’63 Monroe
69 Duster
Saddletramps, The
Sadies, The
Saint Alvia
Sainte-Marie, Buffy
Saints & Sinners
Salagan, Robert
Salmond, Roy
Sal’s Birdland
Salteens, The
Salvador Dream
Sands of Time, The
Santilli, Ivana
Sarrasin, Paul
Satan And The D-Men
Satanatras, The
Sattalites, The
Saxton, Mary
Scarabees, Les
Scene, The
Scenics, The
Sceptres (1), The
Sceptres (2), The
Schenkman, Eric
Schick, Alan
Schwartz, Eddie
Scott, Jack
Scoundrelz, The
Scramblers, The
Scratching Post
Screamin’ Sam
Screaming Bamboo
Scrubbaloe Caine
Sea Cruise
Sea Dog
Sebastian (1)
Sebastian (2)
Second Thoughts
Secret Treaties
Secret V’s
Secrets, The (1)
Secrets, The (2)
Sedum Shadows
See Spot Run
Seeds of Time, The
Segarini, Bob
Segriff, Matt
Self-Portrait, The
Selmer, Robert
Selsie, Sandy
Semko, Jay
Senecal, Pierre
Sensible Shoes
Sereda, David
Serial Joe
Seven Minutes
Seven Sisters
Seventh House
Seventh Son
Sexsmith, Ron
Shades, The
Shades Of Blond
Shadols, Les
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet
Shadracks, The
Shaffer, Paul
Shags, The
Shake, The
Shakers, The
Shame Tree
Shand, Remy
Shan-De-Leers, The
Shane, Jackie
Shanghai Dog
Shannon, Marti
Shark Graffiti
Shatner, William
Shaw, Graham
Shays, The
Sheep At the Wheel, A
Sheep Look Up
Sheppard, Mickey
Sheppard, Zeke
Shock Culture
Shockers, The
Shondels, The
Shore, Sandi
Shriek, The
Shuffle Demons
Si Monkey
Sibbles, Leroy
Siberry, Jane
Sierra Blue
Siggy Magic & The Hey-Ho Band
Siki, Sweet Daddy
Silicone Injection
Silk Stockings
Silver Chalice Revue
Silver, Karen
Silver, Liberty
Silver, Rhonda
Simon Caine
Simon, Marty
Simple Plan
Simple Simon & The Piemen
Simply Saucer
Sinclair, David
Sinclair, Gordon
Singing Cowboys
Singing Fools
Single Voice, A
Sinners, Les
Six, The
Six People
Sixty-Six Six
Skaliwags, The
Skinny Puppy
Sky, Amy
Slash Puppet
Slaves On Dope
Slean, Sarah
Slik Toxik
Slone, Tara
Small Wonder
Smart Set
Smith And The Power, Grant
Smith, Eugene
Smith, Laura
Smith, Perry
Smith, Reg
Smith, William D.
Smugglers, The
Smulders, Cobie
Snider, Bob
Snow, Hank
Soap Opera
Soccio, Gino
Soda, Frank
Souers Gallant, Les
Soft Canyon
Sokyrka, Theresa
Solid Reputation
Some Weird Sin
Somerville, Alec
Something Evil
Sonic Bloom
Sons Of Erin
Sons Of Freedom
Sons Of Ishmael
Soreheads, The
Soul Attorneys
Souls of Inspyration, The
Sound Box
Sound-Set, The
Sour Landslide
Southbound Freeway
Southern Exposure
Southworth, John
Space Invaders
Sparkling Apple
Sparrows (Jack London And The)
Spectre is Haunting Europe, A
Spice (1)
Spice (2)
Spikey Norman
Spiny Norman’s Whoopee Band
Spiral Beach
Spiral Scratch
Spirit Of The West
Spring Fever
Springer, Toney
Spys, The
Squires, The
St. Germain, Ray
St. John, Wayne
Staccatos, The
Stace, Glen
Stagg, Barry
Staggered Crossing
Stallion Thumrock
Stanfields, The
Stanke, Alexandre
Stanke, Sophie
Star Collector
Stark Naked & The Fleshtones
Starr, Errol
Starr, Kinnie
Start, The
Starvin Hungry
State Of Mind
State of Shock
Statics, The
Station Twang
Steel City Planners
Steel River
Steele, Cassie
Steele, Chrissy
Stepp, Richard
Steps Around the House
Stevens, Martin
Stevens, Suzanne
Stevenson & The Canadian Night-Hawks, Scotty
Stick Farm
Sticky Fingers
Stiffs, The
Stills, The
Stitch In Tyme
Stochansky, Andy
Stockwood, Kim
Stoddart, Paul
Stone Circus
Stone, J.C.
Stonefield, The
Stonehenge Band, The
Storey, Virginia
Stott, Amanda
Straight Lines
Strange Advance
Strange Movies
Strangeness Beauty
Strato-Tones, The
Streliski, Alexandra
Stretch Marks
Strike Force
Stripes, The
Stroud, Les
Studebaker Hawk
Sturm Group
Subtle Hints
Sudden Impact
Suffer Machine
Sugar & Spice
Sugar Jones
Sugar Shoppe, The
Sullivan’s Gypsies
Sultans, Les
Sum 41
Super Friendz, The
Suppuku Gala
Supreme Bagg Team, The
Surbey, Patty
Surrender Dorothy
Suspects, The
Sven Gali
Swan Lake
Swann, Toby
Swedish Fish
Sweeney, Jim
Sweeney Todd
Sweet 202
Sweet Blindness
Sweetnam, Skye
Swick, Gwen
Swick, Tomi
Swollen Members
Sycamore Street Singers, The
Sympathy, Scott B.
Symphonic Slam

Donald Boudreau (bass, clarinet, vocals) / Ronald Dupuis (drums, congas, percussion, harmonica) / Roland Gauvin (guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals) / Pierre Robichaud (guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals) / Kenneth Saulnier (guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, vocals)
Formed in Moncton, New Brunswick in 1977.

Le monde a bien change/Le monde qu’on connaît (Presqu’ile) PE-2508
Je t’aime/ Boire ma bouteille (A/Z) A/Z1-754

1755 (Presqu’ile) PE-7512
1979 Vivre a la Baie (Presqu’ile) PE-7519
1982 Synergie (Le Barachois) LEB-1002
1994 Les retrouvailles de la Famille/Live au Colisée de Moncton (ISBA) 2K-5002
1997 Le bango a Lucien (en spectacle)
1999 Yousque t’es rendu

Steven R. Stunning (vocals) / Markii Burnaway (guitar) / Mark DeRoux (bass) / Pete Lambourghini (drums) / Pete Dekoker (bass) / Jeff “Rooster” Rooth (drums) / Alex “Hamish” Howard (guitar) / Ian “Buzz” Collie (guitar) / Joe Kettlewell (drums) / Brian McMillian (guitar) / Tim Thompson (guitar, vocals) / Brad “Lavard” Ondrovcik (drums)London, Ontario’s ’63 Monroe was started by Steven R. Stunning under the name N.F.G. back in late 1978/early 1979 playing mostly cover tunes. They opened shows for local music heroes the Demics. Soon they were writing and recording their own material. With bar owners hesitant to book them because of the connotations of their name they changed it to ’63 Monroe in 1980. They toured the SOuthern Ontario bar scene throughout the ’80s and regularly played Toronto. They even managed to finagle their way onto a bill at the infamous CBGB’s in New York City opening for the Dead Boys’ late drummer Johnny Blitz and his band. After a decade of recording, touring and releasing records with little more than underground notoriety (and the advent of Grunge), the band called it a day; The band members would spend the next decade in musical projects and career paths. In 2002 they reformed for a headlining ‘one off’ reunion show at London’s Call the Office and sold-out two nights back-to-back. Old grievances were long forgotten and the band began writing new material. The result was ‘Last Exit to Rawk n Roll’ released in the spring of 2007 on London’t Speed City Records. with notes from Steve R. Stunning.

1983 Henry The VIII/Soup To Nuts (Savvy) SO2-1
1984 White Christmas/[same] (Savvy) SO2-02

1982 Reign of Terror [cassette] (What The Poop)
1985 Stinkin’ Out the Joint (Savvy) 8505-L
1987 Bad Bad Rock And Roll
1989 Secrets Are For Keeping
2003 Christmas Time, Stand In Line [5-song EP]
2003 Es Hat Uns Gut Gefallen (We Have Enjoyed Ourselves)
2006 Hijack Victim: Greatest & Unreleased Gems (Rave-Up – Italy) LP #48
2007 Last Exit to Rawk ‘n Roll (Speed City)

as NFG
NFG (Nardem) NARDEM-005

Compilation Tracks
“More, More, More” on ‘CHRW – The 1991 London Compilation’ (What Wave/CHRW)
2005 “Media Junkie” on ‘Only in Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC-CD-0101

Dale Martindale
(vocals) / Craig McConnell (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Features Dale Martindale of Images In Vogue and Craig McConnell of Earcandy.

Mania! (independent) SND-001

From Montréal, Québec.

Born Too Soon (Psyche-Industry) PIR-08

Compilation Tracks
“Exit Death” on ‘It Came From The Pit’ (Psyche Industry) PIR-05
1989 “Baptism of Fire” on ‘Reargarde Presents The En Garde Compilation’ (En Guard) ENG-001

Bob Reid (guitars, vocals)/ Jon Armstrong (bass)/ Rob Mills (drums)/ Rich Oosterbosch (drums) / Danny Mayhem (guitars)
Formed in the mid-1980’s as Samhain, the band released a cassette demo in 1987 that attracted the attention of Razor founding member Dave Carlo. Carlo’s band had fallen apart and he would recruit Reid, Armstrong and Mills to become the new Razor. Several albums and tours followed but Carlo struggled to keep his band afloat in the early 1990s, members Reid, Armstrong and Mills quit Razor to re-form Samhain under the new metal-friendly moniker S.F.H. [aka Sam Fucking Haim] with guitarist Danny Mayhem. Mills quit shortly thereafter and they recruited Rich Oosterbach on drums. In 1992 S.F.H. would record the ‘One of These Days’ album at Harry Hess’ (Harem Scarem) Cabin Fever studio in Newcastle, Ontario which was produced by Dave Carlo. They returned to Cabin Fever to record their sophomore release ‘All You Can Eat’ in 1994. By 1996 Carlo and the band had patched up their differences, Mayhem was let go and they became the new version of Razor. [also see RAZOR]

Cold Death [cassette]

as S.F.H.
1992 One of These Days
1994 All You Can Eat
1999 Promo ’99 [3 song EP]

S.N.F.U. (Society’s No Fucking Use)
Chi Pig [aka Ken Chinn] / Brent Belke (guitar) / Marc “Muc” Belke (guitar) / Rob “Buck” Johnson (bass) / Jimmy Roid (bass) / Jon Card (drums) / Evan C. Jones (drums) / Ted Simms (drums; replaced Card 1986) / Dave Rees (drums; 1992-1998) / Chris Thompson (drums; replaced Rees 1998)
Chi Pig was inspired by the Sex Pistols while watching TV one night and kept that energy alive until SNFU formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1982 creating a reputation for solid, yet inaccessible punk in the prairies. SNFU paid its dues in halls and basement clubs in Edmonton before moving to Vancouver, British Columbia. Aside from a two-year break in the early ’90s (when punk’s third wave arrived) the band is considered “Canada’s reigning Princes of punk.” Their longest consistent line-up (1992-1998) recorded four albums and performed over 800 shows together. Chi Pig rarely grants interviews and one “chat” with The Toronto Sun several years ago consisted of two words – one being ‘no’ and the other was unprintable; A new live “Greatest Hits” album, ‘Let’s Get It Right The First Time’, was released in 1998. Vancouver author Chris Walter released the definitive biography on S.N.F.U. entitled ‘SNFU: What No One Else Wanted To Say’; Ken Chinn passed away July 16, 2020. with notes from Brent Belke.

1987 She’s Not On the Menu//Life of a Bag Lady/This Is the End (independent)
1990 Real Men Don’t Watch Quincy [5 song EP] (independent)
1993 Beautiful, Unlike You And I/The Watering Hole (Different Version) (Hom Wreckerds Music) HWM-1001
1995 Eric’s Had A Bad Day (Not Profane Version)/Eric’s Had A Bad Day (Profane Version) (Epitaph) 86441S2-2
2017 A Happy Number/Human Cattle (Rake) RR-006

1985 …And No One Else Wanted To Play (B.Y.O./B.Y.C.) BYO-09
1986 If You Swear, You’ll Catch No Fish (B.Y.O. – US) BYO-017
1988 Better Than a Stick In the Eye (Cargo) CAR-001
1991 The Last of the Big Time Suspenders (Cargo – US) CAR-011
1993 Something Green and Leafy This Way Comes (Epitaph – US) 86430-1
1995 The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed (Epitaph – US) 86441-1
1996 FYULABA [Fuck You Up Like a Bad Accident] (Epitaph – US) 86472-1
1998 Let’s Get It Right The First Time (Aquarius 2000) Q2-00587
2000 The Ping Pong EP [5 songs] (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS239CD
2004 In the Meantime and In Between Time [CD] (Rake) RK-001
2004 In the Meantime and In Between Time [LP w/bonus tracks] (Reluctant Recordings) RR-005
2013 Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You (Cruzar Media) CRUZ-0002
2019 …And Yet Another Pair of Lost Suspenders (Artoffact) AOF-347

Compilation Tracks
“Victims of the Womanizer” on ‘Something To Believe In’ (Fringe Product) FPL-3015
1992 “Victims of the Womanizer” on ‘Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something’ (B.Y.O.) BYO-026CD
1985 “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” on ‘It Came From The Pit’ (Psyche Industry) PIR-05

Stephen Malcolm Fife
(lead vocals, guitars) / Leighton “Ralph” Dame (bass, synth, vocals) / Steve Sims (drums, percussion, vocals)
Heavy metal act from London, Ontario.

On The Prowl (Blade Productions) BP-042858

Rob Urbinati (lead vocals/guitar) / Joe Rico (guitar) / Scott Watts (bass) / Gus Pynn (drums) / Kevin Wimberley (bass; 1993-1994 tour only)
Formed in Scarborough, Ontario in 1983, Sacrifice released three albums during the 80s on their own Diabolic Force Records with distribution from Toronto’s Fringe Product. Their fourth studio album, ‘Apocalypse Inside’, was released by Metal Blade Records in 1993 before the band split up in early 1994 after the album tour. Following a reunion show in 2006, they returned to the studio and the result was the album ‘The Ones I Condemn’ through Sonic Unyon Records (for CD) and War On Music (for vinyl). War On Music would also issue the 2LP vinyl collection ‘198666’ in 2011. Currently the band is working with Cursed Blessings Records in Toronto. The label issued the new studio single “World War V” in 2021 in anticipation of another full album in 2023. Meanwhile, Cursed Blessings released ‘Live – The Starwood’ album on vinyl and cassette in 2022.

2010 Anthem//[split w/PROPAGANDHI] (War On Music) WOM-017
2021 World War V (Cursed Blessings)

1985 The Exorcism [cassette] (Diabolic Force) 002
1985 Torment In Fire (Diabolic Force/Fringe) FPL-3020
1987 Forward To Termination (Diabolic Force/Fringe) FPL-3047
1989 Demo (Diabolic Force)
1990 Soldiers of Misfortune (Fringe) FPD-3096
1993 Apocalypse Inside (Metal Blade/Warner Music)
2009 The Ones I Condemn [CD] (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-1242
2009 The Ones I Condemn [LP] (War On Music) WOM-013
2011 ‘198666’ [2LP] (War On Music) WOM-026
2021 Live – The Starwood, Toronto – Nov. 23 1985 (Cursed Blessings) CMCB-011

Ken Horne / Andrew Lindsay / John DeHaas / Brian Duguay (guitar, vocals) / Sarah Harmer (guitar; vocals)
The Saddletramps were an alternative country band from Toronto, Ontario formed in 1981 who played the usually haunts around the Toronto Queen Street Circuit like The Cabana Room, El Mocambo and Branko’s (opening for bands like Moving Targetz and Swedish Fish). Harmer left the band in the early 1990s and formed Weeping Tile before having a successful solo career. The Saddletramps disbanded in 1995; Lindsay, Duguay, and Dehaas joined Scott Loomer’s band Loomer along with Michael Taylor and Iain Thomson. [also see SARAH HARMER]

1981 Gun For Hire (independent)
Well Gone Bad(independent)
1988 The Saddletramps [cassette] (independent)
1989 The Saddletramps [4 song cassette] (independent)
1990 Yardsale [cassette] (independent) STC-13
1993 Well Gone Bad (independent) STCD-14

Compilation Tracks
“Rain of Gold” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Album Volume 12’ (Warner Music) CDQ-10712
1993 “Sugarcoated” on ‘New Stuff Six’ (MMS) NSCD-006
1998 “Sugarcoated” on ‘Rolling Stone Presents: New Voices Vol. 20’ (Rolling Stone) 03/1998

Travis Good (guitar, vocals, fiddle) / Dallas Good (guitar, vocals) / Sean Dean (bass) / Andrew Scott (drums) / Mike Belitsky (drums)
The Sadies are a Toronto, Ontario Alt-country act formed in 1995 centred around the guitar playing brothers Travis and Dallas Good who are the sons of Good Brothers member Bruce Good. With Sean Dean (bass) and Andrew Scott (drums) the band released a home-made cassette. Following encouragement from their live appearances, they set about recording their debut album ‘Precious Moments’ for Chicago, Illinois record label Bloodshot Records. The band repeated the gesture for ‘Pure Diamond Gold’ (1999) and ‘Tremendous Efforts’ (2001). Their reputation as a live band gained them record industry friends in artists like Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip and Neko Case – who would often use them as her solo backing band. The Sadies also recorded a country album with singer Andre Williams in 1999 entitled ‘Red Dirt’. The Sadies’ flexibility as both an alt-country act and ex-rock musicians allowed them do be backing band for Jon Spencer’s Heavy Trash project. The group began receiving notoriety on both sides of the border by 2002 and released ‘Stories Often Told’ (2002) and ‘Favourite Colours’ (2004) with Outside Music in Canada while ‘Tales of the Rat Fink’ (2006) and ‘In Concert Volume One’ (2006) were picked up by US indie label Yep Roc. Both labels released 2007’s ‘New Seasons’ and the 2010 release ‘Darker Circles’ which was shortlisted for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. In 2012 The Sadies released another collaboration with singer Andre Williams entitled ‘Night and Day’ which took nearly four years to complete; The Sadies are part of supergroup The Unintended featuring Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo) and Rick White (Eric’s Trip). Mike Belitsky replaced original drummer Andrew Scott; Founding member Dallas Good would die unexpectedly February 17, 2022.

Dying Ain’t No Way To Make a Living/Wagonwheel//Channelock (Golden Horseshoe) SADIES-001
2001 Cork & Monkey/Village of Horseheads/The Curdled Journey (Mint) MRS-047
2005 J’ai essayé de ne pas/Le dernier du bon (Mint) MRS-071

Murder Ballads [3 song 7″] (Bloodshot – US) BS-030
1998 My ’63/[split w/WHISKEYTOWN] (Bloodshot – US) BS-037

Budget Shoes (Arts & Crafts)
2014 Crater (Arts & Crafts)

with KURT VILE featuring THE SADIES
Baby’s Arms (Matador)

2020 Goodbye Johnny (Dine Alone)

The Sadies [cassette] (independent)
1998 Precious Moments (Bloodshot – US) BS-034
1999 Pure Diamond Gold (Bloodshot – US) BS-055
2001 Tremendous Efforts (Bloodshot – US) BS-070
2002 Stories Often Told (Outside) OUTCD-001
2004 Favourite Colours (Outside) 9005
2006 Tales of the Rat Fink: Original Soundtrack (Yep Roc – US) YEP-2111
2006 In Concert Volume One (Outside) 9015
2007 New Seasons (Outside) 9033
2010 Darker Circles (Outside) 9059
2013 Internal Sounds (Outside) 9087
2017 Northern Passages (Dine Alone) DA-188
2022 Colder Streams

Red Dirt (Bloodshot – US) BS-048
2012 Night and Day (Outside) 9079

Mayors of the Moon (Bloodshot – US)

Country Club (Yep Roc – US) YEP-2192

Compilation Tracks
“Milk and Scissors” on ‘Down to the Promised Land: 5 Years of Bloodshot Records’ (Bloodshot – US)
2001 “Algoma Reflections” on ‘Better Than the Average Weekend: A Tribute to Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet’ (Deep Eddy – US) DEEP-011
2002 “Little Sadie” on ‘Making Singles, Drinking Doubles’ (Bloodshot – US) BS-100
2007 “What’s Left Behind” on ‘Go Play Outside – 13 Great Artists From One Great Label’ (Outside)
2008 “The Trial” on ‘Heroes: A Yep Roc Sampler (Yep Roc) YEP-PR5
2008 “The Trial” on ‘Winners: Nineteen Yep Roc Artists!’ (Yep Roc)
2009 “Constant Waiting” on ‘We Are Only Riders: The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project’ (Glitterhouse – GER) GRCD-702
2010 “Another Day Again” on ‘Uncut: We All Shine On – 15 Brilliant Tracks From the Best New Albums’ (Uncut – UK) UNCUT-2010-08

‘Rated X’ on ‘The Shortening Sessions: A Tribute To Loretta Lynn’ [7″] (Bloodshot – US) BS-036
2002 “Rated X” on ‘Making Singles, Drinking Doubles’ (Bloodshot – US) BS-100

“Solitaire Song” on ‘Bloodshot Records Sampler III’ (Bloodshot – US)

“Shake a Tail Feather” on ‘For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records (Bloodshot – US) BS-112

“Out of the Blue” on ‘Garth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band’ (Sony)

“This Wheels On Fire” on ‘Garth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band’ (Sony)

Oh Realle/Climbing the Walls (Dyna-West) DW-7915X

Ian Crichton (guitars, vocals; 1977- present) / Jim Crichton (bass, vocals; 1977- present) / Steve Negus (drums; 1977-1986, 1992-2003) / Michael Sadler (lead vocals, percussion, keyboards; 1977-2007, 2011- present) / Peter Rochon (keyboards, vocals, Moogs; 1977-1978) / Greg Chadd (keyboards, vocals; replaced Rochon 1978-1979) / Jim “Daryl” Gilmour (keyboards, vocals; replaced Chadd 1979-1986, 1992-present) / Christian Simpson (drums; replaced Negus 2003-2005) / Brian Doerner (drums; replaced Simpson 2005-2011) / Rob Moratti (vocals; replaced Sadler 2008–2011)
Originally called Pockets, the genesis of Saga was formed in 1977 from the nucleus of the final version of Fludd. Saga song-writers Michael Sadler and Jim Crichton used to write songs at Crichton’s house between Sadler’s shifts as a Toronto cab driver. Their very first live performance took place on June 13, 1977 at a club about sixty miles from Toronto. Although most other bands at the time were performing cover tunes exclusively, Saga decided from the beginning to stick to their convictions and play only their own music. Shortly thereafter they landed their first recording contract with Polydor Records. June 1978 saw the self-titled debut album released in Canada and then something interesting happened: one of the Toronto record stores noticed that German record importers were showing an unusually intense interest in the album; within a few weeks the album sold about 30,000 copies in Germany as an import. Polygram Records in Europe quickly jumped on the bandwagon and signed the group to a multiple territory contract. Three increasingly successful albums followed, with Germany establishing itself as the band’s number one market. Through constant touring in Canada and Europe they earned a reputation for being a strong and exciting live band, and garnered a Juno in 1981 for Most Promising Band, but American success continued to elude them until the release of the Rupert Hine-produced album Worlds Apart in 1982; the record made it into Billboard’s Top20 and had two Top40 singles, including “On The Loose”, and went on to receive gold and platinum awards in Canada, the US and most European territories. Such was the extent of the touring to promote Worlds Apart that the next release for the band was a live album entitled In Transit, which became an even bigger hit for the band worldwide. Rupert Hine was brought in to produce the follow-up studio album, entitled ‘Heads Or Tales’. The album enjoyed reasonable success although sales in Europe and Canada were still very strong. 1986 saw some fundamental changes in Saga’s lineup and activities. Jim Gilmour and Steve Negus decided to leave the band to pursue other musical interests so the remaining band members decided to stay together as the nucleus of Saga and bring in other musicians to record and tour as they needed them. Sadler was living in London, Jim Crichton spent time in England and the Bahamas before settling in Los Angeles, and Ian Crichton remained in Toronto. The deal with Polydor in Europe had run its course so they signed a new deal with the Bonaire label, which had just received distribution in Europe through BMG. Although re-releasing all the albums on CD, the first true Bonaire album was ‘Wildest Dreams’ (1987), produced by Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Foreigner, David Coverdale, and the Scorpions. Although selling well throughout most of Europe, the album failed to make any inroads in North America, and this scenario was repeated with the 1989 self-produced LP ‘The Beginner’s Guide To Throwing Shapes’. Negus and Gilmour returned to the fold in 1991 and Saga enjoyed a rebirth of sorts. April 1993 saw the release of the tenth Saga studio album, ‘The Security of Illusion’, which was warmly received by fans and critics alike. In 1993 the band was also contracted to write and record the featured music including the theme song for the Stephen J. Cannell Productions television show “Cobra”, which aired that fall. Some of This material ended up on the 1994 album Steel Umbrellas. Making a decision to take part in the multimedia revolution of the mid 1990’s, the band released their Generation 13 album in 1995, which was closely followed by a multimedia compact disc entitled Softworks. 1997 saw one more Bonaire release with ‘Pleasure and The Pain’, and the band then signed with another label, SPV, for 1998’s DeTours album. All of the mid to late 90’s releases enjoyed considerable success in Germany and certain European markets; Gilmour and Negus temporarily left the band in 1986 and released the Virgin Records album ‘GNP’ (Gilmour-Negus Project) in 1989 which featured Robbie Bevan (aka Robbie Rae) on lead vocals and Jeff Jones (Red Rider) on bass. Gilmour also released an album of instrumental music. Ian Crichton released both band material (as H30) and solo material, and 1998 saw the release of a Michael Sadler solo album ‘Clear’. In March 2000, another compilation, the 15-track ‘Defining Moments (Volume One)’, was released in North America. Recordings from their 1998 tour was released on the the double-live album ‘Detours’. The band continued a non-stop schedule of new studio albums to usher in the new millennium for their European fans – ‘Full Circle’ (1999), ‘House of Cards’ (2001) (featuring the Top5 video single “Money Talks”), and ‘Marathon’ (2003), and ‘Network’ (2004). In 2005 Steve Negus quit the band. New drummer, Brian Doerner (Helix, Ray Lyell), joined in time to appear on their next album ‘Trust’ (2006). In January 2007 Michael Sadler would be leaving Saga for personal reasons at the end of their 30th Anniversary tour. The band decided to record one more album with Sadler in Los Angeles. In October Brian Doerner suffered a heart attack and was temporarily replaced by Chris Sutherland on drums until Doerner recovered. The album ‘10,000 Days’ was released in November 2007 in conjunction with a final European tour. The band’s final show with Sadler was December 9, 2007. After extensive auditions, Saga announced in April 2008 that Toronto, Ontario native Rob Moratti of the band Final Frontier, would be the band’s new singer. The band recorded a new album called ‘The Human Condition’ with Moratti which was released in the spring of 2009. Saga immediately launched a tour with the new vocalist in Canada and Europe. In January 2011 Michael Sadler returned to the band and another round of European tour dates commenced. However, personnel availability became an issue and three of the four replacement musicians during the tour were recruited from a German Saga cover band known as The Chapters. Andreas Gundlach, replaced Jim Gilmour initially. He played the first two show with the band, then Hans-Willi Carl and Thomas Eisenbruch from The Chapters took over. With the departure of Brian Doerner from Saga in February 2012 The Chapters drummer Stefan Peschgens was used. With the band’s return to North America to release the album ’20/20′ that summer, Saga did YouTube auditions for a new drummer and hired Toronto, Ontario’s Mike Thorne. with notes from Steve Negus and Ursula Lott.

1979 How Long/Humble Stance (Polydor) 2065-397
Slow Motion/Careful Where You Step (Polydor – GERMANY) 2095-236
1979 It’s Time (Chapter Three)/Take It Or Leave It (Polydor) 2065-419
1980 Careful Where You Step/Compromise (Polydor – NETHERLANDS) 2040-292
1980 Compromise/What’s It Gonna Be? (Maze) MS-801
1981 Wind Him Up/No Stranger (Chapter VIII) (Polydor – SPAIN) 2040-238
1981 Careful Where You Step/Compromise (Polydor – SPAIN) 2040-292
1981 Time’s Up/Amnesia (Polydor – SPAIN) 2040-340
1981 On The Loose/Conversations (Maze/A & M) MS-806
1981 On The Loose/Framed (Portrait/CBS – US) 37-03359
1981 On The Loose/Don’t Be Late (Polydor – GERMANY) 2801-056
1982 How Long (Live)/On The Loose (Live) (Maze/A & M) MS-808
1983 Don’t Be Late (Live)/Careful Where You Step (Live) (Portrait/CBS – US) PS-186
[free single with USA release of ‘Heads Or Tales’]
1983 The Flyer/The Writing (Portrait/CBS – US) 37-04178
1983 Catwalk/Social Orphan (Portrait/CBS – US) AS-1801
1983 Scratching The Surface/The Sound of Strangers (Maze/A & M) MS-810
1984 Scratching The Surface (Remix)/Vendetta (Still Helpless) (Polydor – GERMANY) 817465
1985 What Do I Know/Easy Way Out (Maze/A & M) MS-811
1985 What Do I Know/Here I Am (Portrait/CBS – US) 37-05463
1985 Here I Am/[same] [12″] (Portrait/CBS – US) RAS-2211
1985 Take a Chance/Take a Chance (Remix) (Polydor – GERMANY) 883-587
1985 Misbehaviour/You and the Night (Maze/A & M) MS-812
1987 Only Time Will Tell/We’ve Been Here Before (Bonaire/A & M) AMS-111
1987 Don’t Put Out The Fire [12″] (Atlantic) PR-2163
1988 Angel/The Way of the World (Bonaire/BMG Ariola – GERMANY) 109-707
1991 Gotta Love It (Radio Edit)/Solsbury Hill/Wind Him Up (Live) Gotta Love It (Bonaire/BMG Ariola – GERMANY) 664-830
1991 The Call/On The Loose (Bonaire/BMG Ariola)
1994 Never Alone (single edit)//Never Alone/(Walking On) Thin Ice
1994 Why Not ?//Password Pirate-Access Code-Password Pirate/Steamroller
1995 Generation 13/The Test//The Cross (remix)/On The Loose
1999 Home/The One/Remember When (Chapter 9) (Steamhammer/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-055-21583-CDS
2001 Money Talks/Don’t Give Up [w/Alannah Myles & Michael Sadler] (Steamhammer/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-055-72343-CDS
2006 It’s Your Life (Radio Edit)/Trust (Radio Edit)/That’s As Far As I’ll Go (Inside Out/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-48483-CDS
2012 Anywhere You Wanna Go

1978 Saga (Maze/Polydor) ML-8001
1979 Images At Twilight (Maze/Polydor) ML-8002
1980 Silent Knight (Maze/Polydor) ML-8003
1981 Worlds Apart (Maze/Polydor) ML-8004
1981 Synopsis [3 song 12″] (Polydor – UK) POSPX-228
1982 In Transit (Maze/Polydor) ML-8006
1983 Heads Or Tales (Maze/Polydor) ML-8007
1985 Behaviour (Maze/Polydor) ML-8010
1985 Saga (Amiga – EAST GERMANY) 856-092
1986 Time’s Up (Polydor – GERMANY) 831-047
1987 Wildest Dreams (A & M) AMD-1100
1989 The Beginners Guide To Throwing Shapes (BMG/Ariola – GERMANY) 260-367
1989 The Nineties [4 song EP] (BMG – GERMANY) 662-827
1991 The Works (Bonaire/BMG/Ariola – GERMANY) 304-333
1992 Wind Him Up – Saga Best (BMG/Ariola Zounds – GERMANY)
1993 All the Best 1978-1993 (Quality) QCD-2033
1993 Security of Illusion (Bonaire/Polydor – GERMANY) 517-391
1994 Steel Umbrellas (Bonaire/Polydor – GERMANY) 523-054
1994 Saga, The Very Best Of…(Bonaire/Polydor – GERMANY) 523-722
1995 Generation 13 (Bonaire) BNA-0014
1995 Saga Softworks (Bonaire) BNA-0015
1997 Pleasure & The Pain (Bonaire) BNA-0016
1997 How Do I Look (Spectrum – GERMANY) 552-692
1998 Defining Moments (Volume One) (True North) TND-199
1998 DeTours: Double Live Album (Steamhammer/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-088-18002
1999 Full Circle (True North) TND-0217
2001 House of Cards (True North) TND-229
2002 Softworks [CD-Rom] (Steamhammer/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-076-7437A-CD-E
2003 Marathon (True North) TND-302
2003 Phase 1 – 1978 (Steamhammer/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-076-7493A-CD
2005 Network (SPV – GERMANY) SPV-085-69752
2005 The Chapters Live [2 CD] (Inside Out/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-99572-DCD
2006 Trust (Inside Out/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-48842
2006 Remember When, The Very Best of Saga [2CD] (Steamhammer/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-97502
2006 World’s Apart Revisited – Live [2 CD] (Inside Out/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-79190
2007 10,000 Days (Inside Out/SPV – GERMANY) SPV-79642
2009 The Human Condition (Inside Out/SPV – EUROPE) SPV-28072
2009 Contact – Live In Munich (Inside Out – GERMANY) IOMCD-301
2011 Heads Or Tales Live (Ear – GERMANY) 0206483-ERE
2012 20/20 (Ear – GERMANY) 0207850-ERE
2013 Spin It Again – Live In Munich

Compilation Tracks
“Perfect Stranger” on ‘Johnny Be Good [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Atlantic) 781-837
1996 “On the Loose” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25
2005 “The Flyer” on ‘Melodic Rock Anthems – The Masters of Melodic Rock’ (EMI – SWEDEN) 563584

Greg Taylor (vocals, guitar) / Ben Rispin (vocals) / Matt Richmond (drums, vocals) / Greg Fisher (guitar, vocals) / Jon Laurin (keyboards) / Mike Casarin (bass) / Brandon Bliss (keyboards, vocals) / Rob Pasalic (vocals, guitar) / Chuck Coles (bass)
The Saint Alvia Cartel was formed in 2005 by Rob Pasalic (ex-Boys Night Out) and Greg Taylor (ex-Jersey, ex-Grade) in Burlington, Ontario. The band derived its name from Ernest Alvia Smith, Canada’s last living recipient of the Victoria Cross for valor in WWII. After posting a few tracks on MySpace in 2006, they were signed to a record deal with Montréal, Québec’s Stomp Records. Their self-titled debut album was released in May 2007. The first single from album was called “Don’t Wanna Wait Forever” and worked its way into the Top20 at Modern Rock Radio in Canada. The band’s sophomore release on Warner Music was entitled “Between the Lines” found the band drop the ‘Cartel’ from their name. The record was critically acclaimed and earned Saint Alvia a nomination for a JUNO Award for ‘Rock Album of the Year’. A new album produced by Greig Nori is due soon.

Don’t Wanna Wait Forever (Stomp)
2007 Mothers Day (Stomp)
2007 Blonde Kryptonite (Stomp)
2007 Time To Go (Stomp)
2008 Romeo (Warner)
2008 Walk Before You Run DMC (Warner)
2008 Between The Lines (Warner)
2010 Jonxer [EP] (Paper and Plastic)

The Saint Alvia Cartel (Stomp) STMP-057
2008 Between The Lines (Warner)

Compilation Tracks
“Thrasher” on ‘Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young’ (Universal)

Born: Beverly Sainte-Marie on February 20, 1941 on the Piapot Reserve, Craven, Saskatchewan
Buffy Sainte-Marie, a Cree native grew upon the Piapot Cree Indian reserve in the Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was orphaned and later adopted by Albert and Winifred Sainte-Marie in Wakefield, Massachusetts. She taught herself how to play piano and guitar. By 1962 Sainte-Marie was touring as a solo act and perfecting her muse. She performed in concert halls, folk festivals and at Native American reservations through North America and abroad. She took time out to attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1963 for Teaching and Oriental Philosophy. She drifted back to Canada and spent time in coffeehouses in Toronto’s Yorkville Village as well as New York City’s Greenwich Village with such artists as Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young. In 1964 she returned to the Piapot Cree reserve in Canada for a Powwow and was adopted by the youngest son of Chief Piapot, Imu Piapot and his wife. By this time her self-penned original songs were coming to the attention of others and being covered by her contemporaries. Also in 1964 she was signed to Vanguard Records where her debut album, ‘It’s My Way’ featuring the song “Universal Soldier” (later becoming a hit for British singer Donovan). Sainte-Marie was named Billboard Magazine’s ‘Best New Artist’. She released the album ‘Many a Mile’ (1965) and appeared on Pete Seeger’s ‘Rainbow Quest’ TV special as well as several Canadian television shows. She released ‘Little Wheel Spin’ in 1966 and appeared as a guest on American television game show ‘To Tell the Truth’ as herself. In 1967, Sainte-Marie released the album ‘Fire and Fleet and Candlelight’ and made major promotional appearances on television shows such as ‘American Bandstand’, ‘Soul Train’, ‘The Johnny Cash Show’ and Johnny Carson’s ‘The Tonight Show’. In 1969, Sainte-Marie released the experimental synth album ‘Illuminations’ which received luke warm reviews. She sang Joni Mitchell’s “The Circle Game” in Stuart Hagmann’s 1970 film ‘The Strawberry Statement’. In 1972 she managed a US Top40 hit with her single “Mister Can’t You See”. In late 1975, Sainte Marie appeared on the award winning TV show ‘Sesame Street’ and used the opportunity to teach young viewers about native culture. She would make return visits to the show over the next 5 years (1976-1981) including an episode filmed on-location from her home in Hawaii where the entire cast visited her. In 1979 the docudrama ‘Spirit of the Wind’, featuring Sainte-Marie original music score, was an entry at the Cannes Film Festival. The song “Up Where We Belong” which was co-written with Will Jennings and Jack Nitzsche was performed by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ won an Academy Award for ‘Best Song’ in 1982. The song would go on to win a Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA Film Award for ‘Best Original Song’. During the same time period one of her native songs was used as the theme song for the CBC’s native series ‘Spirit Bay’. In 1989 she wrote and performed the music for ‘Where the Spirit Lives’ dealing with Canada’s residential schools scandal. Sainte-Marie voiced the Cheyenne character, Kate Bighead, in the 1991 made-for-TV movie ‘Son of the Morning Star’. Following a 16 year break from recording Sainte-Marie released the album ‘Coincidence and Likely Stories’ in 1992. The album was recorded in 1990 at her home in Hawaii on an Apple II computer and the songs transmitted through an early modem version of Internet to UK producer Chris Birkett. Also in 1992, Sainte-Marie appeared in the Pierce Brosnan television film ‘The Broken Chain’ shot in Virginia, USA. She also appeared in the opening musical ceremonies for the Bahá’í World Congress which featured two concerts under the title ‘Live Unity: The Sound of the World’ as both a television broadcast and video documentary. Her next album was 1996’s ‘Up Where We Belong’ which featured re-recordings of many of her songwriting hits. The album was the basis for a CBC variety special of the same name (she later won a Gemini Award for it). That same year she received an honorary Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa degree from the Universityof Regina, Saskatchewan. In 2000, Sainte-Marie gave the commencement address at Haskell Indian Nations University. The following year, she sang at the Kennedy Space Center for Commander John Herrington, a Chickasaw and the first Native American astronaut. In 2003 she was made a spokesperson for the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in Canada.In 2004, Sainte-Marie’s previously recorded original song “Lazarus” was sampled by producer Kanye West for the Cam’Ron and Jim Jones song “Dead or Alive”. In June 2007, she made a rare US live appearance at the Clearwater Festival in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. She also received an honorary Doctor of Letters from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design where her paintings had been exhibited in the past. 2008 saw recognition of her early work with the anthology disc set ‘Buffy/Changing Woman/Sweet America: The Mid-1970s Recordings’ featuring her output from 1974 thru 1976. The retrospective was an opportunity for her to release her comeback album, ‘Running For the Drum’ in September 2008. Other awards and recognition have included n honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Carleton University (2008), an honorary Doctor of Music from The University of Western Ontario (2009), an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art & Design (2010), the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award (2010) and an honorary Doctor of Letters from the University of British Columbia (2012). Buffy Sainte-Marie’s original songs have been covered a diverse range of international artists including covered by Chet Atkins, Janis Joplin and Taj Mahal, The Charlatans, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Gram Parsons, The Barracudas, Courtney Love, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, Michael Nesmith, Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra, Roberta Flack, Françoise Hardy, Cher, Maureen McGovern, Bobby Darin and Bobby Bare; Buffy Sainte-Marie currently lives on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

Until It’s Time For You To Go/The Flower and the Apple Tree (Fontana – UK)
1965 Universal Soldier/Cripple Creek (Fontana – UK) TF-614
Timeless Love/Lady Margaret (Fontana – UK) TF-695
1966 Until It’s Time for You to Go/The Flower and the Apple Tree (Vanguard)
1967 The Circle Game/Jusqu’au jour où tu partiras (Vanguard) VRS-35053
1968 Soulful Shade of Blue/Piney Wood Hills (Vanguard) VRS-35064
1968 From the Bottom of My Heart/I’m Gonna Be a Country Girl Again (Vanguard) VRS-35075
1969 Better to Find Out for Yourself/He’s a Keeper of the Fire (Vanguard) VRS-35091
1969 The Circle Game/Better To Find Out for Yourself (Vanguard) VRS-35108
1969 Guess Who I Saw in Paris/Better to Find Out for Yourself (Vanguard)
1971 Soldier Blue/Moratorium (Bring Our Brother Home) (Vanguard) VRS-35116
1971 She Used To Wanna Be a Ballerina/Moratorium (Vanguard) VRS-35126
1971 Helpless/Now You’ve Been Gone for a Long Time (Vanguard) VRS-35135
1971 I’m Gonna Be a Country Girl Again/The Piney Wood Hills(Vanguard) VRS-35143
1972 Mister Can’t You See/Moonshot(Vanguard) VRS-35151
1972 He’s an Indian Cowboy in the Rodeo/Not the Lovin’ Kind (Vanguard) VRS-35156
1973 I Wanna Hold Your Hand Forever/Jeremiah (Vanguard) VRS-35172
1974 Can’t Believe the Feeling When You’re Gone/Sweet Little Vera (MCA) 40193
1974 I Can’t Take It No More/Star Boy (MCA) 40286
1975 Generation/[same] (MCA) 40347
1975 Love’s Got To Breathe and Fly (MCA) 40368
1975 All Around the World/Till I See You Again (MCA) 40413
1976 Free the Lady/Starwalker (ABC) ABC-12183
1976 Look at the Facts/Where Poets Go (ABC) ABC-12203
1976 Take My Hand For Awhile/Tall Trees In Georgia (Vanguard – UK) VS-5004
1990 Soldier Blue/I’m Gonna Be a Country Girl Again (Old Gold) OG-9932
1992 The Big Ones Get Away/I’m Going Home (Ensign) ENYCD-650
1992 Caminante De Estrellas/Los Grandes Zafan (Ensign/EMI – ARGENTINA) S-593

It’s My Way (Vanguard)  VRS-9142
1965 Many a Mile (Vanguard) VRS-9171
1966 Little Wheel Spin and Spin (Vanguard) VRS-9211
1967 Fire and Fleet and Candlelight (Vanguard) VRS-9250
1968 I’m Gonna Be a Country Girl Again (Vanguard) VRS-9280
1969 Illuminations (Vanguard) VRS-9300
1970 She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina (Vanguard) VRS-9311
1970 Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie (Vanguard) VSD-¾
1971 Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie Volume 2(Vanguard) T 33/34
1972 Moonshot (Vanguard) VRS-9312
1973 The Universal Soldier (Vanguard)
1973 Quiet Places (Vanguard) VRS-9330
1974 Native Child: Odyssey (Vanguard) VRS-9340
1974 Buffy (MCA) MCA-405
1975 Changing Woman (MCA) MCA-451
1976 A Golden Hour of the Best of… (Golden Hour/Vanguard) GH-852
1976 Sweet America (ABC) LP-0008
1976 Indian Girl (Vanguard) VSD-7054
1981 Spotlight On Buffy Sainte-Marie (Vanguard) SPOT-1018
1985 Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie (Vanguard) VMS-73113
1992 Coincidence and Likely Stories (Ensign) CCD-1920
1996 Up Where We Belong (EMI) 835059
2003 Best of the Vanguard Years (Vanguard) VCD-79750
2008 Running For the Drum (Cooking Vinyl) COOKCD-493
2010 Soldier Blue: Best of the Vanguard Years (Vanguard) VMD-74004

Rick Hughes (vocals) / Stephane Dufour (guitar, backing vocals) / Martin Bolduc (bass) / Jeff Salem (drums) / Jesse Bradman (keyboards, backing vocals)
Saints & Sinners was formed in Montréal, Québec in 1991 by ex-Sword members Rick Hughes and Jeff Salem. They released a self-titled album on Aquarius Records, which was produced by Aldo Nova, in September 1992. The album spawned three singles but the Grunge explosion kept them off most radio stations. The band split up in 1993; Bradman go on to Jesse’s Powertrip featuring members of Aldo Nova’s band, Bad English and Guiffria; Salem would go on to play with Lee Aaron, Randy Bachman, Robben Ford, Kalan Porter (Canadian Idol Winner 2004) and blues artist Coop De Ville.

Walk That Walk (Edit)/Walk That Walk (Savage – US) SADJ-50020-2
1993 Takin’ My Chances (LP Edit)/Takin’ My Chances (LP Version) (Savage -US) SADJ-50031-2
1993 We Belong (Edit)/We Belong (LP Version) (Savage – US) SADJ-50032-2

Saints & Sinner (Aquarius) Q2-567
1992 Saints & Sinners [4-song EP] (Savage – US) SADJ-50019-2

Compilation Tracks
“Walk the Walk” on ‘New Stuff’ (MMS) NSCD-001
1992 “Walk That Walk” on ‘Rock Tune Up 87’ (Album Network – US)

Québec’s Robert Salagan had one hit in that province entitled “Il Viendra” which would later be translated into an English language track in 1971 and issued by Polydor. The song managed to hit No.84 on the RPM Singles chart in March 1972.

Il Viendra/Valentine (Spectrum) SP-39    
1971 Hey Lord/Valentine (Polydor) 2065-101

Salmond’s 1986 solo album ‘Up’ features guest appearances by Miles Hill and Phil Robertson of Idle Eyes and Darryl Bennet of Skyhawk.

Stumbling Heavenward (Image) V-117763
Up (River)

Fun Raiser (River) RR-001


Scott Walker (guitar) / Rob Calder (guitar, trumpet) / Megan Bradfield (bass) / Brent Follett (drums) / Patrick Brealey (keyboards) / Kevin Cooper (bass) / Carrie Tennant (piano)
Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1997, the Salteens released their debut album – the award-winning debut ‘Short-Term Memories’ – on Endearing Records in 2000. Their sophomore effort, the Kevin Kane (Grapes of Wrath) produced college radio chart-topper ‘Let Go of Your Bad Days’ was released on Boompa in 2003. After a seven year absence (whereby Scott Walker dealt with the death of his father and his mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s), the band released the EP ‘Moths’ followed by the full-length ‘Grey Eyes’ in 2010. The group has also appeared on ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’. With notes from S. Kelly Sears.

Tomorrow/Motor Away (Drive-In) DRIVE-47

The Salteens [4-song cassette] (Salteens)
2000 Short-Term Memories (Drive-In) DRIVE-44
2001 Red Wagon [5-song EP] (Lost & Lonesome – Australia) L&L-008
2003 Let Go of Your Bad Days (Boompa) BPA-001
2010 Moths [6-song EP] (Boompa) BPA-038
2010 Grey Eyes (Boompa) BPA-042
2010 Kid Songs (Boompa) BPA-043

Compilation Tracks
“Time You Have Been Wasting” on ‘A House Full of Friends (Magic Marker)
2006 “Babba Da” on ‘Bang Crash Boom!!! A Popclub Compendium (Little Teddy – GER) BiTe-050
2010 “I’m So Happy I Can Dance” on ‘Yo Gabba Gabba: Super Music Friends’

Russell Klyne (guitar, vocals) / Toby Peter (bass) / Ray Garraway (drums) / Brad Turner (saxophone, trumpet)
The members of Salvador Dream met in Vancouver, British Columbia and were already in existing bands when they started to jam together in 1992. The wrote a few songs, recorded a five-song demo, played three shows and were signed to a major label record deal with WEA instantly. Their debut album ‘UR’ was released in 1994. The Vancouver band became a staple on the Canadian scene, touring with Our Lady Peace, Pure and Soundgarden among others. Their song “Stain” appeared in the ‘Due South’ Television show episode ‘An Eye For An Eye’ in 1995. In 1996, the band added a fourth member and became Namedropper – a hip-hop/drum & bass/jazz act, which still performs regularly. Before officially burying Salvador Dream they released a 3-song EP entitled ‘Big Brother’ in 1997 on Turtle Records. Following Namedropper’s only release in 2000, Klyne, Peter and Garraway would go on to tour and record with Canadian hip-hop artist k-os.

