Ugly Ducklings
Ugly, The
Ulrich, Shari
Ultima Thüle
Uncle Wiggly’s Hot Shoes Blues Band
Underdogs, The
Undertakin’ Daddies
Unforscene, The
Unintended, The
United Empire Loyalists
United State
Universal Honey
Unloved, The
Unusuals, The
Upsetters, The
Uptown Blooze Band
Uranus & The Universe, Gordie
Usher, David

Line-up: John Lindenfield (vocals) / Ted Treibner (guitar) / Fred Robinson (guitar) / Mike Caldwell (bass) / Murray Heywood (drums) / Dave Robinson (vocals; replaced Lindefield 1982) / Dan Preszcator (bass; replaced Caldwell 1983) / Chris Mittelholtz (saxophone; added) / Kevin Kelly (guitar; replaced Treibner 1990) / Joey Bechta (drums; replaced Heywood 1990) / Nick Sterling (keyboards; added 1990) / Scott Clatney (percussion; added 1990) / Andy Hauber (bass; replaced Preszcator 2018) / Dave Dysart (guitar; replaced Treibner 2019)
THE CHICKENS Line-Up: Dave Robinson (vocals) / Fred Robinson (guitar) / Dan Preszcator (bass) / Murray Heywood (drums) / Ken Mikalauses (guitar, vocals)
U.I.C. was formed in Exeter, Ontario in June 1982. Their name was originally an acronym for Unemployment Insurance but was changed to Underground In Canada. After conquering the small number of clubs in and around London, Ontario, they moved to Toronto in 1984. Following the first two releases, Treibner and Heywood quit to form their own band Positively Stompin’. They were replaced by Kelly and Bechta. They also expanded the line-up to include Sterling and Clatney on keyboards and percussion respectively. In 1994 Treibner, Heywood and Mittelholtz formed Positively Stompin and were signed to Vertigo. This effectively ended U.I.C. They called it quits after a farewell tour in late 1995; Dave Robinson joined Oshawa band El Speedo in late 1996, after two years with El Speedo, Robinson and guitar player Ken Mikalauskis started The Chickens. They soon added two original members from UIC in 1999. The Chickens released two albums – 2004’s ‘Bring It On’ was produced by Dale Morningstar – and after six years played with Soundtrack of our Lives at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto; Murray Heywood now lives in Oshawa and is a youth pastor. He is also developing two youth Christian bands; Fred Robinson now played guitar for The Legendary Dirtbikers; In 2015 U.I.C. reunited with the Robinson Brothers, Treibner, Preszcator, and Heywood and began releasing new music again with ‘The Wiseman Sessions’ in 2016. Dan Preszcator died March 29, 2018. The band would carry on with Andy Hauber on bass and Dave Dysart replacing Treibner for their follow-up ‘FM Hill’ in 2020 on their own label Like 90. With notes from Fred Robinson.

Our Garage (Fringe Product) FPL-3031
1989 The Wiseman Sessions [limited edition cassette] (independent)
1989 Live / Like Ninety (Og) OG-22
1993 Witches In Credible (Drog) DROG-9302
2016 The Wiseman Sessions (Yeah Right!) YEAHR32
2020 FM Hill (Like 90) LIKE-006

Prepare To Plug In (independent)
2004 Bring It On (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“-2 + 2 = ?” on ‘It Came From Canada: Volume 1’ (Og) OG-8
1986 “Nashville Dreamin'” on ‘It Came From Canada: Volume 2’ (Og) OG-9
1986 “Bomb Boys” on ‘Wave From The Grave’ (What Wave/CHRW) #1
1987 “Let’s Dance On” on ‘Live In London’ (What Wave/CHRW)
1988 “Blade In Back” on ‘Disgraceland’ (What Wave/CHRW) #3
1989 “Leave Me Alone” on ‘Mr. Garager’s Neighbourhood’ (Og) OG-21
1989 “Lite It ‘n Fly” on ‘It Came From Canada: Volume 5’ (Og) OG-25
1991 “Green Lady” on ‘Eighth Wonder’ (What Wave/CHRW)
1992 “Stations Fading” on ‘Moose Lodge’ (Moose/Vertigo/Polygram) 314514-2252
1992 “Livin’ In the Past’ on ‘Indie-Can ‘92’ (Intrepid) CD-5
1994 “(Do You) Wanna Go!!” on ‘Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol. 1’ (Wrong) WRONG-11
1994 “I’m A Cowboy Now” on ‘Poetreason: The Songs of Bob Snider’ (EMI)
1996 “Poor Boy” on ‘Welcome To Planet Drog’ (Drog) DROG-030
1996 “What I Want” on ‘London Crawling’ (What Wave/CHRW)

