESS WHO]

1967 Salt In My Wounds/Wrap Myself In Sunshine (Salt Audio Devices) S-KOW1
1968 Greeting Card/Elevator (Quality) 1907X
1968 Through The Looking Glass/Ramona’s Hour Glass (Quality) 1925X
1969 Looking Through Crystal Glass/I’ll Think Of You Sometimes (Quality) 1949X
1969 Looking Through Crystal Glass/Ramona’s Hour Glass (Mala) 12033
1970 West Coast Girl/On the Back Step (Reprise)  REP-1003
1973 Spending My Time/Sixty Cents A Shot (GRT)  1230-56
1973 Prairietown, Midwest City/Dunrobin’s Gone (GRT) 1230-71
1974 Try/Sang The Song of Beginning (Daffodil) DIL-1060
1982 Ballad of a Middle Aged Rocker/Movie (Sea Breeze) 101
1982 Sunny Monday/Don’t Muscle Me Baby (Sea Breeze) 102

1969 Looking Through Crystal Glass (Quality) 477-5121
1973 Sequel (GRT) 9230-1036

ALLEN, Barry
Born: Barry Allen Rasmussen on July 29, 1945 in Provost,  Alberta
Died: April 4, 2020
Edmonton’s Barry Allen learned guitar from his father and often sat in with his piano-playing sister. After a few false starts with school bands, Allen joined The Saratogas in 1962. During a recording session at radio station CJCA, Allen met Wes Dakus who was there with his band The Rebels. Dakus eventually convinced Allen to leave the Saratogas to join the new Wes Dakus And The Rebels Line-up as singer/guitarist in late 1962. While recording with Dakus in Clovis, New Mexico, in early 1963 producer Norm Petty (Buddy Holly & The Crickets, The Fireballs) liked Allen’s backing vocals and Petty pressed the singer into service to cut five vocal tunes. However, because the Rebels had always released instrumentals these songs were set aside. When they returned to Petty’s studio in April 1964, The Beatles had exploded in North America putting instrumental groups on the endangered species list. “Over My Shoulder” b/w “Flame of Love”were recorded with a Barry Allen vocal and Petty was able to license the single to The Rebels’ label, Quality Records, who released it in late 1964. Capitol Records A & R man Paul White saw the potential in both acts and signed separate deals for Wes Dakus & The Rebels and Barry Allen to release simultaneous products. Capitol wanted new singles right away but Allen was on the road with the rebels and so Petty dug out earlier sessions which Capitol released: “Easy Come, Easy Go” (reaching No.14) and “It’s Alright With Me Now” (reaching No. 12). Allen would be nominated for a Red Leaf Award (pre-cursor to the JUNO Awards) in 1966 for ‘Most Promising Male Vocalist’. Allen’s debut album, ‘Goin’ Places’, was released in March 1966 but failed to produce additional sales as it contained both hit singles and a handful of cover tunes. Allen returned to the studio with Petty to record a new album entitled ‘Lovedrops’. The title track – a Mickey & Sylvia song – was released in April and peaked at No.4 on the CHUM charts after staying in the Top10 for over three months…eventually selling gold. But the album had no follow up single and so Petty dug out a song from a May 1966 recording session called “Turn Her Down” that Capitol issued in the wake of Allen’s “Lovedrops” success – reaching a modest No.22 on the charts in August 1966. The next single, ‘Armful of Teddy Bears’, was a song by a US band called The Teardrops who split up before Petty could finish the recording. His faith in the song led him to getting Allen to record it instead and it was released in December 1966 under the name Barry Allen and Wes Dakus’ Rebels which managed to scrape the Top40 in early 1967. Capitol was pushing Petty to record his acts with more rock and less pop as the musical styles began changing. Several sessions with Allen were abandoned as he preferred pop oriented material. Capitol did release one single as an experiment from these sessions – “I Know (You Don’t Want Me No More)” – the record stalled out at No.68 nationally. Barry Allen and Wes Dakus And The Rebels did not have their contracts renewed by Capitol Records and so Norm Petty took the acts stateside to sign with KAPP. One Rebels album surfaced but the band had split up before the label could promote it. Allen hired a new band and toured his hits under the name Barry Allen & Southbound Freeway. The group came in third at the Vox ‘Battle of the Bands’ and managed appearances on the TV shows ‘Music Hop’ and ‘Let’s Go’ before Allen replaced Graeme Moorhouse in Edmonton Group The Graeme Waifer. By 1968 he had joined The Purple Haze on the back of a new distribution deal with Compo Records out of Montréal. Compo’s Apex label released the band’s only single – “I Don’t Live Today” b/w “Ticket to Ride” in 1968. The group was short-lived but Allen stayed on with the label for a solo single in January 1969 called “I Don’t Know What I’ll Do”. Allen put together a new act called The Victory featuring former members of Graeme Waifer and headed back to Clovis, New Mexico to record with Petty. The album worth of tracks was never released as Allen was onto yet another act who returned to Petty’s studio in October 1969 to record ten tracks. Petty managed to get one single released on Barry Records entitled “Well Alright”. The band soon gelled under the name Cheyenne Winter and landed a TV show called ‘Come Together’ on CFCN in Calgary. The band’s recordings were put on hold while they completed a 29 episode run. In July 1970 Randy Bachman and Wes Dakus had created their own independent label, Molten Records, and Cheyenne Winter were the first signing. Their debut single – recorded with Petty at RCA Studios in Chicago in August 1970 – was “Second Thoughts”. The label’s second single was Allen’s remake of the Guess Who song “Wednesday In Your Garden”. The song cracked the Top100 and Allen was tapped for a self-titled full album by the UNI/ MCA label in early 1971. He toured the album on the back of the single “Take the Long Way Home”. Upon his return the ‘Come Together’ show not been renewed and Cheyenne Winter dissolved. Allen was then asked to replace Jack Velker in a new band by former 49th Parallel members Dan Lowe and Doran Beattie called Painter. They managed one LP and at least one successful single, “West Coast Woman”, on Elektra in 1973 after which founders Beattie and Lowe renamed the group Hammersmith. Allen would move on to become part of the production and engineering staff at Tommy Banks’ Century II recording studio in Edmonton. He also worked with Wes Dakus at Sundown Studio and, starting in 1985 with business partner Keith James, runs his own recording studio in Edmonton called Homestead Recorders (formerly Larry Wanagas’ Bumstead Studio). Wes Dakus & The Rebels reunited several times over the years including a performance at the 1990 Calgary Stampede; Barry Allen died at the age of 75 on April 4, 2020. with notes from Shawn Nagy, Norm Bright, Marc Coulavin and Bill Harvie. [also see WES DAKUS]

Over My Shoulder/Flame of Love (Quality) 1654X
1965 Easy Come, Easy Go/Hot Sunshine (Capitol) 72214
1965 It’s All Right With Me Now/Never You Mind (Capitol) 72258
1965 Never Mind/Easy Come, Easy Go (CBS – Holland) 1580
1965 A Penny, A Teardrop/Love Me Again (Capitol) 72306
1965 Hurry, Santa, Hurry!/Pretty Paper (Capitol) 72315
1966 Lovedrops/I Won’t Be There (Capitol) 72345
1966 Turn Her Down/Stumble and Fall (Capitol) 72391
1967 Armful of Teddy Bears/Sad Souvenirs [w/Wes Dakus’ Rebels] (Capitol) 72430
1967 I Know (You Don’t Want Me No More)/(Baby) Got Me Feelin’ Bad (Capitol) 72468
1969 I Don’t Know What I’ll Do/Have You Ever Been In Love Before? (Apex) 77094
1969 Well All Right/Christine (Barry) 3512
1970 Wednesday In Your Garden/If You Look Away (Molten) MM-2
1971 Take the Long Way Home/See the World (MCA) MCA-2005
1974 Old Broken Toys/[split w/RCMP tribute] (Denali) SG-107
1974 The Brave Men [w/The Century II Orchestra]/[split] (Denali) SG-1002

1968 I Don’t Live Today/Ticket to Ride (Apex) 77090

Second Thoughts/Stay Awhile (Molten) MM-1


1966 Goin’ Places (Capitol) T-6164
1966 Lovedrops (Capitol) T-6189
1971 Barry Allen (Uni) UNI-73104
2012 Clovis Collection [2CD] (SuperOldies) SOCD-12

Compilation Tracks
“Wednesday In Your Garden” on ’20 Explosive Hits’ (Syndicate/K-Tel) TC-200
1990 “Lovedrops” on ‘Made In Canada – Volume One: The Early Years’ (BMG) KCD1-7156

ALLEN, Lillian
Born: Kingston, Jamaica
Lillian Allen’s dub resistance poetry and social commentary has been part of Toronto since 1976 having moved from Kingston, Jamaica by way of New York City. The album ‘Revolutionary Tea Party’ was produced by Billy Bryans (Parachute Club) with help from Dave Grey – the main musical composer, Quammie Williams, Sherry Shute, bassist Terry Lewis and Masi/Conger/Segato from the Parachute Club. Allen is a multi-faceted artist who moves easy between dub-poetry, musical sounds and technology. She won a 1986 JUNO Award for ‘Best Reggae/Calypso Record’.

1985 Revolutionary Tea Party (Verse To Vinyl) VV-101
1987 Conditions Critical (Verse To Vinyl) VV-102
1991 Nothing But a Hero (Verse To Vinyl) VV-106

Compilation Tracks
“Equal Rights & Justice” and “Conditions Critical” on ‘The Rebel Zone-Queen Street West’ (Sony) CK-80698

Born: May 11, 1924
Died: August 3,1965

Beginning at the age of 4 in his family’s home in St. Mary’s, Ontario he began playing piano. At age 5, while visiting family in Regina, he appeared at his cousin’s school to play mouth-organ and perform step dancing. His uncles and grandfathers were fiddlers and step dancers as well. With four older brothers, Allan would sneak time on the fiddles. By the age of 12 his older brother Lorne Allan took him out as a fiddle partner to barn dances with Ward playing twin fiddle and doubling on piano. By his teens he was winning local fiddle contests. He would take on work out West (harvesting in Manitoba and logging in Port Alberni, British Columbia) before returning to Ontario where his career took off. In 1949 and 1950 he took first prize in fiddle contests at the Canadian National Exhibition. In 1952 and 1953 he did the same to become Western Ontario Champion. Also in 1953 he won the Canadian Open Championship (against 87 competitors). Later that year he was chosen to represent Canada in the International Fiddling Contest at Louisville State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1954 he was signed to Sparton Records and began releasing singles. From 1954 through 1956 he toured Canada as part of the Will Carter Show. By this time he had moved to Ottawa, Ontario and became a regular on CFRA radio. The single “Maple Sugar” was a hit in both Canada and the USA.

Maple Leaf Two-Step/C.N.E. Breakdown (Alvina) AL-1001
1953 Blue Pacific Hornpipe/Fiddler’s Dream (Alvina) AL-1011

1955 Lord Alexander’s Reel/Ward Allen Breakdown (Sparton) 4-130R
1955 Maple Leaf Two-Step/C.N.E. Breakdown (Sparton) 4-131R
1955 Blue Pacific Hornpipe/Fiddler’s Dream (Sparton) 4-132R
1955 Mary Anne’s Reel/Frisco Waltz (Sparton) 4-150R
1956 Back Up And Push/Maple Sugar (Sparton) 4-261R
1956 Frank Ryan’s Hornpiper/Two-Step Polka (Sparton) 4-262R
1956 Dancing Slippers/Uncle Jim (Sparton) 4-341R
1957 Back To The Sugar Camp/The Marsh Hen (Sparton) 4-378R
1957 Frenchie’s Reel/Mengie of McBride’s Mill (Sparton) 4-379R
1957 The Grizzly Bear/Orange Blossom Special (Sparton) 4-448R
1958 B.C. Centennial/John’s Polka (Sparton) 4-496R
1958 The Iroquois Gathering/Paddy The Coon (Sparton) 4-597R
1958 The Road To Boston/Mountain Girl (Sparton) 4-681R
1959 Bread N’ Butter/Pappy Daily’s Breakdown (Sparton) 4-823R
1959 Circassian Circle/Molly Hogan (Sparton) 4-824R
1959 Frisco Waltz/Two Step Polka (D – US) 1065
1960 Pappy Daily’s Breakdown/Bread N’ Butter (D – US) 1116
1961 Mitten’s Breakdown/The Old Rose Waltz (Sparton) 4-990R
1962 Fishing Rod Reel/Joys of Quebec (Sparton) 4-1088R
1963 Carleton County Breakdown/The Dawn Waltz (Sparton) 4-1177R

 Ward Allan Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown (Sparton)  SP-203
1956 Ward Allan Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol.2 (Sparton)  SP-210
1957 Ward Allan Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol.3 (Sparton)  SP-213
1973 Best Of Ward Allan (2 LPs) (GRT) 2-GRT-2230-1031 
1992 The Unforgettable Ward Allen (no label) KSC-192
2005 Memories of Ward Allen (no label) PM-08-29

Doug Webster (vocals, guitar) / Ed Goodine (drums) / Nick Mah (bass)
Toronto punk band formed in 1979 and split up in 1982; Goodine would later join Rang Tango with Lori Yates.

Night In the City/Talkin’ About My Girl (E.N.D.) WRC3-1074

Compilation Tracks
“Night In the City” on ‘Smash The State: Volume Three – A Compilation Of Canadian Punk Rock, 1978-82 (No Exit) NOEXIT-004

8-piece reggae band from London, Ontario. Profits from the single “Starvation” went to Ethiopian Relief.


Pop artist signed to WEA in 2002.

as LEE

2003 All So Clear (WEA) 2-60477

Molly Johnson
(vocals)  / Norman Orenstein (guitar, keyboards)  / Steven Gelineau (drums) / Etric Lyons (bass)
Alta Moda was created by chanteuse Molly Johnson and guitarist Norman Orenstein (Michaela Jordana, Toby Lark) in 1979 after Orenstein saw Johnson performing in a Toronto club. Ex-Nails drummer Steven Gelineau was added in 1982 and bassist Etric Lyons (Liberty Silver) in 1983. They performed for 6 years and held off record company suitors for three of those years. An independent cassette was the attraction and landed one of their songs, “American Chaser” to movie producers who placed the song in the film ‘Popeye Doyle’. Alta Moda would sign with Gerry Young’s Current Management (Parachute Club, M + M). When Johnson decided to break away from her career as a jazz/lounge singer (with Aaron Davis of Manteca and David Pilch of the Holly Cole Trio) she was more than delighted to sign a seven album record deal with CBS records to get her “out of jazz hell” (as she put it). Their self-titled album, produced by Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, Human League), was released in December 1987 and took a lot of flack for being ‘generic American funk’ and some radio stations even went as far as refusing to play the material because it sounded ‘too black’. They even declined a JUNO nomination for the song “Julian” (a song written about the son of the owner of Toronto’s Cameron House) in the R & B category which they felt was a mislabeling. It took CBS little time to cut Alta Moda loose after poor sales figures and the band dissolved. Johnson and Orenstein continued writing together as Johnson returned to her jazz roots with a new band (who would later become stars in their own right as Big Sugar). Johnson, Orenstein and Etric Lyons would eventually get signed in July 1990 to IRS Records as The Infidels. with notes from Norman Orenstein, Larry Baxter and Tim Applegarth. [also see INFIDELS, MOLLY JOHNSON]

1987 Cool Love/Push [12″] (Current/Epic/CBS) 12EXP-3021
1988 Julian/My Millionaire (Current/Epic/CBS) E4-3015
1988 Notown (In Particular)/Classique (Current/Epic/CBS) E4-3040


1985 Alta Moda [cassette] (independent)
1987 Alta Moda (Current/Epic/CBS) EC-80126
2016 Current Records Remastered: Alta Moda (Bullseye) BLR-CD-3103

Compilation Tracks
“Julian” on ‘Indie-Can ’88’ (Intrepid) CD-1
2001 “Train” on ‘The Rebel Zone-Queen Street West’ (Sony) CK-80698

Glen Marshall
(lead vocals, guitar) / Brent Wice (keyboards)  / David Wice (drums)  / Bruce Tennant (bass) / Norm Carmel (bass; replaced Tennant)  / Stephen “The Whaleman” Crone (bass; replaced Carmel) / Cameron Chapman (drums; replaced Wice) / Sarah Keates (piano, vocals) / Billy Rod Majoros (drums; replaced Chapman)
Hamilton’s answer to the Velvet Underground, this 4-man outfit formed in 1980 and took their name from the Canadian children’s TV show ‘Tales of the Riverbank’ (starring Hammy Hamster). Not long after their initial get together Tennant’s family made him leave the band and was replaced by Carmel. With the release of the Bob Doidge produced 12″ single “Desire” in 1985 (which also included audio treatments by Daniel Lanois), the band’s popularity picked up. Following the success of this release, Carmel quit over musical differences as the band’s musical influence shifted from punk/pop to dance oriented material. The band would release the 1987 full-length LP ‘Take Me Home’ with new members Keates, Crone & Chapman at Grant Avenue studio with producer Daniel Lanois. In a final attempt to keep Altogether Morris alive into the ’90s, Marshall rejuvenated the line-up once more with the addition of Majoros for the ‘Big Boots’ CD in 1990 and after touring the album, went their separate ways. Around the same time the band spearheaded the release of two acclaimed CD compilations featuring Hamilton artists exclusively. Marshall and Keates created the Hamilton recording studio Catherine Street North. Following this the two went their own way creatively with Marshall carrying on as a producer (Dave Rave, Kate Schrock, Joe Mannix, Sisters 3) and Keates joining Lucky 7 before eventually relocating to New York; Crone has released a dozen recordings under the name Whaleman; Majoros formed the band Flux and is currently in the band The Foreign Films. with notes from Sarah Knight, Rick MacKinnon, Norm Carmel, David Wice.

1983 Suzanne (independent)


1985 Desire/Nothing’s As Real [12″] (Big Smile)  WRC2-3899
1987 Take Me Home (Mass Appeal)
1990 Big Boots (ATM) ATM-T003

Compilation Tracks
“All Is Abandoned” on ‘Indie-Can ’92’ (Intrepid) CD-5
1993 “No One In This World (Is Cooler Than You)” on ‘New Stuff Two’ (MMS) NSCD-002

Montréal, Quebec guitarist and singer originally from The Gruesomes. [also see THE GRUESOMES]

Candy Prankster (Ricochet Sound) RSCD-001
2010 Omega Tea Time (Ricochet Sound) RDCD-008

ALYNN, Vicki

Let Me Be the First To Know/One Heart For Sale (Maple Haze) MH-7842
1981 I’m Holding On/Trucker’s Lament (Maple Haze) MHR-8007

One Heart For Sale (Maple Haze)

Jay Taylor
(bass, cello, guitar) / Huw Davies (sitar, guitar) / Greg Barratt (keyboards) / Greg Gardner (percussion, guitar)
Winnipeg, Manitoba avant-garde instrumental world music. Their self-titled debut album was recorded at Mid Oceans Studios except the track “Shaman Dance” which was recorded live by the CBC at the Gas Station Theatre. It was initially released independently on the band’s own Shaman Records before Attic Records would pick it up for wider distribution in 1987. The band disappeared without a trace shortly after with Gardner returning to his day job running the Into The Music Record store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2008 Taylor, Davies and Gardner released their long-awaited follow-up called ‘Hypnostique’.

1986 Amakudari (Shaman) SHAM-101
1987 Amakudari [re-issue] (Attic) MIL-106
2008 Hypnostique (Discorporate) DISC-1155

From Quebéc

Voyons chéri/Renée (Visa) VI-106

AMBROSE, James Robert
James Robert Ambrose’s song on “Brand New Sunny Day” spent four weeks on the CHUM chart in 1972 and peaked at No. 23 in September.

Brand New Sunny Day/Gotta Have Time (Hopi) PI.1002
1973 Keep Me Talkin’ Lord/Even You and I (Hopi) PI.1004

Born: October 19, 1939 in Toronto, Ontario
One of Canada’s first Canadian solo acts, Ambrose appeared at age seventeen on CBC TV’s ‘Cross-Canada Hit Parade’. With three years of road work under his belt he would be given a chance to exercise his exceptional talent on his own variety show – ‘The Tommy Ambrose Show’ (also on CBC-TV). In 1959, Ambrose had his first hit, “The Magic of You”, which reached No. 23 on the Canadian charts. Ambrose’s variety show was cancelled in 1963 and he went back on the road briefly before realizing he preferred recording better. He would find himself working with both Phil Ramone (Paul McCartney, Billy Joel) and the Count Basie Orchestra. In the late ’60’s Ambrose moved into TV and radio production with partner Larry Trudell while maintaining a recording career. Ambrose would hit big again in 1974, this time in the country genre, with “One Summer Song” but television beckoned him once more and he launched the gospel program ‘Celebration’ on CBC-TV which lasted through the 1975-76 season. In 1978 Ambrose went jazz and recorded two albums with Doug Riley (Dr. Music, Klaatu). Riley had experience as production and arrangement coordinator with former partner Terry Brown at Toronto Sound Studio so Ambrose made him a third company partner along with Trudell in 1979. Ambrose hit pay dirt in the ’80’s with jingle productions and even named his own Toronto jazz bar Jingles, often entertaining guests with variations on a jazz combo with Doug Riley and other pick-up musicians until the bar’s closing in 1989.