Salvador Dream [5 song cassette] (Bafflebeat)
1994 UR (WEA) CD-96919
1997 Big Brother [3 song EP] (Turtle)

Namedropper [4 song EP]

Compilation Tracks
“One Way Ticket” on ‘Page One’ (Page) PP-005

Paul Murray (vocals, kazoo) / Scott MacFarlane (bass, bells) / Troy Shanks (drums, piano, vocals) / Mike Smith (guitar, vocals) / Jason Archibald (guitar)
From New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Their independent debut, ‘Bionic’, was picked up by Nettwerk Records for larger distribution in 1996. It spawned three radio singles – the most popular being “And the Mood Changes”. Sandbox’s second album, ‘A Murder in the Glee Club’, was produced by Steve Albini (Nirvana) but slipped under the radar before the band split up. They were nominated for an East Coast Music Award in 1996 and a CASBY Award (CFNY); Mike Smith would go on to fame and fortune as a co-star in the hit TV show ‘Trailer Park Boys’ as the lovable rogue “Bubbles”. Smith performed as part of Bubbles & the Shit Rockers featuring Alex Lifeson (Rush) and Tom Wilson (Blackie & The Rodeo Kings) for the original song “Liquor & Whores” featured on ‘Trailer Park Boys: The Movie Soundtrack’. Smith also performed the song with Guns N’ Roses on multiple occasions during their Chinese Democracy Tour Series. Smith has also appeared with Emm Gryner on “Get Brave” in 2010.

Collide (Nettwerk) PRO-007
1996 Curious (Nettwerk) 39613
1996 And the Mood Changes (Nettwerk)
1997 Carry

maskman [6-song cassette] (Sandox) SAND-001CS
1995 Bionic (Latitude) 02-50323
1996 Bionic [re-issue] (Nettwerk/EMI) 39612
1997 A Murder In The Glee Club (EMI) 857585

Compilation Tracks
”And the Mood Changes” on ‘Triple Scoop 3’ (EMI) 438358

Eric Baragar (vocals, guitar, keyboards) / Tim Campbell (vocals, guitar) / Michael Goettler (vocals, bass) / Ted Elvins (vocals, guitar) / Vern Martin (vocals; replaced Elvins) / Al O’Hara (drums) / Dennis Baragar (vocals, keys) / Steve Smith (drums) / Dave Conley (vocals, keys) / Steve Sawyer (vocals)
Sands Of Time originally formed in the the Belleville, Ontario area in 1966. The began as Ken and the Continentals before frontman Ken Williams decided to step back from the performance side and become the band’s manager and was replaced by Michael Goettler on bass & vocals. Williams renamed them The Sands Of Time. Eventually Elvins was replaced by Vern Martin and the band’s sound started to lean more toward a R & B blend with the British Invasion style. Not long after, O’Hara, Martin and Dennis Baragar would be replaced by Smith and Conley and the definitive line-up was born. They performed at Expo ’67 and were recognized for being the youngest act to ever tour the east coast. By 1969 they toured the west coast and even swung back through Toronto to play the Canadian National Exhibition. They released one single, “I’ve Got A Feeling”, in 1970 which charted at No.2. The Sands Of Time eventually moved to Toronto. In 1971 they recorded their first album in Toronto and Montreal for the U.S. National General Records label. Although a producer was called in from Los Angeles, his poor health in the cold Canadian winter forced him to return prematurely. The band was left to produce the album on their own while their Canadian label, MTCC, ran into financial difficulties and the album was never released. The Sands of Time left Toronto and returned home to Belleville without Dave Conley and developed into a 4-piece progressive “country rock” act. Eric Baragar briefly entertained a solo career but was a postal worker by day; Goettler, Baragar and Campbell ran a music retail store called Centre Stage Music; and Steve Smith was a social worker. Smith and Campbell would put their own band together called Boojum while Eric Baragar and Mike Goettler put together the short-lived, Sands Of Time II, with Trevor Burt (guitar,vocals), Doug Leal (drums) and Brent Bailey (keyboards). This line up only lasted a few months together. In 1977, Baragar built a basement studio that grew into a project studio. Most of the original members of the Sands Of Time returned to Belleville and reformed with musician-turned-lawyer Dan Thompson (Boojum, Noah) in 1978 for some Belleville-area gigs. The new version of the band re-christened itself Bentwood Rocker and released several records in the ’80’s. Another name change to The Press failed to add any further notoriety, but in 1986 they revived the name The Sands Of Time and released the single “Danger Of Remembering” on B & C Records. Currently the band, as Bentwood Rocker, still performs in the Belleville area; Ted Elvins died August 23, 2022. with notes from Eric Baragar, Michael Goettler, and Steve Sawyer. [also see BENTWOOD ROCKER].


1970 I’ve Got A Feeling/Loneliness (MTCC) 
1971 I’ve Got A Feeling/Loneliness [re-issue] (National General) NGR-011
1986 Danger Of Remembering/Danger of Remembering (B & C) BC-025

Rick Santers (lead vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, keyboards) / Mark Santers (drums, percussion, backing vocals) / Rick Lazaroff (bass, backing vocals)
After the Santers brothers’ band Nighthawk lost bassist Gord Dafoe in 1980, they placed an advertisement for a new bass player in the classified section of the Toronto Star newspaper. Rick Lazaroff responded and was asked to join them under their new name: SANTERS. Rick Santers wrote the material for the band’s debut album while on a winter tour in Québec. The band rehearsed the new songs by day and played gigs at night. During a one week period the band recorded the album ‘Shot Down In Flames’ later that year. In 1981 the song “Time After Time” won the Toronto Q107 Homegrown talent contest with the song biing placed on the station’s compilation album. Interest grew for Santers product and ‘Shot Down In Flames’ was released in Canada on Ready Records, and licensed in France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. The reaction was immediate and the album sailed up the import charts in England, Germany and Sweden. The album’s first single and promotional video for “You Turn Me On” was r eleased giving the band radio and television exposure enough to warrant t ouring across Canada and the US. In 1982 the band returned to the studio to record new material the result of which was the ‘Mayday’ EP featuring their next single “Mistreatin’ He art”. Santers soon joined Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Diary Of A Madman’ tour. Santers returned to the studio, yet again, that year to complete their so phomore album ‘Racing Time’ with Rick Santers and Jack Richardson (Guess Who) co-producing. Distribution is expanded for this release to include Australia, England, Germany and Sweden. Another tour commenced in support of the next single “Winter Freeze”. Rad io support for ‘Racing Time’ expanded into the Mid-Western United States and as far south as Texas. While the fire was hot the band then took adva ntage of increased interest in England by teaming up with the band Magnum for a British tour. Santers returned home in 1983 to perform with Johnny Winter and Golden Ea rring at Toronto’s Massey Hall. Gigs like these became more frequent as S ANTERS would do larger venues including a charity fundraiser at Maple Lea f Gardens. Also that year Rick Santers had the opportunity to jam with guitarist Rik Emmett and Rick Derringer on the song “Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo” at a Triumph birthday bash. Rik Emmett was invited to produce Santers’ third studio album ‘Guitar All ey’ in 1984 which was released in Canada, USA, Japan, Sweden and Australi a and boasted the band’s greatest radio successes: a remake of the Free s ong “All Right Now” which went Top-40 across Canada and the second single “Can’t Shake You” which managed video rotation on the newly designated M TV and MuchMusic video stations. Through 1985 Santers toured vigorously to support ‘Guitar Alley’ througho ut Canada and the USA with such acts as Blue Oyster Cult, Ratt, and Accept. By 1986 Rick Santers was well on his way to writing material for the band’s fourth album, ‘Top Secrecy’, when he was asked to formally become a to uring member of Triumph as their second guitarist, additional vocalist an d keyboardist. Santers, the band, was suspended as a touring/recording entity and Rick Santers had several of his songs placed on Triumph’s ‘Sport Of Kings’ and ‘Surveillance’ albums. In 1993 S Santers released ‘1st Shot’ and ‘2nd Shot’ – a two album compila tion on CD – in Germany. Through 1995 and 1996 Rick Santers branched out as a solo artist to write and record his debut album ‘Revitalize’ on his own label, Dandelion. 1998 saw the band make a conscious effort to finish the long abandoned ‘Top Secrecy’ album sessions from 1986. The finished album was included in a boxed set package called ‘Santers IV’ which was released in Japan. ‘Top Secrecy’ was finally released as a single CD album in Europe in 1999. With the revived interest in the band overseas plans are made to begin re cording another Santers studio album starting in 2000. A ‘best of’ packag e is assembled for the North American market called ‘Cold Fusion’ which c ontains the best material from the four studio albums plus two previously unreleased tracks. Initially released independently on Dandelion Records, the CD was picked up for distribution in 2002 by Bullseye Records. with notes from Rick Santers and Cam Atkinson.

1981 You Turn Me On/The Rapper (Ready) SR-141
1982 Mistreatin’ Heart/Still I Am (Ready) SR-231
1982 Winter Freeze/Dog Without A Home (Ready) SR-281
1983 Two Against The World/Road to Morocco (Ready) SR-282
1984 All Right Now/Too Young To Die (Ready) SR-421
1984 Can’t Shake You/High Rish (Ready) SR-422

1981 Shot Down In Flames (Ready) LR-014
1982 Mayday [4 song EP] (Ready) ER-023
1982 Racing Time (Ready) LR-028
1984 Guitar Alley (Ready) LR-042
1993 1st Shot (Long Island – Germany)
1993 2nd Shot (Long Island – Germany)
1998 Santers IV (Bareknuckle – Japan)  AVCB66049/52
1999 Top Secrecy (Dandelion)
2000 Cold Fusion (Dandelion) DSD-10010

ReViTaLiZe (Dandelion) DSD-19604

Compilation Tracks
“Time After Time” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Vol. 3’ (Basement/Attic) BASE-6007
1982 “Mistreatin’ Heart” on ‘Rocktober ‘82’ (Attic) ROCT-082
1983 “Racing Time” on ‘Metal Battle’ (Road Runner – UK) NEAT-1014
1984 “All Right Now” on ‘For The Record’ (Ready) EP-4-FREE
1984 “All Right Now” on ‘Masters of Metal – Volume 2 (K-Tel) TC-297
1985 “Can’t Shake You” on ‘Axe Masters: Legends of Rock Guitar’ (Attic) LAT-1214
1985 “All Right Now” on ‘Heavy Metal Records Complication Album’ (Heavy Metal) HMC-5000
2004 “Mistreatin’ Heart” on ‘When CanCon Rocked Vol. 1’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4015
2005 “All Right Now” on ‘CD Plus Presents: Bullseye Records’ 20th Anniversary Archives Canadian Classic Rock Sampler’ (Bullseye) BLR-CD-2030
2006 “You Turn Me On” on ‘The Best of Ready Volume1’ (Universal) 0249843785
2006 “Can’t Shake You” on ‘The Best of Ready Volume 2’ (Universal) 0249843786

Born: Ivana Daniela Santilli
Santilli’s love of music began at age nine when she played trumpet for her father’s Italian wedding band in Toronto. While still in high school she joined Roger “MC Mystic” Mooking and Chin Injeti to form the soul/R & B/Rap trio Bass Is Base who shot to national stardom in 1994 and 1995. The unit broke up in 1998 and Santilli asked to be released from her contract with A & M Records. She hired herself out as a session musician playing keyboards and singing with acts such as Soul Attorneys, Women ah Run Tings, Punjabi by Nature, and Holly McNarland among others. Her debut solo album ‘Brown’ was released on her own Brown Recordings label in 1999. It featured a duet with Glenn Lewis entitled “If Ever I Fall.” The album led to a JUNO Award nomination in 2000 for ‘Best New Solo Artist.’ She performed three nights at the Montréal Jazz Festival and her performance was the subject of a one-hour Bravo! television special. Peer Music publishing signed her as a writer in the fall of 2000. In August 2004, she released her second solo album, ‘Corduroy Boogie, which featured the singles, “Deserve,” “Superstar,” and “What Matters.” Santilli collaborated with other artists including James Poyser, King Britt, Dwele, Dego (4Hero), Kaidi Tatham (Bugz In The Attic), Omar, and Stuart Matthewman (Sade, Maxwell, Sweetback). She then began doing keyboard remixes with Jazzanova, King Britt, Scuba, Vikter Duplaix, Steven Spacek, All Saints, Appleton (on the hit “Don’t Worry”), Rosey (Def Jam), Roy Ayers, and Larry Gold. After touring Japan, and Europe, she found herself in in New York working on soundtracks for film. Santilli’s third album ‘TO.NY’ was released in 2008 and included the singles “Whateva U Want” and “Been Thru This.” In 2010, she signed to CP Records and released ‘Santilli’ in June, 2010. It included two singles – “Your Girl Tonight” and “Letting Go.” The album was a reworking of the ‘TO.NY’ album with six new songs. 2015 found Santilli issuing her own release again on Brown Recordings with the FACTOR/Toronto Arts Council funded ‘Late Night Light’ for limited CD release (only 100 copies) in February 2015 with a digital worldwide release in March 2015. [also see BASS IS BASE]

Too Deep (Brown)
1999 Sun + Moon = Tomorrow (Brown)
2000 If Ever I Fall (Pt.1) [w/Glenn Lewis] (Brown)
2000 Lonely Lullaby (Brown)
2004 Deserve (Brown)
2004 Superstar (Brown)
2005 What Matters (Brown)
2005 Breathe Inn [3 mixes 12″] (Do Right!) DR-009
2005 Everlasting [5 mixes 12″] (Do Right!) DR-013
2008 Whateva U Want (Do Right!)
2008 Been Thru This (Do Right!)
2009 Hollywood (Do Right!)
2009 Your Girl Tonight (CP/Fontana/Universal)
2010 Letting Go (CP/Fontana/Universal)
2013 Lovers Love 2 Rock (Brown)

2003 Superstar (Next Evidence Remix)//Superstar (Philip Charles Remix)/Superstar (Marques’ Rude Boy Ride Mix) (Rapster – FRA) RR-0023-EP

Brown (Brown) 777521-142426
2000 Lonely Lullaby [5-song 12″] (Jinxx) JX-029
2004 Corduroy Boogie (Brown) 23339-11182
2008 TO.NY (Do Right!) DR033CD
2010 “Santilli” (CP/Fontana/Universal) CP-10I007
2015 Late Night Light (Brown)

Whatnaut: House [12″] (Virgin) SPRO-2288

Rob Grant
(bass) / Greg Boileau (guitar) / Rob Edwards (drums) / Dave Boden (lead guitar, keys, vocals) / Fabian Bortolotto (vocals 1980s; replaced Wilson 2018) / Mike Wilson (vocals; replaced Naro) / Phil Naro (vocals; replaced Bortollo) / Johnny Rogers (guitar; replaced Boden) / Roger Banks (drums; replaced Edwards) / Les Wheeler (bass; replaced Grant)
5-piece formed in Hamilton in the mid-1980s and released a 12″ EP entitled “Lay Down Your Guns.’ The band split up in the early 1990s. In 2008, they reformed and released the album ‘Daggers – Lust – Disgust’ under the name Sarasin A.D. in Europe, this time with Phil Naro on vocals, Roger Banks on drums and Johnny Rogers adding second guitar. In 2012 as a means to record with ailing bassist Rob Grant. Grant would unfortunately pass away and did not appear on the record. In 2015 the band signed to Pure Steel Records out of Germany and released their self-titled CD. With the addition of returning vocalist Bortolotto, they recorded and released ‘Raise the Pain’ in 2018. With notes from Sharry Budd.

Lay Down Your Guns [5-song EP] (Sinalong) WRC2-5316
2016 Sarasin (Pure Steel – GERMANY) PSRCD-118
2018 Raise the Pain (Pure Steel – GERMANY)

Daggers – Lust – Disgust (Artist Services – EUROPE) MBMCD-6029

Born: Arvida, Quebec

In 1987, at the age of 23, Sarrasin was recruited Musique Plus (french version of Much Music) as a VJ (Video Jockey). He would host the network’s ‘Solid Rock’ program – the first heavy metal music program in Quebec television history. Sarrasin was also a musician and released an album original songs on the PGC (Productions Guy Cloutier) label in 1993.

jamais (PGC Musique) PGC-CD-932

Sarrasin (PGC Musique) PGC-CD-004-DJ

George Jones (vocals) / Will “Wayne” Cardinal (bass) / Wayne Faulconer (lead guitar, vocals) / John Karwacki (drums; vocals) / Russel Percy (keyboards, vocals) / Terry Stiles (rhythm guitar; vocals) /  Brian Ouelette (vocals; Winnipeg) / Lucille Emond (vocals; Winnipeg)
Originally known as The Tempests from Kenora/Keewatin, Ontario, Satan &The D-Men formed in 1962. The band travelled to Winnipeg, Manitoba early in their career to recorded a demo tape at Arbuthnott Studios. They appeared on Winnipeg’s Chanel 7’s talent show “Hi Jinx,” placing second and were asked back to perform on a follow-up show. The performance gave them great exposure in the rock and roll town and a decision was made to book a dance in Winnipeg. They were approached by Fred Glazerman who offered to book the band and act as their manager. In short order, Satan & The D-Men appeared as part of Dick Clark’s “Cavalcade Of Stars”tour at the Winnipeg Auditorium as well as repeat performances in Portage La Prairie and Brandon, Manitoba. Other bands on the bill included Winnipeg acts The Jury, The Shondels, and The Deverons. Glazerman then moved the band to Winnipeg to make booking arrangements much easier. Satan & The D-Men were soon ranked in the top 10 out of over 150 bands in Winnipeg. Stage clothes were provided by Monarch Wear Of Canada and the band signed with Eagle Records. A recording of five original songs was done at CKRC radio. The songs “L-I-N-D-A” and “She’ll Lie” were released as a single in 1966. Shortly after a tour with Buddy Knox in 1966, Satan & The D-Men disbanded and the members pursued other interests. In 1982, Satan & The D-Men reformed to play for a dance in Kenora for the town’s Centennial. This resulted in the band playing many benefit dances there for the remainder of the next three decades. They opened for Burton Cummings in 2015 in Kenora, held their final dance in 2016 at Cabin Jack’s in Kenora, and held their final performance at an outdoor anniversary party in 2020 ; Cardinal went on to play with Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks (just prior to members of Crowbar departing from the line-up), The Bells, The Lisa Hartt Band and Ocean and now lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia playing occasional gigs and building PA systems; Faulconer went on to be in the Jarvis Street Revue; Terry Stiles would chronicle the band’s exploits in a book; Jones and Karwacki both passed away in 2016; Percy passed away in 2020. With notes from Terry Stiles and Will Cardinal.

1966 L-i-n-d-a/She’ll Lie(Eagle) 112

Compilation Tracks
“She’ll Lie” on ‘The Midwest Vs. Canada Vol.2’ (Unlimited Productions – USA) UPLP1002
2005 “L-I-N-D-A” and “She’ll Lie” on ‘The Eagle Records Collection’ (Super Oldies – US) SOCD-1
2009 “L-I-N-D-A” and “She’ll Lie” on ‘The Best of Eagle Records’ (Super Oldies – US) SOCD-8
2009 “All Canadian Boy”, “Telstar 2”, and “Satan John” on ‘Buried Treasures: Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974’ (Super Oldies – US) SOCD-9

Jeff Beardall (vocals) / Dallas Good (guitar) / Ruston Baldwin (drums) / Christian Wagner (bass)
Following the collapse of Beardall’s band Guilt Parade at the end of the 1980s, he hooked up with Dallas Good in Toronto to form the Satanatras. The released an independent EP entitled 777 in 1992 before being signed to Graeme Boyce’s Raw Energy in 1994. They released the full length album ‘Eight Ate Hate’ that year but by 1995 the band had fallen apart; Baldwin went on to Dogs With Jobs; Good went on to form The Sadies with his brother Travis Good.

777 [6-song EP cassette] (independent)
1994 Eight Ate Hate (Raw Energy/A & M) 242101

Fergus Hambleton (guitar, vocals, saxophone, keyboards) / Jo-Jo Bennett (vocals, flugel horn, percussion) / David Fowler (keyboards) / Bruce McGillivray (bass) / Junior McPherson (drums) / Rick Morrison (saxophone) / Bruce Robinson (vocals, piano) / Neil Chapman (guitar) / Bruce Mack / Neville Francis / Paul Bennett
The nucleus of Toronto’s Sattalites, former Axe Records president Fergus Hambleton (brother of Greg) and JoJo Bennett, met in 1980 when Hambleton worked at the recording sessions Bennett did when he came to Toronto from Jamaica. They formed an instant friendship and when Hambleton’s music school, the Sattalite School, lost some of its musician-teachers to previous commitments, Bennett stepped in to help Hambleton out. They would take some of their students to different nightclubs and get them up to play; this proved a successful way to find talented musicians, and two of the former students ended up joining the new band , the Sattalites, in 1982. Their independent, self-titled debut album was released in 1984, the beds for which were recorded during a trip Hambleton and Bennett made to Jamaica to do a benefit for Bennett’s alma mater, the Alpha Boys School. While there they looked up Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, two reggae heavyweights, who worked on the album with them. It received strong critical and public acceptance and earned the band both a CASBY and a JUNO Award. Constant touring and performing also gained them a reputation for being an exceptional live band. Over the next eight years the band independently released a live album and was then signed to Risque Disque/Warner. Two more albums followed to mixed critical reviews, but the band continued to draw sell-out crowds to their performances across the country. They also won the 1986 Canadian Reggae Music Award for ‘Group of the Year’ and ‘Top Horn Player’ (Hambleton); Hambleton has also released several solo records and teaches at Harris Institute. In 2013 the band released their greatest hits package ‘The Best of Canadian Reggae’ featuring 15 remastered tracks from 1984 to 2004; Jo-Jo Bennett passed away August 5, 2021; Determined to carry on after the loss of Bennett, The Sattalites resumed live performances as a 10-piece act in 2022. with notes from Chris Liota and Fergus Hambleton. [also see FERGUS HAMBLETON]

1985 She Loves You/Isn’t That So (Axe) AXE-87
1985 Wild/Understanding (Axe) AXE-90
1987 Leave It Up To Me/Understanding (Axe) AXE-97
1987 Gimme Some Kinda Sign/Lively Ivy (Axe) AXE-99
1988 Perfect Day/Sunday Morning (Axe) AXE-103
1995 Canada Calling/Canada Calling (Instrumental) (Orange) RDR7-198

1985 Sattalites (Axe) AXS-525
1987 Live Via Sattalites (Axe) AXS-527
1988 Miracles (Risque Disque/WEA) 25-69961
1992 All Over the World
1995 Now and Forever
2003 Reggaefication
2013 The Best of Canadian Reggae (Linus/Universal)

Compilation Tracks
“Wild” on ‘New Stuff Six’ (MMS) NSCD-006
1993 “Wild” on ‘New Stuff Seven’ (MMS) NSCD-007
2001 “Walking on Sunshine” on ‘The Best Reggae Album in the World…Ever’ (EMI) 34534

Born: Karl Amani Wailoo in Ottawa, Ontario on March 6, 1978
Rapping since he was 12, Saukrates gained prominence after releasing several singles beginning in 1994 that are now considered underground classics in Canada and in the U.S., specifically his first effort, “Still Caught Up”. Saukrates has worked with U.S. heavies Common, O.C., and Masta Ace, and has produced/remixed songs for DJ Kool, Ginuwine, and Vancouver’s Rascalz. In 1996, Saukrates signed a multi-album deal with Warner Music and released hi much anticipated debut CD,”Shine”, in February 1998. In 1999, he released his follow-up album – ‘The Underground Tapes’ on Capitol Hill/Popular Records which featured guest appearances by Pharaohe Monch, Choclair, Heltah Skeltah, and Masta Ace & O.C. In 2000 he was signed by Def Jam/Gilla House in the United States. Though Def Jam never exercised their option to release his material, he remained with Gilla House and worked with its owner, rapper Redman, on several of his releases. ‘Bad Addiction’ was his follow-up album in 2004 but following a failure to secure widespread distribution, he instead focused on his next collective project Big Black Lincoln and producing R & B singer Andreena Mill and scrapped his solo release. In 2006 he returned to the spotlight as a backing vocalist, percussionist and rapper on Nelly Furtado’s ‘Get Loose’ tour appearing with the singer at both the 94th Grey Cup Halftime Show and at the 2006 American Music Awards. They would also make an appearance on the day time soap opera One Life To Live performing the song “Promiscuous” in 2007. In 2009, Saukrates appeared on the Method Man & Redman single “A-Yo” taken from their album ‘Blackout! 2′. The same year he also appeared with k-os and Nelly Furtado on the single “I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman”, from k-os’ album ‘Yes!’. The song was originally a Saukrates and Nelly Furtado collaboration entitled “On the Run”. Saukrates finally released his sophomore album, entitled ‘Season One’, in April 2012 which highlighted appearances by Redman, k-os, and Nickelus F among others. The June 2011 lead-off single, “Drop It Down”, featured Redman while the October 2011 follow-up single, “Say I”, featured OB O’Brien. In 2012, Saukrates collaborated with Classified and Skratch Bastid on the song “Anything Goes” from Classified’s self-titled album released in early 2013. He was also featured on the tracks “Stranger” and “Look for Me in the Whirlwind” from Canadian MC Maestro Fresh Wes’ ‘Orchestrated Noise’ album.

1994 Still Caught Up [5 mixes 12”] (Steppin Bigga) SBR-003
1995 Hate Runs Deep/Get Touched  [12”] (Genesis) 533242
1996 Father Time/[split w/CHOCLAIR] (Knee Deep) PHAT-0017
1996 Kalifornia/[split w/MARVEL] (Day) DAY-604
1999 Money Or Love [4 mixes 12″] (Capitol Hill Music Inc.) IV-472-1606
1999 Action [6 mixes 12″] (Capitol Hill Music Inc.) 0033
2000 W.K.Y.A. [w/Redman] [4 mixes 12″] (Rawkus – UK) KRS-002
2003 Comin’ Up/Somethin’ 4 Da Streets [4 mixes 12″] (Def Jam/Universal) UMCR-05044
2005 Hope/Season [3 mixes 12”] (M3 Entertainment) M3-010
2012 Drop It Down [feat. Redman] (Bigg Soxx)
2012 Say I (Bigg Soxx)

Drop the Beat/[split w/KARDINAL OFFISHALL] [12″] (Universal) UMCR-4022

Doin’ It/[split w/METROPOLIS] [12”] (Long Play) LPR-001


1997 Brick House [4 song EP] (Serious Entertainment) SER-0101
1998 Shine (Warner)
1999 The Underground Tapes (Capitol Hill/Popular/EMI) 983302
1999 The Underground Tapes Vol. 1 [vinyl] (Serious Entertainment) SER-0105
1999 The Underground Tapes Vol. 2 [vinyl] (Serious Entertainment) SER-0106
2004 Bad Addiction (Gilla House)
2012 Season One (Bigg Soxx)

Shauna Pratt
/ Rick Pearson / Bobbi Clackson / David Phillips / Chuck Sebestyen / Bill Andrusco (singer)
A 6-piece band from Saskatchewan led by Bill Andrusco (formerly of The Gentlemen). Rick Pearson had come from Winnipeg’s The Eternals and House of Random; Following Savanna’s break-up, Andrusco would go solo, do soundtrack work, and be a featured performer for the Hollywood Hits Orchestra.

Give It To Me/The Distance (That Keeps Us Apart) (Rising/London) RR.014
1977 You’re My Senorita/Here With You (Rising/London) RR.016

Outstanding In Their Field (Rising/London) RRLP-106

Mary Saxton is a soul singer from Edmonton, Alberta. She was originally signed to Pace Records in the mid-60s, then Birchmount and Quality in the late ’60s. During this period she also sang in the band Daisy Hill Puppy Farm with Mo Boyer and Mavis McCauley – both from Southbound Freeway – and Bob Ego in 1967/68. She was also part of the studio act Rising Sun which was comprised of Saxton, Barry Allen, and members of Southern Freeway and The Lords. In 1971 she co-founded The Elastic Band with Gerry Ford, Al Girard, Lennie Buc, and Don Brown which lasted until 1973. She returned to a solo career and was the first act signed to Mustard in the ’70s where she released one album produced and written by Karl Erickson and Norman Rooke. In 1979 Saxton was enlisted as one of three female singers (alongside Nancy Nash and Rosiland Keene) for the disco act Touché and in 1980 as part of the ensemble all-female vocal project Ladies In Lights. [also see TOUCHÉ]

1966 Losing Control/Better to Live or Die (Pace) 18-1166
1966 Ask Any Girl/Do the Jerk (Pace) 31-166
1968 Sad Eyes/Take My Heart (Quality) 1921X
1969 Wander By/I Don’t Know (Quality) 1966X
1977 Georgia Eyes/Jimmy Lee (Mustard) M-103
1977 Take a Chance/I’m a Woman (In Love With My Man) (Mustard) M-108
1978 I Want You/Love for a Laugh (Mustard) M-114
1978 Lazy Old Soul/Love’s Desire (Mustard) M-120

1969 Sad Eyes (Birchmount) BM-511
1977 Mary Saxton (Mustard) M-1001

Compilation Tracks
“Just For You”, “Go Ahead, Make A Fool of Yourself”, and “Big City Guy” [with The Lords] on ‘Direct….. From The…. Rainbow Ballroom’ (Pace) RS-101
1980 “Don’t Say No To Love”, “Love Is On Our Side” and “Ladies In Lights” on ‘Ladies In Lights’ (Radio Canada International) RCI-505
2004 “Big City Guy” on ‘Boy Trouble – Garpax Girls’ (Ace) CDCHD-1005

Ron Lafitte
(vocals) / Mitch Myers / Andy MacDonald / John “Hubba” Paris (vocals)

Cape Breton Island/Black Star (The Great Eastern Production Co.) SR-54

Raymonde Braid
(aka Liz “Liza” Brady) (vocals) / Martine Gauthier (aka Martine Bee) (vocals).
Brady had been a solo artist starting in her native Egypt – even releasing an independent single on her own Scarabée label in 1961. She had been signed to Pathe Records in France, and while doing a promo tour of Canada for one of her singles in April 1968, she was exiled in Canada after the French began rioting in Paris. Forced to stay in Canada for the time being, she teaming up with Martine Gauthier (ex-Les Mitoufle) to form comedy-singing duo Les Scarabées. Following Les Scarabées’ successful run on Gamma Records and then RCA, the singers went on to solo careers in 1973; Liz Brady retired to Hollywood, Florida. She died January 2, 2019. [also see LIZ BRADY, MARTINE BEE]

La Bonne Soupe (Part 1)/La Bonne Soupe (Part 2) (20th Century Fox – US) 483
1969 Puisque Tu M’As Quitté/Non, Jamais (Gamma) AA-1051
1969 Comme Un Tambour/Mon Pays Bleu (Gamma) AA-1074
1970 Le Compositeur/Il N’est Pas Encore Trop Tard (Gamma) AA-1088
1971 Viva La Buena Vida/Si Peu De Temps (RCA Victor) 75-5077
1971 Le Coeur De Mon Pays/ Toi L’Ami La-bas (RCA Victor) 75-5094
1972 O’Maley/Un Seul Regard De Toi (RCA Victor) 75-5116
1973 Le Coeur De Mon Pays/Viva La Buena Vida (RCA Victor) KMB0-5028

Le Coeur De Mon Pays/Viva La Buena Vida (RCA Victor) PCS-4014

Danny Zimmerman (bass) / Marty Simon (drums) / Michael Ship (organ, vocals)
From Montréal, Québec, the garage band had their first and only single produced by Neil Sheppard. He was so impressed with the band members, he formed a new act with them called Life who would go on to record with Polydor records and tour North America and Europe. [also see LIFE, MARTY SIMON]

Scenes (From Another World)/You’re In a Bad Way (B.T. Puppy/Compo) 45-533

Ken Badger (lead vocals, guitar/bass, songwriter) / Andy Meyers (guitar/bass, vocals, songwriter) / Mike Young (bass, vocals; 1979-1980, 2008-present) / Ken Fox (bass, 1980-1982) / Mike Cusheon (drums, 1976-1977) / Mark French (drums, 1977) / Brad Cooper (drums, 1977-1980) / Mark Perkell (drums, vocals; 1980-1982, 2008-present)
The Scenics were formed in July 1976 after Ken Badger was the only person to answer Andrew Meyers’ ad posted at Toronto’s Long & McQuade music store in search of musical collaborators. Soon Meyers and Badger amassed a large repertoire of songs written individually. By 1977 The Scenics were a trio performing irregularly on the growing Queen Street circuit, and begin recording many rehearsals and performances. Soon they would commit some of their material to multi-track studio recording sessions in June and October 1977. Between these sessions, they were booked by Gary Topp and Gary Cormier (The Garys) to do an opening slot for Talking Heads in September 1977.  In March 1978 a 30 minute video called ‘Mystery Train’ was filmed. The mini-film was broadcast hundreds of times on Cable TV over the next 5 years. A trip back to the recording studio in October 1978 netted four more tracks that are not released. The Scenics also played at the legendary ‘Last Pogo’ show in December 1978 at the Horseshoe Tavern. This concert was the source of the ‘Last Pogo’ film. The band was featured in the movie and on the Bomb Records soundtrack in 1979. Bomb’s Wolfgang Spegg took a liking to the band as they represented a more artistic vision with their music than the punk acts he had signed to the label. Bomb released the band’s ‘Underneath the Door’ album in August 1980. Following the Bomb deal, the band released a self-financed 7″ single “Karen” b/w “See Me Smile” on its own Scenic Route Records in October 1981. For five years The Scenics got to play gigs with the Troggs, Viletones, Simply Saucer, the Government, Johnny and the G Rays, Telephone, (Parisian Punk band) and many others. On May 23,1982 The Scenics played the last show of their first incarnation at Toronto’s Cabana Room. Mark French would go on to briefly join Blue Rodeo, and Ken Fox played with Jason and the Scorchers. Ken Fox has also played with The Fleshtones since the late 1980s. In 2007 Badger and Meyers begin searching out ex-Scenics and associated people and to begin listening to their 200+ live, studio, & rehearsal recordings. Meyers also started writing a memoir of The Scenics and the original punk era called ‘Punk Haiku’. Live material from 1977-1981 was released on the CD ‘How Does it Feel to Be Loved: The Scenics Play the Velvet Underground’ through the band’s Dream Tower Records in January 2008 and in the UK in July 2008. It made the Top 30 national Canadian campus radio charts and received rave reviews, including making ‘Top 10 CDs of the Year’ lists in the Village Voice and the Detroit Metro Times. Québecois film-maker Chester ‘Chet’ Lebeaux produced a video for the song “Waiting for My Man”. The band reunited in April of 2008 to begin performing live shows for the first time in 26 years, including opening for Carla Bozulich at the Horseshoe Tavern and a showcase at NXNE where the conference’s film festival ended with a double bill of ‘The Last Pogo’ film and The Scenics’ “Waiting for My Man” video. ‘The Last Pogo’ film was finally released on DVD in October 2008 to celebrate the event’s 30th anniversary. It features performances by the Scenics, Viletones, Teenage Head, the Ugly, Cardboard Brains, Mods and The Secrets. It also includes seven unreleased Scenics performances from the 1978 ‘Mystery Train’ film. The band also played the ‘Last Pogo 30th Anniversary Show’ in December 2008. That same week, The Scenics entered Number 9 Studio in Toronto to begin their first studio recordings since 1981. In October 2009 the original studio recordings from 1977/1978 were remastered and released as the ‘Sunshine World’ CD. ‘Last Pogo’ film-maker Colin Brunton created a video for the song “Do the Wait”. The Scenics then reconvened for their third mini-tour of the new millennium, playing dates from London, Ontario to Montreal, Québec. Around this same time, Meyers began publishing his ‘Punk Haiku’ memoir in serial form on the band’s website. Each monthly chapter is accompanied by two songs from the cache of 300+ hours of rehearsal and live tape from the band’s archives. In the spring of 2010 British rock magazine ‘Uncut’ included The Scenics’ song “Do the Wait” on their ‘Search and Destroy’ proto-punk sampler CD. Later that year The Scenics released the songs from the first five chapters of ‘Punk Haiku’. The band decided to make these recordings and their two CDs available as free-by-donation downloads on their Dream Tower Records website. In September 2011 Andy Meyers, along with award-winning poet Brian Brett and vocalist Susheela Dawne, are awarded a Canada Council For the Arts grant to use samples and loops culled from the Scenics’ 1970’s tapes to create dub, mash-up backings for Brett’s poems and Dawne’s melodies. The album will be released in 2012. The Scenics went back into the studio in October 2011 and completed the 2008 studio recording. Their latest release is ‘Dead Man Walks Down Bayview. with notes from Andy Meyers.

1981 Karen/See Me Smile (Scenic Route) 827

1980 Underneath the Door (Bomb) BOMB-113
2007 How Does It Feel to Be Loved: The Scenics Play The Velvet Underground (Dream Tower) CD- DT01
2009 Sunshine World (Dream Tower) CD-DT04
2010 Punk Haiku 1: Proto-Spunk [DigiFile] (Dream Tower) DTPH1F
2011 Punk Haiku 2: See Me Smile [DigiFile] (Dream Tower) DTPH2F
2011 Punk Haiku 3: Face It Again [DigiFile] (Dream Tower) DTPH3F
2012 Dead Man Walks Down Bayview (Dream Tower)

Compilation Tracks
“In The Summer” and “Sunshine World” on ‘The Last Pogo’ (Bomb) BOMB-7029
1981 “Karen” on ‘Bomb Catalogue 1’ (Bomb) CAT-81
2008 “O Boy (Mystery Train version)” on ‘Mongrelzine – compilation’ (Mongrelzine) 1
2010 “Do the Wait” on ‘Uncut: Search & Destroy’ (Uncut Magazine) 2010-05

Marty Butler (keyboard, vocals; 1966 – 1969) / Roddy Elias (guitar vocals; 1969) / Ron Dykhof (keyboards, lead vocals; 1963 – 1966) / Tim Hewlings (guitar, organ, vocals;1959 – 1969) / William G. Ott [aka Bill Garry] (bass, guitar, vocals; 1959 – 1969) / Doug Deruchie (drums; 1960) / Danny Gorman (drums; 1960 – 1961) / Jens Grotkopp (lead vocal; 1962 – 1963) / Steve Truax (piano; 1962 – 1963) / Gerry Wood (drums; 1962 – 1963) / Ian Bernard (drums, vocals; 1963 – 1965) / W.F. Tyler [aka Tyler William] (drums, vocals; 1965 – 1969)
Formed in Montreal, Quebec in 1959. Recorded and toured through the 1960s. Performed from Ontario to Newfoundland and down the Eastern Coast of the United States. They recorded for 5 Canadian Record Companies: Fi-Sound, RCA International, Allied, Alliance, and Polydor. The Sceptres had one # 1 English Record in Eastern Canada “I Never Had A Love Like That”, and two Top 30 singles with “Something’s Coming Along” and “Juicy Morning.” Under their French name – “Les Sceptres” – they also had chart success in Quebec with “Moi, je pense toujours à toi” (I Never Had A Love Like That), b/w “Rien qu’une larme” (One Lonely Tear) and “Enfin seul ensemble” (I Think We’re Alone Now), b/w “Et maintenant” (What Now My Love). They band split up in 169; Marty Butler would go on to a substantial solo career; Bill Ott would become an executive at A & M and then Polygram Records. [see MARTY BUTLER]

1965 A Boy Like Me/It’s All Over Now (Fi-Sound) FSS-101
1966 Can’t Get You Off My Mind/Be My Love (Allied Fi-Sound) FSS-104
1967 Enfin Seul Ensemble/Et Maintenant (Alliance) AF-502
1967 I Never Had A Love Like That/One Lonely Tear (RCA Victor Canada International) 57-3436
1967 Moi Je Pense Toujours A Toi/Rien Qu’ Une Larme (RCA Victor Canada International)
1968 Something’s Coming Along/What’s The Matter With Juliet (Allied) AR-6353
1968 Juicy Morning/Hey Little Boy (Polydor) 540,004
1969 Good Morning New Day/Walk Hand In Hand (Polydor) 540.010

Long Lost Hits & Rarities (Pacemaker) PACE-096

Nicky Moore
(vocals)/ Hank Gallant (guitar) / George Gautread [aka George Grant] (bass) / Wayne Place (drums) / Sandy McDonald (piano)


1963 Li’l Liz Jane/Miss Twist (Arc) A-1030

Linda Lou/Lonely Weekend (Arc) A-1029

Havin’ A Party (Arc) A573

Born: December 12, 1963 in Toronto, Ontario
Guitarist Eric Schenkman grew up in Toronto surrounded by music as his father, Peter Schenkman, was a cellist in the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (and often appeared on pop recordings produced by Terry Brown and Doug Riley including Klaatu’s “Little Neutrino”). In his teens, Schenkman found his way into the thriving New York Music scene hooking up with a band called Trucking Company, which included John Popper and then Popper’s Princeton, New Jersey High School friend Chris Barron. Popper left Trucking Company to focus on his full-time music project Blues Traveler. Barron and Schenkman changed the name to Spin Doctors and added Aaron Comess (drums) and Mark White (bass) in the spring of 1989 to complete the roster. Epic/Sony Records A & R man Frankie LaRocka signed the band in 1990 and in January 1991 released the EP ‘Up for Grabs…Live’. Initial reaction was positive and so the band was sent into the studio to record the full-length album ‘Pocket Full of Kryptonite’ which was released in August 1991. The group’s loose and spontaneous jam-band live shows began gathering a grassroots fanbase despite the slow initial sales of the record. In summer 1992, the Spin Doctors were part of the H.O.R.D.E. Festival alongside Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, and Phish. Soon radio and MTV began playing the singles “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” and “Two Princes” pushing the album to Gold sales status by September 1992. The album received another sales boost following the band’s appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in October that year. Three more singles/videos followed for “What Time Is It”, “How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)”, and “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues”. By the following summer of 1993 the album had reached No.3 on the Billboard 200 chart and achieved triple Platinum sales. The record would eventually sell 10 million copies worldwide. The Spin Doctors then made an appearance on Sesame Street with a re-written version of “Two Princes”. Also in 1993, their version of Creedance Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” appeared on the ‘Philadelphia’ movie soundtrack. Their version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Spanish Castle Magic” was included on a Hendrix tribute CD. The Spin Doctors’ sophomore album, ‘Turn It Upside Down’, was released in June 1994. The first single, “Cleopatra’s Cat”, barely scratched the Billboard Top100 singles chart and the second single, “Mary Jane”, was ignored by radio. However, the third single, “You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast” peaked at No.42 in the US and No.66 in the UK. Despite the commercial disappointment at radio, the album peaked at No.28 on the Billboard 200 and sold a modest 2 million copies worldwide. Meanwhile, the band was headlining a three-month world tour which was highlighted by appearances at Woodstock ’94 and the Glastonbury Festival. During a concert in Berkeley, California in September 1994, Schenkman walked off the stage and later announced he was leaving the band citing musical and personal differences, and road exhaustion. Schenkman has spent the intervening years doing session and road work with the likes of The Chrysalids, Carly Simon, Roger Daltrey, Kip Hanrahan, Jack Bruce (Cream), Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix), Billy Cox, Chico Hamilton, Natalie Merchant (10,000 Maniacs), Loup Garoup, Bill Bissette, Jerome Godboo (The Phantoms), The Doodlebops, Mark Taylor, Robert Graham, Jimmy Rankin (Rankin Family), and was a member of Corky Laing’s band Cork. His most recent work has been with The Open Hearts Society.


1992 Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong/Two Princes (Epic/Sony) 35-74473
1992 Two Princes (Album Version)/Off My Line (Live) (Epic/Sony) 35-74804
1992 How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)/Hard To Exist (Epic/Sony) 35-74910
1993 Jimmy Olsen’s Blues/Yo Mama’s a Pajama (Epic/Sony) 35-74929
1993 What Time Is It? (Single Version)/What Time Is It? (Live)/Two Princes (Live)/Forty Or Fifty (Live) (Epic/Sony – EUROPE) 659955
1994 Cleopatra’s Cat [5 mixes 12”] (Epic/Sony) 49-77555
1994 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?/Two Princes (Live) (Epic/Sony – EUROPE) 660205
1994 Mary Jane/Hungry Hamed’s (Epic/Sony) 34-77714
1994 You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast/Piece of Glass (Epic/Sony) 34-77600

Eric Schenkman Plays the Music of Chico Hamilton – Don’t Go To War (Slick)

Make a Sound (Slick)

Up for Grabs…Live [6 song EP] (Epic/Sony) CZK-46981
1991 Pocket Full of Kryptonite (Epic/Sony) CZK-47461
1992 Homebelly Groove…Live [EP] (Epic/Sony) CZK-53309
1994 Turn It Upside Down (Epic/Sony) CEK-52907
1994 Live In Canada 1993 (Arriba! – GERMANY) ARR-94.051

with CORK
Speed of Thought (Lightyear/WEA) 54331
2003 Out There (Voiceprint)

Get On the Bus (Universal)

Love In Time (Indiepool)

Compilation Tracks
“In From the Storm” on ‘In From the Storm – Music of Jimi Hendrix’ (RCA) 266823

“Another Day” on ‘The H.O.R.D.E. Festival 1997’ (Hollywood) PRCD-10762

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Schick started his music career as the singer for The Mongrels (also featuring Joey Gregorash) who were discovered and produced by Randy Bachman. When the Mongrels split up, Schick released some solo records including the well received single “Lucy Lucy Lucy” in 1973 from the album of the same name. [also see THE MONGRELS]

1973 Lucy Lucy Lucy/My Love and I (MCA) 40144
1974 Soul Deep/Summer Song (MCA) 40254

Lucy Lucy Lucy  (MCA) 361

Compilation Tracks
“Lucy Lucy Lucy” on ‘Buried Treasures: Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-9

From St.John’s, Newfoundland.

Beer Thief [4 song EP] (D.U.P.P.)

Born: Edward Sydney Schwartz on December 22, 1949
Toronto’s Eddie Schwartz first gained a foothold in the Canadian music scene as guitarist in Charity Brown’s backing band who toured extensively through Europe in the early 1970’s. In 1976 he ventured out on his own as a solo artist and in 1978 Klaatu manager Bernie Solomon signed Schwartz as a staff songwriter with ATV Music. After signing a record deal with Infinity Records he began recording his debut LP with Murray Klugman (Blue Oyster Cult) and received musical assistance from David Tyson (Alannah Myles), Rick Derringer, Terry Wilkins (Rough Trade), Clarence Clemens, Howard Ayee, Kate And Anna McGarrigle, and Nona Hendryx. After the completion of the album, Infinity went bankrupt and Schwartz ended up releasing his self-titled album ‘Schwartz’ with A & M. The lead single was “Two Hearts Full Of Love” followed by “Does A Fool Ever Learn”. With a backlog of songs in his personal collection, the demos he had been sending around to land a solo record deal made their way into the hands of Pat Benatar who recorded his “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” which became a smash hit for the singer. Schwartz continued releasing his own records – ‘No Refuge’ (1981) and ‘Public Life’ (1983) – but to little success while his material for others gained him an international reputation as a world class songwriter. His other writing success include “Does A Fool Ever Learn” for Helix, “Two Wrongs” for Joe Cocker, and “Don’t Shed A Tear” for Paul Carrack, plus artists like Peter Frampton and Amii Stewart. By the early ’90’s he began producing the works he was writing and was responsible for the Doobie Brothers’ comeback album ‘The Doctor’ (and wrote the title track) plus two albums for fellow Canadian Gowan – ‘Lost Brotherhood’ (featuring “All The Lovers In The World”) and ‘…But You Can Call Me Larry’ (which featured “When There’s Time For Love”). Eddie Schwartz has also been a long-time Board Of Directors member of the Songwriters Association of Canada.