Dave Bingham
(vocals) / Glynn Bell (guitar) / Roger Mayne (guitar) / John Read (bass) / Robin Boers (drums) / Howie Smith (bass; replaced Read 1967) / John Hamilton (drums; 1980) / Ron Cameron (bass; 1982) / Mike McKenna (guitar; replaced Mayne)
The Ugly Ducklings formed in Scarborough, Ontario while attending Cedarbrae Collegiate in 1965 and would rehearse in John Read’s parents’ basement where they became neighbourhood celebrities. Their first gig was for the Cedarbrae’s Open House Variety Show where Bingham, Bell, Mayne, Read and drummer Martin Ranger sat in for Robin Boers who did not attend the school. They called themselves the Strolling Bones and performed The Stones’ “Time Is On Our Side” and Chuck Berry’s “Round and Round”. After getting kicked out of school for having long-hair, the band members relocated to Yorkville Village in late 1966. They became a driving force in getting the area noticed based on their Rolling Stones-inspired ‘bad boy’ reputation. In 1966 they released their first single, “Nothin'”, on the Yorkville label and followed that with several more singles concluding with the chart topping “Gaslight” in 1967. Written by Robert Hailey, a Yorkville Records staff member, the song went No.1 in Toronto and parts of eastern Canada. It was recorded in New York utilizing Doc Severinsen’s Tonight Show Band and without the benefit of all the band members present – only vocalist Dave Bingham appears. Read was the first to lave the band, in 1967, and was replaced by Howie Smith. In 1968 Yorkville Records released the band’s debut album, ‘Somewhere Outside’, and Mick Jagger proclaimed The Ugly Ducklings as “my favourite Canadian band”. However, the accolades were too little too late as they had already disbanded. In the late ’70’s, Roger Mayne would manage and produce some material for notorious Toronto punk act The Viletones. Inspired by punk’s new vitality, The Ugly Ducklings reunited in 1979 for a new album. 1980’s ‘Off The Wall’ led to plenty of press and a new revival for the band. A short batch of live dates followed – first with drummer Robin Boers (who managed only one gig before a previous lounge commitment called him away) and then with former Diode John Hamilton who got the gig after Viletones drummer Motor X recommended him to the band. In 1982 the band reformed again, this time with four original members Bingham, Mayne, Bell, Boers and with Ron Cameron on bass for a sweep of the Ontario club scene and promotion of a single, “War Babies”, on Razor Records. All this attention prompted ARC Records to re-issue the band’s material as a self-titled album featuring several previously unreleased tracks. After being out of print for decades, two companies reissued the band’s material on three CDs, all within a month of each other in 1998. Pacemaker was first out of the gate with ‘Too Much Too Soon’, which consisted of the first album plus a handful of singles, including “Gaslight”. In December 1998, Québec-based Unidisc put out two CDs simultaneously: a straight reissue of ‘Somewhere Outside’ and a revamped version of a previous, self-titled reissue which included material from the first album along with an alternate version of “Gaslight” and three later bonus tracks; Throughout the 1990’s Dave Bingham was an auto mechanic in Fenelon Falls, Ontario but has most recently been performing in pick-up acts and a reformed version of the Ugly Ducklings who performed at Yorkville Revival shows throughout southern Ontario in 1999; Roger Mayne died in 2004. with notes from Bob Read, John Mars, Rob Frost, John Hamilton, Len Platt, Stephen MacLeod, Sylvie Boucher and Frank Watt

1966 Nothin’/I Can Tell (Yorktown) Y-45001
1966 She Ain’t No Use To Me/10:30 Train (Yorktown) Y-45002
1966 Just In Case You Wonder/That’s Just A Thought I Had In My Mind (Yorktown) Y-45003
1967 Postman’s Fancy/Not For Long (Yorktown) Y-45005
1967 Gaslight/Rimb Nugget (Yorkville) YV-45013
1967 Epilogue/I Know What To Say (Yorkville) YV-45017
1973 Gaslight/Rimb Nugget [re-issue] (Yorkville) YV-45070
1980 Pain Is All Right/Just Another R & R Band (Razor) RS-002
1982 War Babies (Razor)
2009 Nothin’/I Can Tell [7”] (Sundazed) S-148

1966 Somewhere Outside (Yorktown) YT-500-01
1968 Somewhere Outside [re-issue] (Yorkville) YT-50001
1980 Off The Wall (Razor) RAZ-003
1982 The Ugly Ducklings (Yorktown/ARC) YT-50003
1998 Too Much Too Soon (Pacemaker) PACE-021
1999 Ducktales (Freeway) FRWY-001
2002 S.N.A.F.U. (OPM) OPMCD-2126
2009 Somewhere Outside [LP re-issue] (Sundazed)
2011 Thump & Twang (Pacemaker) PACE-087

Compilation Tracks
“Gaslight” on ‘Yorkville Evolution’ (Yorkville) YVM-33001
1969 “Epilogue” on ‘CTV’s After Four Presents The Great Groups’ (Yorkville) YVM-33003
1979 “She’s No Use To Me” on ‘Ear-Piercing Punk’ (Trash/Bomp!) TR-0001
1980 “Just In Case You Wonder” on ‘Pebbles, Volume 10’ (BFD) BFD-5027
1990 “Gaslight” on ‘Made In Canada – Volume Three: Eclectic Avenue’ (BMG) KCD1-7158
1992 “Nothin'” on ‘Made In Canada – Volume Four: More Great Stuff’ (BMG) KCD1-7247
2001 “Nothin'” on ‘Nuggets II: Original Artyfacts From the British Empire and Beyond, 1964-1969’ (Rhino) R2-76787

Original Line-Up: Mike Nightmare [aka Mulroney]
(vocals) / Raymi Gunner [aka Mulroney] (guitar) / Screamin’ Sam Ferrara (bass) / Tony Torture [aka Tony Torcher] (drums);
Reunion Line-Up: Greg Dick (vocals) / Steve Koch (guitar) / Screamin’ Sam Ferrara (bass) / Tony Torture (drums)
The Ugly were among the first wave of Toronto, Ontario punk banks that formed in 1976 under the name The Rotten. With a name change following the raise to fame of the Sex Pistols and its lead singer Johnny Rotten, The Ugly went about disrupting shows as much as playing them. They were self-proclaimed ‘hoodlum rockers’ and with Mike Nightmare’s onstage and club antics they were often banned from venues. Such activity led them to hi-jack shows by other Toronto bands – often waiting until one band left the stage in anticipation of another where The Ugly would jump onstage and begin performing before being kicked off. The band managed to play at the legendary ‘Last Pogo’ show in 1978; Koch and Ferrara would take turns in and out of The Viletones before Ferrara formed his own act Screamin’ Sam. In 1996 Other People’s Music issued a complete collection of their recordings on CD entitled ‘Disorder’ including 1977 sessions produced by legendary guitarist Chris Spedding. A split 7” single featuring two Ugly songs with Chris Spedding’s previously unreleased Sex Pistols demo of “Pretty Vacant” was released in 1997. Mike Nightmare died shortly after the release of the CD. In December 2007, original members Ferrara and Torture assembled a new version of The Ugly with Steve Koch (The Demics, Viletones) and Greg Dick (Dream Dates, Texas Dirt Fuckers) to perform three songs at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. The band still plays a few shows each year.

1978 Stranded In The Laneway (of Love)/To Have Some Fun (Explosion) ER-101
1997 Disorder/You Bug Me//[split w/SEX PISTOLS] [7”] (Man’s Ruin/O.P.M.)

