Multi-instrumentalist Don Xaliman from British Columbia was the driving force behind 1980s electronic experimental group Melodic Energy Commission. “Beehive Jive” appeared on the ‘Taster’ compilation album in 1997 but would be re-worked by the reformed Melodic Energy Commission for their reunion album ‘This Is a Slippery Concept’ in 2005. [also see MELODIC ENERGY COMMISSION]

Congenial Twist of a Mechanical Moonbeam (Energy Discs)

Compilation Tracks
1997 “Beehive Jive” on ‘Taster’

An anonymous synth-pop project by Aldo Caporuscio who is better known internationally as rock guitarist and songwriter Aldo Nova. A 12” single of the song “XR7” was released on Quality Records shortly before Nova was signed to CBS Records as a pop rock guitarist. The instrumental version of “XR 7″ appeared on several 12” bootleg compilations in Europe in the 1980s and officially on Milestone Records’ compilation ‘The Original Masters – From The Past, Present And Future Vol.3’. [also see ALDO NOVA]


1980 XR 7 (vocal)/XR 7 (instr.) [12″] (Quality) QDC-22

Compilation Tracks
2009 “XR 7 (instrumental)” on ‘The Original Masters – From The Past, Present And Future Vol.3’ (Milestone) MSHA-1007

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