1980 Two Hearts Full of Love/My Hat’s Off To You (A & M) AM-504
1980 Does A Fool Ever Learn/A Long Time Without Rain (A & M) AM-511
1981 Heart On Fire/Refuge (A & M) AM-546
1982 All Our Tomorrows/Tonight (A & M) AM-559
1982 Over The Line/Auction Block (A & M) AM-567
1982 Good With Your Love/Spirit of the Night (A & M) AM-577
1984 Don’t Come To Me/Times Square Heart (WEA) 25-92557
1984 Special Girl/Feed the Fire (WEA) 25-94527
1984 Strike/I’ve Had Enough (WEA) 25-96277


1980 Schwartz (A & M) SP-9047
1981 No Refuge (A & M) SP-9056
1983 Public Life (WEA) 25-03441
1985 Tour de Schwartz (independent)

Born: Giovanni Domenico Scafone Jr. on January 24, 1936 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Died: December 12, 2019
Giovanni Scafone spent his formative childhood years growing up in Windsor, Ontario. When he was ten years old his family moved to the Detroit suburb of Hazel Park, Michigan. His father taught him how to play guitar and by the time he was a teenager had begun singing and performing under the stage name ‘Jack Scott.’ He joined his first full-time band, The Southern Drifters, at the age of 18. When he was 21 he left the group after signing a solo deal with ABC-Paramount Records in 1957. Following the release of two moderate selling singles – “Baby, She’s Gone” and “Two Timin’ Woman” – in 1957, Scott signed with Carlton Records and with fellow Canadians, The Chantones, backing him struck paydirt with the double-sided US hit single “Leroy” and “My True Love” which peaked on the charts at No.11 and No.3 respectively. The record sold over one million copies and earned Scott a Gold record. The follow-up single “With Your Love” peaked at No.28 on the Billboard Top 40. Six of the twelve songs on Scott’s self-titled debut album for Carlton in 1958 would eventually chart. His first release for 1959, “Goodbye Baby”, broke the US Top10 and peaked at No.8. Scott then left to serve mandatory service with the United States Army for the remainder of the year. Carlton continued to release records in absence including the No.35 hit single “The Way I Walk”. After returning to civilian life in early 1960, Scott moved over to Top Rank Records which preceded a series of Billboard Hot 100 hits: the Gold selling “What In the World’s Come Over You” (No.5), the double A-sided “Burning Bridges” (No.3) and “Oh Little One” (No.34), and finally “It Only Happened Yesterday” (No.38). With the coming British Invasion in 1964, Scott’s crooner days waned and he shifted back and forth between Country music and straight up Rock ‘n’ Roll releases for Capitol Records, Groove Records and DOT. One of his bigger comeback hits was 1974’s country music song “You’re Just Gettin’ Better”. In May 1977, BBC’s John Peel invited Scott to appear on the legendary disc jockey’s radio show ‘The Peel Sessions’ for BBC Radio 1. Until The Beatles came along to change music history, Jack Scott held the record for more US hit singles in the shortest period of time on Billboard – 19 charting hits over 41 months. In 2011 Scott was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was also recently nominated for the ‘Hit Parade Hall of Fame’. Jack Scott still tours and continues to live near Detroit, Michigan. with notes from Robert Szudarek. [also see THE CHANTONES]

Baby, She’s Gone/You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar (ABC-Paramount/Sparton) 4-438R
1957 Two Timin’ Woman/I Need Your Love (ABC-Paramount/Sparton) 4-509R
1958 My True Love/Leroy (Carlton) C-462
1958 With Your Love/Geraldine (Carlton) C-463
1959 Goodbye Baby/Save My Soul (Carlton) C-493
1959 I Never Felt Like This/Bella (Carlton) C-504
1959 The Way I Walk/Midgie (Carlton) C-514
1959 There Comes a Time/Baby Marie (Carlton) C-519
1959 What in the World’s Come Over You/Baby, Baby (Top Rank) RA-2028
1960 What Am I Living For?/Indiana Waltz (Guaranteed) 209
1960 Go Wild Little Sadie/No One Will Ever Know (Guaranteed) 211
1960 Burning Bridges/Oh, Little One (Top Rank) RA-2041
1960 It Only Happened Yesterday/Cool Water (Top Rank) RA-2055
1960 Patsy/Old Time Religion (Top Rank) RA-2075
1960 Is There Something on Your Mind/Found a Woman (Top Rank) RA-2093
1961 A Little Feeling (Called Love)/Now That I (Capitol) 4554
1961 Strange Desire/My Dream Come True (Capitol) 4597
1961 One of These Days/Steps 1 and 2 (Capitol) 4637
1962 Cry, Cry, Cry/Grizzly Bear (Capitol) 4689
1962 You Only See What You Wanna See/The Part Where I Cry (Capitol) 4738
1962 Sad Story/I Can’t Hold Your Letters (In My Arms) (Capitol) 4796
1962 If Only/Green, Green Valley (Capitol) 4855
1963 Strangers/Laugh and the World Laughs With You (Capitol) 4903
1963 All I See Is Blue/Meo Myo (Capitol) 4955
1963 There’s Trouble Brewin’/Jingle Bells Slide (Groove) 58-0027
1964 I Knew You First/Blue Skies (Moving In on Me) (Groove) 58-0031
1964 What A Wonderful Night Out/Wiggle On Out (Groove) 58-0037
1964 Thou Shalt Not Steal/I Prayed for an Angel (Groove) 58-0042
1965 Tall Tales/Flakey John (Groove) 58-0049
1966 Before the Bird Flies/Insane (ABC-Paramount) 10843
1966 Don’t Hush the Laughter/Let’s Learn to Live and Love Again (RCA/Victor) 47-8724
1966 Looking for Linda/I Hope, I Think, I Wish (RCA/Victor) 47-8685
1967 My Special Angel/I Keep Changing My Mind (Jubilee) 5606
1973 Grizzly Bear/A Little Feeling (Capitol – EUROPE) 2C-006-81-378
1974 You’re Just Gettin’ Better
1977 There’s Trouble Brewing/Jingle Bell Slide (Ponie) 7021-11
1992 Burning Bridges [w/Carol Baker]

Jack Scott (Carlton) EP 7/1070
1959 Presenting Jack Scott (Carlton) EP 7/1071
1959 Jack Scott Sings (Carlton) EP 7/1072
1959 Starring Jack Scott (Carlton) EP 7/1073
1959 Jack Scott With Orchestral Accompaniment (London) RE-L-10.016
1959 Jack Scott With the Chantones (Nº 2) (London) RE-L-10.024
1959 My True Love (London) RE-L 1205
1960 Four of Hearts (Top Rank) TRX-4508
1961 I Remember Hank Williams (Top Rank) JKP-3011

Jack Scott – My True Love (Carlton) LP 12/107
1959 Jack Scott Sings (Carlton) LP 12/117
1960 What Am I Living For? (Carlton) LP 12/122
1960 I Remember Hank Williams (Top Rank) RS-619
1960 What in the World’s Come Over You (Top Rank) RS-626
1960 The Spirit Moves Me [w/The Chantones] (Top Tank) RS-648
1964 Burning Bridges (Capitol) T-2035
1977 Jack Scott (Ponie) 563
1978 Jack Scott (Ponie) 7055
1979 Live At the Edge (Underground) ULP-T50001
1979 Here’s Jack SCott (Groove) GM-1001
1982 The Legendary Jack Scott (Big Beat) BBR-1003
1991 Live 1961 (Live Gold) LG-20002
2015 Way To Survive (Blue Light)

Michael Provost
(vocals) / Mark Corbin (lead guitar) / Buddy Stanton (rhythm, keys) / Rick Lemieux (bass) / Bob Duffy (sax) / Kenny Chapman (drums)
Ottawa’s The Scoundrels (with an “S”) were a group of Woodroffe High School students who came together in 1962. Their early gigs usually meant performing covers of songs by Del Shannon & the Ventures among others. Their first paying gig, at St. Basil’s Church, went over extremely well with the band taking home a grand total of $5. They were eventually signed by Sandy Gardner (an Ottawa Journal music columnist) as their manager who was also managing the Staccatos and Townsmen. With their name changed to The Scoundrelz (with a “Z”), they released one single in 1966 on Red Leaf Records – a  garage rock rendition of “Heartbreak Hotel” that had been recorded at RCA Studio in Montreal.  The record went to No.1 on Ottawa radio by October that year. With the success of “Heartbreak Hotel” – and its B-side “Poor John” – the Scoundrelz would have successful gigs in Montreal and across Southern Ontario. The group was extremely popular in Ottawa, having one of their appearances called off when 1000 fans crammed into a church basement designed for 300. The end of 1966 saw the Scoundrelz on the verge of signing with Capital Records. They went in to the studio with producer Ted Gerrow to record their second single. While in the studio Buddy Stanton announced he was leaving the band to join the Townsmen and The Scoundrelz were effectively over. Capitol was no longer interested but Red Leaf decided to release the single a second single, “To a Lovely Lady”, under the name Nobody later that year. with notes from Ian McLeish and David Sampson.

1966 Heartbreak Hotel/Poor John (Red Leaf) TTM-626

1966 To A Lovely Lady/Follow Me (Red Leaf) TTM-635

David Sigmund
(guitar) / Howard Rix (vocals) / Jon Williams (guitar) / Randy Bowman (drums) / Ron Allan (bass)
Vancouver, British Columbia post-punk supergroup with Allan (ex-Shanghai Dog, Cover Boys, Poisoned, Corsage), Bowman (ex-Enigmas), Williams (ex-Subhumans), Sigmund (ex-Slow), and Rix (ex-The Stingin’ Hornets) who made a name for themselves on the club scene from 1988 through 1991; Rix would go on to join G.I. Blues. He died September 17, 2015, from a severe asthma attack followed by two heart attacks; Sigmund became a founding member of Econoline Crush. He died March 9, 2022; Bowman went on to be in The T-Birds.

Good Gone Bad (Heart Of Texas) 1001

Nicole Hughes (guitar, vocals) / Roberto LoRusso (drums, stuff) / Brian Featherstone (bass) / Mark Holman (guitar) / Jeff Depew (drums)
Formed in London, Ontario in 1994 by Hughes, Featherstone and LoRusso. Guitarist Mark Holman was added to the line-up and LoRusso was replaced by Jeff Depew for the 1996 ‘Flamethrower’ album. In 2004, Hughes, Holman and Depew recorded a sideproject called Minx.

The Park/Speedo [cassette]
1999 Bloodflame (Squirtgun)
2000 Fade Away

Scratching Post [7-song EP] (Bubblegun) BUB-008
1996 Flamethrower (Squirtgun) SQUIRT-CD70
1998 Destruction of the Universe (Squirtgun) SQUIRT-CD84
2008 This Time It’s Personal (Beastmaster/Outside) BEAST-001

Compilation Tracks
“Leon” on ‘London Underground 3 – CHRW’ (CHRW)
1996 “Get With the Program” on ‘Impact Music Volume 12’ (Impact) IMM-12
1996 “Full Throttle” on ‘More of Our Stupid Noise’ (Squirtgun) SQUIRT-CD74
1998 “Destruction of the Universe” on ‘Blood Tracks I’ (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles) BWBK26-BT001
1999 “Bloodflame” on ‘Hard’ (Universal) 740135
2000 “Sleepwalking” on ‘Knuckletracks XXV’ (Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles) BWBK44-KT25

Sam Ferrara (bass, vocals) / Steve Koch (lead guitar) / Daniel L’Heureux (rhythm guitar) / Chick Parker (guitar) / Cleave Anderson (drums) / Tony Vincent (drums)
Screamin’ Sam Sinatra [aka Ferrara] was a member of The Viletones and, later, The Secrets before going solo with his own band Screamin’ Sam And The Problems who later shortened the name to just Screamin’ Sam.

Not Safe To Love/Another World (Vinnie) 8801

Dust (Pelican) PECD-1403

Colleen Clark (lead vocals, keyboards) / Jeb Bond (drums, backing vocals) / Brian Maule (guitar, backing vocals) / Kent Stewart (bass, backing vocals; 1982-1984) / Derek Campfield [aka Derick Campbell] (bass, backing vocals; 1984-1986)
Screaming Bamboo formed in Ottawa in 1982; Campfield would go on to join The Randypeters.

1984 World of Tomorrow [4 song EP] (Dad’s Favourite) DAD-1002
1986 Break These Chains (Dad’s Favourite) DAD-1004

Compilation Tracks
“No One’s Home” on ‘Ottawa Cassettera Vol. 1’ [cassette] (CKCU/Sony)
1985 “No One’s Home” on ‘Sharechez ‘85’ (CHEZ) 106/85

Jim Harmata (guitar) / Bob Kidd (bass) / Paul Dean (guitar) / Henry Small (electric violin) / Bill McBeth (drums, percussion, vocals) / Al Foreman (keyboards, harmonica, vocals) / Jim Kale (bass, vocals; replaced Kidd)
Scrubbaloe Caine was formed when Al Foreman, Jim Harmata, and Bob Kidd drove to Calgary from Vancouver to hook up with Paul Dean and Henry Small. The five auditioned numerous drummers before settling on Bill McBeth, who had worked with Dean in the band Canada. The six members worked under the name of Cannonball in the formative stages, playing venues in Calgary, Winnipeg, and Québec City. The name Scrubbaloe Caine evolved out of a play-on words of the name Buffalo Springfield – initially as Scrubbaloe Dinfield. Someone then suggested that Caine would sound a little more ‘devilish’ and they became Scrubbaloe Caine. It was while the band was in Winnipeg that Don Hunter, the Guess Who’s manager, became interested in the group. Hunter sent out Kale (who had been released from the Guess Who) to Québec to check on the band’s progress. At the time, the band had been playing steadily at the Electric Circle in Québec City. Kale was impressed, and gave Hunter a good report. Some time later, Bob Kidd’s bass playing was not strong enough, and he was let go. The band soon asked Kale to join the band. They band released singles from their debut album in 1973 and 1974 but to little success. Plans for release of a second album, tentatively titled ‘Street Level’, never materialized. The band split up in debt and far from home – Toronto – in 1976. Dean moved back to Calgary and joined The Great Canadian River Race which eventually evolved into Streetheart. Dean would later team up with Moxy drummer Matt Frenette and vocalist Mike Reno to form Loverboy; Henry Small formed Small Wonder who had two albums on CBS before joining Burton Cummings’ touring band. This was followed by a stint as the new lead singer for Prism following the death of Ron Tabak in the early ’80s. He also wrote material for Eddie Money and was a member of Who bassist John Entwhisle’s band The Rock. In 2000 Small was the morning radio voice for CIFM in Kamloops and was playing in a band called The Shift who released a CD entitled ‘Out Of The Darkness’ in 1999. A proper Henry Small solo album called ‘Time’ was released in the spring of 2002. In recent years Small launched an advertising/jingle company with Gary Fridell called Small World Studios; Kale, who won the ownership of the name Guess Who, currently tours and records with former Guess Who drummer Garry Peterson; Kidd died in 2000. with notes from Al Foreman and Henry Small.

1973 Feelin’ Good On Sunday/Rosalie (RCA) APBO-0148
1974 I’m a Dreamer/Tearfall (RCA) PB-10041
1974 Travellin’ (RCA)
1976 Feelin’ Down/Port In a Storm (Amherst) AMC-601

1973 Round One (RCA) APLI-0263

Compilation Tracks
“Blues Guitar” on ‘Concept’ [Gold] (Concept 376/Arc) PRP-208

Jay Boivin / Germain Gauthier

Following years as a solo artist, Gauthier teamed up with Jay (Gilles) Boivin of Les Sinners in a studio project called Sea Cruise. [also see JAY BOIVIN, GERMAN GAUTHIER]

Beach Boys Medley Part I/Beach Boys Medley Part 2 ‎(Celsius) DJ-61000
1978 Dance Dance Dance/Barbara Ann ‎(Barclay – BELGIUM) 170-3.192 1978
1978 You Could Have Been A Dancer, Part 1/You Could Have Been A Dancer, Part 2 ‎(Trova – SPAIN) S-108
1978 Barbara Ann/Crazy Motion ‎(Trova – SPAIN) S-119 1978 Keep Doin’ It (LP Version)/Keep Doin’ It ‎(Short Version) (Celsius) CLS-20007
1981 Medley (Below)/Keep Doin’ It (Rio) RIO-725
1981 Medley (11:51)/Keep Doin’ It [12″] (Rio) MZ-5002

Summer Girls/Summer Magic ‎(Celsius) CLS-710

Sea Cruise (Celsius) CLP-61000

1980 Pinball Summer (Music From The Original Picture Soundtrack) (Celsius) CLS-61007

Mark Corbin (bass, vocals) / Jim Norris (drums, vocals) / Michael Argue (guitar, vocals) / Doug Varty (piano, organ, vocals) / Brian Kirkwood (bass, vocals; replaced Corbin) / Paul Weston (guitar, vocals; replaced Argue) / Matt Campbell (drums; replaced Norris) / John David Redmond (organ, piano, vocals; added) / David Van Duzen (guitar, vocals; replaced Weston) / Jim Minas (drums; replaced Campbell) / Ed Clement (bass, vocals; replaced Kirkwood) / Frank Bozzo (keys, vocals; replaced Redmond) / Dave McManus (bass, vocals; replaced Clement) / Mark Gendel (guitar, vocals; replaced Van Duzen)
Sudbury group Taxi relocated to Toronto in 1968 where they changed their name to The Tote Family and released two 7″ singles. After not being able to catch any chart action the band dissolved. Several members carried on and they would eventually grab keyboardist Varty and former Magic Bubble member Kirkwood to put a new act together under the name SeaDog. With help from manager Terry Fillion, the group signed to CHUM radio’s MUCH Records label in 1971 after doing a live audition for executives. Several singles where released, then compiled into an LP in 1974 which was produced by Ralph Murphy. SeaDog toured extensively across Canada and played many shows with their Canadian contemporaries April Wine, Crowbar, A Foot In Coldwater, Fludd, Brutus, Lighthouse and Rush. The band also did opening slots for Ike and Tina Turner, Bob Seger, Danny and the Juniors, Sly and the Family Stone. With the collapse of MUCH Records soon after the release of their album, they moved to Sweet Plum Records to re-release their most successful single, “It’s A Hot Night”, in 1973. However, Plum was having their own problems and SeaDog was left without a deal until they eventually called it quits in 1975; Doug Varty did a brief solo stint (releasing a 7” single on Hardcore/GRT) before going on to join Southcote/Studebaker Hawke/Stealer and then forming Lowdown in 1982. He has since been a very successful solo performer and recording artist in his hometown of London, Ontario; Jim Norris would go on to be the publisher of Canadian Musician Magazine and owner of Norris Publications; John Redmond had a brief solo career in the mid-1970s and would work for several publishing companies including Polygram Publishing; Michael Argue wrote and performed the chart-topping hit “Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter” with Chester. with notes from Doug Varty. [also see DOUG VARTY]

1971 Don’t Forget It/(same) (Much/London) CH-1005
1971 It’s A Hot Night/Duster (Much/London) CH-1008
1972 I Don’t Wanna Hear/Ain’t No Use (Much/London) CH-1012
1972 Rock And Roll Business/Touch You In My Mind (Much/London) CH-1016
1973 How It Grows/Round And Round (Much/London) CH-1020
1973 Holding Your Hands/Round And Round (Much/London) CH-1025
1973 It’s A Hot Night/Ain’t No Use (Sweet Plum) 9916

1973 Sea Dog (Much/London) CHLP-5002

Born: Sebastian Agnello
In 1964, twelve year-old guitarist Sebastian Agnello started a rock band with fellow classmates Danny Taylor and John Richardson at Earl Grey Public School in Toronto, and called themselves D.T. & The Phantoms. They played a few Tea Dances and Sock Hops until Sebastian left to play with “older guys” from East York Collegiate. Meanwhile Taylor and Richardson recruited Hughie Leggat, Greg Fitzpatrick and Gary Elliott to gig under the handle The Lords Of London. In the summer of ’66, bassist Greg Fitzpatrick went on a family vacation to the east Coast and Sebastian was called in to play bass for the whole summer. Organist Elliott left the band when Fitzpatrick returned and Sebastian was asked to become the keyboard player. Having never played keyboards before, and with only a megre knowledge of the piano keyboard, Sebastian made his debut as The Lords’ keyboard player less then a month later playing “two finger chords: one finger from each hand.” The Lords become teen pop stars in 1967 when their independently recorded first single “Cornflakes & Ice-Cream”, on the Apex label, became a No.1 hit on CHUM. Sebastian had never been happy with the “commercial bent” of the band and while the Lords were recording their first album in New York, Sebastian abruptly quit the band when told that the next single was another ‘bubblegum’ song. The album was never finished. On returning to Toronto, fifteen year-old Sebastian started assembling his ideal band. He recruited Clint Ryan, Paul Ryan and Andy Kelly to form Spuff, a band that could sing four-part harmonies like the Beach Boys and Jordainares, sing soulful leads like the Stax artists and musically incorporate everything from The Rascals/Zappa/Hendrix and Frank Sinatra, sometimes within the same song. Spuff toured everywhere including opening shows for Jimi Hendrix and The Mothers Of Invention and recorded one album for US label Mainstream Records (Janis Joplin, Amboy Dukes, Billie Holiday). When the A&R man that signed them ‘demanded’ that they sign a management contract with him, the band refused. The act was dropped and the album never released. The tapes are presumed lost forever. With the Yorkville Village scene dieing, Spuff broke up in late ’69 and Sebastian, at the age of 17, stopped performing but not writing. In early 1971, Sebastian received a call from Leigh Ashford manager, Roly Pacquin, saying that “Brian Ahearn and Bill Gilliland need songs for a girl singer named Anne Murray”. Sebastian played some songs for them but none were ‘appropriate’. But when Seb played a song he’d just written about three Rock casualties (Jimi Hendrix, Allan Wilson and Janis Joplin) Yorkville Records immediately signed him and “Jimi, Janis and Allan” was hastily recorded by producer Pat Riccio with Leigh Ashford as the rhythm section. For the next 6 years, Sebastian was one of the most sought after session men/sideman in Toronto playing over 300 shows per year and performing on over 200 albums for such acts as Gary & Dave, Gordie Tapp, Diane Leigh, Jack Bailey, The Allan Sisters, Gail Dahms, The Cycle, Al Cherney and Maurice Boyler. It was during one of these sessions that Sebastian would play some ‘black humour’ folk songs he had written in the 60’s. Ed LeBuick, owner of Cachet Records, asked Seb to make a tape of these songs for his wife. Seb and engineer Fen Friesen (Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot) stayed up one night and recorded 10 songs that would become ‘Head Roach’ (Vintage Records, 1972). The album was banned upon release due to the subject matter: drugs (“Let’s Go To The Drugstore”); homosexuality (“Jack The Ripper”); and groupies (“They Call Her Pig”). In 1977 Sebastian started his own Cabbagetown Records label and a country band called Patches comprising ‘rock musicians’ featuring Real Lanthier (Crowbar), Pinky Dauvin (Stitch n’ Tyme, Lighthouse), Mike Holder and Jon Lehti. They released two singles and opened shows for Charlie Pride and Hank Snow. In 1979 Sebastian disbanded Patches and released an EP of political/philosophical rock songs called ‘Ubermensch’ under his own name. In 1981, the political aspect became more intense with the formation S.C.A.B with The Sharks’ rhythm section Cleve Andersen and Bazil Donovan. S.C.A.B released one cassette entitled ‘Know The Enemy’ recorded live at The Headspace (Larry’s Hideaway) in Toronto with Andy Kelly replacing Cleve Andersen. S.C.A.B.’s political aggressiveness and musicianship earned them the title “The Most Hated Band On Queen Street” from local new wave and punk bands. In 1984, Sebastian Country, a nine piece country swing band was formed and released the ‘Full Moon & Welfare Cheques’ album. 1986 saw Sebastian return to his folk roots by releasing the acoustic album ‘this is a protest album’ and played the Mariposa circuit culminating in hosting the “Music & Politics” segment Of the Mariposa Festival where his guest performer was Bob Rae, Leader of Ontario’s NDP Party and future Premier. That same summer, Seb produced, wrote, directed and starred in the television specials “An Evening Of Phil Ochs” and “Three Faces Of Protest” for the Rogers Cable System. He also did shows with The Flaming Lips, John Ottway, and was music director for Kinky Friedman’s Canadian appearances. In 1989, Sebastian released the album ‘White Liberals On Reggae’ showcasing his observations on the political correctness of the ‘80s. It reached Top 10 status at most campus radio stations across Canada. The ‘90s were spent in the studio and on the road with acts like Lori Yates, Valerie Shearman, Annette And The Revtones and Roy Payne. In 1999, Sebastian released ‘While Baby Sleeps’, his first album in 10 years where he wrote, produced and performed everything. A Sebastian Country album, ‘Modern Day Cowboy’, followed in 2002. His most recent album is 2008’s ‘Take Your Lumps’. with notes from Sebastian Agnello. [also see LORDS OF LONDON, TEENAGE DANCE BAND]

1971 Jimi, Janis And Alan/Wexford Boulevard Hangup (Yorkville) YVS-45032
1980 Ubermensch [4 song EP] (Cabbagetown) WRC5-1287
1984 Stop Picking On America/No Compromise (Coral Discs)

1977 Your Good Girl/Trails of Broken Hearts (Cabbagetown)
1978 Bars, Beer and Lonely Nights/Dreams Of A Cowboy (Cabbagetown)

1984 Full Moon & Welfare Cheques/Play Your Cheatin’ Heart (Cabbagetown) CT-007

1971 Head Roach (Vintage)
1986 this is a protest album (Cabbagetown)
1989 White Liberals On Reggae (Cabbagetown)
1999 While Baby Sleeps (Turtle Shell)
2008 Take Your Lumps (Turtle Shell)

with S.C.A.B.

1983 Know The Enemy (Cabbagetown)

1984 Full Moon & Welfare Cheques (Cabbagetown)
2002 Modern Day Cowboy (Turtle Shell)

Born: Ivan Sebastian in Québec
Ivan “Ian” Sebastian from Quebec is often confused with Sebastian Agnello. “Now That It’s Over” broke Top50 on the RPM Top100 singles chart in May 1970. The follow-up single, “Back In Love Again”, scratched the Top100 in June 1970.

1970 Now That It’s Over/Elaine (Apex) 77106
1970 Back in Love Again/Smile a Little (Apex) 77109
1970 Babe I Can Carry Your Tombstone/I Won’t Do It Mama (Quality) 1976X
1971 Jubilation/Through With Your Love (MCA) 2004
1971 Too Young/Darlin’ I Do (Dr. Maestro) 801
1975 Gimme Some Time/Way Up High (WAM/Polydor – US) WAM-902
1976 Cuchi Cuchi/[same] (WAM/Polydor – US) WAM-905

Rays of the Sun (Decca/MCA) 32655

Brian Hodgson (drums, backing vocals) / Mark Goodwin (lead vocals, guitars) / Ralph Dame (bass, backing vocals) / Rob Minderman (guitar, backing vocals, saxophone, keyboards)
From London, Ontario.

Integrity/Wound Up (Reel) [no cat#]

Danny Nunes
From Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. A video for the song “You Won’t Get Through” received some airplay on MuchMusic.

Secret Treaties [6-song EP] (Solar) SAR-025

A 4-piece from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Secret V’s [4 song 12″] (Friends) FR-002 | 1981 No Life Like It [5 song EP] (Useful) UREP-001

SECRETS, The (1)
Doug Rankine (vocals, guitar) / Bob Mark (guitar) / Henry S. Thaler [aka Taylor] (electric piano) / Mike Woodruff (bass) / Rick Felstead (drums)
Originally known as The Bob Mark Six, this Toronto band was signed to Arc Records and became The Secrets. They released “Crying Over Her” on ARC Records which helped raise their profile and get them better live bookings. While playing at the Toronto Pressmen’s Club, CBC TV’s Brian MacFarland introduced himself to the ban and wanted the band to record a song he’d written for the Toronto Maple Leafs’ defenseman Eddie Shack called “Clear The Track (Here Comes Shack)”. The band agreed under the assumption that the recording was a gift for McFarland’s hockey playing friend. However, much to their surprise, and that of their label ARC Records, the song was released nationally under the name Douglas Rankine With The Secrets on RCA’s Canadian International label. The band was embarrassed by the release and tried to distance themselves from it despite reaching No.1 on the CHUM Chart in February 1966 and managing No.56 on the national charts by April of 1966 for total run of nine weeks radio play. After being signed to Arc’s Yorkville Records imprint, the Secrets wanted to distance themselves from being pigeon-holed as a “novelty act” and soon changed their name to The Quiet Jungle and released a number of singles and several anonymous cover tune albums for Arc/Yorkville. Mark retired and lives north of Toronto; Felstead lives in the Durham region; Rankine, Woodruff and Taylor all still live in Toronto; only Taylor still plays in a Doors tribute band; Doug Rankine died June 9, 2018. with notes from Keith Fraser, Doug Rankine, Bob Mark, and Chas Kit. [also see QUIET JUNGLE]

1966 Crying Over Her/He Treats You Bad (Arc) A-1127

1966 Clear The Track/Warming The Bench (RCA Canadian International) 57-3384

SECRETS, The (2)
Freddy Pompeii [aka Fred DiPasquale] (vocals) / John Hamilton (drums) / Chris Hate (guitar) / Mike Anderson (bass) / Bryant Didier (bass; 1981)
From the ashes of The Viletones and The Diodes came this Toronto punk supergroup who actually abandoned their stiff punk ethos injecting more doo-wop and rockabilly into their repertoire. The band split up in the Spring of 1980 following Pompeii’s drug bust whereby he fled the country to Philadelphia; John Hamilton joined the reunited Ugly Ducklings for a live tour in early 1980 and then attempted a revival of his pick-up act Daily Planet; Freddy Pompeii died of cancer May 13, 2017. with notes from John Hamilton, and Margaret Barnes-Delcolle.

1980 Tattoo City/Pretty Woman (Bomb) BOMB-5031

1980 Success Without College (Bomb/Rio) 115

Compilation Tracks
“Teenage Rampage (live)” and “Shout (live)” on ‘The Last Pogo’ (Bomb) BOMB-7029
1981 “All the Words” and “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” on ‘No Pedestrians’ (Chameleon) CR-535

Ray Parker
One of the first signings to Merv Buchanan’s Trend Records in Toronto; Parker would later join the band Cargo. In the 1970s/1980s he became an in-demand session musician.

Thinking Away/Anatomy Of A Shadow (Trend/Quality) 1943X

Chris Brodbeck (vocals, bass) / Randy C. Bowen (guitar) / Reggie Bennett (guitar; 1993-2000) / Bruce McQueen (drums) / Bryan James Duffy (guitar, vocals; 2000-2003) / Josh Trager (drums) / Aaron Little (guitar) / Dave Fudge (drums) / Justin Bunn (guitar) / Mark Homer (drums; 2002-2003) / Ritchie Henman (drums)
Formed in Montréal, Québec in the mid-90’s See Spot Run released an EP entitled ‘Traces’ in 1996 that brought them to the attention of Loggerhead Records. Their debut album ‘Ten Stories High’ was released on Loggerhead in 1997 to critical praise and radio play for the single “Lucy”. Extensive touring and an altered line-up led to the Gary Moffet (April Wine) produced sophomore album, 1999’s ‘Weightless’’, whose title track was the first song by an independent artist to crack the Neilson/BDS Top10. The Canadian Association of Broadcasters awarded “Weightless” ‘Breakout Single of the Year Award” at Canada Music Week in 2000. The song would be used in an episode of the hit TV show ‘Queer As Folk’. Wire Magazine gave See Spot Run the ‘Concert of the Year Award’ Award shortly after. The song was also translated into French and hit No. 1 on the Francophone Rock charts. Following more line-up changes, and the departure of guitarist Bryan Duffy to form The Zoo, they released ‘Double Dingo’ (2005) and ‘Gonna Getcha’ (2007). The 2007 single “My iPod Killed My Girlfriend” received rotation on radio and video rotation MusiquePlus. The title track was also used in an episode of the hit TV show ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’. In October 2008 See Spot Run released their first full length French language album titled “Super-héros sous peu”. They have also been the opening act at the Rogers Sarnia Bayfest for Bon Jovi (July 2008) and Our Lady Peace (July 2009). See Spot Run also played at The Toronto International Pop Overthrow Festival in November 2009. with notes by Lynda Moffet.

Lucy (Loggerhead)
1997 Au Naturel (Loggerhead)
1997 My Name is Santa (Loggerhead)
1999 Weightless (Loggerhead) 76974-2198-2
1999 Terrified (Loggerhead)
2000 Decoller [French remix] (Loggerhead)
2007 My iPod Killed My Girlfriend (Rocket 9/DEP/Universal)
2007 Gonna Getcha (Rocket 9/DEP/Universal)
2012 Let It Go [DigiFile]

Traces [EP] (Primer) PR-1
1997 Ten Stories High (Loggerhead) 76974 2138-2
1999 Weightless (Loggerhead) 76974 21912
2005 Double Dingo
2007 Gonna Getcha (Rocket 9/DEP/Universal) SSR-23401
2008 Super-héros sous peu [French] (Rocket 9/DEP/Universal) SSR-23708
2012 See Spot Run [USB Bracelet]
2016 Pretty Holiday (Rocket 9)

Compilation Tracks
“I Can’t Get Out” on ‘Impact Music Volume Two’ (MMS) IM-002
1993 “Beam Me Up” on ‘New Stuff Five (MMS) NSCD-005
1998 “Lucy”, “My Names Is Santa” and “Love Me To Death” on “Loggerheard Records Presents International Sampler CD” (Loggerhead) PRO-9811

Geoff Eddington (vocals) / Lindsay Mitchell (vocals, strings) / Al Harlow (bass) / Rocket Norton (drums) / John Hall (keyboards) / Jerry Doucette (guitar)
Seeds of Time were from Vancouver, British Columbia and were together from 1968 to 1974; most of the band members would go on to form Prism in 1975. In 1991 the members recorded previously unrecorded songs written during the Seeds of Time’s early years at Tom Lavin’s Blue Wave Studio in Vancouver, British Columbia. The new tracks and a collection of old recordings were then issued on CD as ‘Immortal’ in 1991. [also see PRISM]

My Home Town/Muskrat Rumble (Coast) C-1971
1971 Cryin’ the Blues/Baby Doll (Coast) C-1975

Immortal (E) EEM-001

Compilation Tracks
“My Home Town” and “Crying The Blues” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 3’ (Neptoon) VRCA-003

Born: Robert Joseph Segarini on August 28, 1945
Originally from Stockton, California, Segarini first fronted The Ratz featuring Gary (Grubb) Duncan and Greg Elmore who would go on to be in Quicksilver Messenger Service. Segarini (under the stage name Cylus Proulx) then moved on to a short lived act in 1965 called The Us who recorded one single – with engineer Sylvester Stewart (aka Sly Stone) for the Autumn label that was never released after Segarini refused to allow them to overdub a string section onto to the two songs “Just Me” and “How Can I Tell Her”. The tracks would finally see the light of day on a compilation in 1994.  Family Tree came next with Michael Dure and Kootch Trochim and a keyboard player names Mike Olson. The band wanted to become stars, Olson wanted to play clubs and quit the band. He would later change his name to Lee Michaels and propelled to stardom. The Family Tree released one album, 1968’s ‘Miss Butters’ (which has been cited by songwriters Bernie Taupin and Elton John as a major influence), before Segarini moved to Los Angeles and onto Roxy with Randy Bishop. The band released one eponymous album on Elektra in 1969 before they also packed it in. Jose Feliciano would record Segarini’s song “You’ve Got a Lot of Style” originally recorded on the Roxy LP. Segarini and Bishop formed The Wackers with Family Tree’s Bill Trochim (bass, guitar, vocals), Mike Stull (guitar) and Ernie Earnshaw (drums) in Stockton, California. In 1971 they released their debut ‘Wackering Heights’. They toured with The Grateful Dead and other Elektra Records acts and found themselves making pilgrimiges to Montreal where they eventually stayed. The albums ‘Hot Wacks (1972) and ‘Shredder’ (1973) followed in turn. A new album was started in 1973, with just Bishop, Trochim and Segarini called ‘Wack ‘N’ Roll’ but was never released and so the original act fell apart. Another single on Polydor materialized in 1974 with an altered line-up but by the end of that year The Wackers were officially laid to rest. Segarini and Trochim next put together The Dudes with the founding members of April Wine (Ritchie and David Henman) and future April Wine guitarist Brian Greenway. They recorded one album called ‘We’re No Angels’ spawning the single “I Just Wanna Dance” (Pacemaker Records would release a retrospective rarities collection in the ’90’s). With the April Wine alumni otherwise occupied, Segarini managed to sign a solo deal with A & M, issuing a 4 song EP called ‘Starlight’ which went nowhere. However, he was immediately picked up by fledgling cutting edge Toronto label Bomb Records to begin work on his debut albu. ‘Gotta Have Pop’ was recorded at Phase One and Eastern sound. The majority of the performances featured the core group Mike St. Denis (guitar), Phil Angers (bass), Mark Bronson (drums), and Drew Winters (keyboards). Segarini also called out a dozen favours and had many of Toronto’s most popular musicians drop in for the record: David-Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Greg Godovitz and Doug Inglis (Goddo), David Henman (April Wine), and future Hammerheard Records president Paul Irvine on saxophone. The Segarini Band was formed to perform live and included second guitar Peter Kashur. As the band was honing its chops they were asked to do Q107 live simulcast which was recorded before a live audience at  Thunder Sound. It was released in early 1979 as ‘On the Radio’. With many of the newer songs road tested the live band then retired to Manta and Eastern Sound in Toronto to record Segarini’s proper sophomore follow-up album ‘Goodbye L.A.’. The album’s title track managed to chart on CHUM-FM and soon the band was enlisted for the station’s co-simulcast venture with CITY-TV for a live performance by The Segarini Band at The Palais Royale in Toronto. But Bomb Records’ financial troubles bankrupted the label and Segarini was soon without a label. Anthem Records stepped up and The Segarini Band recorded ‘Vox Populi’ in 1980. The album produced two singles – “City Bred” and “Money In the Pocket”. But Segarini’s brand of pub rock soon fell out of favour in light of the synth oriented New Wave music sweeping North America forcing Segarini to bail out of the artistic side of the music biz – at least temporarily. Instead, he hosted his own show late nights on CITY-TV, became a disc jockey known as The Iceman on CHUM-FM and then on Toronto’s Q107 FM for several years. He also produced other acts including The B-Girls and Mensroom. Segarini’s ‘Gotta Have Pop’ first saw light of day on CD through Pacemaker Records in 1996 and contained 4 bonus tracks from the 1973-1977 era plus one newly recorded track, ‘Groucho Marx’, that had been intended for the original album but was never released. Segarini would later form the Rhythm ‘N’ Cues All Stars with Terry Draper (Klaatu) and David Henman (April Wine) in Oak Ridges, Ontario. This line-up would eventually mutate into a recording unit called Cats & Dogs and a self-titled CD was released independently in 1997. Segarini then teamed up with Greg Godovitz in a British Invasion cover band called The Anger Brothers from 1999 to 2003 and released one album of originals for Bullseye Records. The band hosted its own short-lived morning show on MOJO AM-640 before Segarini was hired back, part-time, at Q107-FM. Following that he resurrected a new version of Cats & Dogs that also included The Segarini Band’s Peter Kashur and Drew Winters among many others. They recorded their sophomore album, ‘This Life’, for Bullseye Records in 2003. The band did a house-gig at Miguel’s Bistro on Queen Street East in 2003/2004 and performed with the likes of Jose Feliciano and Jeff Healey. Segarini left music for a second time to become a DJ on XM Satellite Canada’s Iceberg 95. On July 24th, 2011, Segarini’s old band The Wackers reunited after 40 years for one show at Cherry Cola’s in Toronto, Ontario and a limited edition of the previously unreleased 4th Wackers album ‘Wack N’ Roll’ was released. Segarini currently writes a daily blog entitled ‘Don’t Believe a Word I Say’. with notes from Bob Segarini and Peter Kashur. [also see THE ANGER BROTHERS, CATS & DOGS, THE DUDES(2)]

1977 Wanna Get To Know Ya Better/I Want You To Stay//Starlight/I’m Not Your Fool
(A & M) DJ-AM-452a
1977 Wanna Get To Know Ya Better [stereo]/Wanna Get To Know You Better [mono]
(A & M) DJ-AM-452b
1977 I Want You To Stay [stereo]/I Want You To Stay [mono] (A & M) DJ-AM-452c
1978 When The Lights Are Out/Dressed In The Dark (Bomb) 5015
1978 Don’t Believe A Word I Say/People Are Strange (Live) (Bomb) 5018
1979 Goodbye L.A./Livin’ In The Movies (Remixed Version) (Bomb/Epic) E4-8369
1979 Please, Please, Please/Demographics (Bomb/Epic) E4-8384
1980 City Bred/Danger Guy (Anthem) ANS-029
1981 Money In The Pocket/Voice Of The People (Anthem) ANS-033

with ROXY
Love Love Love/New Your City (Elektra) EKM-45682
1970 Rock and Roll Circus/Somebody Told You (Elektra) EKM-45683
(We Gotta) Stop the War (Elektra)

1967 Prince of Dreams/Live Your Own Life (Mira – US) 228
1968 Keepin’ A Secret/Do You Have the Time? (RCA – US) 47-9184
1968 Miss Butters/Slippin’ Thru My Fingers (RCA – US) 47-9565
1968 She Had to Fly/He Spins Around (RCA -US) 47-9671

I Don’t Want My Love Refused/I Like (Elektra/Kinney) EKS-45743
1971 Body Go Round/ (Elektra/Kinney) EKM-45758
1972 I Hardly Know Her Name/Do You Know The Reason (Elektra/Kinney) E-45783
1972 Day And Night/Last Dance (Elektra/Kinney) EK-45816
1972 Oh My Love/I Hardly Know Her Name (Elektra – Australia) EKM-46008
1973 Hey Lawdy Lawdy/I’m In Love (Elektra/WEA) E-45841
1974 All I Want to Do is Love You/I Gotta Feeling (Polydor) 2065-226
1975 Captain Nemo/Tonite (Bomp! – US) BOMP-102

1978 Gotta Have Pop (Bomb) BOMB-7027
1979 On the Radio (Bomb) BOMB-7030
1979 Goodbye L.A. (Bomb) BOMB-7032
1981 Vox Populi (Anthem) ANR-1-1028

1968 Miss Butters (RCA) LSP-3955

with ROXY
1969 Roxy (Elektra/Kinney) EKS-74063

1971 Wackering Heights (Elektra) EKS-74098
1972 Hot Wacks (Elektra) EKS-75025
1973 Shredder (Elektra) EKS-75046
2011 Wack N’ Roll (Wacks Trax/Bullseye) WACK-01

Compilation Tracks
with THE US
“Just Me” and “How Can I Tell Her” on ‘Dance With Me – The Autumn Teen Sound: Nuggets From the Golden State’ (Big Beat)

“Slippin’ Thru My Fingers” on ‘The Groupquake’ (RCA – Victor) SPS-33-525

1971 “Dear Jesus God” and “Over Me” on ‘Vanishing Point [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Amos – US) ASS-8002

with ROXY
“Love Love Love” on ‘Garden of Delights’ (Elektra) ESP-9001

From Toronto, Ontario.

Got To Be Loved (Jewel) JR-1-80186

Richard Seguin (guitar) / Marie-Clair Seguin (vocals)
Born as twins in 1952 in Pointe-aux-Trembles in the east end of Montreal, Richard and Marie-Claire Seguin did not share a common interest until they were in their teens and Richard started playing the guitar. In 1966 they started their first group, Les Nochers, and became a duo a year later, billing themselves as Marie et Richard. Le Patriote, a nightclub in Montreal, honored them as the ‘Most Promising Newcomers’ for 1968. With four other musicians, they founded the group La Nouvelle Frontiere in 1969 which recorded one album on the Gamma label in 1970. In 1971, Marie and Richard became a duo again known as Les Seguin until they both went solo in December 1976. Between December 1973 and 1976 the twins made four albums: ‘Seguin’ and ‘En Attendant’ for Warner Brothers; ‘Récolte de rêves’ for Kot’ai; and ‘Festin d’amour’ for CBS. After their breakup, Richard Seguin collaborated with Serge Fiori of Harmonium on the album ‘Deux cents nuits a l’heure’ which was released in 1977. By 1979 he released his first solo album, ‘La parcee’, and his second, ‘Trace et contraste’ in 1981 which was co-written by Québec novelist Louky Bersianik. After some voice training Richard returned to the studio in 1985 to record the album ‘Double vie’. The turning point in his solo career came at the ADISQ Awards in 1986 where he won three Felix Awards. The albums ‘Journee d’amerique’ and ‘Aux portes de Matin’ followed in the wake of his success; Marie-Claire also recorded several solo albums – ‘Marie-Claire Seguin’ (1979), ‘Minuit un quart’ (1986) and ‘Une femme une planete’ (1990).

Le train du nord/A qui de droit (Warner) D16-216

1973 Seguins (Warner) WSC-9013
1974 En attendant  (Warner) WSC-9015
1975 Récolte de rêves (Kot’ai) KOT-3307
1976 Festin d’amour  (CBS) PFS-90385

Graham Crowell (bass) / Russ Meuller (keyboards) / Frank Ludwig (keyboards; replaced Mueller) / Ron Sullivan (guitar) / Jim Taylor (drums)
Formed in 1966 in Richmond, British Columbia with various keyboard players under different names. When Meuller left the band, UBC theology undergrad student, and keyboardist, Frank Ludwig was asked to join. They became The Self-Portrait around the same time and were soon signed to Wayne Stirloff’s Rumble Records and released the single “He’s A Man” in 1969 which received minimal airplay around British Columbia. Crowell left shortly after leaving the band as a three piece of Sullivan, Taylor, and Ludwig; Ludwig would go on to join Crosstown Bus, Brutus, Trooper, and eventually Randy Bachman’s Union and Ironhorse. He also co-founded Body Electric with Bob Buckley and David Sinclair in the 1980s. with notes from Ron Sullivan.

He’s a Man/Carnival Worker (Rumble) R-2359

SELMER, Robert
Born: Michel Roy

Prior to joining Les Megatones in late 1963, guitarist and singer Robert Selmer released two singles on London Records – 1963’s “C’est L’Amour Auquel Je Pense (the 1962 Francois Hardy song), backed with “Ce Jour Viendra” (a French version of the Ruby And The Romantics hit “Our Day Will Come”), followed the same year by “Monsieur Solitaire” backed with “Vous Souvenez-Vous (I Remember You)” (a French version of Frank Ifield’s “I Remember You” written by Johnny Mercer).

C’est L’Amour Auquel Je Pense/Ce Jour Viendra (London) FC.608
1966 Monsieur Solitaire/Vous Souvenez-Vous (I Remember You) (London) FC.625

Richmond Hill, Ontario’s Sandy Selsie was discovered in 1960 when she was 12 years old when her family was on vacation and, for a lark, she went into a Columbia Records office and auditioned for them. Columbia Records signed her on the spot to a 5 year contract. Her debut album ‘A Date With Loneliness’ was released in December 1961. She charted on the CHUM Top 100 Singles chart twice in 1962 – first with the title track from her album which peaked at No.11 after 11 weeks on the chart and then with the flipside “Poorest Girl In Town” which peaked at No.16 after 5 weeks on the chart; Selsie was managed by her father, Fred Selsie, who was unable to move her career any farther forward though she did sing backup for Toronto rockabilly artist Cy Anders in 1965 and made appearances on ‘Country Hoedown’ and ‘The Tommy Hunter Show’; Selsie left the music business after several failed comeback attempts and is now a retired senior living in Florida. with notes from Ron Neville and Brian Armstrong.

A Date With Loneliness/ Poorest Girl In Town (Columbia) 4-42418
1962 Gonna Get Some Records/Walk With Me My Angel (Columbia) 4-42594
1963 Come On In/Don’t Destroy Me (Columbia) 4-42766
1963 When Jimmy Comes Home/Little Miss With It (Columbia) 4-42883
1965 That’s The Way It Happened/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Today (Columbia)

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan singer/songwriter Jay Semko cut his teeth in the early 1980s with The Northern Pikes as the band’s bass player. Following the initial demise of The Northern Pikes, Semko released his debut solo album, ‘Mouse’ in 1995. Semko was already deep into composing music for TV show ‘Due South’ along with Jack Lenz and John McCarthy. The stint would last for 66 episodes (1994–1998) for which Semko was nominated for two Gemini Award. He has written music for a number of other TV and movie projects, supplied the narration for documentaries, TV and radio commercials, and wrote the music for a project at Saskatchewan’s Western Development Museum. Semko’s co-writing credits including songs with Willie Mack, Gilles Godard, Andrew Fromm, Roger Springer, Larry Haack, Jack Lenz, Tim Taylor, Steve Fox, Daryl Burgess, Sean Hogan, Paul Gross, and David Keeley. He has done extensive session work with the likes of Garth Hudson (The Band), Stan Celeste (Jackson Browne/Crosby, Stills and Nash), John Sebastian (The Lovin’ Spoonful), Crystal Taliefero (Bruce Springsteen/John Mellencamp), Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies), Bob Egan (Wilco/Blue Rodeo), Ashley MacIsaac, and Serena Ryder among others. Semko is also a producer for such artists as Screwtape Lewis and Kim Fontaine. Semko has released five studio albums and in 2010 was part of the band Semko Fontaine Taylor, a trip consisting of Jay Semko, Kim Fontaine and David J. Taylor. The Busted Flat debut album ‘Heartaches & Numbers’ was released in November 2010. In June 2011 he was nominated for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ at the Western Canadian Music Awards for the song “Before You Leave Canada” from his self-titled 2010 solo album. He has been nominated for eight JUNO Awards as a member of the Northern Pikes and has received two songwriting awards from the Canadian Music Publishers Association. With notes from Jay Semko. [also see NORTHERN PIKES]

Strawberry Girl (Iron Music/BMG)
1995 Adventure On My Breath (Iron Music/BMG) CDP-51030
1996 Times Change (Iron Music/BMG)
2008 She Won’t Be Lonely Long (Busted Flat)
2010 Comeback Kid (Busted Flat)
2010 Let’s Wake Up the Moon (Busted Flat)
2011 Nobody’s Watching (Busted Flat)
2011 That Kind of Blue (Busted Flat)
2011 Party in the Parking Lot (Busted Flat)
2012 Big Feet Big Shoes (Busted Flat)

Mouse (Iron Music/BMG) 77876-51004-2
2005 Love Will Set You Free [3-song EP] (Smoothwater)
2006 Redberry (Smoothwater) 62657021022
2006 Merry Christmas (Smoothwater) 210533
2007 Live at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (Smoothwater) 210788
2008 International Superstar (Busted Flat) BUSTED-023
2010 Jay Semko (Busted Flat) BUSTED-031
2011 Force Of Horses [6-song EP] (Busted Flat) BUSTED-054
2012 Sending Love (Busted Flat) BUSTED-061
2014 Flora Vista (Inner Expression) JSFV14

Ross Vannelli (vocals, synths, guitar, bass) / Tom Saviano (keyboards, saxophone, flute, backing vocals) / Joey Scrima (drums, percussion, backing vocals) / Vin Scrima (bass, backing vocals) / Pat Kelly (guitar, backing vocals)
Short-lived American-Canadian act fronted by Montréal’s Ross Vannelli and signed to RCA Records by A & R head Jim Fotheringham. Ross’ brother Gino Vannelli wrote the two singles released from the album – ‘Stuck On a Star’ and ‘Just the Beat of My Heart.’

