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Valade, Claude
Valentine, Cindy
Valentines, The
Valentins, Les
Valhalla, The
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Vannelli, Gino
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Velvet Empire
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Viscounts, The
Visible Wind
Visitors, The
Vital Sines
Vogt, Les
Voisine, Roch
Vomit And The Zits
Vos Voisins
Voyageurs, The

Former member of The Bird Sisters. She would reunite with her former bandmate Tannis Slimmon in the group Boreal [also see THE BIRD SISTERS, BOREAL]

Do You Ever (Jude Vadala) 0-61297-25059-2

Compilation Tracks
“What My Truck Can Do” on ‘Truck Songs’ [2CD] (DROG) DROG-029
2006 “Anna” on ‘Afghanistan… On Guard For Thee?’ [3CD] (DROG)

VALADE, Claude
Claude Valade was born in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec in 1944. He singing career began when she started taking part in amateur competitions. At the age of 18 she decided to try her luck in Montreal. In 1962 she was host and singer at the Café Saint-Jacques. Several TV appearances followed and a record deal with Click Records. In 1963 she had chart success with the single “Sylvain” and its follow-up, “Sous unerain d’étoiles.” In the years that followed, Claude Valade made a career in cabaret and had a few other hits on the charts with “Je suis à toi” in 1964 and “Si l’amour est la loi.” In 1967 she had a hit with “Vin d’été” as a duet with Robert Demontigny.

Sylvain/J’entends son pas (Click) CK-7
1963 Sous une pluie d’étoiles/Les amants séparés (Click) CK-27
1963 Danke Schoen/Un autre amour (Click) CK-33
1964 Pourquoi suis-je venue/Tu n’as jamais le temps (Click) CK-37
1964 Je suis à toi/La clé de ton coeur (Click) CK-47
1964 Si l’amour est la loi/L’anneau de feu (Click) CK-55
1965 Le soir/Je crois à demain (Click) CK-67
1965 C’est beau la vie/Le Zim-Boom (France-Canada) FC-007
1965 Le temps du chagrin/Les beaux jours de notre amour (France-Canada) FC-010
1966 On a trouvé l’amour/Reviens-moi (Citation) CN-9003
1966 Son seul amour/Coeur (Citation) CN-9009
1967 L’amour est bleu/Ce jour viendra (Citation) CN-9039
1967 J’accuse/Ça recommence (Élysée) EY-127
1967 Vin d’été [w/Robert Demontigny]/Chanson sur une note (Élysée) EY-130
1967 Jackson/Ferme tes yeux [w/Robert Demontigny] (Casino) CO-19003
1967 San Francisco/Quand tu t’en iras (Casino) CO-19004
1969 Après l’amour/Que te dire encore (Capitol) 85034
1969 Au festival des neiges/Au festival des neiges (Instrumental) (Capitol) 85037
1969 L’amour est fini (I’ve Gotta Be Me)/Je T’aime (Capitol) 85046
1969 Tant que nous nous aimerons/Quand s’en iront les étoiles [w/Luis Mariano] (Capitol) 85050
1969 You’d Laugh (Je T’aime)/Just Come Home (C’est L’amour) (Capitol) 72589
1972 Pour Un Homme/La Vie Parisienne (United Artists – US) UA-50924
1975 Choucoune/Dormir Au Soleil ‎(Amerique) EV.100
1975 Help Me Make It Through The Night/Aide-Moi A Passer La Nuit ‎(London) L-2567
1975 Aide-Moi A Passer La Nuit/Au Bout Du Monde (Deram) DF.531
1975 Viens T’Etendre Au Creux De Mes Bras/For The Good Times (Deram) DF.543
1975 Quand Tes Yeux / Si Vous Allez à Las Vegas (Deram) DF.558
1975 À Noël/Silver Bells ‎(Deram ) DF.561
1976 J’ai Dit Non/Sincerement Je T’aime (Deram) DF.585
1976 Est-Ce Si Facile De M’Oublier/Tu T’en Vas Mais Je N’y Crois Pas (Deram) DF.600
1976 Reste Avec Lui/Tu Es Le Soleil De Ma Vie ‎(Deram) DF.624
1976 Je N’ai Pas Assez D’une Vie/Quand Je Reviendrai ‎(London) 86.560
1976 Apple Of My Eye/And I Love You So ‎(London) L.2588
1976 Parce Que Je T’aime And I Love You So ‎(Deram) DF-573
1976 Jonathan Le Goéland/Mon Pays Est Ici ‎(Telson) AE-103
1977 Le Chemin De Tes Reves/Je Veux Etre Pres De Toi ‎(Telson) AE-109
1977 Seule A Pleurer/La Belle Vie ‎(Telson) AE-115
1977 Ce Monde/C’est L’amour ‎(Telson) AE-126
1977 The World I Threw Away/I Honestly Love You ‎(Telson) AF-500 1978 Tu N’as Pas De Coeur/A La Campagne ‎(Telson) AE-132
1978 Il N’Y Avait Que Toi/Dis Moi Si Je Peux ‎(Telson) AEX-136
1979 Je Me Souviendrai Toujours/Ma Raison De Vivre ‎(CBS) C5-4232
1979 Moi Qui N’ai Plus Rien (I Who Have Nothing)/Ce Soir-Là ‎(CBS) C5-4222
1979 Je Ne Peux Pas Croire/Je T’Attendais = You Needed Me ‎(CBS) C5-4208
1979 Comme Tu Es Grand – Chansons Chrétiennes/Notre-Père, Protège-Nous (Saisons) SNS-6500
1980 Pourquoi Moi, Mon Dieu/Je T’En Prie, Aide-Moi ‎(Saisons) SNS-6501
1981 La Colombe Et Le Serpent/De Quelle Couleur Est La Peau De Dieu ‎(Collaboration) CL-401
1981 Il Est la Tous Près de Toi / Les Enfants de la Vie (Collaboration) CL-402
1982 Dites-lui Que Je L’aime (Version Courte)/Dites-Lui Que Je L’aime (Version Longue) ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-300
1982 Il Pleut Des Larmes Dans Mon Coeur/Il Pleut Des Larmes Dans Mon Coeur (Version Instrumentale) ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-301
1982 Passons La Nuit Ensemble/Le Temps Passe Trop Vite ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-302
1982 Le Temps Est Long/Baisse Un Peu La Lumière ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-303
1983 Téléphone-Moi/Pourquoi Moi, Mon Dieu ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-400
1984 Avec Mes Mains, Avec Mon Coeur/La Prière De La Sérénité ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-401
1985 Te Quiero Mi Amor/Un Jour Je Ris, Un Jour Je Pleure ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-618
1985 Au Jardin De Mon Coeur/Cada Dia Te Quiero ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-615

Marchons Ensemble Toi Et Moi/Je N’ai Pas Assez D’une Vie ‎(Telson) AE-100

Garde-Moi Ton Amour/Garde-Moi Ton Amour (Instrumentale) ‎(Les Disques Création) DC-603

photo: John Rowlands

Born: Paul Valdemar Horsdal on September 1, 1945 in Ottawa, Ontario
The son of Danish parents, Valdy began playing the guitar as a teenager, took piano lessons for five years, and learned orchestration from Professor Robin Wood, the dean of a music school in Victoria, British Columbia. His love of playing guitar and piano drew him to Montreal in 1964. He joined the folk group The London Town Criers who would tour coffeehouses from Montreal to Regina. Briefly he joined The Prodigal Sons which was a folk/country hybrid but ended up in Toronto in 1965 and played bass for upcoming country star Blake Emmons. By 1966 he moved to Victoria where he studied orchestration at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. After graduating, he worked the local club circuit and eventually attracted a manager in Keith Lawrence. Lawrence secured him a record deal in 1971 with Haida Records. The label sent Valdy to A & M studios in Hollywood with Keith Lawrence’s brother Claire Lawrence (Collectors, Chilliwack) to produce. The result was the A & M Records distributed debut album ‘Country Man. The album’s first single was “Rock And Roll Song” – the recollection of facing a zealous audience at the Aldergrove Rock Festival in 1968 – which made the Canadian Top20 chart position. The song would go on to be recorded by many other artists including John Kay & Steppenwolf. The album’s second single, “A Good Song”, would make the Canadian Top10 and eventually be re-interpreted by the venerable Quincy Jones (who sang lead on the recording) under the title “Just a Man”. The sophomore album was another Claire Lawrence production called ‘Landscapes’ and featured the title track and “Simple Life” as singles. Valdy’s 1974 album ‘Family Gathering’ was recorded at Toronto’s Massey Hall. The album resulted in his second straight gold record and his first JUNO Award for ‘Outstanding Folk Performance of the Year’. For his third studio release, ‘See How The Years Have Gone By’, A & M decided to send Valdy back to Hollywood, this time with Doors producer Paul Rothschild to re-recreate his most popular songs as an introduction to the US market. By 1976 Valdy had switched management and had put five albums in the rear-view mirror – following his team up with The Hometown Band featuring Shari Ulrich and ex-members of Skylark – and was second only to Gordon Lightfoot in record sales for a Canadian folk singer. In August, he represented Canada at the International Song Festival in Sopot, Poland. In 1978 he recorded a more upbeat environmental album called ‘Hot Rocks’ whose title track refers to spent nuclear fuel and was the album’s first single. “Sister I Love You” followed up the charts and also made its way into the Top40 on the heels of a heavy road schedule. In 1982 he left A & M Records and released two albums on Sloth Records – ‘1001’ and ‘Valdy’s Kids Records. In 1985 he landed on Duke Street Records for the album ‘Notes From Places’. Recorded at Little Mountain and Le Studio in Morin Heights, Québec, the country-flavoured offering produced only one single – the world renowned “Sonny’s Dream” written by Ron Hynes. He was nominated by the Juno Awards for the 12th time – as ‘Country Male Vocalist of the Year’. Over the years, Valdy has collaborated with other singer/songwriters, such as Max Bennett on “Simple Life” and Bob Ruzicka on “Leaving Ain’t The Only Way To Go” and “Easy Money”. In 1992 he signed an eight year contract with the adult arm of the children’s label Oak Street Music. His first album, ‘Heart At Work’, was released in April 1993. “Double Solitaire” was the album’s first single. From his home base on Salt Spring Island, Valdy would venture out on the occasional tour in the 2000s with Gary Fjellgaard (whom he’s recorded two albums with) and a resulting live release called “Viva Valdy”. Valdy has won two Juno Awards for ‘Folk Singer of the Year’ and ‘Folk Entertainer of the Year’, and has received seven additional Juno nominations; His fourteen albums have achieved sales of nearly half a million copies, four of which are certified gold; Chosen “Songwriter of the Year” and received CARAS awards in Folk/Bluegrass categories. His songs were featured in the 1972 Steve McQueen film ‘The Getaway’; he was a panelist on the popular 1970s show ‘Front Page Challenge’; Valdy also appeared on the CBC-TV show ‘The Beachcombers’ as the environmental activist “Halibut” Stu and was in the reunion production of ‘The New Beachcombers’ performing his original song “It’s The Water”; Valdy was the host of “BC Music Project” music video show and the winner of the 1989 ‘Gold Ribbon Talent Development Award’. Valdy has toured a dozen different countries, from Denmark to Australia, and been an often-invited performer at the prestigious Kerrville Festival in Texas. Valdy received the Order of Canada in June 2011. with notes from Kathy Hahn

1972 Rock And Roll Song/Hello Mr. Record Man (Haida) HS-101
1973 A Good Song/Mm Mm Mm Mm (Haida) HS-104
1973 Landscapes/Arnold’s Cove (Haida)
1973 Simple Life/[same] (A & M) DJ-1474
1974 Renaissance (Dance That Old Dance Once More)/Rock And Roll Song (A & M) AM-377
1976 Yes I Can (Anyway You Want Me)/Coldwater Castle (A & M) AM-413
1976 Peter and Lou/Weather’d Hands (A & M) AM-418
1977 Hometown Band/ (A & M) AM-432
1978 Dirty Old Man/Livin’ Out On the Road (A & M) AM-461
1978 Hot Rocks [stereo]/Hot Rocks [mono] (A & M) AM-469
1979 Sister I Love You [stereo]/Sister I Love You [mono] (A & M) AM-473
1980 Easy Money/Comin’ Home (Sloth) SS-101
1981 Just Like A Movie Scene/Thank God He’s A Stranger (Sloth) SS-103
1982 Leavin’ Ain’t The Only Way To Go/Dream The Night Away (Sloth) SS-107
1983 Daddy’s Okay/Livin’ In A Kids World (Sloth) SS-108
1985 It’s That Melody/Tlell (Duke Street) DSR-71010
1986 Sonny’s Dream/Julie (Duke Street) DSR-8010
1987 Roll Man Roll
1988 Living Next To A Candy Store
1990 Hey Mr. Michael Wilson
1993 Double Solitaire/Interview Responses (PEG) CDNK-832
1993 Link In A Chain (PEG – US) 872
1994 Dreams About You (PEG – US) 925

1972 Country Man (Haida) HI-5101
1973 Landscapes (Haida) HI-5104
1974 Family Gathering (A & M) SP-9013
1975 See How The Years Have Gone By (A & M) SP-4538
1976 Valdy & The Hometown Band (A & M) SP-4592
1978 Hot Rocks (A & M) SP-9034
1979 Passport: Best of Valdy (A & M) SP-9038
1980 1001 (Sloth) SL-1001
1982 Valdy’s Kids Record (Sloth) SL-1002
1985 Notes From Places (Duke Street) DSR-31010
1988 Valdy: A Classic Collection (A & M)
1993 Heart At Work (PEG – US) 012
1996 Smorgas Bard (ROR) 101
2001 20th Century Masters – Millennium Collection: Best of Valdy (Universal) 625055
2004 Viva Valdy – Live at Last (Rack On Tour/WEA) 272215

1999 Contenders (Stony Plain) SPCD1262-2000
2007 Contenders Two: Still in the Running (Stony Plain) PRO-177034

Compilation Tracks
“Rock and Roll Song” on ‘Rock Now’ (Neosonic/A & M) ST-5003
1979 “Hot Rocks” on ‘Collage’ (Bytown) BFFTF-1
1981 “Rock and Roll Song” on ‘Superstars Salute New Massey Hall’ (CRIA) CRIA-2
1996 “Rock and Roll Song” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25
2000 “Once a Year” on ‘Love Starts With the Children – Pride and Joy Vol. 5 (Wellcraft) CTRPJ-5

Born: Valentine Cinzia Leone on August 22, 1975 in Italy
Cindy Valentine is the niece of movie director Sergio Leone and was born in Italy. She began singing at the age of 7 and at the age of 9 won a contest to record with an opera singer in Milan. Her father objected and so she ran away from home with a cousin to Milan. When she finally recorded in Milan, Canadian music producer Tony Green saw Valentine and agreed to work with her when she was old enough. She studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Milan. She relocated to Toronto, Ontario to pursue a music career under the management of Green. In 1984 Green helped her secure a record deal with Columbia Records. She released her Tony Green produced ‘Rock And Roll Heart Attack’ album that year. The record would spawn several singles – “Big Kiss”, “Make It Through the Night” and “Victim” (whose video featured actor Michael Damien). With a switch to Polydor/Polygram in 1987 she also dropped her rock roots in favour of dance music for her follow-up album ‘Secret Rendez-vous’ which was also produced by Tony Green. The album spawned two hits in the title track and “In Your Midnight Hour. Her final release was the single ‘Pick Up the Pieces (To My Heart)’ in 1989 on Arista Records and hit No.11 on the Billboard dance charts. She did make a guest appearance singing three songs on Jellybean Benitez’s 1991 ‘Spillin’ The Beans’ album as well as backing vocals on actor Corey Feldman’s 1994 ‘Love Left’ album and Yakoo Boyz in 1996. Since the 1990s she’s been writing songs for other artists – including Jennifer Finnegan’s hit song “One Beat Away” – has tried her hand as a filmmaker (writing and producing ‘Ruth’), as well as acting (‘Teen Witch’, ‘The Gentleman’, ‘The Pink Chiquitas’, ‘Mannequin’, ‘Due South’). She now uses her birth name when not making music but still uses Cindy Valentine when doing music production and fronting the band Anonymous. In 2005 she scored the Miramax DVD released ‘Backflash’ starring Robert Patrick and Melissa Joan Hart, and ‘Souvenir Views’ for the Tribeca Film Festival as a short film feature. In December 2008 a new downloadable album was mad available on iTunes entitled ‘Blame Yourself’. A ‘best of’ entitled ‘Speak Your Mind’ was released on iTunes in 2009. with notes from Justin Kantor.