Disorder (O.P.M.) OPMCD-2108

Compilation Tracks
“All Because of You” on ‘And Now Live From Toronto. The Last Pogo’ (Bomb) BOMB-7029

Roy Forbes (guitar, vocals) / Bill Henderson (guitar, vocals) / Shari Ulrich (guitar, vocals)
The acoustic/vocal trio, UHF, are Shari Ulrich, Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes who first teamed up in 1989. Vancouver’s Bill Henderson was vocalist, guitarist and driving force for the Collectors and Chilliwack; Ulrich, originally from California, was a member of Pied Pumkin, the Hometown Band and an established solo performer; Roy Forbes aka BIM was also from British Columbia and had a sizeable solo career under his belt. In 1990 Forbes and Ulrich were asked to perform a one-off show with a third musician of the duo’s choosing by organizers of Vancouver’s annual Winter Roots Festival. Forbes immediately thought of Bill Henderson and after the show the trio realized that they’d had such a good time that they should pursue it further. The name UHF name and weighing the success of that first show, an album was crafted together utilizing the formidable talents of the three veteran songwriters. The CD was well received and the trio went off to do their solo works once more. In 1995, UHF reunited once everyone’s schedules had cleared and ‘UHF II’ was released with many accolades again. The act plans to continue re-converging whenever they are able. [also see ROY FORBES, SHARI ULRICH]

UHF (Tangible) TR-102
1994 UHF II (Tangible) TRCD-243

Rod Graham
(guitar) / David Wisdon (vocals, organ) / Frankie Ramirez (vocals, synthesizer, guitar) / Kitty Byrne (drums) / Danice McLeod (violin) / Ian Wallace (bass) / Jeff Wall (drums, vocals) / Andy Graffiti (drums) / Colin Griffiths (guitar)
The ‘you-jerks’ were a seminal, but short-lived, Vancouver punk outfit formed in 1977. They released one EP on Quintessence Records and split up in 1981. Colin Griffiths and Andy Graffiti would go on to join Buddy Selfish & His Saviours with Ian Tiles, Nick Jones (ex-Pointed Sticks) and Bob Petterson; Graham, Wall and Wallace gave up music and became hugely successful conceptual artists. Jeff Wall’s output fetches upwards of $500,000 to art collectors these days. with notes from Alex Waterhouse-Hayward.

1980 U-Jerks [4-song EP] (Quintessence) QEP-1207

Compilation Tracks

1979 “The Police” and “Naum Gabo” on ‘Vancouver Complication’ (Pinned) PIN-79330001
1991 “Eisenhower and the Hippies” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu) ZULU 5-2

Roze White
(lead vocals) / Christine Deveber (guiar, backing vocals) / Dianne McPherson (guitar) / Darrell Vachon (bass) / Steve Vachon (drums)
Ukase were from London, Ontario and released the 7” single “The Rain” in 1986 plus a cassette of earlier live recordings before splitting up. The material was remastered in October 2000 and released on CD as ‘The Lost Tapes’ in early 2001.

1986 The Rain/Runaway (Gargoyle) WRC3-4845

1986 Ukase [cassette]
2017 Cosmic Kiss [4-song EP DigiFile] (Fervor) FVRCD-06261
2000 The Lost Tapes (Dirty Ice Cream) DICM-CD-023

Compilation Tracks
“Shadow Dancer” on ‘London Underground – CHRW Compilation’ (Signature) ST-0027

Born: October 17, 1951 in San Raphael, California
Born in San Raphael, California, Ulrich emigrated north to Canada in 1972. She first appeared on Vancouver stages in 1973 after stints of backpacking around the U.S. and performing with her older brother and sister with the San Francisco Free Theatre. With Rick Scott and Joe Mock, Ulrich played violin, flute, sax and sang for the oddball trio The Pied Pumkin String Ensemble who managed to record two albums between 1974 and 1976. By the end of 1976 she was recruited for Valdy’s touring band which would evolve into the Hometown Band. They recorded two albums for A&M Records — ‘Flying’ and ‘Hometown Band’ and toured extensively in the U.S. and Canada and won a JUNO Award for ‘Best New Group’ before disbanding in 1979. Shari honoured her deal with A & M and teamed up with former Hometown Band-mate Clair Lawrence for two albums – ‘Long Nights’ (which got her a Juno nomination for ‘Most Promising Female Artist’) and ‘One Step Ahead’ which finally landed here a JUNO Award in 1981 for ‘Most Promising Female Artist’. Album three, ‘Talk Around Town’, was done the same way but this time in Los Angeles for MCA Records in the United States and resulted in another JUNO Award nomination. She continued on her songwriting course before diverting into TV as co-host of “Futurescan” with David Suzuki, and more recently, for five years running, writing and hosting BCTV’s award winning “Inside Trax”. She has also composed & produced several pieces for “Sesame Street” and the theme music for several television shows on CBC, Life, and The Knowledge Network. Following her fourth solo album, ‘Every Road’, the ‘Best Of Shari Ulrich’ was also released (which was a compilation of her first three albums). Ulrich continues performing both live and on television (occasionally accompanied by keyboard player Morry Stearns) and has collaboration with Roy Forbes and Bill Henderson in the acoustic trio UHF who have released 2 CDs thus far. Ulrich lives on Bowen Island, British Columbia, with husband, singer/songwriter David Graff and their daughter Julia. She serves on the boards of CARAS, the Pacific Music Industry Association and is a vice-president of The Songwriters’ Association of Canada. Ulrich reunited with her old Pied Pumkin mates twice – once in 1988 for the release of ‘The Lost Squash Tapes’ and in 1998 to release a retrospective album, ‘Plucking DeVine’ where the band did 20 live dates in Western Canada. The response from audiences was so overwhelming that the act will tour again in May and June of 1999. [also see UHF, PEAR OF PIED PUMKIN, HOMETOWN BAND]