Stuck On a Star/Out of My Hands (RCA) PB-50772
1984 Just The Beat Of My Heart (Edited Version)/Decisions (RCA) PB-50796

Exiled On Earth (RCA) KKL1-0547

Born: Pière Senécal in 1943 in Montreal, Québec
Singer Pière Senécal, brother of singer Claude Vincent, and son of a choir director. He took singing lessons as a youth with Bernard Diamant and Drama classes with Sita Riddez. He won a singing contest at Montreal’s La Casa Loma cabaret and began singing professionally in 1957 at the age of 14. That same year he was signed to a solo recording contract with RCA/Victor Canada International. He hosted CKVL radio show ‘Pière Senécal and his songs’. He released pop hit after pop hit into the 1960s including “Une simple carte postale” which earned him CKAC’s Canadian Grand Prix du Disque Award in 1962. After dozens of singles and albums on several labels (Trans-Canada, DSP), Senecal left the stage in 1972 to spend more time with his family and became an advocate for the support of artists used in television and radio commercials. He also worked on air at CKVL, CJMS, and CKAC and other radio stations (as would his brother Claude Vincent). He would record infrequently through the 1990s. In 2002 he released the album ‘Pierre Senecal sings Eddy Marnay’. Since 2004, Senecal has been hosting on “Radio Souvenir” 1570 AM in Laval. [Not to be confused with Pierre Senecal who was a member of MASHMAKHAN]

Trop jeune/J’ai un coup d’cœur pour toi (RCA/Victor Canada International)
1958 Lili/Bubble Gum (RCA/Victor Canada International) 57-5400
1958 Une guitare au clair de lune/Poucette (RCA/Victor Canada International) 57-5368
1958 Y’a que toi/Anita (RCA/Victor Canada International) 57-5412
1959 C’est une originale/Souvenirs, désirs, regrets (RCA/Victor Canada International) 57-5440
1959 A-t-on le droit/Le chemin des amoureux (RCA/Victor Canada International)
1960 Une autre fois/Maman (RCA/Victor Canada International)  57-5479
1960 Non ne t’en vas pas/Chaque jour que dieu fait (RCA/Victor Canada International)  57-5490
1961 Une simple carte postale/Nicole (Trans-Canada) TC-3014
1962 Une guitare et un air espagnol/Pour vous (Trans-Canada) TC-3032
1962 L’église/Quellesvacances (Trans-Canada) TC-3047
1963 Ensemble/Lisa (Trans-Canada) TC-3069
1964 Jennie/C’est toi (Trans-Canada) TC-3083
1964 Repeigne-toi/Je t’appartiens (Trans-Canada) TC-3099
1965 Jolie Milady/Vos yeux (Trans-Canada) TC-3110
1965 Un coin de ciel bleu/Les yeux d’un ange (Trans-Canada) TC-3137
1966 Reviens-moi mon amour/Non rien n’a changé (Trans-Canada) TC-3153
1966 Celle que j’aime/Roselyne (Trans-Canada) TC-3172
1966 Reste là/Lise (Trans-Canada) TC-3181
1967 Si l’amour t’a fait pleurer/Ton anniversaire (Trans-Canada) TC-3197
1967 Si tu savais/Rien n’est fini (DSP) DSP-8605
1967 J’ai besoin de toi/Amour d’été (DSP) DSP-8611
1968 Je ne pourrai plus t’oublier/Quand j’ai revu marie (DSP) DSP-8621
1968 Arrivederci Maria/C’est l’amour (DSP) DSP-8630
1969 Un rêve insensé/Mon coeur, c’est ta maison (DSP) DSP-8647
1969 On a tous rêvé de voir un ange/Je t’aime…Moi Aussi (DSP) DSP-8654
1972 Le monde a refaire/Reviens chez nous (Trans-World) TWF-52
1973 Je T’ai Vu Pleurer/Dialogue (Nobel) NL-5681
1980 Hier/Gabrielle (Kebec-Disc) KD-9067
1982 Voici mon coeur/J’ai retrouve ta romance (Porte Parole) PTS-101
1984 La femme de ta vie/La saison des amours (Saisons) SNS-6545
2002 Tu Tiens Ma Main (Disques Carat) CAR2-4501

Trop jeune (RCA/Victor Canada International)  CGP-126
1965 Ensemble (Franco-Elite) 6907
1966 Un coin de ciel bleu (Trans-Canada) TSF-1348
1967 15 Disques d’Or (Ideal) ID-317
1968 15 Succès (Trans-Canada) TCM-907
1969 Pière Sénécal (independent) INT-407
1982 Voici mon choeur (Tamanoir) WRC1-2437
1985 En ce temps-là (Vamp) Vamp-112
2002 Chante Eddy Marnay (Disques Carat)

David Henman (guitar) / Eric Mitchell (bass) / Ritchie Henman (drums) / Frank Greubal (drums; replaced Ritchie Henman)
Formed in 1980 and featuring two former members of April Wine. The group recorded one 7″ single in 1984. They disbanded the same year; David Henman was briefly in the original version of Cats & Dogs with Bob Segarini and Melissa Etheridge tribute band Brave & Crazy before branching out to form own David Henman Band; Ritchie Henman would go on to do session work and played as a member of See Spot Run. [also see DAVID HENMAN]

1984 Off  ‘N’ Runnin’ [4 song 7″ EP] (Sensible)

Born: Edmonton, Alberta in 1957
Edmonton, Alberta’s David Sereda graduated from the Playhouse Acting School in Vancouver in 1977. He then worked in alternative theatre in Edmonton where he reconnected with an old friend – singer/songwriter Connie Kaldor who urged Sereda to take a stab at songwriting and singing. He honed his craft over the next few years and he released his debut album, ‘Chivalry Lives’ in 1981. With critical acclaim driving him onward, he relocated to Toronto and found work in Buddies in Bad Times theatre as an actor, composer and music director. He also worked at The Theatre Centre and the Tarragon Theatre where he co-wrote two musicals – ‘Love Jive!’ and ‘Siren Song’ with playwright/novelist Don Hannah. His next vinyl release was ‘The Price of Love’ in 1985. Nearly a decade later he’d release his third album entitled ‘The Blue Guide’ in 1994. He now lives in Port Dalhousie, Ontario, where the theatre company Sheatre produced his new musical with Joan Chandler based on the life of Group Of Seven painter Tom Thomson entitled ‘TOM’.

Chivalry Lives (Rocky Wednesday) RWR-24
1985 The Price of Love (Gryphon) GR-5011
1994 The Blue Guide (Rocky Wednesday)

Jon Davidson (bass) / Ryan Dennis (vocals, guitars) / Ryan Stever (guitars) / Dan Stadnicki (drums)
Newmarket, Ontario’s Serial Joe was formed in 1997. The group auditioned and won the job of being the house band on YTV’s ‘System Crash’ show. Their debut independent album, ‘Kicked’ was released in 1998 and spawned the single “Skidrow”. The song won the 1998 Much Music Video award for ‘Best Independent Video’. In 1999 Serial Joe were signed to Aquarius Records who released their debut album, ‘Face Down’, which was produced by Dave “Rave” Ogilvie (54.40, Skinny Puppy). The album spawned the video/single “Mistake” which was nominated for ‘Best Rock Video’ at the MMVA’s. The group then won the YTV Achievement Award for ‘Best Band’ in 1999. A performance at the ‘Emerging Artists’ tent during ‘Woodstock 1999’ helped push the album into the Canadian Top50 on the Canadian Albums chart. Following the release of their self-titled sophomore album, Serial Joe, toured with KISS in 2000. The band was nominated for the ‘MuchMusic People’s Choice Award for Best Canadian Band’ and KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley would present the band with a MuchMusic VideoFACT Award for ‘Best Video’ (“Deep”) at the MMVA’s that year. Also in 2000 Serial Joe were also nominated for ‘Best New Band’ JUNO Award and nominated for ‘Best Specialty Show’ at the Gemini Awards. Serial Joe’s 4th album, ‘Last Chance At the Romance Dance’, was released in 2001 but poor sales caused their label Aquarius Records to drop them. Serial Joe split up soon after; Dennis and Stever went on to form High Kapitol.

1999 Mistake (Aquarius)
2000 Deep (Aquarius)
2000 Completely (Aquarius) Q2-6016
2001 Unintended (Aquarius) Q2-6115

Kicked [6-song EP] (Serial Joe) SJK-161
1999 Face Down (Aquarius) Q2-588
2000 Serial Joe (Aquarius) Q2-589
2001 Last Chance at the Romance Dance (Aquarius) Q2-600

Compilation Tracks
“Obsession” on ‘Pop!’ (PolyGram) 565770
1999 “Mistake” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 4’ (EMI) 523067

Robbie Cooper
(lead vocals, backing Vocals) / Paul Koffman (saxophones, flute) / Lorne Cooper (guitars, backing vocals) / Sam Pizzii (guitars) / Bruce Soer (drums, percussion) / Corey Lovett (bass) / Jeff  Mogil (keyboards) / Bernie Greenspoon (additional keyboards)

1984 Two Torn Apart/Baby Don’t Let Me Down (A & M) AM-638
1984 It Starts Over Again/Anything That Can Go Wrong (A & M) AM-651

7 Minutes [5-song EP] (A & M) SP-24505

Charmaine LeBlanc (vocals) / Andrew Frank (bass) / Alex MacDonald (guitar) / Eric Berger (guitar; replaced McDonald) / Rob Kazenel (drums) / Paul Scriver (saxophone, synthesizer) / Bil Ringgenberg (vocals, percussion) / Gary White (drums; replaced Kazenel) / Suzanne LaForet (vocals; replaced LeBlanc) / Linda Benoit (backing vocals; added) / Hans Longpre (percussion; added 1985)
This Montreal, Québec band was originally called Action Men On Assignment whose early incarnation featured future Rational Youth keyboardist Kevin Komoda. The group changed their name to Seven Sisters in 1983; the name is a reference to the seven major companies that control the world oil market. About a year after the name change MacDonald left and was replaced by guitarist Berger. Several line-up changes occurred leading up to their 1986 debut 4-song EP, ‘Bark’, which was self-produced along with Tony Duboyce and recorded at Studio Lamajeure in Montreal. With the band faltering at the end of 1986, Ringgenberg, Berger and Frank formed a new act called Monkey Walk who recorded for Duke Street Records. Following that, the group (minus Berger and the addition of several other musicians) became Driving Blind and put out several releases on the American label Vanguard. with notes from Paul Scriver.

1986 Bark (Bonaparte/Shag) UR12-13

Compilation Tracks
“History Of” on ‘Listen 2 – A Faze Compilation’ (VOT) VOT-86-09

Danny Norton [aka William Daniel] (lead guitar) / Cheri-Lyn Nathanson (vocals) / Susan Brown (vocals) / Fred Peterson (vocals)
Group fronted by former Expedition From Earth member Danny Norton in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Compilation Tracks
“Come On,” “Tales Of Amada Blake,” and “Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine” on ‘Canada Rock Archives Volume 2 (Super Oldies) SOCD-31

Michael Zweig (guitar, vocals) / Victor D’Arsie (keyboards) / Anton Evans (bass) / Terry Martell (drums)
Zweig and D’Arsie had played their share of Top 40 and classic rock cover bands in and around Toronto and were once members of Danny Brooks backing band when they formed The Knockouts who were signed to a record label that folded before an album could be finished. The studio drummer for those sessions was Terry Martell (ex-Michael Fury) and in 1987 the three formed a new band called Seventh Son. They recruited bassist Anton Evans (David Quinton Band) and began demoing original material while working as the backing band for Lulu’s Roadhouse in Kitchener which allowed the guys to hone their chops by being backing musicians for the likes of Bo Diddley, Fabian, The Platters and the late Del Shannon. They were also finalists in the late ’80’s for battle of the bands contests held by both Q107 (The Homegrown Contest) and CFNY-FM (The Modern Music Search) before deciding to go for the brass ring. They approached producer Tim Thorney (Cassandra Vassik, The Front) and engineer Kevin Doyle (Alannah Myles, Amanda Marshall) to help them capture their magnetic live sound. The material so impressed Jeff Burns at Justin Entertainment that he signed the act and released the album with a minimum of remixes. ‘Seventh Son’ was released in 1990 but did not fair well and the band was caught in the red-tape of Justin’s bankruptcy. The band members have gone on to other studio projects; Anton Evans released a solo album in the early ’90s and played with ex-members of Desparado and Wrabit in classic rock act The Hitmen; Michael Zweig released his second solo album, ‘Candyland’, on Long Island Records in 1995 and is currently a member of The Carpet Frogs. He is also a coach for the ‘Legion of Rock’ team-building company; The Knockouts reunited under their original name and still perform around Southern Ontario. With notes from Michael Zweig. [also see MICHAEL ZWEIG]

She’s Insane (Justin/MCA)

Seventh Son (Justin/MCA) JED-005

Compilation Tracks
“Going Downtown” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Album Volume 11 (MCA) MCA-37331

Robert Trepanier (vocal, bass, flute, harmonica) / Serge Gratton (drums, percussion, xylophone) / Yves Rousseau (guitar) / Pierre “Pedro” Ouellette (saxophone, flute, vocals, electronic wind instrument)
Three piece Quebéc English-language prog rock act who added fourth member Pierre Ouellette on their second album ‘The End of My Life.’

Not Yet/Come, Wake Up (Trans-Canada) TC-3399
1973 I’m Starting My Life Today/The End of My Life (Trans-Canada) TC-3445

Sex (Trans-Canada) TC-775
1972 The End of My Life (Trans-Canada) TC-785

Born: Ronald Eldon Sexsmith on January 8, 1964 in St. Catharines, Ontario
Sexsmith’s first recordings were produced by Kurt Swinghammer and released on a demo cassette entitled ‘There’s a Way’ in 1986. His 1991 follow-up, ‘Grand Opera Lane’, was produced by Blue Rodeo’s Bob Wiseman and featured additional guitar work by Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor. It featured Sexsmith’s backing band The Uncool with Don Kerr (drums) and Steve Charles (bass). In 1994 Sexsmith was signed to Interscope Records and his debut sophomore album was produced by Mitchell Froom (Crowded House, Paul McCartney) and released in 1995. Froom would produce Sexsmith’s next two critically acclaimed albums which gained international praise from the likes of Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello. His 2001 release, ‘Blue Boy’, was produced by Steve Earle. Sexsmith toured England and performed on BBC Television show ‘Later… with Jools Holland’ and had Holland as his accompanist for piano. In 2002, Sexsmith recorded “This Is Where I Belong” for a Ray Davies and the Kinks tribute CD. Sexsmith also released the solo album ‘Cobblestone Runway.He would win a JUNO Award for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ for the song “Whatever it Takes”. Sexsmith spent the next year in search of new label and finally landed a deal with Linus Entertainment in 2003. His first album for the label was a collection of rare tracks and outtakes called ‘Rarities’. A proper studio album followed in 2004 entitled ‘Retriever’. Sexsmith has consistently released an album every two years on average including ‘Time Being’ (2006), ‘Exit Strategy of the Soul’ (2008) and ‘Long Player, Late Bloomer’ which was completed in 2010 but held over until March 2011 for release on Cooking Vinyl. Sexsmith has continued releasing albums every two years beginning with the album ‘Forever Endeavour’ in 2013.

Secret Heart (Interscope) IND-95507
1998 You Alone/We’ll Manage (Sub-Pop) SP-442
1999 Right About Now
2002 These Days/You Crossed My Mind/Heart’s Desire (V2 Scandinavia – EUROPE) VVR-5021533
2003 Gold in Them Hills (Remix) [w/Chris Martin]/Gold In Them Hills (Album Version)/You Crossed My Mind (Parlophone – UK) RON-001
2004 Not About To Lose/All Too Much (Parlophone – UK) FPM-537
2004 From Now On (Radio Edit)/All Too Much/From Now On (Album Version) (V2 Scandinavia – EUROPE) VVR-5026993
2004 What Ever It Takes (V2 Scandinavia – EUROPE) VVR-5028208P
2006 All in Good Time (V2 Scandinavia – EUROPE) VVR-5040043P
2011 Believe It When I See It (Cooking Vinyl) FRYDL-448
2011 Get In Line (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD-455P
2011 The Reason Why (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD464-CDR
2011 Love Shines (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD472-CDR
2012 Snake Road (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD-557P
2013 Nowhere To Go (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD-604P
2015 Can’t Get My Act Together (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD-672P
2017 Radio (Cooking Vinyl) FRYCD-844P

Lo Mismo Que You (If Only) (Shell – UK) GET2-CD

with ANE BRUN featuring RON SEXSMITH
Song No. 6 (V2 Scandinavia – EUROPE) VVR-5032103

Something To Hold Onto (Conehead – UK) CONE-56

There’s a Way [cassette] (Ronboy)
1991 Grand Opera Lane [cassette] (Amatish)
1995 Ron Sexsmith (Interscope) INTSD-92485
1997 Other Songs (Interscope) INTSD-90123
1999 Whereabouts (Interscope) INTSD-90299
2001 Blue Boy (Linus) 2-70001
2002 Cobblestone Runway (Nettwerk) W2-30284
2002 New and Old Songs (Sony/ATV Publishing) XPCD-2757
2003 Rarities (Ronboy/Linus) 2-70024
2004 Retriever (Linus/Warner) 2-61600
2006 Time Being (Warner) 2-63185
2008 Exit Strategy of the Soul (Warner) 2-959211
2009 Daytrotter Session [DigiFile]
2011 Long Player, Late Bloomer (Cooking Vinyl) 2-785063
2013 Forever Endeavour (Cooking Vinyl) 2-543113
2015 Carousel One (Cooking Vinyl) 2-217601
2017 The Last Rider (Cooking Vinyl) 1-977787
2020 Hermitage (Cooking Vinyl) 1-858659

Destination Unknown (V2 Scandinavia – EUROPE) VVR-1033022

Compilation Tracks
“Good Old Desk” on ‘For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson’ (MusicMasters) 65127
1997 “Strawberry Blonde” on ‘New Music From Interscope Records’ (Interscope) INTDM-95016
1998 “Almost Always” on ’30 Hour Famine’ (Nettwerk) W2-30126
1998 “Ships Go Out” on ‘Real: The Tom T. Hall Project’ (Sire) 31039
1999 “Reason to Believe” on ‘Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village in the 60’s’ (Astor Place) TCD-4012
1999 “Thinking Out Loud” on ‘A Story to Tell: Starbucks Presents Powerful Songs From the CoffeeHouse’ (Rhino Special Products) R2-7477
2002 “This Is Where I Belong” on ‘This Is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies & The Kinks’ (Rykodisc) RCD-10621
2002 “Tell Me Again” on ‘Songs in the Key of Cooking Vinyl’ (Cooking Vinyl) GRILLCD-020
2002 “Maybe This Christmas” on ‘Maybe This Christmas’ (Nettwerk) W2-30295
2003 “Drifters” on ‘Beautiful – A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot’ (Borealis) BCDN-BM500
2003 “April After All” on ‘Lucinda Williams: Artist’s Choice’ (Hear)
2003 “Gold In Them Hills” on ‘Rebellious Jukebox’ (Uncut – UK) UNCUT-2003-02
2003 “Speaking With the Angel” on ‘We Are Each Other’s Angels’ (Hungry for Music)
2004 “Comrades Fill No Glass For Me” on ‘Beautiful Dreamer: The Songs of Stephen Collins Foster'(American Roots) 591594-2
2004 “Not About To Lose” on ‘Modern Day Troubadours’ (Nettwerk) W2-30350
2004 “These Days” on ‘If Only You Were Lonely: Lovesongs, Laments and 21st Century Heartbreak’ (Agenda) AGN-011CD
2004 “The Very First Day” on ‘For the Kids Too! (Nettwerk) W2-30389
2004 “Maybe This Christmas” on ‘The OC Mix 3 [Television Soundtrack]’ (Warner Sunset)
2006 “Whatever It Takes” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829
2007 “All In Good Time” on ‘Eclectic Acts’ (Fontana) FONT-EA207
2007 “Wastin’ Time” on ‘True Acoustic’ (Spectrum)
2007 “Philadelphia” on ‘Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young’ (Universal)
2008 “Something To Hold Onto (At Christmas)” on ‘Now! Christmas 3’ (Warner) 31514
2009 “Crayon Angels” on ‘Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill’ (American Dust) DAD-109
2010 “Comrades Fill No Glass For Me” on ‘Mojo Presents: Boss Sounds! – 15 Tracks Compiled From Bruce Springsteen’s Own Playlists!’ (MOJO – UK) 25833
2011 “Give Me Love” on ‘Harrison Covered’ (MOJO – UK)
2011 “Broken Hearted People” on ‘This One’s for Him: A Tribute to Guy Clark’ (Icehouse) IHM-1836

“The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill” on ‘The White Album Recovered: No. 0000001’ (MOJO – UK) MOJWHITEALBUM-1SEP08


Chris Arnett
From Vancouver, British Columbia.

I’ll Get Stoned/Never Give It Up (Seahorse)
1982 Take Care of You/Two Tone Blue

Compilation Tracks
“New Clientele” on ‘Vancouver Complication’ (Pinned) PIN-7933001
1991 “New Clientele” ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu)
ZULU 5-2

Marc Hamilton
(vocals, guitar) / Jean-Marc Couture (lead guitar) / Normand Bouchard (bass) / Jean Landreville (drums)
From Montréal, Québec, Les Shadols was formed in 1964. They released their first single for Jupitar Records in 1965 entitled “Non jamais” b/w “Les cheveux
blonds.” They made the acquaintence of producer Denis Pantis and switched to Teledisc for two additional singles. The band would make several TV appearances that included ‘Surboum,”Bonsoir copains,’ and ‘Jeunesse d’aujourd’hui.’At the beginning of 1966, Les Shadols’ Hamilton and Bouchard formed a side project called Les Monstres and adopted horror character personalities and costumes on stage. They split up in 1967; Bouchard would go on to produce records for Sam Lloyd, Marc Hamilton, Octopus, Cloudy Sky, and Real V. Benoit among others; Hamilton would join Les Caids until their demise in 1969. He would pursue a solo career starting with an international hit in 1970 with the song “Comme j’ai toujours envie d’aimer.” With notes from Michel Charbonneau and Serge Gingras. [also see LES MONSTRES, MARC HAMILTON]

Non jamais/Les cheveux blonds (Jupiter) JP 1018
1965 On est dans le vent/Comment savoir (Télédisc/Trans-Canada) TD-2
1965 Oh Seigneur/Dis-moi si tu l’aimes (Télédisc/Trans-Canada) TD-12

Don Pyle (drums) / Reid Diamond (bass) / Brian Connelly (guitar)
The transition of Toronto’s Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet from rehearsing to performing live happened less than six months after the band formed in 1984; they were sharing rehearsal space with another band who promised them two month’s free rent if they opened for them. They obliged and their course was set. The instrumental trio decided early on that none of them wanted to sing and they quickly became known for their own particular brand of surf music and odd cover songs. A four song cassette was recorded and featured Chalk Circle’s Tad Winklarz on saxophone. In 1985 they decided to capitalize on their growing popularity by releasing their first 7″ single entitled “Love Without Words’. Seven more 7” EP singles were released over the course of the next five years, all of which were compiled together to form their first full length LP, ‘Savvy Show Stoppers’ in 1988. In 1990 Shadowy Men were hired to write and record the theme song for the ‘Kids In The Hall’ television show. Reid Diamond and Brian Connelly had grown up in Calgary with Kids member Bruce McCullough, and when they had all moved to Toronto and gone in their own directions, Shadowy Men started opening for the Kids in clubs and theatres. When the Kids got signed to do their television show, it seemed only natural that the Shadowy Men supply the theme music – and eventually they supplied all the incidental music for the program. The theme song, “Having An Average Weekend”, won them a CASBY nomination in 1990, five years after it was written and recorded. Their second full-length album, ‘Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham’, was released in 1991, once again to rave critical and public reviews. Most notable was the fact that it contained 23 songs and was a single LP. In their career Shadowy Men have only ever released one song featuring a vocalist. The album won the band a 1992 JUNO Award for ‘Instrumental Artist of The Year’. They also appeared on B-52’s singer Fred Schneider’s ‘Just…Fred’ in 1996. Shadowy Men disbanded that year; Connelly formed the trio The Heatseekers, and was a member of Neko Case and Her Boyfriends. His latest project is the instrumental trio Atomic 7; Diamond and Pyle formed Phono-Comb with Dallas Good (The Sadies) and Beverly Breckenridge (Fifth Column); Diamond then formed Danny & Reid’s Motion Machine while Pyle and Andrew Zealley formed Greek Buck; Diamond died of cancer on February 17, 2001.

1985 Love Without Words [3 song EP] (Jetpac) AC5-5033
1986 Wow, Flutter, Hiss ’86 [4 song EP] (Jetpac) WRC3-4486
1987 Schlagers! Some Assembly Required [5 song EP] (Jetpac) WRC3-4996
1987 Live Record with Extra Bread and Cheese: 46 1/3 RPM – Adjust Pitch Accordingly [4 song EP] (Jetpac) WRC3-5199
1988 Explosion of Taste: The Popcorn Single [3 song EP] (Jetpac) WRC3-5604
1988 Reid Does Neil [3 song EP] (Jetpac) WRC3-5945
1991 Tired of Waking Up Tired (Instrumental)/The Alouette, She Was Canada’s First Satellite,Way Before the Americans Even//[w/CHANGE OF HEART] (Cargo) CAR-702
1991 Music For Pets [5 song EP] (Jetpac) IPU-19
1992 Dog & Squeegie [3 song EP] (Estrus – US) ES-729
1993 Take Outs [2 songs] (Derivative) DUH-001
1994 It’s a Wonderful Record! [4 song EP] (Jetpac) CAR-712
1996 Having An Average Weekend (Cargo) DPRO-1326

1984 Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet [4 song EP] [cassette]
Woman Shake [cassette] (Jetpac)
1988 Savvy Show Stoppers (Glass) GLALP-031
1991 Dim the Lights, Chill The Ham (Cargo) CARLP-14
1993 Sport Fishin’ – The Lure of the Bait, the Luck of the Hook (Cargo) CARCD-17
1993 Sport Fishin’ Accessories [5 song EP] (Cargo) CARCD-18
2016 I Guess We Were A Fucking Surf Band After All (Yep Roc)

Compilation Tracks
“Good Cop, Bad Cop” on ‘It Came From Canada Volume 2’ (Og) OG-9
1987 “Bennett Cerf” on ‘Live In London’ (What Wave/CHRW)
1988 “Aunt’s Invasion” on ‘Sounds & Shigaku Limited Present: Beautiful Happiness’ (Sounds & Shigaku – UK) HAPPY-1
1989 “Woman Shake” on ‘What’s All the Fuzz About’ (What Wave/CHRW)
1991 “Early One Morning” on ‘Clam Chowder & Ice vs. Big Macs & Bombers’ (Nardwuar) CLEO-4
1992 “They Don’t Call Them Chihuahuas Anymore” on ‘International Pop Underground Convention’ (K – US) KLP-11
1993 “Rusty & Rover” on ‘A Canadian Alternative ’92 (Second Wave) SWM-002
1993 “Rusty & Rover” on ‘International Hip Swing’ (K – US) KLP-16
1994 “Popcorn” on ‘Star Power’ (Pravda – US) PR-6350
1995 “Popcorn” on ‘Super Fantastic Mega Smash Hits!’ (Pravda – US) 72392
1996 “Bennet Cerf” on ‘Time Machine: The History of Canadian 60’s Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95) (Stomp) STOMP-008
1996 “Having An Average Weekend” on ‘Brain Candy – Music From the Motion Picture Soundtrack’ (Matador) OLE 183-2
2011 “Foreign/Aft” on ‘Bloodstains Across Ontario'[7″ EP] (Mammoth Cave) MCR-017

Craig McCaw (guitar) / Rick Mussalem (vocals) / Claudette Scritnik (drums) / Clive Spiller (guitar) / Bob Verge (bass, vocals)
From Kelowna, British Columbia; Craig McCaw would go on to join The Poppy Family, then Sixty-Six Six before starting a solo career. He is now a TV and movie composer and producer. [also see CRAIG MCCAW]

Call Up the Man/Midnight Blues (Arc) A-1145

Compilation Tracks
“Call Up the Man” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 2’ (Neptoon) VRCA-002

Born: Paul Allen Shaffer on November 28, 1949, in Thunder Bay, Ontario
As a child growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario Paul Shaffer took piano lessons before moving on to organ in his teens. He formed his first band, The Fabulous Fugitives, with high school friends. Later he joined The Flash Landing Band and performed in Edmonton, Alberta and the British Columbia interior. From there he went to the University of Toronto in Ontario where he began playing with jazz guitarist Tisziji Muñoz. After performing in many non-descript jobber bands in Toronto nightclubs he started taking an interest in musicals. Following the completion of his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 1971, he became the musical director for the Toronto production of the musical ‘Godspell’ starring Victor Garber, Gilda Radner, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas and Andrea Martin – all of whom would find success as actors and/or comedians. In 1974 he went to New York to play piano for the Broadway production of ‘The Magic Show’ in 1974. By this time aspiring Canadian TV producer Lorne Michaels had also relocated to New York and launched the NBC sketch comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live’ featuring Shaffer’s friend Gilda Radner (and many of the comedians from the Second City comedy troupe calling themselves ‘The Not Ready For Prime Time Players’). Michaels brought Shaffer on as part of the live band and he’d often find himself doing double duty acting in skits on the show. He also did imitations of concert empresario Don Kirchner and accompanied Bill Murray on piano in the sketches for Nick the Lounge Singer. In 1977 Paul Shaffer would star with actor Greg Evigan in a TV sitcom called ‘A Year At the Top’ about two musicians who sell their souls to the devil for a year of fame and fortune. The show was cancelled after 5 episodes, and Shaffer returned to ‘Saturday Night Live’. Michaels then created a new musical vehicle for ‘Saturday Night Live’ regulars Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi based on their characters The Blues Brothers. Shaffer was enlisted to assemble a band featuring Steve Jordan (drums), Tom Malone (saxophone), Lou Marini (saxophone), Tom Scott (saxophone), Alan Rubin (trumpet), Matt Murphy (guitar), Donald “Duck” Dunn (bass), Steve Cropper (guitar), Willie “Too Big” Hall (drums). The ensemble backed Belushi and Aykroyd on their 1978 debut album ‘Briefcase Full of Blues’ which spawned several radio hits including a remake of Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man”. Shaffer would stay at ‘Saturday Night Live’ until 1980 at which time John Belushi sent a letter to management complaining that Shaffer was spending too much time on Gilda Radner’s album project – which was a distraction for The Blues Brother project. Shaffer left the show and Belushi excluded him from the 1980 Blues Brothers movie. In 1982 Shaffer accepted the job of band leader and music director on the ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ talk show. Shaffer has remained Letterman’s sidekick ever since. Shaffer has also made forays into movies as well with appearances in ‘This Is Spinal’ and ‘The Return of Spinal Tap’ (in the memorable role of Arti Fufkin), ‘Scrooged’, the animated movie ‘Hercules’ (as the voice of Hermes), the Andy Koffman biopic ‘Man In the Moon’ (as himself), and the post-Belushi Blues Brothers film ‘The Blues Brothers 2000’. Since 1986 has served as musical director and producer for the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies. He was also the musical director for the 1996 Olympic Games closing ceremonies in Atlanta, Georgia. Shaffer was also the musical director for the Cinemax broadcast special ‘Fats Domino and Friends’ featuring Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and Ron Wood (Rolling Stones). Shaffer has also managed to release two solo albums, including the Grammy Award nominated album ‘Coast To Coast’ in 1989. His 1993 album ‘World’s Most Dangerous Party’ was produced by Todd Rundgren. His list of credits performing live or on the recordings of others is immense and includes Donald Fagan (Steely Dan), B.B. King, Ron Wood, George Clinton, Scandal, Robert Plant (as part of the Honey Drippers live tour), Nina Hagen, Yoko Ono and Blues Traveller among others. Shaffer also co-wrote and produced the Weather Girls UK hit “It’s Raining Men” in 1984. In 2001, Shaffer hosted the VH1 game show ‘Cover Wars’ with cover bands competing for the show’s grand prize win. The show lasted only 13 episodes even with ratings attracting celebrity judges Kevin Bacon, Nile Rodgers, Cyndi Lauper and Ace Frehley among others. Thunder Bay, Ontario City council renamed a street in his honour in 2002 and Shaffer also became the spokesperson for Epilepsy Canada that year. In 2006 Shaffer was honoured with a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame and in 2008 received the prestigious Order of Canada.

When the Radio Is On/Metal Beach (Capitol) CP-2307
1989 When the Radio Is On [5 song remix 12”] (Capitol) V-15424

She’s a Rebel/Sweet Love (Casablanca) NB-893

Soul Man/Excusez Moi Mon Cherie (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3545
1978 Rubber Biscuit/”B” Movie Boxcar Blues (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3564
1978 Hey Bartender/(I’ve Got Everything I Need) Almost (Atlantic/WEA) 45-3576

Coast to Coast (Capitol) C1-48288

A Year At the Top (Casablanca) NBLP-7068

Briefcase Full of Blues (Atlantic/WEA) SD-19217
1981 Best of The Blues Brothers (Atlantic/WEA) SD-19331
1998 Blues Brothers 2000 (Universal) UD-53116

The World’s Most Dangerous Party

Compilation Tracks
“Roll Over Beethoven” on ‘Beethoven [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (MCA) MCAD-10593
1997 “One Cup of Coffee” on ‘Factor 20’ (Disky – NETHER) DC-880812

“Sammy from Africa” on ‘Mahvelous!’ (A & M) SP-5096

“South” [w/Paul Shaffer & Vince Gill] on ‘Willie and the Wheel’ (Bismeaux) BR-1287V

Stu Adams (vocals, guitar) / Greg Leskiw (lead guitar) / Bill Merritt (bass) / Clive Perry (drums)
From Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group featured future Kilowatt and Guess Who member Greg Leskiw. [also see GREG LESKIW]

1967 Smiling Fenceposts/Dr. Feelgood (Eagle) ER-123

Compilation Tracks
“Smiling Fenceposts” and “Dr. Feel-Good” on ‘The Eagle Records Collection’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-1
2009 “Smiling Fenceposts” and “Dr. Feel-Good” on ‘The Best Of Eagle Records’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-8

Graham Mair
(vocals) / Chris Lord (guitar, backing vocals) / William Anders (bass, backing vocals) / Robert Lickers (drums, backing vocals)
From Toronto, Ontario.

1991 Under The Influence [6-song cassette] (independent)
1993 The Shake (independent) TS-9301

From Montréal, Québec.

Crazy Feeling/Men Are Such Fools (TBI ) TBI-2001
1976 Good To Have You/Drivin’ Down the Freeway (Casino) C7-123

Dave “Rave” DesRoches (vocals, rhythm guitar) / Rick Andrew (vocals, bass) / Tim Gibbons (vocals, lead guitar) / Claude DesRoches (drums) / Bill Dillon (guitar) / John Lewis (guitar)
Cousins Dave and Claude DesRoches formed the band with long time friends Andrew and Gibbons in Hamilton in 1979. They built up a substantial following with their rockabilly-meets-pop energetic live shows touring with Tom Wilson & The Florida Razors and Teenage Head. They also recorded with Bob and Daniel Lanois – who were old friends of the band – and with legendary Guess Who producer Jack Richardson for several albums and singles on their own WARPT Records. The ‘In Time’ album garnered them substantial airplay and the ability to perform nationally. Eventually Dave Rave was recruited into Teenage Head and in 1988 moved to New York where he formed variations of his own Dave Rave Group and the Dave Rave Conspiracy as well as duo Agnelli & Rave. He now enjoys a lucrative solo career touring, releasing solo records and co-writing with The Trews; Tim Gibbons worked with his brother Pat in Hamilton band The Trouble Boys before managing to achieve notoriety for material he recorded for actor Billy Bob Thornton’s break-out movie ‘Slingblade’. He still plays in various projects around Hamilton. He released a solo album on the Cowboy Junkies’ Latent Recordings label entitled ‘Trail of Smoke’ in 2011; John Lewis released a solo album on Freedom Records in 1987 called ‘Prisoner of Gravity’. Lewis would all but give up his music career after the tragic death of his 11 year-old daughter Claire Lewis in October 2011; Claude DesRoches ran The Mermaid Bar in Hamilton’s Hess Village for many years before moving to the Maritimes; Andrew continued performing in and around Hamilton with various acts and still maintains the WARPT Records archives;  Bill Dillon is an internationally recognized session player. with notes from Dave Rave, Rick Andrew, Gary Pig Gold, Lisa Millar. [also see DAVE RAVE]

1979 Till I’m Gone/ Out The Door (Warpt) WRC3-900
1981 Shake Some Action//Poison Ivy/Wild Cat (Warpt/Trend) WRC3-1715
1982 California/Do Anything (Warpt) WRC3-2152

1981 Rock And Roll (Warpt/Trend) WRC1-1515
1981 In Time (Warpt/Trend) WRC1-1905
1983 Weekend (Warpt) WRC1-3070
2000 The Shakers [CD] (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4041

Compilation Tracks
“A Shot of Rhythm and Blues” on ‘What’s All the Fuzz About’ (What Wave/CHRW)

“Baby, It’s True”, “Out the Door”, “Shake Some Action”, “Do Anything”, “Let’s Face It”, and “Special Dedication” on ‘Dave Rave Anthology Vol. 1’ (Bullseye) BLR-CD-2005

Derry Stewart
From Edmonton, Alberta.

Junior Saw It Happen/My Little Buttercup (Quality) 1938X

Born: Remy David Shand in 1978 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Winnipeg’s Remy Shand had learned to play guitar and acoustic bass by the age of 12. He was exposed at an early age to R & B and Soul music through his parents’ record collection. His parents encouraged him to earn his G.E.D. and to use his music as the subject of his thesis. At the age of 19, Shand found a manager who shopped his demo tape to various record labels and Shand eventually signed with Motown Records in the US in 2000. Shand was trusted with the job of recording and producing his debut album himself. Like his hero, Stevie Wonder, Shand would play all the instruments on the album and spent most of 2001 toiling away in his home studio. Shand’s debut album, ‘The Way I Feel’, was released in March 2002 and debuted at No.1 on the Soundscan chart. Shand soon became a sensation on the back of four charting radio singles. Shand would win a JUNO Award for ‘Best R&B/Soul Recording’ in 2003 and was nominated for four Grammy Awards. The album eventually sold 7.5x platinum. Following an October 2003 announcement on Shand’s website stated that he was working on his sophomore album, ‘Day In The Shade’, Shand went incommunicado. The album has never materialized and Shand has not released any music since. He married singer Maiko Watson of TV supergroup Sugar Jones. They have since divorced.

Take a Message/Take a Message (Instrumental)/I Met Your Mercy/Mai (Motown/Universal) MOTR-20621
2002 The Way I Feel (Motown/Universal)
2002 Rocksteady (Album Version)/Take a Message/Rocksteady (Live)/Ripened & Consumed (Motown/Universal – EUROPE) LC-01846
2002 Rocksteady (Remix) [w/Smokey Robinson] [4 remixes] (Motown/Universal) MOTR-20845
2002 Ripened and Consumed (Motown/Universal)

The Way I Feel (Motown/Universal) UMCF-46642

Compilation Tracks
“Take a Message” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

Peter Padalino
(rhythm guitar) / Rick Riddell (drums) / Fred “Rocky” Howell (lead guitar, vocals) / David Lodge (vocals, bass; 1967) / Gail Truscott [nee Selkirk] (keyboards 1968-1972)
In Mid-1967 The Shan-De-Leers was formed at Cambridge, Ontario’s Galt Collegiate Institute as a trio featuring Rocky Howell, Peter Padalino, and Rick Riddell. Following high school, the troop decided to go professional under the management of Larry Shannon, a disc-jockey from a local Kitchener radio station CHYM-AM. They would then switch to manager Dan Mombourquette and added vocalist and bassist David Lodge. Later in 1967 they would sign to 4 Square Records and release the single “Can’t Mend A Broken Heart” giving them a larger local following. In 1968 the band added keyboardist Gail Selkirk. By 1969 they had changed their name to Major Hoople’s Boarding House. [also see MAJOR HOOPLE’S BOARDING HOUSE]

Can’t Mend a Broken Heart/Vision of My Heart (4 Square) RS-100

SHANE, Jackie
Born: May 15, 1940 in Nashville, Tennessee;
Died: February 21, 2019
Lounge singer Jackie Shane was considered very risqué during the more subdued Toronto club era of the early 1960’s. As a black androgynous soul singer, often backed by Frank Motley And The Hitch-Hikers (featuring saxophonist King Herbert) at the Sapphire Club, Shane commanded overflow crowds as much for his silky smooth voice as for his flamboyant effeminate stage persona. With constant club engagements throughout Canada and parts of the US as far away as California and Hawaii, Shane was able to release his one and only hit record, “Any Other Way”, in April 1963. The song reached No. 2 in Canada and sustained itself on the charts for 9 consecutive weeks. To capitalize on his popularity he also recorded a live album but by the late 1960’s drifted into obscurity. Many rumours have circulated over the years about his untimely death but Shane was tracked down in the US in 2016 and agreed to be interviewed. Renewed interest in his life and career inspired a complete anthology of his releases called ‘Any Other Way’ by label Numero Group in 2017. The retrospective was nominated for a Grammy in 2018 though it didn’t win. Shortly after the Grammy Awards in 2019, Shane passed away at her home in Detroit. with notes from Rob Bowman.

1963 Any Other Way/Sticks and Stones (SuE/Trans-World) S-776
1963 In My Tenement/Coming Down (SuE/Trans-World) S-788
1966 Cruel Cruel World/New Way of Lovin’ (Paragon) PA-1028
1967 You Are My Sunshine/Stand Up Straight and Tall (Modern/Caravan) M-1031
1968 Knock On Wood/You’re the One (Caravan) CX-102

Money/I’ve Already Got the Blues (Stop) M-5039
Don’t Play That Song/Barefootin’ (Caravan) CX-106

1968 Jackie Shane: ‘Live’ (Caravan)  FP-1000
2005 Live At the Sapphire Tavern (Rock And Roll) 5021
2017 Any Other Way [LP/CD] (Numero Group) NUM-067

Compilation Tracks
“Any Other Way” on ‘Made in Canada, Our Rock ‘n’ Roll History – Volume One: The Early Years’ (BMG) KCD1-7156

Doug Andrew (vocals)  / Mike Graham (guitar) / Ron Allan (bass) / Barry Taylor (drums) / Ron Scott (guitar; 1984)
From Vancouver, British Columbia.

1983 Clanging Bell [4 song 12″] (SD) EP-001

1985 This Evolution (Undergrowth) 1304

Compilation Tracks
“American Dessert” on ‘Manic Depression’ [cassette] (Zulu)

Born: Mary Rosalie Bryans in Washington, D.C., USA in 1942
Died: February 2008 in British Columbia

Known as “The Six Foot Sound,” Shannon grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The daughter of a Royal Canadian Air Force officer, Mary Bryans graduated high school and soon joined the Royal Canadian Navy. She would be stationed on the HMSC Cornwallis, near Digby, Nova Scotia in 1962. While in Halifax she bought a Gibson guitar and began performing at the Candlelight Lounge where she would play and sing. In 1965, when she was 23, she made an appearance on the Canadian TV show “Let’s Sing Out” under the stage name Marti Shannon which landed her a management deal with Sid Dolgay following a move to Toronto. She would begin playing the Yorkville coffee house circuit with a trio called Marti Shannon’s Big Sound (in reference to her 6-foot stature). Dolgay would soon land her a recording contract with RCA Victor in 1966. The label invested heavily in recording her first sessions with producer Ben McPeek in Nashville, Tennessee in April 1966. The result was her debut album ‘You Were On My Mind’ and the original-penned single “Don’t Cry For Me”. An extensive, and expensive, cross-Canada promo tour paid off with major media exposure. The song climbed to No. 26 on the C-FUNtastic Fifty chart and spent four weeks on the C-FUN All Canadian Top Ten (reaching No.3.) The single also charted in Lloydminster (No.23). Alas, “Don’t Cry For Me” failed to crack the Canadian Top 40 charts. The follow-up single was “Whose Little Boy Are You” and Shannon sang the song on CBC-TV’s ‘Juliette’ show. The single did manage one Top 40 showing on CKYL in Peace River in October 1966. For the third single, RCA Records opted for a new tactic with “There’s Lovin’ To Do” (backed with “On Your Way”) which was recorded at the same Nashville recording sessions, but not from the album. Shannon was nominated as ‘Top Female Vocalist’ and ‘Top Folk Singer’ in the 1967 RPM Awards. She would marry Gordon Begg, but the two divorced in the early 1970s leaving Shannon a single Mom who continued performing live. She eventually gave up her music career full time, and would eventually run her own business as an accountant from Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Shannon died in February 2008 of cancer. with additional notes from Ray McGinnis.

Don’t Cry For Me/Is He Gonna Love Me (RCA Victor) 47-8911
1966 Special Message To DJ’s/Whose Little Boy Are You (RCA Victor) SPC-45-38
1966 There’s Lovin’ To Do/On Your Way (RCA Victor) 47-9053
1966 Marti Shannon 4-song EP (RCA Victor – France) 86-536-M

You Were On MY Mind (RCA Victor) LSP-3633

Compilation Tracks
“Whose Little Boy Are You” on ‘Forget The Night’ (LIttle Axe) LAC-308

Mark Ashdown
(vocals) / Tom Weir (guitar, vocals) / Lars Jurgenson (guitar) / Tom Barton (bass, vocals) / Freeman MacLean (drums)
From Toronto, Ontario.