1983 Big Kiss/Don’t Waste Your Love (Columbia) C4-4360
1984 Make It Through The Night/Love Child (Columbia) C4-7010
1984 Victim/Using Me [12″] (Columbia) 12CDN-137
1984 Victim/Using Me (Columbia) C4-7045
1987 In Your Midnight Hour/Work It Out (Polydor/Polygram) 885-657-7
1987 In Your Midnight Hour (12″ Club Mix)/In Your Midnight Hour (7″ Version)//In Your Midnight Hour (Dub Mix)/Work It Out [12″] (Polydor/Polygram) 885-657-1
1987 Secret Rendez-Vous/In Your Midnight Hour [12″] 885-967
1989 Pick Up the Pieces (To My Heart)/Choose Your Weapon (Arista)  AS1-9856

Rock and Roll Heart Attack (Columbia) PCC-80092
1987 Secret Rendez-Vous (Polydor/Polygram) 831-668
2008 Blame Yourself [DigiFile] (Valentine’s World)
2009 Speak Your Mind [DigiFile] (Valentine’s World)

Spillin’ the Beans (Atlantic) 82180

Compilation Tracks
“Please” on ‘Another 9 1/2 Weeks – Music From The Motion Picture’ (Cinevisions – GERMANY) 0022802-CIN

“It Takes 2” on ‘Beatclub: A Celebration Of New Canadian Dance Music’ (BMG) 35033

Irene Butler
(vocals) / Nancy Davis (vocals) / Joy Findlay (vocals) / Miki Shannon (vocals)
The Valentines were founded in 1958 by Shannon, Butler, and Findlay in Vancouver, British Columbia. In 1960, Nancy Davis was added. In the summer of 1960 the four-piece went to Los Angeles to sing back up vocals on Les Vogt’s songs “The Blamers” and “Moon Rocketin’.” The singers returned to the studio in the fall of 1960 and recorded their debut single “The Sock” b/w “Sixteen Senoritas” which would be released on Sparton Records. Butler, who was married to Les Vogt, left the group because she was pregnant. Davis, Findlay, and Shannon carried on as trio performing live and appearing on radio and television to promote the single. They would then work with Garry Murphy on hs record “Captain of Love” in 1962 before breaking up later that year.; Butler would return as a solo artist, and in 1969 released the single “Faded Love” on Capilano Records; Davis continued performing with Vancouver piano player Tom Baird, and she later appeared on the CBC Television show ‘Let’s Go.’ She later opened a music lesson studio in West Vancouver where she taught singing, and occasionally performed live.

The Sock/Sixteen Senoritas (Sparton) 4-963R

– The Blamers/Moon Rocketin’ (Iona) 1001

Captain Of Love/Candy Kisses (Jaguar) J-1002

Compilation Tracks
“The Sock” on ‘The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 1’ (Neptoon) 003
2001 “The Sock” on ‘Early Canadian Rockers Vol. 5’ (Collector – Netherlands) CLCD- 4463
2015 “The Sock” on ‘All About Elvis – A Tribute To The King’ 3CD (Fantastic Voyage) FVTD-213

Pierre Laurendeau
/ Gilles Brown
Les Valentins was formed as a duo in Montreal, Québec in 1962. Brown left the band early on to pursue a solo career but the duo reunited in 1967 to release the Carrousel Records single ‘Tu n’es plus une petite fille’.

Apprendre à Twister/Lucie (ABC) A-4504
Apprendre à Twister/Lucie (Idéal) ID-1901
1962 Je peux t’aimer/Lise (Idéal) ID-1902
1963 Parce que /Reviens Diane  (Idéal) ID-1906
1963 Hélène/Un gars san une fille (Idéal) ID-1918
1967 Tu n’es plus une petite fille/Parce que (Carrousel) CR-28

John Conroy
(vocals) / Mike Boyd (guitar) / John Carr (keys) / Brad MacDonald (keys, bass) / Peter Paul (bass) / Rick Williams (drums)
Formed in Toronto in 1967. They signed to Merv Buchanan’s Trend Records in 1968 to release their only single “Witch Doctor” (a cover of the 1965 John Mayall song). Bootleg copies of the record were released on Banzai Records just before the Trend official release. Both versions are extremely rare. with notes from Brad MacDonald.

Witch Doctor/Mister Fantasy (Trend) [no cat#]

Born: April 7, 1952 in Montreal, Québec
After studying music at Lionel-Groulx College and Cégep St-Laurent in Montreal, Québec, Valiquette made a name for himself as guitarist and vocalist Jay Valiquette in Montreal, Québec pop act Les Someone from 1968 through 1970. They released two singles but failed to make an impact on the charts. He worked briefly with Les Séguin and Jacques Michel before Valiquette released his debut album on the indie label Extra entitled ‘And Now Valiquette’ which brought him to the attention of Disques Zodiaque. He signed with the label in 1972 as a solo artist and released a series of albums for the label. He would do the same for Trans-World in the mid-70s and Columbia Records as the decade closed. In 1980, he played the role of Roger Roger in the Plumondon musical ‘Starmania’ at Montreal’s Comédie Nationale. Through the remainder of the 1980s opened a recording and produced albums for Jim Corcoran, Bertrand Gosselin, Plume Latraverse, Daniel Lavoie, Robert Paquette, Gilles Rivard and Richard Séguin. In the 1990s he found a home on PGV Records which revived his career as an adult contemporary artist.

Chacun de nous/Dis lui bonjour (Zodiaque) ZO4-326
1973 Je suis cool/Pour trois dollars (Zodiaque) ZO4-332
1975 La vie en rose/printemps (Zodiaque) ZO9-336
1975 Fais attention/Qui est venu te chercher (Zodiaque) ZO9-342
1975 Jamais rien dit/Pardonne moi (Zodiaque) ZO9-344
1976 Raconte/Soiree d’automne (Trans-World International) T1-6022
1977 Chez-nous c’est chez-nous/Entre riviere-du-loup et Montmagny (Columbia) C5-4161
1978 Blanc apres noir/Par surprise (Columbia) C5-4179
1978 Aujourd’hui/Un peu de bonheur (Columbia) C5-4190
1980 A la bonne votre/C’est jamais assez (Maison) BB-1
1980 T’as briser mon Coeur/Oublie demain (Maison) BB-3
1980 Comme une premiere fois/Une question d’amour (Maison) BB-5

Chante et danse avec moi/Il est encore temps
1970 Le magicien/Selon la bible (Canama) CM-1600

1971 And Now Valiquette (Extra)
Chansons pour un Cafe (Zodiaque) ZOX-6008
1973 Deuxieme arret (Zodiaque) ZOX-6013
1975 Du meme nom (Zodiaque) ZOX-6017
1975 And Now Valiquette [re-issue] (Extra/Trans-World International)  EXT-7777
1976 Soirees d’Automne (Trans-World International) TI-6022
1976 Gilles Valiquette 1972-1975 (Trans-World International) TI-6029
1977 Valiquette est en Ville (Columbia) PFS-90386
1978 Vol de nuit (Columbia) PFS-90440
1980 Valiquette (Maison) BB-101
1992 Où est passé le temps? (PGV) PGVC-2-4949
1993 Pièces (PGV) PGVC-1202
1994 Demandes spéciales (Les grands succès) (PGV) PGV-21206
2006 Pour l’occasion [2CD] (PGV) PGVC-2-1230
2008 Gilles Valiquette – les 9 premiers (PGV) PGVCX-9

Robyn Phillips

Consent (Hand Drawn Dracula) HDD-053
2021 In Era (Hand Drawn Dracula) HDD-080

VAN, Billy
Born: William Allan Van Evera on August 11, 1934 in Toronto, Ontario
Died: January 8, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario
Billy Van began singing when he was young with his four brothers. They toured North America as a vocal group called the Van Evera Brothers. Van eventually left the group, dropped his surname and became Billy Van. He formed his own Billy Van Four (and later the Billy Van Singers) appearing regularly on CBC television including the show Fancy Free. The group had one charting single called “I Miss You” that reached No.29 on the CHUM Chart in March 1961. Van would begin a run as host of CBC show Nightcap in 1963 (which ran until 1967) as well as a spin-off mini-series called Flemingdon Park. He also starred in a series of U.S. beer commercial for Colt 45 right through the 1970s. CHCH-TV in Hamilton hired him for two popular projects including a starring role as multiple characters on The Hilarious House of Frightenstein in 1971 and through most of the 1970s as part of a team that including Jack Duffy and Dinah Christie on the much-loved charades show The Party Game. Billy Van was also a regular performer on The Ray Stevens Show, Ken Berry’s Wow Show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, The Bobby Vinton Show, John Byner’s Bizarre, and the Toronto production of The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show. In 1982, he co-hosted TVO’s children’s computer science show Bits And Bytes (and its 1991 run called Bits And Bytes 2).Van also narrated the animated science program Eureka! Billy Van released his autobiography, ‘Second Banana,’ in 1997 and survived triple heart bypass surgery in 1998. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2001 and succumbed to the disease in 2003.

Centennial Polka/[w/JACQUES MICHEL] (Apex) 77053

I Miss You/ The Last Sunrise (Rodeo International) RO.274

Sings (RCA Camden) CAL-945

Compilation Tracks
“Kiss the Wind” & “Single Moments” on ‘1967 CBC Song Market’ (RCA/Victor) PCS-1175

Klaas Van Graft was a pioneer in the Toronto folk scene of the 1960s. He arrived in Toronto in 1955 from his home land in Holland. He participated in private hootenannies with Edith Fowke, Estelle Klein, Greg Curtis, and his first wife Dawn Blackstock, before taking over Curtis’ gig at the Concerto Cafe in 1958. He did regular appearances at La Coterie. He co-founded the folk trio The Chanteclairs with Beverlie Robertson and Alan MacRae and they would record and perform internationally. After the group split up Van Graft released a single on Arc Records in 1967. He later became an executive at the Toronto Musicians Association. Van Graft died December 27, 2020. With notes from Beverlie Robertson and Mike Daley. [also see THE CHANTECLAIRS]

There’s A Whistle On The River/The First Time Ever (Arc) A-1163

Born: Denise Katrina Matthews on January 4, 1959 in Niagara Falls, Ontario;
Died February 15, 2016 in Fremont, California
After her parents divorced when she was a child, Matthews split her time between her parents homes. She began entering local beauty pageants and would win the Miss Niagara Hospitality title in 1977. She moved to Toronto and began working as a model. She then competed for Miss Canada in 1978 but the title would go to Catherine Swing that year. Following her 19th birthday that year, she moved to New York where she signed with the Zoli Agency. She appeared in ads for Pearl Drops toothpolish and did modeling in Japan. In 1979, under the screen name D.D. Winters, Matthews filmed a bit-part in the Canadian horror movie ‘Terror Train’ filmed in Montreal which was released in 1980.She then starred in the film ‘Tanya’s Island’. In 1982, she met singer Prince at the American Music Awards who immediately took a liking to her and gave her the nickname Vanity because she reminded him of a female reflection of himself. Prince then built a female singing trio around her as lead vocalist with Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsie called Vanity 6 (the “6” representing the group’s total number of breasts!). Prince produced their 1982 self-titled debut album as part of his production deal with Warner Brothers’ Records and the album spawned three hit singles. The trio’s biggest hit was “Nasty Girl” which rocketed to No.1 on the US Dance charts. The group Cameo decided to use Vanity on their 1982 ‘Alligator Woman’ album cover. Prince then took Vanity 6 and Morris Day’s The Time on his ‘1999’ tour through the spring of 1983. Vanity 6’s sexual lyrics, scanty clothing and provocative stageshow made headlines. On the eve of Prince putting his film ‘Purple Rain’ into production, Matthews had a falling out with him and left Vanity 6. The roll written for her in the movie was given to actress/singer Patricia Kotero who Prince renamed Apollonia. She also replaced Matthews in Vanity 6 who Prince also renamed Apollonia 6. Matthews signed a solo record deal as Vanity with Motown Records in 1984. She then did another cover model appearance on Cameo’s 1984 album ‘She’s Strange’. Her debut album, ‘Wild Animal’, was released that year featuring two modest hits – “Pretty Mess” and “Mechanical Emotion” which both featured appearances by The Times’ Morris Day. While working on production for her follow-up album she posed for Playboy magazine in their May 1985 issue and started in Motown’s feature motion picture ‘The Last Dragon’. In 1986, her sophomore Motown album, ‘Skin On Skin’ was released and featured what would become her biggest entitled “Under the Influence”. Her association with Motown ended shortly after the release of the album’s second single, “Animals” and she moved, briefly to A & M Records. Also in 1986 she starred in the film ‘Never Too Young to Die’ opposite John Stamos and featuring Gene Simmons (KISS). In 1988, under the production of friend/former The Time member Jesse Johnson, she recorded songs for the ‘Action Jackson’ movie soundtrack – which she starred in opposite Carl Weather and featuring Craig T. Nelson and Sharon Stone. The movie included the song “Faraway Eyes” which became another hit for her and landed her on the cover of Playboy Magazine a second time. A switch to Geffen Records followed and that year Matthews started work on her third solo album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of The Time along with Tony LeMans. The album was never released and Matthews hung up her music career for one in acting. She played a villain in the Nancy Allen TV movie ‘Memories of Murder’ (1990), guest-starred in an episode of ‘Miami Vice’ third season, and appeared in episode of ‘Highlander: The Series’ and ‘Friday the 13th: The Series’. 1994 Matthews gave up her Vanity stage name and announced she was a born-again Christian following her near death experience smoking crack cocaine. During her recovery she claims that Jesus came to her and promised to save her if she gave up her old lifestyle. Matthews threw out all remnants of her Vanity career – including nearly 1,000 recordings and videos of her performances – renounced all future revenues from Vanity-related product and severed all ties with Hollywood and the music business. Following a life-saving kidney transplant in 1997, Matthews devoted her life to Evangelism. She is now a motivational speaker at churches and Christian religious events around the world. In 2010, the now married Denise Matthews-Smith released her confessional autobiography ‘Blame It On Vanity’; following years of poor kidney health and digestion problems, Matthews passed away in California February 15, 2016.