1980 Bad Bad Girl/Somethin’s Gotta Give (A & M) AM-501
1980 Oh Daddy/Best Act In Town (A & M) AM-502
1980 Long Nights/Oh Daddy (A & M) AM-520
1981 Best Act In Town/Oh Daddy (A & M) AM-534
1981 Save It/Alone With Me (A & M) AM-550
1981 Romeo/Birdman (A & M) AM-563
1982 She Remembers/Bringing Back Your Love (A & M) AM-578
1982 With Or Without You/Talk Around Town (MCA) 52193

1980 Long Nights (A & M) SP-9046
1981 One Step Ahead (A & M) SP-9067
1982 Talk Around Town (MCA) MCA-5379
1989 Every Road (CBS/Esther) UPCD-80144
1991 The Best of Shari Ulrich (Esther) CD-627
1998 The View From Here (Esther) ER-563
2010 Find Our Way (Esther) ER-1919

Compilation Tracks
“Mysterious Child” and “Ladies In Lights” on ‘Ladies in Lights (Radio Canada) RCI-505
1981 “Bad Bad Girl” on ‘Superstars Salute New Massey Hall’ (CBS/CRIA) CRIA-2

Chris Mullington / Ed Eagan
A duo from Ottawa, Ontario.

Furthest Point of Discovery [5-song EP] (AMOK) WRC1-4122

Compilation Tracks
“Whadaya Do For A Living?” on ‘Voices From North America’ (Temporary – Germany) TM-861
1986 “Father Was A Rolling Stone” “No One’s Home” on ‘Ottawa Cassettera Vol. 1’ [cassette] (CKCU/Sony)

Mark Comerford
(guitar, vocals) / Mark Johnson (drums, vocals) / Norm Piercey (bass, vocals) / Hank Leonhardt (vocals) / Dave Rowse (saxophone) / B.J. Hutchinson (saxophone, vocals)
Formed in Victoria, British Columbia in 1978 at the University of Victoria’s Sub Pub. They released an independent single with two original tunes called “Watermellon” and “Uncle Wiggly” which were recorded at Keye Recordings on their own label Mister Deluxe Records. Their debut album was produced by Tom Lavin (Powder Blues, Prism) at his Blue Wave Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia. The album was also released on their own label, and received so well that RCA Records picked up distribution and re-issued it in 1982. with notes from Dave Harris.

Uncle Wiggly/Watermellon (Mister Deluxe) WRC3-1229
A Bluesman’s Supposed To Be Black/Shove It
Lovin’/You Can’t Catch Me (RCA Victor) PB-50656

Uncle Wiggly’s Hot Shoes Blues Band (Mister Deluxe) MD-11811
Uncle Wiggly’s Hot Shoes Blues Band [re-issue] (RCA Victor) KKL1-0431
Here Comes Another (Mister Deluxe) CSPS-2233
Bluesography 1980-1982
Still Burnin’ It Up

Chris Foran (guitar) / Dan Boudreau (drums) / Michael Feuerstack (vocals) / Rick White (bass) / Mike Pragnall (vocals; replaced Feuerstack 1989)
From Moncton, New Brunswick. The Underdogs were active from summer 1987 to January 1989; Rick White would go on to play in Eric’s Trip and Elevator To Hell; Feuerstack has had a lengthy solo career. [also see RICK WHITE, MICHAEL FEUERSTACK]
Alive At Peggy’s Cover cassette (independent)
2020 1987-88 [DigiFile] (independent)

Kevin Barr (lead vocals, guitar, and bass) / Bob Hamilton (mandolin, bass) / George McConkey (harmonica/guitar) / Nathan Tinkham (dobro, lap steel)
Not to be confused with the 1980s Herald Nix off-shoot trio from Vancouver, The Undertakin’ Daddies are based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Their debut album, ‘Post Atomic Hillbilly’, was nominated for a JUNO Award in 2001.

Post Atomic Hillbilly (Caribou) CRCD-012
2002 Devil In the Rearview (Caribou) CRCD-016

Jim “Spanish” Carmichael
(guitar) / Mondo [aka Ken Ketter] (vocals) / Gil Moore (drums)
Short-lived Toronto act produced by The Finger (Jed Mackay & Rick McKim of It’s All Meat). Gil Moore would go on to drum for 1970’s rock act Triumph.

1968 Go Away/(Tied and) Bound (Regency) R-979

Dan Yard
(rhythm guitar, lead vocals) / Terry Robotham (lead vocals) / Des Bosa (keyboards) / John Murray (lead guitar, vocals)
Vancouver’s The Unforscene were from Vancouver. Yard was in a band called The Mods when Robotham wrote songs for him back when they were 13. The Mods demoed their own songs and managed to get them in the hands of L.A. producer Dony Perry who, in turn, played them for future music empresario Mike Curb. Curb was very impressed with the quality of the demos and told Perry to follow through with a production deal. However, they were more interested in Yard and Robotham as songwriters, rather than the band itself. The duo was signed to a production deal, and a new entity called The Unforscene was created so that members of the Mods could still be involved. Perry would produce their first single in 1967, “These Are the Words” for his U.S.-based Momentum label in North America. It failed to chart in the U.S., but in Vancouver it spent three weeks on C-FUN’s C-Funtastic Fifty chart and reached No.1 on their All Canadian Top Ten list. The duo were working strictly in Los Angeles at that point. In fact, Robotham had written the B-side to Seattle band The Bumps’ Piccadilly Records single “Wake Up, Wake Up” called “Hey Girl.” The Unforscene’s second single, produced by Perry and Larry Brown, was “Little Toy” in the summer of 1967 on Mike Curb’s U.S.-based Sidewalk Records. It wouldn’t see a release in Canada. It, too, failed to chart stateside. Perry decided to bring in co-producer Bob Summers for the third single and heed the advice of Mike Curb who believed previous hit songs would always find a new audience. With that in mind the duo would record future Three Dog Night member Danny Hutton’s 1965 regional hit “Roses And Rainbows” for release on Sidewalk Records in early 1968. Three times was not the charm as the song also failed to connect with audiences – even a second time. The association with Perry and Curb soon ended, and The Unforscene returned to Canada. Licking their wounds, Yard and Robotham went to London Records – who had distributed their first single in Canada and released the single “Ball In The Country” under the name Nancy. Alas, it didn’t make any headway in Canada – and was even released on Decca in 1971 to no fanfare – and the duo called it a day; Robotham would turn to production work including an album by British Columbia artist Michael Cuccione which features his backing vocals on a song called “I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye.” with additional notes from Michael Panontin; In 2015 Dan Yard was playing lead guitar in the Steve Mathieson Band and also stand-up bass with the Rusty Creek Boys. Yard also did production work for The Jape Dealers. He also hosted open mic nights in Surrey, BC. A post in May 2014, that has since disappeared from social media, stated that all four member of the Unforscene had reunited were recording new material. To date, nothing has materialized. with notes from Terry Robotham, Ray McGinnis, and Michael Panontin.