Compilation Tracks
“People’s Closets” on ‘Wave From The Grave’ (What Wave/CHRW) #1
1987 “Bloody Night Dress” on ‘Wave From The Grave 2’ (What Wave/CHRW) #2
1987 “Do What You Want” on ‘Live In London’ (What Wave/CHRW)
1988 “It’s Over” on ‘Disgraceland’ (What Wave/CHRW) #31989 “Long Tailed Cat” on ‘Mr. Garager’s Neighbourhood’ (Og) OG-21
1990 “Long Tailed Cat” on ‘Baloney Sandwich’ (What Wave) #12

Sherri Huffman
[aka Sherry Kean] (vocals) / David Baxter (guitar, vocals) / Basil Donovan (bass) / Cleave Anderson (drums) / Kit Johnson (bass) / Mike Bambrick (drums)
The Sharks were a steady fixture on the Toronto Queen Street bar circuit in the late 1970’s. Though an appearance on a Chameleon Records compilation called ‘No Pedestrians’ gave the act a solid profile, the band’s more popular live configuration consisted of the the rhythm section of Basil Donovan (bass) and Cleave Anderson (drums). This line-up never recorded. When lead singer Sherry Huffman left for a successful solo career under the name Sherry Kean (with guitarist Baxter as producer), Donovan and Anderson teamed up with former Hi-Fi’s members Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor to form Blue Rodeo. With notes from David Baxter. [also see SHERRY KEAN]

Compilation Tracks
“Get Off The Radio” on ‘No Pedestrians’ (Chameleon) CR-535

SHATNER, William
Born: William Alan Shatner on March 22, 1931 in Montreal, Québec
Canadian actor William Shatner has had a lengthy career from his early days doing Shakespearian Theatre at Ontario’s Stratford Festival, to CBC Radio and television to US television on such shows as ‘The Twilight Zone’, his turn as ‘Star Trek’ pop culture icon Captain James T. Kirk (on both the television and in the movies), ‘T.J. Hooker’, ‘Rescue 911’, ‘Boston Legal’ and most recently his own ‘Weird or What’ speculative science show. Shatner has also made several forays into the music business with mixed results. During the peak of ‘Star Trek’s’ popularity in the late 1960s (and following the release of co-star Leonard Nimoy’s short-lived music career in 1967), Shatner released the exaggerated, spoken-word recitation of Shakespeare alongside the era’s most popular pop songs such as “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds’ and ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ on the album ‘The Transformed Man’ for Decca Records.  Shatner was summarily criticized by the music industry and critics alike which immediately dissuade him from doing it again. As he struggled in the 1970s to find work in the fading popularity of ‘Star Trek’, Shatner narrated science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s album began doing one man shows from which his 1977 ‘William Shatner Live!’ was extracted. On it, he does text readings and monologues but there was no music accompaniment. However, he decided to give his pop song interpretation of Bernie Taupin and Elton John’s “Rocket Man” a try during the 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards. The event was mostly forgotten until Shatner’s performance was parodied on an episode of Seth McFarlane’s ‘Family Guy’ adult cartoon in 2001. Shatner was experiencing a career revival during this period and had taken efforts to be more self-effacing and accepting of his place in pop culture. From that he approached the idea of a new album with popular American performer Ben Folds who produced Shatner’s comeback record ‘Has Been’ in 2004. The album would spawn a single in the song “Common People”. In 2007 Shatner paid respect to his Jewish roots and recorded the album ‘Exodus – An Oratorio’ with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra backing his narration. In 2011, Shatner returned to the studio to exorcise his science fiction demons by recording two CDs worth of space and alien songs entitled ‘Seeking Major Tom’ where he finally committed his ‘Rocket Man’ reading to posterity. Guest musicians included Sheryl Crow, John Wetton, Patrick Moraz, Ritchie Blackmore, Alan Parsons, Peter Frampton, Zakk Wylde, Steve Howe, Michael Schenker, Dave Davies, Johnny Winter, Brad Paisley, Bootsy Collins, Carmine Appice, Ian Paice, and Toots of Toots & the Maytalls. The album debuted at No.1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart and No.147 on the Canadian Albums Chart. A video and single was released for Shatner’s version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. Shatner has written several books and in 2012 appeared on Broadway in ‘Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It’.

Common People (Shout! Factory) SAMPCS-14439

The Transformed Man (Decca) DL-5043
1976 Isaac Asimov: Foundation – The Psychohistorians Narrated by William Shatner (Caedmon) TC-1508
1977 William Shatner Live! (Lemli) LEMLI-00001
1978 Captain of the Starship: William Shatner Live [2LP] (K-Tel) NC-494
2004 Has Been (Shout! Factory) TVK-30349
2007 Exodus – An Oratorio (Jewish Music Group) JMG-18072
2011 Seeking Major Tom (Cleopatra) CLP-4799

SHAW, Graham
Born: Graham Angus Shaw in Calgary, Alberta
Originally from Calgary, Graham Shaw moved around a lot as a child and never quite set roots down in either Montreal or Regina where he also lived, but when he finally landed in the burgeoning musical Winnipeg at age 13 and taking piano lessons. Shaw would form his first group, The Mushroom Band, in 1969. They would release one independent single that got a little airplay on Winnipeg’s CKRC. He held down two jobs – one with Canadian Pacific Railway and the other at the Winnipeg Art Gallery – and continued playing in various Winnipeg acts including a post-Burton Cummings version of the Deverons, Terry & the Gentry, Electric Banana, and the Musical Odyssey. He was also a session musician appearing on recordings by artists Carmine LaRosa, Gerry & Ziz, and Romanian nightclub singer Ioana Iliant – who Shaw also acted as English lyric translator for. Shaw was also beginning to write commercial jingles as well and that helped with his songwriting. He welcomed the 1970’s as a member of the Serenaders which lasted until 1971. It took until the mid-70s to assemble a stable version of his backing band called Graham Shaw & the Sincere Serenaders featuring ex-Mood Jga Jga drummer Gord Osland, Gary Stefaniuk (bass), Danny Casavant (guitar), and backup singers Susan Lethbridge and Ilena Zaramba.
Shaw began getting noticed as a powerhouse vocalist and songwriter which landed the group a management deal with Bernie Finkestein and Bernie Fiedler in Toronto. The Bernies then got Capitol Records in the US to sign Shaw as a solo act in 1979 – and begged him to fire the band, which he wouldn’t do. Graham Shaw And The Sincere Serenaders recorded their self-titled debut in L.A. for $140,000 with producer Kenny Edwards (from the Linda Ronstadt band), but the label didn’t support the album stateside. However, Capitol-EMI Canada got behind the album and it spawned the hit single “Can I Come Near.” The song made Top10 in various territories across the Canadian national charts. Shaw won Most Promising Male Vocalist JUNO Award in 1981. Shaw signed with Bernie Finkelstein’s True North Records Canada for 1981’s ‘Good Manners in the 1980’s’ but despite three single releases, the album failed to produce another charting hit. At that point Shaw was fed up playing small venues and killing himself just to please small crowds. He packed up and moved to Toronto and lived off his royalties for a short period before producing a demo to send off to jingle houses. He would work with both Anne Murray and Celine Dion for The Bay, among others. Then he worked for CTV writing all the incidental music to their 24-hour ‘Newsworld’ segments. Meanwhile, he continued co-writing with artists such as Rik Emmett (Triumph), Eddie Schwartz, Alfie Zappacosta, and Valdy plus international acts such as Alice Cooper and Jeff Beck. He also recorded a Christmas album with a cappella group The Nylons. His biggest success, to date, was his music work on the children’s TV show ‘Theodore Tugboat.’ In 2008, Shaw released an album of demos and outtakes called ‘Raw Shaw.’ The Serenaders have reunited for live charity shows a few times over the years, but Shaw is effectively retired from the music biz. with notes from Graham Shaw and John Einarson. [also see THE MUSHROOM BAND]

1981 I Can’t Say No To You/No One To Say Goodbye To (True North) TN4-163
1981 Jolene/You Came (True North) TN4-167
1981 It’s Your Game/The Same Mistake (True North) TN4-172

French Lady/Mexican Serenade (Capitol) 72827
1980 Can I Come Near/Just To See You (Capitol) 4876
1981 Roll All Night/Northern Boy (Capitol) 72845

1981 Sampler [4-songs] (True North) CDN-42
1981 Good Manners In The ’80’s (True North) TN-46
2008 Raw Shaw [DigiFile] (independent)

Graham Shaw And The Sincere Serenaders (Capitol) ST-12065

Compilation Tracks
“Can I Come Near” on ‘Superstars Salute New Massey Hall’ (CBS/CRIA) CRIA-2
1984 “Can I Come Near” on ‘Bernie Finkelstein’s Greatest Hits’ (True North) TN-13X

“Can I Come Near” on ‘Sound Waves’ (K-Tel) TC-267

Tara MacLean (vocals, guitar) / Damhnait Doyle (vocals, guitar) / Kim Stockwood (vocals, guitar, drums)
Following the release of Damhnait Doyle’s third solo album, ‘Davnet’, in 2003 and its less than stellar sales figures, an executive at her label, EMI Canada, suggested she team up with fellow female solo artists Kim Stockwood and Tara MacLean. The ladies met and hit it off immediately and formed the acoustic trio Shaye. To sweeten the pot, a reality show was created around the formation of the band and their exploits. They released their first album ‘The Bridge’ at the end of 2003 and had success at radio with the song “Happy Baby”. After a lengthy tour schedule and the intensity of the reality show, MacLean left the group so she could start a family. Stockwood and Doyle carried on to promote Shaye’s sophomore album, ‘Lake of Fire’, through 2007 after which the two women went their separate ways and return to their separate solo careers. [also see DAMHNAIT DOYLE, TARA MacLEAN, KIM STOCKWOOD]

Happy Baby (EMI)
2005 Beauty (EMI)
2007 Lake of Fire (EMI)
2007 You’re Not Alone (EMI)

The Bridge (EMI) 593540
2006 Lake of Fire (EMI) 352929

Compilation Tracks
“Beauty” on ‘Women & Songs 8’ (WEA) WTVD-61926
2005 “Happy Baby” on ‘Women & Songs 9’ (WEA) WTVD-62800


Joel Grenz (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) / Paul J. Hermann (drums) / Courtney Klassen (lead vocals) / Bertrand Low (bass, backing vocals) / Christian Owens (lead guitar)
From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Machine Guns and Jesus Christ
2007 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

A Sheep At the Wheel
2005 Blend
2008 Dreams & Debris

Gilbert Smith (guitar) / Will Power [aka Matt Owen] (vocals)  / Greg Moore (drums) / Mark Deroux (bass) / John Francom (piano, saxophone) / Lisa Patterson (saxophone, keyboards)
Formed in London, Ontario in 1983 the band garnered immediate attention with a do-it-yourself cassette entitled ‘Entropic Concern’. Nominated for 1985 U-Know for ‘Best Non-Recording Artist’.  The band opened shows for Gene Loves Jezebel on their 1985 tour and Love And Rockets on their Canadian 1986 tour (except Ontario). 1986 would see the release of a 12” self-titled EP. A full-length album was planned but only a few tracks were released from the sessions on cassette in 1988.

1983 Entropic Concern [4-song cassette] (SLUR)
Sheep Look Up [4-song EP] (SLUR)  OX-11
1988 Rapture [cassette] (SLUR)

Compilation Tracks
“Like a Rat” on ‘London UndergRound – CHRW Compilation’ (Astro)

Ewan Currie (lead vocals, guitar) / Leot Hanson (guitar, backing vocals) / Ryan Gullen (bass, backing vocals) / Sam Corbett (drums, backing vocals)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s The Sheepdogs were formed in 2005 and prowled the Canadian prairies performing their modern Southern Rock. The began to record and release albums independently beginning with an EP in 2006 entitled ‘The Breaks’. This was followed in 2007 with ‘Trying To Grow’ and a year later with ‘The Sheepdogs’ Big Stand’ in 2008. On a whim they entered Rolling Stone magazine’s ‘Choose The Cover Competition’ in 2011. While weekly voting from readers proceeded, the band made appearances on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ and performed at the ‘Bonnaroo Music Festival’ as well ‘The Osheaga Festival’ in Montréal, Québec. The Sheepdogs were chosen as No.1 in a final vote over 15 other bands. They appeared on the August 18, 2011 cover of the magazine – the first unsigned act in the history of the magazine. The Sheepdogs were signed to Atlantic Records soon after and the label re-issued the band’s independent album ‘Learn & Burn’ which was produced by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. Their official debut on Atlantic was the 2011 EP ‘Five Easy Pieces’ which debuted at No.7 on the Canadian Albums Chart. The band would win three Edge 102.1-FM CASBY Awards for ‘Favourite New Artist’, ‘Favourite Indie Album’, and ‘Favourite New Album’. They would also win ‘Rock Album of the Year’ at the 2011 Western Canadian Music Awards. Their single, “Who?”, would end up being used in an episode of television show ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ that September. The album, ‘Learn & Burn’, was certified Gold by year end. During the 2012 JUNO Awards, The Sheepdogs won for ‘Rock Album of the Year’, ‘Best New Group’ and ‘Single of the Year’. The band would broadcast an acceptance speech from Australia while touring Down Under with John Fogerty. After a summer full of festival dates The Sheepdogs released their self-titled sophomore album in September 2012 featuring the radio single “The Way It Is”.

Birthday/Slim Pickens (Atlantic)
2011 I Don’t Know (Atlantic)
2011 Who? (Atlantic)
2012 The Way It Is (Atlantic)

The Breaks EP
2007 Trying to Grow
2008 The Sheepdogs’ Big Stand
2010 Learn & Burn (Sheepdogs/Atlantic) SHD-001
2011 Five Easy Pieces EP (Atlantic) 528318
2012 The Sheepdogs (Atlantic) 530446

Born: Modest Sklepowich

Modest Sklepowich (aka Mickey Sheppard) was a pharmacist who also performed with a band called The Sons Of The Golden West around his home town of Ethelbert, Manitoba. He also worked as a disc jockey at radio station CKDM in Dauphin, Manitoba. His wife, Orissia Ewanchuk (aka Bunny Sheppard), was a school teacher. Their career as a duo – Mickey and Bunny – began when Winnipeg record producer Alex Groshak heard them performing their Country and Western act, and approached them to record some versions of their music in Ukrainian. Groshak created V Records specifically to issue their material and each of them as solo artists. Mickey would also record for other labels after the duo stopped performing together in the late 1960s. [also see MICKEY AND BUNNY]

Tweet, Tweet/The Everlasting Now (Stop – US) ST-268
1971 Living On Dreams/The Way It Is (MB-5) 45-1001
1972 Living On Dreams/The Way It Is [re-issue] (RCA) 57-1055

Rich Girl-Poor Boy/Mickey’s Kolomayka (V) V-129

12 Great Fiddle Tunes (V) VLP-3011
1966 Mickey Sings Beer Parlour Songs Volume 1 (V) VLP-3064
1970 And Now Here’s…Mickey (Corn-nee/Sunshine) CNLP-1

Born: Frank Sheppard

Zeke Sheppard got his first record deal at a young age when Art Snider produced a single for him called “Snow Surfin'” which was released on President Records in 1963. After bouncing around as a solo artist and in various bands playing harmonica, mandolin, and other instruments including Dutch Mason’s Escorts through the remainder of the 1960s. In 1970 he ended up in the reformed version of McKenna-Mendelson Mainline appearing on their ‘Canada Home And Native Land’ and ‘The Mainline Bump & Grind Revue’ LPs. He would then join the band Blackstone for their only album in 1973. Following the band’s demise he was in demand as a session player, and appeared on The Stampeders’ ‘New Day’ album, the Laurie Bower Singers’ albums, and Tom Gallant’s ‘Down Home’ release. In 1974 he even managed another single called “Every Mile” as a duet with Louise Rockwood. In 1976 he released another single on GRT records, and worked on an album by the band Christenson plus Terry Christenson’s solo work.

Snow Surfin’/What Does Too Young Mean? (President) P.831
1976 Cape Breton Is My Home/Why Have You Been Gone So Long? (GRT) 1343-079

Every Mile (The Hard Part Begins) /[same – Louise Rockwood solo] (A & M) AM-374

Arnold Lanni (keyboards, vocals) / Freddy Curci (lead vocals) / Wolf Hassel (bass, vocals) / Steve de Marchi (guitar) / Rob Elliott (drums)
Formed in 1979 in Toronto, it was a couple of years before Sheriff attracted the attention of a record label, and in 1982 their eponymous debut was released on Capitol. It was not until the third single, however, that they caught the fancy of the radio listening public, and “When I’m With You” went to No. 1 in Canada and No. 61 in the US. However, even though managing to get tours with major acts such as the Beach Boys, the band members weren’t making very much money and internal strife started eating away at their ranks. Finally in 1985 they split up; Lanni and Hassel formed Frozen Ghost. In an ironic twist of fate,  Jay Taylor – a dee-jay at a radio station in Las Vegas – took it upon himself to start playing “When I’m With You” regularly in 1989, which led to other Vegas stations also adding it to their rotation. In quick succession the song was being playlisted all over the US and it spent 30 weeks on the Billboard charts, eventually going to No.1 there and selling over half a million copies. This success prompted Freddy Curci and Steve DeMarchi to approach Lanni and Hassel about reforming the band. They were turned down flat as Frozen Ghost was a successful going concern. Not wanting to let the trail go cold, Curci and DeMarchi formed the band Alias with former members of Heart and were signed to EMI Music. Alias managed their own successful run up the charts and would regularly perform the Sheriff hit in their live sets. [also see ALIAS, FROZEN GHOST]

1982 You Remind Me/Kept Me Coming (Capitol) 72889
1982 Makin’ My Way/Living For a Dream (Capitol) 72895
1983 When I’m With You/Crazy Without You (Capitol) 72901
1983 Mama’s Baby/Give Me Rock And Roll (Capitol) 72906
1989 When I’m With You [re-issue] (Capitol)

1982 Sheriff (Capitol) ST-12227

Compilation Tracks
“When I’m With You” on ‘Electric North’ (K-Tel) TC-277
1999 “When I’m With You” on ‘Monster Ballads’ (Razor & Tie) 189024
2001 “When I’m With You” on ‘Joe Dirt [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Sony) JK-85468
2007 “When I’m With You” on ‘Dock Rock After Dark’ (Sony/BMG) 567824
2008 “When I’m With You” on ‘Time-Life Presents: Power Ballads’ (Universal Special Markets) A-688003

Born: Curtis Jonnie on October 26, 1946 on the Roseau River Reserve, Manitoba
Died: January 12, 2021 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Shingoose is an Ojibwa native Canadian who was adopted by a Steinbach, Manitoba Mennonite missionary family at the age of 4. Jonnie adopted his Anglicized family surname after it was handed down by his native ancestors. His grandfather had been named Little John Shingoose who was named after Jonnie’s great-grandfather, Big John Shingoose — thus the name Jonnie and the moniker Shingoose. Soon he began playing and singing in church choirs. By his teenage years he had moved to the United States to join the Nebraska-based Boys Town Concert Choir. By the middle of the 1960’s Jonnie had played in several pop, rock and R & B bands throughout New York and Washington, DC – most notably with the Roy Buchanan Blues Band. In 1973 he returned to Winnipeg as a native activist and began performing at folk festivals and tribal functions under the mononym Shingoose. His recording career began with 1975’s ‘Native Country’ 7” EP and didn’t move to a full-length recording until 1979’s ‘Ballad of Norval’. In 1983, Shingoose toured in the native musical production ‘In Deo’ featuring some of his original compositions. With his influence in native affairs mounting, he hosted his own current affairs television show ‘First Nations Magazine’ in 1985 and later starred along with other First Nations performers like Tom Jackson and Buffy Sainte-Marie in the CTV-TV prime time special ‘Indian Time’ which his own company producer. Currently Shingoose is acting Chair of the Best Music of Aboriginal Canada Committee for the Juno Awards. He was also Director of Fund Raising for a new Aboriginal Cultural Tourism Centre called ‘Spirit Island’ in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba that opened in July 1999. Shingoose also released a new CD to coincide with the network airing of ‘Indian Time 3’ in 1999; Shingoose sang backing vocals on several early Bruce Cockburn albums (Cockburn had done the same favour on Shingoose’s Native Country release). In early 2012 Shingoose suffered a stroke that paralyzed his left side. A fundraiser in the native community around Winnipeg was organized in May 2012 and the proceeds have been used to help Shingoose regain his independence through therapy. with notes from Clay and Curtis Jonnie (Shingoose).

1975 Native Country [4-song 7″ EP] (Native Council of Canada) MS-11710-11

1979 Ballad of Norval (CBC) LM-467
1988 Natural Tan [cassette] (Headband) HC-8801

From Montréal, Québec.

Eee-Yow (Community – US) 3-3907-1

Chris Johnson
(vocals) / Chris Thomas (guitar) / Robert Paterson (keyboards)
Shock Culture were formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1985 and soon signed to producer Mark Wright’s Gryphon Records.

Shock Culture [3-song EP] (Gryphon) GRO-525

Ed Coppard (keyboards) / Carl Erickson (bass) / Keith Foreman (vocals, organ) / Dave Jonsson (drums) / Mike Wilson (guitar)
The Shockers were a popular mid-1960s band from Vancouver, British Columbia who won the Pacific National Exhibition ‘Battle of the Bands’. They released one single called “Somebody Help Me” for RCA Records. This led to appearances on national TV, and The Shockers opened shows for such acts as Billy Preston and the Everly Brothers; Coppard and Jonsson would later join Trilogy; Coppard would go on to a brief solo career under the name C.B. Victoria and is now a motivational speaker using music and singing as inspiration and teaming building in his seminars; Jonsson joined Bowser Moon and would then go on to become an in-demand session drummer around British Columbia. [also see C.B. VICTORIA, TRILOGY]

Somebody Help Me/I Can’t Make It (RCA Victor International Canada) 57-3435

Compilation Tracks
“Somebody Help Me” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 2’ (Neptoon) VRCA-002
1994 “Love Is A Beautiful Thing” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 4’ (Neptoon) VRCA-004
1967 “You Don’t Love Me”, “It’s You Alone”, “Don’t Bring Me Down”, and “You Better Run” on ‘Live! From The Grooveyard” (New Syndrome) NSLM-1004

Mike Hanford (vocals, organ) / Don Thompson (guitar) / Jack Wong (bass) / Bob Hunter (drums)
Formed in 1959, this Winnipeg outfit (not to be confused with Tommy James’s Shondells) recorded “Shake A Tail Feather” for independent label Eagle Records in 1965. The song did so well locally in Manitoba that Columbia Records signed the band. It was followed up with “Another Man” (hitting No.31 on the charts), “Last Night I Took A Walk” and then “I Take It Back” (hitting No.50 on the charts). Hanford went on to form Gettysbyrg Address (and even attempted to use the Shondels name but could not obtain the rights from founder Wong), later wrote songs for Mainline, moved to British Columbia, and was a member of the 1984 version of The Guess Who; Thompson also moved to British Columbia; Hordichuk played with The Good Fortune previous to their Franklin release. with notes from Ron Stein, Jack Wong and Dave Sampson.

1965 Shake A Tail Feather/Don’t Put Me Down (Eagle) 106
1965 Another Man/I Want To Dance With You (Columbia) C4-2673
1966 Last Night I Took A Walk/In The World Of Today (Columbia) C4-2711
1966 I Take It Back/In The World Of Today (Columbia) C4-2717

Compilation Tracks
“Another Man”, “Cruisin'”, “Free From Misery”, “I Take It Back”, “I Want To Dance With You” and “Please Be Mine” on ‘Buried Treasures: Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-9

Duncan White (vocals) / John Bride (guitar, banjo, ukulele) / Ray Harrison (keyboards) / Wayne Mills (saxophone, synth) / Tommy Frew (drums) / Tom Fryer (bass) / Dave Breckels (drums; replaced Frew) / Norm Wellbanks (bass; replaced Fryer) / Peter Hodgson (bass; replaced Wellbanks) / Jimmy Jones (bass; replaced Hodgson) / Sonnie Bernardi (drums; replaced Breckels) / Fred Keeler (guitar; replaced Bride); 1977 – 1979 Line-up: Duncan White (vocals) / Tom Fryer (bass; replaced Jimmy Jones) / Lance Wright (drums; replaced Bernardi) / Les Paulus (guitar) / Matt Horner (keyboards; replaced Harrison) / Joe Ress (keyboards; Horner) / J.P. Bedard (guitar; replaced Paulis) / Woody West (guitar; replaced Bedard) / Ron Carlton (bass; Fryer) / Rheal Lanthier (guitar; replaced West) / John Gibbard (slide guitar; added) / Kathleen Murphy (vocals) / Ailene Murphy (vocals) / Maureen Murphy (vocals)
Following a successful run as the rowdy and raucous 1950’s styled Greaseball Boogie Band – who were known as a cover band – they were nominated ‘Most Promising Band’ at the 1974 JUNO Awards for their self-titled double album debut for GRT. As they already had a record deal with GRT, label owner Ross Reynolds wanted to get the band some legitimate hits of their own by incorporating music by contemporary songwriters. Reynolds offered up a song by Allan Nichols while producer Ralph Murphy suggested Leo Sayer’s “Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance).” Recording commenced with Doug Riley and Terry Brown’s Dr. Music production company at Eastern Sound which was produced by Ralph Murphy and featured the help of engineer Steve Vaughan (The Hunt, Klaatu) and Terry Brown (Klaatu, Rush, Max Webster). During early sessions in 1974 Harrison brought in his old Crowbar bandmate Bernardi to replace Breckels while Wellbanks was replaced by Hodgeson. The band realized mid-stream that they couldn’t go back out playing the new material as the Greaseball Boogie Band and decided to take the over-indulgent Vegas style of disco acts and dig back into the WWII catalog of 1940’s swing and big-band music to the extreme. They hired three singers from Winnipeg, The Murphy Sisters, to add a certain Andrews Sisters touch to the backing vocals and changed their name to the Shooter Revue. Their new image was one of Depression Era gangsters complete with real guns as stage props and the arrival of the band at gigs in a 1935 Chevy. That summer they played at Toronto’s Varsity Stadium supplying a 20 minute opening musical warm-up for a speech by, then, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. The producer who had arranged the event later approached them to write a song for and appear as extras in a television bipoc on the CBC about gangster John Dillinger’s accomplice Alvin “Creepy” Carpis. Meanwhile, Murphy took the Sayer song and produced a new, shorter, more commercial sounding arrangement to go on the album. He took the recording of that to MIDEM, France in January of 1975 to try and work a distribution deal for the band internationally. Upon bumping into Leo Sayer and his manager Adam Faith, Murphy played them the track for fun. After returning to Canada, Sayer spent a small fortune re-recording the song with the identical arrangement to Murphy’s. It was rush released in the United States at a reported cost of nearly $100,000. With a new name and the clock ticking on Sayer’s version of “Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)” threatening to spill over into Canada, GRT Records ran with Shooter’s version at Canadian radio in March 1975 and managed to land a certified chart hit with the song reaching No.6 on the CHUM Chart. The second Sayer song, “Train”, featuring backing vocals by Laurie Hood (Sugar Shoppe, Klaatu) was released in October 1975 making it to No.23 on the CHUM charts. The third single – Neil Sedaka’s “Standing on the Inside” – did not chart, but 1976’s “Hard Times” managed to hit No.83 on the RPM Top 100 Singles chart. With the demise of GRT in 1978, Shooter was label-less and moved over to Casino Records where they returned to Eastern Sound to record the follow-up album ‘Reloaded’ with a reconfigured line-up featuring the addition of Joe Ress, Lance Wright, Woody West, Ron Carlton and J.P. Bedard. Two singles were released while the sessions were in progress: Bruce Springsteen’s “Cherokee Queen” in late 1978 and the Joe Ress/Lance Wright written “Flows Like A River” in 1979. Two weeks after the second single was released, Casino Records went bankrupt and the band was stuck with an unreleased album and a $10,000 bill for recording time at Eastern Sound. White carried on with one more version of Shooter that now included Rheal Lanthier (guitar), and John Gibbard (slide guitar) from Crowbar. The band finally called it quits in 1980; White left the music business to help raise his three daughters; Harrison joined Crowbar before re-teaming with Mills and Bride who formed The Cameo Blues Band following their stint in Shooter; Duncan White passed away September 1, 2014 from complications following surgery. with notes from Duncan White, Joe Ress, Ron Carlton and Ralph Murphy. [also see GREASEBALL BOOGIE BAND]

1975 I Can Dance (Long Tall Glasses)/Hole In My Soul (GRT) 1230-93
1975 Train/Mornin’ Glory (GRT) 1230-97
1976 Standing On The Inside/Rock On Rockette (GRT) 1230-109
1976 Hard Times/Little Bit of Rain (GRT) 1230-115
1977 Long Tall Glasses (I Can Dance)/Train (GRT) 1230-149
1978 Cherokee Queen [mono]/Cherokee Queen [stereo] (Casino) C7-125
1979 Flows Like a River/A Little Bit Crazy (Casino) C7-147

1975 Shooter (GRT) 9230-1059

Compilation Tracks
“I Can Dance (Long Tall Glasses)” on ‘Power Pak’ (K-Tel) TC-223
1975 “I Can Dance (Long Tall Glasses)” on ‘Canada Gold – 22 Karat Hits’ (K-Tel) TC-225
1975 “Train” on ‘Music Express’ (K-Tel) TC-228

SHORE, Sandi
Sandi Shore was from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

I’ll Know Better (Next Time)/Roses and Heartaches (Gaiety) G-114

Compilation Tracks
“I’ll Know Better (Next Time) on ‘Boy Trouble – Garpax Girls’ (Ace – UK) CDCHD-1005

Brian Twaites
(bass, vocals) / Cam Kingelin (drums, vocals) / Neal Mattice (guitar, vocals) / Rusty Walker (guitar, steel) / Steve Woolhead (keyboards)
Country band from Oshawa, Ontario who ran their own Double Barrel Records. Twaites had been in the 1970s band Par Four while Rusty Walker had come from The Rhythm Masters in the 1960s before going solo.

Shotgun/[same] (Double Barrel)
1983 Love Bandit/Shotgun (Double Barrel)
1984 Fool In The Palm Of Your Hand/Love Bandit (Double Barrel) WRC3-3381
1985 Early Morning, After Midnight Lover (Double Barrel) CCR-9078

Turning Point (Double Barrel) SG-2001

Chris Buck (bass, vocals) / Scott Henderson  (guitar, vocals) / Ken Kempster (drums, vocals)
Shovlhed were from Victoria, British Columbia, The recorded their first demo in 1989 entitled ‘Proud As a Moose’ before recording the full album ‘Stove Boy Serves Daily Special’ in the Spring of 1990 with producer John Wright (No Means No). It took a year to work out a deal for distribution with Konkurrel in the Netherlands. The album finally saw release in January 1992; Henderson would go on to form experimental cross-continent virtual band Hissanol with NoMeansNo’s Andy Kerr from 1994 to 1998; Kempster and Henderson both perform in various acts around Victoria, British Columbia; Buck died in 2004. with notes from Ken Kempster.

1989 Proud As a Moose[cassette]
Stove Boy Serves Daily Special (Incentive/Konkurrel – HOLLAND) K-135

Blair Petrie (Moog, synths) / Ben Gaylie (electronic drums)
Vancouver, British Columbia electronics duo The Shriek released one 12” EP but continued to work together and continued releasing material under Blair Petrie’s name. [also see BLAIR PETRIE]

1980 Sex Sells [6-song EP] (Rude) REP-1

Richard Underhill (lead vocalist, alto & baritone saxophone) / Mike Murley (tenor and baritone saxophone) / Dave Parker (tenor saxophone) / Stich Wynston (drums) / Jim Vivian (bass, vocals)  / Perry White (tenor and baritone saxophone; replaced Murley) / George Koller (bass; replaced Vivian) ; Greg Smith (drums) / Mike Milligan (bass; 1993-1997) / Eric St. Laurent (guitar; 1994-1997)
Toronto’s popular jazz beatniks the Shuffle Demons got their start when Richard Underhill, Dave Parker and Mike Murley were going to York University and working on their individual bachelor degrees. Underhill is from British Columbia, and Parker and Murley are both from the Maritimes; Underhill convinced them to stay in Toronto to form a band with him and Toronto drummer Stich Wynston in September 1984. Together they hit Toronto’s street corners as buskers just as Underhill had busked on the streets of Paris, France. Their persistence paid off. The Demons drew huge crowds to major downtown Toronto intersections, and local TV station CITY-TV used them in a promo spot. They got offers for club gigs, added bassist Jim Vivian for their indoor work, landed themselves a regular Saturday afternoon residency at the Holiday Tavern, and kept playing Toronto’s streets to keep their chops up. Before releasing any kind of product whatsoever, they managed to tour Europe in 1985 (including a gig in East Berlin), and their independent version of the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada was immediately scooped by Maple Leaf Gardens for play in the arena. Eventually it was adopted by the NHL for play on Canadian television. The band released their first independent album in 1986 entitled ‘Streetniks’. The album was produced by Michael Philip Wojeweda (Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics) and the cover art was done by Toronto artist/musician Kurt Swinghammer. Critics and fans alike reacted strongly to the Demons’ particular brand of jazz and the band continued playing literally wherever they could get a gig. They became very well known in the Toronto area for their single/video “Spadina Bus” which received regular airplay on MuchMusic. Over the next seven years the Shuffle Demons released four more albums, earned four CASBY awards from Toronto radio station CFNY, and played to sold out audiences all across Canada and Europe (where their product was distributed by Stubby Records). Mike Murley left the band in 1991 and released an album of original material on the Unity label entitled ‘Two Sides’; The Shuffle Demons disbanded in 1997. In 2012 the Shuffle Demons reunited and took advantage of the recent construction activity on Spadina Avenue in Toronto that forced Toronto Transit to discontinue the daily streetcar on the road and substitute it with a bus service. The band spent days performing their cult hit “Spadina Bus” for passengers during the summer of 2012. Simultaneously, they released their new album ‘Clusterfunk’.

1986 Spadina Bus/Shuffle Monster (Stubby) SR-002
Jingle Bells/Father Hipness (Stubby) SR-003
1988 Out of My House Roach/The Funkin’ Pumpkin (Stubby) SR-004
1989 Hockey Night In Canada/Personal Blues (Stony Plain) SPDJ-1065

1986 Streetniks (Stubby) SR-001
1987 Streetniks [re-issue] (Stony Plain) SPL-1118
1988 Bop Rap (Stony Plain) SPL-1124
1990 What Do You Want (Stony Plain)  SPCD-1152
1992 Alive In Europe (Stubby)  SRCD-7732
1993 Extra Crispy (Stubby) SRCD-7734
1996 Get Right [EP] (Stubby) SRCD-7736
1996 Cyberjazz Live (Stubby)
2004 Greatest Hits (Stubby)
2012 ClusterFunk (Linus/Universal) 270152

Compilation Tracks
“The Hockey Night In Canada Theme” on Contact! The All-Star Collection / Contact! La Collection Des Étoiles (Attic) ACD-1395
2010 “No Free Trade (Unreleased)” on ‘Into the 80s: Great Toronto Bands’ (Sugar Moon) SM10-001

Dustin Schwam (drums) / Mark Morrison (bass) / Paul Shrimpton (vocals) / Paul Spriggs (guitar) / Rob Duffy (guitar)
From Victoria, British Columbia; Schwam would become vocalist for Keg Killers; Shrimpton would go on to the bands Pressure Cooker and Tinkertoy; Spriggs would go on to Pressure Cooker.

The Mechanic [4-song EP] (Chikara) CR-008

Frank Ramirez (voice, guitar, synth) / Germ Warfare [aka Dermot Foley] (voice, guitar, synth)

Greytest Hats [cassette] (independent)

Compilation Tracks
”The Conquest of Daytime” and “Get Rigid” on ‘Vancouver Independence’ (Friends) FR-009

Sean Ramsay (guitars, vocals) / Jay Patterson (bass) / Locksley Taylor (additional guitars, backing vocals) / Ryan Ferguson [aka Electroluminescent] (guitar, synths; replaced Taylor) / Matthew Durrant (drums)
This Burlington, Ontario band was originally called SIANspheric4 when they formed in 1994. They were signed to Sonic Unyon be year’s end. They released their debut album, ‘Somnium’, in 1995 – with three tracks from the record ending up being used in the TV show ‘La Femme Nikita.’ They followed the record up with national tour and three more full-length CD’s plus one EP by decade’s end. They also did a split album with the band Toshack Highway before disbanding in 2001. They reformed in Toronto in 2005, and put out a new 7″ single called “I Wouldn’t Expect You To Understand” in 2006. They then released a DVD/CD entitled ‘RGB’ which featured live archival footage recorded between 1997 and 2001 plus their few music videos. In June of 2006 the band announced plans for a new album which never materialized. The band soon split up a second time. In 2011, SIANspheric regrouped. Members are Sean Ramsay (guitars, vocals), Jay Patterson (bass guitar), Ryan Ferguson (a.k.a. Electroluminescent – additional guitars, synthesizers) and Matthew Durrant (drums). The band is once again promising an album of new material soon.

I Wouldn’t Expect You To Understand (Black Mountain) BMM-005

Somnium (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-021
1998 There’s Always Someplace You’d Rather Be (Sonic Unyon) SUN-046
1999 Else (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-062
1999 Planets [3 song EP] (Sonic Unyon) SFT-002
2001 The Sound of the Colour of the Sun (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-072

with TOSHACK HIGHWAY vs. SIANspheric
Magnetic Morning/Aspirin Age [2 CD] (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-080

Compilation Tracks
“I Like the Ride (Radio Edit)” on ‘Rock Hits’ (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-024
1998 “Orgasm Edict” [w/Green Buck] on ‘Now We Are 5’ (Sonic Unyon)
1999 “D’Yer Wanna Be J. Spacemam” on ‘To Jupiter and Beyond’ (Aporia) APCD-001
2005 “The Stars Above” and “All On Standby” on ‘Transcend Mainstream Mediocrity’ (Sonic Unyon) SUP-002

Born: January 29, 1949 in Jamaica
Sibbles was singing and playing guitar by the time he was 12 years old. Sibbles joined Barry Llewellyn and Earl Morgan’s The Heptones as bass player, vocalist, and songwriter in 1965 after Sibbles’ band and The Heptones competed in a street-corner contest.  The trio recorded two songs for for Ken Lack in 1966 – “School Girls” and their first single “Gun Man Coming to Town”. The song made the playlists at Radio Jamaica Rediffusion (RJR). They would later record a trove of their most popular Rock Steady styled songs with Clement “Coxsone” Dodd at Studio One right through 1971. Their Studio One recordings, though not huge hits, have been collected on the albums ‘The Heptones’, ‘On Top’, ‘Ting a Ling’, ‘Freedom Line’, and ‘Sea of Love’. Besides Sibbles’ Heptones recordings he was also a session bassist at Studio One doing work on various artists recordings as part of the studio’s Sound Dimension and Soul Vendors collectives. Sibbles played on material by Jackie Mittoo, Bob Andy, The Eternals, Alton Ellis, Horace Andy, Carlton Manning, The Abyssinians, The Gladiators, Willi Williams, Ken Boothe, John Holt, Roy Richards, Burning Spear, Dennis Brown, Slim Smith, The Mad Lads and scores of others. Sibbles’ most enduring bassline was on the instrumental “Full Up”, which was used by Musical Youth for their international hit single “Pass The Dutchie” (itself an adaptation of The Might Diamonds’ ‘Pass the Kutchie’) in  1983. The Heptones carried on throught he 1970s and their most popular releases were ‘Book of Rules’, ‘Cool Rasta’, ‘Night Food’ (produced by Danny Holloway) and ‘Party Time’ (produced by Lee “Scratch” Perry). Sibbles moved to Canada in 1973 while still with the Heptones. He would work with many name producers including Lloyd Barnes, Sly & Robbie, Lloyd Parks, Augustus Pablo, Bruce Cockburn, and Lee “Scratch” Perry. He also preferred to produce his own material which he licensed to the Micron label. Sibbles also managed an album for the Canadian arm of A & M Records  as well as Attic Records. Sibbles won two CFNY-FM U-Know Awards for ‘Best Male Vocalist’ (1983 and 1985), and a JUNO Award for ‘Best Reggae Album’ in 1987. He eventually left the Heptones in 1976 while on a US tour. He made regular trips back to Jamaica and performed at Reggae Sunsplash four times in the 1980s and in 1990. He would the rejoin the Heptones in 1991. He teamed up with Beenie Man in 1996 for the ‘Original Full Up’ album. Sibbles became a producer in 2009 (Sagitar, DJ Chapter) and created the vanity label Bright Beam Records.

1977 Sweet Talking/Sweet Version (Studio 1/Rosette – JAMAICA) 103
Now You’re Gone/Version (Wackies) 100
1982 Love Me With All Your Heart/Lets Get It On (A & M) AM-581
1982 I’m So Thankful/Let Music (A & M) AM-582
1990 I Love You/Version (Penthouse/Sonic Sounds – JAMAICA) 92-67167
1990 Bring Your Love (straight Mix)/Bring Your Love (Dub Mix) (Penthouse/Sonic Sounds – JAMAICA)
1990 Eyes Like Fire/Version (Penthouse/Sonic Sounds – JAMAICA)
1995 Cant Take You Back/Version (Digital B – JAMAICA)
1995 I Believe In You/Version (Digital B – JAMAICA)
1995 I Need Your Love/Version (Digital B – JAMAICA)
1995 You Turn Me On (Record Factory – JAMAICA) MML-1730
1995 Pope Paul/Version (Record Factory – JAMAICA) MML-1734
Baby G (Melody One) DSR-970
Blood In The Streets/Version (Kingston Connexion – UK)
Don’t Wanna Come Back/Version (Kulcha Beat) KUL-001
Feel The Vibes (Powermatic – JAMAICA) 12849/50
Jah Please Help/Version (Xterminator – JAMAICA)
Love Me Alway/Version (Total Sounds – JAMAICA) 4303

Original Full Up/Version (Digital B – JAMAICA)

Gunmen Coming To Town/[split w/TOMMY McCOOK AND THE SUPERSONICS] (Rio – UK) R-104
1967 A Change Is Gonna Come/Nobody Knows (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2005
1967 School Girls/[split w/TOMMY McCOOK AND THE SUPERSONICS] (Caltone – UK) TONE-105
1967 Why Must I/Try Again (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2027
1967 Baby/[split w/ALTON ELLIS] (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2033
1968 Cry Baby Cry/[split w/ALTON ELLIS] (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2037
1968 Christmas Time/[split w/KEN BOOTHE] (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2039
Cry Baby Cry/Mama (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2049
1968 Dock of the Bay/[split w/ROCKY] (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2052
1968 Suspicious Minds/Haven’t You Any Fight Left (Coxsone – JAMAICA) CS-7023
1968 If You Knew/[split w/SOUL VENDORS] (Coxsone – UK) CS-7038
1968 Gee Wee/Love Won’t Come Easy (Coxsone – UK) CS-7052
1968 Giddy-Up/[split w/JACKIE MITTOO] (Coxsone – UK) CS-7075
1968 Fattie Fattie/Version (Coxsone – JAMAICA) CS-7094
1969 How Could You Leave (Coxsone – JAMAICA)
1969 I Shall Be Released/Darling I Love You (Studio 1 – UK) SO-2083
1970 Be A Man/[split w/BURNING SPEAR] (Banana – UK) BA-311
1970 Young Gifted And Black/[split w/SOUND DIMENSION] (Bamboo – UK)
1970 Young Generation/You Turned Away (Bamboo – UK) BAM-39
1970 Message From a Black Man/[split w/SOUND DIMENSION] (Bamboo – UK)
1971 Freedom Line/Version (Banana – UK) BA-350
1972 Party Time/Version (Studio 1 – JAMAICA)
1972 Hypocrite/[split w/JOHNNY LOVER] (Green Door – UK) GD-4020
1973 Love Without Feeling/[split w/MUDIES ALL STARS]  (Jungle [Reggae] – UK) FHM- 7830
1973 Baby, Why Must I, Why Did You Leave/[split w/LOVE GENERATION] (Grape – UK) GR-3046
1973 Old Time/[split w/G.G. ALL STARS] (Grape – UK) GR-3053
1973 Soul Sister/[split w/THE IMPACT ALL STARS] (Smash – UK) SMA-2328
1973 I Miss You/Part 2 (Ashanti – US) ASH-407
1973 Let Me Hold Your Hand/[split w/NOW GENERATION] (Ackee – UK) ACK-514
1973 Book of Rules/Part 2 (Island – UK) WIP-6179
1975 Street Of Gold/Version (Tom Tom – JAMAICA)
1975 I Am Crying/Version (Jamatel – UK) JAL-05
1976 Cool Rasta/Dreadlocks (Horse – UK) HOSS-124
1976 Crackling Rosie/[split w/JIMMY Mc] (Magnet – UK) MA-056
1976 Country Boy/Love Won’t Come Easy (Island – UK) WIP-6266
1976 Love Won’t Come Easy/Mama Say (Island – UK) WIP-6281
1977 Sufferer’s Time/[split w/THE UPSETTERS] (Island – UK) WIP-6325
Choice of Colour (Coxsone – JAMAICA)
Sea of Love (Coxsone – JAMAICA)
Mama Let Me Go/Part 2 (Coxsone – JAMAICA)
Young Generation/[split w/KARL BRYAN] (Studio 1 – JAMAICA) SO-3162
It’s Brighter Today/Good (Ivy’s International – JAMAICA) IIR-001
Mount Zion/Version (Observer – UK)
Through The Fire I Come/Version (Observer – UK)
Mr.President/Version (Hep Hep – JAMAICA)

1980 Now (Micron) MICCAN-0031
1981 Strictly Roots (Micron) MICCAN-0038
1982 Evidence (A & M) SP-9075
1983 On Top (Micron) MICCAN-0052
1984 The Best (Micron) MICCAN-0088
1985 Selections (Leroy Sibbles) LSLP-002
1986 Mean While (Attic) LAT-1226

The Heptones (Studio 1 – JAMAICA) SOL-9002
1968 On Top (Studio 1 – JAMAICA) SOL-9016
1970 Black Is Black [aka Ting a Ling] (Studio 1 – JAMAICA) SOLP-2222
1971 Freedom Line
1972 The Heptones & Their Friends: Meet the Now Generation! (Trojan)
1973 Book of Rules (Trojan)
1974 The Heptones & Friends, Volume 2 (Attack) ATLP-1001
1975 Cool Rasta (Trojan) TRLS-128
1976 Nigh Food (Island) ILPS-9381
1977 Party Time (Island) ILPS-9456
1997 Sea of Love (Heartbeat) CD-HB-128

Born: Jane Stewart on October 12, 1955 in Toronto, Ontario
Eclectic performance artist and vocalist Jane Siberry started as part of the acoustic duo Java Jive. By the early 1980’s she had branched out on her own and while studying Microbiology at the University of Guelph she recorded and released her self-titled independent debut in 1981. Several years passed while she finished her studies and in 1984 Siberry was picked up by independent Toronto record label Duke Street Records and hit pay dirt with an eccentric ditty called “Mimi On the Beach”. The album, ‘No Borders Here’, was the No.1 LP on CSCR Scarborough College Radio in 1984. She was nominated for CFNY-FM’s U-Know Awards in the categories of ‘Female Vocalist of the Year’, ‘Engineer/Producer’ (Goldsmith/Crawford/Switzer), and ‘Best Album Art’ (Dean Motter). Her follow-up, ‘Speckless Sky’ (1985), helped secure Siberry’s stance as not only a commercial sensation, but a force to be reckoned with as a media darling. 1986’s video for “Map of rhe World Part II” was filmed live at Le Spectrum in Montreal during a 70 date tour. She won CFNY-FM C.A.S.B.Y. Awards for ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Engineer/Producer’ (for producers Switzer & Naslen). Album after critically acclaimed album has been released including a stint on Seymoure Stein’s Sire Records. Her 1993 major label release ‘When I Was a Boy’ featured guest appearances by k.d. lang and Brian Eno. Following 1995’s ‘Maria’, Siberry abandoned the major label system and returned to her independent roots by forming her own imprint Sheeba Records. In June 2006, Siberry announced she was changing her name to Issa (pronounced eee-sah). She has released a trilogy of albums under her new name through donations from fans – ‘Dragon Dreams’ (2008) which spawned a tour, ‘With What Shall I Keep Warm?’ (2009), and ‘Meshach Dreams Back’ (2011). Siberry is currently recording her next album with producer Peter Kiesewalter for a 2013 release. with notes from E.Bernhard and Jane Siberry.