1958 Remember Remember/Tu Sai Mio Amore (Sparton)  680-R
The Magic of You/The End of the World (Sparton) 684-R
1960 Sweet Caroline/I Need Your Love (Sparton) 902-R
1961 We’re Not Too Young/Fall In Love (Sparton) 945-R
1961 Unchained Melody/Jiminy Jum Jum (Strand – US) 25042
196? They Don’t Give Medals/Casino Royale (Fontana) 1592
1967 Say What You Mean/[instrumental] (Columbia)  C4-2738
1970 Night Time and My Baby/Sole Survivor (Warner Bros.) 8200
1972 People City (Theme from ‘CITY-TV’)/[instrumental] (RCA) 75-1115
1974 Our Summer Song 
1974 Long Street (Winding Through My Mind)/[same]  (RCA) PB-50117

1962 Young Tommy Ambrose (Chateau/Sparton)  CLP-1007
1978 Sweet Times (CTL/New Ventures) NV-5005

1980 Ambrose At Last (CTL/New Ventures) NV-5009

1971 Fuzzy Love (Kanata/Pindoff) KAN-4

Compilation Tracks
“Annie Is Back” & “In the Words of a Lover” on ‘1967 CBC Song Market’ (RCA/Victor) PCS-1175

Tim Ryan
(vocals) / Ed Schreyer (guitar) / Nick Scali (rhythm guitar) / Dave Wilson (bass) / Bob Clarke (drums) / Bob Yukich (guitar; replaced Scali) / Bob Yeomans (drums; replaced Clarke)
Sault Ste. Marie’s The Amen was formed by high school friends Ryan and Schreyer along with friends Scali, Wilson and Clarke. They were similar to another Soo act, (Those) Rogues parroting British and American records but also writing their own material as well which they snuck into their sets while playing at the teen centre and school dances. Following high school they packed up their equipment and relocated to Toronto just after Christmas of 1965. They beat a path to the local hot spots and played as often as they could. They soon met Paupers and Kensington Market manager Bernie Finkelstein. He, in turn, put them in touch with producer John Holt and recorded a single for Holt’s Algoma Records called “Carnivals and Cotton Candy” which was released in 1967. Soon they were performing regularly in Yorkville’s club scene and opened shows for more established acts like The Tripp, The Rabble, The Paupers, Kensington Market, and The Guess Who. In the summer of 1967, Scali and Clarke left and was replaced by Yukich and Yeomans who had jumped ship from fellow Soo band The Vendettas after the two acts had played together in Toronto. However, the momentum was lost and the band split up before the end of 1967.  Following an erratic stab at a solo career, Ryan re-teamed with Yeomans and Clarke under the name Hero and eventually hit pay dirt as a CBS Canada recordings act called Jackson Hawke in 1976. The Amen reunited in December of 2007 for the Sault Ste. Marie ’18 Forever Festival’. with notes from Tim Ryan.


1967 Carnivals and Cotton Candy/Peter Zeus (Algoma) ST-33

1985 LINE-UP: Rick Trembles
(guitar, vocals) / Luke Puke (keyboards) / Richard Jester (drums) / Joe Dull (bass)
2000 LINE-UP: Rob Labelle (guitar, vocals) / Andre Asselin (bass) / Rick Trembles (guitar, vocals) / Jackie Gallant (drums)
2011 LINE-UP: Rob Labelle (guitar, vocals) / Andre Asselin (bass) / Rick Trembles (guitar, vocals) / Howard Chackowicz (drums)
Starting in St. Lambert, Québec in 1978 as the Electric Vomit, the ragtag band of high school friends – including political cartoonist Rick Trembles – opened for the likes of The Normal and Viletones before self-destructing in 1979.  They re-invented themselves in 1985 as American Devices with an altered line-up.

1993 Spacey Seasick/ [split w/MEGALO] (En Guard) ENG-017

1988 Decensortized (Tear) TEAR-001
1998 Nineties Demos
2002 Devises Américaines
2002 Nacktkultur
2003 American Devices [3-song EP]
2006 25th Anniversary (Grenadine) GREN-016
2011 2011 [5-song EP]

Compilation Tracks
“Hitler Was a Jew” on ‘From Montréal…’ [7″] (Og Music) OG-3
1984 “Spontaneous Combustion” on ‘Primitive Air-Raid’ (Psyche Industry) MPAS-01
1993 “Decensortized” on ‘2 Solitudes’ (En Guard) ENG-009
2005 “Yes Or No” on ‘American Devices 20th Anniversary’ [7″]

Born: 1948 in Toronto as William Amesbury
Toronto’s Bill Amesbury first emerged as a singer songwriter in several unsuccessful area bands before landing a deal with Columbia Records in 1968 as a member of The Five Shy. After two low-charting singles the band split up. Amesbury bounced back with a solo deal in the early ’70s on the Yorkville label where he had a hit with a novelty song called “Frogman Bradley”. As the first signing to Neil Bogart’s Casablanca Records in the US (and on Warner Music in Canada), Amesbury set about recording his debut album ‘Jus’a Taste of the Kid’ with Mel O’Brien (bass) and Wally Cameron (drums). The lead-off single was a moderate radio-friendly tune called “I Won’t Let No One Get That Close to Me” in 1974. Though this first single failed to hit pay dirt, the self-penned follow-up, “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)”, scored a Top10 hit in Canada and has gone on to be a classic AM staple on radio to this day. In 1976 Amesbury moved on to Capitol Records for his sophomore release, ‘Can You Feel It’, which was recorded at Phase One Studios and utilized a cast of seasoned studio players like Barry Keene, Doug Riley, Shawne Jackson, Colina Phillips, and Wally Cameron among others. The album’s title track spawned a minor Top40 hit in Canada in 1977. His biggest success came through England with singles released on the Power Exchange Records label in the UK like “Every Girl in the World, Tonight”, “Saturday Night (I’ll Be Waiting)” and “I Remember” throughout 1976-1977. By the 1980’s Amesbury’s song began to get discovered by other artists including Natalie Cole (“Nothin’ But a Fool”), and Mitch Ryder (“A Thrill’s a Thrill”) among others. Amesbury soon quit the music business and is currently a social activist and philanthropist in the United States. In November 1999 “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” was awarded a SOCAN “Classics” designation for having reached 100,000 airplays on Canadian radio. with notes from James Collins, Mel O’Brien, B. Amesbury. [also see THE FIVE SHY]

1973 I Won’t Let No One Get That Close To Me Again (Yorkville/ARC) YV-45080
1974 Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)/That Close To Me (Yorkville/ARC) YV-45100
1974 Rock My Roll/Once Before You’re Gone (Yorkville/ARC) YV-45102
1974 Frogman Bradley [AM]/Frogman Bradley [FM] (Yorkville/ARC) YV-45103
1974 Jus’ a Taste of The Kid (Casablanca)
1976 Saturday Night (I’ll Be Waiting)/Jessi (Power Exchange – UK)  PX-204
Every Girl In The World Tonight/Luck Day (Power Exchange – UK) PX-115
1976 Sugar Pie/I Remember (Power Exchange – UK) PX-218
I Remember/Lucky Day (Capitol-EMI – US) P-4287
1977 Can You Feel It/Jessi (Capitol) 72779
1977 Harlow/You Belong to Me (Capitol) 72785

1974 Jus’a Taste of the Kid (Casablanca – US) NB-9005
1976 Can You Feel It (Capitol-EMI) ST-11528

Compilation Tracks
“Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” on ‘Heavy Hits’ (Adam VIII – US) A8R-8010
1974 “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” on ‘Music Power’ (K-Tel) TC-214
1974 “Rock My Roll” on ‘Hot Hits’ (Jukebox Int’l) TVLP-74001
1974 “Frogman Bradley” on ’20 Top Hits’ (Jukebox Int’l) TV-DISC-74002
1974 “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” on ‘Superstars Greatest Hits’ (K-Tel) TC-218
1975 cut on ‘Disco Mania, Volume 2’ (Jukebox Int’l) TVLP-74006
1976 cut on ‘The Autumn of My Life’ (Power Exchange) PXL-004
197– cut on ‘Superstars Greatest Hits, Volume 3’ (K-Tel)
1990 “Virginia (Touch Me Like You Do)” on ‘Made In Canada – Volume Two: Into The ’70’s’ (BMG) KCD1-7157

From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Save the Nation/In Divine Order (6th Ave) AV-611

AMEY, Colin
In the small town of Marmora, Ontario, at the Country Fair, three-year-old Colin Amey won Second Prize in the Annual Junior Talent Show. After spending his formative years up in the Yukon Territory, Amey’s mind was set to follow his dream and pursue a music career. The youngest of three boys, Amey spent most of his spare time listening to the radio in his bedroom and learning how to play guitar from his older brother, Kevin. In 1987, the Amey family returned to Ontario. At the age of fifteen Colin was introduced to a Trenton, Ontario based company called B & C Productions through a mutual friend. He started singing on numerous studio demos, radio jingles and television advertisements. It wasn’t long before he became an accomplished session singer. This eventually led to the release of Amey’s first single in 1990 called “Gonna Last Forever” which scored a Top20 position on the RPM singles chart in Canada. After high school graduation, Amey began fronting many working bands, performing in nightclubs and at music festivals all across Ontario sharing stages with Shenandoah, Wade Hayes, Joe Diffie & Pirates of the Mississippi, George Fox, Jason McCoy, Farmer’s Daughter, The Wilkinsons, Jamie Warren, Jim Witter and Julian Austin. It was during this time period that Amey began to develop his songwriting skills, and started working on material for his first record. This led to a self-titled debut CD in 1998. From there, he began earning early on Canadian country radio and managed three Top20 singles and a video on CMT. He was nominated for ‘Best New Male Artist’ at the RPM Big Country Awards Show later that year. While living in Ottawa in the late 1990s, Amey eventually teamed up with Canadian songwriter Barry Brown, and began writing material for his second record, ‘What My Heart Don’t Know’, which earned him a CCMA nomination for Independent Male Artist in 2000. This record-spawned three more hit singles and led to more CMT exposure with videos for the title track, and “If I Didn’t Call It Love”. The success of the album earned him the “Rising Star” Award at the Ontario Country Performers and Fan Association Award Ceremonies. Now living in the Greater Toronto Area, Amey has spent the last few years balancing a busy tour schedule and co-writing with many talented songwriters like Thomas Wade, Jamie Warren, Brian Allen and Cyril Rawson. In recent years, Colin Amey has also made trips to Nashville to maintain relationships with fellow Canadian songwriters Tim Taylor and Larry Wayne Clark. His third album ‘Getaway’ in 2005 was produced by Rick Hutt at Cedartree Studios in Kitchener, Ontario featuring the single “You Don’t See That Everyday” and the title track. With notes from Colin Amey.

Gonna Last Forever
2005 You Don’t See That Everyday (Royalty)
2006 Getaway (Royalty)

Colin Amey (independent) MTR-002
2000 What My Heart Don’t Know (independent) MTR-0045
2006 Getaway (Royalty) CA-0003

Ron Baumtrog
(keyboard) / Doug Stagg (vocals) / Richard Botts (guitar) / Mike Gingrich (bass) / Jack Byrne (drums) / Bob Norris (guitar; replaced Botts) / Kim Neil (drums; replaced Byrne) / Gery Mertz (keyboards; replaced Baumtrog)
Five-piece from Galt, Ontario formed in 1970 from the remnants of the R & B cover band FJ And The Impressions which included bassist Mike Gingrich and organ player Ron Baumtrog. Amish started out playing cover versions of McKenna-Mendelson Mainline, The Modern Rock Quartet, The Doors and James Gang songs. The band’s manager, Bill Gefross, brought them to the attention of US label Sussex Records where Motown producer Dennis Coffey and Mike Theodore, both staff producers for Sussex, took the band into GM Studios in East Detroit to record. Guitarist Botts was a draft dodger from the Viet Nam War and couldn’t return to the United States to record so session guitarist Joe Gutz performed on the album instead. Their self-titled debut was distributed through Buddah Records in 1972. The album contains a remake of Traffic’s “Dear Mr. Fantasy”. The original song “Down the Road” was intended as a 7″ release with the non-LP track “Upon My Leavin'”, but the label never issued it. After the album’s release, and a possible US tour, Amish merged with another Preston-Galt area band called Oasis and guitarist Bob Norris replaced Botts while drummer Kim Neil replaced Byrne. Following the recording of a second album, but not released, Baumtrog left and Gery Mertz was brought in on keyboards. The band carried on for a couple of years, even as a 4-piece after the departure of Mertz. Baumtrog is the Health & Safety Coordinator for Metokote Canada in Cambridge, Ontario; Mike Gingrich would play with Nightwinds, Klaatu (1981- 1982), The Headpins in 1983 and Holly Woods and Toronto in 1984; Doug Stagg passed away in 1999. with notes from Kevin Julie.

1972 Amish (Sussex/Buddah) SXBS-7016

Calgary, Alberta harpist who plays a wide variety of styles including Country & Western, Jazz, Classical, Folk, Blues, and Children’s music.

1984 Touch Me (ORPAC) WRC1-3633
1984 Mud A Dirty Record For Kids (ORPAC) WRC1-3632

Danella Hocevar (vocals, guitar, bass) / Christopher Perry (guitar) / Michael Klüg (drums)
Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1989.

The Last of Ariadne/[split w/CURTAIN SOCIETY] (Castle Von Buhler) ACS-007S
1994 Lava/Gates Within Us (Remix) [7”] (Bedazzled – US) BDZ-21

Impatiens (An April March) CACD-0293
1995 Instruments of Lust and Fury [6 song EP] (Bedazzled – US) BDZ-24
1995 Lessons In Vengeance (Bedazzled – US) BDZ-28
1996 Adagio [7 song EP] (Bedazzled – US) BDZ-32
1997 It Goes Without Saying (Bedazzled – US) BDZ-35
1999 …Something Once True, Is Always True… (Bedazzled – US)

“Scarlett Bliss” on ‘Indie-Can ’92’ (Intrepid) CD-5
1994 “Ceiling” on ‘Anon’ (Castle Von Buhler) CVB-004
1994 “Lava” on ‘CFNY 1994 New Music Search’ (CFNY) 1994-NMS
1999 “Alec Eiffe” on ‘Pixies Fuckin’ Die: A Tribute’ (Lifelike) VIDA-1

Born: Cyril Tulk on February 22, 1934 in Montreal, Quebec
Died: February 29, 2016

Tulk’s parents owned and operated radio station CKMP in Midland, Ontario. As a teenager he showed promise as a musician and radio announcer. He was given his own radio before joining CKFH as an engineer. In his early 20s he spent time promoting his musical endeavors professionally as Cy Anders. In 1961, Tulk headed to Nashville, Tennessee and recorded several songs for release by Quality Records. In 1964, he signed with Nashville label RIC (Recording Industries Corporation) while maintaining a deal with Quality back in Canada. He became popular enough to make several appearances on the CTV television network music show, ‘Country Music Hall’ featuring his band of Roy Penney, Tommy St. Dennis, Sandy Selsie, and Bill Gibbs. Around this time Toronto’s CFGM radio station switched to a country music format where Anders was given his own Saturday afternoon show at 1:00pm.

Slap The Horse – And Hang The Man/Better To Be Loved (Quality) 1289X
1964 My Good Life/Up And Over The Wall (RIC) R-167X
1966 I’m Not The Kind/Four More Stairs (Chain) – 1001

Born: Brodrick Gurney Anderson, 1950 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Died: March 8, 2016
When Metis entertainer Gurney Anderson lived in Toronto he began writing songs for performers on ‘The Tommy Hunter Show’ on CBC. Anderson recorded a four song demo with ‘Teen Dance Party’ host, and former manager of the Guess Who, Bob Burns. Anderson would sign a record deal with Maple Haze Records based out of Edmonton and released his debut album ‘Shoppin’ Bag Lady’ in 1980. The title track made the Canadian Country Music charts in 1981. He also had a live performance broadcast on CKY-TV featuring several songs from his album. Anderson passed away in 2016.

I’d Rather Be In L.A./Just For Love (Maple Haze) MHR-8005-45
1981 Shoppin’ Bag Lady/If I’m Gonna Stay (Maple Haze) MHR-806
1981 Starlight Lady/I Care (Maple Haze) MHR-808

Shoppin’ Bag Lady (Maple Haze) MHR-8005

An Edmonton, Alberta native, Anderson played through the rank and file of the grungy Edmonton bar scene doing original pop with a few covers in bands around the city. With her own strong songwriting – sort of folk-rock – she headed to Los Angeles and performed an acoustic set in the offices of Impact Records’ Randy Nicklaus who immediately signed her. Her debut album on Impact/MCA was ‘Labyrinth’ and garnered her a JUNO nomination in 1992. Anderson still performs occasional acoustic shows around Edmonton under the name Princess Carrie Graham. On April 1, 2020 Carrie released a digital album of demos from from the 1990s called “Farm Girl and A Woodshed.’ With notes from Ken Ames.

Kindness [DigiFile]

Live At The Sidetrack Café [DigiFile]
1991 Ghosts [4-song 12” EP] (Impact/MCA – US) L33-2006
1992 Acoustic Sampler [4-song CD EP] (Impact/MCA – US) IMDP-25
1992 Labyrinth (Impact/MCA – US) IPTD-10420

Notes From the Nut Hatch [5-song DigiFile EP]

Farm Girl and A Woodshed [DigiFile]

Mickey Andrews, a dobro and steel guitar player, is from New Waterford, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. During the 1970s he recorded five albums – two for Boot Records and three for Periwinkle. He appeared regularly with the Toronto act Cabbage Towne around Toronto stomping grounds like The Orchard Park Tavern, El Condor Club. He also recorded with the bands The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, Chalawa, and Atlantic Union. He has also worked with Sandy MacIntyre’s band Steeped In Tradition.

1975 Deep In The Woods/My Love Is You (Periwinkle) PER-3716
1976 Marguerita/A Day of Rain (Periwinkle) PER-3746
1976 Disco Dobro/Sleep Walk (Periwinkle) PER-3758
1977 Mexican Honeymoon/I Love Agatha Christie (Periwinkle) PER-3788
1977 Tundra/Something More (Periwinkle) PER-3806

1974 Dobro Theatre (Boot) BOS-7246
1975 Venturing Out (Boot) BOS-7251
Velvet Dobro (Periwinkle) PER-7324
1977 Passport To Dobro (Periwinkle) PER-7339
1977 Collage (Periwinkle) PER-7345

Ruby T’s
(vocals) / Sally Cato (vocals; replaced Ruby T’s) /  Bart Lewis (guitar) / David Quinton (drums) / Anton Evans (bass) / Wayne Lorenz (bass; replaced Evans) / Blair Martin (drums; replaced Quinton)
Toronto area punk band The Androids formed in 1977 and struggled their way onto Queen Street as part of the new punk scene. They were defined by their art-based pop sound, Lewis’ guitar prowess and bright pink hair, and Sally Cato’s overt sexuality. Original vocalist Ruby T’s was featured on the cover of the ‘The Last Pogo’ album and also sang lead vocals with all-female group True Confessions (featuring former members of The Curse). At The Androids‘ rehearsal spot in an abandoned Philips Electronics factory building which was also used by The Diodes and The Ugly, Quinton met another emerging act called The Mods, whom he would eventually join. The Androids recorded a 4-song EP in 1978 that was never released as the record label went bankrupt. However, Quinton still has the original test pressing of this record. The band finally managed to record a single called “Roller Derby Queen” which was produced by Blair Packham in 1979 at Toronto’s Comfort Sound. After the band split up, Lewis and Cato moved to New York City where they formed Smashed Gladys. Evans has been making his unique brand of progressive rock as a solo artist for many years. Drummer Blair Martin was last seen leading the very popular Cuban band L’Orchestre Klave Y Kongo; Quinton would eventually leave The Mods, and join The Stiv Bators Band to tour the US and record. Eventually he returned to Toronto to record a solo album for Bomb Records, become the drummer for The Jitters and the live version of Strange Advance before finally going to law school. He is now a successful entertainment lawyer in Toronto and performs with the reunited Arson and The Jitters; Wayne Lorenz went on to join Boys Brigade and a studio engineer alongside Malcolm Burn and Daniel Lanois. with notes from Blair Packham, Linda Dawn Hammond, and David Steinberg.

1979 Roller Derby Queen/Over & Over (Audra) WRC3-799

ANGEL, Johnny T.
Johnny T. Angel is the pseudonym for Yorkville Records president Bill Gilliland who made one record after a dare from Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart. The record peaked at No.94 on the Billboard Hot 100 but reached Top10 on Canada’s border station CKLW.

1973 Tell Laura I Love Her/The Way I Feel Tonight (Yorkville) YV-45090

Compilation Tracks
1973 “Tell Laura I Love Her” on ‘Canadian Mint’ (K-Tel) TC-215

Greg Godovitz (vocals, guitar) / Bob Segarini (vocals, percussion) / Brad Lovatt (vocals, keyboards) / Peter Occhipinti (guitar) / Mike Pellarin (bass) / Doug Inglis (drums) / Steve Jensen (guitar; replaced Occhipinti)
They were neither angry, nor brothers. They were, however, a Canadian super group of musicians paying homage to the British Invasion. Initially created as an acoustic trio to perform at Blues On Belair in Yorkville at the end of the ’90s called, cheekily, The Greg Godovitz Orchestra & Chorus, veteran musician Greg Godovitz (Fludd, Goddo, Carpet Frogs) teamed up with old friend and stalwart Bob Segarini (Family Tree, Wackers, The Dudes, Cats & Dogs) with a rotating cast of keyboardists that included Ron Christian. With the addition of permanent keyboardist/vocalist Brad “Mr. Anger” Lovatt, the group changed its name to The Anger Brothers. A stint on AM640 Mojo Radio gave the musicians a chance to perform cover tunes, do skits and regale listeners with a Smothers’ Brothers-styled variety show. As their popularity grew and their live performances expanded to special events, trade shows and other club gigs, they added a full rhythm section and the group became the featured regular entertainment on John Derringer’s Q107 Morning radio show in Toronto. In 2002 Greg Godovitz started working on a proposed solo album but these songs eventually became the basis of Goddo’s 2004 ‘Kings of the Stoned Age’ album and The Anger Brothers’ 2003 self-titled debut. Sadly, the band would split up following their CD release party in November 2003. Godovitz would continue on with solo performances and his perennial rock band Goddo alongside Doug Inglis; Segarini reformed his band Cats & Dogs and resurrected his original 1970’s solo outfit The Segarini Band.