Pretty Mess (Long Version)/Mechanical Emotion (Long Version) [12”] (Motown) 4526MG
1984 Pretty Mess/Pretty Mess (Instrumental) (Motown/Quality) M-1752X
1985 Mechanical Emotion/Crazy Maybe (Motown/Quality) M-1767X
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1986 Animals/Gun Shy (Motown) 1848MF
1988 Undress (Extended Version)/Undress (LP Version) [12”] (Atlantic) DMD-1154

with VANITY 6
Drive Me Wild/Bite the Beat (Warner) 7-29748
1982 Bite the Beat/3 X 2 = 6 (Warner) 7-29763
1982 Nasty Girl/Drive Me Wild (Warner) 7-29908
1982 He’s So Dull/Make-Up (Warner) 7-29955

Wild Animal (Motown) 6102ML
1986 Skin On Skin (Motown) 6167ML

with VANITY 6
Vanity 6 (Warner) 23716

Compilation Tracks
“7th Heaven” on ‘Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Motown)
1988 “Undress”, “Faraway Eyes”, and “Shotgun” on ‘Action Jackson’ (Atlantic) 790886

with VANITY 6
“He’s So Dull“ on ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Warner) 23909
1983 “Nasty Girl” on ‘Club Dancing ’83’ (WEA – GERMANY) 24.0075-1

Born: June 16, 1952 in Montreal, Québec
Gino Vannelli is the son of Russ Vannelli, big band musician who played with the likes of Bix Belair and Maynard Ferguson. During his formative years growing up in Montreal, Vannelli played the drums and went to McGill University for music theory. During this period he formed a band with his brother Joe while brother Ross was added later. Gino and Joe would eventually be signed by A & M Records and put out recordings under the name Vann Elli. Having toured the Canadian provinces as Gino Vannelli And Good Friends, the pair headed to Los Angeles with demo tape in hand, to seek fame and fortune. After being rejected by nearly every US record label, Gino waited to ambush A & M Records co-founder Herb Alpert outside the gates of the label’s LA offices with his guitar. After about 4 hours Alpert showed up and Vannelli practically ran him over. Following a scuffle with security Alpert realized Vannelli was not a crazed fan and allowed him to audition. Alpert granted Vannelli the record deal under one condition – Alpert had to produce his debut album ‘Crazy Life’. The record was released in 1973. The album produced two singles – the title track and “Holiday Holiday” but failed to ignite the charts. His sophomore release, ‘Powerful People’ on the other hand, was enthusiastically received. 1974, saw the beginnings of the disco era, and the lead off single “People Gotta Move” reached number 22 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in October and garnered a Grammy nomination. At the height of his disco-stud rise to fame, Vannelli took a left turn and released 1975’s ‘Storm At Sunup’ which was pure jazz with a continuous synth injection. A & M got nervous and insisted Vannelli return to the accessible funk and dance material he had previously taken to the top of the charts. Vannelli compromised and released commercially viable singles with enough conceptual material to satisfy his own artistic sense. Vannelli’s fifth album, ‘ A Pauper In Paradise’, mixed classical and pop as the sessions were recorded in London with the help of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. With the release of ‘Brother To Brother’ in 1978, Vannelli found himself with much sought after hit records in “I Just Wanna Stop”, “Appaloosa” and “The Wheels of Life”). The success of the album brought him a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Performance’ and major radio airplay. On the concert front, the Brother To Brother’ tour played major world venues like Carnegie Hall as well as larger arenas. In Canada, Vannelli, along with his brothers Joe and Ross, had by now earned five consecutive Juno awards as Canada’s Top Male Vocalist, Producer, and Engineer Of the Year, respectively. It would also mark the end of his tenure with A&M Records. Vannelli re-assessed his career and signed on with Arista who released 1981’s ‘Nightwalker’ which further explored the pop genre. The single, “Living Inside Myself”, reached number 7 on the Billboard charts. His association with Arista was short lived however due to a house cleaning at the label and Vannelli took another break to once more redefine not only his sound but his look. In 1985 Vannelli decided to haul out the big production guns by utilizing the studio he had built in the intervening years and run by him and his brother. ‘Black Cars’ was a contemporary ’80’s album with serious production values. The album spawned four hit singles including the title track and put Vannelli at the top of the charts and the cover of magazines. The Vannelli’s literally carbon copied the successful ‘Black Cars’ album on 1987’s ‘Big Dreamers Never Sleep’, but tipped the style more towards Latin and R&B flavors. “Wild Horses” hit the charts as did “Young Lover” and “Persona Non Grata” received major airplay in Canada and Europe, yet the USA had all but ignored it. With the release of ‘Inconsolable Man’ in 1990, Vannelli delighted fans everywhere by launching his first world tour in 12 years. As a celebration of this rare occasion a live album was recorded at Le Spectrum in Montreal on November 18, 1990 and released as ‘Live In Montreal’ in 1992. Once again, during the lay-off between ‘Inconsolable Man’ and his next studio recording Vannelli switched musical gears by tuning into his own spirituality and revisiting his jazz influence . The results would be released five years later as ‘Yonder Tree’. Vannelli made a commercial comeback once again with 1998’s ‘Slow Love’.

1973 Hollywood Holiday/Granny Goodbye (A & M) 1449
1973 Crazy Life/There’s No Time (A & M) AM-1476
1974 People Gotta Move/Son of A New York Gun (A & M) AM-372
1975 Powerful People/Lady (A & M) AM-1652
1975 Love Me Now/Father and Son (A & M) AM-1732
1975 Mama Coco (A & M) AM-1760
1976 Keep On Walking/Love Is A Night? (A & M) AM-1790
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1976 Summers of My Life (A & M) AM-1879
1976 Fly Into This Night/Ugly Man (A & M) AM-1911
1977 Feel The Fire (Valleys of Valhalla)/Black And Blue (A & M) AM-2002
1977 One Night With You/Black And Blue (A & M) AM-2025
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1987 Wild Horses/Shape Me Like A Man (Polydor/Polygram) PDS-2298
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1991 Cry Of Love (Mercury)
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1991 If I Should Lose This Love (Mercury)
1993 L’Amour Est Loi [w/Martine Saint-Claire] (Mercury)
2003 Canot (Vik/BMG) 52168
2006 Venus Envy

L’Amour Est Loi (Version Longue)/ L’Amour Est Loi (Version Courte) (Polydor) PCD-332

Belladonna (Pull – GER) PRCD-000098

L’Amour en Face [3 mixes] (EMI – FRA) 88323-2

1970 Gina Bold/Never Cry Again (RCA) 75-1019

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1974 Powerful People [re-titled People Gotta Move] (A & M) SP-3630
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1989 Classics – Volume 7: The Best of Gino Vannelli (A & M) 9043
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1992 Live In Montreal (Mercury)
1995 Yonder Tree (Verve/Forecast) 1031
1997 Greatest Hits And More
1998 Slow Love (Verve Forecast) 314-557-441-2 2000 Ultimate Collection (A & M/Univeral)
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2009 Nightwalker + Black Cars (Friday – USA) FRM-1097
2009 Powerful People | Storm At Sunup (BGO – UK) BGOCD-843
2009 The Best And Beyond (Azzurra – ITAL) 25219
2010 Stardust In the Sand – A Memoir and Music [Book w/CD] (Azzurra – ITAL) BK-1047
2011 Gino Vannelli (Azzurra – ITAL) TBP-11706
2013 Wild Horses: His Greatest Hits (Solid Rockhouse – GER) SRR-20002-2
2014 Collected [3CD] (Universal – NETH) 532-683-8
2014 Live In L.A. (SoNo Recording Group) SRG-012
2016 Icon (Universal) 5056712
2019 Wilderness Road (SoNo Recording Group) 19285-CD-0005

Street Stories [3-song EP] (Inak – GER) INAK-9013P

2011 The North Sea Jazz Festival 2002 (MIG – EU) 130047

Compilation Tracks
“Powerful People” on ‘Music Express’ (K-Tel) TC-228
1979 “I Just Wanna Stop” on ‘Together’ (K-Tel/Capitol Special Markets) NC-509
1979 “I Just Wanna Stop” on ‘High Energy’ (K-Tel) TC-255
1981 “I Just Wanna Stop” on ‘Superstars Salute New Massey Hall’ (CRIA) CRIA-2
1982 “Living Inside Myself” on ‘Night Flight’ (K-Tel – US) NC-552
1986 “Hurts To Be In Love” on ‘Hits In Overdrive’ (Polytel) 816-276
1996 “I Just Wanna Stop” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25
1997 “Brother to Brother (Live)” on ‘Mark Craney & Friends: Something With a Pulse’ (Laughing Gull – USA) LG-002

Joe Varga (lead vocals, bass) / Sean Williamson (guitar, vocals) / Adam Alex (guitar, vocals) / Dan Fila (drums)
Hamilton, Ontario’s Varga was formed in 1991. They shopped their demo ‘Multiple Wargasm’ and were finally signed to Zoo Entertainment in 1993. Their debut album, ‘Prototype’, was released that year. The album spawned three singles/videos, “Greed”, “Freeze Don’t Move” and “Self-Proclaimed Messiah”, all of which received substantial airplay on MuchMusic. In 1996 their sophomore release, ‘Oxygen’, was released but wasn’t as successful as the debut even with the release of two singles – “So Real” and “Needlestack”. The band split up in 1997; Fila and Williamson founded Hamilton, Ontario band Hypodust.

Greed (Zoo/BMG) 451112
1994 Freeze Don’t Move (Zoo/BMG) 451192
1994 Self-Proclaimed Messiah (Zoo/BMG)
1996 So Real (Zoo/BMG)
1996 Needlestack (Zoo/BMG)

Multiple Wargasm [cassette]
Prototype (Zoo/BMG) 451107
1995 Oxygen (Zoo/BMG) 451150

Compilation Tracks
“Greed” on ‘New Stuff Seven’ (MMS) NSCD-007

London, Ontario’s Doug Varty started his music career in 1969 as the keyboardist and guitar player for East West Project. They did opening slots on shows for Savoy Brown, The Nice (featuring Keith Emerson) and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. In 1970 Varty joins the rotating line-up of Toronto’s Tote Family as their keyboardist and lead singer. By 1971 The Tote Family changed its name to SeaDog and signed to the CHUM Ltd. record label Much Records where Varty wrote two SeaDog singles “It’s a Hot Night” and Rock’n’Roll Business” which both received significant airplay in Canada and France. With a change in personnel SeaDog would record its eponymous album in 1972 after which the band toured extensively until 1975. By this time Varty remained the band’s leader following the departure of founding member Jim Norris. SeaDog would play opening slots for Bob Seger, Ike and Tina Turner, B.T.O., Lighthouse, and April Wine among others. SeaDog finally collapsed that year and Varty began playing solo which also included releasing a one-off solo single produced by Ralph Murphy on Hardcore Records through GRT called “Holding Your Hand”. However, in 1976 he joined the final version of Southcote where he switched to guitar and shared lead vocals with leader Beau David (aka William Small. As personnel changes continued they became Studebaker Hawk and finally Stealer where they finally split up in 1977. At this point Varty returned to London to join Stuttz who released two singles -“Why Don’t You Come Over” and “You Can’t Hide” – and toured extensively in Ontario, Québec and the Maritimes through 1978 and 1979. Following Stuttz Varty focused on writing and recording his debut album from 1980 to 1982 but the record was never released. In 1982 he then joined London, Ontario act Lowdown where he wrote and produced the band’s first single “Baby I Know”. From 1983 to 1988 Lowdown continued to write, record and release more albums with tours across Canada. Starting in 1988 Varty was also moonlighting in his own Doug Varty Band and recorded an independent album in 1989 of hard rock originals. The group would open shows for Edgar Winter, John Lee Hooker, Rick Derringer, Jeff Healey, Alannah Myles, Colin James, John Mayall, and Kris Kristofferson among others. Meanwhile, Lowdown was continuing to play across Canada doing a back-up stint for Del Shannon, and opening slots for Beach Boys, John Mellencamp, The Four Seasons, Roy Orbison, Ricky Nelson, and Neil Sedaka. In 1990 the Doug Varty Band won ‘Canada’s Best New Original Act’ out of a nationwide contest involving over 1500 bands in the “Labatt’s Blue Band Wars” in Vancouver, British Columbia. Judging was conducted by Kim Mitchell, Keith Scott (Bryan Adams’ guitarist), Matt Frennette (Loverboy, Streetheart), and Corky Laing (Mountain). The grand prize was an album production at Metalworks Studio Toronto with producer Terry Brown (Rush, Max Webster, Blue Rodeo). Album recording begins in 1991. During the process Varty changes the line-up and renames the band The Bushdoctors. He also continued performing with Lowdown. Between 1992 and 1994 The Bushdoctors album proceeds slowly while Varty sings backup on Wild T and Spirit’s ‘Love Crazy’ album and Frozen Ghost’s ‘Shake Your Spirit’ LP. He also maintains his full-time live gig with Lowdown. The Bushdoctors’ CD is finally released in the Spring of 1994 in 10 countries in Europe, Australia and Canada. The song “Sheila” is released as the first single. The new live line-up of the Bushdoctors – which included Phil X, Randall Coryell, Jeff Dahl and Leo Valvassori – began promoting the album. In 1995 Varty left Lowdown, shelved The Bushdoctors, and joined the Old Chicago Blues Band as guitarist and vocalist. From 1995 to 1998 the Old Chicago Blues Band released two albums with a number of Varty original songs on them. He would also record an album with Chicago Pete. By 1999 Varty has switched gears once again and toured as Rod Stewart in a tribute band, traveled Canada and became musical director of Casino Windsor Tribute show. From 2000 to 2009 Varty would leave the Old Chicago Blues Band, continued touring with the Rod Stewart and a new Bryan Adams tribute show. He would also set up a teaching and recording studio at home, and began to teach Music Theory at OIART College, in London, Ontario. Currently Doug Varty continues to write and record, teaches and does his Tribute shows. He also released a new Doug Varty Band CD in 2012. with notes from Doug Varty [also see SEADOG, TOTE FAMILY, SOUTHCOTE, STUDEBAKER HAWKE]

Holding Your Hand/How It Grows (Hardcore/GRT) 1230-102

Why Don’t You Come Over/ You Can’t Hide (Tower) SP-781

Doug Varty Band
2012 Feel Free


The Blues Is Alright (Speakeasy) 3003

VASIK, Cassandra
Born: Sandra Leigh Vasicek in 1960 in Blenheim, Ontario
Vasik’s first live appearance was performing in the folk choir at St. Mary’s Church in Blenheim, Ontario when she was 8 years old. After honing her skills as a singer and acoustic guitarist under the name Cassandra Leigh, she made an appearance on CBC’s ‘The Tommy Hunter Show’. She was invited back to make return appearances on the show. She also appeared on the Chatham, Ontario ‘Country Jamboree Show’ and ‘The Ronnie Robbins Show’. Leigh would also perform on ‘Opry North Show’ in Toronto and won the London FM-96 Talent Hunt. In the late ’80s she changed her stage name to Cassandra Vasik and was signed to Epic Records in 1991. Her debut album ‘Wildflower’ netted five radio singles. 1993’s ‘Feels Like Home’ similarly gave Vasik six additional singles – written or co-written by Tim Thorney and Erica Ehm – and she won two JUNO Awards on the success of the album. Vasik would release one more album for Epic in 2000 entitled ‘Different’.

