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We encourage the sharing of any pertinent information of a general biographical nature, updates of current events with that artist, or the discographies themselves. These may also include omissions, erroneous info corrections or grammatical/spelling mistakes found in the Encyclopedia. Though we’re happy that you went to school and shared ice cream with the lead singer of Steppenwolf back in 1961, it has no bearing on the history of that artist. Submissions of usable historical data will be credited at the bottom of the artist entry.

You can contact us and plead your case. Additions to the database are at our discretion. Acceptance is not based on any specific criteria except one: a commercially (i.e. retail available) released vinyl album, single (12”, 7”, 10” 78RPM), cassette, 8-track tape, CD or Digital File available through online digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, et al) at any point between 1929 and present. We realize that it’s a savvy internet, D.I.Y. kind of world out there now, but we are looking for acts that consciously made an effort to reach an audience outside the confines of their basements. There are exceptions to this policy. The Biffs from Toronto are in the Encyclopedia despite never having released a single piece of commercial music but their historic significance in the Toronto Queen St. W. scene in the late 1970s is well documents and band members went on to achieve commercial success with other projects.

* Correspondence to artists themselves. The Encyclopedia is a research tool and is not a dating service, Canada Post, or – that’s what Facebook and Twitter were designed for. We respect the privacy of these acts and as such our contact with them is minimal and professional in regards to data collection and is not to be abused for rekindling lost friendships. Sorry.

* Having the artist perform at your corporate party, charity function, or bar mitvah. See above.

* To ask for copies of out-of-print or rare songs. We won’t do it. We can’t do it. We recommend searching online vinyl and CD sales marketplaces such as Ebay or

PS: The Encyclopedia is not in the legal position of reproducing lyrics or posting videos or audio files of any artists’ songs.

We cannot accept photos unless they are being submitted by the photographers or copyright holders.

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