Let Me Stay (Bullseye)

The Anger Brothers (Bullseye)  BLR-CD-4065

LINE-UP 1: Ross “Rosco” Hales (drums) / Rachel Melas (bass) / Elizabeth Fischer (vocals, mini-keys) / Steven Nikleva (guitar; added)
LINE-UP 2: Elizabeth Fischer (vocal, keys) / Ryan Moore (bass) / Paul Brennan (drums) / Steven Nikleva (guitar) / Pat Sproule (guitar)
A three piece act from Vancouver, British Columbia formed in 1981. Before the start of recording their debut EP in 1982, their guitarist left on a vacation for Mexico and never returned. The band asked a number of friends to fill in on guitar during the recording including Neil Osbourne of 54.40. The EP was released on Alan Moy’s Mo=Da=Mu label and soon the band was hunting for a guitarist. They wasted no time, however, and recorded their full-length debut ‘Dog Eat Dog’ with future Nettwerk Records producer Greg Reely and the help of guitarist Harris van Berkel. The album received significant campus airplay and soon Animal Slaves were touring the east and west coasts and as far south as California logging over 30,000 miles in their 1973 Chevy van. Steven Nikleva was finally chosen as the band’s guitarist and they recorded some material in 1987/1988 which was never formally released (it is, however, now available on Fischer’s website). The band carried on with an altered line-up until 1991 when they released their last album called ‘A Fine End’ and promptly disbanded following the CD release party. Elizabeth Fischer would go on to be in DarkBlueWorld and Orphans And Dogs as well as recording several solo albums; Nikleva went on to be a member of Red Herring and then Ray Condo And His Ricochets. with notes from Elizabeth Fischer.

1982 Animal Slaves [5-song EP] (Mo=Da=Mu) MDM-09
1985 Dog Eat Dog (Mo=Da=Mu) MDM-14
1986 Secret Sharer [3 song cassette] (independent)
1991 A Fine End (Lunatik Asylum) SP-0085

Compilation Tracks
“Treblinka”, “Bones Brigade”, “Scum”, and “Jelly Boys” on ‘Things Are Still Coming Ashore’ [7”] (Mo=Da=Mu”) WRC1-1848
1986 “Learning To Live” on ‘Manic Depression’ [cassette] (Zulu)
1991 “Learning To Live” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988 (Zulu) ZULU-5-2

Glenn Jones (vocals) / John Grove (guitar) / Linda Slit (bass) / Micky Splasht (drums)
Short lived Toronto agro-punk outfit from the mid-80’s who spent the bulk of their time in Toronto’s seedier side with The Bunchofuckingoofs’ DMZ Club, The Quoc Te, etc. Animal Stages recorded several tracks on their own Jonestown Records label (named after Glenn Jones’s house on Clinton Avenue in Toronto) before packing it in; John Grove went on to replace Mike James in the band Was Ist Los?

Compilation Tracks
“Slinkin'”, “For You”, and “Teenage Blowjob” on ‘Questionable’ (Jonestown) JR-001

ANKA, Paul
Born: July 30, 1941 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Anka had been writing and performing his own songs since the age of 12 in his hometown of Ottawa and across the river in Québec. When he was 14 he visited his uncle in Los Angeles and convinced him to drive to Culver City to talk to Ernie Freeman at Modern Records about a new song he had been working on called “Blau-Wile Deveest Fontaine”. Freeman signed Anka as the only white act on the label. The song became the flipside to another track, “I Confess”, and was released as a single in 1956 to moderate success. Anka was inspired enough to continue writing. He took in all the big acts that came to Ottawa and even resorted to sneaking backstage at a rock n’ roll revue of Fats Domino, the Platters, Chuck Berry, and Clyde McPhatter. He ran into the show’s promoter, Irvin Feld, who blatantly told Anka to get out. He left quietly but made certain that Feld took down his name “because one day Feld would have to hire him to be on one of his shows”. He also met and befriended such Canadian acts as the Four Lads, the Diamonds and the Rover Boys. In 1956 Paul’s parents gave him $100 to go to New York to visit some record companies and music publishers with some of the new songs he had written. In New York he stayed with the Rover Boys at their suite in the President Hotel and they introduced him to Don Costa, a producer from ABC/Paramount. Costa was impressed and Anka recorded “Diana” which topped the charts and sold over 10 million copies. He soon got calls from promoters wanting to send him on tour; ironically it was Irvin Feld who put Anka in his newest rock n’ roll tour and eventually became his manager. With hit records through 1958-60, Anka became a household word, playing in all corners of the globe including being the first North American pop star to play behind the Iron Curtain. In 1959 he appeared in the films ‘Girls Town’ (with Mamie Van Dorn) and ‘The Private Lives of Adam and Eve’ (with Mickey Rooney). He also did a set of concert dates at the Olympia in Paris, breaking all previous attendance records. It was in 1959 that Anka appeared in Feld’s biggest rock n’ roll show of all – it featured Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens, Dion and the Belmonts, and others. Fate sidestepped Anka when Feld told him the he wanted him to stay because he’d promised Anka’s father he’d keep an eye on him, thus missing the fateful plane crash of February 3, 1959 that killed Holly, the Big Bopper and Valens. At about this time the constant rock n’ roll grind was starting to repress Anka’s considerable talents; he was aware that he couldn’t be a teeny-bop idol forever, but he was afraid there were few places to play as a lounge act. His fears were unfounded after playing the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas and other, eastern clubs. He would become the youngest performer ever to play the Copa in June 1960. At this point Anka was 20, a millionaire and he had already written over 200 songs professionally. In the early ’60’s he began scoring songs for films that he appeared in such as ‘Look in Any Window’ (1961) and ‘The Longest Day’ (1962). During this period he was dating Annette Funicello (for whom he wrote “Puppy Love”), but the tight schedules of their careers made it impossible for them to continue their relationship. In 1963, Anka finally married Anne DeZogheb – one of Europe’s top teen models – in Paris, France. Then all hell broke loose as America was invaded by a new musical phenomenon: the Beatles, who put a stranglehold on many of the other teen idols vying for the dollar of teenage girls and boys across North America. Anka had already expected the winds-of-change and was already catering to a much older, and richer, audience. During this period he was performing and writing; he only returned to recording after the British Invasion. It was during this time he wrote the theme song for Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”. One of his greatest songs, “My Way”, was written for Frank Sinatra in 1966 based on a French song, “Comme d’Habitude” by Claude Francois, which Anka had purchased the copyright to. He has also written songs for the likes of Tom Jones, Wayne Newton, Sammy Davis Jr., Engelbert Humperdinck, and others. He has also helped out the careers of other artists such as John Prine, Steve Goodman and Odia Coates (“Having My Baby”, “One Man Woman, One Woman Man”). In the early ’90’s Anka became part owner of the new NHL franchise in his birth town of Ottawa. Anka in turn sued the Ottawa Senators in 1992 for $41 million on an undisclosed breech of contract claim. Also in 1992, Anka starred in and wrote songs for the soundtrack of ‘Ganesh’, which was his first Canadian movie role. He was inducted into the Songwriter Hall of Fame in 1993. Anka still works several weeks a year in Las Vegas at The Trump Plaza Casino. In 2005 he had a revival and charted with his swing band album of contemporary cover tunes entitled ‘Rock Swings’ which included cover versions of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and The Cure’s “Love Cats”. 2011 saw him release his latest album, ‘Songs for December’, which failed chart on the Billboard Top200 albums chart but did mark his 7th decade as a recording act. With notes from Patricio Calderon and Mary Anka.

I Confess/Blau-Wile Deveest Fontaine (RPM/Modern) 472
1957 Diana/Don’t Gamble With Love (Sparton) 4-457R
1957 What You’ve Done To Me/[split w/Micki Marlo] (Sparton) 4-479R
1957 I Love You Baby/Tell Me That You Love Me (Sparton) 4-497R
1957 White Christmas/Jingle Bells (Artone – Netherlands) AP22-097
1958 You Are My Destiny/When I Stop Loving You (Sparton) 4-529R
1958 Crazy Love/Let The Bells Keep Ringing (Sparton) 4-565R
1958 Midnight/Verbotten! (Forbidden) (Sparton) 4-598R
1958 Just Young/So It’s Goodbye (Sparton) 4-650R
1958 (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings/That’s Love (Sparton) 4-686R
1959 I Miss You So/Late Last Night (Sparton) 4-740R
1959 Put Your Head On My Shoulder/Don’t Ever Leave Me (Sparton) 4-760R
1959 Lonely Boy/Your Love (Sparton) 4-767R
1959 Put Your Head on My Shoulder (Sparton) 4-800R
1959 It’s Time To Cry/Something Has Changed Me (Sparton) 4-829R
1959 Puppy Love/Adam And Eve (Sparton) 4-865R
1960 My Home Town/Something Happened (Sparton) 4-892R
1960 I Love You In The Same Old Way/Hello Young Lovers (Sparton) 4-922R
1960 Summer’s Gone/I’d Have To Share (Sparton) 4-940R
1960 The Story Of My Love/Don’t Say You’re Sorry (Sparton) 4-973R
1960 It’s Christmas Everywhere (Sparton)
1961 Tonight My Love, Tonight/I’m Just A Fool Anyway (Sparton) 4-988R
1961 Dance On Little Girl/I Talked To You (On The Telephone) (Sparton) 4-1012R
1961 Cinderella/Kissin’ On The Phone (Sparton) 4-1038R
1961 The Bells At My Wedding/Loveland (Sparton) 4-1060R
1962 The Fools Hall Of Fame/Far From The Lights of Town (Sparton) 4-1067R
1962 I’m Coming Home/Cry (Sparton) 4-1110R
1962 Love Me Warm And Tender/I’d Like To Know (RCA) 47-7977
1962 A Steel Guitar And A Glass of Wine/I Never Knew Your Name (RCA) 47-8030
1962 Every Night (Without You)/There You Go (RCA) 47-8068
1962 Eso Beso (That Kiss!)/Give Me Back My Heart (RCA) 47-8097
1962 Love (Makes The World Go Round)/Crying In the Wind (RCA) 47-8115
1962 I’d Never Find Another You (RCA)
1963 [not issued] Think About It/At Night (RCA) 47-8158
1963 Remember Diana/Tonight (RCA) 47-8170
1963 Hello Jim/You’ve Got The Nerve To Call This Love (RCA) 47-8195
1963 Wonderous Are The Ways Of Love/Hurry Up and Tell Me (RCA) 47-8237
1963 Did You Have A Happy Birthday?/For No Good Reason At All (RCA) 47-8272
1964 From Rocking Horse To Rocking Chair/Cheer Up (RCA) 47-8311
1964 My Baby’s Comin’ Home/No, No (RCA) 47-8349
1964 In My Imagination/It’s Easy To Say (RCA) 47-8396
1964 Cindy Go Home/Ogni Volta (RCA) 47-8441
1965 Sylvia/Behind My Smile (RCA) 47-8493
1965 To Wait For Love/Behind My Smile (RCA)
1965 The Loneliest Boy In The World/Dream Me Happy (RCA) 47-8595
1965 Everyday a Heart Is Broken/As If There Were No Tomorrow (RCA) 47-8662
1965 Oh, Such a Stranger/Truly Yours (RCA) 47-8764
1966 I Wish/I Went To Your Wedding (RCA) 47-8839
1966 I Can’t Get Along Very Well Without Her/I Can’t Help Loving You (RCA) 47-8893
1966 I’d Rather Be A Stranger/Poor Old World (RCA) 47-9032
1966 Poor Old World/Melody In Rhyme (RCA)
1967 I Don’t Wanna Catch Him Around You Anymore/Sunrise, Sunset (RCA)
1967 But For Love (RCA)
1967 Until It’s Time For You To Go/Would You Still Be My Baby (RCA) 47-9128
1967 That’s How Love Goes/Woman Is A Sentimental Thing (RCA) 47-9228
1968 Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind/When We Get There (RCA) 47-9457
1968 Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)/This Crazy World (RCA) 47-9648
1969 In the Still of the Night/Pickin’ Up the Pieces (RCA – US) 74-0126
1969 Sincerely/Next Year (RCA – US) 74-0164
1969 Happy/Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind (RCA) 47-9767
1970 Midnight Mistress/Medley: Before It’s Too Late\This Land Is Your Land (RCA)
1971 You’re Some Kind of Friend/Why Are You Leaning On Me Sir (Barnaby) 2027
1971 Do I Love You/So Long City (Buddah/Quality) 252X
1972 Jubilation/Everything’s Been Changed (Buddah) 294X
1972 Something Good Is Coming/Life Song (Buddah) 314X
1972 While We’re Still Young/This Is Your Song (Buddah/Quality) 337X
1973 Hey Girl (RCA)
1973 Let Me Get To Know You/Flashback (Fame/United Artists) FMXW-345W
1974 (You’re Having) My Baby/Papa (United Artists) UAXW-454W
1975 (I Believe) There’s Nothing Stronger Than Our Love/Today I Became A Fool (United Artists) UAXW-685
1975 Times of Your Life/Water Runs Deep (United Artists) UAXW-737
1976 Anytime (I’ll Be There)/Something About You (United Artists) UAXW-789
1976 Happier/Closing Doors (United Artists) UAXW-911
1977 My Best Friend’s Wife/Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (Like I Fell In Love With You) (United Artists) UAXW-972
1977 Everybody Ought To Be In Love (United Artists) UAXW-1018
1977 I’ll Help You/ Never Gonna Fall In Love Again (Like I Fell In Love With You) (United Artists)
1978 Brought Up In New York (Brought Down In L.A.)/Love Me Lady (RCA Victor)
1978 This Is Love/I’m By Myself Again (RCA) PB-11395
1979 As Long As We Keep Believing/Headlines (RCA) PB-11662
1981 I’ve Been Waiting For You All Of My Life/I Think I’m In Love Again (RCA) PB-12225
1983 Hold Me ‘Til The Mornin’ Comes/This Is The First Time (Columbia) 38-03897
1987 Freedom For the World/Too Young To Die (Columbia – GER) 109427
1991 Freedom For The World/For You Children (Curb) 657385

The Teen Commandments/If You Learn To Pray (Sparton) 4-725-R

One Man Woman, One Woman Man/Let Me Get To Know You (United Artists)
1975 I Don’t Like To Sleep Alone/How Can Anything Be Beautiful (United Artists)
1976 Make It Up To Me In Love (United Artists)

You And I/A Man And A Woman (Polydor) 2065-416

Gimme The Word/No Way Out (Columbia) 38-04187

Paul Anka (Sparton) ABC-240
1959 My Heart Sings (Sparton) ABC-296
1960 Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 (Sparton) ABC-323
1960 Paul Anka Swings for Young Lovers (Sparton) ABC-347
1960 Anka At The Copa (Sparton) ABC-353
1960 It’s Christmas Everywhere (Sparton) ABC-360
1961 Great Hits – Strictly Instrumental (Sparton) ABC-371
1961 Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 Volume 2 (Sparton) ABC-390
1962 Paul Anka Sings His Big 15 Volume 3 (Sparton) ABC-409
1962 Diana (Sparton) ABC-420
1962 Young, Alive And In Love (RCA) LPM-2502
1962 Let’s Sit This One Out (RCA) LPM-2575
1963 Our Man Around The World (RCA) LPM-2614
1963 Paul Anka’s 21 Golden Hits (RCA) LPM-2691
1963 Songs I Wished I’d Written (RCA) LPM-2744
1963 Paul Anka And Others (RCA)
1964 A Casa Nostra (RCA) LPM-10150
1964 Excitement On Park Avenue (RCA) LPM-2966
1965 Highlights from O’Keefe Centre Performance & Other Favourites (RCA)
1966 Strictly Nashville (RCA) LPM-3580
1967 Live At the Americana (RCA) LSP-3875
1967 Lonely Boy (Pickwick) SPC-3523
1968 Goodnight My Love (RCA) LSP-4142
1969 Sincerely (RCA) LSP-4203
1969 Life Goes On (RCA) LSP-4250
1970 ‘70s (RCA) LSP-4309
1970 Greatest Hits (RCA-Camden) CDS-6003
1971 Paul Anka (Buddah) BDS-5093
1972 Jubilation (Buddah) BDS-5114
1974 This Is Anka (Buddah) BDS-5622
1974 Anka (United Artists) UA-LA314
1974 Paul Anka Gold (Sire) SASH-3704
1974 The Original Hits of Paul Anka (Embassy/CBS) EMB-31054
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1974 The Paul Anka Collection (RCA International) PJL2-8001
1975 Feelings (United Artists) UA-LA367
1975 Times Of Your Life (United Artists) UA-LA569
1975 The Original Hits of Paul Anka Vol. 2 (Embassy/CBS) EMB-31111
1975 Live (Barnaby) BR-6013
1975 Remember Diana (RCA-Camden) ANL1-0896
1975 She’s A Lady (RCA Victor) ANL1-1054
1976 Essential Paul Anka (United Artists)
1976 The Painter [Quadrophonic] (United Artists) UA-LA653-Q
1976 A Portrait In Music (RCA) SRS-584
1976 Sings His Favorites (RCA) ANL1-1584
1977 Music Man (United Artists) UA-LA746
1977 Vintage Years 1957-61 (United Artists)
1977 Just Young
1978 Listen To Your Heart (RCA) AFL1-2892
1978 His Best (United Artists) UA-LA922
1979 Paul Anka – As Advertised on TV (K-Tel) NC-493
1979 Headlines (United Artists) AFL1-3382
1980 Paul Anka – His Best (RCA)
1980 Forever (RCA) CL-42933
1981 Both Sides of Love (RCA) AFL1-3926
1983 With Love From… (RCA) VLP-4501
1983 Walk A Fine Line (Columbia) FC-38442
1984 Paul Anka Live (Columbia) FC-39323
1986 Songs I Write and Sing (Pair) PDL2-1129
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1987 Freedom For the World (Curb)
1988 Best of Paul Anka (Pair) PDL2-1204
1988 The Very Best of Paul Anka (Rhino) 462562
1989 His All Time Greatest Hits – 30th Anniversary Anthology: 1957-1978 (Rhino) 71489
1989 Somebody Loves You (Polydor) 839513
1991 Original Hits 1957-1959 (Disky)
1991 Five Decades of Hits (Curb)
1992 Sings His Big Ten, Volume 1 (Curb)
1992 Sings His Big Ten, Volume 2 (Curb)
1992 The Greatest Hits Collection (Telstar) TCD-2630
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1996 Best of the United Artists Years: 1973-1977 (EMI) CDP-536993
1996 Amigos
1997 A Touch of Class (Disky) TC-861882
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1998 A Body of Work (Sony) 69405
2001 Live 2000
2005 Rock Swings (Verve/Universal) 4751
2007 Classic Songs – My Way
2008 The Essential Paul Anka (Sony-BMG) 732615
2009 The ABC-Paramount Years: 1957-1962
2011 Songs of December (Universal)
2013 Duets

Classic Hits

Compilation Tracks
“Do I Love You” on ’20 Power Hits – Volume 2’ (K-Tel) TC-204
1973 “Diana’ on ‘Juke Box Jive’ (K-Tel) TC-216
1974 “You Are My Destiny” on ‘Flashback Fever’ (K-Tel) TC-221
1975 “Jubilation” on ‘Canada Gold – 22 Karat Hits’ (K-Tel) TC-225
1976 “Do I Love You” on ‘Superstars’ (K-Tel) TC-227
1976 “Do I Love You” on ‘Feelings’ (K-Tel – US) NC-465
1976 “(You’re) Having My Baby” on ‘Hit Machine’ (K-Tel) TC-234
1976 “One Man Woman, One Woman Man” [w/ODIA COATES] on ‘Right On’ (K-Tel)
1976 “(I Believe) There’s Nothing Stronger Than Our Love” [w/ODIA COATES] (K-Tel)
1977 “My Best Friend’s Wife” on ‘Music Machine’ (K-Tel) TC-243

Annabelle Murray / James Stanley / Matthew Burgess
From Toronto, Ontario; Annabelle Murray would do graphic design work for other artists such as the Plasterscene Replicas; James Stanley would become an engineer and producer for artists like Adam Faux, Skydiggers, and West Montrose.

Hopscotch/Classical Rage (Raining) AR-11111

Born: Manon Kirouac on August 24, 1950 in Laval, Québec
At the age of 14 she was signed to Disques Contact and debuted her first single “Ding dong” as Manon. She moved to Jupiter record for several more singles. In 1969, she decided to leave the music business and finish her education. Upon completion she decided to return to music in 1970 and musical friend Johnny Farago introduced her to producer Guy Cloutier. With his guidance she changed her name to Anne-Renée and became quite successful in Québec with hits such as the Paul Anka song “Un amour d’adolescent” and Francois Bernard’s “On trouve l’amour.” Renee would marry Cloutier’s business partner, René Angélil, in 1973. They had two children together and she retired from the music scene in 1979. Instead, she worked for two years as host and singer on the show Les Tannants with Pierre Marcotte. She divorced Angélil in 1986 and moved to California after that.