The Black Book (Epic/SONY)
1991 It Comes Back to You (Epic/SONY) 3176
1992 Which Face Should I Put on Tonight (Epic/SONY) 661
1992 Wildflowers (Epic/SONY)
1992 Those Stars (Epic/SONY) 729
1993 Sadly Mistaken (Epic/SONY) 773
1993 Feels Like Home (Epic/SONY)
1993 Roll Like a Wheel (Epic/SONY) 859
1993 Almost Like You Cared (Epic/SONY) 890
1994 Stand Your Ground (Epic/SONY)

Fortune Smiled on Me

Human Highway

Wildflowers (Epic/SONY) 80167
1993 Feels Like Home (Epic/SONY) EK-80175
2000 Different (Perimeter/Epic/SONY) 3000428

Compilation Tracks
“It Comes Back to You” on ‘Country North’ (Quality) QRSP-1188

“Human Highway” on ‘Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young (Sony) 801

Chang Meadmore
(drums) / Howard Redekopp (bass) / Luke Doucet (vocals, guitar, lap steel, bass) / Nik Kozub
From Winnipeg, Manitoba; Doucet would go on to join Acoustically Inclined, then a solo stint before joining Whitehorse.

I Hate Your Lipstick/Defilter [7″] (Bright Star – UK) BSR-30V
2004 Everybody Wants More//Judy Garland [2×7″] ([PIAS]/Bright Star – UK) BSR-33V

Hot Loser (Divine Industries) DI-97012
1999 Tilt O’Whirl (Square Dog) SDV-101
2002 The Embattled Hearts (Six Shooter) SIX-08

Compilation Tracks
“Mexico Texaco” on ‘Divine Industries Volume One’ (Divine Industries) DI-97013
2000 “Skid” on ‘The Vinyl Factory Volume 1’ (Music Manufacturing Services) TVF-01
2000 “Skid,” “Pinkos,” and “Peroxide” on ‘Vancouver Seeds 2000’ (Vancouver Seeds/Corus Entertainment) VS15-2000
2004 “I Hate Your Lipstick” on ‘Western Canadian Music Awards 2004 Nominees’ (Western Canadian Music Awards) WCMACD-011
2005 “Mitzi’s” on ‘Sound Issues Vol.1 (Buffalo) BR-665
2005 “Everybody Wants More Cocaine” on ‘More Large Than Earth (We Will Warn The Stars)’ (Six Shooter) SIX-020

Owen Smith
(vocals) / Martin Wall (keyboards) / Carlo deBattista (trumpet) / Burt Garfield [aka Gary Pratt] (guitar) / Richard Hawksby (bass) / Scott Wilson (drums)
Hamilton area singer Owen Smith had been in two bands in the early ’70s – Maxwell Friday and Old Sailor – before heading to Alberta to become a truck driver for 8 months. From there he traveled down to South America. When he finally returned to Canada he was offered the lead singing job in the band Vehicle. The band recorded some demos in 1976 for John Driscoll of Skyline Records and within a year they were signed to the label. Vehicle’s self-titled debut was released in 1977 and the first single, “Mr. Love”, peaked at No.25 on the RPM Top Singles chart. Alas, the label wasn’t sure what to do with the band next and so Smith quit. Smith’s next move was to release the solo single “Jennifer” under his old band name Maxwell Friday and from there he focused on acting; Martin Wall would also release the solo album “Metaphysical Facelift” in 1977 utilizing members of Vehicle; Eventually Smith and Wall put a new band together called Instructions who  released one album on Quality. with notes from Owen Smith. [see THE INSTRUCTIONS]

1977 Mr. Love/Da-Nite Shuffle (Skyline) SKY-015X

1977 Vehicle (Skyline) SKY-10163-V

Compilation Tracks
“Mr. Love” on ‘Music Machine’ (K-Tel) TC-243

Alex Price
(vocals) / Justin Humes (vocals) / Janelle Belgrave (vocals) / Lacey Block (vocals) / Ryan Hamilton (vocals)
Velvet Empire was a Canadian unisex pop music group prefabricated as part of the second season of the Global TV show ‘Popstars’ in the spring of 2002. Their first single was “Frontin’ On Me” and received moderate Canadian airplay while the video spent 6 weeks at No. 1 on MTV Select. However, this exposure did not translate into album sales and by mid-2003 the group had disbanded; Alex Price has pursued an acoustic solo career.

Frontin’ On Me (Universal) UMCR-04733
2002 I (Universal) UMCR-04807

Velvet Empire (Universal) 177942

Born: Sharon Anne Magill
Singer Sharon Magill begin singing in public school and performed publicly in choirs in her youth. She started her professional singing career under her stage name Sharon Judd when she became backing vocalist for the late 1980s version of Moving Targetz. She was in the band from 1988 to 1991. Following the group’s demise of the band she took time off to raise her teenaged kids. By the early 2000s Judd joined Cheaper Than Therapy which recorded and played live from 2002 until 2008. During this period her then husband, Ivan Judd began writing material for her first solo albu1m. In 2004 they worked with producer Brian Gagnon and recorded the ‘Somebody Else’s Life’ album which was released on Bullseye Records in 2005 under her new stage name Velvet Hammer. Cheaper Than Therapy became her backing band and the album was performed around clubs in Toronto. A five-song EP entitled “Momentary Silence” was released in 2007. She has since retired from the music business and goes by her maiden name Sharon Magill once more. [also see CHEAPER THAN THERAPY, MOVING TARGETZ]

Somebody Else’s Life (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4113
2007 Momentary Silence [5-song EP DigiFile] (Bullseye)

Compilation Tracks
“Cancelled” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered: A New Breed V2.0’ (Bullseye/Frontline) FL-804009
2007 “Tana” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered: In Pop We Trust V2.2 (Bullseye/Frontline) FL-804103

Adrian James
[aka Adrian Popple] (bass) / David Leitao (drums) / Brian Rice (lead guitar) / Michelle Garuik (drums) / Mark Chalecki (keyboards) / Larry Lechner (guitar)
Quartet from British Columbia; Popple and Lechner would go on to form the band Conrad.

1986 Tall House [5-song EP] (Ransom) WRC1-4417
1993 The Velveteens [6-song cassette EP] (The Velveteens)
1995 Dangle (Swoop) SW-4133

Compilation Tracks
1986 “Tall House” on ‘Manic Depression’ [cassette] (Zulu)

Norm Shaver
(guitar, vocals) / Gerry LaFontaine (guitar, vocals) / Lyle Kreller (bass) / Stu Townsend (piano) / Bert Hamer (drums)
From Guelph, Ontario

One Little Minute/Dreaming of Her (Sparton) 4-1219-R
1964 I Want You/My Little Sweetie (Sparton) 4-1247-R
1965 Think About Me/Unending Love (Sparton) 4-1318-R
1965 Take Away/Mustang (Sparton) 4-1347R

Duggie (vocals) / Mitch “The Snake” (guitar) / Mr. Ron (bass) / Vulture (drums) /
From Ottawa, Ontario.

I Wanna Be A Star/Modern Rockers (Starlite/Les Disques Star) STAR-2001

Compilation Tracks
cut(s) on ‘Rot n’ Role’ (Double Helix) CCL33-150

Born: Patti Masi

Take Me To The Bridge/Jump In Get Hot (Rio) RIO-717
1981 Take Me To The Bridge/Different People (Carrere – UK) CAR-194
1981 Time To Change Your Heart/King Of Castles (Unidisc) UN-146
1982 Kings Of Castles (Vocal)/Kings Of Castles (Instrumental) UN-159
1982 Don’t You Want My Love (Vocal)/Don’t You Want My Love (Instrumental) (Matra/Downstairs) MT-008
1982 Baby Won’t You Dance With Me (Vocal)/Baby Won’t You Dance With Me (Instrumental) (Matra/Downstairs) MT-012
1983 Joey, Joey (Vocal)/Joey, Joey (Instrumental) (Matra) 7MT-024
1984 Love Comes Easy (Remix)/Love Comes Easy (Dub Mix) 12″ (Matra) 12MA-041
1984 Ready For Love/Ready For Love (Instrumental)/Baby Won’t You Dance With Me (Special Re-mix) 12″ (Polydor – Netherlands) 817-633-1
1985 Take Me To The Bridge/Bizz, Bizz, Buzz, Buzz 12″ (Black Sun/Unidisc) SPEC-1230

Take Me To The Bridge (Rio) RIO-1011
1983 Joey (Matra) MLP-008

Although influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, and many of music’s great songwriter, Peter Verity has managed to gain notoriety for his own original folk material. Years of experience in Alt-Country and Rock bands allowed him to hone his skills and venture out as a solo artist touring across Canada and into the U.S. playing folk clubs, coffee houses, house concerts and festivals. His debut album was 1995’s ‘Delta Tango’ and was featured on CBC Radio’s “Definitely Not the Opera”. It also found favour on stations around Canada and even Europe. It would be six years before his next release, ‘High Flyer’, in 2001. The album became a favourite on folk radio programs and College radio across Canada. In 2003, he was awarded a runner up designation in the Folk category in the North American John Lennon Songwriting Contest for his song “North Ontario”. The song would then be included on his 3rd CD entitled ‘Sometimes a Journey’. Songs “Blue As I Can Get” and “The Healing Rain” from the album have also been recognized in several song contests including held by Billboard Magazine and The Great American Song Contest where Verity managed a Top 50 Honor Award. The album also managed airplay on US and Canadian folk, college and NPR radio stations. Several cuts from the album ‘High Flyer’ have also received airplay on CBC Radio as well as folk and college stations across Canada. In 2005, Peter won ‘Best Folk Artist Award’ at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. notes from Peter Verity, Seb Agnello. [also see DELTA TANGO]

High Flyer (Plastic Bag) CD2001-PBR1
2005 Sometimes a Journey (Plastic Bag) CD2005-PBR2

VERNON, Jaimie
Born: Jaimie Robert Vernon on November 19, 1963, in East York, Ontario
As a fan of The Beatles, Kiss, and pre-fame Larry Gowan, Vernon strapped on a guitar when he was 14 taking his first introductory guitar lessons in 1978. In 1979 he began taking lessons from award winning Ontario Bluegrass picker Don Noseworthy. This, of course, was problematic in that few rock songs feature Bluegrass guitar and Vernon wanted to be in a rock band. With a basic idea of how to string several bar chord stogether, he joined punk band The Swindle in 1980 which would later morph into the Toronto short-lived punk darlings SWindleD. SWindleD’s collapse in the summer of 1982 after one 7″ single release begat six-piece band Youth In Asia featuring Vernon and two other ex-SWindleD members. During the band’s lone concert at Vernon’s old high school Lester B. Pearson Collegiate in Scarborough, Ontario, he met another group of needy musicians calling themselves Appalling Taste and offered to manage them. The day of their first meeting to discuss strategy, the singer and guitarist of the band quit. Vernon ended up volunteering his guitar talents until another guitarist could be found. This never came to pass and so Vernon went from manager to newest member of a band he re-christened Moving Targetz. Moving Targetz would launch Bullseye Records of Canada and its publishing arm, Anti-Conscious Music, in 1985. After one 12” release that year, Targetz would splinter with members Simon Bedford-James and Sav Schembri forming Swedish Fish. And they too were signed to Bullseye. Vernon managed the label and had a full time job working as a Records Archivist at the former City of Scarborough Works Department all through the 1980s. During this period Moving Targetz evolved musically and Vernon switched from guitar to bass. They toured Ontario and caught the attention of labels and publishers on the back of a fan-based publicity campaign through a fanzine they published called “The M.T. Head Express”. As they gained clout and friends in the music community the newsletter became Great White Noise Magazine. Vernon would eventually put Moving Targetz to bed after 9 years and several independently released albums to focus full-time on his job as editor of the magazine and bassist for blues band The Hounds. But by 1994, personal and financial issues collapsed the magazine and Vernon’s 1st marriage and he quit The Hounds. The label, too, was put on hold while he focused on a second job as bassist for cover band Spare Parts. The long-running act toured Ontario and even recorded a CD in 1996 under the name Sharon’SISTER entitled ‘Steeped’. He would remarry the same year and eventually play bass guitar for Klaatu member Terry Draper’s solo act Terry & The Twilight Zone with members of Spare Parts in 1997. Later that year he also reuniting with several Moving Targetz members and Killer Dwarfs vocalist Russell Graham in cover band The Richmond Hillbillies. In 1998 Vernon’s love of all things Canadian Music was put to the test when he was offered the opportunity of writing the new ‘Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia’ for the Toronto Sun’s online newspaper at CANOE by Editor John Sakamoto. Vernon took up the challenge and the site launched in July that year. The writing gig led to an offer by Sam The Record Man’s head office to join their team to launch an online store for the legendary record chain. Vernon jumped at the chance and left his City of Scarborough Records Management position after 11 years of service. In 1999 the stars began to align for the resuscitation of Bullseye Records full-time and tapped into the poorly chronicled history of Canadian Classic Rock and soon set about rebranding the label as the home for Canadian re-issues. Four years later, Vernon stepped out from behind his desk and in front of the microphone for a bevy of power pop and rock originals gleaned from over 30 years of songwriting to release 2003’s ‘Broadcasts From The Twilight Zone’. He would also play guitar with Klaatu’s Dee Long in Dee Long & The Short Notice for their 2005 live album ‘Long Live & Prosper’ which was recorded at Bullseye Records’ 20th anniversary party at the Brunswick House in Toronto, Ontario. Vernon’s sophomore album, ‘Time Enough At Last’, followed in 2006 and he did a mini-tour of Southern Ontario opening for Dee Long’s one-man show. His third album, ‘Nightmare At 20,000 Watts’, came in 2008 and netted Vernon small viral hit with his song/video “Dear Chum”. By 2011 the original SWindleD reunited with new drummer Cleave Anderson (Blue Rodeo, Battered Wives) and released their debut album, ‘It’s Only Peace That You Want…It’s Only War That You Get’, in time for their 30th anniversary. In 2012 Vernon released a live album from 9 years of touring in North America and England entitled ‘Nice Place To Visit.’ Also in 2012 he completed the book version of the ‘Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia’ as two volumes. He is currently in the band Mr! Mouray. [also see SWINDLED, MOVING TARGETZ, CHEAPER THAN THERAPY, SWEDISH FISH,MR! MOURAY]