These Are The Words/You And Me (Momentum/London) M-674
1967 Little Toy/Happiness Is You (Sidewalk) 926
1968 Roses And Rainbows/Wait Til Morning (Sidewalk) 937

Ball In The Country/Hesitatin’ (London) M-17389

Compilation Tracks
“Little Toy” on ‘Book A Trip 2: More Psych Pop Sounds Of Capitol Records (Now Sounds – UK) CRNOW-46

“Ball In The Country” on ‘The Cool-Aid Benefit Album [2LP] (Regenerator) REGEN1103LP

André Devito (guitar) / Jacques Marois (percussion, vocals) / Richard Fortin (bass, vocals) / Martin Perron (keys) / Maurice Bouchard (saxophone, flute)
Mid-70s progressive rock act from Québec.

1977 Ungava (Hwy 36) FH-36004

Compilation Tracks

2008 “Coyotte” on ‘L’Ultime rock progressif du Québec’ (Gala) GAL-113

Rick White (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, percussion) / Dallas Good (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, organ) / Travis Good (vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar) / Sean Dean (bass) / Mike Belitsky (drums) / Greg Keelor (vocals, acoustic guitar)
A one-off studio project recorded over six days in March 2003 featuring members of the Sadies and Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo).

The Unintended (Bluefog) VOID002-2

Randy Bachman
(guitar) / Fred Turner (guitar, vocals) / Frank Ludwig (keyboards, vocals) / Chris Leighton (drums)
After two albums on Scotti Brothers as Ironhorse, Randy Bachman called up his old BTO and Brave Belt buddy Fred Turner to augment the existing three piece of Bachman, Leighton and Ludwig. The band released an album, ‘On Strike’, that spawned two singles for the US-based Portrait label (Heart, Burton Cummings). The album sank like a stone and the band dissolved. Bachman would have an on-again/off-again relationship with reformed versions of BTO and The Guess Who and in recent years has created his own record label while recording his own solo material; Ludwig would go on to form Body Electric with members of Straight Lines before spearheading years of session work for many of Canada’s biggest names; Turner carried on with various incarnations of BTO; Chris Leighton is a drummer-for-hire. [also see RANDY BACHMAN, IRONHORSE, BACHMAN & TURNER]

1981 Mainstreet USA/Invitation (Portrait/CBS) PRTA-1458
1981 On Strike/[same] (Portrait/CBS) E4-8445
1981 Next Stop London/Texas Cannonball (Portrait/CBS) E4-8458

1981 On Strike (Portrait/CBS) PRT-85121

Dennis Michael Ziebart
Short-lived act from Vancouver, British Columbia produced by Paul Hyde (Payolas); Ziebart went on to work with Amanda Hughes and Ferron among others. Between 1990 and 1995 he held the long running gig on The Roof at Hotel Vancouver as solo accompanist for Richard Amouzou. In 1991 he was featured on Alpha Ya Ya Diallo’s ‘Future’ CD which was nominated for a 1991 JUNO Award.

One World/We Are Dancin’ (Mole) MOLE-S1

Unit-E (Mole) MOLE-101

Anton “Tom” Kolstee
(lead guitar, vocals) / Jeff Ridley (rhythm guitar, vocals) / Richard Cruickshank (drums) / Mike Trew (lead vocals, keyboards; 1965-1966) / Bruce Dowd (bass; 1965-1966) / Rick Enns (bass guitar, lead vocals; 1966-1969) / Glen Hendrickson (drums; replaced Cruickshank)
In 1966 a Vancouver, British Columbia band known as The Molesters was asked to play on the same concert bill with the Grateful Dead at the Pender Ballroom. Looking for a new name for the group band member Anton Kolstee suggested the United Empire Loyalists. The band recorded in 1968 and produced the tracks for the 1969 independent single “No, No, No”. Another session in 1970 failed to satisfy the band and they split up shortly after. The United Empire Loyalists reunited in 1990 for a CBC TV special. Two of the members eventually dusted off the old recordings and self-financed a CD entitled ‘Notes From the Underground’ which was released on Neptoon Records in 1998. with notes from Rick Enns.

No, No, No/Afraid of the Dark (no label) CT-35707

Notes From The Underground (Neptoon) PNCD-1214
2000 United Empire Loyalists (Nasoni – Germany) 10

Compilation Tracks
“No No No” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 3’ (Neptoon) VRCA-003

Onca Ray [aka Ruth S. Taylor]
/ Craig McGauley / Mark Crossley
Three-piece from Toronto, Ontario; Taylor would go on to front the Onca Ray band under the name Raven; Crossley would become a founding member of National Velvet; McGauley would become a founding member of Between The Lines.