Le Jonc D’amitié/Pas De Mariage (Nobel) NL-5615
1971 Un Jour L’amour Viendra/Toute Petite (Nobel) NL-5622
1971 Dis Moi Maman/Puisqu’il Faut Se Quitter (Nobel) NL-5624
1971 Qu’il est pénible d’aimer/[split w/JACQUES CREVIER] (Nobel) NL-5628
1972 Un Amour D’Adolescent/Toi Et Moi (Nobel) NL-5637
1972 On Trouve L’Amour/Pancho (Nobel) NL-5652
1972 Dis Moi Maman/[split w/BOBBY SHERMAN] [Flexi-disc] (Auravision)
1973 Symphonie D’Amour/Pedro Gomez (Nobel) NL-5666
1973 Symphonie D’Amour/Symphonie D’Amour (Instrumental) (Nobel) NL-5668
1973 Dans Mes Rêves/[split w/RENE SIMARD//[split w/L’AUMONIER CLAUDE CANTIN/HUGUETTE RAYNO] (Nobel) NL-5670
1973 Quand J’étais Un Enfant/Tu Ne Sais Pas Ce Qu’Est L’Amour (Nobel) NL-5672
1973 Ca Nous Fait Pleurer/Aujourd’hui (Nobel) NL-5680
1973 Il Est Là Mon Enfant/Sur Le Bord De Ma Tasse De Café (Nobel) NL-5684
1974 Je veux savoir/Aujourd’hui (Nobel) NL-5691
1974 Une Nuit Dans Tes Bras/Aujourd’Hui (Nobel) NL-5702
1974 La Docteur M’a Dit/Toute Petite (Nobel) NL-5707
1975 Un jeu d’fou/Sur le bord de ma tasse de café (Nobel) NL-5718
1975 Embrasse-Le/Embrasse-Le (Instrumental) (Nobel) NL-5721
1975 Hasta Manana/Aujourd’hui (Nobel) NL-5728
1977 Tu Remplis Ma Vie/Une Dose De Rock’n’roll (Concorde) CCD-21
1978 Je Ne Sais Pas/Je Ne Sais Pas (Instrumental) (Transbec) TBC-1002
1978 Le Jonc D’Amitié/Un Amour D’Adolescent (Les Disques Millionnaires) MF-100366
1980 Tout Pour Décorer Ma Vie/[same] (Les Disques Showbizz) SHO-1001

1965 Ding dong/Ta vallée lointaine (Disques Contact) DC-008X
1966 C’est le temps de l’école/Il y avait la lune (Disques Contact) DC-014X
1966 Je veux chanter/Danser le sloopy (Jupiter) JP-1066
1966 Si Vous Connaissez Quelque Chose De Pire Qu’Un Vampire, Parlez M’En Toujours, Ça Pourra Peut-Etre Me Faire Sourire/L’Ecole A Gogo (Jupiter) JP-1082
1967 Les filles/Mon cœur n’est pas à vendre (Jupiter) JP-1098

Le Mariage/La Premiere Valse (Trans-Canada) TC-3266

Je suis ton amie/Une fille et un garçon [avec Gilles Rousseau] (Révolution) R-2009

Vacances D’été/L’Été Sur La Plage (Nobel) NL-5644

Tous Les Enfants/L’auto Du Papa De Toto (Les Disques Showbizz) SHO-1002

Cadeau de Noël (Nobel) NBL-104
1972 Un amour d’adolescent (Nobel) NBL-505
1973 Quand j’étais une enfant (Nobel) NB-4901
1976 Les 12 No 1 de Anne Renée (Nobel) NBL-608
1980 Anne Renée (Les Disques Showbizz) SHO-4001
2000 Un amour d’adolescent (Disques Mérite) 22-2412
2004 Chante Noel (Disques Mérite) 22-5218

Compilation Tracks
‘Un Amour D’adolescent,””Le Jonc D’amitié,” and “L’Amour Viendra” on ‘4 Vedettes Populaires’ (Pacha) PAC-9605

Jeff Waters
(guitar) / David Scott [aka David Davis] (bass; 1984 thru 2001) / John Bates (lead vocals;1984-85) / Paul Malek (drums; 1984-86) / Ray Hartmann (drums; 1987 thru 2001) / Dennis Dubeau (vocals, 1987-1989) / Randy Rampage (lead vocals; 1989, 1999-2000) / Wayne Darley (bass;1989-1993) / Anthony Greenham (guitars; 1989) / Coburn Pharr (lead vocals; 1990-1991) / Aaron Randall (lead vocals; 1993) / Mike Mangini (drums; 1993, 2004) / Neil Goldberg (guitar; 1993) / Randy Black (drums; 1993-1996, 2002-2003) / Russell Berquist (bass; 1999-2003, 2005-2007) / Joe Comeau (vocals; 2000) / Curran Murphy (guitars; 2002-2005) / Dave Padden (lead vocals, guitars; 2003-present) / Sandor de Bretan (bass; 2004-2005) / Rob Falzano (drums;  2004-2007)  / Tony Chappelle (drums, 2005)
Annihilator got their start in Ottawa, Ontario in 1984. Scott’s mother lent him and Jeff Waters $5000 to pay for studio time to cut a demo in 1985 called ‘Welcome to Your Death’. They sold enough copies of the EP to repay Scott’s mother and record another called ‘Phantasmagoria’ in 1986. Due to creative and personal differences, Scott left the band a while later, but not before penning songs for the “Alice in Hell” EP in 1988. By 1989 they’d landed a deal with Road Runner Records and brought in DOA’s Randy Rampage as lead vocalist for the full-length album version of ‘Alice in Hell’ in 1989. Line-up changes plagued the band right up until they added new vocalist Joe Comeau for 2000’s ‘Carnival Diablos’ when the band’s compliment appeared to settle down. In 2004 the band relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia. Jeff Walker remains the only original member; In October of 2013 while on tour in Europe Annihilator’s tour bus was involved in a crash while traveling from Madrid to Barcelona. None of the members were injured.  with notes from Jenn Vail.

The Fun Palace (Road Runner)
1991 Never, Neverland (Road Runner)
1993 Phoenix Rising (Road Runner) RR-2383
1993 Set the World on Fire (Road Runner)
1994 I’ll Show You My Gun (Road Runner)

1985 Welcome to Your Death (independent)
1986 Phantasmagoria (independent)
1988 Alice in Hell [EP] (independent)
1989 Alice in Hell (Road Runner) RR-9488
1990 Never, Neverland (Road Runner) RR-9374
1991 Stonewall [EP] (Road Runner) RR-2425
1993 Set the World on Fire (Road Runner) RR-9200
1994 Bag of Tricks (Road Runner) RR-8997
1994 King of the Kill (Music for Nations) CDMFN-171
1996 Refresh the Demon (Music for Nations) CDMFN-197
1996 In Command:  Live 1989-1990  (Road Runner) RR-8852
1997 Remains (Music for Nations)
1999 Criteria for a Black Widow  (Road Runner) RR-8640
2000 Carnival Diablos (Metal-Is)
2002 Waking the Fury (Steamhammer/SPV) 72942
2003 Double Live Annihilation (AFM) AFM-064
2004 The Best of Annihilator (Road Runner) RR-8247
2004 All For You (AFM) AFM-081
2005 Schizo Deluxe (AFM) AFM-100
2007 Metal (Steamhammer/SPV) 98012
2009 Live at Masters of Rock (Steamhammer/SPV) 308002
2010 Annihilator (Earache) MOSH-389
2013 Feast (UDR)

Formed in Montréal,Quebéc and managed by Ben Kaye. In 1966, the signed with Disques Élyseé and released the single”Tu souffriras.”

Tu souffriras/Tu ne m’aimes pas (Élyseé) EY-117

Armin Leonardo
(keyboards) / David Dobko (keyboards) / Michael Grace (percussion) / David Saunders (vocals)
From Toronto, Ontario

Another Roadside Attraction (independent) [no cat#]

Wayne Cissel / John Ferguson / Marguerite Haughian / Bernard Lemay / Luba Lotesky / Peter Mueller / Bob Ego
From Edmonton, Alberta featuring Bob “Herb” Ego who would go on to play with Daisy Hill Puppy Farm, Witness, Painter, Hammersmith, Privilege, and Streetheart.

The Antiquators (LSR) LSP-6634

Antique Fair was a studio act assembled by Tuesday/Axe Records chief Greg Hambleton to capitalize on, then, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s February 16, 1971 mouthing of the words “fuck off” to an opposition party member in the House of Commons. When the media questioned him on what he said he responded that the words were, in fact, “fuddle duddle”. Thus was born an instant slang term in the Canadian cultural vernacular. Tuesday Records rush released the single “Fuddle Duddle” to radio in March 6, 1971 (the same day as Doug Riley’s studio act House of Commons released “Do The Fuddle Duddle”) which managed to reach No.68 on the RPM Top100 Singles chart by the beginning of April 1971.

1971 Fuddle Duddle Part 1/Fuddle Duddle Part 2 (Tuesday) GH-107
1971 Your Eyes/You Try (Tuesday) GH-112

Emily Bones
(lead vocals , guitar) / Valerie Knox (lead guitar, vocals) / Dallas Conte (drums) / Taylor Cos (bass, vocals) / Samantha Landa (drums)
From Toronto, Ontario

Grow Up / Stay Young [6-song EP] (independent)
2015 Start Running (FACTOR)
2019 The Anti-Queens (Stomp) STMP-155

Compilations Tracks
“Read My Mind” on ‘Stages Vol. 1’ (Big Block) BigBlockMusic-1501

Steve “Lips” Kudlow
(lead vocals, lead guitar) / Dave Allison (rhythm guitar, vocals) / Robb Reiner (drums) / Ian Dickson (bass) / Sebastian Marino (lead guitar; replaced Allison 1989) / Mike Duncan (bass; replaced Dickson 1993) / Ivan Hurd (lead guitar; 1995) / Glenn “G5” Gyorffy (bass; replaced Duncan) 
Toronto’s heavy metal band Anvil was formed in 1978 by Steve “Lips” Kudlow, Robb Reiner, Dave Allison, and Ian Dickson originally calling themselves Lips. They gigged predominantly around Toronto and released an independent album in 1981 called ‘Hard N’ Heavy’. Attic Records took notice and signed them, re-releasing ‘Hard N’ Heavy’ and dubbing it their “debut” album. The band toured constantly all over the world, opening in Canada for the likes of Iron Maiden. They released two more original studio albums for Attic with ‘Metal on Metal’ (1982) and ‘Forged In Fire’ (1983). They left Attic in 1984 and the label released ‘Backwaxed’, a pseudo best-of, in 1985 that featured five “best of” tracks and five previously unreleased songs from sessions for the three previous albums. The band was in record deal limbo for a few years before Metal Blade in the US signed them. Two studio albums followed – ‘Strength of Steel’ (1987) and ‘Pound For Pound’ (1988). In 1989 they released a live album, ‘Past and Present’, which captured the band’s raw live sound. Shortly after the release of the album, Allison left the band and was replaced by American Sebastian Marino. Once again Anvil was without a record deal but eventually Helix’s manager, William Seip and his label Maximum Records, signed Anvil and released 1991’s ‘Worth The Weight’. Four more years passed when Tom Treumuth’s Hypnotic Records took on 1996’s ‘Plugged in Permanent’ which was followed quickly in 1997 with ‘Absolutely No Alternative’. They managed to stay with Hypnotic for five releases in total before moving to Massacre Records in the 2000’s. In 2009, a long-time Toronto fan of the band, and now a film-maker in Hollywood, released the documentary “Anvil! The Story of Anvil” chronicling the band’s struggle to succeed. It became a hot film festival ‘must see’ and re-ignited Anvil’s career.

1981 School Love/Paint It Black (Polydor) [Japan-only release]
1983 Make it Up to You (remix)/Metal On Metal (Attic – UK) MET-002
1983 Make it Up to You/Metal On Metal (Attic) AT-288
1983 Forged In Fire (Attic) [one-song one-sided flexidisc included in UK magazine Kerrang!] ANVIL-1
1983 Hard Times, Fast Ladies/Make It Up To You (Liberation – AU) LS-985
1988 Blood on the Ice/[same] (Metal Blade)
2011 Juggernaut of Justice [DigiFile] (The End)

1981 Hard N’ Heavy (Splash) SPLASH-007

1981 Hard N’ Heavy (Attic) LAT-1100
1982 Metal On Metal (Attic) LAT-1130
1983 Forged In Fire (Attic) LAT-1170
1985 Backwaxed (Viper) VPR-106
1987 Strength Of Steel (Metal Blade)
1988 Pound For Pound (Metal Blade) 73336-1
1989 Past And Present – Live In Concert (Metal Blade) 73412-2
1989 Molten Masterpieces (Attic)  ACD-24107
1991 Worth The Weight (Maximum) 7323-11000
1995 Anthology Of… (Hypnotic)
1996 Plugged In Permanent (Hypnotic) HYPSD-1044
1997 Absolutely No Alternative (Hypnotic) HYP-1059
1998 Speed of Sound (Hypnotic) HYP-1070
1999 Anthology (Metal Blade)
2001 Plenty of Power (Hypnotic) HYP-1079
2002 Still Going Strong (Hypnotic) HYP-1082
2004 Back To Basics (Galy) GALY-021
2007 This Is Thirteen (Anvil)
2011 Juggernaut of Justice (Anvil)
2011 Monument of Metal (The End – US) TE-188
2014 Hope In Hell (Anvil)
2016 Anvil Is Anvil (Anvil)
2018 Pounding the Pavement (Anvil)

Compilation Tracks
“Paint It Black” on ‘Rocktober ‘81’ (Attic) ROCT-081
1982 “Bedroom Game” on ‘Steel Crazy’ (Abstract – UK) AABT-200
1982 “Metal On Metal” on ‘Rocktober ‘82’ (Attic) ROCT-082
1983 “Motormount” on ‘Metal Battle’ (Road Runner – UK) NEAT-1014
1984 “Metal On Metal” on ‘Masters of Metal: Volume 2’ (K-Tel) TC-297
1988 “Concrete Jungle” on ‘Best of Metal Blade: Volume 3’
1990 “Motormount (live)” on ‘Metallic Overdrive’
1997 “Show Me Your T**s” on ‘Knuckletracks V’

Jason Hoover
(vocals) / Bill Gibson (keys) / Jim Harmata (guitar) / Bob Kidd (bass) / Dave McPhail (drums)
Formed in 1965 as Jason Hoover And The Epics (with saxophonist Gunther Klaus), this Vancouver act featured former members of The Vykings. In 1966, the band changed its name to The Trials of Jayson Hoover, and was signed to Tom Northcott’s New Syndrome Records where they put out two singles that barely scraped the Top 100 RPM singles chart in Canada. With the departure of Gibson and McPhail they changed their name to The Anvil Chorus. Their new material had a more psychedelic approach as they released several more singles on New Syndrome. A name change to the Anvils was an attempt to carry keep the fire burning but it eventually fell apart in 1969. Hoover was the last man standing and completed the band’s New Syndrome contract by releasing a solo single. Hoover would eventually sign to Mushroom Records as a solo act in the mid-70s; Kidd and Harmata co-founded Scrubbaloe Caine in 1971; Hoover, Harmata and Kidd reunited to form a new band in 1977 called R & B Delivery. Kidd died in 2000; the original Jason Hoover & The Epics did a reunion show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver in 2001. The Epics have continued on without Hoover’s participation. [also see JAYSON HOOVER]

1967 Words/Get Together (New Syndrome) NS-103
1968 Ride Captain, Ride/Are You Ready (New Syndrome) NS-107
1968 Rust To Dust/Her Man The Dry Cleaner (New Syndrome) NS-110
1970 Rhythm Is The Way/Get Together (Pink Elephant – Netherlands) PE-22.517

Daphne Diamant (vocals) / Derek Gassyt (drums) / Steve Morris (guitars) / J.Angus MacDonald (guitars; replaced Morris) / Rodd (bass, vocals) / Darren Whalen (bass; replaced Rodd)
Anyhowtown (AHT) was a Toronto-based band formed in February 1989. Propelled by the voice and lyrics of Daphne Diamant, AHT mixed their pop and punk roots in the pared-down four piece configuration which has been described by Diamant as Pete Hudson (ex-Dundrells) on methadone. Vocalist Daphne Diamant had been a graduate of Toronto’s flourishing Queen Street punk scene singing in the band Suburban Crime doing opening slots with The B-Girls, The Mods and The Government at such prestigious digs as Larry’s Hideaway and The Edge. As the punk scene faded a deal to replace Lucasta Ross in the B-Girls fell through and Diamant found herself in and out of various acts throughout the remainder of the 1980s. During the same time another Queen Street pop act, The Tenants, were blazing up the charts with a catchy Police-inspired ditty called “Sheriff”. The band featured Derek Gassyt and when it finally imploded he joined Moving Pictures. Eventually Gassyt and an early member of The Tenants, Rodd (last name undisclosed), reconnected and began working with Steve Morris and Daphne Diamant. Their debut cassette was simply titled ‘Anyhowtown’. AHT followed up with a sophomore tape, ‘Trickle Down’, featuring the hypnotic “Myraga” which got 10 weeks of steady rotation on Toronto’s CFNY-FM. AHT’s independent full-length album, ‘Wicked’, found a home for an extended run on CFNY which made the album one of the Top 10 selling independent recordings of the year. The lead-off track, “Darling”, was chosen as one of the Top-10 alternative tracks of 1994 by a leading Toronto music critic. With an abundance of touring under their belts, including a stint out west, the band garnered additional radio attention. Subsequently, AHT was picked as one of four finalists in Toronto radio station Q107’s Homegrown contest in 1995 with the single “WTSD”. The second pressing of ‘Wicked’ was re-mastered by Peter E. Moore (Cowboy Junkies) for re-issue in 1995 and included the un-marked bonus tracks “WTSD” and the Cheap Trick classic “Surrender” which was chosen by music writer John Sakamoto as a standout remake on the newspaper’s ‘Anti-Hit List’. Diamant and Gassyt eventually relocated to the U.K., surfacing in 2000 as Blanche, with an eight-song EP en titled ‘Flexees Lovable Nemo *8.”

Anyhowtown [cassette] (AHT)
1993 Trickle Down [cassette] (AHT)
1994 Wicked (AHT)
1995 Wicked [re-mastered] (AHT)

Compilation Tracks
“Myraga” on ‘Indie-Can ’92’ (Intrepid) CD-5
1994 “Darling” on ‘Undercurrents ’94 International Music Expo’ (WMG)
1994 “I Am Found” on ‘CFNY 102.1 New Music Search 1994’ (CFNY)
1994 “Myraga” on ‘A Canadian Alternative Volume III’ (Second Wave) SWM-003
1995 ” White Trash Sex Dream” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Volume 16’ (MCA) Q-9561

Doug Freeies
/ Carlos Abregos (bass)
Five-piece band from international origins that called Winnipeg home in the mid-1980s. Scotland’s Freeies was ex-Rezillos, while Abregos hailed from Argentina.

Hit Song Story [cassette] (independent)

Cat (Smith) Rood (guitars, lead vocals) / Kath Dyer (bass) / Moira Connelly (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, keys) / Patti Burns (drums) / Tessa Kimmel (bass; replaced Dyer)
Connelly and Burns formed Apple Viper, and was joined by Cat Smith, an American from the midwest. They decided to perform for real after taking it from a joke act of the sing-and-play-at-the-same-time variety to heavy Ontario bar circuit contenders as guaranteed crowd pullers. They won second place in the Maxell Metallion Marathon. Their song “Goin’ Fast” was used in a Leathershop TV commercial. They appeared in 1985 on CBC’s ‘Rock Wars’ show, and were finalists in Q107-FM’s annual Homegrown contest. They also opened shows for Honeymoon Suite, Kick Axe, and Toronto. Following the demise of Apple Viper, Cat Rood moved to Sacramento, California where she joined Lane King & The Fire Eaters. In the late ’98’s she released the first of two solo albums on CD. With notes from Cat Rood.

Compilation Tracks
“Get Up” on ‘Maple Metal’ (Viper/Attic) MVPR-108
1985 “Get Up” on ‘Q107’s Homegrown Volume Seven’ (MCA) MCA-37272

Manni Fink (vocals) / Harvey Sawatzky (bass, vocals) / Peter Marley (guitars, vocals) / Bill McCormick (percussion, vocals) / Mark “Sharky” Schauer (pedal steel) / Bruce Innes (acoustic guitar, piano)
Appleshine were from Calgary and their self-titled debut was produced by, and features, Original Caste’s Bruce Innes. Manni Fink, primarily a dancer, was originally from the 18-piece Calgary show band Stratus Faction who had several CBC specials recorded in 1973 at the Manitoba Theatre Centre prior to joining Appleshine. She was also Miss Calgary in 1975 and runner-up Miss Canada the following year. Sawatzky now lives in British Columbia; Bruce Innes lives in Idaho; Manni Fink-Fraser is now a real estate agent in Calgary. with notes from Manni Fink-Fraser and Gary Kines.

1976 Appleshine (Appleshine) APL-7626

Natalie Jane Appleton (vocals) / Nicole Marie Appleton (vocals)
Appleton is the sister combo of Natalie Jane and Nicole Marie Appleton whose early rise to fame came as part of the girl group All Saints, a British pop vocal group featuring all female members All Saints feature two Canadian members in Natalie & Nicole Appleton who were born in Hamilton and Mississauga respectively. The Appleton’s parents divorced when the girls were very young and their father moved back to England while their mother tried to stick it out in Canada. They finally relocated the family (including two other sisters) to London, England, before their mother married an American and uprooted the family again to New York. Natalie Appleton attended high school there and eventually quit to sing at a country club in the Catskill Mountains. All Saints, the group, came together in 1993 when Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis began recording and writing at a recording studio on All Saints Road, in London. They then teamed up with another vocalist, Simone Rainford, and released a single for Trevor Horn’s ZTT Records in 1995. The single was unsuccessful and, the duo parted ways with Rainford and left ZTT. Undeterred, Blatt and Lewis recruited Nicole Appleton (whom Blatt knew from their days at Sylvia Young Theatre School). Before long Nicole’s older sister, Natalie had left her home in New York for the lure of London and joined the vocal group to make it a quartet. Karl Gordon (ex-Outlaw Posse) helped them record a demo for the song “I Know Where It’s At”. Through a series of happy accidents, the demo made its way to London Records where the act’s new manager John Benson finalized a recording deal. With some heavy production power behind them, All Saints re-recorded “I Know Where It’s At” which reached No.4 on the British charts with similar action in Europe and Asia. In 1997, the second single “Never Ever” went to No.1 paving the way for their self-titled debut in November 1997. With Eurasia and the UK successfully conquered the quartet set their sites on North America in early 1998 where they had a string of similar hits with “I Know Where It’s At”, “Never Ever” and a remake of “Lady Marmalade” all hitting the Top-40. “I Know Where It’s At” hit No.2 in February 1998 on the Canadian charts. The act would go on to sell out two UK tours, win two Brit Awards and sell millions of albums. In early 2000 The Appletons and Blatt starred in the critical and commercial movie failure ‘Honest’ which was yanked from British theaters following its first week of release. Natalie Appleton released a solo single of the title track. Shortly after infighting divided the band ranks between original members Blatt and Lewis with the Appletons. The band eventually called it quits in early 2001 on the eve of a British tour and the Appleton sisters pursued a career as a duo. Nicole is the wife of Liam Gallagher of Oasis and Natalie is the wife of Liam Howlett from The Prodigy. Most recently Nicole was the host of CBC-TV talent show ‘Cover Me Canada’; in 2006 All Saints reunited and signed a new deal with Parlophone which produced the album ‘Studio 1’ but following the release of the first single ‘Rock Steady’ the album failed sell and by February 2007 a second single and a tour were cancelled. The group split up a second time. In May 2013, following the death of original All Saints member Simone Rainford, the remaining members reunited to do opening dates in Europe with the Backstreet Boys. By 2016 they were back in the studio and soon released album number four ‘Red Flag’ with the first single “One Strike.” In October 2016 they formally launched a tour through England and Europe. In 2018 they released their fifth album ‘Testament.’