2009 You Are To Me [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2009 Dear Chum [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2010 So You Are A Star [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2010 Life’s A Canadian Rock [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2010 Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2010 Dust Blows Forward (Dust Blows Back) [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2011 Give Me Your Hand [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2011 Radio Killed The Radio Star [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2011 Listen! [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2011 Fixing A Hole [w/Jef Leeson] [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 Audio [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 (Coney Island) Turning Upside Down [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 (I Feel) The Beat [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 Don’t Blink Too Long [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 Unguarded Moment [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 Time [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2013 Sub-Rosa Subway [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2013 The Ballad of Nelson Mandela [aka Deliver Us From Evil] [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2014 Dancing With The DJ (Extended Mix) [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2015 Soundtrack To Oblivion [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2015 Original You [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2015 It’s Lonely Out There [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2015 When Lullabies End [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 Rebel Rebel [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 Like The Stereo Light [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 Hold On (To Your Karma) [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 Exiled On Planet Pop [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 Turn On The Radio (Just Another Day) [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 This Is Your Song [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2019 The Gift [2 song single] [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2020 The Silence ASMR [2 song single] [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Pale Shelter [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Dressed For Success [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Are Friends Electric? [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Daft As Funk [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Waning Moon [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Big Band Age [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Ireland (My North & South Home) [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Can’t Get It Out Of My Head [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Knee Deep In Love [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 You Were On My Mind [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Soundtrack To Oblivion – Live [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Somethin’ On My Mind [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Sunshine [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 The Angels Sing Merry Christmas [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2023 Don’t You Care [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2023 How’d We Ever Get This Way [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2023 Tin Man [feat. JEF LEESON] [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2023 If You Could Read My Mind [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2023 Ben [DigiFile] (Bullseye)

Broadcasts From The Twilight Zone (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4069
2006 Time Enough At Last (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4110
2008 Nightmare @ 20,000 Watts: Singles Edition [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2008 Nightmare @ 20,000 Watts: The Ice Flow Show [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2012 Nice Place To Visit: Live [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2016 Mirror Image: Someone Else’s Greatest Hits – Volume 1 [DigiFile] (Bulllseye)
2019 So You Are A Star [6 song EP DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2021 Mirror Image: Someone Else’s Greatest Hits – Volume 2 [DigiFile] (Bullseye)
2022 Sounds & Silences [DigiFile] (Bullseye)

Steeped (Bullseye) BEP-002
2021 Steeped: Deluxe 20th Anniversary Edition [DigiFile] (Bullseye)

From the ‘Cue to the ‘Shoe [CD-Rom] (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4011

Long Live & Prosper (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4106

Compilation Tracks
“Rebel Rebel” on ‘Men In Plaid: A Tribute to the Bay City Rollers’ (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4016
2002 “It’s Lonely Out There” on ‘Are You Ready, Steve?: A Tribute to Sweet’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4027
2003 “I Am A TV Show” ‘International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 6’ (Not Lame – US) NL-87
2004 “It’s Lonely Out There (Remixed)” on ‘Are You Ready, Steve?: A Tribute to Sweet – 20th Anniversary Archives’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-2001
2004 “Rebel Rebel (R2Y Remix)” on ‘Men In Plaid: A Tribute to the Bay City Rollers – 20th Anniversary Archives’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-2002
2004 “Sub-Rosa Subway (Remixed)” on ‘Around the Universe In 80 Minutes: A Tribute To Klaatu – 20th Anniversary Archives’ (Bullseye) BLR-CD-2003
2004 “I Saw Her Standing There” on ‘It Was 40 Years Ago Today: A Tribute To The Beatles – Disc 3’ (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4060
2005 “Turn!” on ‘International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 8’ (Not Lame – US) NL-110
2006 “You’ve Done It This Time” on ‘International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 9’ (Not Lame – US) NL-122
2007 “Dear Chum (Version 1)” on ‘Sweet Relief’ (JAM – US)
2007 “Audio” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered – In Pop We Trust: V2.2’ (Bullseye/Frontline) FL-804130
2022 “You Were On My Mind” on ‘Sing Me A Song – A 50th Birthday Celebration’ (Pop Garden Radio – US)

“Sub-Rosa Subway” on ‘A Fan Based Tribute to Klaatu’ (KAAS) KAAS-CD-001

“For You Girl” on ‘A Fan Based Tribute to Klaatu’ (KAAS) KAAS-CD-001

“Fixing A Hole” on ‘It Was 40 Years Ago Today: A Tribute To The Beatles’ [3CDs] (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4060

Born: Nancy Claire Vernon on October 7, 1967 in Toronto, Ontario
Vernon is the daughter of legendary Hollywood actor John Vernon and the younger sister of actress Kate Vernon. With the family relocating to Los Angeles when she was eight, Nan Vernon would eventually take up guitar. Her first band was the Kate Bush-inspired act Babooshka who came close to signing with a major label but never managed to close a deal. As Babooshka ebbed, she spent six months as part of ex-Police member Andy Summers’ touring band. A connection through a friend led her to appear on Eurythmics’ guitarist Dave Stewart who had Vernon provide guitar and backing vocals for Stewart’s 1990s band The Spiritual Cowboys under the alias Izzie Mae Doorite. Stewart encouraged Vernon to write her own material an she used the experience to parlay it into a record deal with British label Anxious Records. She formed a band to write and record demos at Anxious’s in-house studio that included John Reynolds (drums), Matthew Seligman (bass) and Nick Pyall (guitar). They would also become her live backing band. Anxious released several one-off singles including a co-wrote called “My Love” with Dave Stewart and a remake of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. This was followed by her debut album, ‘Manta Ray’, in 1994 which was co-produced by Steve Nye (Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry), Clive Martin, Phill Brown and Ian Stanley (Tears For Fears). Several more singles were spawned including “Motorcycle”, “Secret Knowledge” and “Elvis Waits”. Vernon took up a long live residency at a pub called The Garage in Islington, UK but Vernon soon returned to Los Angeles so she could promote the American release of ‘Manta Ray’ on East West Records stateside. The album sold poorly and she was dropped from the label. Rob Zombie would later recognize her talent and had her sing the closing songs on both of his ‘Halloween’ movie franchise remakes and in the movie ‘The Devil’s Rejects’. Vernon has also done work on recordings by Jonathan Perkins, The Starlings, and Danny Frankel.

My Love/My Love (Instrumental)/My Love (Live) (Anxious – UK) ZB4-4115
1992 No More Lullabies/Lay Down Joe (Anxious – UK) ANX-1005
1993 While My Guitar Gently Weeps/China (Anxious – UK) ANX-1015
1994 Motorcycle (Anxious – UK) ANX-1020
1994 Secret Knowledge (Aaron Mix)/Secret Knowledge (Fry Hard Mix) [12”] (Anxious – UK) SAM-1409
1994 Elvis Waits (Anxious – UK) ANX-1025
1994 Elvis Waits (The Recycle Or Die Mixes) [12”] (Anxious – UK) SAM-1410

Jack Talking/Suicidal Sid (RCA – UK) PD-43098
1990 Love Shines/Victims To Fame/Marianne (RCA – UK) PD-44010
1990 Party Town (Arista – US) ASCD-2046
1991 On Fire (RCA – EUR) PD-44285
1991 Out of Reach (RCA – UK) PD-45002
1991 Crown of Madness (Arista – US) ASCD-2352

Manta Ray (East West) 61763

Dave Stewart and the Spiritual Cowboys (RCA) PD-74710
1991 Honest (Arista) ACP-8659

Compilation Tracks
“Moon River” on ‘Shots in the Dark: Del-Fi Does Mancini’ (Donna) DOCD-2113
1999 “A New Shade of Blue” on ‘Delphonic Sounds Today!’ (Del-Fi – US) DFCD-2114
2004 “The Hangman’s Song” on ‘Dawn of the Dead’
2005 “We’ll Come Back for You” on ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’
2007 “Winter in Parodis” on ‘Werewolf Women of the SS’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’
2007 “Mr. Sandman” on ‘Halloween’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack] ‘ (Hip-O)
2009 “Love Hurts” on ‘Halloween II’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Hip-O)

Claude Laliberté
(guitar) / Jean Cloutier (bass) / Michel Wilson (drums) / Rémi Clark (baritone) / Roger Beaudet (guitar) / Lawrence Allison (1966-1973) / Pierre Beaudet (1966-1973) / Réjean Carreau (drums; 1965) / Denis Champoux (guitar; 1965) / Jude Cote (1966-1973) / Denis Lapierre (drums; 1964-1965; 1966-1973) / Pierre Tanguay (1966-1973)
While students at the Académie de Québec, Michel Wilson, Roger Beaudet, and Claude Laliberté met and discovered their common musical interest. They formed their first group, The Silverstones, in 1959. After a few public appearances, they adopted the name Les Versatiles. With further shows at youth clubs, particularly especially in Sillery, then various social and sports clubs under their belts, they moved up to gigs at reception rooms at motels and hotels and banquet rooms dedicated to dancing. In early 1962, they were invited to perform on the CHRC radio program Le Fan-Club which was recorded but wouldn’t see the light of day until they appeared on a CD in 1999. It was at this time that the trio recruited bassist Jean Cloutier and in 1963 they added Rémi Clark. Following their house gig at Center de loisirs Saint-Sacrement in early 1964, they decided to make some proper recordings. With the help of a friend, Claude Talbot who had music industry contacts, they went to RCA Victor Studio in Montreal, and cut their self-titled debut album. They were signed to London Records and the label issued the album and the first single “Last Night” (by The Mar-Keys) b/w “Oh Lonesome Me” (written by Don Gibson). London released two variations of the album for the French and English markets. The spring of 1965 saw the release of a second 7″ single featuring two compositions by Roger Beaudet including “Poor Devil” which found some modest success on CJLR. By 1965, the music scene in Quebec had responded to the British Invasion with a new wave called the Yé-Yé movement featuring French vocal interpretations of existing British and American hits. The need for an all instrumental band was waning. Following the disbanding of their instrumental rivals, Les Mégatones, Les Versatiles were soon to do the same; Beaudet would join Les Sultans (appearing on their song “Va-t’en”). He then became a promoter and managed a short-lived all-female band called Les Intrigantes; At the same time, Selmer, Carreau and Pouliot would join two members of Les Megatones to briefly record for London Records, and hit the road again under the name of Les Ook-Piks; Rémi Clark became a painter; Cloutier started his own recording studio called Coyote Studio, before participating in the creation of PSM Studio. He also taught part-time at the Faculty of Music at Laval University; The members of Les Versatiles reunited for Carnival 1976 (with Les Mégatones), Carnival 1981 (with Les Katre) and during the Festival Retro from Joly. In 2013, this same festival saw the birth of the Mega-Versa Band which brought together former Les Versatiles member Roger Beaudet and Claude Laliberté as well as Ralph Angelillo and Michel Verreault of Les Mégatones.

Last Night/Oh Lonesome Me (London) M.17325
1965 Pauvre Diable/Bolide X16 (London) FC.700

Les Versatiles (London) MB.116
1964 Les Versatiles English text (London) EB.77
1999 Les Versatiles (MusiSelect) 1003

Born: Vezi Tayyeb
Toronto, Ontario guitar player, producer, and engineer. Founded Kensington Sound studio in Toronto. Co-owner of Quantum Records.

Quick As Silver/On The Other Side (Quantum) QRS-81002

Quick As Silver (Quantum/Phonodisc) QR-80002
1993 Army Of Angels (Vezi Tayyeb)

Steve Clark
(vocals, percussion, guitar) / Paul Puzzella (bass, backing vocals, keyboards) / Julian Durzi (synths, keyboards, loops) / Greg Wilkinson (drums)

Vibrolux (Shoreline) SECD-14011-2
2000 Love Is A Drug (Vibrolux) VIB-02
2001 Blaze On (Vibrolux) VIB-03
2005 Five (Vibrolux) VIB-05
2007 Ride On (Vibrolux) VIB-06

Vic Miller (guitar) / Bruce Pollard (bass, guitar, vocals) / Paul Case (drums)
Originally known as the Blue Echoes from Sarnia, Ontario this trio recorded under different aliases including The Canadian Beadles and The Mojo Men;  Miller (aka Ralph Blunt) had originally been a member of Edmonton band The Frantiks in 1961-1962.

I’m Coming Home/Love Walk Away (Quality) 1692X


1964 Surfin’ Fat Man/Paula (Tide – US) T45-2000

1964 I’ll Show You The Way/Think I’m Gonna Cry (Tide – US) T45-2003

Three Faces North (Tide – US) TLP-2005

Scott Cheverie
(vocals) / Stephen Matheson (guitar) / Blair Briceland (bass) / Dave Barkhouse (drums) / Peter Christmas (bass; replaced Briceland) / Wayne Gallant (drums; replaced Barkhouse)
From Nova Scotia, Vicious Polyester got together when Cheverie, who was originally from Vancouver, returned to Halifax in 1985 and ran into Matheson. Matheson knew Barkhouse and with a newspaper ad to recruit Briceland, the act was complete. While playing as a tribute to the 1970s cover tunes in bars they also recorded a number of original songs. Four songs became regularly rotated on Q104 allowing the band to become finalists for the Q104 Homegrown contest in 1986. The powers of government disallowed the sponsor from promoting a beer product on the album jacket, so the album release was scrapped. When the writing and recording stopped, Briceland and Barkhouse left the band and were replaced with Peter Christmas and Wayne Gallant (ex-Mother’s Fear), who toured for a short time before the band went their separate ways. Barkhouse went on the play with Southside, a local Halifax cover band; Cheverie formed his own cover band Sarjent Rokk as well as Full Circle, and is the co-owner of the Online Music Network; Matheson dropped out of the bar band scene; Briceland is now lead singer for AC/DC tribute act Thunderstruck. with notes from Blair Briceland.

1986 Vicious Polyester [3 songs] (independent)

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Howie Vickers was a former member of The Classics and The Collectors before going solo in the late 1960s. His 1971 song “Uncle Wiggly” managed to peak at No.83 on the RPM Top100 singles chart in May 1971. [also see THE COLLECTORS, THE CLASSICS]

Rum Diddy/One Act Play (New Syndrome) NS-109
1969 Do It Yourself/Wake Up Jesus (New Syndrome) NS-120
1971 Uncle Wiggly/Come Away Melinda (MCA) MCA-2010

Yaz Atout (guitar, lead vocals) / Kareem Atout (keyboards, vocals) / Andy Ghandour (bass, vocals) / Ken Griffin (drums, vocals) / Maxine Cusson (vocals; 1991-1992) / Sinead McSherry (vocals; 1991-1992)
Formed in Scarborough, Ontario in 1991, Victims Of Luxury were originally a poppy highschool sextet complete with smooth female backing vocals. They entertained at parties and high school functions but they were unable to make any inroads with their self-produced 1992 cassette due to its Wham-styled pop sensibilities. Songs featured on the 1993 Bullseye Records compilations ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered’, Volume 4 and 5 plus a College Music Journal compilation turned more than a few heads at A & R offices of major record labels in Canada and The U.S.A. The band followed that up with their own independent release called ‘Too Cheeky’ in 1993 which continued the favourable press the critics gave them in such magazines as Performer, and !@#$ not to mention daily newspapers like The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun. By the end of 1994 V.O.L. signed a direct recording deal with Tom Treumuth’s Hypnotic Records and a simultaneous publishing deal with Polygram. The results turned into 1995’s self-titled debut on Hypnotic featuring the reworking of tunes from ‘Too Cheeky’ and new tunes like the first single “Tie Me Up”. As an added bonus, the disc featured a guitar vs. keyboard duel on the remake of Gary Numan’s techno-classic “Cars”. Though the song was not intended as a single, dance and college radio picked it up for airplay. Unfortunately, the band received no tour support, promotion or video advances and the album sank like a rock. Victims of Luxury broke-up in 1996.