1982 Don’t Be Late/What I Want (Victory) V-2001

1984 Automaton/Glass Knight (Victory) V-2004

1982 Bedazuld (Victory) V-2002

Leslie Stanwyck (guitar, vocals) / Johnny Sinclair (bass) / Michael McKenzie (drums) / Bill Majoros (guitar, keyboards) / Darrin Pfeiffer (drums; 2004-present) / Craig Hunter (drums) / Andrew Aldridge (guitar) / Ryan Demchuk (keyboards, vocals) / Kristen Hudecki (vocals)
Universal Honey was formed in 1992 by Stanwyck and Sinclair following the duo’s first taste of success as members of The Pursuit Of Happiness on the albums ‘Love Junk’ and ‘One-Sided Story’. Their first release was the independent ‘Magic Basement’ album in 1993. As the duo toured and perfected their songwriting and live playing, they began to garner major attention, and were signed to Alert Records in 1994. The label re-issued the disc and the duo toured relentlessly until stopping to record their follow-up in 1995. The sophomore CD, ‘Earth Moon Transit’, was released in 1996 and they scored modest radio play with singles like “Just Before Mary Goes”, “Upfront With You”, “Any Road Back”, and “Make My Mind”. In 1999 a new album was recorded at Downsview, Ontario’s Iguana Sound using classic ’70’s analog recording technology. The self-titled album was released in 1999 through Buffalo-based 41 Records (home to fellow Canadian act Caramel) and spawned the single “I’m Better.” It was distributed in Canada by Oasis Entertainment but were soon embroiled in a bankruptcy with its imprint SongCorp. The album and the band were left in limbo. After lying low for several years they were signed to and released ‘Fearless’ in 2001. They continued releasing albums on 41 Records through 2004; Stanwyck has pursued some solo work since then and appeared on Warner Music’s ‘Women & Songs 10’ compilation; Universal Honey still performs and uses Darrin Pfeiffer (Goldfinger) on drums. They released a new 6-song EP called ‘Extended Play 2020’ during the pandemic featuring the single “Just Like You.” In 2023, they released a brand new full-length album ‘Dandelion’ on Current Records.

Find Yourself/Just Before Mary Goes/Carey (Martane) ME-333
1995 Upfront With You/Just Before Mary Goes (Alert) DPRO-001
1995 Just Before Mary Goes (Alert) DPR-305
1996 Dinosaur (Alert) DPR-344
1996 Any Road Back (Alert)
1997 Make My Mind (Alert) DPRO-347
1999 I’m Better (Oasis/SongCorp)
1999 Hit The Ground Running (41 Records – US) CDPRO-99101
2001 Fearless (41 Records – US) CDPRO-UH01
2001 Think You Know (41 Records – US)
2001 Won’t Find (The Googoo Honey Mix) (41 Records – US)
2002 Invincible (41 Records – US)
2004 Wasn’t It You (41 Records – US)
2021 Just Like U (independent)
2021 Second Time Around
2022 Is This The Real Thing
2023 Get This On

Magic Basement (Martane) MAR-2-3331
1994 Magic Basement [re-issue] (Alert) Z-82004
1996 Earth Moon Transit (Alert) Z-82007
1999 Universal Honey (Oasis/SongCorp) 91003-2
2001 Fearless (41 Records – US) 91006-2
2002 Invincible (41 Records – US) 91041-2
2003 Can’t Stop Thinking About Christmas (41 Records – US) 91033-2
2004 Vicious Circles (41 Records – US) 91099-2
2020 Extended Play 2020 (independent)
2022 Fearless Extended (independent)
2023 Dandelion (Current)

Compilation Tracks
“Carey” on ‘Back To the Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’ (Intrepid/Capitol) N21-0016
1993 “Find Yourself” on ‘New Stuff Three’ (MMS) NSCD-003
1994 “Just Before Mary Goes” on ‘A Canadian Alternative Vol III (DAHB) SWM-003
1997 “Wouldn’t Want To Be In Your Shoes” on ‘Popcan: A Taste of Pure Canadian Pop’ (Alert) Z-81033

James Grant (lead vocals) / Tom La France (guitars) / Chris Pasek (guitar) / Art Green (bass) / Ward Fletcher (drums) / Bob Swyers (bass)
Waterford, Ontario’s The Unloved released a six song demo cassette in 1990 that received support on college radio and on Much Music and was re-issued on Eureka in 1992. In 1993, their first album was released on Eureka Records. It was recorded at Aztec Studios in Stoney Creek, Ontario and Trackmaster Studios in Buffalo, New York with the help of Goo Goo Dolls bassist Robby Takac and engineer Mike Sak. The line-up for The Unloved was James Grant, Ward Fletcher, Chris Pasek, Tommy LaFrance and Art Green. The album, entitled ‘Unloved’, was distributed in the U.S. by BMG, in Canada by Capitol-EMI and in Germany by Bellaphon Records. Within a month of release The Unloved were enjoying airplay on more than 240 stations in the U.S. and Canada. The band continued to gig tirelessly in Canada and the U.S. After a successful appearance at Berlin Independence Days festival in Germany (one of only three Canadian bands invited to attend). When The Unloved returned to Canada they immediately found that their record label, Eureka, had lost distribution. They became a four-piece after the departure of Pasek. However, they were not discouraged. The Unloved took matters into their own hands by recording and releasing ‘Unglued’ on Flog 135 Records with distribution by Oar Fin in Minneapolis. They again received many favourable reviews and radio airplay. In 1997 they recruited Swyers to take over bass chores. The band took a hiatus from recording and would re-form occasionally over the next several years while the members pursued various activities on their own. They began to gig and write again in 2005. They’ve recently emerged from the legendary Chameleon West Recording Studio in Buffalo, New York (previously Trackmaster) with two new original songs to be part of a ‘best of’ package for 2007. With notes from Tom La France.

The Unloved [cassette] (Eureka/JRS – US)
1993 The Unloved [CD] (Eureka/Capitol-EMI)
1996 Unglued (Scratchy) 90212
2007 Unclassified (Flog 13 – US)

Cory (vocals) / Mike Wax (guitar) / Pat Good (bass) / Louis Levesque (drums)
Montreal, Québec hardcore act formed in 1984. Levesque left in the early days to join Genetic Control; Mike Wax went on to co-found The Northern Vultures in 1986.

Time Is Running Out [3-song EP] (Unruled) UNR-000

Ron Matsalla
(guitar) / Danny Patton (bass) / Paul Burton (drums)
The Unusuals were from Calgary, Alberta and recorded two singles at Richard Harrow’s Living Room Studio. The records were also issued on his Living Room Records label.