Don’t Worry (Polydor/Universal – UK) Apple5
2002 Don’t Worry [5 mixes 12”] (Polydor/Universal – UK) Apple6
2002 Don’t Worry [4 mixes] (Polydor/Universal – UK) Apple7
2002 Everything Eventually (Polydor/Universal – UK) Apple8
2002 Everything Eventually [3 mixes] (Polydor/Universal – UK) Apple11
2002 Fantasy [4 mixes] (Polydor/Universal – UK) 570-985

Let’s Get Started (ZTT/Zance)
1997 I Know Where It’s At (London/Polygram) 422-850-979
1997 Under The Bridge (London/Polygram – UK) LCDJ-408
1997 Never Ever (London/Polygram) 314-570-178
1998 Lady Marmalade (London/Polygram – UK) 570-241
1998 War of Nerves (London/Polygram – UK) LOCDP-421
1998 Always Something There To Remind Me (London/Polygram – UK) LOCDJ-421
1998 Bootie Call (London/Polygram – UK) LOCDP-415
2000 Pure Shores (London/Warner – UK) LONCD-444
2000 Black Coffee (London/Warner – UK) LONCD-454
2000 All Hooked Up (London/Warner – UK) LONCD-456
2006 Rock Steady (Parlophone – UK) CDR-6726,
2006 Chick Fit (Parlophone – Europe) SAINTS-003
2016 One Strike (Radio Mix) (London/AS Recordings – FINLAND) GB-UM7
2016 One Woman Man (London/ASRecordings)
2016 This Is War (London/ASRecordings)
2018 After All (ASRecordings)
2018 Love Lasts Forever (ASRecordings)
2018 Glorious (ASRecordings)
2018 Three Four (ASRecordings)
2018 Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder (ASRecordings)

Aloud [5-song EP] (Polydor/Universal) Apple4
2003 Everything’s Eventual (Polydor/Universal) 44006-5200

All Saints (London/Polygram) 314 -556-004
1998 The Remix Album (London/Polygram) 314-556-063
1998 All Their Hits [5-song EP] (London/Polygram – JAPAN) MCDLX-503
2000 Saints & Sinners (London/Warner) 2-85298
2001 All Hits (London/Warner) 2-42152
2006 Studio 1 (Parlophone) 0946-378441
2010 Pure Shores: The Very Best of All Saints (Music Club Deluxe/Rhino) MCDLX-503
2016 Red Flag (London/AS Recordings) 4780819
2018 Testament (Fascination/AS Recordings) ASRCD1

Compilation Tracks
“Pure Shores” on ‘The Beach (O.S.T.)”
2000 “Pure Shores” on ‘Women & Songs 4’ (WEA) WTVD-39171
2003 “Don’t Worry” on ‘Women & Songs 7’ (WEA) WTVD-61047

1969-72 LINE-UP: Myles Goodwyn
(vocals, guitars) / Jimmy Henman (vocals, bass) / David Henman (guitar) / Ritchie Henman (drums) / Jim Clench (bass; replaced J. Henman 1970); 1973-1984 LINE-UP: Myles Goodwyn (vocals, guitars, keyboards) / Jim Clench (bass, vocals) / Gary Moffet (guitars, backing vocals) / Jerry Mercer (drums) / Steve Lang (bass; replaced Clench 1975) / Brian Greenway (guitar, vocals; added 1977);
1985 LINE-UP: Myles Goodwyn (vocals, guitars) /  Brian Greenway (guitars, backing vocals) / Daniel Barbe (keyboards)  / Jean Pellerin (bass) / Marty Simon (drums);
1992-2000 LINE-UP: Myles Goodwyn (vocals, guitars, keyboards)  / Brian Greenway (guitars, backing vocals) / Jim Clench (bass) / Steve Segal (guitars; left in 1995) / Jerry Mercer (drums)
2001-2010 LINE-UP: Myles Goodwyn (vocals, guitars, keyboards) / Brian Greenway (guitars) / Jim Clench (bass)  / Carl Dixon (touring keyboardist, vocals, guitar) / Breen LeBeouf (bass; replaced Clench 2007) / Jerry Mercer (drums) / Blair Mackay (drums; 2009)
2015 – 2022 LINE-UP: Myles Goodwyn (vocals, guitars, keyboards) / Brian Greenway (guitars) / Roy Nichol (drums) / Richard Lanthier (bass)
2023 LINE-UP: Brian Greenway (guitars) / Roy Nichol (drums) / Richard Lanthier (bass) / Marc Parent (guitar)
In the Halifax, Nova Scotia suburb of Waverly, Myles Goodwyn was playing in a group called Woody’s Termites. In December 1969, his next door neighbor, Jimmy Henman convinced him to join a group composed of himself and his cousins, Ritchie and David Henman. Jimmy Henman and Goodwyn had previously played together in several bands including East Gate Sanctuary while David and Ritchie played in the Lower Sackville group Prism (not to be confused with the famous Vancouver group of the same name). The name April Wine was coined by David for no apparent reason other than the two words sounded good side-by-side. They soon sent a demo tape to Terry Flood in Montréal who, in partnership with Donald K. Donald productions, ran the Laugh-In Club and Aquarius Records. A polite rejection notice was misinterpreted as an invitation to go to Montréal, so on April Fool’s Day 1970 they left Halifax for Québec with all their worldly possessions and very little money in their pockets. They arrived in Montréal to find there was no deal or gigs waiting for them. But they met Flood and DKD’s Donald Tarlton who agreed to house them in a chalet in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montréal. When an opening at the Laugh-In Club came up, they performed to a good reception. After several more area gigs, a management and recording deal was signed in August 1970. They soon began work on their self-titled debut album for Aquarius Records. The record featured the Maritimes radio hit “Fast Train” and was enough to allow them to record a second album. But, in October of 1971 Jim Henman left the band to return to school and was replaced by Montréal native Jim Clench (Coven, Allison Gross). Ralph Murphy produced the second Aquarius album ‘On Record’ which featured the vehicle needed to propel April Wine into the North American market – a cover of Hot Chocolate’s “You Could Have Been a Lady”. This single went No. 1 in Canada and made Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 in the USA where it remained for 11 weeks. The follow-up was “Bad Side of the Moon” (an Elton John/Bernie Taupin composition). The toured as openers for Mashmakhan before headlining many smaller Canadian dates. Goodwyn and Clench soon became allies for a shift in musical direction and internal struggles with the Henmans led to the brothers leaving the act during the recording of ‘Electric Jewels’, to form Montréal-based band Silver and, later, All The Young Dudes with Bob Segarini (The Wackers, Family Tree). Mashmakhan drummer Jerry Mercer was added following a stint with Roy Buchanan and guitarist Gary Moffet (ex-Pops Merrily). The album sparked the ‘Electric Adventures Tour’ which landed in nearly every major Canadian city that had venues of 2500 seats or more…a major achievement during the day. During the tour Gene Cornish and Dino Danelli (of The Young Rascals) saw April Wine live and decide to produce their ‘Live (Play Loud)’ album. The team-up was so successful that the duo also produced two new studio tracks, and ultimately radio hits, for the ‘Stand Back’ album: “I Wouldn’t Want To Lose Your Love” and “Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love” as famed Electric Ladyland Studios in New York. The album went on to sell over 250,000 copies. By this point a rift had formed between Clench and the rest of the band over musical direction and despite Clench’s significant vocal and writing contributions to April Wine, he left to join an early incarnation of Loverboy and eventually late-period BTO for several albums and tours.  Steve Lang (The Cheeque, Devotion, Mashmakhan) was his replacement.  In March 1976, April Wine’s 6th LP “The Whole World’s Going Crazy” was released with 100,000 units ordered in advance by retailers. This allowed the band to tour in Canada with Heart. 1977’s ‘Forever, Now’ – which was originally conceived as a Goodwyn side-project – was overly heavy on ballads which diminished their Rock sound but it still managed to sell a modest 100,000 copies.  As a conscious effort to beef up April Wine’s sound live, guitarist Brian Greenway (Cheeque, Mashmakhan, The Dudes) was summoned by his old bandmates to quit his forklift job and join April Wine on the road. When the Rolling Stones played their now legendary El Mocambo club show in Toronto in August of 1977, April Wine was added as opening act stemming from a favour the Stones owed April Wine’s manager Donald Tarlton. With Eddie Kramer already on hand recording a live LP for the Stones, April Wine’s set was also captured for posterity and became the ‘April Wine Live at the El Mocambo’ LP. The band would later open for the Rolling Stones again at Buffalo’s Rich Stadium on July 4, 1978. Another musical re-assessment was in order and after attracting the attention of Capitol Records (Aquarius’ distributor), the 1978 album ‘First Glance’ was released featuring the hard rocking “Roller”; and, soon, American audiences were taking notice. So, 1979 the band finally toured the United States for nearly a year supporting such acts as Styx, Rush, The Tubes and Squeeze. They returned to Canada in October 1979 to start work on the LP ‘Harder…Faster’. When released in early 1980 it produced another handful of radio hits in “I Like to Rock” and “Say Hello” helped in no small part by tours of England and Europe though the British press savaged them. Upon release of the next album, 1981’s ‘Nature of the Beast’ and its hit singles “Just Between You And Me” and the Lorenc Hud song “Sign of the Gypsy Queen”, they returned to another disappointing run in England – which was ultimately canceled due to poor ticket sales and mismatched opening slots with British metal acts – but Europe offered them sold-out concerts in countries like Holland and Germany. They were able to parlay this into a headlining tour in the southern United States upon returning to North America. In January 1982, the band took time off and recorded ‘Power Play’ later that year. After their successive run, the industry began shifting with techno-pop of the ’80’s and April Wine found themselves a hard rock act with a dwindling audience. Their farewell tour was in 1984 for the ‘Animal Grace’ album and it was successful enough to spawn another in a long line of live albums. Goodwyn put April Wine to bed for a long rest with an eye to working on a solo career from his new home in the Bahamas. However, April Wine still contractually owed Capitol Records one more album. Greenway joined Goodwyn in Nassau, along with Montréal session musicians Barbe, Pellerin and Simon, to record what was supposed to be the band’s final album – ‘Walking Through Fire’. While living in the Caribbean, Goodwyn released a solo album to middling reviews and zero sales. Soon, a serious discussion to revive April Wine followed. Goodwyn returned to Montréal in preparation for the recording of a second solo album, but interest was steamrolling for an April Wine reunion. Greenway, also licking the wounds of an aborted solo career was the first to sign on. Mercer would leave The Buzz Band to return to full duty, but Moffet is fully committed to his production company (including producing the See Spot Run hit album ‘Weightless’) and his spot is filled by local guitarist Steve Segal. Finally, after years away from April Wine, Jim Clench returned from Calgary to Montréal to fill in the bass slot. The band would sign a new record deal with FRE Entertainment in 1992 and would release two albums of mostly new compositions – ‘Attitude’ (1993) and ‘Frigate’ (1994). Segal would leave the band in 1995 and April Wine would continue on the road as a four piece over the next five years. In 2001, the band recorded another new studio album called ‘Back To The Mansion’ with Goodwyn, Greenway, Clench and Mercer. Another live hits package recorded live in Kitchener, ‘April Wine Live 2003’, was released and featured Carl Dixon (Coney Hatch) who had been with the band for three tours.  June of 2004 saw April Wine travel to Sweden to be part of Sweden Rock 2004 and shared the stage with Heart, UFO, and Foghat among others. Studio album number sixteen came in 2006 called ‘Roughly Speaking’. Clench left the band in January of 2007 to be replaced by Breen LeBoeuf (Chimo!, Offenbach).  Late 2008 also saw the departure of Jerry Mercer from the band. After a cancer scare and about to turn 70 years of age in the spring of 2009, Mercer decided to retire. He was replaced by Blair Mackay. In March of 2009, April Wine was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame during Canadian Music Week in Toronto. They also received The Lifetime Achievement Award on the eve of their 40th anniversary as a band; On April 18th of 2010 at the JUNO Awards, April Wine was also inducted in to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame; Jim Henman continued writing and has worked on numerous projects including Terry Kelly, Anne Murray’s guitarist George Hebert, and Jeannie Beks & Co. He also wrote ‘Death: The Musical’ which had a long run at Halifax’s Neptune Theatre and did a stint in Ottawa in 2001; Jim Clench died on November 3, 2010 in Montréal after a battle with cancer; David Henman has also had a lengthy solo career; Myles Goodwin released his autobiography in 2016 entitled “Just Between You And Me”; Steve Lang died in February 2017; on December 19, 2020 founding member Myles Goodwin announced that he would be leaving the touring version of April Wine after March 2023. with notes from Dave Buerster, Jim Henman, David Henman, and Ron Beach. [also see MYLES GOODWYN, DAVID HENMAN]

1971 Fast Train/Wench (Aquarius) AQ-5014
1971 Listen Mister/Time (Aquarius) AQ-5019
1972 You Could Have Been A Lady/Teacher (Aquarius) AQ-5021
1972 Bad Side Of The Moon/Believe In Me (Aquarius) AQ-5022
1972 Drop Your Guns/Flow River Flow (Aquarius) AQ-5024
1973 Lady Run, Lady Hide/I Get Bad (Aquarius) AQ-5026
1973 Weeping Widow/Tell Your Mama (Aquarius) AQ-5027
1974 Just Like That/Cat’s Claw (Aquarius) AQ-5030
1974 Electric Jewels/I Can Hear You Calling (Aquarius) AQ-5031
1974 I’m On Fire For You Baby/Come On Along (Aquarius) AQ-5032
1975 I Wouldn’t Want To Lose Your Love/Druthers (Aquarius) AQ-5035
1975 Cum Hear The Band/Baby Done Got Some Soul (Aquarius) AQ-5037
1975 Oowatanite/Highway Hard Run (Aquarius) AQ-5038
1975 Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love/Not For You Not For Rock & Roll (Aquarius) AQ-5043
1976 The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy/So Bad (Aquarius) AQ-5052
1976 Gimmie Love/We Can Be More Than We Are (Aquarius) AQ-5056
1976 Like A Lover, Like A Song/Goody Two-Shoes (Aquarius) AQ-5060
1976 Forever For Now/I’d Rather Be Strong (Aquarius) AQ-5061
1976 You Won’t Dance With Me/Holly Would (Aquarius) AQ-5063
1977 She’s No Angel/Gimmie Love (Aquarius) AQ-5067
1977 Rock & Roll Is A Vicious Game/I’m Alive (Aquarius) AQ-5070
1978 Comin’ Right Down On Top Of Me/Get Ready For Love (Aquarius) AQ-5073
1978 Roller/Right Down To It (Aquarius) AQ-5079
1979 Get Ready For Love/Silver Dollar (Aquarius) AQ-5084
1979 Say Hello/Before The Dawn (Aquarius) AQ-5087
1979 I Like To Rock/Babes In Arms (Aquarius) AQ-5089
1979 Tonite/Ladies Man (Aquarius) AQ-5092
1981 Just Between You And Me/Big City Girls (Aquarius) AQ-5097
1981 Sign Of The Gypsy Queen/Crash & Burn (Aquarius) AQ-5098
1981 All Over Town/All Over Town (Live) (Aquarius) AQ-5099
1982 Enough Is Enough/Ain’t Got Your Love (Aquarius) AQ-6001
1982 Tell Me Why/If You See Kay (Aquarius) AQ-6004
1982 What If We Fall In Love/Waiting On A Miracle (Aquarius) AQ-6005
1984 This Could Be The Right One/I Really Don’t Want Your Love (Aquarius) AQ-6009
1984 Sons Of The Pioneers/Too Hot To Handle (Aquarius) AQ-6012
1984 Money Talks/[same ] (Aquarius) AQ-6015
1985 Rock Myself To Sleep/All It Will Ever Be (Aquarius) AQ-6018
1985 Love Has Remembered Me/Anejo (Aquarius) AQ-6020
1989 It’s A Pleasure To See You Again/Baby It’s You (Aquarius) AQ-6046
2001 Talk To Me (Civilian)

1971 April Wine (Aquarius) AQR-502
1972 On Record (Aquarius) AQR-503
1974 Electric Jewels (Aquarius) AQR-504
1974 Live! (Play Loud) (Aquarius) AQR-505
1975 Stand Back (Aquarius) AQR-506
1976 The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy (Aquarius) AQR-510
1977 Forever, For Now (Aquarius) AQR-511
1977 Live At The El Mocambo (Aquarius) AQR-515
1978 First Glance (Aquarius) AQR-517
1979 Greatest Hits (Aquarius) AQR-525
1980 Harder…Faster (Aquarius) AQR-527
1981 The Nature Of The Beast (Aquarius) AQR-530
1981 The Best Of April Wine Ballads (Aquarius) AQR-532
1982 Power Play (Aquarius) AQR-533
1984 Animal Grace (Aquarius) AQR-5353
1984 One For The Road (Aquarius) AQR-538
1986 Walking Through Fire (Aquarius) AQR-540
1990 Rock Ballads (Aquarius) Q2-56401
1990 Oowatanite (Aquarius) Q2-56402
1992 Over 60 Minutes With…April Wine: The Hits (Aquarius) Q2-549
1992 Over 60 Minutes With…April Wine: All The Rockers (Aquarius) Q2-550
1992 Over 60 Minutes With…April Wine: The First Decade (Aquarius) Q2-555
1992 April Wine Collection [4 CDs] (Aquarius) Q2-563
1993 Attitude (fre/Capitol) L-200104
1994 Frigate (fre/Capitol) L-200109
1999 King Biscuit Flour Hour (King Biscuit Flower Hour – US) KBF-CD-88046
2001 Back To The Mansion (Civilian) CR-1048-2
2003 Best of April Wine (Aquarius) Q2-00614
2003 Greatest Hits Live 2003 (Civilian) CR-1001-2
2006 April Wine Rocks (Aquarius) Q2-00629/00630
2006 Roughly Speaking (DEP/Universal) APR-22208
2009 The Hard & Heavy Collection (Micro Werks)  MW- 045

Anne-Marie Courtemanche
(vocals) / Pierre Lescaut (keyboards) / Stéphane Morency (guitar) / Pierre Bournaki (violin) / Jean-Philippe Gélinas (saxophone, flute) / Michel De Lisle (bass) / André Leclerc (drums) / Sharon Ryan (vocals)
From Montreal, Québec

Bridge (Instrumental)/Aquarelle, Part 2 (Instrumental) (Atlantic) CAT-1500

Sous un arbre (Atlantic) KCA-9503
1979 Live à Montreux (Atlantic) KCA-25002

Compilation Tracks
1979 “Francoise” on ‘Collage’ (Bytown) BFFTF-1

Win Butler (vocals, guitar) / Regine Chassagne (vocals, keyboards, percussion) / Myles Broscoe (bass, 2001-2002) / Tim Kyle (guitar, 2001-2002) / Josh Deu (guitar, 2001-2003) / Dane Mills (guitar, drums, 2001-2003) / Brendan Reed (drums, vocals, 2001-2003) / Richard Reed Parry (organ, violin, vocals; 2002) / Tim Kingsbury (bass; 2003) / William Butler (synths, percussion, vocals; 2003) / Sarah Neufeld (violin; 2004) / Howard Bilerman (drums; 2004) / Jeremy Gara (drums, guitar; 2004)
The original incarnation of Arcade Fire was formed by Americans Win Butler and Josh Deu in Boston, Massachusetts where they recorded ‘2001 Demos’. They group relocated to Montréal, Québec and resumed performing as school resumed in the fall of 2001 at non-traditional venues like private loft parties, art galleries and whenever they could engage Concordia University’s Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery. The early Line-up of the band was Win Butler and future wife Régine Chassagne, Josh Deu, Myles Broscoe, Dane Mills and Brendan Reed who was a roommate of Butler and Chassagne in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montréal. The band began work on its self-titled debut EP at Butler’s family ranch in Maine in 2002. Soon friction led to Broscoe’s eventual departure and he was then replaced by the EP’s collaborator, Richard Reed Parry. The EP was finally released in the winter of 2003 at Montréal club Casa del Popolo. During the middle of their encore an argument between Butler and Reed led to Reed quitting the band on the spot. Mills would follow suit after the show as well. Win Butler then recruited his brother William and Tim Kingsbury as replacements and carried on with the promotion of the new release. By the end of the year indie label Merge Records signed the band to a deal. Their full-length debut entitled ‘Funeral’ was released in September 2004 in Canada and early the following year in the UK. The album made Arcade Fire underground media darlings and declared ‘Album of the Year’ by No Ripcord magazine and MTV2. The album went gold in Canada and the UK by November 2005 with global sales of over 500,000 copies worldwide. The band spent most of 2004 playing small venues, but with the snowballing popularity of ‘Funeral’, they were playing festivals and headlining large soft-seat halls throughout North America and Europe by mid-2005. Highlights for the band included making the cover of ‘Time’ magazine in Canada and performing at the Coachella Festival. In September 2005, Arcade Fire appeared on the television special ‘Fashion Rocks’ where David Bowie joined them for their single “Wake Up”. They also went to New York City for an appearance on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and a concert in Central Park where Bowie made surprise guest appearance. Both artists would collaborate on the release of an exclusive iTunes EP release of several live tracks. U2 also became big supporters by playing Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” during the openings of that group’s ‘Vertigo Tour’ in 2005-2006. This led to Arcade Fire opening three shows for U2 including a gig in Montréal, Canada. In 2006, the ‘Funeral’ album and the single “Cold Wind” were nominated for Grammys and they won the JUNO Award for ‘Songwriters of the Year’. In the UK they were also nominated for three BRIT Awards. 2007 saw ‘Funeral’ appear at No.8 in Bob Mersereau’s ‘The Top 100 Canadian Albums’ book. With the purchase of an old church in Farnham, Québec they built a recording studio and began working on their follow-up record. With its near completion in December 2006, the first single, “Intervention”, from the new album ‘Neon Bible’) was released on iTunes. The album was leaked to peer-to-peer networks in January 2007 and officially released two months. ‘Neon Bible’ shot to #1 on record charts around the world with unanimous critical claim. The band then made its first ‘Saturday Night Live’ TV appearance. In July 2007, ‘Neon Bible’ was shortlisted for the 2007 Polaris Music Prize. Touring resumed with dates in North America starting in September 2007. In early 2008 Arcade Fire would also tour Australia and New Zealand for the first time in early 2008 with dates in Europe to follow. The Vincent Morisset concert film ‘Miroir Noir’ was released as a download in December 2008 and the full DVD made available in March the next year. In August 2010 the Markus Dravs produced ‘The Suburbs’ album was released with eight different album jacket covers. ‘The Suburbs’ debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Top 200 in the US with identical results in the UK and Canada. In November 2010, the band made their second appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’. In February 2011 Arcade Fire performed at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. They were also Grammy Award nominees for ‘Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal’, ‘Best Alternative Music Album’ and ‘Album of the Year’ – which they won. Later that Spring ‘The Suburbs’ won ‘Best International Album’, and Arcade Fire won ‘Best International Group’ at the 2011 BRIT Awards. At the JUNO Awards they won ‘Group of the Year’, ‘Songwriter of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Alternative Album of the Year’ awards. The Spike Jonze directed short film ‘Scenes from the Suburbs’ debuted at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2011 and premiered on the internet in June of 2011. The album won the 2011 Polaris Music Prize.

Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)/My Buddy (Merge – US) MRG-253
2005 Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)/My Buddy (Rough Trade – UK) RTRADS-225
2005 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) (Album Version)/Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) (August Session) (Rough Trade – UK) RTRADS-232
2005 Cold Wind/Brazil (Merge – US) MRG-275
2005 Rebellion (Lies) (Rough Trade – UK) RTRADS-252
2005 Wake Up (Radio Edit) (Rough Trade – UK) RTRADS-286
2006 Intervention (Merge – US) MRG-314
2007 Black Mirror (Merge – US) MRG-285PRS
2007 Keep the Car Running/Broken Window (Sonovox) 172684
2007 Intervention/[split w/ CALEXICO] (Sonovox) 1732915
2007 No Cars Go/Surf City (Eastern Bloc) (Sonovox) 1736028
2008 Burning Bridges [DigiFile] (Merge – US)
2010 The Suburbs/Month of May [12″] (Merge – US) MRG-393
2010 Ready to Start [DigiFile] (Sonovox)
2010 We Used to Wait (Mercury – UK) 88262-H1
2010 Modern Man [DigiFile] (Merge – US)
2011 Speaking In Tongues (Mercury – UK) TONGUES-CJ1
2011 City With No Children (Sonovox)
2011 Culture War/Speaking in Tongues [DigiFile] (Merge – US)
2012 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)/Ready To Start (Merge – US) MRG-442
2012 Abraham’s Daughter (Universal Republic – US)
2013 Afterlife (Virgin/EMI – UK)
2014 We Exist (Radio Edit)/We Exist (Sonovox – UK) EXIST-CJ1
2015 Get Right/Crucified Again 7” 4750774
2017 Creature Comfort (Columbia)
2017 I Give You Power [featuring MAVIS STAPLES] (Capitol –Europe)
2017 Everything Now (Columbia)
2017 Signs of Life (Columbia)
2017 Electric Blue (Columbia)
2018 Peter Pan (Equiknoxx Music Remix) [featuring BOBBY BLACKBIRD] (Columbia)
2018 Put Your Money On Me (Single Version) (Columbia)
2019 Baby Mine [from “Dumbo”] (Walt Disney)

2001 Demos (independent – US)
2003 Arcade Fire [7-song EP] (Arcade Fire) AFCD-001
2004 Funeral (Merge – US) MRG-255
2007 Neon Bible (Sonovox) 1723388
2010 The Suburbs (Sonovox) 2742629
2013 Reflektor (Sonovox) 3752118
2015 The Reflektor Tapes [6-song cassette] (Virgin/EMI – US) 4751721
2017 Everything Now (Sonovox) 88985447852

Her (Annapurna/Warner Pictures – US)

Gary Brennan (drums) / David Burt (piano) / Bob McKay (saxophone) / Fred Masson (bass) / Bruce Saracini (vocals) / Robin Scott (guitar) / Roger Charlesworth (bass; replaced Masson) / Doug Dixon (vocals; replaced Saracini) / Jim Pernokis (guitar; replaced Scott)
The Ardels first formed in Etobicoke, Ontario 1n 1963 and, after a series of personnel changes which saw Bruce Saracini, the original singer, replaced by Doug Dixon and Robin Scott replaced by Jim Pernokis on guitar, quickly became one of Toronto’s most popular young cover bands, playing extensively at high school and church dances. The original five (Brennan, Burt, Dixon, Masson and Pernokis) were joined by McKay on Tenor Saxophone in 1964. Masson left the group in 1965 to pursue a career in broadcasting and was replaced by Charlesworth on bass. They released an independent album in 1965 followed by a single on Hallmark and subsequently signed with Cancut Records in 1966 to produce several regional hit singles. Burt left in 1967 leaving an unreleased single in the vaults called “Stronger Than Dirt” b/w “I Should Have Known.” The Ardels disbanded in 1968; Pernokis and Dixon went on to become part of The Bedtime Story; Dixon, Masson and Pernokis reformed with backup drummer Russ Crerar as Pastime in the early 90’s carrying on until Crerar and Masson retired. However, Dixon and Pernokis are still going strong with new members; in the ‘70’s Burt studied composition/arranging with the renowned teacher, Gordon Delamont. In 1976 he opened his home studio in Etobicoke and is still teaching contemporary piano, orchestration and arranging. Burt has played solo piano in most major Toronto hotels over the past 30 years, including the Four Seasons and Downtown Sheraton Centre. He is currently writing a music text book on the Basic Theory and Psychology of Chord Progressions (Major and Minor). The Ardels reunited at the end of July 2007 with a line-up of Brennan, Charlesworth, Burt, Pernokis and Dixon. Also in 2007 Brennan passed away followed by Scott and McKay in 2008. Pernokis had to retire due to arthritis and Dixon wound up as lead singer with The Original Replay Band (the rhythm section of the Majestics) and one of three vocalists along with Jay Jackson and Sharon Smith with The Majestics. Members of The Ardels / Bedtime Story reunited in Port Credit in the winter of 2009. with notes from Fred Masson, David Burt, Doug Dixon.

1965 So Glad You’re Mine/Comin’ Down (Hallmark) 10565
1966 But I Love You/So Glad You’re Mine (Cancut) 8888
1967 Run Hully Gully Boy/ A Piece Of Jewellery (Cancut) 8963


1965 Ardels [independent]

Born: Jann Arden Richards on March 27, 1962 in Calgary, Alberta
Born in Calgary, Arden grew up listening to Petula Clark, Carly Simon, Sam Phillips, Syd Straw and Lyle Lovett. But her idol was Karen Carpenter whom she emulated while strumming along to guitar which she had learned to play by listening to John Denver records. Arden cut a solo 7″ single as Jann Richards (her real name) when she was 17 and soon became a fixture on the grimy Calgary music scene often stuck in the back of a van with five guys who would, night after night, play Tina Turner, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth and Foreigner covers (quite badly too). Arden also played trumpet in a band called Hiphugger, but gave that up quickly and busked with her guitar on the streets of Vancouver until someone punched her in the head, knocking her unconscious and scooping up $4 in revenue from the guitar case. Much of this, and a tense home life led to an abusive bought with alcohol (which she would give up by age 26). Music Works Management’s Rudi LeValley and Neil MacGonigill, first saw Arden performing Olivia Newton-John covers and country twang in a lounge. MacGonigill trailed Arden around Calgary following her every move and urging her on. She finally signed a management deal 6 months later. Through some demo tapes sent to A & M Records, the management team convinced A & R man Alan Reid to come to Calgary and check out ‘the voice’ in a small 40 seat theatre. She was signed in the summer of 1992 to a reciprocal deal on A & M in Canada and the US. Arden recorded her first album, ‘Time for Mercy’, in Los Angeles with collaborator Ed Cherney (Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt). The album spawned several hit singles letting Arden go on to win two JUNOs in 1993 for Best Solo Performer and Best Video. The album has sold an impressive 250,000 copies to date. Arden’s second album, ‘Living Under June’ (also recorded in LA with Ed Cherney), sold six-times platinum in Canada and 500,000 in the US (despite a snubbing from their AAA formatted radio stations) for total world-wide sales of 1.3 million. The single “Insensitive” went Top 10 globally, including No.1 in Australia and would be used in an Italian TV commercial. In a tour supporting Chris Isaak earlier in the year, the venues ranged from a couple of hundred people to several thousand and larger. But a tour of the U.S. sent her back to low-rent bars and dives like in her formative years playing Vancouver. Arden had some major setbacks with her songwriting style as well, when she began getting letters about “Could I Be Your Girl?” from people who assumed that metaphorical references to demons and Jesus were construed as devil worshipping or just the opposite – some radio stations refused to play the record for fear of encouraging a religious fervor from those thinking Arden might be a bible thumper. She won three JUNO Awards in 1995 for ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’, ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and ‘Single of the Year’ (for “Could I Be Your Girl?”), and 1996 nominations including Entertainer of the Year and Single of the Year. 1996 would also see appear on countless major TV shows, including David Letterman and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Taking time out of recording 6 songs for her third album in LA, Arden stopped to host the 1997 JUNOs with wit and aplomb. Even before her third album, ‘Happy?’, was available in stores, the first single “The Sound of” was in the Top10 singles charts in Canada. The album’s bonus track is a cover of Lulu’s “To Sir with Love”. Arden continued her climb to success with three hit albums and a series of music videos by Calgary’s Jeth Weinrich. Her well-received fourth album, “Blood Red Cherry”, was released March 21, 2000. Again co-produced by Ed Cherney, it leavened her usual somber ballads with some of the trademark humour she displays in interviews, notably the bluesy, up tempo “Best Dress”. Arden continued on with Universal Music (after A & M was absorbed) in the 2000s and has continued to put out albums every two years on average including two separate CDs worth of cover tunes. In 2012 Arden posed nude in ‘Zoomer’ magazine on the urging of fellow musician and photographer for the sessions Bryan Adams; Arden is currently starring in her own TV sitcom called ‘Jann.’

Will You Remember Me (Radio Edit) (A & M) AMCD-030193
1993 The Way Things Are Going (A & M)
1993 I Would Die For You/I Just Don’t Love You Anymore/Over You (A & M) AMCD-051793
1993 I’m Not Your Lover (A & M)
1994 Time for Mercy (A & M)
1994 Could I Be Your Girl (Edit)/Could I Be Your Girl (LP Version) (A & M) AMCD-072594
1994 Gasoline/Could I Be Your Girl (Recorded Live at KMTT)/Gasoline (Recorded Live at KKOS) (A & M) AMSAD-00071
1995 Insensitive (A & M)  AMCD-101094
1995 Wonderdrug (A & M)
1995 Unloved /Gasoline [with Jackson Browne] (A & M) 581-110-2
1996 Good Mother [4-song EP] (A & M) 31458- 1973 2
1996 Looking For It (Finding Heaven) (A & M) AMCD-052096
1997 You Don’t Know Me (Sony Soundtrax) OSK- 2895
1998 The Sound Of (Radio Edit) (A & M) 588- 578-2
2000 Sleepless (Radio Edit)/Sleepless (Album Version) (Universal) UMCR-4004-2
2000 Stand By Me (Universal) 012 156 878 2
2003 Love Is The Only Soldier/Fighting For the World (Universal) 0249808843
2005 Where No One Knows Me (Universal)
2007 Bring The Boys Home (Universal)

Never Love A Sailor/Did We Really Hide? (Circa) CS-1312

Time For Mercy (A & M) CD-540071
1994 Living Under June (A & M) CD-500248
1997 Happy? (A & M) CD- 500789
1997 Thanks A Million (Special Limited Edition Collector’s CD) [5-song EP] (A & M) AMCD-101397
2000 Blood Red Cherry (Universal) UMCF-4019
2001 Greatest Hurts: The Best of Jann Arden (Universal) 4400161652
2002 Live With The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (Universal) 4400660392
2003 Love Is The Only Soldier (Universal) 4400383992
2005 Jann Arden (Universal) 7502103953
2007 Uncover Me (Universal) 0251712347
2008 Good Mother [4-song EP] (A & M) 0251767029
2009 Free (Universal) 0252703235
2010 The Millennium Collection – The Best of Jann Arden (Universal) 0252739160
2010 Spotlight (Universal) 0252755207
2011 Uncover Me 2 (Universal) 0252786513
2014 Everything Almost (Universal)  0253776253
2015 A Jann Arden Christmas (Universal) 0254757655
2018 These Are the Days (Universal) 0256724661
2020 Hits & Other Gems (Universal)

Compilation Tracks
1994 “Birds” on ‘Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young’ (Sony) 80199
1995 “I Would Die For You” on ‘The Kumbaya Album 1995’ (Warner) CD-11719
1996 “Could I Be Your Girl” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25
1997 “Good Mother” on ‘Women & Songs'(WEA) WTVD-36116
1998 “Time for Mercy” on ’30 Hour Famine’ (Nettwerk)
1998 “The Sound of” on ‘Women & Songs 2′(WEA) WTVD-37040
1999 “Insensitive” on ‘Women & Songs 3′(WEA) WTVD-38141
2000 “Sleepless” on ‘Women & Songs 4’ (WEA) WTVD-39171
2001 “Could I Be Your Girl” on ‘Women & Songs 5’ (WEA) WTVD-40379
2002 “Never Mind” on ‘Women & Songs 5’ (WEA) WTVD-48036
2003 “Love Is the Only Soldier” on ‘Women & Songs 7’ (WEA) WTVD-61047
2004 “If You Loved Me” on ‘Women & Songs 8’ (WEA) WTVD-61926
2005 “Willing To Fall Down” on ‘Women & Songs 9’ (WEA) WTVD-62800

ARENDS, Carolyn
Born: Carolyn Bernice Jonat on February 26, 1968 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Canadian folk-gospel vocalist from Vancouver signed. Her first single, “This Is the Stuff,” received 15 weeks of hit radio airplay in April of 1996 followed by the second single “I Can Hear You” later that year. Both songs made the Canadian Top 20.

This Is the Stuff (Reunion/RCA) KCDP-51334
1996 I Can Hear You (Reunion/RCA)
1996 Love Is Always There [3 mixes] (Reunion/RCA)

I Can Hear You (Reunion) 08068-83737
1997 Feel Free (Reunion) 08306-10029
1998 This Much I Understand (Reunion – US) 02341- 0004
2000 Seize the Day and Other Stories (Reunion – US) 02341-0065
2001 Travelers (Signpost) SPLR2-102
2002 We’ve Been Waiting For You (2B) 7242101
2004 Under the Gaze (2B) 2BR12492
2004 Christmas An Irrational Season (2B) 2BR12512
2006 Pollyanna’s Attic (2B) 2BR00064
2009 Love Was Here First (2B) 2BR00609
2009 Simply Carolyn Arends (Provident – NETH) 83061-07862
2014 Christmas The Story of Stories (2B) 2BR00309

ARGUE, Michael
Michael Argue is a Canadian singer, songwriter and musician who got his start writing songs for the band Sea Dog. He is best known for having written “Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter” for his own band Chester. [also see CHESTER]

Dancing With Your Lady/ same ‎(Celebration) CEL-2101X
1975 Trust In Me/ same ‎(Celebration) CEL-2122X
1977 Watermelon Eyes/Do What You Want To Do ‎(Les Disques Direction) D4-148
1978 The World Needs A Lover Tonite/’57 Chevrolet ‎(WAM) WAMX-107

Compilation Tracks
“Dancing With Your Lady” on ‘Sounds Spectacular’ (K-Tel) TC-222

Julien Hébert
(guitar) / Pierre Pothier (bass) / Yves Côté (drums) / Donald Bélanger (organ, vocals) / Alain Robert (guitar) / Gilles Heroux (guitar)
The Aristocrates were formed in 1965 with three former members of Les Corvets – Hebert, Pothier, and Côte. With the addition of Robert, Bélanger, Heroux and part-time saxophone player Claude Michon, they cut their teeth in Quebéc dance halls. The group signed with Meteor Records and released their first single “Chère madame, votre fille est très jolie” in 1965 followed by “Je veux danser” early in 1966. The local radio success would make it possible for the group to star in a year-long stint on Sherbrooke television station CHLT with a show entitled “One…two…three Aristos” in 1966. During the TV show’s run they released a single a month on the Match and Choc! Records label. Many of the singles would feature guest singers who appeared on the show including Karo, Renée Martell, Jeff Chelon, Louis Simon, and Serge Bélair. Following the end of their TV run they changed their name to Les Motions for two records featuring guest vocalists and then they returned to recording as The Aristocrates before adopting the name they used on their TV show – Les Aristos – in 1967. By 1968 many of the band members had left and Bélanger was the sole original member. With new players they changed their name, yet again, to Donald & Les Aristos. They released one final single, “Les fleurs de mandarine” before splitting up in 1969. With notes from Michael Charbonneau.


1965 Chère madame, votre fille est très jolie/J’en suis jaloux (Météor) MET 365
1966 Je veux danser/Le train qui ne revient pas (Météor) MET 369
1966 Les yeux d’un ange/Toi et moi (interprète non mentionné) (Match) 6002
1966 Michelle/Fais-la rire [w/Jeff Chelon] (Match) 6013
1966 Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher [w/Renée Martel]/Monsieur cannibale (Match) 6015
1966 Mourir ou vivre [w/Serge Bélair]/Je chante pour un ami (Match) 6019
1966 Tajuana taxi [w/Louis Simon]/Seul (Match) 6021
1966 Il m’appelait Goguette [w/Karo]/Le fer, le marbre et l’acier (Match) 6023
1966 Jimmy, attends-moi [w/Karo]/La poupée qui fait non (Match) 6024
1966 Noir c’est noir [w/Renée Martel]/Hanky Panky (Match) 6026
1966 Va plus loin/Pourquoi (Choc !) C-0050
1966 Ton visage maquillé de joie/Je ne vois qu’elle (Choc !) C-0057
1967 Ma casquette [w/Karo]/Je suis anglais (Match) 6032
1967 Je chante pour un ami/Je chante parmi mes musiciens… (Match) 6154
1967 Une mèche de cheveux [w/ Jeff Chelon]/Je chante pour un ami (Match) 7003
1967 Baby Bop [w/Colette Girard]/La poupée qui fait non (Match) 7004
1967 Pour oublier/Un peu de ton amour (DSP) DSP-8603)

1967 Personne ne veut mourir [w/Johanne Jasmin]/Sweet Pea (Match) 6033
1967 Je t’aime, je te veux [w/Hervé]/Le p’tit Poppy (Match) 6038

1967 Cette chanson elle est pour toi/Quand l’amour est là (DSP) DSP-8614
1967 Le p’tit renne au nez rouge (par les Mersey’s)/Dis-moi pourquoi Noël (DSP)
1968 Le monde est gris, le monde est bleu/Chante, danse (DSP) DSP-8626)

Les fleurs de mandarine/Pourquoi (DSP) DSP-8639

Les Aristos (DSP) ID-307

1969 Les fleurs de mandarine (Tradition) TR-259-33

Dan Griffin
(keyboard, guitar, vocals) / Max Kerman (lead vocals, guitar) / Mike Deangelis (guitar, vocals) / Nick Dika (bass) / Tim Oxford (drums)
Formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 2006 as Charlemagne. After changing their name to the Arkells, they released an independent EP called ‘Deadlines’ in 2007 which attracted the attention of Dine Alone Records (Tokyo Police Club, Alexisonfire, City And Colour). The label re-issued the EP following the success of the band’s debut album ‘Jackson Square’ in 2008. The album yielded four singles which all did well at college and commercial rock radio. In April 2010, Arkells won the JUNO Award for ‘New Group of the Year’. In the spring of that year they were chosen by Them Crooked Vultures to open for the band at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. While playing at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto after the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards, rapper Shad and pop singer Kesha surprised the audience by joining Arkells onstage during a cover version of “Ms. Jackson” by Outkast. Their sophomore album ‘Michigan Left’ was released by Maple Music in October 2011 and spawned three singles to date. The CD debuted at No.2 on iTunes and No.1 on the iTunes Rock Chart in Canada. Griffin is currently finishing school; In 2023 the City of Hamilton, Ontario named a snow plow after the band’s lead singer: Max Kermanator.

Oh, the Boss is Coming!/Blueprint [7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-006
2009 Ballad of Hugo Chavez (Dine Alone)
2009 Pullin’ Punches (Dine Alone)
2010 John Lennon (Dine Alone)
2011 Whis+leblower [DigiFile] (Maple Music/Universal)
2011 Kiss Cam [DigiFile] (Maple Music/Universal)
2011 Whis+leblower/Kiss Cam [7”] (Universal) 0252778561
2011 Michigan Left [DigiFile] (Maple Music/Universal)
2012 On Paper (Maple Music/Universal)
2012 Ticats are Hummin’ (Maple Music/Universal)
2014 Come to Light/Never Thought This Would Happen [7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-088
2014 High Noon (Maple Music/Universal)
2014 Never Thought That This Would Happen (Maple Music/Universal)
2014 Leather Jacket (Maple Music/Universal)
2014 Arkells Sing Motown [2-song 7”] (The Organization) HPR-001
2016 Making Due (Last Gang)
2016 Drake’s Dad (Last Gang)
2017 Knocking At the Door (Last Gang)

Deadlines [CD-EP] (independent)
2008 Deadlines [5-song EP] (Dine Alone) DA-013
2008 Jackson Square (Dine Alone) DA-017
2011 Michigan Left (Maple Music/Universal) 0252785167
2014 High Noon (Dine Alone) DA-114
2015 Live At CBC Radio 3 [6-song 12” EP] DAV-103
2016 Morning Report (Universal) 0254791430
2018 Rally Cry (Universal) AKL-CD-2070
2018 Recorded Live To Vinyl [w/SAM NELSON HARRIS] [3-song 12”] (Jameson/We Cut Wax)
2018 People’s Champ
2019 Hand Me Downs [w/FRANK TURNER] [3 mixes DigiFile]

Mopa Dean (vocals) / Kyle (drums) / Big John (guitar) / Cindy (bass) / Kurf (guitar)
From Toronto’s Kensington Market hardcore scene. They played their first show in June 1989 and split up in 2003.