Tie Me Up (Hypnotic/A & M)

Victims of Luxury [cassette] (VOL)
1993 Too Cheeky (VOL)
1995 Victims of Luxury (Hypnotic/A & M) 56102921

Compilation Tracks
“Cautious” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered, Volume 4’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4006
1993 “Fluid” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered, Volume 5: The Sonic Explosion’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4007
1993 “Fluid” on ‘New Stuff Seven’ (MMS) NSCD-00

Born: Edwin Coppard in England
As a young boy in a choir school in England Edwin Coppard sang Gregorian chants. In Canada, as young man in high school in British Columbia, he was the keyboard player for the band The Shockers. When the band split up in 1968, Coppard move onto Trilogy with Shockers drummer David Jonsson. That band, too, was short-lived and Coppard pursued a solo career under the name C.B. Victoria. He had two minor hits with “Come See My Man” which reached number 62 on the RPM charts, February 21, 1976 and “I Don’t Believe In Miracles” which reached number 65 on the RPM charts, October 23, 1976. Both song were from his debut (and only album) ‘Dawning Day’ (1976). In 1982, the innovative opera-trained teacher Trudy Buckler, opened Coppard’s eyes to the physicality of sound production. After studying with her for some time, he began to teach his own personal clients. Next, he studied Kinesiology through Brain Gym creator Paul Dennison. By 1986, Coppard realized he could teach anyone to sing. In 1989 he met motivational guru Tony Robbins who asked Coppard to teach at his ‘Life Mastery Course’ and still does so today. In 1991, Coppard began creating seminars based on his new processes. His ‘Sovereign Singing’ is the basis for his Real People Music motivational seminars using singing as a teaching aid. with notes from Ken Ames. [also see THE SHOCKERS, TRILOGY]

Come See My Man/Rock Back To Me (20th Century/GRT) 1209-2231
1976 I Don’t Believe In Miracles/Dawning Day (GRT) 1230-120

1976 Dawning Day (Janus/GRT) 9098-7029

Compilation Tracks
“Come See My Man” on ‘Mindbenders’ (K-Tel) TC-231
1976 “I Don’t Believe In Miracles” on ‘Right On 20 Original Hits Original Stars’ (K-Tel) TC-236
1977 “I Don’t Believe In Miracles” on ‘The Frenetic Dancin’ Days Discoteque’ (Som Livre – BRAZIL) 404.7084

Ian Oscar
(vocals, guitar) / David Heidt (lead vocals, bass) / Mark Gajb (keys, vocals) / Winston Quelch (guitar) / Don Strate (drums)
Unsatisfied with the musical direction of their country-rock act One Horse Blue, Oscar and Quelch left that group in 1980 to form Victory Group. The band released one album on the short-lived House Of Lords Records out of Edmonton called ‘Tomorrow’. Quelch still lives and teaches music in Edmonton and performs with the Cathy Kowalski Band; Ian Oscar toured with k.d.lang; Mark Gajb is an insurer adjuster in New Westminster, BC.; Heidt is in West Vancouver and is an avid runner.

Falling Down/Rock Through the Night (House Of Lords) HOL-2012
1982 Tomorrow/Fantasia (House Of Lords) HOL-2015

1982 Tomorrow (House Of Lords) HLR-10006

The Vigilants were 4-piece hard rock act from Brantford, Ontario. The band won Q107’s annual Homegrown contest in 1985 and used the money to record their EP ‘Run For Cover’. The record featured guest vocals by Lee Aaron who also appeared in the video for the album’s title track.

1985 Run For Cover (H & S)

1985 Run For Cover [EP] (H & S) HS-222

Compilation Tracks
“Life Goes On” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Volume 6’ (RCA) KQL1-7087
1986 “Coming Back On You” on ‘Moose Molten Metal Vol. 2 (Capitol) SQ-6540

LINE-UP 1: Nazi Dog [aka Steve Leckie]
(vocals) / Freddie Pompeii [aka Fred DiPasquale] (guitar) / Motor X [aka Mike Anderson] (drums) / Jack Tassé [aka Jackie Death] (bass) / Chris Hate [aka Chris Paputts] (bass; replaced Tassé) ;
LINE-UP 2: Steve Leckie (vocals) / Sam Ferrara (bass, vocals) / Steve Koch (guitar, vocals) / Tony Vincent (drums)
Steven Leckie had made his presence known around the Queen Street Circuit as the punk scene began to develop. He would finally shed his Glam proclivities and embrace punk with the formation of The Viletones in 1977. The band’s first gig was at the Colonel Tavern’s ‘The Underground’ that year. Their second night there was filmed by O.C.A. students and was aired on Channel 47 CFMT Toronto. With an abrupt replacement of Jack Tassé  with Chris Hate, The Viletones released only one single and a 7” EP produced by Roger Mayne (Ugly Ducklings) during their initial run of notoriety; the band split up in 1979 with Leckie the odd-man out when Pompeii, Motor X, and Chris Hate formed The Secrets with former Diodes member John Hamilton. Leckie carried on with many revised line-ups featuring The Ugly’s Sam Sinatra and The Demics’ Steve Koch.Their first full-length album, ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’, resulted from a reunion show in 1983 at Larry’s Hideaway in Toronto that was captured by Dough McClement’s Comfort Sound mobile truck; the liner notes were written by veteran rock journalist Peter Goddard. In 1985, for no apparent reason, Leckie reported to the Toronto Star that former Viletones member Jackie Death had died of a heroin overdose. Alas, he was alive and well and still playing under his given name Jack Tassé around Toronto. A revival in the 1990’s saw the band’s catalogue re-issued as the CD ‘A Taste of Honey’ on Other People’s Music. This inspired Leckie to relaunch the band and follow-up with a new CD of studio and live recordings called ‘What It Feels Like To Kill’ (featuring members of The Cosmic Saints as the new Viletones). It was released in 1996 on Leckie’s own Fleur de Mal label. Several comeback tours with various new versions of The Viletones have come and gone over the last decade; Freddy Pompeii died of cancer May 13, 2017.  with notes from Steve Leckie, Freddie Pompeii, Jack Tassé, and Margaret Barnes-Delcolle.

1977 Screaming Fist/Possibilities/Rebel (Vile) 8277
Screaming Fist/Possibilities/Rebel [12”] (Montreco) EPMRC-6006
1978 Look Back In Anger [5 song EP] (Razor) REP-001

1983 Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Topaz) 01715
198? Live At Max’s (Mega Media Corp. – US)
1995 A Taste of Honey (O.P.M.) OPM-2104


1996 What It Feels Like to Kill (Fleur de Mal) FDM-5762

Compilation Tracks
“Screaming Fist” on ‘Permanent New Wave’ (Montreco) LPMRC-1478
1999 “Screaming Fist” on ‘Retro 80’s Volume 5: Spiked – A Punk Review’ (EMI) 20022

Fraser Loveman
(lead vocals) / Paul Marcoux (lead guitar) / Nick Urech (bass) / Steve Urech (rhythm guitar) / Jim Hall (drums)
St. Catharines, Ontario band The Village S.T.O.P. featured Fraser Loveman of the British Modbeats. They gained a reputation as one of the wildest live acts on the circuit. They often did a ‘freak out’ section in their shows where they performed naked except for fluorescent body paint. The band signed a recording contract with Buddah Records in the US in 1969 and toured places like Pennsylvania and New York State (with trips to Manhattan to play Greenwich Village opening for Booker T. & The MG’s). The group split up in 1970. Loveman would then create the Fraser Loveman Group with members of Rain and The Kidds. with notes from John Mars and Fraser Loveman.


1969 North Country/Vibration (Ruby) T-56195

Rawn Bankley
(guitar, vocals; 1972-1975) / Marcel Beauchamp (piano, guitar, clavinet; 1972-1975) / Lise Cousineau (vocals, tambourine, 1972-1975); Denis Farmer (drums, 1972-1975) / Michel Dion (bass, 1972-1975) / Roland ‘Bill’ Gagnon (bass; 1972-1975) / Roger Gougeon (flugelhorn, tambourine, 1972-1975) / Marcel Huot (drums, timbales, harmonica; 1972-1975) / Robert Lachapelle (piano, keyboards; 1972-1975) / Yves Laferrìère (bass, 1972-1975) / Gilles Massé (guitar; 1972-1975) / Carlyle Miller (alto saxophone, flute, vocals, 1972-1975) / Renald Montemiglio (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, tambourine; 1972-1975) / Pierre Nadeau (piano, organ, clavinet; 1972-1975) / Yvan Ouellet (piano; 1972-1975) / Christiane Robichaud (vocals, tambourine; 1972-1975)  / Michel Robidoux (guitar; 1972-1975) / Sharon Ryan (vocals; 1972-1975) / Christian St-Roch (drums, organ, vocals; 1972-1975) / Estelle Sainte-Croix (piano, vocals; 1972-1975) / Michel Séguin (congas, timbales, djembe; 1972-1975) / Robert Stanley (guitar; 1972-75) / Roger Tellier (guitar; 1972-1975) / Serge Vallières (guitar; 1972-1975) / Roger Walls (trumpet; 1972-1975) / Yves Dubois (guitar, vocals; 2004-present) / Christian Gagnon (guitar, vocals; 2004-present) / Gabrielle Gagnon (vocals; 2004-present) / Julien Gagnon (DJ, effects; 2004-present) / Charles Imbeau (trumpet; 2004-present) / Luc Lemire (saxophone, flute, 2004-present) / André Nadeau (keyboards, piano; 2004-present) / Richard Perrotte (drums; 2004-present) / Vincent Réhel (keyboards, organ; 2004-present) / Michèle Robidoux (vocals; 2004-present) / Alexandra Robichaud (vocals; 2004-present) / Martin Roy (bass, double bass) / Marc Séguin (bass; 2004-present) / Michel Séguin Jr. (percussion, drums; 2004-present) / Kathleen Sergerie (vocals; 2004-present) / Hugo St-Cyr (drums; 2004-present)
Ville Emard Blues Band was a group of session players – between 18 and 25 at times – featuring members of the Robert Charlebois Band, Renee Claude Band, Claude Dubois Band, and Contraction in its entirety. The collective was formed in Montreal in 1972 and disbanded in 1979. A second generation version of the group formed in 2004 and still play in Québec.

1974 Live At Montreal (Funkebec) FK-600-1
1974 Ville Emard (Funkebec) FK-602

Compilation Tracks
“Yama Nekh” on ‘L’Ultime rock progressif du Québec’ (Gala) GAL-113

Born: Jean-Louis Sénécal in Montreal, Québec in 1940
Claude Vincent was the older brother of musician Pière Senécal and brother of Raymonde Lacenès who was a Miss Canada finalist in the late 1950s. Senecal decided to follow in his younger brother’s footsteps as a singer under the stage name Claude Vincent. He got up the courage to perform at the La Casa Loma Cabaret and was soon performing, underage, at other nightclubs around Montreal. In 1959 he graduated high school and was signed to Fleur de Lys Records. He won the 1960 Radio-Canada ‘Canadian Song Contest’ with his interpretation of Lucien Hetu’s “Pourtant je l’aime”. That appearance and his second single, “Denise”, made him a pop star overnight. After a decade of being a French-Canadian teen idol he grew tired of being manipulated by others as a ‘product’ and turned his attention to being a radio host – first in Moncton, New Brunswick and later in Montreal at CKLM, CKVL, and CKAC. In 1976, he moved to television as a show host on CKTM in Trois-Rivières, Québec. In 1980, he was hired by Radio-Canada where was an evening Sportscaster. He would also do similar assignments for Radio-Canada International. In 1986, Vincent began suffering from acute asthma and emphysema and was forced to leave the profession. He struggled with his health for twelve years later before passing away May 24, 1998. with notes from Pière Senécal.

1959 Pourquoi es-tu parti/Plains-toi pas p’tit gars (Fleur de Lys) FL-135
1959 Chaleur d’amour/Janine (Fleur de Lys) FL-154
1959 Denise/Ça me fait mal d’aimer (Fleur de Lys) FL-167
1960 Je voudrais mon Dieu/Je t’aime sans te connaître (Fleur de Lys) FL-181
1960 Pardon mon amour/Je ne peux vivre sans toi (Fleur de Lys) FL-199
1960 Pourtant je t’aime/Chacun son Bonheur (Trans-Canada) TC-3004
1961 Reviens-moi/Embrasse-moi (Trans-Canada) TC-3021
1963 Micheline/Tes beaux yeux (Trans-Canada) TC-3041
1963 Quand les amants ne s’aiment plus/Le coeur en fête (Trans-Canada) TC-3060
1963 Un autre samedi soir/Follement amoureux (Idéal) ID-1910
1964 L’adieu/Je (Idéal) ID-1920
1964 L’amour et la rose/Quitte-moi (Idéal) ID-1927
1966 Angélique/Il nous reste si peu de temps (Fantastic) FA-3666
1969 Le jeu de hasard/Mon rêve (Cycle) CY-2006

1960 Claude Vincent (Fleur de Lys) FLS-519
1963 Je (aka Avec Claude Vincent) (Idéal) ID-4903
1968 Claude Vincent [re-issue] (Tournesol) TL-6017

VINCENT, Michael
Vincent managed to cracked the RPM Top100 with his 1971 single “That Girl’s Become A Woman” (peaking at No.74) and in 1973 with “We Are All of Us” (peaking at No.77).

That Girl’s Become A Woman/Baby Don’t Give Me Goodbye (Avco-Embassy) 4583
1973 We Are All Of Us/Built My Home In the Forest (Atlantic) CAT-40001

Chris Carlson (vocals, guitar) / Darren Borehan (guitar) / Colin Forsyth (organ) / Ben Sherazi (bass) / Bryce Dunn (drums)
From Calgary, Alberta

The Vindicators (Og) OG-29

Compilation Tracks
“Thinking of Birds” on ‘Mr. Garager’s Neighbourhood’ (Og) OG-21
1989 “You’re Too Much” on ‘It Came From Canada, Vol. 5’ (Og) OG-25
1996 “Thinking of Birds” on ‘Time Machine: The History of Canadian 60’s Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95)’ (Stomp) STOMP-008

James Vining began song writing in 1972 when his first single on Concept Records ,”I Need Song”, received airplay across Canada starting with CHUM radio in Toronto. In 1979 he graduated from Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington with a BA in music. During the 1980’s he began song writing again, including jingle writing for Sea Coast Sound in his home town of Victoria, British Columbia. In 1993, after returning to University for a two year post degree program in education, he began his teaching career on Vancouver Island as a band teacher. After raising a family he finally released his first solo album entitled ‘A Big Rumble Out West’ in 2010. He also put out a four song EP in 2011 entitled ‘A Secret Quartet’ featuring guest performances with Cindy Church, Chris Coon, Norm Watson, Rob Carriere, Graham Edwards, Lorill Vining, Bill Young, VP Taylor, Amanda  Rogers and Nathan Tinkum.