1980 4 4 U EP [4-song EP] (Living Room) LRR-8002
1981 The More I Drink The Better She Looks To Me/So Goode (Living Room)

Pat Coleman
(guitar) / Glen Hendrickson (drums) / Tom Lavin (bass, vocals) / Jeff Ridley (guitar)
Victoria, British Columbia band Uproar was formed in 1970 after the collapse of Lavin and Hendrickson’s previous band Orville Dorp. They were signed to GRT Records in 1971 and released the single “Different Drummer”. They would do opening slots for Procol Harum, Moody Blues, Captain Beefheart, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, James Cotton, Chuck Berry, and a cross-Canada tour with the Flo & Eddie fronted version of Frank Zappa’s Mothers Of Invention. Uproar split up in 1972; Tom Lavin would go on to play guitar for Prism, and later formed The Powder Blues Band. He owns and operates Blue Wave Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. with notes from Tom Lavin.

1971 Different Drummer/Look Who We Are (GRT) 1233-05

Rick Steele
(vocals) / John Tilden (guitar) / Ron Reid (keyboards, vocals) / Sandy Chochinov (bass) / Craig Kaleal (drums)
Toronto band who recorded one EP at Quest Studio in Oshawa, Ontario. Craig Kaleal had previously played in Witness Inc., Leigh Ashford, Streetheart and Downchild Blues Band; Chochinov played bass on Ian Thomas’ ‘Riders On Dark Horses’ and has gone on to record eleven independent solo albums and currently lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. [see SANDY CHOCHINOV]

Limited Edition [4-Song EP] (independent) WRC1-1289

Chris Murphy
(saxophone, keyboards) / Mitch Tyler (vocals, bass, keys) / Tim Tyler (vocals, drums) / Stacey Taraniuk (guitar) / Larry Smith (guitar)
From London, Ontario.

Here Comes the Blues [5-song cassette]

Frank Ridsdale
(vocals, piano, guitar) / Jack Whiteside (vocals, lead guitar) / Dexter Beauregarde (drums) / Jerry Fletcher (bass)
Formed in 1976 in London, Ontario, Uranus were originally a cover band called Cheeseburger Deluxe. They swiftly made a name for themselves in southern Ontario and other parts of Canada with their popular independent single “You’re So Square”. They released an album, produced by Ross Munro, entitled ‘You’re So Square’ featuring mostly cover tunes by the likes of The Rolling Stones, Buddy Holly and Bob Dylan. There were also four original tunes including the ‘Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle’ played to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven”. After the album release they toured western Canada and appeared on the ‘Terry David Mulligan Show’. At the height of their popularity they were attracting a teeny-bopper and biker audience and still playing dives around the country. Realizing that the music industry was not going to offer them much else for the foreseeable future, the band split up in September 1980; Whiteside and Ridsdale would later go on to The Sci Phonics and both returned home to London, Ontario; Fletcher was playing with the Georgette Fry Blues Band; Years later, Uranus’ spoof the ‘The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle’ became a staple on Q107 and CHUM-FM’s ‘Sunday Night Funnies’ radio programs. with notes from Keith Pettipas.

1980 You’re So Square/Secret Agent Man (‘Danger Man’ Theme) (Trilogy) TR-018

1980 You’re So Square (Trilogy) TR-0500

Compilation Tracks
1986 “Ka Ka Ska” on ‘Wave From The Grave’ (What Wave) #1
1996 “Shake Some Action” on ‘London Crawling’ (What Wave)

Gordon Innes / Steve Peacock / Andrew Dixon [aka Andy Terra] / Bob Webber / Barry Wanless
Short-lived new wave act from Ottawa, Ontario featuring former Pat Travers’ Music Machine members Steve Peacock and Barry Wanless. Their 1979 single “Fear of Night” was validated when DJ John Peel gave the disc a spin on his BBC Radio One show April 10, 1980.; Following the collapse of the band Peacock became a sound engineer in 1984 and currently runs Fearless Sound; Dixon and Webber are still recording together; Following a solo EP in 1985 Innes did a brief stint with Paul Fenton’s band Number One; Wanless played with Peacock in a Little Feat cover band in the 1990s called The Clamdiggers. Wanless continues the Little Feat tribute band idea with Feat First.

Fear of Night/It’s Only Urgent (Seed) WRC3-1079


1985 South Beach [4-song EP] (Uranus) UR-1217

Doug Baynham
(vocals, bass) / Kim Hunt (drums, percussion) / Wayne Siberry (guitars) / John McGoldrick (keyboards; live)
Short lived act playing around the Southern Ontario bar circuit featuring former Zon drummer Kim Hunt. They sent a three song demo to record labels and were signed to Epic Records in the Spring of 1983. Their only album, ‘Timing’, was produced by Glen Johansen (Martha & The Muffins, Eddie Grant, Nash the Slash) and featured guest appearances by Stacy Heydon (guitar) and Sheriff/Frozen Ghost member Arnold Lanni (synthesizers). The single “You’re Not the One” was released and cracked the RPM Singles Top20 chart. Urgent toured for nearly a year promoting the album, but were dropped amongst an administrative re-shuffling at CBS Records; Kim Hunt joined Hanover Fist who were signed to MCA Records. But the label put the band on hold and so Hunt and Hanover Fist’s Chris Brockway recruited Urgent’s Doug Baynham to form Mach IV in 1985 who placed a song on that year’s Q107 Homegrown album. Hanover Fist fell apart and Mach IV eventually became a Foreigner tribute band Dirty White Boys; Hunt would go on to join a reformed version of Moxy in the late 1990s. with notes from Kim Hunt. [also see HANOVER FIST/HANOVER, MACH IV]

1983 You’re Not the One/Too Hot To Handle (Epic/CBS) E4-4358
1983 Love You, Leave You/Keeper On My Heart (Epic/CBS) E4-7013

1984 Timing (Epic/CBS) PEC-80083
1984 Urgent [4-song 12″ EP] (Epic/CBS) CDN-134

Andrew Cash (vocals, guitar) / Kevin Fox (guitar, vocals) / Jason Collett (bass, vocals) / Randy Curnew (drums)
Following the demise of his solo career and an on-again/off-again stint with his brother’s band, The Skydiggers, Andrew Cash’s next band Ursula recorded and mixed ‘Happy To Be Outraged’ in eight days. It was never intended to be released but turned out so well they decided to put it out on the independent Shy Records label. [also see ANDREW CASH]