1984 Waitress/Map of the World Part I (Duke Street) DSR-71007
1984 Mimi On the Beach/Dancing Class (Duke Street) DSR-81007
1985 I Muse Aloud/You Don’t Need (Duke Street) DSR-01007
1985 One More Colour/The Empty City (Duke Street)  DSR-71019
1985 Map of the World Part II/Mein Bitte (Duke Street) DSR-81019
1987 The Walking (and Constantly) (Edit)/ The Walking (and Constantly) (Album Version) (Duke Street) DSR-71040
1988 Ingrid (and the Footman/Goodbey  (Duke Street) DSR-81040
1989 Bound By the Beauty  (Duke Street) DSR-71085
1989 Hockey/[same] (Duke Street) DSR-81058
1989 Everything Reminds Me Of My Dog/Bound By the Beauty (Duke Street) DSR-91085
1989 The Life Is the Red Wagon/Bound By the Beauty (Reprise – US) W-0097
1990 Sail Across the Water (Album Edit)/Sait Across the Water (Brian Eno Edit) (Sire/Reprise) PRO-CD-5259
1992 Calling All Angels [w/k.d. lang] (Sire/Reprise) PRO-CD-5398
1993 Sail Across The Water (Album Edit)/Sail Across The Water (Brian Eno Edit) (Reprise) PRO-CD-6259
1993 Temple [4 mixes] (Reprise) PRO-CD-6625
1994 It Can’t Rain All the Time/Love Is Everything (Edit)/Temple (Edit) (Reprise) PRO-CD-7064-R
1995 Honeybee (Reprise) PRO-CD-7634
1995 Lovin’ Cup (remix)/Lovin’ Cup (Album Version) (Reprise) PRO-CD-7724

Wilderness Wheel
2011 When We Are a Vampire (Sheeba)

1981 Jane Siberry (Street) SR-002
1984 No Borders Here (Duke Street) DSR-31006
1985 The Speckless Sky (Duke Street) DSR-31019
1986 The Hard Way (Open Air – US) OA-0302
1987 The Walking (Duke Street) DSR-31040
1988 Red High Heels [3 song EP] (Duke Street)
1989 Bound By the Beauty (Duke Street) DSR-31058
1992 Summer In The Yukon (Reprise – EUROPE) 7599-26936-2
1993 When I Was a Boy (Sire/Reprise) 926824
1994 A Collection 1984-1989 (Duke Street/UMG) DSBBD-31093
1995 Maria (Sire/Reprise) 245915
1996 Teenager (Sheeba) SHEEB-1
1997 A Day In the Life (Sheeba) SHECD-2
Child: Music For the Christmas Season (Live) (Sheeba) SHEEB-2
1999 The New York Trilogy [3CD] (Sheeba)
1999 Tree: Music For Trees and Forests (Live) (Sheeba) SHE-006
1999 Lips: Music For Saying It (Live) (Sheeba) SHE-007
2000 Hush (Sheeba) SHE-008
2001 City (Sheeba) SHE-10
2002 Love Is Everything – The Jane Siberry Anthology (Rhino) R2-78277
2003 Shushan The Palace (Hymns of Earth) (Sheeba) SHE-011
2004 Jane 101 (An Introduction To Jane Siberry) [5-song EP] (Sheeba) SHE-012
2005 Tootie [3-song EP] (Sheeba) SHE-m05
2011 Meshach Dreams Back (Sheeba) SHEEISA-03
2016 Ulysses’ Purse (Sheeba) SHE-15
2016 Angels Bend Closer (Sheeba) SHE-16
2020 A World Without Music

Dragon Dreams (Sheeba) SHEISSA-01
2009 With What Shall I Keep Warm (Sheeba) SHEEISA-02

Compilation Tracks
“Shake That Thing” on ‘New Stuff Six’ (MMS) NSCD-006
1994 “It Can’t Rain All the Time” on ‘The Crow [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Atlantic) CD-82519
1995 “See the Child” on ‘In Between Dances (Canadian Artists In Aid Of Breast Cancer Research)’ (Attic) ACD-1431
1996 “Everything Reminds Me of My Dog” on ‘Walt Disney Records Presents Dog Songs’ (Walt Disney) 60870-7
1997 “Calling All Angels (Live)” on ‘Amazing Grace’ (Island) 524395
1997 “Temple” on ‘Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us’ (Rhino) R2-72915
1997 “When Spring Comes” on ‘The Hanging Garden [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Virgin) 844908
2000 “The Narrow Bridge” on ‘Miniatures 2’ (Cherry Red – UK) CDBRED-165
2000 “Calling All Angels” [w/ k.d.lang] on ‘Pay It Forward [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Varèse Sarabande) 206619
2001 “The Gospel According To Darknes” on ‘The Rebel Zone-Queen Street West’ (Sony) CK-80698
2001 “Mimi On the Beach” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885
2001 “Love Is Everything (Harmony Version)” on ‘Open All Night: In the Shadows’ (Rhino) R2-74373
2004 “Love Is Everything (Harmony Version)” on ‘The L Word: Season 2’ (Tommy Boy)
2005 “Calling All Angels” [w/ k.d.lang] on ‘Whatever: The ’90s Pop & Culture Box’ (Rhino) 79716

“A Long Time Love Song” on ‘Kick at the Darkness’ (Intrepid) N21S-0008

“She’s Like a Swallow” on ‘Chansons des mers froides’ (Columbia – FRANCE) COL-477585

“My Mother Is Not The White Dove” on ‘The Kumbaya Album 1995’ (Warner) CD-11719

“Inning” on ‘Kafka’ (EMI) 852212

“The Bridge (Envy)” on ‘Heaven & Hell’ (Sony Classical) SK-60273

Todd Farhood (vocals) / Phil Xenidis (guitar) /Kevin Gingrich (bass) / Scott Masterson (drums)
Kevin Gingrich and Scott Masterson initially started jamming together in Kitchener, Ontario in 1982. Before long they convinced Phil Xenidis to join on guitar so they could play their favourite heavy metal material by Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, The Scorpions, etc. The trio named themselves Sidinex (Phil Xenidis’ name backwards) to play high schools and house parties in Kitchener and Toronto. Todd Farhood used to come to various house parties and sing with the band. By 1983 he was invited to join and before long they were opening local shows for Nazareth, Lee Aaron, Foghat, Thor and Razor among others. Through their connection with Dave Carlo of Razor they headed into the recording studio in the summer of 1984 and laid down the 6 songs that would become their first 12” release entitled ‘Forever Young’. The record was released in the winter of 1985 and the songs “Shadows” and “Next Time Around” began getting airplay on Toronto radio station Q107. Though they didn’t win the station’s annual ‘Homegrown’ contest they did place in the Top25 in 1985 out of 300 submissions. Differences in musical style caused Farhood to the leave the band and they returned to being a trio. In 1987 they changed their name to Flip City. As they began to plot their next move, Phil X got the call to join Frozen Ghost and headed out on tour in 1988. Flip City folded that year; Farhood became a nationally touring sound man and engineer for live bands in Canada and went on to be tour manager for Blue Rodeo; Masterson continued drumming fro Southern Ontario bands before becoming a craps dealer at Casino Niagara in Niagara Falls, Ontario.; Gingrich played with several cover bands – many working in Bahrain and Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Phil X became one of the most successful live and session players in Canada and the US working with Triumph in 1992, Aldo Nova, filled in for Richie Sambora in Bon Jovi briefly, Tommy Lee’s Methords of Mayhem, Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Andrew W.K. among others. with notes from Kevin Gingrich

1985 Forever Young [6 song EP] (Voice) M-220160

Timothy Chapman (bass) / Carl Otway (drums) / Rich Dodson (guitar, vocals)
Following his stint in Darkstar and its alter-ego The Foxrun Band, Chapman formed Sierra Blue with Rich Dodson (Stampeders) to write and record music on his indie label Ariel Records.

Winter Roses/[same] (Ariel) AR-122
1983 Crazy Rumours/Tell Him (Ariel) AR-124
1983 Perpetual Motion/Up All Night (Ariel) AR-125
1984 Don’t Take Chances/Crazy Rumours (Ariel) AR-126
1985 Straw In the Wind/Magical Girl (Ariel) AR-133
1988 What Would I Do/Not Surprised (Ariel) AR-137
1988 Fool For Your Lovin’/Quiet Nights With You (Ariel) AR-141

From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Commercial Free [4 song EP]

Compilation Tracks
“Commercials For Free,” “Tooth Decay,” and “Passive and Blue” on ‘Smash the State – A Compilation of Canadian Punk Rock, 1978-82 Volume Three’ (No Exit) NO-EXIT-004

SIKI, Sweet Daddy
Born: Reginald Siki
American-born Canadian wrestler and country music artist.

Jambalaya/Bottles, Lights & Music (Arc) A-1158
1969 Summertime Blue/Bad Bad Whiskey (Siki) ST-103
1973 The Love She’s Giving Belongs To Me/Railway Train (Periwinkle) PER-3703
1979 Him/My Day (Cane) WRC3-952
1980 Same Old Headache Again/Blueberry Hill (Cane) WRC3-953
1980 Road Running Cowboy/The Sailors (Cane) WRC3-954
1980 Forever and a Day/I Need More of You (Cane) WRC3-955

Squares Off With Country Music (Arc) A-745
1973 Sweet Daddy Siki (Periwinkle) PER-7302
1980 My Favourites (Cane) WRC1-956

From Calgary, Alberta.

Sic Nos Non Nobis [5-song EP] (Sic Nos Non Nobis)

Rainer Wiens (guitar) / Jim Lewis (horns) / Mike Murley (saxophone) / Richard Bannard (drums) / George Koller (bass)

A Donde Esta El Mercado (BFish) 002

Myles Goodwyn
(guitar, vocals) / David Henman (guitar) / Ritchie Henman (drums) / Jim Clench (bass) / George Mack (bass)
When the decision was made to dump the song “Serpent In the Street” from April Wine’s ‘Electric Jewels’ LP, it was one of many reasons for band members David and Ritchie Henman to leave the band as David Henman had written the song. As a means of placating the situation April Wine’s label, Aquarius, agreed to give the recording back to Henman and release it as a single. David and Ritchie Henman then assembled a B-side entitled “Find Another Feeling” with George Mack on bass. The single was released in 1973 but failed to illicit any chart action. David Henman would go on to join The Debutantes and then All the Young Dudes [aka The Dudes]. with notes from Dave Buerster. [also see APRIL WINE, DAVID HENMAN]

Serpent In the Street/Find Another Feeling (Aquarius) AQS-5029

Billy Regan [aka Billy Ostendorp] (vocals) / Bobby Regan [aka Bob Ostendorp] (bass) / Danny Orlando (guitar) / Charlie Howard [aka Charlene Howard] (keyboards) / Brian Linnit (saxophone) / Terry Linnet (trumpet) / Tom Watson (drums)
Originally known as The Squires, Vancouver, British Columbia’s Silver Chalice played the club circuit from 1967 through 1969. They were booked by Stan Cayer for Rols-Royce Bookings. Cayer released a rare compilation single for his acts in 1968 to help promote the artists and his agency. Silver Chalice Revue’s “Soul Drifting” was included.

Compilation Tracks
“Soul Drifting” on ‘Rols-Royce Bookings Presents…Live From Vancouver’ [7”] (SGM) EPA-81007
1994 “Soul Drifting” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 4’ (Neptoon) VRCA-004

Karen Silver caught her music break as vocalist for producer John Driscoll’s studio act Star City who released one album in 1978 entitled ‘I’m a Man’. The title track was a remake of the Spencer-Davis Group hit from the 1960s. Silver remained on Driscoll’s Skyline label and Gino Soccio would produced her two albums ‘Hold On I’m Coming’ (1979) and ‘Set Me Free’ (1981). Silver finally traded in her microphone in 2002 to become a make-up artist.

Make Me Feel Alright (Long Version)/Make Me Feel Alright (Short Version) [12”] (Skyline/Quality) SKYD-102
Hold On I’m Comin’/Hot Stuff [12″] (Skyline/Quality) SKYD-103
1979 Hold On I’m Comin’/Hot Stuff (Skyline/Quality) SKY-026X
1980 Fake (Special Re-Mix)/Can’t Stop Dancing [12″] (Skyline) SKYD-105
1981 Set Me Free/Love Me Tonight (Turn Off the Light) [12”] (RFC/Quality) QRFC-001
1981 Set Me Free/Love Me Tonight (Turn Off  the Light) (Quality) Q2393X
1981 Nobody Else/Crazy For Your Love [12″] (RFC/Quality) QRFC-004
1982 Clean Up Woman [12″] (RFC/Quality) QRFC-016
1984 I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Again [12″] (Power) PXD-009
1986 Party Girl [12″] (Unidisc) 12UNI-1133

I’m a Man/I Can’t Get Over You [12″] (Skyline) SKYD-101
1978 I’m a Man/I Can’t Get Over You (Skyline) SKY-022X

Hold On I’m Coming (Skyline/Quality) SKY-10169
1981 Set Me Free (RFC/Quality) QRFC-1001
1989 Babylon/Hard To Say Goodbye//Hot Wired [EP] (Smash) SMEP-891

I’m A Man (Skyline) SKY-10167

SILVER, Liberty
Born: 1962, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Liberty Silver is an American-born singer who was adopted into an Ontario family, where she grew up in Kingston, Ontario and settling in Peterborough, Ontario. At the age of 9 she found her voice and love for singing. But as she worked her way through school she escaped into music as a means to deal with rampant racism in her small town community. After being taunted mercilessly she ran away from home to her sister’s house in Toronto. She was only 13 years old but was soon discovered by an agent who saw her potential. He immediately got her work in a Reggae band and in no time she found herself singing at Madison Square Garden with her band opening for Bob Marley. In 1978 she started her solo career for Scorpio Records doing reggae versions of Blondie’s repertoire. She would win a JUNO Award for ‘Best Reggae/Calypso Recording’ for the single “Heaven Must Have Sent You” which was a duet with Otis Gayle. She would win another in 1985 for ‘Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year’ for her single “Lost Somewhere Inside Your Love”. She won a second JUNO Award the same night. Silver was also chosen to be part of the ensemble choir that recorded the benefit single for Ethiopia “Tears Are Not Enough” in 1985. She has performed at concerts for the likes of Russian Premier Mikhail Gorbechov, Desmond Tutu, US President Barack Obama, and Maya Angelou. She has performed with, alongside and opened shows for Brian Knight, Celine Dion, B.B. King, Harry Belafonte, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, and Natalie Cole among others. Silver has also won a coveted Grammy Award in the US.

Tide Is High/Tide Is High (Instrumental) (Scorpio) D.K. 53
1981 Rapture Rapp/Rapture Rapp (Instrumental) (Scorpio) D.K. 56
I Need Lovin/I Need Lovin (Scorpio) D.K. 57
1985 Lost Somewhere Inside Your Love/Hot Fun in the City (Shelsa) SD-001
1985 All in the Way/Lost Somewhere Inside Your Love (Shelsa) SD-002
1986 All It Takes/Love’s Eternity Gates (Magnolia) GWS-001
1986 I’m High on Your Love/[split w/OTIS GAYLE] [12”] (EAD) ADS-002
1988 I Do Love You/Private Property (Eureka/BMG) EK-701
1988 Private Property/Private Property [12″] (Eureka/BMG) EK-1201
1988 Let It Begin Tonight/On My Way (Eureka/BMG) EK-702
1988 Baby It’s You [6 mixes 12″] (Eureka/BMG) EK-1203
1988 Baby It’s You (Edited LP Version)/Baby It’s You (Remixed) (Eureka/BMG) EK-704

Don’t Stop the Funk/Don’t Stop the Funk (Instrumental) [12”] (Scorpio) D.K. 54

Heaven Must Have Sent You/Pass It On [12″] (EAD) GEM-0017

Private Property (Eureka) EK1-2000
1994 Live! In Session (Radioland Productions) D103356
2006 At Last (Thunder Dome Sound) 28070
2008 Groove Harmony

SILVER, Rhonda
Silver started singing at age 6 in talent shows across Southern Ontario and by age 9 was a regular feature on radio and television shows. She signed her first contract with Barry Records in Nashville and before she’d become a teenager she’d recorded her own material and worked with The Anita Kerr Singers and Boots Randolph, among others. At 15, she secured a spot in a group that CBC-TV formed called The Girlfriends with Diane Miller and Stephanie Taylor to cover hit songs of the day and back guests on the daily after school show ‘Music Hop’ hosted by Alex Trebek. The Girlfriends were a hit, recording for MGM Records in New York. When a similarly-named group saw them they changed their moniker to The Willows and scored big with “My Kinda Guy”. When The Willows opened several Canadian shows for The Beach Boys it is believed that their hit “Help Me, Rhonda” was named after her. Just before turning 18, the group sang their first national commercial for a popular teen beauty treatment, starting a long-term relationship between Silver and advertisers all over North America. She met Doug Riley on the set of ‘Keith Hampshire’s Music Machine’ show and he taught her to play the piano, recruiting her as a charter member for a group he was putting together for yet another show under the name Dr. Music with Dianne Brooks, Steve Kennedy, Trudy Desmond, Terry Black, and Brenda Russell, among others. For two years they performed regularly on TV with artists such as Jerry Reed, Mama Cass, Lulu, Steve Martin, Mel Torme, Dusty Springfield and BB King. Silver also met and became close friends with Alan Thicke, who would help her out later in Hollywood, and Gilda Radner, who was in Toronto playing in the original stage production of ‘Godspell’, and Riley hired her to sing on the soundtrack to Ivan Reitman’s first film, ‘Foxy Lady’. When Dr. Music disbanded, Silver held court at Toronto’s Mr. Tony’s Nightclub before heading to Miami for an audition that stretched into a year-long stint at world renowned Joe Rico’s jazz club in Coral Gables. Then it was off to Vancouver for more TV and commercials and more piano and song at the infamous Cave. In the early ’80s, Silver followed a dream to California where late night TV was a natural as were regular gigs at the Bonaventure Hotel and the Century Plaza. In 1985, she was lured back to Canada to headline a revue at the Deerhurst Inn and Resort and establish a presence in their piano bar. Before long, she and Mike Degazio, backed by the management of Deerhurst, signed a contract with A&M Records as Silver & Degazio and enjoyed success in Canadian country radio. During this time, she helped an aspiring singer named Shania “Eileen” Twain secure work in the show where they sang side by side for two years. In 1991 she, Marc Connors and Claude Morrison wrote and recorded a song with lifelong friend and early AIDS victim Allan Greenspoon called “The Human Family”. The song was finally made available on Silver’s website many years later. The production included special guest singers Dan Hill, Shania Twain, Alfie Zappacosta, Salome Bey, Veronique Beliveau, Molly Johnson and Deborah Cox. Silver has continued to appear in many clubs including The Fifth Quarter and Tootsie’s in Nashville and the Guild Inn in Toronto. Of late, she’s been drawing capacity crowds at La Castile. Silver will also be familiar to millions of Canadians for more than a decade as the original ‘keep them guessing’ girl for Oil of Olay. In June of 2008 she released the solo CD ‘Twelve Pieces of Silver’ which turned out to be a dream team of Canadian jazz and blues giants. It featured the late Doug Riley on piano and organ; the late Jeff Healey and Reg Schwager on guitars; Don Thompson and Glenn Olive on bass; Terry Clarke and Jorn Anderson on drums; and Phil Dwyer, Guido Basso, Steve McDade and Russ Little on horns. with notes from James Monaco. [also see THE WILLOWS]

Toby the Turkey/Rocking Reindeer (Barry) B-3014X
1961 Am I Old Enough to Know/My Sister’s Boyfriend (Barry) B-3055X
1961 Toby the Turkey/Rocking Reindeer [re-issue] (Barry) B-3076X
1963 Voodoo Doll/Blue Party Dress (Barry) B-3190X
1972 The Land Is Strong/The Land Is Strong (Instrumental) (Much/London) CH-1018

Bye Bye Love/I’d Rather Be Alone Tonight (A & M) AM-775
1988 Hello Good Morning/I’d Rather Be Alone Tonight (A & M) AM-780
1989 Cruel Hearted Lovers/Red Flags Up (A & M) AM-792

Departure (RCA-Camden/CTL) CAS-2488
2008 Twelve Pieces of Silver (Prism/Fontana/Universal)

Just Between Us (A & M) SP-9150

Geoff Gibbons (acoustic/electric/lead guitar, lead vocals) / Ken Kirschner (acoustic guitar, piano, lead vocals)
Kirschner started down the musical road at age 13 after which he took vocal lessons and became a tenor soloist with the British Columbia Boys Choir. Gibbons was also a soloist in the choir where he spent two of his four years as a soprano soloist. He was featured on two records released by the group. At age 16 he joined the band Cove Company as singer/songwriter and guitarist. While on separate musical assignments in Australia, Gibbons and Kirschner hooked up and formed Silverlode in 1980. While writing jingles for a Surfer’s Paradise radio station when they won second prize in a battle of the bands contest. In February 1981 they released a 4 song 12″ EP on their own Silverlode Records. The record featured the musical assistance of Henri Lorieau (piano), Doug Edwards (guitar, synths), future Bryan Adams Band bassist Dave Taylor and drummer Dave Johnson – both on loan from the band Foxfire. The EP produced one single, “Sky High”, which was a radio hit in Australia and British Columbia though it didn’t chart. Following the EP, Silverlode made a ten song independent album produced by Claire Lawrence (Chilliwack) which included performances by Bill Henderson, Shari Ulrich, Jim Vallance and others. It was a radio favourite in the West where three singles were issued, but lack of promotional money prevented it from reaching points east. Geoff Gibbons has gone on to be a successful solo performer first with his independent debut CD in 1990 which as released via Sony Germany as well and featured three videos that received extensive airplay in Europe and Canada (particularly on CMT). In 1999 the “Love Tattoos” CD (with guest appearances by members of Spirit Of The West and Barney Bentall’s Legendary Hearts) and also enjoyed success with a CMT charting video. Currently, an expanded version of Silverlode still performs in Vancouver and features material from Gibbons’ solo career including his 2005 CD release “Sentimental Maniac” on Bullseye Records. [also see GEOFF GIBBONS]

1980 Summer Lady, Summer Love/Sky High (Silverlode) SIL-246
1981 Simple Love/Don’t Start It All Again (Raintown)

1980 Silverlode [4-song EP] (Silverlode) SIL-248
Silverlode (Raintown) 666
2001 Sky High: The Best of Silverlode (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4025

Peter Shields [aka Simon Caine]
(vocals) / Pat Godfrey (piano) / Bruce Pennycook (woodwinds) / Dennis Pendrith (bass) / Bill Palmer (guitar) / John Savage (drums, percussion)
Formed in the Bayview area of uptown Toronto in the Summer of Love, the band was originally called Simon Caine And The Catch. At that time Godfrey was a member of The Diplomats while Pendrith had played with several Toronto acts such as Luke and The Apostles, Livingston’s Journey and Ottawa’s Three’s A Crowd. With a solidified line-up, the abbreviated entity of Simon Caine recorded one self-titled album on RCA. The album’s liner notes were penned by famed journalist Ritchie Yorke and featured a song co-written by, then, concert promoter John Brower (who would finance and produce the legendary Festival Express cross-Canada train cavalcade). The band was managed by Bob Ezrin and Gary Muth (alongside Cat and Dixie Rump Roast featuring a young Eddie Schwartz) and often booked by Sigma Productions agent Michael Cohl – who would to on to found CPI, Brockham, and has recently been the world-tour promoter for the Rolling Stones. Pendrith would go on to a successful career as sideman to some of Canada’s most prestigious talents such as Bruce Cockburn and Murray McLauchlan; Shields still plays (piano, guitar, vocals) and lives in the New Market area outside of Toronto. with notes from Gary Muth, Nick Warburton and Richard Wielusiewicz.

1969 Walked Out The Door/Scarlet Skies (RCA/Victor) 75-1044

1970 Simon Caine (RCA/Victor) LSP-4410

SIMON, Marty
Born: Montreal, Quebec

Simon began his musical career enrolled in the Faculty of Music at McGill University. Following the completion of his studies, his garage band The Scene released a single produced by Montreal producer Neil Sheppard. Sheppard liked the band so much he formed a new act with them called Life who were signed to Polydor in 1969 and released one album and several singles. During the band’s touring they were lucky enough to jam with the likes of Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix. Simon would then be part of Mylon LeFevre’s backing band called Holy Smoke through 1972. The same year, he headed to London, England at the invitation of ex-Free bassist Andy Fraser to form a new band with Chris Spedding called Sharks. They were signed to Island Records in 1973 and released two albums before breaking up (Simon would not be involved in the Spedding revival of the band in the 1990s). Island Records gave Simon the chance to record a single for the label called “Roll You Over” in 1975, but it did not chart and Simon would find himself without work in England so he headed back to Canada. In the late 1970s he was working with producers George Lagios and Pat Deserio as a session player on two ensemble disco albums under the name Bombers. He was also part of Dwayne Ford’s backing band Star for the Patsy Gallant dance album ‘Patsy Gallant Et Star.’ In the 1980s, Simon recorded under the pseudonym Jonathan Mars. His single “Don’t Pretend” on Atlantic Records impressed the label so much, that they hired him as a producer for other projects. EMI Records also hired him for his production skills as well as several Quebec labels. It was during this period that he did session work with Mick Jagger and Brian Eno. Simon has also co-written song for the likes of Céline Dion’, Wilson Pickett, and Julien Clerc among others. In recent years composing movie and television soundtrack scores has been his main focus. His scores include ‘L’île des pirates disparus’ (1989), ‘New York, alerte à la peste’ (1992), and ‘Life With Billy’ (1993). He was also nominated in 1996 for a Canadian Gemini Award for best musical score for a series for the Telescene production of ‘Les anges de la ville’ (1993). Simon was nominated for a Gemini Award in 1998 for his futuristic sci-fi score to the Showtime Networks movie-series Lexx (1997). He has also won two Anik Awards for music arrangements, and four Felix Awards (Quebec’s Grammys) for music direction. [also see LIFE, BOMBERS, THE SCENE]

Roll You Over/By The River (Island) 1237-032X

Don’t Pretend/Searching (Where The Truth Lies) (Atlantic) 3752

Broke A Feeling/Brown Eyed Boy (Island – FRANCE) 6837-138
1973 Ol’ Jelly Roll/Follow Me (Island/MCA) MCA-40120
1974 Kung Fu/Elevator Dancing (Island/MCA) MCA-40246

1997 Lexx (Future) FUT-2442CD
2001 Lexx: The Series (GNP Crescendo) GNPD-8069

Heart Gallery 5-song EP (YUL) 12-YUL-9

with MYLON
Over The Influence (Columbia) KC-31472

First Water (Island/MCA) MCA-351
1974 Jab It In Yore Eye (Island/MCA) MCA-415

Patsy Gallant Et Star (Attic) LATF-5001

Jean-François “Jeff” Stinco (lead guitar) / Pierre Bouvier (lead vocals, bass) / Sébastien Lefebvre (rhythm guitar, backing vocals) / David Desrosiers (bass, backing vocals) / Charles-André “Chuck” Comeau (drums, percussion)
Montréal, Québec natives Pierre Bouvier and Charles-André “Chuck” Comeau were in late 1990s act Reset who released one album in 1997. Comeau left the band shortly after to go to College. In 1999 he was reunited with old high school friends Jean-François “Jeff” Stinco and Sébastien Lefebvre and together they formed Simple Plan. In late 1999 Comeau ran into Bouvier again and invited him to leave Reset and join his new act as lead singer and bassist. Soon Bouvier’s replacement in Reset, David Desrosiers, also left that band to join Simple Plan as bassist – freeing Bouvier up to focus on nothing but singing. In 2002, Simple Plan was signed to Lava Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic) and released their first studio album, ‘No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls’ featuring the singles “I’m Just a Kid”, “I’d Do Anything”, “Addicted”, and “Perfect”. The album also featured guest vocalists Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte). The band embarked on a year long, 300 date, world tour including sold out dates in Japan. In 2003, the band headlined the ‘Vans Warped Tour’. Simple Plan’s appearance was immortalized in the slasher film ‘Punk Rock Holocaust’ with four of the five band members being summarily dispatched by the movie’s killer. The band would also do opening slots on tours with Avril Lavigne, Green Day and Good Charlotte. By the spring of 2003 the ‘No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls’ album had sold over one million copies internationally (eventually selling four million). The band spent 2004 with producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Aerosmith) and emerged with their sophomore album ‘Still Not Getting Any…’ later that year. The album spawned another fistful of singles in “Welcome to My Life”, “Shut Up!”, “Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)”, “Crazy”, and “Perfect World”. The band spent the next 18 months touring the album internationally and finally took a year off in February 2006 to recharge and start writing their third album. While in Miami, Florida on March break 2007, Bouvier ran into producer Dave Fortman who agreed to produce their next album. Simple Plan headed to Los Angeles, California at the end of June 2007 to start preproduction and then returned to Montréal in July to start recording at Studio Piccolo. Mixing and overdubs were completed in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. A teaser single, “When I’m Gone” was released in October 2007 and began a round of sporadic tour dates in North America and England where they played three back-to-back shows in Camden Town, London performing songs from each of their albums on separate night. By February 2008, the single had peaked at No. 26 in the UK just in time for the release of their new eponymously titled third album. Simple Plan ran back to the US for four shows in late February, and then launched a European tour from March until late April 2008. Japan dates followed and several high profile European festivals were sandwiched between several headlining dates. On Canada Day 2008, Simple Plan threw a free concert at Québec City’s Plains of Abraham with attendance estimated at 150,000 people. From July onward the band found itself in the Far East, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Mexico, Australia and another European leg in the fall that took them to Germany, Estonia and Poland among other countries. By March 2009 they’d tackled South America and Moscow as well as another round of Canadian dates. The band finally took another break at the end of 2009 and spent 2010 recharging and writing their fourth record. The single “Jet Lag” was released in April 2011 in both English and French in April 2011 and the full album, ‘Get Your Heart On!’ was released in June 2011. The album featured another list of special guests with the return of Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) as well as Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Marie-Mai, Natasha Bedingfield, K’naan and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low). The second single was “You Suck at Love” which was offered as a free download from their website. The band played select dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2011 June and July 2011 and then headed off to Australia for four dates before headlining a tour in the US tour in the fall of 2011. Simple Plan continued playing live through most of 2012 and are currently in pre-production for a new album.

Addicted/One By One (Demo)/Surrender (Lava) PRO-4066
2003 I’d Do Anything (Lava)
2003 I’m Just a Kid (Single Version)/One By One/Grow Up (Lava) PRCD-300754
2003 Perfect (Radio Version)/Perfect (Acoustic)/Happy Together (Lava) PRO-88304
2004 Don’t Wanna Think About You (Lava)
2004 Welcome to My Life (Lava) PRO-15096
2005 Shut Up! (Lava) PRO-15101
2005 Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me) (Lava) PRO-15307
2005 Crazy (Lava) PRO-15620
2007 When I’m Gone (Lava) PRO-16502
2008 Save You (Lava)
2008 Your Love Is a Lie (Lava) PRO-16565
2009 Generation (Lava)
2011 Can’t Keep My Hands Off You [w/River Cuomo] (Lava)
2011 Jet Lag (Atlantic)
2011 Summer Paradise (Atlantic)
2011 Astronaut (Atlantic)

No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls (Lava/Atlantic) 93119
2004 Still Not Getting Any (Lava/Atlantic) 93407
2005 MTV Live From the Hard Rock (Lava/Atlantic) 94112
2008 Simple Plan (Lava/Atlantic) 678995
2011 Get Your Heart On! (Atlantic) 678826

Compilation Tracks
“I’d Do Anything” on ‘…Dragging the Lake’ (SideOneDummy – US) SD-1232
2003 “Addicted” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 8’ (Warner) WTVD-61050
2003 “I’d Do Anything” on ‘Now! 8’ (EMI) 591083
2003 “Happy Together” on ‘Freaky Friday: Original Soundtrack [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Hollywood) 616240
2004 “Perfect (Acoustic Version)” on ‘Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Hollywood) 616244
2004 “Don’t Wanna Think About You” on ‘Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Warner Bros.) 48702
2005 “Promise” on ‘Bad News Bears [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Rykodisc)
2005 “Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes X’ (EMI) 41878
2005 “Surrender”on ‘Fantastic Four – The Album [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Wind-Up) 501311
2006 “Untitled” on ‘Broken Dreams II’ (Warner) 112290
2006 “Perfect” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829
2006 “Untitled” on ‘Broken Dreams II’ (WSM) 112290

Kevin Moore (vocals) / Bob > (lead guitar) / Billy Oliver (rhythm guitar) / David Nunns (drums) / Louie Legasakus (bass)
Late ’60’s indie act out of Montreal who were managed by Ray Tallifer and landed a recording deal with Regency Records. Their one-and-only single called “People of Time” was recorded at RCA’s Montreal studio and produced by JB & The Playboys’ Allan Nicholls and Bill Hill; Stanley was also later a guitarist for Québecois recording acts Harmonium, Contraction and The Ville Emard Blues Band. with notes from Andre Gibeault, Al Jurgenfeldt and Brian Murphy.


1967 People of Time/Anyhow (Regency) R-978

Edgar Breau (vocals, guitar, 1972-present) / Dave Byers (saxophone, electronics; 1972-1973, 2009-2010) / Kevin Christoff (bass, vocals; 1973-2009, 2011-present) / Paul Collili (keyboards; 1972-1973, 2009-2010) / Neil DeMerchant (drums, violin; 1972-1974) / John LaPlante [aka Ping Romany] (electronics, percussion; 1973-1976) / Don Cramer (drums; 1974-1979) / Tony Cutaia (drums; 1975) / Alex Pollington (guitar, vocals; 1977) / Steve “Sparky” Park (guitar, vocals; 1977-1979, 2009) / Dr. Mike Daley (guitar, vocals; 2006) / Dan Winterman (theremin, guitar; 2006-2009, 2011-present) / Joe Csontos (drums; 2006-2008, 2011-present) / Steve Foster (guitar, vocals; 2007-2009, 2011-present) / Chris Jamieson (bass, vocals;  2009) / Jeff Bakalar (guitar, moog, ambient paranormal noise; 2009) / Peter A. Lacey (drums, 2009)
Formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 1972, the origins of Simply Saucer had them performing a completely out-of-time-and-place mixture of Velvet Underground/Syd Barrett/Can/Pink Fairies material to bemused high school and shopping mall audiences. By 1977, the Kinks/Troggs/Ramones influence started becoming prevalent due in no small part to Ping’s keyboards being replaced by the guitar of ex-Teenage Head member Steve Park. Gary Pig Gold interviewed Edgar Breau for his Kinks “Pig Paper” issue no. 3 in 1977, then offered to record and manage the band. They gained a quick if somewhat misleading reputation as a punk act and had a legitimate hit single in England with 1978’s “She’s A Dog.” Alas, the unit was unable to sustain momentum. Members went on to form The Other One, which was short-lived. Meanwhile, Bruce Mowat of Hamilton’s Mole Sound worked with original engineer Bob Lanois (brother of Daniel) to revive some of the band’s mid-70’s demos and live recordings. They were remastered and released as ‘Cyborgs Revisited’ in 1989. The album would then be re-issued on CD in 1991, ranking 48th in Chart Magazine’s 1996 ‘Greatest Canadian Albums’ readers’ poll and #36 in Bob Mersereau’s 2007 ‘Top 100 Canadian Albums’ book. In a surprising, and completely unexpected move, the core members of Simply Saucer reunited for a six-song cameo set on September 17, 2006 at The Corktown Tavern in Hamilton. The overwhelming response led to a full-blown reunion and a new recording entitled ‘Half Human, Half Live’ which was released in 2008 followed by a string of club and festival appearances throughout North America. The band continues touring to this day. A documentary film, “Low Profile: Simply Saucer,” is also currently in production, as is a new Saucer album. Breau kept active around the Hamilton music scene with a few songs on several Morris Tunes compilation CDs – “Flag of the World” on ’22 Original Hits, 22 Original Stars’ in 1991, and ‘Precinct’ on ‘More Hits, More Stars’ in 1992. with notes from Gary Pig Gold and Bruce Mowat. [also see EDGAR BREAU]

1978 She’s A Dog/I Can Change My Mind (Pig) PIG-1

1989 Cyborgs Revisited [LP] (Mole Sound) MOLE-1
1991 Cyborgs Revisited [CD] (Fistpuppet/Cargo – US) FIST-004
2003 Cyborgs Revisited [CD] (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-085
2003 Cyborgs Revisited [LP] (Get Back – Italy) GET-111
2008 Half Human/Half Live (Sonic Unyon) SUNCD-118
2009 Saucerland (Anthology – US)
2016 Saucerland [2 LP]

Compilation Tracks
“I Can Change My Mind” on ‘Homework # 2’ (Hyped To Death – US) H2D-#18
2010 “Here Come The Cyborgs Pt 2” on ‘Search & Destroy’ (Uncut Magazine – UK) UNCUT-2010-05

Born: 1949
Died: December 19, 2018 in Burnaby, British Columbia
Growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia, David Sinclair was first exposed to professional music at the age of twelve. As a teenager, he was part of many bands and refining his guitar skills and performance in the regular, locat scene. At the expense of his academic courses at the University of British Columbia’s School of Music (Canada), he would often spend hours in the music library listening to a wide variety of guitar music from Delta Blues, to Django Reinhardt to Classical. During that period he was also introduced to engineer/producer Robin Spurgin and his studio Vancouver Recordings. He would hang around the studio, observing and gaining experience in recording and performing. By the age of 18, he was already a professional musician performing 5 to 6 nights a week in some of Vancouver’s notorious East-end’ cabarets, and appeared regularly as a feature vocalist on CBC TV’s ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘Where It’s At.’ Sinclair also performed as a solo acoustic artist at coffeehouses and toured British Columba as opening act for The Poppy Family. In 1973, he released his first solo album, ‘Take My Hand,’ and co-founded Vancouver group Sunshyne” which included Bruce Fairbairn, Jim Vallance, and jazz flautist/saxophonist Tom Keenleyside. Sinclair left Sunshyne after a few years to tour with a succession of major Canadian artists. As it turned out, Sunshyne mutated into Prism and Sinclair played guitar on the band’s first three albums. Aside from his session work and doing jingles, TV shows, film, theatre, and orchestra accompaniment, he connected with arranger/composer/studio musician Bob Buckley, with whom he would form the bands Straight Lines and Body Electric. Both bands had a successful string of hits and allowed Sinclair and Buckley to tour extensively with big name artists in the 1980s; From 1992 through 1995, Sinclair toured with k.d. lang, and joined Sarah McLachlan’s band from 1993 to 2003, touring extensively in North America, Europe, and Japan and appearing (with both artists) on talk shows featuring Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Arsenio Hall, and Rosie O’Donnell, as well as ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘The Larry Sanders Show,’ ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘MTV Unplugged,’ ‘VH1 Storytellers,’ ‘The Grammy Awards’, and the JUNO Awards. As a studio guitarist, he has worked with many Canadian artists including Sarah McLachlan, Michael Buble, Daniel Powter, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Bryan Adams, Amy Sky, Rita MacNeil, Paul Janz, Valdy, Susan Jacks, Terry Jacks, Barry Greenfield, Prism, Irish Rovers, Matthew Lien, Gary Fjellgaard and many more. In recent years performed with Keith Bennett in a duo, with Holly Arntzen & Kevin Wright (aka The Wilds), Jane Mortifee, Susan Jacks, Melanie Dekker, and Kent Fiddy in another duo. He has two instrumental acoustic guitar CDs: ‘Acoustic Christmas’ and ‘No Words,’ a collection of originals and arrangements of traditional Celtic pieces. Other releases include David Sinclair & Keith Bennett ‘Alchemy’ (2012) and ‘TWO’ (2018), Kent Fiddy & David Sinclair ‘The Way It Oughta Be’, plus the 2011 re-release of ‘Take My Hand’ on Regenerator Records, ‘Strange Paradise’ (2015), and ‘Grandma’s Shoes’ (2018) featuring Christine Domeij Sinclair. David Sinclair died of cancer December 18, 2018 in his Burnaby, British Columbia home at the age of 69.

Take My Hand/[same] (SGM) 14-S

Take My Hand [LP] (SGM) LPS-102
1995 Acoustic Christmas (Abaca) ARX8181
2007 No Words (independent) DSCD-002
2009 Strange Paradise (independent)
2011 Take My Hand [CD w/bonus tracks] (Regenerator) REGEN1102CD

2018 Two

The Way It Ought To Be

Grandma’s Shoes

Born: June 3, 1900 in Toronto, Ontario
Died: May 17, 1984 in Toronto, Ontario
Journalist, writer and on-air radio commentator Gordon Sinclair recorded “The Americans” which was a commentary piece about our misunderstood neighbours to the south. The segment was extracted from a broadcast he had made on his radio show ‘Let’s Be Personal’ on CFRB Radio concerning a news story at the time that the American Red Cross was nearly broke. The news that they had fallen on hard times inspired Sinclair to write and broadcast the piece. It was released as a single by Avco Embassy in Canada in January 1974 and, in the United States, another Canadian, Byron McGregor of CKLW, recorded the piece and released it there. McGregor’s version rose to No.4 on the Billboard charts, with Sinclair’s version, release stateside a few weeks later, making it to No.24. Meanwhile, in Canada, Sinclair’s version made it to No.30, while Byron peaked at No.44. Controversy followed the record as political analysts landed on either side of the pro or anti-American crusade. In the aftermath of the World Trade Center/Pentagon bombings in September 2001, the late Gordon Sinclair’s 30 year-old commentary (which is now part of the Congressional Record) once again stirred the American masses. with notes from Greg Simpson.


1974 The Americans (A Canadian’s Opinion)/A Profile of Gordon Sinclair by David Craig (Avco Embassy/Quality) AV-4628

Andy Graffiti (drums) / Germ Warfare [aka Dermot Foley] (synth) / Maddy Schenkel (violin) / Murray Arnott (piano, synth) / Rachel Malice [aka Rachel Melas] (ghost bars) / Ron Nelson (guitar)
Vancouver, British Columbia act featuring Germ Warfare from Si Monkey.

“Midnight Cowboy” on ‘Vancouver Independence’ (Friends) FR-009

Tim Dunlop
(vocals, guitar) / Kevin Murphy (vocals)
Eclectic non-performing act formed in Ottawa in 1982. The duo rocked the conservative Canadian music scene with the release of their first 7-inch indie single, “The Bum Rap”, which is cited as the first, ever, Canadian rap. In 1983, Singing Fools followed up with the release of “Cruisin’84”, a 7-inch EP featuring the song “Babylon Breakdown”, that boasted a cameo trumpet solo by none other than Herb Alpert’s lesser-known little brother, Ramone. The group released a tune called “The Apocalypso” which attracted the attention of A & M Records who signed the band and re-released the single. The video for the track landed the Singing Fools an award as ‘Best Video of 1984’ by the Canadian Film & Television Association. However, the label quickly dropped them when label-mate, Bryan Adams, complained that they were making fun of his album covers leaving Singing Fools to distribute their material independently once again. Toronto’s CFNY playlisted the song “Fly At Night” from the independently released ‘Call Me Lucky’ EP.

1983 The Bum Rap/Fire My Love (SFM) D-7040
1983 Cruisin’ ’84
1984 The Apocalypso/The Apocalypso [version] (A & M) AM-674


1984 Apocalypso (Independent) WRC2-3202
1984 The Apocalypso//The Apocalypso [version]/Grave Expectations (A & M) SP-23026
1985 Call Me Lucky (Independent) WRC1-4199

Compilation Tracks
“Jihad” on ‘Ottawa Cassettera Vol. 1’ (CKCU/Sony)
1986 “Jihad” on ‘Voices from North America’ (Temporary – Germany) TM-861
1986 “Die Funkenstrasse (Europa’s On The Radio)” on German-Canadian Friendship (Amok)

David J. Knight / Sam Cino / Kevin Hogg / Greg Robertson / Geoff Walton

Formed in Guelph, Ontario in 1985. with notes from David J. Knight.

Compilation Tracks
Ripping Susan on ‘Just West Of Something Big- A CFRU-FM Compilation Album’ (No’s To No’s) NO-01

Paul Wootton (guitar, vocals) / Brent Tedford (guitar) / Dave Lightfoot (bass, vocals) / Doug Worrall (drums, vocals)
Guitarists Wootton and Tedford had has some success in the London, Ontario music scene in a glam rock outfit called Harlow. They founded the Sinners in 1978 with Worrall (who had taught Demics drummer Jimmy Weatherstone how to play) and Lightfoot (who had been in The Regulators). Though the band was only together 18 months, they played regularly at The Cedar Lounge, Fryfogels, The Oxford House, and several dance halls. They also made their way to Toronto with gigs at Larry’s Hideaway, The Waverly Hotel, and The Horsehoe Tavern. Their momentum was spurred on by the release of their independent 7” EP “No Brains Required.” The record is highly collectible and was included in Trouser Press magazine’s punk music catalog; Wootton would go on to play in Spiral Scratch, The Crawlin’ Kingsnakes, and The Lowdown Dirty Mojos. With notes from Paul Wootton.

No Brains (Required)//Attitude Is Everything/In With The New (Rude) 001

Compilation Tracks
“Some Enchanted Evening” on ‘Animals Fight Back – 28 Bands From London, Canada 1977 – 1984’ [cassette]
2005 “No Brains Required” on ‘Punk History Canada Presents: Only In Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC CD 0101
2012 “Not Worth My Time” on ‘Slippery’s Club Hits’ (What Wave) WW-24

Jay Boivin (guitar, vocals; 1965-1966) / François Guy (guitar, vocals; 1965-1968) / Jean-Guy Cossette (guitar; 1965-1967, 1970-1976) / Georges Marchand (vocals, guitar; 1965-1968) / Charles Prévost-Linton [aka Charles Linton] (bass, vocals, 1965-1968) / Louis Parizeau (drums, 1965-1968, 1970-1976) / Ricky Johnson (guitar; 1966) / Ernie Rock ‘n’ roll (guitar; 1966-67) / Daniel “Ringo” Laurendeau (drums; 1968) / Alain Jodoin (vocals; 1970-76) / Daniel Valois (flute, guitar, vocals; 1972-1976) / Serge Locat (keyboards, Mellotron; 1975-1976) / André Parenteau (bass; 1970) / Walter Rossi (guitar; 1975) / Richard Tate (drums; 1975-1976) / Serge Blouin (bass; 1976) / Claude Hétu (keyboards; 1976) / Denis Violetti (guitar; 1976)
The Silver Spiders were formed in Québec in 1965 by Guy, Parizeau and Linton. Following their demise several months later Parizeau formed Les Sinners with Boivin. In 1968 they had a short life charting single “Go Go Trudeau” which played on the popularity of Prime Minister Trudeau’s election rally. Guy quit the band in 1968 to form a trio (which recorded the hit single “Québecois”) and Les Sinners carried on. With another line-up change in 1970 the band focused on studio work with new lead singer Alain Jodoin who put the band on the charts with the comeback single “Je Chante” that year. In 1972 they built their own recording studio in Montreal where they recorded the majority of their continuous output including their bilingual 1975 album ‘Les Sinners?’. with notes from Jay Boivin. [also see JAY BOIVIN, FRANCOIS GUY]

1966 Elle est revenue/Le souvenir (London) FC-734
1966 Hymne à Zoé/Sinérisme (London) FC-743
1966 La troisième fuite de Mohamed ‘z’ Ali/L’herbe est verte mais je suis las (London) FC-749
1967 Penny Lane/Les Greves D’aujourd’hui (Jupiter) JP-1088
1967 Ne reste pas sous la pluie/Les Disc-Jockeys (Jupiter) JP-1099
1967 Je ne sais pas/Tard Il se fait tard (Jupiter) JP-1117
1968 Monsieur ding ding/Aujourd’hui et demain (Jupiter) JP-1132
1968 Go Go Trudeau/Go Trudeau Go (Instrumentale)  (Jupiter) JP-1138
1968 Les hippies du quartier/Castles (Jupiter) JP-1149
1968 La place/The Place (Jupiter) JP-2000
1968 La ballade du Bûcheron/Les hippies du quartier (Canusa) C-364
1970 Je chante/Mon 50 Cents (RCA Victor International Canada) 75-5064
1972 Les gems “Ben Correct”/Le Flip Side (Disques Campus) CS-6013
1972 Sha na na/Viens avec moi (Union) UN-3502
1974 Ça finit toujours par l’amour (Union) UN-3511
1975 Quel Epouvantail/L’interview (Celebration) CEL-2131X

1967 Sinerisme (Rusticana) CKL-1243
Les Sinners (Jupiter) JDY-7009
1969 Vox Populi (Jupiter) JDY-7015
1971 Sinners (Trans-World) TWF-6801
1975 ? (Celebration) CEL-1904
1976 Le chemin de croix de Jos Roy (CBS) PFS-90383

SIX, The
Jeffrey Hatcher (guitar, vocals) / David Briggs / Paul Hatcher / Ron Wiseman (keyboards)
From Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hatcher would go on to form Jeffrey Hatcher & The Big Beat and The Blue Shadows with Billy Cowsill. with notes from William C. Smith. [also see JEFFREY HATCHER]

1983 The Six (no label) RN-607

Brian Russell
(vocals) / Diane Miller (vocals) / Erin Malone (vocals) / Les Leigh (vocals) / Rhonda Silver (vocals) / Vern Kennedy (vocals)
Session singers assembled to perform remakes of charted hits of the day. [also see BRIAN RUSSELL, DIANE MILLER, RHONDA SILVER]

Gentle In The Wind (CTL/Birchmount) BM-549

Gary Glacken
(drums) / Curt Klassen (bass) / Craig McCaw (lead guitar) / John Mitchell (keyboards, vocals) / Chris Raines (guitar, vocals) / Kendra Sprinkling (lead vocals) / Roz Sprinkling (vocals)
Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1974. Featuring former Python member Chris Raines and former Poppy Family guitarist McCaw who would go on to a solo career in the late 1970s; Glacken would join the Out Of Hand Jive Band; Mitchell and Kendra Sprinkling would share backing vocal duties in a dance record project called Sweet 202. Kendra would also do back-up singing for Denise McCann. [also see CRAIG McCAW, SWEET 202]

Put You Out/Life’s On Fire (Honeymoon) HR-1438

courtesy David Sampson

Ed Mitchell
(vocals) / John Bacho  (lead guitar) / Gerry Foster (rhythm guitar) / Andy Cody (bass) / Gil Brooks (drums) / Pete Christianson (bass; replaced Cody) / Ralph Leroux (drums; replaced Brooks) / Chris Saunders (lead guitar; replaced Bacho).
The Skaliwags from Ottawa, Ontario were signed to the Excellent label in 1965 and released the single “365 Days”. The band was able to parlay the single into better live gigs. A second single, “Me Minus More”, materialized with an altered line-up of Ed Mitchell, Gerry Foster, Pete Christianson (bass), Ralph Leroux (drums), and Chris Saunders (lead guitar); Bacho and Saunders would go on to form the short-lived Ottawa band A Group Called Bub. with notes from Ed Mitchel and David Leroux.