I Need Song/What Would I Be (Concept) CR-1835

A Big Rumble Out West (Big Rumble)
A Secret Quartet (Big Rumble)


Bluebird/Dirty Dan (Royalty)
1978 Empty Streets/First Flight (Royalty)
1978 Northern Star/Sun Always Shines (Royalty)
1979 Mes Amis O Canada (Royalty)
1980 High Fashion Queen/Rocky Mountain Skyline (Royalty)
1980 Rollin’ Slow (Royalty)
1980 Sweet Mountain Music (Royalty)
1986 Momma’s Voice (Royalty)
1986 Goodbye (Royalty)

First Flight (Royalty)
1980 High Fashion Queen (Royalty)
1986 Adios Mexico (Royalty)

St. Deborah
(vocals) / Sri [aka Scott Kerr] / Graham Stewart / Ted Wheeler
An 8-piece Toronto band which maintained a rather flexible line-up when playing live. Despite an auspicious debut opening for Chris & Cosey at Larry’s Hideaway in Toronto, the band’s volatile nature made performing difficult so they kept to playing many charity and political benefits including a gig at the Starwood Club on January 18, 1986 called Animal Liberation Front Support Group Benefit. Their first demo was released in 1986 and a live recording from Toronto’s Fallout Shelter Club was released as ‘Arkinoid’ in 1987. The loose collective vanished in the 1990s but has since returned under the name ViolenceAndTheSacredPerformingAsVioSac. with notes from Mike Hanrahan and David McWade.

1988 Dull Knife Dull Life; Sharp Knife Short Life/Now a God Dances Through Me (Freedom In a Vacuum) VAC-7-00


1986 Cathexis [cassette] (Utility Grade Tapes)
1987 Arkinoid (Sound of Pig) SOP-121
1988 Failure Parade [cassette] (Audiophile Tapes) AT-47
1988 Suture Self (Freedom In a Vacuum) VACLP-04
1988 Lost Horizons Part 1 (Harsh Reality) HR-81
1988 Lost Horizons Part 2 [cassette] (Corrosive Tapes) CO-10
1988 Teddy Died (Sincerity) (SSS) SSS-26
1992 The Song of Labrador (Artware) ARTWARE-06

Rusty Pile (Freedom In a Vacuum) VATS-1
2009 You Are Planning To Enjoy the Apocalypse (Freedom In a Vacuum) VATS-2
2010 Dawning Luminosity

Baptized/More Involved (Freedom In a Vacuum) VACT-14

Compilation Tracks
“Advance (Video Soundtrack)” on ‘Undying’ (Freedom In a Vacuum)

Steve Pitkin (guitar) / Ida Nilsen (vocals, piano) / Aaron MacPherson (bass) / Yawd Sylvester (guitar, vocals, organ) / Tim Vesely (vocals, guitar, bass, keys)
Former members of Wayne Omaha (MacPherson and Sylvester), and the Flashing Lights (Pitkin), and Rheostatics (Vesely).

The End of Part One (Maximum Music Group/Universal) MAX-20132 I 2008 Sunshine At Night (Zunior) ZUN-023

Carroll Rancour
(vocals) / Clermont Bouffard (bass) / Denis Robitaille (guitar, vocals) / Regent Lagacé (drums) / Collin Real (guitar)Formed in Québec City, Québec out of the ashes of Les Skylanders and Les Jaguars.

1966 Ne le sais-tu pas/Rêver(Idéal) ID-1947
Non, non, non Cherie/Cherie, danse avec moi (Idéal) ID-1949
1967 La fille aux yeux Bruns/T’en va pas (Sabre) SA-9804

J. Christophe Theoret
/ Guy Royer
Originally a 4-piece from the south shore of Montreal, Québec, the act trimmed down to a duo and recorded their records exclusively in French.

1985 Double Vie (Osmosis/Fusion III)

Rude Van Steenes
(lead vocals) / Kurt Laporte (guitar) / Norm Brown (keyboards) / Ed Gelati (drums) / Gene Donofrio (bass)
Their ambitious 1986 debut, ‘Heart And Soul’, won a 1986 CASBY Award for ‘Best Indie Band’. The record also received distribution in Europe and the US where the band was able to sell quite a number of records. The follow-up album, ‘Shadowplay’ in 1987, exceeded expectations and out sold its predecessor. It received extensive airplay on the alternative stations across Canada and the US and copies were also sold in Europe. A video of the song “Shadowplay” received rotation at MuchMusic as well. Their performance at CFNY’s 10th Anniversary held at Molson Park in Barrie that same summer was one of their last; Rude Van Steenes died February 1, 2021. with notes from Rude Van Steenes.

Shadowplay/Rocket’s Glare [12”] (Somersault) SOM12-04


1986 Heart and Soul [5 songs] (Vis-A-Vis) VAV-1000

Compilation Tracks
“Shadowplay (Shadow Mix)” on ‘Retro: Active – Rare & Remixed’ (Hi-Bias) HIB-10092

From Pembroke, Ontario.

The Hearn/Julie (Montaigne) 1002

From Prince Edward Island.

Vishten (Vish) 1-4
2006 Live (Vish) 2-6
2008 11:11 (Vish) 3-8

Progressive Rock act from Montréal, Québec.

Catharsis (Autoproduction) RSB-1262
1991 A Moment Beyond Time
1994 Emergence (Mezzo) MZ-7001
1996 Narcissus Goes To the Moon (Ipso Facto) KO-2509
2000 Barb-A-Baal-A-Loo (Ipso Facto) IF-7007
2006 La Daementia Romantica: Live in Mexicali (BajaProg) 2002

Alec Fraser Jr. (vocals, bass) / Spynn (guitars, keyboards) / Kevin Higgins (guitars, slide) / Ron Wilson (drums)
From Toronto, Ontario, The Visitors recorded at Stan Meissner’s Wychwood Studio. Alec Fraser Jr. would go on to play bass in Jeff Healey’s solo band for many years. with notes from Alec Fraser and Howard Hoover.

Apache (Spynn) AF-001
1984 Nothing To Hide/Real Lovin’ (Doubles) CCR-9258

Rick Winkle
(vocals, percussion) / Terry Michaelson (bass, vocals) / James Gray (keyboards; studio only) / Gord Wilson (guitar, vocals) / Chris Weekes (drums; 1980-1981) / Mike Clarke (drums; replaced Weekes) / Glenn Milchem (drums; replaced Clarke) / Kurt Swinghammer (guitar; replaced Wilson)
Riding the wave of the late ’70’s punk movement in Toronto, Vital Sines eventually transformed themselves into a moody ‘dark funk’ band. Often mistaken for gothic (only because they preferred black leather as stage apparel), Vital Sines managed to combine industrial rhythms and Jah Wobble meets Brian Eno ambient guitar sounds. Their first indie single — the sarcastic “Subway Suicide” — was released on their own Musicians On Drugs (M.O.D.) Records in 1981. It was hyper-New Wave with a speedy punk sensibility that helped get the band into some of the less prestigious live venues in Toronto. Vital Sines wanted to rise above the C-level clubs but they needed to refine and define their sound so they took paying shows at the seedier dives as Tryfono & The Heat Resistant sheep as openers on many bills. All the while they began contemplating an image and a sound that they could master as Vital Sines proper. By this time, Weekes had left the band for the family life and was replaced by Rent Boys Inc., drummer Mike Clarke. Taking one part ’60’s Motown and one part Euro-Dance (sans keyboards), Vital Sines re-invented themselves. Clarke’s stay was short lived and Whitenoise drummer Glenn Milchem was brought in as a permanent fixture. The band’s first rallying cry for a new audience was to release a 7 songs cassette entitled “Rhythms In Dark” as they began to gain a strong foothold in the Toronto club scene. This tape spurred enough interest from a new following of fans to convince the band to funnel all their extra cash into a vinyl release. The result was 1984’s 4 song EP ‘Collage’ which landed them solid airplay with the Gerald Packer produced video of the title track. CFNY-FM nominated the song as “Single of the Year” and the video for “Video Of The Year”. As the last of the indie copies sold out in Canada, David Ross, who helped record the EP, got a job with Midnight Records in the UK. The label picked up the disc and re-issued it as an import (the record was selling nearly 30 copies a week in Toronto record stores up to 18 months after it was issued). During this flurry of activity, Winkle and Michaelson had started their own Rhythms In Dark Studio and began recording other Toronto acts to supplement their income like Between The Lines, Swedish Fish and Moving Targetz. To keep their stage chops up between Sines gigs they moonlighted with members of Between The Lines in The Burundi Plumbers. The band decided that a bigger, bolder avenue of recording was necessary for the follow-up Vital Sines record and they headed into Daniel Lanois’ Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton to begin production with, then unknown producer, Michael Phillip-Wojewoda (Shuffle Demons/Barenaked Ladies). It was at this time that Gord Wilson became disenchanted by the music scene, specifically Vital Sines’ style and opted out of the band to retire to a life of a commercial artist. Former Lawn/Woods Are Full Of Cuckoos guitarist Kurt Swinghammer was brought in as production moved full-tilt. The result was 1986’s 6 song EP called ‘Big Dark Dreams’ which was picked up by Toronto punk/thrash label Fringe Product as a means of diversifying their roster. The resulting airplay and more U-Know Award nominations on CFNY for the song/video “Break These Chains” allowed Vital Sines to open gigs for the likes of Shriekback, Hunters & Collectors, Siouxsie & The Banshees, and Love And Rockets. Fringe re-issued the ‘Collage’ EP once more after Midnight Records failed to issue any royalties for the sell-out 1985 re-pressing. A tour of the Eastern US seaboard helped gain US recognition on the college circuit but despite this, both Kurt Swinghammer and Glenn Milchem decided to quit the band in May of 1987 at the height of the group’s popularity. Winkle and Michaelson were left trying to hold Vital Sines together, which they did for another year with ex-members of Miami’s Sleep of Reason. Alas, the band’s momentum had faded with the advent of keyboard driven acts in the late ’80s and Vital Sines split up; Rick Winkle still dabbles in production; Kurt Swinghammer has a highly successful music and graphic design career; Glenn Milchem is the drummer for Blue Rodeo; Chris Weekes is a member of The Blue Voodoo in Vancouver, BC; James Gray joined Blue Rodeo. The band has reunited several times in the last few years for charity shows. with notes from Rick Winkle, James Gray, and Gord Wilson.

1980 Subway Suicide//Erik The Generik/Sex & Babies (M.O.D) MOD-1

1982 Rhythms In Dark [cassette] (Vital Sines)
1984 Collage [4 song EP] (Vital Sines) VS-101
1986 Big Dark Dreams [6 song EP] (Fringe) FPE-3029
1987 Collage [re-issue] (Fringe) FPE-3045

Compilation Tracks
“Rhythm In Dark” on ‘Between Today and Tomorrow’ (Midnight – UK) CHIME-00.17L

Chantal Condor (vocals) / Angela Songui (vocals)
At the end of high school, Montréal’s Chantal Chamandy was singing professionally under the name Chantal Condor. Together with Angela Songui, the singers became an act called Voggue by total happenstance. Voggue was created by Denis and Denyse LePage – better known as LIME. Their management team (TransCanada Music) didn’t want the public to be confused with the two recording projects and took Chamandy and Songui into the recording studio with new producers to create Voggue’s self-titled debut album in 1981. The LePage’s were unaware of the deception until seeing Voggue on television. Condor and Songui assumed the group name and had an instant hit with the song “Dancin’ the Night Away.” The group would be hot in the dance charts through 1981 and 1982. In 1982 they returned to the studio and emerged with their sophomore release ‘Take 2.’ It featured the singles “Sun Struck Lovers” and “I Love To Dance.” By 1984 Condor and Songui would part company. recorded several solo releases for CBS Records. She would soon join the group Collage for one album before striking out again as a solo artist. She currently has a successful career under her real name Chantal Charmandy; Songui moved into session work (including back-up vocals on Sass Jordan’s debut album ‘Tell Somebody’) and would then shift into successfully managing trade shows.

Dancin’ the Night Away/[same] (Celsius) CLS-718
1981 Dancin’ the Night Away/Roller Boogie [12”] (Celsius) 12 CLS-7004
1981 Movin’ Up/Go For It (Mercury – FRANCE) 6059-506
1981 Love Buzz/Back Again (Celsius) CLS-725
1981 Love Buzz (Long Version)/Love Buzz (Short Version) [12”] (Celsius) 12 CLS-7006
1981 Here We Are/Movin’ Up (Celsius) CLS-729
1983 I Love To Dance/Now That It’s Over (Matra) 7MT-015
1983 Sun Struck Lovers/Put Your Heart On the Line (Matra) 7MT-020
1983 I Love To Dance/I Love To Dance (Radio Version) (Matra) 12MA-025
1983 Sun Struck Lovers (Remix)/Sun Struck Lovers (Instrumental) [12”] (Matra) 12MA-031
1985 Dancin’ The Night Away/Love Buzz [12”] (Matra) SPEC-1234

Voggue (Celsius) CLS-81001
1983 Take 2 (Matra) MLP-009
1992 Dancin’ the Night Away (Unidisc) SPLK-7037

From Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Les Vogt was a member of 1950’s rockabilly outfit The Prowlers. He then changed his name to Les Vote and released material on his own and with The Emperors. [also see THE PROWLERS]

1960 Here Comes The Rain/Just Say Goodnight (Aragon) AR-410
1960 Moon Rocketin’/The Blamers (Sparton) 4-923R
1961 My Blue Heaven/Pennies From Heaven (Iona – USA) 1007

1961 I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry Over You/Teenager’s Dream (Jaguar) J-1001

1961 Preacher Boy/River Flowin’ Home (Arctic) M-17190

Malcolm Swann
(lead vocals) / Maury Duchamp (guitar) / Jeff Sawatzky (bass) / Sherri Leigh Iwaschuk (drums) / Dwayne Goettel (keyboards)  / Rod Wolfe (bass; replaced Sawatzky) / Bill Damur (guitar, lute, vocals)
Following the collapse of Edmonton band Office in 1983, Malcolm Swann and Jeff  Sawatzky teamed up with guitarist friend Maury Duchamp. They then recruited Dwayne Goettel from Psyche and Sherri Leigh Iwaschuk (ex-Reverb Angels) to form Voice. Sawatzky was soon replaced by Wolfe and Damur who would appear on the band’s 4 song EP ‘Anno di Voce’ on the Switch label in 1985. They also performed on a CBC Battle of the Bands TV show in their first television appearance. They became popular around Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta through the remainder of the 1980s; Goettel formed Water with singer Mandy Cousins during the Voice years and carried on with the project post-Voice before being instrumental in the creation of Vancouver’s industrial noise merchants Skinny Puppy; Sawatzky moved to Toronto for awhile playing in two bands, Jadadada and Animals of Habit and did some theatre work with David Sereda. He moved back to Edmonton then moved to Vancouver in 1988 with Iwaschuk who was available following the collapse of Voice. While there they became the rhythm section for Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Touch’ album promotional tour. They then joined Bolero Lava during that band’s final incarnation; Duchamp has since passed away. with notes from Jeff Sawatzky.