Happy To Be Outraged (Shy) 0001

USHER, David
Born: April 24, 1966 in Oxford, England
While still a member of the band Moist in the late 1990s, David Usher had a collection of acoustic songs he had recorded in his kitchen, but didn’t seem appropriate for a Moist album. Nettwerk Records decided to release the album, entitled ‘Little Songs’, in 1998. Moist released one more album before imploding in 2001. Usher’s intention to go solo was solidified when EMI Records released his debut album, ‘Morning Orbit’, that year. The album spawned three singles. The album featured contributions by Jeff Martin (Tea Party), rap artist Snow, members of I, Mother Earth and Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip. Usher released his third album, ‘Hallucinations’, in 2003 before leaving EMI to sign with MapleMusic. He soon relocated his family to New York City and recorded the predominantly acoustic album ‘If God Had Curves’ in 2005. The record featured appearances by Tegan Quin (of Tegan & Sara) and Bruce Cockburn. He also released a DVD which highlighted the creative process in recording the album entitled ‘Walk. Don’t. Run’. Usher moved back to Canada with his family and set up shop in Montréal, Québec. His next studio album was entitled ‘Strange Birds’ (2007) followed by ‘Wake Up and Say Goodbye’ (2008). His most recent release is 2010’s ‘The Mile End Sessions’ featuring guest vocals by Montréal’s Marie-Mai. Usher is an advocate of human rights and has done a lot of humanitarian aid work internationally. [also see MOIST]

Black Black Heart (EMI) DPRO-2146
2001 Alone In the Universe (EMI) DPRO-2256
2001 A Day In the Life (EMI)
2003 Time of Our Lives (EMI) DPRO-2397
2005 Love Will Save the Day (MapleMusic)
2007 The Music (MapleMusic)
2008 Kill the Lights (MapleMusic)
2010 I’m Coming Down (MapleMusic)
2011 Everyday Things (MapleMusic)
2011 Tous ces petits gestes (MapleMusic)

Je repars [DigiFile] (MapleMusic)

Little Songs (Nettwerk) W2-30132
2001 Morning Orbit (EMI) 527683
2003 Hallucinations (EMI) 593032
2005 If God Had Curves (MapleMusic) MRCD-6447
2007 Strange Birds (MapleMusic) MRCD-6463
2008 Wake Up and Say Goodbye (MapleMusic) MRCD-6488
2010 The Mile End Sessions (MapleMusic) MRCD-6528
2012 Songs From the Last Day On Earth (MapleMusic)
2016 Let It Play [DigiFile] (Evil Empire)

Compilation Tracks
“Forestfire” on ‘Pop!’ (PolyGram) 565770
1998 “F-Train” on ‘Edgefest 98 Rarities & Collectables’ (EMI) DPRO-1738
2001 “Alone In the Universe” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 6’ (Universal) 584097
2006 “Black Black Heart” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

“If You Tolerate This” on ‘Peace Songs’ (BMG) 491772

Michel Cusson (guitar, synthesizer) / Alain Caron (bass, vocals; 1978-1992) / Jean St-Jacques (drums, percussion, keyboards; 1978) / Sylvain Coutu (drums; 1979) / Paul Brochu (drums, percussion; 1980-92) / Stéphan Montanaro (keyboards, synthesizer) / Jeff Fisher (keys) / Michel Cyr (keys)
Formed in Drummondville, Québec in 1976 by guitarist Michel Cusson. After the band’s debut in St-Eusèbe, Québec, the band was christened Eusèbe-Jazz but later shortened to the more pronounceable UZEB. The band soon moved to Montreal in 1975. While there, Cusson recruited drummer Jean St-Jacques and bassist Alain Caron in 1978. Coutu would replace St-Jacques and Brochu, in turn, replaced him in 1980. A rotating roster of keyboard players also fluctuated in and out of the band for the next few years. The band was signed to the Paroles et Musique label in 1981. Their debut album was the live recording of their first European visit – ‘Uzeb live in/á Bracknell’ – at the Bracknell Jazz Festival in England that year. 1982’s ‘Fast Emotion’ won an ‘Album of the Year Award’ in 1983. Also in 1983, UZEB appeared at the Festival de Jazz de Paris and recorded at the Olympia in Paris (which would materialize as an album in 1986). In 1984 UZEB won a ‘Group of the Year’ at ADISQ’s Félix Awards for the success of their 1984 album ‘You Be Easy’. The record also won an award for ‘Group of the Year’. They would also win ‘Group of the year’ in 1986 and 1987 respectively. By 1987 UZEB had whittled their roster down to a trio again featuring Cusson, Caron, and Brochu. The band won another Félix Award for ‘Group of the Year’ in 1989 for their album ‘Noisy Nights’. UZEB frequently toured Europe to promote each of their albums and in 1990 toured Southeast Asia for the first time. The tour recordings were released later that year as ‘World Tour ’90’ on the Avant-Garde label. In 1991 UZEB received the Oscar Peterson ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ .

Noisy Nights/I Believe It (Select) BCCL-5400

Uzeb live in/á Bracknell (Paroles et Musique) PEM-532
1982 Fast Emotion (Paroles et Musique) PEM-010
1984 You Be Easy (Paroles et Musique) WL-021
1985 Between the Lines (Paroles et Musique) WL-027
1986 Live à l’Olympia (Paroles et Musique) WL-035
1988 Noisy Nights (Paroles et Musique) PEM-047
1989 Club (Cream – FRANCE) 210
1990 World Tour 90 (Avant-Garde) AGCD-602
1991 Uzeb (25 Anniversarie)
1992 L’integrale [7 CD] (Avant-Garde) AGCD-77
1996 Entre ciel et terre (Cream – FRANCE) 392
2000 Best of Uzeb (Norac) 902501

Absolutely Live (JMS/ADES) JMS-039

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