Movement In the Treeline/Rat Poison//[split w/OPPRESSED LOGIC] (Ransom Note – US) RNR-006
1996 More Punk Rock Than You [4-song 7”] (Subvert & Deny) SD-002
1997 Tragic Story/Crad Kilodney Was Innocent/Beans On Toast/[split w/SUCKERPUNCH] (Armed & Suckered) AS-001

1997 It’s About Fucking Time (Obese – US) OBE-04

Compilation Tracks
1993 “Rat Poison” on ‘Dead On the Road – Songs Without Keyboards’ (Raw/A & M) 21012
1994 “Silence = Death” & “Discontent” on ‘Underground Battleground…Gaining Ground’ [cassette] (Citizens For A Better Safer War Records) WAR-001
1995 “Hate” on ‘Twentybandcomp’ (Raw Energy/Shock – AUSTRALIA) RAW-1345
1996 “Beans And Toast” on ‘Living In Fear’ (Ransom Note – US) RNR-007
1998 “Riot” on ‘Vitriol Newstape 1/98’ [cassette] (V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Fanzine – SLOVENIA)

ARMES, Robert
Robert Armes was originally known as a Canadian folk artist who had small success on the RPM charts with the 1984 song “Claim To Fame” which spent ten weeks on The Record magazine’s “Top Ten Canadian A/C” charts – with two of those weeks at #1 – plus 15 weeks on RPM magazine’s A/C chart. The song was also picked as a Billboard magazine’s  recommended add. It was also playlisted on over 200 radio stations as far away as France and Scandinavia. The follow up single, 1985’s “Jump to It”, also spent 15 weeks on RPM magazine’s A/C chart – with three of those weeks at #1. Armes continued releasing singles like “Lessons In Love”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Before We Say Goodbye” culminating in the 1987 album ‘Part of the Family’. Armes is better known as a jingle and events music writer whose clients include Shell Oil, East Side Mario’s and Tim Horton’s. Armes is also the father of Tyler Armes from the rock band Down With Webster. with notes from William C. Smith.

1980 Last Chance Tonight/[same] (Celebration/Quality) Q-2370
1980 Seule chance ce soir/[same] (Celebration/Quality) Q-2375
1982 Nearly Out of Control/Radio Active (Change) CP-1001
1984 Claim To Fame/Goodbye To Love (Cruise) CRS-001
1984 Jump To It/Heart So Full of You (Cruise) CRS-002
1985 Lessons In Love/Claim To Fame (Cruise) CRS-003
1985 Whatever It Takes/Whatever It Takes (Instrumental) (Cruise) CRS-005
1986 Before We Say Goodbye/Before We Say Goodbye (Instrumental) (Cruise)


1972 Songs for Icarus (Stony Creek) ST-57293
1987 Part of the Family (Cruise) CRSLP-111

Compilation Tracks
“Every Step of the Way”, “Nicotine”, “Reach for the Sky”, “Slippin’ Away”, and “Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down” on ‘CBC Compilation 423’ (CBC Radio Canada) LM-423

Trevor Strong (vocals) / Mike McCormick (guitar, vocals) / Chris Patterson (bass, vocals) / John Whytock (1991-1995) / Gord Thompson (1991-1994) / Steve Wood (1991-1992)
Musical comedy act formed in Kingston, Ontario in 1991.

The Arrogant Worms (Festival) AW-444-2
1994 Russell’s Shorts (Festival)
1995 C’est Cheese (Festival) AW-777-2
1997 Live Bait (Festival) AW-888-2
1998 Christmas Turkey (Arrogant Worms) AW-1225
1999 Dirt (Arrogant Worms) AW-999
2001 Idiot Road (Festival) AW-1001
2002 Gift Wrapped: The Best of the Arrogant Worms (Oglio) OGL-89130-2
2003 Semi-Conducted with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra (Arrogant Worms) AW-2002
2004 Toast! (Arrogant Worms) AW-3003
2006 Beige (Arrogant Worms) AW-4004
2008 Tor · pid (Arrogant Worms) AW-5005
2010 Hindsight 20/20: 20 Years, 20 Songs (Arrogant Worms) AW-2020
2014 Space (Arrogant Worms) AW-6006
2016 The First Farewell Album (Arrogant Worms)  AW-7007

1982 LINE-UP: Dean McTaggart
(vocals) / Michael Sloski (drums, percussion) / Rob Gusevs (keyboards) / Hendrik Rilk (bass) / Rusty McCarthy (guitars) / Earl Seymour (saxophone) ; 1984-1985 LINE-UP: Dean McTaggart (vocals) / Rob Gusevs (keyboards) / Earl Seymour (saxophone)  / Doug Macaskill (guitars) / Glenn Olive (bass) / Bobby Economou (drums)
After a short-stint as The Rejects, a name change to The Arrows and a musical shift to R & B helped the 6-piece act break into the easy listening ‘Chicken Deli’ dance club circuit in Toronto. They came to the attention of the fledgling El Mocambo Records and released an energetic cover version of “Treat Her Right” as a single. Their first independent EP, ‘Misunderstood’, was recorded at Grant Avenue studios with Daniel Lanois and released on Spontaneous Records as a means to expand into original material. With a severe downsizing of the group, vocalist/songwriter Dean McTaggart continued honing his craft along with behind-the-scenes songwriter David Tyson who produced the band’s first full-length album ‘Stand Back’ for A & M Records in 1984 which featured the hit single “Meet Me in the Middle”. Lightning struck twice with their successful follow-up LP in 1985 (‘The Lines Are Open’), as the act expanded to a 6-piece once more with addition of Glenn Olive (bass) and Blood, Sweat & Tears’ Bobby Economou (drums). The album was once again produced & co-written with David Tyson and featured the hit singles “Talk Talk” and “Heart of the City”. The band split up in the mid-80s with Dean McTaggart going on to a successful songwriting career for Amanda Marshall, Wynonna Judd and Terri Clark among others. He released a solo album called ‘Drop the Needle in the Groove’ in 2011; Glenn Olive would later join Paul Myers’ Gravelberrys and Planet Earth; Earl Seymour died September 28, 1999. with notes from Tim Russell.

1981 Treat Her Right/Come On Up (El Mocambo)  ESMO-515
1982 Lovelight/If It’s Love (Spontaneous) WRC3-2442
1983 Say It Isn’t True/Girl In 313 (A & M) AM-2695
1984 Meet Me In the Middle/Girl In 313 (A & M) AM-647
1984 Never Be Another One/Girl In 313 (A & M) AM-671
1985 Talk Talk/Easy Street (A & M) AM-688
1985 Heart of  the City/Tell It To My Heart (A & M) AM-695
1985 Chains/Wild One (A & M) AM-699


1982 The Arrows [EP] (Spontaneous) SP-X-001
1984 Stand Back (A & M) SP-9105
1985 The Lines Are Open (A & M) SP-9119
1995 Talk Talk: The Best of The Arrows (A & M)

Compilation Tracks
“Treat Her Right” & “Come On Up” on ‘Toronto Calling’ (El Mocambo) ELMO-759

Born: October 1, 1943 in Abrams Village, PEI
Angele Arsenault was born into a musical family of thirteen brothers and sisters which helped in her desire to play guitar and piano.  In 1963 she made her performing debut in Moncton, New Brunswick and later Québec City, where she also completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree. After a one-year teaching job, Arsenault decided to pursue a career as a singer and songwriter. To this end, she toured the country several times, playing wherever she could. In 1975, she settled in Montréal and recorded her first album which was followed in 1976 by an English-language album which received critical raves. Her second French-language album, ‘Libre’, was released in 1977 and sold 300, 000 copies. The album firmly established her in the ears of Québec and placed her on the charts. Three more successful albums followed. It was a period of sold-out shows, awards and tremendous success. After taking time off to re-assess her life and career, Arsenault moved into the field of radio for two years. In 1988, she returned to the live stage but it would be in 1994 that she would resume her recording career with the release of ‘Transparente’.

J’aime mieux rester dans ma cuisine/Va t’en (SPPS) PS-9906
1977 Le monde de par chez-nous/Tant qu’a venir sur la terre (SPPS) PS-9908
1977 L’homme et la femme/Bois ton café (SPPS) PS-9911
1978 De temps en temps moi j’ai les bleus/J’ai vecu bien des annees (SPPS) PS-9914
1978 Je veux toute toute toute la vivre ma vie/Moi je mange (SPPS) PS-9915
1979 C’est juste lundi, Angèle/Y’a une etoile pour vous (SPPS) PS-9919
1979 Femme de toi/Ce n’est pas a parler contre qu’on fait pour (SPPS) PS-9920
1980 Le bonheur/Cinquante ans mariés (Kébec-Disc) KD-9087
1981 Chanter dans le soleil/Je suis démaquillée (Kébec-Disc) KD-9100 DJ
1982 Paniquez pas pour rien/J’suis allée voir (Kébec-Disc) KD-9130 DJ
1982 Chantez/La tyrolienne (Bonjour/Kébec-Disc) KD-9130
1983 Un enfant peut sauver le monde/C’est toujours le temps des fêtes (Saisons)
1985 La danse des bibittes/Bebe macho (Saisons) SNS-6569


1974 Premiere (SSPS/Trans-Canada) PS-19901
1975 Angele Arsenault (SPPS) PS-19902
1977 Libre (SPPS) PS-19903
1978 Y’a une étoile pour vous (SPPS) PS-19907
1979 Ses plus grandes succès (SPPS) PS-19910
1980 Chanter dans le soleil (Kébec-Disque)  KD-503
1982 Paniquez pas pour rien (Kébec-Disque)  KD-537
1983 J’ai vecu bien des annees
1993 Bonjour Madame Bolduc
1994 Transparente (Justin Time)  JTR-9449
1995 Noel C’est L’amour (Justin Time) JTR-8454
1995 J’ai Vécu Bien des années [CD re-issue] (Just A Memory) JAM-9124
1999 Amour (Interdisc Distribution) TRCD-9116
2010 Des Étoiles pour vous (Les Éditions Angèle Arsenault enrg) AA 14-10
2013 De Souvenirs Et D’amitié (Musicor Produits Spéciaux) MUPSCD-6481
2014 Vivre! [2 CD] (independent)

Rudy Tuesdai
(aka Rude Van Steenes) (vocals) / Marcel Lafleur (guitar; backing vocals) / Nick Neurotic (drums) / Tony Lester (guitar; added) / Steve Goode (bass) / Spike Bandito [aka Mark Gammage] (bass; replaced Goode) / Mike Anderson (drums; replaced Neurotic) / Chic Parker (guitar; replaced Lester);
2010-2011 LINE-UP:  Rudy Tuesdai [aka Rude Van Steenes] (vocals) /  Marcel Lafleur (guitar; backing vocals) / Shawna From Torawna (bass) / Tim Timleck (drums) / David Quinton-Steinberg (drums; replaced Timleck)
Rudy Tuesdai fronted this short-lived proto punk act from Toronto’s Queen Street circuit from 1978 through 1982. Tuesdai and Lafleur were joined by Lester and Neurotic to rehearse in the Old Rose Theater on Queen Street. Steve Goode, from The Poles, rounded out the line-up on bass. Gammage replaced Steve Goode on bass in 1979. The group fought tooth and nail for their own gigs including opening slots for The Ugly and The Viletones. Legendary Toronto promoters, The Gary’s helped the band out by slotting them in on Dead Boys tour dates alongside London, Ontario band The Demics. Arson were recognized as one of the first independent acts to self-finance and organize their own tour taking them through Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, Long Island and two weeks in New York City. Tuesdai would drop his stage name and, as Rude Van Steenes, established popular Toronto underground act Glamatron! and then Vis-A-Vis. Tony Lester went on to join Boys Brigade and is currently recording under the name TONE; Mark Gammage died of a drug overdose. The fall of 2010 saw van Steenes and La Fleur reconvene Arson with bassist Shawna From Torawna (Sluts On 45, Outbred Inlaws) and drummer Tim Timleck (Carole Pope, The White, Universal Honey) who would be replaced in 2011 by David Quinton-Steinberg (Mods, Jitters, Stiv Bators). Several live performances led to the new 2013 CD ‘Not Always About You’; Rude Van Steenes died February 1, 2021. with notes from Rude Van Steenes, Tony Lester and Billie Brock.

1979 (Living With the) White Folks/Coho? Coho! (Motor) 0001

Not Always About You (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“We’ve Gotta Get Outta This Place” on ‘No Pedestrians’ (Chameleon)  CR-535
1992 “(Living With The) White Folks” and “Coho? Coho!”  on ‘Smash The State’ [EP] (No Exit) NO-EXIT-001
1994 “(Living With The) White Folks”, “Coho? Coho!”, and “Pretty Girls” on ‘Smash The State: A Compilation of Canadian Punk Rock 1977-1981 Volume 1’ (No Exit) NO-EXIT-002
2016 “Kiss So Violent” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered No.9 – The Songwriters’ Notebook’ (Bullseye)


The ‘Artie’ of Artie And The Mustangs is country-rock guitarist/crooner Artie MacLaren who often performed solo on TV programs like ‘The Carl Smith Show’ on CTV. In recent years MacLaren is still singing and recording and released a CD called “Webb Pierce Songbook” through Weatherby Sound.

1965 Skip, Hop And Wobble/Jimmy Brown, The Newsboy (ARC) ARC-1088
1966 Lost Love/Ring of Fire (ARC) 45-1120
1978 Daddy’s Soul Guitar/Then There Was You (Broadland) BR-2285X

1965 The Race Is On (ARC) A-647
1966 May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose (Arc) A-663


Jay Smith (vocals) / Damon Hill (guitar) / Jason Syroca / Brad Johnston (bass) / Mike Brownlee (drums)
From Winnipeg, Manitoba

Death Dive/Fateful Day//Right To Live, Right To Die/Generic Jailer (Artificial Life) AL-001

Rob Taylor
(drums, percussion, vocals) / Robi Banerji (guitar, bass pedal synths, keyboards, vocals)  / Chris Tristram (bass)
Artok were a Waterloo, Ontario, Canada hard rock progressive metal trio. They produced a self-titled EP in 1983 which was recorded at Elora Sound.  In recent years they’ve reformed and have been working on a new record entitled ‘Above Ground’.

1983 Artok  (Kanvas)  JM-8359

Pierre Morin
/ René Paquin / Guy Tremblay / Georges Vadeboncoeur
From Trois-Rivières, Québec.

Donne-moi/Beautiful Child (Event – US) E-4292
1959 Donne-moi/Serment d’amour (Fleur-de-Lys) FL-146z
1960 Pour qui/Toi (Apex) 13175
1961  La bataille de Carillon/La marée (Venus) VS-3011

Compilation Tracks
“Donne-moi” and “Serment d’amour” on ‘Fleur-de-Lys Spécial’ (Fleur-de-Lys) FLS-506

Ed Simpson-Baikie (vocals, guitar, bass) / Denis Scherk (drums) / Rod Evans (guitar) / Barry Newman (guitar) / Andy Godan (guitar) / Ed Wright (lead vocals) / Reid Hudson (bass) / Harry Creech (drums) / Peter Lohr (drums)
Victoria, British Columbia act As Sheriff was formed in 1968 out of the remnants of Don Crawford And The Right People. After one single on London Records the band lasted until 1972. Simpson-Blaikie went to Amsterdam to continue performing in bands there including Uncle Dog, Stonedelight, Udell’s People, Daniel Sahuleka Band, and others. His current working assignment is the Jenny Kerr Band.; Barry Newman went on to be in Pastime, Savannah Blue, Buckeye, Eli and later became a radio personality and writer. He passed away in the early 2000’s; Evans went on to be in Day Break; Godan went on to be in Fast Flying Vestibule and Magic; Wright went on to be in Savannah Blue, Moxie, and Hoochie; Hudson went on to be in Stash, May Blitz and the Cunning Stunts; Creech switched to vocals and guitar and played in The Salty Seamen, Rainbow and is currently performing in The Essentials; Scherk went on to be in The Salty Seamen and Brandy. with notes from Denis Scherk.

1970 His Father’s Good Machine/Six Ways To The Ace (London) M-17390

John Kastner
(bass, vocals) / T.J. “Plenty” Collins (bass, guitar, vocals) / Sean Friesen (guitar, vocals) / Paul Remington (drums) / Blake Cheetah (bass) / Domenic Pompeio (bass) / Yuri Mohacsi (bass)
Formed in 1983 in Montréal, Québec the band began gaining attention on the indie club scene and attracted the attention on Deja Voodoo’s OG label who released The Asexuals’ debut four song 7” single ‘Featuring…The Asexuals’ in 1984. From there they self-released a debut album entitled ‘Be What You Want’ which was immediately scooped up by Psyche Industry Records for distribution. Their next album was 1985’s ‘Contemporary World’ which featured a re-tooled version Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A Changin'” with the album itself doing modest business on college and underground radio.  A bitter feud in 1987 over the band’s evolving sound saw the departure of founding member John Kastner (who would go on to form The Doughboys) and was replaced by T.J. Collins. Collins’ first gig as vocalist, bassist was at a 2,000 seat venue opening for P.I.L. By 1988 they had a reputation for being an incredible live band that had opened in major stadium venues across North America for the likes of DOA and Tupelo Chain Sex. They added a fourth member, Blake Cheetah, and Collins switched to guitar to create a bigger, fuller Asexuals sound. The grind of touring had taken its toll and it seemed that ‘Dish’ would be their swan song. They had become complacent and caring more about how much beer was on the rider rather than the music. As they were about to pack it in, a German promoter got his hands on the album and had the band stick it out through 400-500 seat venues in Europe which rejuvenated the act. However, before they could hop back in the studio bassist Blake Cheetah left. With the 1991’s ‘Exile From Floontown’ LP, permanent bassist Domenic Pompeio was added. After the album’s release, the band returned to Europe and then swung back to finish 1992 in Canada. Bassist Yuri Mohacsi was added in 1993 and a fifth album was finally released in 1997 called ‘Fitsjoy’.

1984 Featuring…The Asexuals [4 song EP] (Og) OG-5
1989 Dish (new version)/So Many Miles// [split w/Change of Heart] (Cargo) CAR-701
1993 Love Goes Plaid/Beautiful (RPN – Germany) RPN-019

1984 Be What You Want (First Strike) FS-01
1985 Be What You Want [re-issue] (Psyche Industry) PIR-3
1985 Contemporary World (Psyche Industry) PIR-07
1988 Dish (Cargo) CAR-04
1991 Exile From Floontown (Cargo) CAR-013
1992 Walt’s World [4 song EP] (Cargo) CAR-CD-17
1997 Fitsjoy (Hypnotic) HYPSD-1049
2017 Brave  New Waves Session [LP] (Artoffact) AOF-302

Compilation Tracks
“Contra-Rebels” on ‘Primitive Air-Raid’ (Psyche Industry) MPAS-01

Gilles Bolduc (vocals, guitar) / Gilles Blackburn (guitar) / Richard Belley (bass) / André Tremblay (drums) / Michel Proulx (organ) / Annie Darcy (vocals)
4-piece rock band from Québec, Les Assassins performed mainly in nightclubs in the Montréal region. In 1966, the group signed with Stop Records where they recorded and released the single “Toi mon bonheur” (a French version of the Platters’ “Twilight Time”). Late that year they released the second single “Tu peux pleurer” but didn’t achieve the same popularity as the first release. In 1967, the group added Michel Proulx (organ) and singer Annie Darcy. Les Assassins performed regularly until disbanding in 1970. With notes from Serge Gingras and Michel Charbonneau.

Toi mon bonheur/Tu ne veux pas de moi (Stop) ST-3508
1966 Tu peux pleurer/Si tu veux danser (Stop) ST-3518

Michel Champoux
(vocals, lead guitar) / Yvon Champoux (guitar, vocals) / Yves Simoneau (guitar) / Gilles Béliveau (bass) / Ronald Vallée (drums)
The White Men was formed in 1966 by members from Pierrefonds and Sorel (currently known as Sorel-Tracy), Québec whose lead singer, Michael Compoux, was only 11 years old. Wisely, they changed their name to Les Astek and as their popularity grew were soon courted by Disques Elysée. It is said that Les Astek’s closest rivals, Les Elves, had fans that were so jealous they showed up at one Les Astek gig and destroyed the band’s gear. In 1967 they released the single “Cheveux blonds et pantaloons” and made several television appearances including an on-site tour of EXPO 67 called ‘Expo-en-Go-Go’. The band was paid $248 for their appearance. This was followed by the second single, “On n’est pas bien compris”, and tour of Ontario and the Maritimes with entertainer Marcel Martel. Elysée would also licenced the song ‘Hélène’ to Casino records for a garage rock compilation in 1968. They suffered through several line-up changes and finally split up in 1971.

Cheveux blonds et pantalons/Hélène (Elysée) EY-136
1967 On n’est pas bien compris/Oje t’aime (Elysée) EY-138

Jon Everett / Alan Reid

Late 1950’s Rockabilly act from Saint John, New Brunswick. As one of the first Canadian rock bands to record in Canada, The Asteroids were signed to Rodeo Records of Halifax and their debut single, “Shhhhhhh Blast Off”, was released in June of 1958.  with notes from Dov Ivory.


1958 Shhhhhhh Blast Off/Don’t Dig This Algebra (Rodeo) 45-RO.182

Jean-Guy Martin
(vocals) / Marcel Audet (lead guitar) / Marcel Hardy (guitar) / Raymond Audet (bass) / Jean-Luc Robert (drums) / Gilles Guillemette (drums; replaced Robert) / Claude Dugré (lead guitar)
Comprised of several members of The Cascadairs, this Shawinigan, Québec act  won a battle of the bands competition in 1966 for radio station CJMS 1280. In 1967 Robert left and was replaced by Guillemette. The new line-up recorded their only single “Fol espoir” for the Tempo label which had some local radio success. Marcel Audet was replaced by Dugré soon after, but the band split up in 1968; Dugré is still musically active in a duo with Marcelle Thébault around the Lanaudière region of Québec.