1965 365 Days A Year/Turn Him Down (Excellent) E-5001                                  
1966 Me Minus More/Broken Man Am I (Excellent) E-5005

cEvin Key (synths, percussion, tapes, vocals, treatments) / Nivek Ogre (vocals, horn treatments) / Bill Leeb / Wilhelm Schroeder (bass synth) / Mr. D. Plevin (fretless bass) / Tom T. Ellard (tapes, treatments, digital sampling) / Dwayne ‘Rudolph’ Goettel (synths, sequencers, samplers; replaced Schroeder) / Rave (guitar) / Greg Reely (piano)
The origins of Skinny Puppy begin in Vancouver in the summer of 1983 when cEvin key and nivek ogre decided to buck not only the musical mainstream but the religious, social and political world as well. key and ogre initially enlisted another visionary Bill Leeb, but Leeb’s own pursuits led him to quit and eventually form Front Line Assembly. Skinny Puppy’s first recorded release was the limited edition 7 song cassette-only ‘Back And Forth’ in 1984. Vancouver’s newly burgeoning Nettwerk Records were sufficiently impressed with the tape to sign the band. By early 1985, Skinny Puppy released ‘Remission’ featuring Key, Ogre, Wilhelm Schroeder (bass synth) and Mr. D. Plevin (fretless bass). The band began making a name for themselves with eccentric rhythms, haunting visual imagery, and disonant tones. In October 1985 came ‘Bites’ which expanded on the line-up from ‘Remission’ with the addition of Tom T. Ellard (tapes, treatments, digital sampling). Skinny Puppy was soon becoming notorious for their industrial edge and stage personna (gloomy gothic atmospherics often accompanied by disturbing film footage as a backdrop). But, it was at this point that Wilhelm Schroeder left, leaving a significant hole in Skinny Puppy’s core. Enter Dwayne Goettel in early 1986 during the recording of ‘Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse’. Skinny Puppy snubbed the mainstream with their deliberate inaccessibility, stage shows and controversial album art. And yet, the album sold well and began paying off for Nettwerk’s investment. It yielded three singles – “Dig It”, “Stairs and Flowers” and “Chainsaw”. Following the first full-length tour and media reaction the band returned to the studio and released the ‘Cleanse, Fold and Manipulate’ in late 1987. A new mix of “Addiction” was released as a single. It would be 1988’s release, ‘VIVIsect VI,’ that Skinny Puppy unleashed their full potential as performance artists and human & animal rights activists. Along with the addition of member ‘Rave’, Skinny Puppy perfected their audio and visual effects to bring about public awareness (albeit in a very graphic shock-value sense) on such as the use of vivisection on animals, war and social and political ideologies. Two singles from the album followed: “Testure” and the alternately titled “Censor” (originally titled “Dogshit”). Hot on the heels of the tour and live album/video called ‘Ain’t It Dead Yet?,’ the band went back into the studio and this time, they recruited Al Jourgensen (Ministry) to produce 1989’s ‘Rabies’ album. The record was nearly a rock production as Jourgenson added some accessible industrial techniques. By now the public awareness of Skinny Puppy as shock rockers and confrontationalists had caught up to them causing the album – with its singles “Worlock” and “Tin Omen” — and the new live show to be banned in some cities – specifically in Cincinnati where the band members were arrested for their on-stage depiction of an experiment with a stuffed dog, which the police considered offensive. The band was relentless and immediately compiled alternate versions, b-sides and remixes from the singles “Dig It”, “Addiction”, “Censor (aka Dogshit)”, “Testure”, and “Chainsaw” as ’12” Anthology’. This, in turn, was followed by another palette of Puppy dark doom in 1990 called ‘Too Dark Park’ with its singles for “Tormentor” and “Spasmolytic”. With their popularity growing as artists, the individual members started splintering into side-projects and other production jobs with Cyberaktif, Doubting Thomas, Hilt, Pigface, The Tear Garden, and ogre’s appearance on Ministry’s ‘The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste.’ Skinny Puppy finally regrouped with producer Dave Ogilvie for the cryptic and apocrophyl release ‘Last Rights’ in 1992. Despite hints that Puppy themselves were reaching critical mass, a pressing glitch (which led to a re-release) and the omission of a track featuring Timothy Leary due to legal hassles, the single “Inquisition” became a dance club hit. Skinny Puppy then took the show on the road once more. Following the tour, the band took a break after a 9 year non-stop assault. It was at this time that their long-time label, Nettwerk Production took stock of Skinny Puppy sales record versus those of say, label stalwarts Grapes Of Wrath and Sarah McLachlan. Nettwerk decided not to renew their deal with the band. The hunt for a new label led them to the door of rap producer Rick Rubin and his fresh new label American Records. The band moved to California and began a communal existance in a beach house they dubbed Shangri-La. The future looked bright as they began pre-production for album No.9 in late-November 1993. For 18 months starting in December 1993 to August 1995, the band was beseiged by production problems. American Records was not pleased with Dave Ogilvie as producer and insisted on Roli Mosimann (who worked on The The’s ‘Infected’), and then Martyn Atkins as the band let it be known that they weren’t happy with American’s production choices. cEvin key’s had a bone-breaking accident, local floods and the eventual raising of their beach house due to fire, eventually began to erode the focus and unity of the band. The fear that American was slowly destroying the band by dropping them in mid-project caused Ogre to quit the band.  On August 23, 1995, Dwayne Goettel overdosed on heroin while in the midst of a side project called Download with cEvin key. American Records finally released Skinny Puppy’s swan song, ‘The Process’, in late February 1996. While Ogre was off touring with industrial act Pigface, he recorded material for his side project W.E.L.T. (aka ohGr), guested with KMFDM and released an album with Pigface member Martyn Atkins under the name Rx (aka Ritalin), several Skinny Puppy collections were released such as ‘Brap: Back and Forth Series 3 & 4’ (1996), ‘ReMix Dys Temper’ (1998) and ‘The Singles Collect’ and ‘B-Sides Collection’ (1999). In 2000, Ogre and Key reunited as Skinny Puppy and performed at the Doomsday Festival in Dresden which spawned the album ‘Doomsday: Back and Forth Series 5 – Live in Dresden’ which was released in 2001. In 2003 their first new song in a decade, “Optimissed”, was included on the ‘Underworld’ movie soundtrack in 2003. Ogre and Key, along with Mark Walk, Danny Carey (Tool) and Wayne Static (Static-X) recorded Skinny Puppy’s ninth studio album ‘The Greater Wrong of the Right’ and released it in 2004.The band toured North America and Europe featuring William Morrison (guitar) and Justin Bennett (drums). Shows in Toronto and Montreal were included in the 2005 ‘Greater Wrong of the Right Live’ DVD. Skinny Puppy toured Europe again in 2005, and returned to the studio to complete their 2007 album ‘Mythmaker’. Beginning in May 2007 they toured North America and Europe. Ogre then appeared in the 2008 musical ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’. The band’s next release was then held up as their former label, SPV, went bankrupt. The new studio album, ‘HanDover’, finally saw the light of day in October 2011.A European tour in 2010 spawned a 2012 live album entitled ‘Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas’.

1986 Dig It/The Choke (Re-grip) [12″] (Nettwerk) NT12-3002
1987 Stairs and Flowers [12”] (Nettwerk)
1987 Addiction [3 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) NT12-3010
1988 Censor  (Dogshit) [4 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) NT12-3021
1989 Testure [4 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) NT12-15439
1989 Tin Omen [4 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) V-15511
1990 Worlock [4 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) V-15535
1990 Tormentor [3 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) V-15654
1991 Spasmolytic [4 song EP] (Nettwerk) C2-15702
1992 Inquisition [4 song EP] (Nettwerk) C2-15831
1996 Candle (American) PRO-CD-8057
2000 Track 10 (SUBconscious)
2007 PolitikiL (Synthetic Symphony/SPV) 80001096

1984 Back and Forth (Nettwerk)
1984 Remission [EP] (Nettwerk) NTM-6301
1986 Bites (Nettwerk) NTL-30002
1986 Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse (Nettwerk) NTL-30005
1987 Cleanse Fold and Manipulate (Nettwerk) NTL-30011
1987 Chainsaw [5 song 12″ EP] (Nettwerk) NTM-6305
1988 VIVIsectVI (Nettwerk) NTL-30021
1989 Rabies (Nettwerk) W2-30040
1990 12 Inch Anthology (Nettwerk) W2-30041
1990 Too Dark Park (Nettwerk) W2-30058
1991 Ain’t It Dead Yet? (Nettwerk) W2-30061
1992 Last Rights (Nettwerk) W2-30072
1992 Back and Forth Series Two (Nettwerk) W2-30078
1996 The Process (American)  31097
1996 Brap – Back And Forth Series 3 And 4 (Nettwerk) W2-30103
1998 ReMix Dys Temper (Nettwerk) W2-30128
1999 The Singles Collection (Nettwerk) W2-30148
1999 The B-Sides Collection (Nettwerk) W2-30149
2001 Doomsday – Back & Forth Volume 5: Live in Dresden (Nettwerk) W2-30225
2002 Puppy Gristle (SUBconscious) SUB-23
2003 Back and Forth 06Six (SUBconscious) SUB-25
2004 The Greater Wrong of the Right (SPV) SPV-085-63722
2007 Mythmaker (Synthetic Symphony/SPV) SPV-63982
2007 Back & Forth Vol. 7 (SUBconscious) SUB-35
2011 HanDover (SPV) SPV-308282
2012 Bootlegged, Broke, and In Solvent Seas (Metropolis) MET-810

Compilation Tracks
“First Aid” on ‘Nettwerk Sound Sampler: Food For Thought’ (Nettwerk) NTL-30007
1988 “Addiction (Dog House Mix)” on ‘Nettwerk Sound Sampler: Food For Thought Volume Two’ (Nettwerk) NTL-30025
1991 “Smothered Hope” on ‘Dead Time’s Exploding Dream’ (Nettwerk)
1993 “K-9 “on ‘Possessed’ (Nettwerk)
1993 “Ode to Groovy” on ‘In Defense of Animals: A Benefit Compilation’ (Restless) 772747
1995 “Smothered Hope”, “Testure”, “Inquisition”, and “Grave Wisdom” on ‘Decadence’ (Nettwerk) W2-30100
1997 “Melt” on ‘Paradigm Shift’ (Nettwerk) W2-30110
1997 “Cult” on ‘Suburbia [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Geffen) GED-25121
1997 “Hardset Head” on ‘An American Werewolf in Paris [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Hollywood) 162-131
1998 “Dig It” on ‘The Art of Darkness’ (Universal) UMSD-81086
1999 “Draining Faces” on ‘The Blair Witch Project (Josh’s Blair Witch Mix) [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Chapter III) CHA-0120
2000 “Rodent (Remix)” on ‘Wild Planet’ (SUBconscious) SUB-17
2003 “Optimissed” on ‘Underworld [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Lakeshore) LKS-33781
2005 “VX Gas Attack” on ‘The Suicide Girls: Black Heart Retrospective (Epitaph) 86733
2005 “Rodent (Ken Marshall Remix – DDT Mix) on ‘Saw II [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Sony)
2006 “Assimilate” on ‘A Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box (Rhino) R2-73374
2007 “Pedafly” on ‘D-Side 38’ (D-Side – FRANCE) DSICD-0038
2007 “Empire” and “Tony Montana” on ‘Rare’ (SUBconscious) SUB-444
2007 “Spasmolytic Deftones Remix (Habitual Mix)” on ‘Saw IV [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Artists Addiction) ADM-90080
2008 “Ugli” on ‘Saw V [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Artists Addiction)

From Toronto, Ontario.

Bomb Iran/[same] (Controversial) ROW-1111
1980 Take Them Away (Russian Tanks And Planes)/[same] (Rumboglio) ROW-2222

James Renald (vocals; 1992-2000) / Antoine Sicotte (vocals) / Anastasia (vocals; 2000)
Sky are R & B driven pop duo from Montréal, Québec. Both are songwriters, producers and multi-instrumentalists, who met in 1992 at a music engineering school in their native Montréal. James and Antoine self-produced and played all the instruments on a five-song EP in 1997, and released it on the band’s own Phat Royale label. The EP was serviced to radio in Québec and landed on 43 stations. A video for the song “America” was also put into rotation at MusiquePlus and the band started playing locally. In February 1998, Sky signed a record deal with EMI Music Canada. Despite their ability as producers, internationally renowned producers Peter Mokran (Maxwell, R Kelly, Michael Jackson) and Euro-Syndicate Productions were brought in for two recording sessions at Gallery Studios, New York and Metalworks in Toronto. The album features guest appearances by Wah Wah Watson, a Motown vet who played on “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”, and the Tower Of Power horn section. The album debuted on the Soundscan album chart at #6 and the album’s first single, “Some Kind Of Wonderful”, has become a sensation and boosted sales to earn the band a gold record in Canada in early 1999. Following an overseas promotional tour to hype the record, the single “Some Kind of Wonderful” hit No.1 in Thailand in early 1999. ‘Piece of Paradise’ was released there at the end of February, plus in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The album’s second single, “Love Song”, was just as successful, followed by “Push” in June. Meanwhile, in February 1999, the duo landed a major deal with Arista Records for the US, UK, and Japan. The label released a reworked version of ‘Piece of Paradise’ on June 29, 1999, with two additional tracks, “Strange” and “Dreamin'”. Those tracks were also added to the Canadian version of the album, and re-released on June 1, 1999. In March 2000, Renald – the camera-shy half of the duo – announced that he was leaving Sky, and that the group had split up. Sicotte, meanwhile, began writing for, and recording with, a young Montréal singer named Anastasia. After announcing that the new act would be known as Nice, he was apparently convinced to simply carry on under the Sky moniker, with Anastasia handling vocal chores. The new duo released the first single, “Superhero”, in August 2000 followed by a full album, ‘Travelling Infinity’, in November.

Some Kinda Wonderful (Phat Royale/EMI)
1999 Love Song (Phat Royale/EMI)
1999 Push (Phat Royale/EMI)
2000 Superhero (EMI)

Sky [5 song EP] (Phat Royale/EMI)
1999 Piece of Paradise (EMI) 498109
2000 Travelling Infinity (EMI) 527327
2003 Picture Perfect

Compilation Tracks
“Some Kinda Wonderful” on ‘Planet Pop 2000’ (BMG)
2000 “Push” on ‘MuchMoreMusic Volume 2’ (Universal) 541302
2001 “Love Song” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885

SKY, Amy
Born: September 24, 1960 in Toronto, Ontario.
Amy Sky graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Music and started singing back-up vocals for Ronnie Hawkins. With a strong interest in songwriting, she soon moved to Nashville, Tennessee and signed a songwriting-development deal with MCA Music. In 1986, Sky continued songwriting for EMI Music Publishing in Los Angeles, California. While in L.A., she married Canadian singer/songwriter Marc Jordan. In the early 1990’s, Sky moved back to Toronto. By this time, her songs had been recorded by such artists as Anne Murray, Reba McEntire, and Diana Ross. By the early 1990s she had moved back to Toronto and in 1996 signed a distribution deal with Iron Music Group for her independent imprint label Café Records. That year Sky released her debut album, ‘Cool Rain’, which included the song “I Will Take Care of You” about the birth of her child Zoe. She was also performing in the musical ‘Blood Brothers’ with singers David Cassidy and Michael Burgess at the same time. In 1997 she was nominated for two JUNO Awards for ‘Best Songwriter’ and ‘Best New Artist’. Her sophomore effort, ‘Burnt By the Sun’, was released in 1998 and SOCAN recognized her songwriting efforts with three separate awards. In 2001 she released her third solo album, ‘Phenomenal Woman’, through SongCorp but due to the company’s bankruptcy a short while later the album was grossly overlooked. Sky took back control of her career and promotion by releasing 2002’s ‘Ordinary Miracles’ through her own label, Café, once more. However, EMI Music in Canada was keen to help her boost her profile and offered distribution for a collection of cover tunes and Amy Sky penned tracks made famous by others entitled ‘With This Kiss: A Romance Collection’. In 2005 Sky renewed a working relationship with Olivia Newton-John whom she’d penned songs for in the past by writing and producing songs for Newton-John’s albums ‘Stronger Than Before’ (2005), ‘Grace and Gratitude’ (2006) and ‘Christmas Wish’ (2007). In 2008 Sky released her own Christmas music album, ‘The Lights of December’. That year she and Olivia Newton-John organized a star studded funding raising album entitled ‘Celebration and Song: Olivia Newton-John and Friends’ and awalk along the Great Wall of China to raise money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Sky has hosted three seasons of the TV show ‘Parenting’ as well as ‘Enfagrow: The Toddler Years with Amy Sky’. She has also been an advocate for CAMH in the area of mental health awareness and treatment. In 2012 she released her most recent album ‘Alive & Awake’. Sky has also written international hits for such artists as Belinda Carlisle, Aaron Neville, Heart, Cyndi Lauper, Mark Masri, Roch Voisine and Sheena Easton and appeared on recordings by Marc Jordan, Bruce Guthro and Michael Burgess. With notes from Don Palmer.

Don’t Leave Me Alone (Café/Iron Music Group)
1996 I Will Take Care of You (Café/Iron Music Group)
1997 ‘Til You Love Somebody (Café/Iron Music Group)
1997 If My Heart Had Wings (Café/Iron Music Group)
1998 Love, Pain and the Whole Damn Thing (Café/Iron Music Group)
1998 Waterfall (Café/Iron Music Group) (Café/Iron Music Group)
1999 Heaven (Opened Up Its Doors) (SongCorp)
1999 Ordinary Miracles (SongCorp)
2000 Phenomenal Woman (Radio Edit)/Phenomenal Woman (Album Version) (SongCorp) CDP-497
2001 I Believe in Us (SongCorp)
2005 Let It Shine (EMI)

Til the Last Teardrop Falls

All I Have

Two Story House

Everything Love Is

Cool Rain (Café/Iron Music Group) 65100
1998 Burnt By The Sun (Café/Iron Music Group) 65102
2001 Phenomenal Woman (SongCorp) LP-002
2002 Ordinary Miracles (Café) CR-001
2003 With This Kiss: A Romance Collection (EMI) 88484
2006 Life Lessons: The Best of Amy Sky (EMI) 20409
2008 The Lights of December (Café/EMI) CR-007
2012 Alive & Awake (Café/EMI) 18867

Andy Maize (vocals) / Peter Cash (vocals, guitars) / Josh Finlayson (guitar) / Ronny Von Johnny (bass)  / Wayne Stokes (drums; replaced Macey) / Joel Anderson (drums; replaced Stokes)
Immediately after the destruction of his band, Direktive 17, Andy Maize hooked up with guitarist Josh Finlayson to record a 3 song EP under the name West Montrose in 1987 on an independent label out of Toronto. Later that year they would recruit Andrew Cash’s brother, Peter, and became the Skydiggers after a suggestion made by Andrew Cash himself. With the addition of bassist Ronny Von Johnny and drummer Ron Macey they took up residence at the Spadina Hotel playing alongside and occasionally as replacement for Andrew Cash who had been signed to Island Records. By late 1989 Enigma Records in the US had established an office in Canada were searching for a Canadian acquisition. The Skydiggers became the label’s first signing and released their self-titled debut album which managed to sell 18,000 on the strength of the singles “Monday Morning” and “I Will Give You Everything” before the label ended up in financial straits and tied the band up in legal red-tape while lawyers decided who owned the album. Remaining staff members of Enigma’s Canadian office banded together and created FRE Records, began handling the Skydiggers management and bank-rolled the band’s follow-up, æRestless’, which was released in 1992 through fre/Capitol. Meanwhile, the first album had been freed from their holding area in a US warehouse and the debut album was re-issued by Capitol in July of 1992. 1993 saw the band win critical acclaim for all their efforts with the ‘Most Promising Group’ Juno Award ; ‘Entertainers of the Year’ and ‘Contemporary recording Artists of the Year’ at the 1993 COCA Awards. They released ‘Just Over This Mountain’ which, like their previous releases, where self produced and the group got engineering and recording assistance from Michael-Phillip Wojewoda (Barenaked Ladies, Rheostatics) and Bob Doidge (Cowboy Junkies) with remixing by John Whynot (Loreena McKennitt). The band remained true to its Gram Parsons roots-rock and released several albums over the course of the ’90’s all the while maintaining a small but steady cult following. The band finally called it a day in 2003, but reunited in 2008 and have released several albums since including 2012’ ‘Northern Shore’.

1989 I Will Give You Everything (Enigma/Capitol)
1990 Monday Morning (Enigma/Capitol)
1992 A Penny More (fre/Capitol)
1993 Just Over This Mountain (fre/Capitol)
1995 What Do You See? (Warner)  WEA-47
1995 You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve (Warner) WEA-53

1989 The Skydiggers (Enigma/Capitol) 773555
1992 Restless (fre/Capitol) L2-00102
1993 Just Over This Mountain (fre/Capitol)  L2-00106
1995 Road Radio (Warner) CD-10618
1997 Desmond’s Hip City (DROG) DROG-037
1999 The Restless Tapes (indie)
2000 There and Back (Live) (Outside)
2002 Bitter Sweet Harmony (Universal) 746407
2008 City of Sirens (Phantom Sound and Vision)
2009 The Truth About Us: A Twenty Year Retrospective (Pheromone) PHER-CD-1009
2012 Northern Shore

Compilation Tracks
“One Day I Walk” on ‘Kick at the Darkness’ (Intrepid) N21S-0008
1992 “Feel You Closer” on ‘New Stuff’ (MMS) NSCD-001
1993 “I’m Wondering” on ‘New Stuff Six’ (MMS) NSCD-006
1994 “Mr. Soul” on ‘Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute to Neil Young’ (Sony) 80199

B.J. Cook (vocals) / Donny Gerrard (vocals) / Doug Edwards (guitar) / Norman McPherson (guitar; replaced Edwards) / John Verner (guitar; replaced McPherson 1972) / Allan Mix (guitar; replaced Verner 1973) / Steven Pugsley (bass) / David Foster (keyboards) / Carl Graves (percussion) / Duris Maxwell (drums) / Brian Hilton (drums; replaced Maxwell) / Kat Hendricks (drums; replaced Hilton)
Vancouver’s Skylark formed from the ashes of one of Ronnie Hawkins’ many back-up groups, Foster and former New Breed member Cook took the initiative and the band was soon signed to Capitol Records. Their self-titled debut album was released in 1972 which spawned three singles including what would be the band’s biggest hit – “Wildflower”. The song was written by the band’s original guitarist Doug Edwards and a policeman friend from Victoria, BC (David Richardson). The song went to No. 1 in Canada and made Billboard magazine’s Top10. The single would go on to sell over 1 million copies. A follow-up album ‘2’, was released in 1974 and again contained “Wildflower” as a request by Capitol to keep the song prominantly in the public’s consciousness. The album itself featured the additional help of Bobby Taylor (of Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers fame) on backing vocals and Robbie King on organ. The record was met with less success and the group called it a day. Many of the band’s members later began solo careers: vocalist Donny Gerrard recorded several singles in the mid-’70s including “Words Are Impossible” (1976) plus backing vocal work for Elton John, John Fogerty and Donna Summer; After the end of her 7 year marriage to Foster, B.J. Cook moved to Toronto and wrote the lyrics to theme songs for the TV shows ‘Night Heat’ and ‘Airwaves’ with Domenic Troiano and the theme to ‘Meatballs 3’; Percussionist Carl Graves had two hits in 1975 (“Baby, Hang Up The Phone” and “Hey Radio”); guitarist John Verner, an American who toured briefly as Skylark’s guitarist from Fall 1972 through Spring of 1973 went on to play with Ambrosia as substitute for David Pack, as Sonny Bono’s guitarist for an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man” television show, and with Frankie Banali of Quiet Riot, footage of which later appeared on their VH1 “Behind The Music” show. Verner was also hand picked by Paul Stanley to audition for KISS, but was not chosen. Verner currently serves in the United Sates Army Ground Forces Band in Atlanta, Georgia as senior guitar instrumentalist. The most successful was keyboardist David Foster who had been married to Skylark vocalist B.J. Cook at the time and are the parents of rising songwriter Amy Foster-Gillies (Diana Krall, Josh Groban, Destiny’s Child). Foster went on to work with Quincy Jones and record movie soundtracks such as ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’, producing others (Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Chicago, Paul Hyde & The Payolas, Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie), and his own solo recordings with guest vocalists such as Olivia Newton-John; Doug Edwards passed away November 11, 2016; Donny Gerrard died February 3, 2022. with notes from B.J. Cook and John Verner. [also see DAVID FOSTER, DONNY GERRARD]

1972 What Would I Do Without You/Suites For My Lady (Capitol) 3378
1973 Wildflower/The Writing’s On The Wall (Capitol) 3511
1973 I’ll Have To Go Away/Twenty-Six Years (Capitol) 3661
1973 If That’s The Way You Want It/Virgin Green (Capitol) 3773

1972 Skylark (Capitol) ST-11048
1974 2 (Capitol/EMI) ST-11256
1996 Wildflower: Golden Classics Edition (Collectibles)

Compilation Tracks
“Wildflower” on ‘Today’s Super Greats Part 2’ (K-Tel) TU-231
1996 “Wildflower” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25

Stevo Slander
(vocals) / Ray Farrugia (drums) / Chris Suicide [aka Chris Houston] (bass) / Johnny F. Stringer (lead guitar) / Paul Bleeder (rhythm guitar) / Chris Crash (guitar; replaced Stringer and Bleeder) / Dave McGhee (bass; replaced Suicide 1982) / Emma O. (guitar; 2010-2011)
Slander was a punk band formed in Hamilton, Ontario in 1980 which included on-and-off again bass player Chris Suicide in between his commitments with The Forgotten Rebels. They’d often play in Toronto at The Turning Point and in St. Catharines, Ontario at The Franklin. They soon gained a reputation as much for drinking and brawling as for playing music. In 1981 an area manager, Bill McDowell, for the bands The Machines and Cleveland fronted the cash for Slander to record their debut album ‘Hemi-Conscious’ and a single at Grant Avenue Studio. Both were released on North Shore Records in 1981; Crash went on be the front-man for Columbian Necktie, The HammerbOiz,  Barney and The Chico Maki Punk Rock Experience; Farrugia went on to Junkhouse; Stevo Slander assembled a new version of Slander in 2010 with younger players including guitarist Emma O. and played on bills in Toronto with the reformed Arson and Swindled in 2011; Emma O has since left the band and has launched her own solo project Kundalunatic.

Jail Bait/Eight Days a Week (North Shore) NSR-1981-003

1981 Hemi-Conscious (North Shore) NSR-1981-001

Compilation Tracks
“Petticoat Junction” on ‘Only in Canada, Eh: 77-81 – Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC-CD-0101

Tony Terrance Dartanian [aka Anthony J. Mifsud] (vocals) / Pete Dove (bass) / Franklin Wyles (drums) / Lou Garscadden (guitar) / Frank Bartoletti (guitar) / Marcel LaFleur (guitar; replaced Garscadden)
Toronto hard rock act Slash Puppet was formed in 1989. The released an independent cassette entitled ‘The Demo’ that year. After only 15 club gigs in Toronto they were voted ‘Best Toronto Club Band’ at the 1990 Toronto Music Awards. After a sold-out show in December 1990 Slash Puppet caught the attention of Rush manager Ray Danniels (S.R.O. Management) and were signed to a management and production deal with Sony/Anthem Records. By the spring of 1991 their first video “Slow Down” debuted on Much Music and Musique Plus and with continuous airplay in Canada and the United States, the band’s 1989 tape entitled ‘The Demo’ would soon sell 2,500 copies. The cassette went on to chart on some College radio stations at the No.1 spot in North America and Europe. Despite a command performance show in early 1993 at the Masonic Temple in Toronto, S.R.O. Management released Slash Puppet from their management deal. The band would sign a distribution deal with Fringe Product in September 1993 and they released their self-titled debut EP on their own Sweet Leaf Records later that year. The release was co-produced by Rich Chycki (Rush, Aerosmith). The single/video for “When the Whip Comes Down” won ‘Best Independent Video’ at the 1993 Los Angeles Area Music Awards. “When the Whip Comes Down” and “Rippin’ On a Wishbone” were also featured on the soundtrack to the 1994 film ‘Chain of Command’. Following the Grunge explosion Slash Puppet disbanded in 1995. In 2007 their original demo cassette was re-issued by Sun City Records on CD as ‘No Strings Attached’ and maked it to No.7 on Sleaze Roxx’s internet e-zine ‘Top 10 Best Releases of 2007’; Mifsud formed a new band in 1996 called Total Harmonic Distortion which didn’t last long. By 1998 he pursued TV, movie and voice-over acting work full-time with credits that include ‘Relic Hunter’, ‘Kung Fu: The Legend Continues’, ‘Robocop: The Series’ and a recurring role as Dr. Necros in the Disney Adventure series ‘Aaron Stone’; Garscadden died in August 2001 of an apparent heart attack.

Slow Down
1993 When the Whip Comes Down

The Demo [cassette] (Slash Puppet)
1993 Slash Puppet [6-song EP] (Sweet Leaf/Fringe Product) FPD-3129
2007 No Strings Attached (Sun City – AUSTRALIA)

Dave Hewson (guitar, vocals) / Terry Sadler (lead vocals, bass) / Ron Sumners (drums) / Bobby Sadzak (guitar; added) / Brian Lourie (drums; replaced Sumners)
Scarborough, Ontario metal act Slaughter was formed in 1984. A series of three independently released home-made cassettes led to a new album in 1985 entitled ‘Surrender or Die’ produced by Youth Youth Youth’s Brian Taylor and released on his Diabolic Force Records. The label, and the band, would relaunch as part of Fringe Product’s distribution network. Slaughter would then change its name to Strappado to avoid confusion with the US metal act Slaughter; Sumners would go on to launch Epidemic Records in the ’80s/90s and run a successful graphic design and printing company before taking time off to tour the world on a sabbatical in the early 2000s; Hewson and Sadzak would go on to form Inner Thought.

1986 Nocturnal Hell [3-song 7″] (Fringe Product)  FPS-1725

1984 Meatcleaver [cassette] (independent)
Bloody Karnage [5 song cassette] (independent)
Live Karnage (independent)
Surrender Or Die [cassette] (Diabolic Force) DF-001
1987 Strappado (Fringe Product) FLP-3028
1988 Paranormal [cassette] (independent)
1988 The Dark [3 song cassette]
1990 Not Dead Yet
2004 Fuck of Death (Hell’s Headbangers – US) HELLS-003/NSR-001

Fatal Judgment [5 song cassette]

Compilation Tracks
“The Fourth Dimension” on ‘Metal Massacre Ten’ (Metal Blade) ZORRO-4
1996 “Dethroned Emperor” on ‘In Memory of Celtic Frost’ (Dwell – US) CD-1006

Jason Rockman (vocals) / Kevin Jardine (guitar) / Frank Salvaggio (bass) / Rob Urbani (drums) / Sebastien Ducap (bass; 2009–present) / Peter Tzaferis (drums; 2009–present)
Montréal, Québec’s Slaves On Dope formed in 1993 as a reaction to the grunge revolution. Their harder and heavier edge inspired by Kiss, Faith No More and the Deftones, led to the recording of their first release – the independent 6 song cassette EP ‘Sober’ produced by Richard Basque that sold over 5,000 units and received critical acclaim. On the strength of the release, the band crossed Canada five times, with several cross-border tours in the United States. With sporadic forays into the studio between tours, the group finally emerged again with the full length CD entitled ‘One Good Turn Deserves Another’ which was produced by Glen Robinson (Tea Party, Headstones, Voivod, 13 Engines). In 2000 Slaves On Dope managed to land their song “Stick It Up” on ‘The Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows’ movie soundtrack. In 2001 the band played the second stage at Ozzfest. Slaves On Dope would go on hiatus in 2005 and re-emerge in 2009 with Salvagio replaced by Sebastien Ducap and Urbani replaced by Peter Tzaferis. They released a self-titled EP in 2010, the seven song EP ‘Careless Coma’ in 2011 and their full-length comeback CD ‘Over the Influence’ in 2012.

I’ll Never Feel (Just A Minute)
1998 Light On Your Feet (Just A Minute)

Sober [6 song cassette EP] (UpLift) SOD-004
1998 One Good Turn Deserves Another (Just A Minute) MIN-001
1999 Klepto [6 song EP] (Just A Minute) MIN-002
2000 Inches From the Mainline (Divine/Priority/Virgin) V2-27725
2003 Metafour (Bieler Bros. – US)
2010 Slaves On Dope [3-song EP] (S.O.D.)
2011 Careless Coma [7-song EP DigiFile] (Thom Hazaert Productions)
2012 Over the Influence (Rocket Science) RSV-068

Compilation Tracks
“Tearing the Seams” on ‘Impact Music Volume One’ (MMS) IM-001
2000 “Stick It Up” on ‘The Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Posthuman) P2-50155
2001 “Pushing Me” on ‘Ozzfest Second Stage Live (Divine – Europe) COPTYF-210

SLEAN, Sarah
Born: Sarah Hope Slean on June 21, 1977 in Pickering, Ontario
Sarah Slean attended Dunbarton High School in Pickering, Ontario where her interest in music began. She studied music at York University and completed a degree in music and philosophy at the University of Toronto. At the age of 19 she set about recording and releasing an independent cassette EP entitled Universe in 1997. By 1999 she had enough material to assemble a full-length independent album entitled ‘Blue Parade’. In 2001 she was signed WEA Records in Canada and released a self-titled teaser EP on the label that year. She then co-produced her debut album, ‘Night Bugs’, with artist/producer Hawksley Workman which was released in 2002. Nearly 18 months of national touring followed and then Slean headed back to the studio for her next album, ‘Day One’, which came out in September 2004. The album spawned three successful singles/videos with “Lucky Me”,”Day One”, and “Mary”. In early 2006 she recorded several new tracks in Kensaltown Studios in the UK plus cover versions of Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them” and “Comfortably Numb” for the tribute album ‘Pink Floyd Redux’. After returning to Toronto she recorded solo piano pieces as DNA Recording Facility. The new studio tracks from both sessions were added to live recordings from Toronto’s Harbourfront Theatre and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre which were released as ‘Orphan Music’ in October 2006. Slean spent the next year re-evaluating and redefining her musical direction into a more mature adult sound on her next album ‘The Baroness’ released in March 2008. In October that year she performed at the first annual Canwest Cabaret Festival in Toronto. In November of 2008 she released the EP ‘The Baroness Redecorates’ which featured outtakes and bonus tracks originally held as iTunes downloading exclusives. In March 2009, Slean participated in the JUNO Songwriter’s Circle in Vancouver, British Columbia as part of a songwriting forum that included Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo), Jacob Hoggard (Hedley), Doc Walker, Buffy Saint-Marie, Ndidi Onukwulu, and host Hawksley Workman. Also in 2009 she took part in the documentary series called City Sonic. In April 2011, Slean’s song “New Pair of Eyes” was included on the compilation album ‘Songs of Love for Japan’ – a charity album with proceeds going toward relief efforts following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan. The song was also included on Slean’s 2011 double disc ‘Land & Sea’.

Night Bugs (WEA)
2002 Sweet Ones (WEA)
2002 Weight (WEA)
2003 Duncan (WEA)
2004 Lucky Me (WEA)
2004 When Another Midnight [w/k-os] (WEA)
2005 Day One (WEA)
2005 Mary (Remix) (WEA) WSM-1
2005 Somebody’s Arms (WEA)
2008 Get Home (WEA)
2008 What Child Is This? (WEA)
2001 Set It Free (WEA)
2012 Society Song (Pheromone)

Universe [cassette EP] (Sarah Slean) SS-001
1999 Blue Parade (Sarah Slean) SSCD-002
2001 Sarah Slean [7 song EP] (Atlantic/WEA) 83502
2002 Night Bugs (Atlantic/WEA) 2-93093
2004 Day One (Atlantic/WEA) 2-61810
2006 Orphan Music [EP] (WEA) 2-63923
2007 Sarah Slean [4 song EP] (WEA) SS-2007
2008 The Baroness (WEA) 2-63614
2008 The Baroness Redecorates [EP] (WEA) SS-2009
2010 Beauty Lives: B-Sides (Sarah Slean) SS-2010
2011 Land & Sea [2CDs] (Pheromone) PHERCD-1019

Black Flowers (Pheromone) PHERCD-1008

Compilation Tracks
“I Know” on ‘Women & Songs 2’ (WEA) WTVD-37040
2000 “High” on ‘Women & Songs 4’ (WEA) WTVD-39171
2000 “I Know” on ‘Face the Music (Sony) TVK-24068
2002 “Sweet Ones” on ‘Women & Songs 6’ (Warner) WTVD-48036
2003 “What Child Is This?” on ‘Women & Songs: Christmas’ (Warner)
2004 “Lucky Me” on ‘Women & Songs 8’ (WEA) WTVD-61926
2005 “Mary (Improbable Pop Radio Mix)” on ‘Women & Songs 9’ (WEA) WTVD-62800
2006 “Lucky Me (Live Version)” on ‘Women & Songs 10: 10th Anniversary Edition’ (WEA) WTVD-63889
2006 “Us And Them” and “Comfortably Numb” on ‘Pink Floyd Redux: A New Music Experience’ (Zone 3) ZON-22176
2008 “Get Home” on ‘Women & Songs 12’ (WEA/EMI/UMG) 2-931590

Nicholas ‘Nick’ Walsh (vocals) / Rob Bruce (guitar) / Kevin Gale (guitar) / Dave Mercel (bass) / Pat Howarth (bass; replaced Mercel) / Alex Munro (drums) / Neal Busby (drums; replaced Munro 1991) / Adam Headland (bass; replaced Howarth 1994)
Walsh and Mercel had been playing in a band called Virgin Angel in 1986 when they moved on to another act called Portrait where Rob Bruce and Kevin Gale were added. Portrait rattled around the Southern Ontario club scene for about a year when their other guitarist vacated. Howarth replaced Mercel as bassist (who moved into the chair of lyricist) and Munro were added and Slik Toxik was formed in 1988. While opening for Succsexx at The Siboney club in Toronto, Bob Luhtala saw the band and signed them to a management deal. A demo was produced by Bob Potter (Scorpions) and shopped to the major labels. Capitol Records signed the band in 1991 and issued an EP, ‘Smooth & Deadly’ to test the hard rock waters. This was followed in 1992 by the full album and video onslaught of ‘Doin’ The Nasty’ with Slik Toxik touring from coast to coast and the release of four singles helped the album reach gold status. The band kept in close touch with their fans through mail-outs and contests which established it as a fan-based act. The “Helluvatime” video, directed by Don Allan, won the People’s Choice Award for ‘Best Video Of The Year’ as well as ‘Best Metal Video Award’ at the 1992 MuchMusic Video Awards. The would be the last act to ever play Toronto’s famed Rock And Roll Heaven and went on to tour the remainder of the year doing gigs with Kim Mitchell, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Spinal Tap at Molson Park in Barrie, Ontario. Through the change of music that was taking place at the time (i.e. grunge), EMI brought in producer Glenn Robinson (Tea Party, Kyuss) to work on pre-production with the band for their next album – ‘Irrelevant’. It was after an intoxicated Pat Howarth smashed a limousine at the 1994 post-Juno Awards party that the label began questioning the stability of the band. EMI suggested that Slik Toxik be moved to one of their subsidiary labels, but after that meeting the band thought that they might stand a chance to do it independently instead, given the fact that they a fairly big fan base. Slik Toxik attempted a follow-up with 1994’s ‘Irrelevant’, featuring new bassist Adam Headland, on the fledgling Strawberry label, but by this time heavy metal acts had become an extinct species with the explosion of Grunge and the band folded. Nick Walsh and Rob Bruce went on to play in Raised On Mars. Walsh would form Revolver with bassist Laurie Green. The band has recently renamed itself F.U.; Neil Busby is a drum teacher and performs in a local band who have two independent CDs available. with notes from Kyle, Jessica C. Long, and Nick Walsh.

1991 Big Fuckin’ Deal (Capitol-EMI)
1992 White Lies, Black Truth (Capitol-EMI) 79182
Helluvatime (Capitol-EMI) 79202
1992 By the Fireside (Capitol-EMI)
1992 Sweet Asylum (Capitol-EMI)
1994 Dive/I Wanna Gun (Strawberry/A & M) STRAW-PRO-09
1994 Twenty Something (Strawberry/A & M) STRAW-PRO-11

1990 Slik Toxik [3 song cassette] (Luhtala Management)
1991 Smooth and Deadly [4 song EP] (Capitol-EMI) C2-15781
1992 Doin’ The Nasty (Capitol-EMI) CDP-598115
1994 Irrelevant (Strawberry/A & M) 555014

Jay Ferguson
(guitar, vocals) / Patrick Pentland (guitar, vocals) / Chris Murphy (bass, vocals) / Andrew Scott (drums, vocals)
In 1991 Chris Murphy (ex-BlackPool) and Andrew Scott met at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They decided to write songs together and with the addition of Patrick Pentland and Jay Ferguson (who Murphy had played with in the band Kennedy Lake Rd.) they became Sloan. With the help of manager Pete Rowan DTK Records, Sloan recorded the song “Underwhelmed” for the Halifax compilation album ‘Hear And Now’. By 1992 Sloan created their own Murderecords for their own releases and, eventually, other Halifax area bands. The first release was the ‘Peppermint EP’. The group soon sought out distribution for the label which put them in the company of Geffen Records who released the band’s debut album ‘Smeared’ in October 1992 and featured the break-out underground hit of their re-recording of “Underwhelmed”. Their sophomore release was ‘Twice Removed’ in 1994 and although it sold better than ‘Smeared’, Sloan took Geffen to task for failing to promote it properly. Spin Magazine would name it one of the ‘Best Albums You Didn’t Hear’ in their 1994 round-up issue. While Sloan spent the next year extracting itself from their Geffen Records deal in Canada, rumours circulated that the band had split up. However, Sloan returned in 1996 with ‘One Chord to Another’ on its own Murderecords label. It won a JUNO Award for ‘Best Alternative Album’ in 1997. Sloan did give Geffen US distribution rights and the American version of the album included a bonus “party” album consisting of, mainly, goofy cover versions of songs. Sloan’s slow rise to popularity through a dedicated fanbase continuted with ‘Navy Blues’ in 1998 featuring the radio hit “Money City Maniacs”. In 1999 Sloan released two albums – their first live album ‘4 Nights at the Palais Royale’ – and the twelve song ‘Between the Bridges’ album featuring three songs written by each band member. ‘Pretty Together’ was released in 2001 and yielded their biggest radio hit to date with “The Other Man”.  In 2003 the band retired to Los Angeles with producer Tom Rothrock to record ‘Action Pact’. Though the record had a slick American sound, it failed to break Sloan into the US market. 2005 saw the release of their first compilation entitled ‘A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005’ which included two new songs on the domestic release and an additional two new songs on the Japanese release. In 2006 the band finally landed a new US record deal with Yep Roc Records who issued the band’s grand opus 30 song collection of new material entitled ‘Never Hear the End of It’ which landed them on the Billboard 200 album chart. Conversely, their 2008 follow-up, ‘Parallel Play’ was an album with the shortest running time of any Sloan record. In November 2009 Sloan began offering exclusive content from their digital store online. The first was the EP entitled ‘Hit & Run’ featuring the single “Take It Upon Yourself”. The next package came in February 2010 with the band’s second compilation entitled ‘B-Sides Win: Extras, Bonus Tracks and B-Sides 1992 – 2008’. For the band’s 20th Anniversary they released the album ‘Double Cross’ in 2011 which featured the radio single “Unkind”. In 2011 and 2012 the band also began releasing special limited edition ‘bootleg’ vinyl of old live recordings especially for its fans.

1992 Underwhelmed (Murderecords)
500 Up (Murderecords)
Sugartune (Murderecords)
1993 I Am the Cancer [4 song EP] (DGC – UK) GFSTD-45
1993 Underwhelmed (LP Version) (Murderecords/DGC) PRO-CD-4477
1993 Underwhelmed [4 song EP] (DGC – UK)
1993 Take It In [3 song EP] (Murderecords/DGC) PRO-CD-4523
1993 Stove/Smother//[split w/ERIC’S TRIP] [7”] (Cinnamon Toast) CT-010
1994 Coax Me (Icks Nay On the Evie Stay Micks) [FlexiDisc] (DGC/MCA)
1994 Coax Me  (DGC)
1994 People of the Sky (DGC)
1995 Stood Up/Same Old Flame (Murderecords) MUR-014
1996 Everything You’ve Done Wrong (Murderecords/Universal)
1996 The Good In Everyone (Murderecords/Universal)
1997 The Lines You Amend (Murderecords)
1997 Untitled/White “Rhodes Jam” (Murderecords)
1997 G Turns To D (Murderecords/Universal)
1997 The Good In Everyone /Everything You’ve Done Wrong (Enclave) 1962978
1998 Keep On Thinkin’ (Murderecords/Universal)
1998 She Says What She Means (Murderecords/Universal)
1998 She Says What She Means (Album Version)/Keep On Thinkin’ (Acoustic Radio Mix) [Future Shop Promo] (Murderecords/Universal)
1998 Work Cut Out [Chart Magazine promo] (Murderecords/Universal)
1998 Money City Maniacs (Murderecords/Universal)
1998 Money City Maniacs [4 song EP – Australia] (Murderecords/Universal)
1998 I Can Feel It [FlexiDisc] (Murderecords/BOB Magazine)
1999 Friendship (Murderecords/Universal)
1999 Losing California (Murderecords/Universal)
2000 Don’t You Believe a Word [3 song EP – Japan] (Murderecords/Universal) MUR-041
2000 Sensory Deprivation (Radio Edit) (Murderecords/Universal)
2001 If It Feels Good Do It [3 versions] (Murderecords/Vik./BMG)  KD-51937
2001 The Other Man (Murderecords/Vik./BMG) KCDP-51957
2003 Step On It, Jean/Dirty Nails (Murderecords/Vik./BMG) KD-52129
2003 Live On (Murderecords/Vik./BMG)
2003 The Rest of My Life (Koch) KOC-DS-9568
2004 Nothing Last Forever
2005 All Used Up
2005 Try To Make It
2006 Who Taught You To Live Like That? (Sony-BMG)
2006 Ill Placed Trust (Sony-BMG)
2007 I’ve Gotta Try (Murderecords)
2008 Believe In Me (Murderecords)
2009 Witch’s Wand (Murderecords)
2009 Take It Upon Yourself (Murderecords)
2011 Unkind (Murderecords)
2011 The Answer Was You (Murderecords)

1992 Peppermint [6 song EP] (Murderecords) MUR-01
1992 Smeared (Murderecords) MUR-07
1994 Twice Removed (Murderecords) MUR-011
1996 One Chord To Another (Murderecords) MUR-023
1998 Navy Blues (Murderecords) MUR-036
1999 4 Nights At the Palais Royale (Murderecords) MURD2-39
1999 Between the Bridges (Murderecords) MUR-040
2002 Pretty Together (Murderecords) MUR-042
2003 Action Pact (Vik/BMG) 765292
2005 A-Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005 (Sony/BMG) 765583
2006 Never Hear the End of It (Murderecords) MUR-043
2008 Parallel Play (Murderecords) MUR-047
2009 Hit & Run [5 song EP] (Murderecords) MUR-048
2010 B-Sides Win: Extras, Bonus Tracks & B-sides 1992-2008 (Murderecords) MUR-049
2011 Select Singles 1992-2011 [DigiFile] (Murderecords)
2011 The Double Cross (Murderecords) MUR-050
2011 Is That All I Get? Sloan Live: 20.09.1993 [vinyl] (Murderecords) MUR-051
2012 Back In Blue: Ltd. Edition Sloan Bootleg #2 – Australia 1999 [vinyl] (Murderecords) MUR-052
2013 Japan 2002 (Murderecords) MUR-057
2014 Commonwealth (Murderecords) MUR-058
2018 Sloan (Murderecords) MUR-062
2020 Live At Yep Roc 15: Sloan [DigiFile] (Yep Roc)
2021 This One’s An Original… [LP] (Murderecords) MUR-071
2022 Ready (Murderecords) MUR-073CD

Compilation Tracks
“Underwhelmed” on ‘Hear & Now’ (DTK)
1992 “Ragdoll” on ‘Cod Can’t Hear’ (DTK)
1992 “Carey” on ‘Back To the Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’ (Intrepid/Capitol) N21-0016
1993 “I Am the Cancer” on ‘Splunged: New Music a Little on the Warped Side’ (DGC) PRO-CD-4507
1993 “Underwhelmed” on ‘The Alternative Way – Everything is Beautiful’ (BMG) 114110
1993 “Underwhelmed” on ‘The Album Network’s Rock Tune Up 93 (Album Network) 93
1993 “Pillow Fight” on ‘Never Mind the Molluscs’ [2×7”] (Sub Pop) SP-198
1994 “Stove/Smother” on ‘DGC Rarities Vol. 1’ (DGC) DGCD-24704
1996 “Coax Me” on ‘Absolute 90’s’ (MCA) MCASD-81008
1996 “The Good In Everyone” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes’ (MCA) MCASD-81026
1998 “Money City Maniacs” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 3’ (EMI) 497918
1998 “Autobiography” on ’30 Hour Famine’ (Nettwerk) W2-30126
1999 “Money City Maniacs” on ‘Frosh 2’ (Polygram) 740143
1999 “Glad To Be Here” on ‘Much @ Edgefest 1999’ (MCA)
2000 “Everything You’ve Done Wrong” on ‘The Virgin Suicides: Motion Picture Soundtrack’ (Emperor Norton) EMN-7029
2000 “Money City Maniacs” on ‘Allstar Contact: The Ultimate Hockey Album’ (Attic) ACD-1542
2001 “Underwhelmed” on ‘Oh What A Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885
2001 “Waterfalls” on ‘Listen to What the Man Said: Popular Artists Pay Tribute to the Music of Paul McCartney’ (Oglio) OGL-8125
2001 “Pretty Together” on ‘Come With A SmileMagazine’s Pretty Together’ (CWAS – UK)
2002 “If It Feels Good Do It” on ‘Big Brother 2002’ (BMG – Australia)
2002 “In the Mood” on ‘Fubar The Album’ (Aquarius) Q2-00605
2006 “If It Feels Good Do It (Radio Edit 1)” on ‘Oh What A Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best In Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

Pierre Bouchard
(keyboards) / Jacques Collin (bass) / Fernand Paré (drums) / Marcel Périgny (guitar) / Réjean Yacola (piano, vocals) / Martin Murray (organ, synthesizer, saxophone, vocals) / Caroll Bérard (guitar, vocals) / Pierre Hébert (bass, vocals) / Gilles Chiasson (drums) / André Roberge (drums) / Gilles Ouellet (percussion)
Sloche was formed in Québec City, Québec in 1971. The band was signed to RCA Records in 1975 and released two albums for the label before splitting up.