1983 Holiday/Lime/Smile [cassette]
1985 Anno Di Voce [4 song EP] (Switch) SWH-649

Born: March 23, 1963 as Joseph Armand Voisine in St. Basile, New Brunswick]
Roch Voisine was born in New Brunswick to two Québec school teachers and grew up speaking French and English. The family moved to Notre-Dame-du-Lac, northeast of Québec City when he was 12. He originally had his career sights set on becoming a professional hockey player until a knee injury while playing baseball at the age of eighteen sidelined him permanently. Searching for something to fill his time he began writing songs well into his days at the University of Ottawa where he majored in physiotherapy. When he and former hockey buddy Stephan Lessard decided to cut a demo they called Lessard’s uncle, disc jockey Paul Vincent, who in-turn called some friends and studio time to record a five-song demo. The whole session only cost the duo $50 because the engineer thought the idea of two hockey players recording music simply amusing. Vincent wanted to sign Voisine immediately but he was only 18 and felt it was too soon in his career. Voisine’s country-folk flavoured style was committed to vinyl for two early LPs that have since been forgotten but were in English. Still, Voisine felt he was ready to take the next step, called his old friend Vincent and convinced him to he his manager. They team was able to dazzle Les Disque Star in Québec who felt Voisine should initially stick with French language records for their own Québec and France markets. In 1989 he spent 500 hours recorded the song “HElEene” from his as yet unrecorded album. The song was co-written with Lessard and when pre-orders for the single exceeded 40,000 copies in the first week Les Disque Star pushed Voisine to finish the album in 21 days. The single was a huge hit in Québec and France selling in excess of 1,000,000 copies. The album would sell multi-platinum and Voisine won a handful of Felix Awards (Québec’s equivalent to the JUNO). Lessard would later sue Voisine and manager Paul Vincent for $20 million claiming he was owed a share of Voisine’s success having also given up a lucrative hockey career to help Voisine’s rise to fame. 1990 saw the release of ‘Roch Voisine Double’ which was a double CD set with one disc in French and the other in English — it would sell 700,000 copies in Europe alone. That same year, Voisine appeared as a rookie hockey player in the Québec TV series ‘Lance et compte’ (‘He Shoots, He Scores’). Voisine seemed plagued by lawsuits after lawyers for singer Neil Diamond in 1991 claimed copyright infringement on Voisine’s “On The Outside” which bore more than a striking resemblance to Diamond’s 1971 hit “Play Me”. Riding the wave of an otherwise successful sales career, Voisine’s record label re-released the English portion of the ‘Double’ album as ‘Roch Voisine: The Album’. Voisine and David Foster were the featured performers at Parliament Hill in Ottawa for the July 1st, 1992 Canada celebrations for the country’s 125th birthday bash performing a song they co-wrote for the event called “I’ll Always Be There”. He also toured Europe for 3 months, including a show at the Eiffel Tower in France to a crowd of 35,000 and received the distinction of Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French government. He would return to Canada selling out two nights at the Montreal Forum. In 1993 Voisine released the English language album ‘I’ll Always Be There’ which spawned several hit singles across Canada including the title track. This was followed in 1994 by ‘Coup de Tete’. In 1996 Voisine signed a lucrative record deal with BMG worldwide for his album ‘Kissing Rain’. That same year in a strange twist of bittersweet fortune, Voisine inherited $30 million when his long-time manager unexpectedly died. In recent years Voisine has had great success with cover tunes by American artists. The ‘Americana’ series has spawned three releases to date.

1989 Souviens-toi/La-bas dans L’ombre (Les Disques Star) STR-3058
1989 Hélène/Ton Blues (Les Disques Star) STR-3061
1990 La promesse/Au bout de L’Île/La promesse (Instrumentale) (Les Disques Star) STR-3098
1990 Pourtant/Pourtant (Instrumentale)  (BMG – FRANCE) 113092
1990 Avant de partir/Avant de partir (Instrumentale)  (BMG – FRANCE) 113478
1990 Le bercuse du petit diable/Le bercuse du petit diable (Version Instrumentale)/Hélène (BMG – FRANCE) 113740
1990 Waiting/Mountain Girl/Waiting (Instrumental) (BMG – EUROPE) 664543
1990 Darlin’/Darlin’ (Insrumentale)  (BMG – FRANCE) 114068
1991 On the Outside/She Had a Dream (BMG – FRANCE) 114333
1992 Avec tes yeux Pretty Face (Les Disques Star) STR-3099
1992 Avec tes yeux Pretty Face (Nouvelle Version)/Fishing Day/Avec tes yeux Pretty Face (Instrumental)  (BMG – FRANCE) 211020
1993 La légende Oochigeas (Les Disques Star) STR-3101
1993 Oochigeas (Radio Version/Oochigeas (Club Version) (Les Disques Star) STR-3105
1993 Shout Out Loud (Les Disques Star) STR-3117
1993 L’idole/Hélène (BMG – FRANCE) 211320
1993 I’ll Always Be There/Heaven Or Hell (BMG – FRANCE) 211763
1994 Lost Without You/For Adam’s Sake (BMG – FRANCE) 211970
1994 Shed the Light
1994 J’entends frapper/Prelude/Les jardins de St Martin (BMG – FRANCE) 212249
1994 Laisse là rêver (BMG – FRANCE) 212511
1994 There’s No Easy Way/She Picked Picked Me Up/Waiting (BMG – FRANCE) 211861
1995 Mylady mio segreto (Radio Edit)/Jean Johnny Jean (Nouvelle Version Inédite)/Mylady mio segreto (Version Live) (BMG – FRANCE) 213060
1996 Chaque jour de ta vie
1996 Kissing Rain/Whatever It Takes (BMG)  214402
1997 Love Never Dies (BMG)
1997 St. Annie of the Wild Blue Eyes (BMG)
1997 Every Day of Your Life [w/Richard Marx]/Love Never Dies/With These Eyes (BMG) 214709
1999 Je resterai là/Avant nous (BMG – FRANCE) 216625
1999 Doucement / J’ai L’espoir (BMG – FRANCE) 216850
1999 Comme…/Juste un peu de temps (BMG – FRANCE) 217215
2000 Petit Papa Noël/Promenade en traineau (BMG – FRANCE) 218110
2000 Un simple gars
2001 Dis-lui/Le cow-boy virtuel (BMG – FRANCE) 218867
2002 Julia (BMG – FRANCE) 219358
2002 Ce soir mon ange (BMG – FRANCE) 219800
2003 Je l’ai vu/Tant pis (BMG – FRANCE) 666394
2003 Ouvre les yeux (RV) RVCD-2304
2004 Tant pis/Hélène/Darlin’ (BMG – GERMANY) 765757
2006 Une femme (parle avec son coeur)/Tant pis (version 500 choristes) (BMG – FRANCE) 674019
2010 Décembre

1987 Sweet Songs (Trans-Canada)
1988 Roch Voisine (RV International) 20-101
1989 Hélène (Les Disques Star)  STR-8014
1990 Double (Les Disques Star) STR-CD-8023
1991 On the Outside (Les Disques Star) STR-4-8026
1992 Europe Tour (BMG – France) 211122
1993 I’ll Always Be There (Les Disques Star)  STR-CD-8056
1994 Coup de tête (Les Disques Star) STR-CD-8063
1996 Kissing Rain (RV/BMG)  214397
1999 Chaque feu…(BMG) 216625
2000 L’album de Noël (BMG) 217988
2000 Christmas Is Calling (BMG) 218039
2001 Roch Voisine (RV) RVCD-2303
2002 Higher (BMG) 219694
2003 Je te serai fidèle (BMG – FRANCE) 657559
2004 Le Noël de Roch Voisine (RV) RVCD-2312
2005 Sauf si l’amour… (Sony BMG – France) 689299
2007 Roch: Best of  Roch Voisine [2 CD] (BMG) 726927
2008 L’aventure Americana (BMG) 797843
2009 Americana II (BMG) 865836
2010 Americana III: California (BMG) 886977
2011 Confidences (Sony) 50855

Compilation Tracks
“Helene” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25

Denis “Snake” Bélanger
(vocals; 1983-1994, 2002-present) / Michel “Away” Langevin (drums) / Denis “Piggy” D’amour (guitar; 1981-2005) / Jean-Yves “Blacky” Thériault (bass; 1981-1991, 2008-present) / Eric “E-Force” Forrest (bass, vocals; 1994-2001) / Jason “Jasonic” Newsted (bass; 2002-09) / Dan “Chewy” Mongrain (guitar; 2008-present)
Voïvod was formed in Jonquière, Québec in 1982, Voivod began life as a fairly straightforward metal outfit. The band began as a straight-forward metal act producing two independent albums – ‘Anachronism’ (1982) and ‘To the Death’ (1983) – that generated enough underground buzz to bring them to the attention of Banzai Records. Their debut for the label, ‘War And Pain’, brought them international attention as did ‘Rrroooaaarrr’ and ‘No Speed Limit Weekend’ in 1986 where Noise Records in Germany distributed their albums. However, it was 1987’s ‘Killing Technology’ that showcased the band’s newly expanded sound with psychedelic and progressive arrangements and lyrics centering around Science Fiction themes. The metal scene began to take note and a whole new fanbase began gravitating to their “Thinking Man’s” metal. With a switch to Mechanic/MCA Records 1989’s ‘Nothingface’ became a critical breakthrough with a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” and 1993’s ‘The Outer Limits’ included a cover of Pink Floyd’s “The Nile Song”. Blacky (Jean-Yves Theriault) left the band in 1991 and vocalist Snake (Denis Belanger) left in 1994. Their replacements were bassist/vocalist Eric Forrest. The band’s popularity began to decline over the next two albums. In 1998 he was seriously injured in a car accident, derailing recording and touring plans and Voivod would finally disband in 2001. The band wasn’t out of commission for very long with the return of Snake on vocals and bassist Jason Newsted (from Metallica) stepping into Forrest’s vacancy. The reformed band released a self-titled comeback album in 2003. The band continues to release albums and have announced a 2013 release entitled ‘Target Earth’; Piggy (Denis D’Amour) died of colon cancer on August 26th, 2005.

Too Scared to Scream/Cockroaches (Noise – GER) N-0085
1989 Astronomy Domine (Special Radio Edit)/The Unknown Knows (MCA) CD45-17979
1993 The Lost Machine/Jack Luminous (MCA) MCA5P-2668
1993 Fix My Heart (Radio Edit)/Fix My Heart (Album Version) (MCA) MCA5P-2822
1994 The Nile Song (Album Version)/Tribal Convictions (Live Version) (MCA) MCA5P-2926
1996 Nanoman/Erosion/Vortex (Mausoleum) MAJC-60018
2003 We Carry On (Radio Edit) (Cold Ending)/We Carry On (Album Version) (Cold Ending) (Chophouse)

1983 Anachronism
1984 To the Death
1984 War and Pain (Banzai) BRC-1925
1986 Rrröööaaarrr (Banzai) BRC-1973
1986 Thrashing Rage [4 song EP] (Noise – GER) N-0050PD
1987 Killing Technology (Cobra) CL-1023
1988 Dimension Hatröss (Maze) MML-1042
1989 Nothingface (Mechanic/MCA) MCA-6326
1991 Angel Rat (Mechanic/MCA) MCAD-10293
1992 The Best of Voïvod (Noise – GER) N-0196
1993 The Outer Limits (Mechanic/MCA) MCAD-10701
1995 Negatron (Hypnotic) HYPSD-1040
1997 Phobos (Hypnotic) HYPSD-1057
1998 Kronik (Hypnotic) HYPSD-1065
2000 Lives (Metal Blade) 14338
2003 Voïvod (Chophouse) 44015
2006 Katorz (The End) TE074-ADV
2009 Infini (Sonic Unyon Metal) SUNCD-1222
2011 Warriors of Ice (Sonic Unyon Metal) SUNCD-1352
2011 To the Death ’84 (Alternative Tentacles) VIRUS-432

Compilation Tracks
“Blower” on ‘The Metal Machine’ (Road Runner)

Dave Javex Ray-O-Vac [aka David Leone] (vocals) / Parker (guitar) / Stephane (bass) / Jeff Saint-Louis (drums)
Montréal punk outfit formed in out of the remnants of Zyklon B in 1981 and disbanded in 1985. Leone and Saint-Louis would later join hardcore band Dead Brain Cells; Stephane joined No Policy under the name Lord Hams. Vomit & The Zits briefly reunited in 1996 to perform in Montréal.

Compilation Tracks
“Suicide” and “What The Hell” on ‘Primitive Air-Raid’ (Psyche Industry) MPAS-01
1985 “Rip Off” on ‘Montréal/New York Connection ’85’ (Big City) BCR-9
1985 “Eyes” on ‘Panic Panic’ (Psyche Industry) PIR-02

Brian Maxim (vocals) / Danny Bilan (drums) / Buddy Caine (guitar) / Terry Juric (bass)
Toronto-area supergroup featuring members of Stumblin’ Blind and Moxy.

Compilation Tracks
“Stormy Eyes” on “Toronto Calling” (El Mocambo) ELMO-759

Jacques Perron (keyboards, vocals) / Pierre Ringuet (drums) / Serge Vallières (guitar) / André Parenteau (bass)
Vocalist-keyboardist Jacques Perron and drummer Pierre Ringuet were veterans of the French scene having been part of Louise Forestier’s band Les Enzymes and accompanied comedian Yvon Deschamp live. In 1971 they teamed up with Serge Vallières (guitar), André Parenteau (bass) and songwriter Marcel Sabourin to form Vos Voisins. The band was signed to Polydor Records and released the album ‘Holocauste à Montréal’ which featured the band dressed as criminals. There was a public outcry (including from record retailers) and so the album was withdrawn and a more generic photo was used. The album was re-issued later in 1971 re-titled ‘Vos Voisins’. The album spawned the radio hit “Le Monstre de la Main”. The members of Vos Voisins were also the backing band on Claude LaFrance’s 1976 album ‘Une belle soirée’. Following the disbanding of the group, Vallières would join the Ville-Emard Blues Band.

Il etait une fois dans l’est/Intermede (Sol) SOLT-209

1971 Holocauste à Montréal (Polydor) 2424-048
1971 Vos Voisons (Polydor) 2424-147


Jennifer/Fighting For Your Love (Tyran)


Voyageur (Moon Shadows) 104

Murray Wallace (band leader, melody vocals, guitar) / Dave Moe (lead vocals, bass, lead instrumentalist) / Ray Purdie (tenor) / Fred Williams (bass, fiddle).
From Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Voyageurs/You Can Have Her (Lumby) 45-LP-101

Reels, Jigs And Hornpipes (Arc) A-588

Jigues, Danses Carrées Et Rigodons (Arc) ACF-20

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