Fol espoir/Mon coeur qui t’aime (Tempo) TE-107

Jim Atkinson
(guitar) / Terry Danko (bass) / Dwayne Ford (keys) / Hugh Brockie (guitar) / Brian Hilton (drums)
Hugh Brockie (guitar) and Dwayne Ford (piano), from Edmonton, were originally part of Ronnie Hawkins’ Rock And Roll Revival And Travelling Medicine Show. One night while playing the upstairs lounge of the Graham Bell Hotel in Brantford, Ontario Hawkins spotted two other hotshot musicians in the group Tin Pan Alley downstairs – Terry Danko (brother of The Band’s Rick Danko) and Jim Atkinson – and a new band was born. Hawkins, like he had done with so many versions of The Hawks like The Band and Crowbar before them, taught the guys the ropes about professional showmanship and playing abilities. And like The Hawks, this group of musicians decided that Hawkins’ straight-ahead rock and roll was creatively stifling so they left to form Atkinson, Danko, and Ford (with the addendum of ‘Brockie & Hilton’). The act soon signed to Columbia Records and their 1972 debut LP spawned the single “Right On”. Drummer Hilton would leave to join David Foster’s band Skylark and they added Mal Turner but felt their moniker sounded more like a law firm than a musical group and changed it to Bearfoot who continued recording well into the mid-70s on Columbia/CBS. with notes from Brian Hilton and Terry Danko. [also see BEARFOOT, TERRY DANKO, DWAYNE FORD]

1972 Right On/Holy, Holy, Holy (Columbia) C4-3076

1972 Atkinson, Danko and Ford (with Brockie and Hilton) (Columbia) ES-90134

Compilation Tracks
“Right On” on ‘The Canadian Music People’ (Columbia) CDN-2

Ratté Norman (lead guitar) / Jean Michel (guitar) / Guy Desjardins (bass) / Andre Choquette (drums) / Roger Milette (drums; replaced Choquette) / Jean Pilon (drums; replaced Milette)
Les Atomes were from Saint-Jérome, Québec. In 1965 they won a battle of the bands contest sponsored by radio station CJMS in Montréal which included a $1000 cash prize and a one week engagement playing at the hotel Central de Chomedy. They were signed to Capitol Records in 1966 and released two singles including a French version of The Beatles’ “Michelle”. In late 1966 Choquette left the band and was replaced by Roger Milette. They released two more singles in 1967 on the heels of their debut album ‘Va t’en maintenant’ for Capitol. In the summer Les Atomes were featured entertainers at the Garden of Stars In The Round as part of EXPO 67. Milette left the band in 1968 ad was replaced by Jean Pilon. Two final singles for Capitol followed and allowed the band to tour in May of that year as part of the CJMS Star-o-van alongside Les Baronets, Les Clash, Les Mersey’s and Les Bel-Air. They split up at the end of 1968. With notes from Michel Charbonneau.

1966 On ne vit qu’une fois/Michelle (Capitol) 85.001
1966 Toi qui sais tout/Si tu ouvres les yeux (Capitol) 85.003
1967 Va t’en maintenant/Pauvre fou (Capitol) 85.016
1967 Cigale, ma cigale/Toi qui te moquais (Capitol) 85.022
1968 Come Back/Un peu fou (Capitol) 85.025
1968 J’aurais du lui dire/Je l’attends ce soir (Capitol) 85.027

1967 Va T’en Maintenant (Capitol) T-70.016

Daniel Romano (guitar) / Ian Andrew Romano (drums) / Spencer Arthur Burton (guitar, vocals) / Ian Daniel Kehoe (bass)
Formed in Welland, Ontario in 2003. The band features City And Colour’s Daniel Romano.

2006 Northern Towns (Acoustic)/Cut and Run (Acoustic)/The Love Between You and I (Acoustic) [7”] (Dine Alone) DAV-0002
2008 Young Leaves (Hassle – UK)

Attack In Black [5-song EP] (Skate Ahead) SAR-002
2006 Widows [4-song EP] (Dine Alone) DA-004
2007 The Curve of the Earth (Dine Alone) DA-004
2007 Marriage (Dine Alone) DA-009
2008 Fake Love Songs w/Demos [6-song cassette] (You’ve Changed)
2009 Years (By One Thousand Fingertips) (Dine Alone) DA-018
2015 The First and Second Efforts of A Band That Died Before You Could Kill Them (Dine Alone) DAV-099
2018 Got Live If You’re Interested (Dine Alone) DA-148

Compilation Tracks
“A Man Needs a Maid” on ‘Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young’ (Sony)

A solo artist with a few charting tracks in Canada including a remake of Bob Dylan’s “I Shall Be Released”.

1970 We Will Find Love/Red Red Wine (Polydor) 2065-001
I Shall Be Released/Go (Polydor) 2065-069
1972 It’s No Secret/We Will Find Love (Polydor) 2065-119

Without You (What Will I Live For)/You Slipped By Again (Comstock) COM-1689
1983 Hung Up On You/Wishes Are For Dreamers (Comstock) COM-1700
1983 Endlessly/Nobody Said (A Song For Sue) (Comstock) COM-1717
1984 Up the Wall/You Slipped By Again (Comstock) COM-1733
1984 Nobody Said/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1749
1984 Rainbow/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1768
1985 Stars In My Eyes/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1786
1985 Forget About Me/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1796
1986 Don’t Cry For Me/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1806
1986 I’ll Never Get Over You/Wishes Are For Dreamers (Comstock) COM-1818
1988 Seventh Heaven/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1883
1988 Takes On To Know One/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1906
1989 Blue Rain/ [same] (Comstock) COM-1923
1991 Because of You/ [same] (Comstock) COM-2010

True Blood/[same] (Comstock) COM-1857

Endlessly (Comstock) COM-983

AUBĖ, Dany
Born: Rejeanne Aubé
Québec chanteuse Dany Aubé grew up in Lasarre and released a handful of albums in the latter half of the 1960s. Aubé received a small revival when one of her songs was featured in the 2006 bilingual Canadian film ‘Bon Cop, Bad Cop’.

1967 Dany Aubé (Vedettes) PG-373
La Fille du Pacha (Trans-Canada) TF-400
1968 II M’Appelaite-Goguette (Trans-Canada) TCM-926
1969 Dany pour les Enfants (Trans-Canada) TCM-933
1969 Noël Avec (Trans-Canada) TCM-963
1970 Dany Aubé (Trans-Canada) TC-765
1971 Dany Aubé (Trans-Canada) TC-772
1999 Ma Casquette (Mérite) 22-2402

AUCHU, Claudette
Claudette Auchu – known as ‘The Girl from the Forum’ – was the organist at the Montréal Forum. From 1969 to 1974 she performed at every Montréal Canadiens hockey game in The Forum. In recent years she has come out of retirement and compiled a ‘best of’ package based on fan requests.

1971 Faut que je sois saoul/Mon oncle mede (Profil) PR-2508

1971 Forum du chanson avec Claudette Auchu (Profil) PRO-101
1972 Intermission (Profil) PRO-106
1973 Lui et Moi (Profil) PRO-107
1974 Forums Organ Player (Profil) PRO-108
1974 Claudette Auchu (London) SLP-20085
1975 1940…ou Presque (London) SLP-20092
2010 Dansons – Let’s Dance

AUF der MAUR, Melissa
Born: March 17, 1972 in Montréal, Québec

Montréal native Auf der Maur’s band Tinker opened for The Smashing Pumpkins during that band’s first tour through Québec in 1993. When Courtney Love needed a replacement for a bass player in her band Hole in 1994, Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan recommended Auf der Maur. Auf der Maur’s tenure with Hole lasted from 1994 through 1999 and she appeared on their album ‘Celebrity Skin’. Auf der Maur has also collaborated on album by Ric Ocasek (The Cars), Rufus Wainwright, Ryan Adams, Daniel Victor, Indochine, Ben Lee, Idaho, The Stills and Fountains of Wayne. In 2002 she formed a Black Sabbath cover band called Hand of Doom and later she and several members formed an original act called The Chelsea which would then become Courtney Love’s backing band. Auf der Maur finally managed the time to record a self-titled solo album in 2004. She became part of the ‘Love Metal Tour’ featuring the bands HIM and Curiosa. She’d also do opening slots for The Matthew Good Band and The Offspring that year. In 2010 she released her second solo album, ‘Out of Our Minds’, featuring the track “Father’s Grave” with Glen Danzig. She would tour extensively under the band name AUF DER MAUR.

Followed the Waves/Good News/My Foggy Demo (EMI) CDEM-635
2004 Real A Lie/Afraid/Taste You (Acoustic) (EMI – UK) CDEM-642
2004 Taste You/Sergeant Politeness/You Could Ice Skate To This (EMI – UK) CDEM-650
2010 Meet Me On the Darkside (PHI-MAdM) PHI-M023

as MAdM
This Would Be Paradise [3-song EP] (Urbanited – FINLAND) URB-90009
2009 Out of Our Minds/Lead Horse (PHI-MAdM)

Auf der Maur (EMI) 72435-78941

as MAdM
MAdM [3-song EP DigiFile] (PHI-MAdM) PHI-M017
2010 Out of Our Minds (PHI-MAdM) PHI-M018

Antoine Baril
(drums) / Arianne Fleury (soprano vocals) / Dominic “Forest” Lapointe (bass) / Etienne Gallo (drums) / Mathieu Marcotte (guitars) / Patrick Loisel (vocals, guitars)
From Montreal, Quebec.

Concealed (Galy) GALY-026
2009 Fragmentary Evidence (Goodfellow/Nuclear Blast) GFR-058
2018 Illusive Golden Age (The Artisan Era – US) AE-12

Mike Levine
(bass) / Terry Walker
From Toronto, Ontario. Levine would go on to be a member of Triumph.

Smiles & Kisses (Itco) 107

AUSTIN, Julian
Born: August 24, 1963 in Sussex, New Brunswick
Singer/songwriter Julian Austin was born and bred in St. John, New Brunswick and spent his formative years in jail (he has served time twice for break and entry and drug charges), drinking, experimenting with drugs or generally reeking havoc before settling into a more mature lifestyle writing songs about those experiences. He hit bottom while in prison, but was able to turn it around when his psychologist behind-bars, turned into his manager after Austin’s release. BMG signed Austin during Calgary’s Canadian Country Music Association Week in September 1996. His debut album, ‘What My Heart Already Knows’, was released in the Spring of 1997 and found its two singles — “Little Ol’ Kisses” and “Diamond” — heavily rotated on radio and television. Austin grabbed 1997 CCMA ‘Wrangler Rising Star Award’ and was nominated for ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’. “Little Ol’ Kisses” also made the CMT Top-30 videos of 1997. Austin moved to Calgary, Alberta in 1998 to begin writing is second album. However, in early January 1999 he was left with several broken and cracked ribs, a punctured right lung, and a hole in his right leg after a bull-riding accident. It took nearly a year for him to recover and his sophomore album, ‘Back in Your Life’ was finally released in March 2000. A cover version of Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run” was released as a single and reached No.4 on the Canadian country singles chart. The album earned Austin six CCMA nominations, and nominated for ‘Best Country Male Artist’ at the Juno Awards in 2001. Following the completion of his record deal with ViK Recordings in 2001, he found himself signed to Myles Goodwyn’s Civilian label – new home of April Wine. The result was his third album, 2002’s ‘Bulletproof’, and despite the success of several charting singles he left the label after one album over creative issues. Austin released ‘The Red and White’ on LMG Records in 2007 but his fifth album, ‘One For One’, would come out on his own independent Little Ol’ Records in May 2009. Julian Austin has toured steadily across Canada more than two dozen times opening for the likes of Terri Clark, Michelle Wright and Marty Stuart as well as headlining his own shows.

Little Ol’ Kisses (BMG)
1997 Diamond (BMG)
1997 What My Heart Already Knows (Vik./BMG) KCDP-51589
1998 Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad (Vik./BMG)
1998 Hard Time Lovin’ You (Vik./BMG)
1999 Back In Your Life (Vik./BMG)
1999 Holdin’ On For 8 [cassette] (Vik./BMG) KJK- 151718
2000 Take The Money And Run (Vik./BMG)
2000 Forever Loving You (Vik./BMG)
2000 Baby Bye Bye (Vik./BMG)
2001 Should Be Over You (Vik./BMG)
2002 Pussycat (Civilian)
2002 I’m So Over You (Civilian) DPRO-JA02
2003 Only God Knows (Civilian)
2006 He’s Got What It Takes (LMG)
2006 The Red And White (LMG)
2007 Harbour Town (LMG)
2008 Back To Me (LMG)
2008 Marie (LMG)
2009 Fat Bottom Girls (Little Ol’)
2009 She Knows About Cryin’ (Little Ol’)
2009 If Houston Doesn’t Want You (Little Ol’)
2010 Goodbye Exit Sign (Little Ol’ Records)
2010 Me And This Town (Little Ol’ Records)

Back On Track (TMA)
1997 Introducing Julian Austin [5-song EP] (Vik./BMG) KCDP-51457
1997 What My Heart Already Knows (Vik./BMG) 47347
1999 Back In Your Life [3-song EP] (Vik./BMG) 70427
2000 Back In Your Life (Vik./BMG) 68994
2002 Bulletproof (Civilian) CR-1000-2
2006 The Red and the White (LMG/MapleMusic) 21228-83222
2009 One For One (Little Ol’/Conveyor/UMG) AUD-659863014

Lucien Francoeur (vocals) / Jacques Racine (guitar)
Progressive Rock act formed in Montréal, Québec in 1974. The band’s first album ‘Prends une chance avec moé’ was released in February 1975 on Columbia Records to critical acclaim. The continued on with Columbia for several more releases before splitting up in 1978. In 2005 Francoeur and Racine reunited to release ‘Chansons d’épouvante’ with help from Voivod’s Michel Langevin (drums) and Denis D’Amour (guitar), plus Grimskunk’s Joe Evil (keyboards) and Groovy Aardvark’s Vincent Peake (bass).

1974 Ch’t’aime pi ch’t’en veux/Hey You Woman (Columbia) C4-4066
1975 Prend une chance avec moé/Sexe-Fiction (Columbia) C5-4085
1975 Ambulance Francoeur/Blue jeans sur la plage (Columbia) C5-4112
1975 Nancy Beaudoin/Vancouver une nuit comme une autre (Columbia) C5-4119
1977 Le p’tit gros/Les pays d’en haut (Columbia) C5-4153
1982 Le rock à l’école/Ben dans ma peau (Hasard) HA-4003

1975 Prends une chance avec moé (Columbia) FS-90289
1975 Une nuit comme une autre (Columbia) FS-90309
1976 Le Couchemar américain (Columbia) PFS-90379
1977 Chaud comme un juke-box (Columbia – France) 82029
1981 Encore (Columbia) WENC-50021
2001 Dans la jungle des villes (Star) STR-CD-8129
2005 Chansons d’épouvante (Artic/Select) ARTCD-494
2014 Chaud comme un jukebox (L’intégrale) (AM) AM0101-05

From Montréal, Québec.

We Wanna Be Heard [4-song EP] (En Guard) ENG-012

Richard Bibeaud

Reviens/J’ai Appris À L’aimer (RCA Victor Canada International) 57-5751

Tim Ray
(lead vocals, guitar) / Bill Napier-Hemy (guitar, bass, vocals) / Alexander Varty (bass) / Colin Griffiths (drums)

AV EP [4-song 7” EP] (Quintessence) QET-001

Myles Hunter
(vocals) / Manfred Leidecker (bass) / Bob Deeks (guitar) / John Fenton (guitar) / Robert Holtz (drums) / Tullio Granata (guitar) / Brian Sim (guitar)
Hunter and Leidecker were forming a new band in Ottawa in the mid-70s and approached Deeks in the spring of 1976 while he was working at a gas station trying to make ends meet. Deeks suggested adding drummer Holtz. They were now a four piece but needed another guitarist to share lead and rhythm duty so, after many auditions, John Fenton was added. Avalon was christened and for the first year played gigs in Ottawa and throughout Southern Ontario. Deeks and Fenton left and were replaced by Granata and Sim as this spiritually based new-age progressive act began recording their debut album for London Records. Hunter would go on to a successful career with Michael Fury, Refugee, Hunter-Greer, and as solo artist. He gave up his music career in the 1990’s to become and ordained minister. He died of liver failure December 20, 2017; Fenton would become a crucial member of punk band The Action and later the Fenton Brothers Band. He died April 2, 2020; Deeks joined Octavian and later Exit 18 following his stint with Avalon. He has done session work and helped develop other artists in his home recording studio. Deeks is a professor at Algonquin College (Ottawa), teaching Digital Audio Recording/Production. He is currently working on a solo CD; Sim went on to found Crucial Moments fronted by avant garde vocalist Cyndela Whitney and featuring Brian Radding of Five Man Electrical Band on bass. Sim became one of the most respected and creative guitar players in the Ottawa area performing with his own band and with many others for hire. In 1989 he won the Ottawa area Guitar Warz. In the past 6 years Sim has been exploring percussion; in 1983, Leidecker opened a studio in Aylmer, Québec working with area musicians such as Eight Seconds, Charlie Major and Kyana. In 1988 he designed and built a 3000 sq. ft. studio in Nepean and recorded Love Chain, Antix, Soul Tattoo and others before focusing on production only. In 1991, Leidecker signed Ottawa thrash metal act Exciter and produced their CD ‘Kill After Kill’. He then signed Exciter to Noise Records (Germany) while he and Sim also started LS Productions; Holtze is the drummer for The Cooper Brothers. with notes from Manfred Leidecker, and Bob Deeks. [also see MYLES HUNTER]

1977 Celebration Day/Silver Bullets (London) L-2630
1977 Lady of My Dreams/Love Has Come (London)  L-2641
1977 Say You’re Sorry/Celebration Day (London) L-2659


1977 Voice Of Life (London) PS-702

Born: Daniel Edward Aykroyd on July 1, 1952 in Ottawa, Ontario

Dan Aykroyd is a renowned sketch comedy alumnus of both Second City Comedy Club in Chicago and TV show ‘Saturday Night Live’ as well as actor in dozens of Hollywood feature movie rolls including ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, ‘Coneheads’, ‘Grosse Pointe Blank’ and two ‘Ghostbusters’ films. Aykroyd’s love of music has also allowed him to occasionally step into a recording studio. A musical sketch on ‘Saturday Night Live’ about two fictitious bluesmen called ‘The Blues Brothers’ with Aykroyd as Elwood Blues and actor John Belushi as Joliet “Jake” Blues was based on Aykroyd’s Toronto musical friend The Downchild Blues Band. This led to the show’s producer, Lorne Michaels, to spin the characters off into their own self-titled movie in 1978. They film not only made a respectable showing in theatres (and eventually attracted a cult following) but Aykroyd and Belushi  became a legitimately charting musical act with featured material from the soundtrack entitled ‘Briefcase Full of Blues’. Music director for the band was fellow Canadian Paul Shaffer and featured Steve Cropper, Duck Dunn, Steve Jordan, Matt Murphy and Tom Scott among many backing musicians. Belushi would succumb to a drug overdose in 1982 and Aykroyd continued on with a revised version of the Blues Brothers featuring Belushi’s brother Jim Belushi which included the soundtrack to a second film entitled ‘Blues Brothers 2000’. In 1983 Aykroyd starred in the critically savaged movie ‘Doctor Detroit’ which featured him singing duets on three separate songs with T.K. Carter and Pattie Brookes. The remake of the 1960s TV show ‘Dragnet’ was turned into a feature film in 1987 starring Aykroyd and rising star Tom Hanks. The two did a novelty rap song called “City of Crime” which was released as a single. In 1988 he co-starred with John Candy in the film ‘The Great Outdoors’ and reprised his role as Elwood Blues for the movie’s soundtrack which featured team-ups with Wilson Pickett, Sam Moore, Tom Scott and Peter Aykroyd. Aykroyd would star with Kim Basinger in ‘My Stepmother is an Alien’ and contributed the song “Hot Wives” to the movie’s soundtrack album. Aykroyd splits his time between Los Angeles and Toronto with his actress wife Donna Dixon. He now sells his own brand of wine and vodka products.  with notes from Keith Paynter.

Soul Man/Excusez Moi Mon Cherie (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3545
1978 Rubber Biscuit/”B” Movie Boxcar Blues (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3564
1978 Hey Bartender/(I’ve Got Everything I Need) Almost (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3576
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love/Think (Atlantic/WEA)
1980 Gimme Some Lovin’/She Caught the Katy (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3666
1980 Jailhouse Rock/Sweet Home Chicago (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3758
1980 Who’s Making Love/Perry Mason Theme (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3785
1981 Going To Miami/From The Bottom (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3802
1981 Shake A Tailfeather/Minnie the Moocher (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3855
1981 Expressway to Your Heart/Rubber Biscuit (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3884

City of Crimes/(instrumental) (MCA) 53086

Briefcase Full Of Blues (Atlantic/WEA) SD-19217
1980 The Blues Brothers [O.S.T.] (Atlantic/WEA) SD-16017
1981 Made In America (Atlantic/WEA) SD-16025
1981 Best of The Blues Brothers (Atlantic/WEA) SD-19331
1998 Blues Brothers 2000 (Universal) UD-53116

Compilation Tracks
“Tell Your Mother” on ‘Rocktober ‘82’ (Attic) ROCT-082
1983 “Hold Him” and “Working Girls” [w/Patti Brookes] “Yo Skridlow” [w/T.K. Carter] on ‘Doctor Detroit (O.S.T.) (Backstreet) BSR-6120
1988 “Land of a Thousand Dances” [w/Wilson Pickett], “Hot Fun In the Summertime” [w/Sam Moore], “Dragboat” [w/Tom Scott], and “Hot Weasel” [w/Peter Aykroyd]
1989 “Hot Wives” on ‘My Stepmother is an Alien [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Polydor) 837-798
1994 “Bonanza” [w/Reba McEntire] on ‘North [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Epic Soundtrax) CK-66151

Born: Azed Majeed
Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter.

Origins of Consensus/Filters (Mam) MAM-002

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