J’un oeil (RCA) KPL1-0126     
1976 Stadaconé (RCA) KPL1-0177

Compilation Tracks
“J’un oeil” and “Le cosmophile” on ‘L’Ultime rock progressif du Québec’ (Gala) GAL-113

Born: September 7, 1973 in Montréal, Québec
Though born in Montréal, Tara Slone was raised in Nova Scotia. At the age of 12 Slone began taking classical voice training with the goal of becoming an opera singer but by the time she attended Concordia University to pursue a degree in music she switched her focus to acting and rock music. After moving to Toronto, Slone became the lead singer of the band Joydrop in 1996 and released two albums, had radio hits in Canada with the songs “Beautiful”, “Spiders” and “Sometimes Wanna Die,” and was nominated for a Juno Award. Joydrop split up in 2002 after which Slone began pursuing a solo career. In 2005 Slone competed on the CBS talent show ‘Rock Star INXS’. She was eliminated at the end of week number four.She would end up sharing a house with fellow ‘Rock Star INXS’ contestant Suzie McNeil. They appeared together in an episode of ‘MTV Cribs’. Orange Records signed her in 2006 leading to the release of her first solo album, ‘Just Look Pretty and Sing’, in March 2007. Radio singles from the album included “My Little Secret”, “We Were Stars” and “The Perfect Girl.” In 1998, Slone landed a recurring role in three episodes of the TV show ‘La Femme Nikita’. A decade later, she appeared in an episode of the ‘The Border’. Slone was co-host of the entertainment program ‘Inside Jam’ with Chris Van Vliet on SUN TV in Toronto and she hosted the morning show ‘Breakfast Television’ on CityTV in Calgary.

My Little Secret (Orange)
2007 We Were Stars (Orange)
2007 The Perfect Girl (Orange)

Strawberry Marigold (Tommy Boy – AUSTRALIA)
1998 Beautiful (Tommy Boy) TBCD-469
2000 Spiders (Tommy Boy)
2001 Sometimes Wanna Die (Tommy Boy) TB-2245

Just Look Pretty And Sing (Orange) ORNG-0044

Metasexual (Tommy Boy) TBCD-1237
2001 Viberate (Tommy Boy) TBCD-1416

Compilation Tracks
“Beautiful” on ‘Focus: Californopia Tour 1999’
2000 “Beautiful” on ‘Indie 2000’ (Columbia – Australia) 497851
2002 “Sometimes Wanna Die” on ‘Women & Songs 6’ (Warner) WTVD-48036

Tom Anselmi (vocals) / Ziggy Sigmund (guitar) / Christian Christian (guitar) / Stephen Hamm (bass) / Terry Russell (drums)
Vancouver’s semi-legendary five-piece band Slow got their start in the early 1980’s named Sifu. They changed their name to Slow and got signed to the west coast’s independent label Zulu Records. In 1985 they released their first piece of product, a 12″ single called “I Broke the Circle”, and they gained almost immediate local stardom. Such was the interest generated that in 1986 they released a six-song EP, called ‘Against The Glas’s, which garnered a strong positive response from fans and critics alike across the country. The band became known best for their outrageous stage show, and they would play anywhere for anyone. At their gig on the opening night of the Festival of Independent Recording Artists, Expo 86’s tribute to Vancouver’s thriving independent music scene, Slow managed to stop the Festival almost before it began. The details aren’t too clear but basically what seems to have happened is that while performing, people who weren’t part of Slow’s normal audience wandered into the pavillion in which they were playing, were terribly shocked by what they witnessed the band doing, and rushed out to complain to Expo officials. Shortly thereafter, the power was literally turned off on the band, ending their set at 45 minutes. Bassist Stephen Hamm was not impressed, and apparently pulled his pants down to moon the audience; lead singer Tom Anselmi quickly followed suit, also choosing to expose other parts of his anatomy. When the band left the stage they were met by Vancouver Police who considered charging them with indecent exposure. Meanwhile, Expo officials cancelled the rest of the night’s performance (and eventually the rest of the festival, “for reasons of safety and security”), which angered those purposefully in attendance, and there ensued angry protests from said fans – a group got onstage and were almost impossible to remove, another group got into a fist fight, another group went to the Expo office to use every complaint pad they could find to lodge their complaints, and yet another group descended on the BCTV on-site office where they chanted so loudly that BCTV had to cut their 11:00 o’clock news broadcast short and go to their movie of the night. Shortly after this debacle, the band split literally in two – Anselmi and guitarist Christian Thorvaldson left to form (c) (aka Copyright), and bassist Stephen Hamm and drummer Terry Russell went on to form Tankhog; David “Ziggy” Sigmund died March 9, 2022 [also see COPYRIGHT, TANKHOG]

1985 I Broke the Circle/Black Is Black (Zulu) ULUZ-2

1986 Against The Glass (Zulu) ZULU-EP4
2017 Against the Glass [12” EP re-issue] (Artoffact) AOR-278

Compilation Tracks
“Have Not Been The Same” & “Against The Glass” on ‘Manic Depression’ [cassette] (Zulu)

Henry Small (vocals, electric violin, mandolin) / Jimmy Phillips (vocals, keyboards) / Jerry Morin (vocals, guitars, bass, violin) / Bill King (drums)
West coast symphonic pop band featuring former Scrubbaloe Caine frontman Henry Small. Released two albums for Columbia ‘Small Wonder’ in 1976 and ‘Growin” in 1977. Bill King was not featured on the second record and drums were done by legendary session drummer Ed Greene.  Henry Small would later join Burton Cummings’ touring band followed by a stint as the new lead singer for Prism following the death of Ron Tabak in the early ’80s. He also wrote material for Eddie Money and was a member of Who bassist John Entwistle’s band The Rock. In 2000 Small was the morning radio voice for CIFM in Kamloops and was playing in a band called The Shift who released a CD entitled ‘Out of the Darkness’ in 1999. A proper Henry Small solo album called ‘Time’ was released in the spring of 2002. In recent years Small launched an advertising/jingle company with Gary Fridell called Small World Studios. with notes from Greg Simpson, Sue Markowski and Bruce Atkinson.

1976 It Was Meant To Be/[same] (Columbia) 3-10364
1976 Why Walk When You Can Dance/Pray For the World (Columbia) 3-10427
1977 Will You Be A Part Of Me?/ (Columbia) 3-10519

1976 Small Wonder (Columbia) KC-34100
1977 Growin’ (Columbia) KC-34425

A one-off project conceived by Capitol Records Canada A & R man Paul White who wanted to ride the coattails of a new hot American TV show called ‘Get Smart.’ The A and B sides were named after catch phrases from the show. The songwriter is cleverly credited to Lemon-McCaffrey – a nod to the hottest songwriters of the day John Lennon and Paul McCartney [White had broken The Beatles in Canada while working for Capitol as well.]. The music for the tracks was supplied by The Staccatos. [also see THE STACCATOS]

Sorry About That Chief/Would You Believe (Capitol) 72356

Grant Smith (vocals) / Val Stevens (organ) / Mike Harrison (bass) / Charlie Miller (drums) / Ralph Miller (trumpet) / Jim Pauley (guitar) / Bryan Ayres (saxophone) / Wayne “Stoney” Stone (drums) / Jon Palma (guitar; replaced Pauley) / Steve Kennedy (saxophone) / Kenny Marco (guitar; replaced Palma) / William “Smitty” Smith (keyboards, bass; replaced Stevens/Harrison) / Sonny Bernardi (drums; replaced Stone) / Josef Chirowski (keyboards; replaced Smith) / Joe Agnello (bass; added) / Frank DeFelice (drums; replaced Bernardi)
London, Ontario’s Grant Smith became popular in the early ’60’s as a member of the southern Ontario country-rock act Zeke And The Moonshiners. By the early-60’s the band had run its course and Smith formed EG Smith & The Express. Meanwhile, rival R & B/soul act Eddie Spencer & The Power, who had formed in October 1966, decided to replace their frontman Eddie Spencer and guitarist Les Morris on the 1st of January, 1967 with The Express’s Grant Smith and Jim Pauley respectively. They also drafted Brian Ayres on saxophone to replace Jerry Mann and two weeks later doubled up their drum duties by recruiting another Express alumnus, Wayne “Stoney” Stone to augment the line-up of Val Stevens (organ), Mike Harrison (bass), Charlie Miller (drums) and brother Ralph Miller (trumpet). As EG Smith & The Power (or alternately Grant Smith & The Power), they quickly established themselves as one of the top R & B acts in Toronto’s club circuit. In June of 1967, Charlie Miller left the band, but with a single drummer were still effectively able to perform two months worth of live dates in the United States. Upon their return Pauley left the group and was replaced by Jon Palma. While in the US, the band were offered a record deal through MGM Records via Tony Orlando. They were soon topping the charts with their only hit — a remake of the Spencer Davis song “Keep On Running” in early 1968 (on Boo Records in Canada). The second single featured the Al Rain penned songs “Thinkin’ ‘Bout You/You Got What I Want”. The single was recorded in Art Snider’s Toronto studio with backing vocals by The Tiaras (Jackie Richardson, Brenda Russell, Colina Phillips and Arlene Trotman). Both songs featured the contributions of guest saxophonist Steve Kennedy. During this period guitarist Kenny Marco (an old bandmate with Ayres and Ralph Miller in The Beau Keys) replaced Palma. Grant Smith & The Power would soon be doing opening slots for the likes of The Hollies and Spanky & Our Gang in Toronto, followed by a return trip to the US trip in support of Janis Joplin, Rare Earth and Traffic. By their return in the summer of 1968, the line-up was in constant flux. Kennedy was asked to join full-time (directly off a stint with Diane Brooks, Eric Mercury & The Soul Searchers), Harrison jumped ship to join McKenna-Mendelson Mainline, and Stevens quit to form a jazz trio. At Kennedy’s urging, Soul Searchers member Whitey “Smitty” Smith was brought on board to do double duty for both Stevens and Harrison. The new configuration set about recording the bulk of the group’s only album in November 1968, which also included their two previous singles. However, in early 1969, Kennedy, Smith, Marco and Stone left to form Revolver Records recording act Motherlode. Spirit Revue drummer Sonny Bernardi, Mandala/Power Project keyboard player Josef Chirowski, and Lee Ashford Blues Band bassist Joe Agnello filled the vacant positions. Bernardi and Chirowski remained until February 1970 after which they were recruited to join Ronnie Hawkins And Many Others. Former Franklin Sheppard And The Good Sheppard drummer, Frank De Felice, filled in for the last few months before joining Jericho in March 1970. The band officially split up following this, but Grant Smith continued with a new revue act and actually relocated to Las Vegas where The Power was quite successful doing cover tunes. While there he choreographed large shows for other Vegas acts. Upon returning to Canada in the early 1970’s The Power went through several ongoing line-up changes. Grant Smith frequently does jingle work. A version of his showband revue was revived in the 1990’s; Bernardi and Chirowski left Ronnie Hawkins to establish Crowbar. Chirowski also went on to do session work for the likes of Alice Cooper among others); Agnello rejoined the rechristened Leigh Ashford and spent many years working at Cosmo Music; the members of Motherlode including Kennedy and Marco would go on to record with many Canadian studio acts including Doug Riley’s Dr. Music ensemble; Stevens spent some time in England where he played with Tucky Buzzard and Steve Hillage’s Khan; Mike Harrison died from complications after a stroke on January 7, 2022. with notes from Karen Bowles, Nick Warburton, Bill Munson, Mike Harrison, and Al Rain.

1968 Keep On Running/Her Own Life (Boo) BOO-681
1968 Thinkin’ ‘Bout You/You Got What I Want (MGM) MGM-13979


1968 Grant Smith & The Power (Boo) BOO-6802

Compilation Tracks
“Keep On Running” on ‘Made In Canada – Volume Three: Eclectic Avenue’ (BMG) KCD1-7158

SMITH, Eugene
Eugene Smith is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist whose talents include harmonica, kalimba, jaw harp and djembe.Smith’s father was Al Lucas, who played stand-up bass for the likes of Duke Ellington and James Brown. His mother, Valerie Abbot, was a well-known Toronto jazz pianist and vocalist who toured as a jazz singer with Louis Armstrong and his orchestra. In the 1960’s Smith was a singer with a latter version of Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks who toured Canada and the United States. He was signed under the name Jay Smith to Clip Records out of Vancouver for the single “Driven Home” (the Red Leaf label would license the record and flip the sides with “Howlin’” as the A-side) in 1965. Over the past forty years Smith has shared stages with Gordon Lightfoot, k.d. Lang, David Clayton-Thomas, King Curtis, Willie Dixon, Lenny Breau, Peter Tosh, Bo Diddley, John Lee Hooker, The Beach Boys and The Dave Clark Five. He has remained a prolific songwriter and independent recording artist. His most recent CD is ‘Now and Forever’ featuring the single “Thank You Mother”. Smith currently lives on Vancouver Island but tours Ontario each summer. [also see THE MAJESTICS]

Howlin’/Driven Home (Red Leaf) KXP-1111

Driven Home/Howlin’ (Clip/Aragon) KXP-111

A Piece of Wood/Freight Train (Goldfish) GO.4
1977 That’s the Way It Goes/Brother to Sister (Goldfish) GO.11
1978 Save the Last Dance For Me/That’s the Way It Goes (Goldfish) GO.13
1986 Rock By Day, Roll By Night/Street Wise (Tembo – UK) TML-121
1987 A New Beginning/Party Band (Ravin’) RRI-1001
1988 Our Love Song/Tonight’s Your Night (Ravin’) RRI-1003
200? Thank You Mother

Amy (Why I Love You)/In the Dark (Warm-Up) WUB-001
Walk Away/Hoot’nany (Warm-Up) WUB-002
1981 Amy (Why I Love You)/In the Park (A & M) AM-478
1981 Amy (Why I Love You) (Short Version)/Amy (Why I Love You) (Long Version)
(A & M) AM-478

A New Beginning (Ravin’) RRI-1002
Groovin’ At The Embers (P & S) PS-015
Now and Forever

Warmin’ Up (Warm-Up) WUB-1001

SMITH, Laura
Born: March 18,1952
Died: March 7, 2020
From Halifax, Nova Scotia.

B’tween the Earth and My Soul (Cornermuse) 50235-2

Born: Reginald H. Smith on August 30, 1924 in Stewiacke, Nova Scotia

Reg Smith was the first cousin of Hank Snow. In April 1952 he joined the Hometown Jamboree in Truro and formed Reg Smith And The Melody Four that included Bob Gladney, Max Wadden, and Sandy MacDougall (with later additions Roddy Norman, Don Millard and Wendall Simm) in 1953. The group was signed to RCA Victor in 1955. The group had a fifteen-minute show, twice a week, on nine different radio stations throughout Nova Scotia. When the group split up in the late 1950s, Smith signed with Rodeo Records as a solo act often recording songs written by his mother Cecil B. Smith. Smith was inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame in 2002.

Daddy’s Lullaby/Crushed Red Rose (Rodeo) 45-RO.207

Leave My Woman Alone / Sweet Caroline (RCA Victor) 57-5100
1957 Land Of Evangeline/The Broken Ring (RCA Victor) 57-3245
1957 Atlantic Lullaby/Little Henry (RCA Victor) 57-3250
1958 Rock And Roll Lullaby/Baggy Pants (RCA Victor) 57-3265
1958 Let’s Make Hay/Teen Age Sweethearts (RCA Victor) 57-3266

The Song Of Nova Scotia/Pass Around The Sunshine (Rodeo) 45-RO.183

Star Of The Hometown Jamboree (Cattle) LP-94

Compilations Tracks
“Atlantic Lullaby” on ‘Jamboree!’ (RCA Camden) CAL-677
1966 “Land Of Evangeline” on ‘Country Jamboree Vol. II’ (RCA Camden) CAL-992
1999 “Rock And Rock Lullaby” on ‘Shakin’ Up North-Canadian Rockabilly,Vol.1′ (Bear Family – GERMANY) BCD-16289-AR
2023 “Rock And Rock Lullaby” on ‘Rockin’ Rollin’ USA – Visit 01 – Canada – Shhhhhhh Blast Off’ (Pan-American) PAR-001

SMITH, Perry
Singer songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. Smith would also record under the pseudonym Sweet 202. [also see SWEET 202]

Chelsea/Got No Brakes (Macdylan) PS-002

SMITH, William D.
Originally a member of the band Motherlode, William “Smitty” Smith managed to release a solo album in 1976 called ‘A Good Feelin’ on Warner Brothers produced by Allen Toussaint at his Sea-Saint Studio in New Orleans. The album features Smith singing five Toussaint originals including “Take You Pick (Do Your Trick)” with backing from Toussaint on keyboards, James Booker on organ and Leo Nocentelli on guitar. His sophomore album, ‘Smitty’, found him on A & M Records and working with fellow Canadian Eric Mercury. with notes from Nicholas Jennings. [also see MOTHERLODE]

I Apologize/I’ll Be Rolling (Warner Bros.) WB-6650
Sweetie Pie/Girl of a 1,000 Dreams (A & M – US) AM-2052

A Good Feelin’ (Warner Bros.) BS-2911
1978 Smitty (A & M) SP-4693

Grant Lawrence
(lead vocals) / David Carswell (guitar) / Beez / Nicholas Thomas / Graham Watson.
The Smugglers was formed by a group of friends that met in a Vancouver, British Columbia area high school in 1988. They recorded eight albums over 15 years and split up following 2004’s ‘Mutiny In Stereo’; Lawrence went became an on-air radio personality for the CBC and is a published author.  He is also married to singer Jill Barber; Carswell, produces artists from his studio JC/DC and worked on albums by The New Pornographers and Tegan & Sara. He was also the guitarist for Nardwuar The Human Serviette’s band The Evaporators.

Up and Down (Nardwuar) CLEO-2
1992 At Germany/Many Things (Screaming Apple) SCAP-017
1993 Whiplash/Death of a Romantic (1 + 2 – JAPAN) EP-078
1995 Talkin’ About You
2002 Useless Rocker

At Marineland [EP] (Nardwuar) CLEO-3
1992 Atlanta Whiskey Flats (Popllama) TMOQ-22
1993 Wet Pants Club (Radiation – SPAIN) 004
1994 Party…Party…Party…Pooper! [EP] (Mint) MRS-007
1996 Selling the Sizzle (Mint) MRD-016
1997 Buddy Holly Convention [7 song EP] (Mint) MRD-028
1998 Growing Up Smuggler: 10 Year Anniversary Live (Mint) MRD-032
1999 The Smugglers In the Hall of Fame: All-Time Great Golds (Popllama) PLP-2121
2000 Rosie (Mint) MRD-036
2004 Mutiny in Stereo (Mint) MRD-074

Compilation Tracks
“Jail Bait” on ‘Cat O’ Nine Tails’ (What Wave/CHRW)
1994 cuts on ‘Tattoo Dave’ [split w/BUM]
1995 “She Ain’t No Egyptian” and “Elite Manila”//[split w/THE HI-FIVES] on ‘Summer Games’ [7”] (Mint) MRD-015
1995 “Babe” on ‘On Guard for Thee: A Collection of Canada’s Youth Gone Bad (Rock ‘n’ Roll Inc.) R&R-INC006
1996 “That Is Rock ‘n’ Roll” on ‘Time Machine: The History of Canadian 60’s Garage Punk and Surf (1985-95)’ (Stomp) STOMP-008
2001 “Buddy Holly Convention”, “Rosie” and “Rock and Roll Was Never This Fun” on ‘Team Mint Volume 2!’ (Mint) MRD-053
2006 “B.A.B.E.” on ‘Mint Records Presents: The CBC Radio 3 Sessions (Mint) MRD-098

Born: Jacoba Francisca Maria Smulders on April 3, 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Smulders grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia and started in showbusiness as a model. Later she hesitantly took up acting and made her small-screen debut for one episode of the TV show ‘Jeremiah’. Several guest appearances on other shows crystallized into a 13 episode stint on the short-lived ‘Veritas: The Quest’. Her career finally took off in 2005after being cast as a transplanted Canadian news reporter trying to make it in New York City on ‘How I Met Your Mother’. In the show her character, Robin Sherbatsky, is shown to have had a brief career as a teenaged Canadian popstar named Robin Sparkles whose hit single and video, “Let’s Go to the Mall”, led to a year-long tour of shopping mall to which the character developed an aversion to malls. Robin Sparkles followed up her teen dance hit with a ballad entitled “Sandcastles in the Sand”. In the video for the song, Robin Sparkles appears with real-life Canadian actor Alan Thicke as her fictitious father and her boyfriend played by actor James Van Der Beek. There is also a cameo by real-life teen popstar Tiffany. Robin Sparkles also appeared on the fictitious Canadian children’s show ‘Space Teens’ with Alan Thicke where two teenage girls (Sparkles and Jessica Glitter) travel in a curling stone–shaped spaceship to solve mysteries using math. The brief segment featured on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ showed the two girls singing the double-entendre worded “Two Beavers Are Better Than One”. Robin Sparkles was also cast in a fictitious failed variety show also co-starring Thicke; Smulders was also a recurring character on ‘The L-Word’ and, in 2012, rose to international fame starring as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in the Joss Whedon directed smash-hit ‘The Avengers’ movie. She has also made cameos in the ‘The Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.’ TV show and the Marvel movie ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’.

Let’s Go To the Mall [From How I Met Your Mother]
2008 Sandcastles In the Sand

Two Beavers Are Better Than One

Make It Sparkle

Ron Demmans / Peter Rihbany
(bass) / Ray Durritt / Tim Regan / Dave Street / Richard Best
Smyle was a Burlington, Ontario based band that managed to have their debut single, “Glory Glory”, reach No.23 in April 1971.

1970 Glory Glory/Will I Get Back Home Tomorrow (Columbia) C4-2956
1970 Company Man/(Gotta) Get to It (Columbia) C4-2987
1971 It’s the World/Everybody Singing (Columbia) C4-3005
1971 How Many Roads (Can You Fly)/Take it All (Columbia) C4-3046

1970 Smyle (Columbia) ES-90017

Tony Argent (guitar) / Jim White (guitar) / Ken Umphrie (bass) / Allard Barkhouse (drums) / John Lake (guitar) / Drew Moore (guitar) / Steve Russell (bass) / Cedric Upshaw (guitar, vocals) / Glen Torreson (guitar) / Neil MacKinnon (keyboards) / Steve Brown (guitar)
Halifax, Nova Scotia act Snakeye was formed in 1971 by Barkhouse (ex-Langley Beach Crowd) with White and Argent (Pepper Tree), and Umphrie (Melody Fair). They recorded with Keith Jollimore in 1973 to produce the ‘Blue Feeling’ album Thunder Sound in Toronto. However, the album didn’t see a release until 1975. A reconfigured version of the band recorded the second album ‘Shape Up or Ship Out’ on ABO in 1979 before finally splitting up.

Blue Feeling/Chocked Up (United Artists) UAXW-268W
Here I Go Again/I’m Coming Home (ABO/Solar) SAR-306
1980 Reaching Out/Just a Feeling (Solar) SAR-309

Blue Feeling (Big Harold’s) BH-1003
1979 Shape Up Or Ship Out (ABO/Solar) WRC1-1020
2003 1971-1979 [2CD] (ABO) (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Blue Feeling” on ‘Concept’ [Gold] (Concept 376/Arc) PRP-208

Canadian singer-songwriter Bob Snider was born and raised in Toronto. He lived in the hinterland of Nova Scotia from the early 70’s to the mid-80’s. He started consistently writing songs in the Maritimes, but only began publicly performing them in earnest — as a busker — when he returned home in 1986. While singing on the streets of Toronto, Snider was discovered by local musicians, many of whom began to offer him opening slots at their gigs. By 1991, Bob had become a well-liked figure and respected songwriter on the local scene, and had released two independent cassettes, ‘You’ and ‘Live At The Free Times Cafe’. In 1995, Snider signed a recording contract with EMI Music Canada. That year, the company released his first full-length CD, ‘Caterwaul & Doggerel’, to unanimous critical acclaim. In 1996 EMI put out Poetreason, the recording of a tribute concert featuring Snider’s songs as performed live by Change Of Heart, Meryn Cadell, Groovy Religion and many others. A lot of these friends were the same ones that first discovered Bob on the street almost a decade earlier. In November 1996 Snider recorded his third EMI album, ‘Words & Pictures’, live with a five-piece band and musical guests at Toronto’s Trinity-St. Paul United Church. It’s scheduled for release in early March 1997. In 1995 Snider signed a music publishing deal with peermusic Canada Inc. That year, thanks largely to peer, violinist Ashley MacIsaac released a cover version of Snider’s song “What An Idiot He Is” on his ‘Hi, How Are You Today?’ album. The record — now released in the US, UK, Ireland, France and Italy — has sold more than 200,000 copies in Canada alone, where “Idiot” also became a Top 100 chart single. Moxy Fruvous included a cover of Bob’s “Ash Hash” — a favorite in their live set — on their album. Leslie Spit Treeo put out a version of “Ancient Eyes” on their double CD, ‘Chocolate Chip Cookies’. Snider has appeared numerous times on national, regional and local television programs across Canada. In February 1996 he played on CBC-TV’s “Rita & Friends,” and his performance at the 1995 Kumbaya Festival was broadcast nationally by Much Music. Snider’s video for “Darn Folksinger” earned steady rotation on the Country Music Television (CMT) Canada network and specialty play on Much Music. Snider has been profiled for a half-hour on CBC-TV’s ‘Ear To the Ground’ and featured on Newsworld’s ‘Petrie In Prime’ and on ‘The New Music’. He was nominated for two 1995 East Coast Music Awards for best male artist and best video, respectively, and presented an award at the ceremonies, which were televised live in the Maritimes and later in a national broadcast. Snider has performed countless times on campus radio and at CBC affiliates across Canada, and also on CBC’s national network, where ‘Caterwaul & Doggerel’ garnered extensive airplay. It also went Top 20 at several college stations. In 1994, CBC broadcast an edition of ‘Swingin’ On A Star’ featuring live performances of Bob’s music for a full hour, as played by himself and various musical guests. Snider has also appeared several times on CBC’s ‘Morningside’ and on ‘Gabereau’. In April 1996, a one-hour profile of Bob was aired nationally on the CBC Radio program ‘Definitely Not The Opera’. Snider has entertained live from Halifax to Vancouver, from Texas to The Yukon. In the autumn of 1996, Snider played theatres throughout Nova Scotia, after a summer in which he earned standing ovations at the Winnipeg and Vancouver folk festivals. He entertained once again at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, and “fronted” the band Superfriendz at the 1996 Kumbaya event in Halifax. He also toured with Moxy Fruvous, opened for Blue Rodeo and stage-dived(!) while singing with hHead. In 1997 he released ‘Words & Pictures’ which was produced by David Baxter (Sherry Kean) and featured guest appearances by Ron Sexsmith, Anne Bourne and James Gray. Snider lives in Nova Scotia and works in Toronto. With notes from Howard Druckman.

You [cassette] (Amatish)
1995 Live At the Free Times Cafe [cassette]
1995 Caterwaul & Doggerel (EMI)
1997 Words & Pictures (EMI)
2005 Stealin’ Home (Mad River)
2007 Street Takes You In (Mad River)

5 x 2 (Artisan/EMI) CDPRO-1458

Compilation Tracks
“I’m A Cowboy Now” on ‘Moose Lodge’ (Moose/Vertigo/Polygram) 314514-2252
1994 “Ancient Eyes” on ‘Elvis Monday Vol. 1’ (Kinetic) KRD-919
1995 “Lila” on ‘Stuck On a Cold Steel Pole’ (Duke Street) DSRSD-31097

Born: Darrin O’Brien on October 30, 1969 in Don Mills, Ontario
Raised in the suburb of Don Mills north east of Toronto, this Irish-Canadian cut his teeth listening to the reggae records of his Jamaican friends. In 1988, DJ Marvin Prince saw O’Brien deejaying at a party and struck up a friendship. O’Brien adopted the name Snow and the two spent several years practicing with Snow doing the rapping on top of Prince’s turntable skills. Prince hooked Snow up with New York rap star M.C. Shan who, in turn, introduced him to record producers David Eng and Steve Salem of Motorjam Records. In 1992 Snow recorded his debut album ’12 Inches of Snow’ but before the record could be released Snow went to prison on an assault charge. The decision was made by Shan and the Motorjam label to release the album close to the end of Snow’s release date. The plan worked because following Snow’s release from prison, the album’s first single, “Informer” had gone to No.1 on the Billboard charts sitting at the top spot for seven consecutive weeks. The album would sell over 8 million copies worldwide and earned “Informer” two prestigious mentions in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ for ‘Best Selling Reggae Single in US History’ and ‘Highest Charting Reggae Single in History’. The follow-up single, “Girl I’ve Been Hurt”, reached No.19 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Snow would receive the Recording Industry Association of Japan’s 1994 Gold Disc Award for ‘Best New Artist’ and a JUNO Award for ‘Best Reggae Recording’. In 1995 he released his sophomore effort, ‘Murder Love’, followed by 1997’s ‘Justuss’. Alas, Snow’s criminal record impeded his entry into the US to tour any of his releases which prompted his distributor Elektra Records to drop him from the label. Snow’s popularity continued to grew international where he found success in Japan on every album including 1999’s ‘Cooler Conditions’, 2000’s ‘Mind On the Moon’, and 2002’s ‘Two Hands Clapping’. In recent years he’s refocused his life and now spends his time with his family, helping youth organizations and acting. During 2011 he was working on a comeback album. with notes from Paula Danylevich.

1992 Informer [12”] (East West/Atlantic) 96112
1992 Lonely Monday Morning [12”] (East West/Atlantic)  96151
1993 Girl, I’ve Been Hurt/Champion Sound [12”] (East West/Atlantic) 96071
1993 Uhh In You [12”] (East West/Atlantic – UK) A-8378
1993 Runaway [6 mixes 12”] (East West/Atlantic) 96027
1994 Si Wi Dem Nuh Know We/Babylon [12”] [w/Ninjaman & Junior Reid] (East West/Atlantic) 66178
1995 Anything For You[4 mixes 12”](East West/Atlantic) 66107
Sexy Girl [12”] (East West/Atlantic – JAPAN) AMCY-761
1996 Boom Boom Boogie [12”] (East West/Atlantic – JAPAN) AMCY-2009
1996 Steedly Woa/Boom Boom Boogie [12”] (East West/Atlantic – JAPAN) AMCY-2046
1996 Me and Joey/Anything for You (All Star Cast Remix) [w/Nadine Sutherland] /Informer (Clark’s Super Remix) (East West/Atlantic – JAPAN) AMCY-2164
1997 If This World Were Mine/Mash Up Da Nation [3 mixes 12″] (Motor Jam – US) ED-6013
1997 If This World Were Mine (Shane Remix)/If This World Were Mine (Album Version) (EastWest/Atlantic) PRCD-9757
1999 Someday Somehow (Virgin)
2000 Everybody Wants to Be Like You (Virgin/EMI) 7243
2000 Jimmy Hat (Virgin/EMI)
2000 The Plumb Song (Virgin/EMI)
2001 Joke Thing (Virgin/EMI)
2001 Nothin’ on Me (Virgin/EMI)
2002 Legal/That’s My Life [12”] (Virgin/EMI) SPRO-2357
2002 That’s My Life [w/Jelleestone] (Virgin/EMI)
2002 Dancin’ Alone/Tempo (Massive B – US) MAS-225
2006 Run Away (Digitaliza Shan-Bam Remix)/[split w/CUTTY RANKS] (Classic Cuts – JAMAICA)
2006 Run Away/[split w/BUJU BANTON] (Classic Cuts – JAMAICA)
2008 Just 4 U [w/Kobra Khan]
2009 Adore You

1992 12 Inches Of Snow (East West/Atlantic)  92207
1993 Remixes (EastWest – Japan) AMCY-590
1995 Murder Love (East West/Atlantic)  61737
1997 Justuss (East West/Atlantic)  62004
1997 The Greatest Hits of (East West/Atlantic) 62075
1998 Best Remix of Snow (East West – JAPAN) AMCY-979
1999 Cooler Conditions (JVC Victor – JAPAN)
2000 Mind On the Moon (Virgin) 527778
2002 Two Hands Clapping (Virgin) 593036

Compilation Tracks
“Informer” on ‘New Stuff Two’ (MMS) NSCD-002
2001 “Informer” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885

Ed McDonald (vocals, guitar) / Ian Nishio (bass) / Paul Yanuziello (drums)
Short-lived Toronto, Ontario power trio; McDonald would then move on to the band Foreign Exchange in the 1980s, before establishing a solo career in the late 1980s as Eddie M. His debut album, ‘Incognito’ on Rich Dodson’s (Stampeders) Marigold label yielded a rock radio hit with the remake of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.” In the 1990s he would team up with Jamie Stewart of The Cult in a group called Masterstroke who released one album on Polygram. In the early 2000s he established his own vintage guitar shop and music school called Love Music in Scarborough, Ontario. After selling the school he would set up a recording studio in Pickering, Ontario. [also see FOREIGN EXCHANGE, ED MCDONALD, MASTERSTROKE].

All I Want To Do/Workin’ On the Line (From The Vortex) 9-3111

We’re All Different (RIO) RIO-1017

SNOW, Hank
Born: Clarence Eugene Snow on May 9, 1914 in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia;
Died: December 20, 1999 in Madison, Tennessee
Both of Snow’s parents were musically inclined. His father sang around the house while his mother was an accomplished singer who performed part-time in minstrel shows and played piano accompaniment for silent films at the local theatre. She gave up a professional career to raise a family. His parents separated when he was eight and Snow was sent to his grandmother’s where he suffered mental and physical abuse. He was eventually allowed to live with his mother again. His mother remarried and Snow had to endure more abuse at the hands of his new step-father. He would find escape from the terror of his childhood at the age of 12 when his mother bought a steel guitar – which came with an instruction manual and several 78RPM records to play along to. Initially, he wasn’t allowed to touch the instrument, but eventually his mother relented and he learned enough to entertain her and, soon, friends and neighbours. However, his family life continued to suffer and in 1926 joined a schooner to catch fish. It was a job that didn’t pay, but Snow was allowed to sell the cast-offs and with the $58 he raised bought himself a guitar and chord book from the T. Eaton mail-order catalogue. By 1927/1928 he was hearing music on the radio while at sea and mimicked his favourite songs which he would play to entertain the sailors. He remained a fisherman until August 1930 when one particular storm nearly dashed the ship off the shores of Sable Island. Snow vowed to return to dry land. Snow was forced to live at home again and was determined to pull his weight financially by selling fish heads and doing any odd job he could. After painting the wooden spokes on a shop owner’s new car for $2.00 a wheel he was able to buy a new guitar from the Eaton catalogue. With his guitar playing skills improving he began performing at a fish house regularly and was soon asked to play at a minstrel show in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia for charity. He took the stage in black face and performed “I Went to See My Gal Last Night” and received a standing ovation. In March 1933, Snow wrote to Halifax radio station CHNS asking for an audition. He was politely rejected, but determination led him to audition in person later that year where he was hired to do a Saturday evening radio show as Clarence Snow and his Guitar. He would soon change it to The Cowboy Blue Yodeler (in homage to America’s Blue Yodeler Jimmie Rodgers). Snow’s show had no sponsor, and thus he didn’t get paid so instead he would earn money playing halls and clubs in towns where his radio audience had heard him. Like his mother before him, he also played in Halifax theatres before the beginning of movies. He also made$10 a week on a CHNS musical show sponsored by a laxative company. At the urging of the station’s chief engineer and announcer, he adopted the name Hank and became Hank, The Yodeling Ranger. On September 2, 1935, Snow married Minnie Aalders and on October 29, 1936 Snow auditioned for RCA Victor in Montreal and soon released his first 78RPM record – “The Prisoned Cowboy” b/w “Lonesome Blue Yodel”. Snow would remain with RCA until 1981 which was an unprecedented 45 years. With a move to Nashville, Tennessee, in 1945 he changed his tag line again, this time to “Hank Snow, the Singing Ranger”. His first recording for the US division of RCA Victor was “Marriage Vow” which reached #10 on the country hit parade in the fall of 1949. The following year he finally began to turn heads stateside with an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in 1950. “I’m Moving On” was released in early 1950 and was the first of seven #1 hits on the country charts. The song sat at #1 for 21 weeks, setting the all-time record for most consecutive weeks in the number one position. As a regular at the Grand Ole Opry, Snow persuaded the venue’s directors to allow a young Elvis Presley to appear as his opening act in 1954. Snow then introduced the singer to Colonel Tom Parker and in August 1955, Snow and Parker formed Hank Snow Attractions management team, but the partnership did not last long and Parker would sign Elvis directly leaving Snow out of the deal. Snow became a naturalized American citizen in 1958 and performed that year at campaign stops in support of U.S. presidential candidate George Wallace. He remained connected to Canada with tours and public appearances on CBC television and was voted Canada’s Top Country Music Performer ten times. Snow’s song “Hello Love”, became his seventh and final #1 hit on Billboard magazine’s Hot Country Singles chart in April 1974. At 59 years and 11 months, Snow became the oldest artist to have a number 1 on the chart until Kenny Rogers broke the record 26 years later. Snow was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1978 and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame the following year. The Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame finally inducted him in 1985. The Hank Snow Country Music Centre opened near Liverpool, Nova Scotia and later Snow established the Hank Snow International Foundation For Prevention Of Child Abuse. After some respiratory issues in 1996 he retired from performing. He died December 20, 1999, from heart failure at his Rainbow Ranch home in Madison, Tennessee.

Singles 10″
The Gold Rush Is Over/Why Do You Punish Me (For Loving You) (RCA Victor) 20-4522
1952 My Mother [w/THE JORDANAIRES]/I Just Telephone Upstairs (RCA Victor) 20-4632
1954 I Don’t Hurt Anymore/My Arabian Baby (RCA Victor) 20-5698

Marriage Vow/The Star Spangled Waltz (RCA Victor) 21-0062
1949 The Blind Boy’s Dog/The Anniversary Of My Broken Heart (RCA Victor) 21-0089
1949 Nobody’s Child/The Only Rose (RCA Victor) 21-0143
1950 I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/The Drunkard’s Son (RCA Victor) 21-0303
1950 With This Ring I Thee Wed/I’m Moving On (RCA Victor) 21-0328
1950 I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late/The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan’s Gin (RCA Victor) 21-0356
1950 The Golden Rocket/Paving The Highway With Tears (RCA Victor) 21-0400
1951 The Rhumba Boogie/You Pass Me By (RCA Victor) 21-0431
1951 Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart/Your Locket Is My Broken Heart (RCA Victor) 21-0498
1952 (Now And Then, There’s) A Fool Such As I/The Gal Who Invented Kissin’ (RCA Victor) 20-5034
1953 Christmas Roses/The Reindeer Boogie (RCA Victor) 20-5340
1955 Would You Mind?/Yellow Roses (RCA Victor) 20-6057               
1956 Hula Rock/Conscience I’m Guilty (RCA Victor) 20-6578

Singles 7″
With This Ring I Thee Wed/I´m Moving On (RCA Victor) 48-0328
1951 The Wreck Of The Old 97/Hobo Bill’s Last Ride (RCA Victor) 47-4095
1951 The Engineer’s Child/Ben Dewberry’s Final Run (RCA Victor) 47-4096
1951 One More Ride/The Mystery Of Number Five (RCA Victor) 47-4097
1951 The Wreck of the Old 97 [3 single Box Set] (RCA Victor) WP-310
1952 (I Wished Upon) My Little Golden Horseshoe/Yodeling Cowboy//Confused With The Blues/On That Old Hawaiian Shore With You [EP] (RCA Victor) 547-0179
1952 The Wreck Of The Old ’97/Hobo Bill’s Last Ride//One More Ride/The Mystery of  Number Five (RCA Victor) EPA-310
1952 The Gold Rush Is Over/[split w/STEVE GIBSON] (RCA Victor) 47-4522
1952 I’m Moving On To Glory [w/THE JORDANAIRES]/He’ll Understand And Say “Well Done” [w/MALE QUARTET AND THE RAINBOW RANCH BOYS] (RCA Victor) 47-5021
1954 These Things Shall Pass [w/THE JORDANAIRES]/He’ll Understand And Say “Well Done”//Jesus Wept [w/THE JORDANAIRES]/The Glory Land March [w/THE JORDANAIRES] [EP] (RCA Victor) EPA-503
1954 My Religion’s Not Old Fashioned (But It’s Real Genuine)/The Alphabet (RCA Victor) 47-5794
1956 Carnival Of Venice/Oh, Wonderful World (RCA Victor) 47-6772
1956 Old Doc Brown (Just A Closer Walk With Thee)/How To Play The Guitar//The Blind Boy/Trouble, Trouble, Trouble (RCA Victor) 547-0758
1957 Country And Western Jamboree Vol. II [EP] (RCA Victor) EPA 2-1419
1957 Tangled Mind/My Arms Are A House (RCA Victor) 47-6955
1957 Introduction To Listeners/Squid Jiggin’ Ground//Unfaithful (RCA Victor) 47-7060
1958 I’m Moving On/Marriage Vow//The Rhumba Boogie/With This Ring I Thee Wed (RCA Gold Standard) EPA-5062
1958 I Wish I Was The Moon/Whispering Rain (RCA Victor) 47-7154
1958 Big Wheels/I’m Hurting All Over (RCA Victor) 47-7233
1958 A Woman Captured Me/My Lucky Friend (RCA Victor) 47-7325
1959 Chasin’ A Rainbow/I Heard My Heart Break Last Night (RCA Victor) 47-7524
1959 The Last Ride/B: The Party Of The Second Part (RCA Victor) 47-7586
1960 Rockin’, Rollin’ Ocean/Walkin’ And Talkin’ (RCA Victor) 47-7702
1960 Miller’s Cave/The Change Of The Tide (RCA Victor) 47-7748
1960 The Man Behind The Gun/I’m Asking For A Friend (RCA Victor) 47-7803
1961 Beggar To A King/Poor Little Jimmie (RCA Victor) 47-7869
1961 The Restless One/I Know (RCA Victor) 47-7933
1962 You Take The Future (And I’ll Take The Past)/Dog Bone (RCA Victor) 47-8009
1962 I’ve Been Everywhere/Ancient History (RCA Victor) 47-8072
1963 The Man Who Robbed The Bank At Santa Fe/You’re Losing Your Baby (RCA Victor) 47-8151
1963 Blue Roses/Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street) (RCA Victor) 47-8239
1964 Breakfast With The Blues/I Stepped Over The Line (RCA Victor) 47-8334
1964 My Memories Of You/Ninety Days (RCA Victor) 47-8437
1965 The Wishing Well (Down In The Well)/Human (RCA Victor) 47-8488
1965 Trouble In Mind/In The Misty Moonlight (RCA Victor) 47-8548
1965 The Queen Of Draw Poker Town/Tears In The Trade Winds(RCA Victor) 47-8655
1965 I’ve Cried A Mile/Crazy Little Train (Of Love) (RCA Victor) 47-8713
1966 The Count Down/Isle Of Sicily (RCA Victor) 47-8808
1966 Hula Love/A Letter From Viet Nam (To Mother) (RCA Victor) 47-9012
1966 The Christmas Cannonball/God Is My Santa Claus (RCA Victor) 47-9030
1967 Down At The Pawn Shop/Listen (RCA Victor) 47-9188
1967 Learnin’ A New Way Of Life/Wild Flower (RCA Victor) 47-9300
1968 Who Will Answer? (Aleluya No. 1)/I Just Wanted To Know (How The Wind Was Blowing) (RCA Victor) 47-9433
1968 Born For You/The Late And Great Love (Got My Heart) (RCA Victor)
1968 The Name Of The Game Was Love/The Gypsy And Me (RCA Victor) 47-9685
1969 Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day/Like A Bird (RCA Victor) 74-0151
1969 That’s When The Hurtin’ Sets In/I’m Movin'(RCA Victor) 74-0251
1970 Vanishing Breed/What More Can I Say (RCA Victor) 47-9856
1970 Come The Morning/Francesca (RCA Victor) 47-9907
1971 (As Love Goes) So Goes My Heart/Duquesne, Pennsylvania (RCA Victor) 47-9964
1971 (The Seashores Of) Old Mexico/No One Will Ever Know (RCA Victor) 74-0544
1972 Canadian Pacific/My Way (RCA Victor) 74-0676
1973 North To Chicago/Friend (RCA Victor) 74-0915
1974 Hello Love/Until The End Of Time (RCA Victor) APBO-0215
1974 That’s You And Me/Brand On My Heart (RCA Victor) APB0-0307
1974 Easy To Love/Just A Faded Petal From A Beautiful Bouquet (RCA Victor) PB-10108
1975 Merry-Go-Round Of Love/My Filipino Rose (RCA Victor) PB-10225
1975 Hijack/The Last Ride (RCA Victor) PB-10338
1975 Colorado Country Morning/I Keep Dreaming Of You All The Time (RCA Victor) PB-10439
1976 Who’s Been Here Since I’ve Been Gone/That’s When He Dropped (RCA Victor) PB-10681
1976 You’re Wondering Why/Somewhere Someone Is Waiting For You (RCA Victor) PB-10804
1977 Trouble In Mind/Trying To Get My Baby Off My Mind (RCA) PB-11021
1977 I’m Still Movin’ On/I’m Gonna Bid My Blues (RCA) PB-11080
1977 Breakfast With The Blues/I’ve Done At Least One Thing (That Was Good In My Life) (RCA) PB-11153
1978 Nevertheless/Don’t Rock The Boat (RCA) PB-11276
1978 Ramblin’ Rose/Red Roses (RCA) PB-11377
1979 A Good Gal Is Hard To Find [Mono]/A Good Gal Is Hard To Find [Stereo] (RCA) JH-11622
1979 The Mysterious Lady From St. Martinique/Get On My Love Train (RCA) PB-11487
1979 A Good Gal Is Hard To Find/I Wish My Heart Could Talk (RCA) PB-11622
1979 It Takes Too Long/6 String Tennessee Flattop (RCA) PB-11734
1980 I’ve Been Everywhere/Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street) (RCA Gold Standard)

My Filipino Rose/The Law Of Love (RCA Victor) 48-0104
1949 The Blind Boy’s Dog/The Anniversary Of My Broken Heart (RCA Victor) 48-0088
1950 I Cried But My Tears Were Too Late/The Night I Stole Old Sammy Morgan’s Gin (RCA Victor) 48-0356
1950 You Broke The Chain That Held Our Hearts/No Golden Tomorrow Ahead (RCA Victor) 48-0362
1950 Wasted Love/My Two Timin’ Woman (RCA Victor) 48-0363
1950 Somewhere Along Life’s Highway/Within This Broken Heart Of Mine (RCA Victor) 48-0364
1950 The Golden Rocket/Paving The Highway With Tears (RCA Victor) 48-0400
1950 Hank Snow Favorites [3 single Box Set] (RCA Victor) WP-295
1951 The Rhumba Boogie [w/ANITA CARTER] /You Pass Me By (RCA Victor) 48-0431
1951 Down The Trail Of Achin’ Hearts/Bluebird Island (RCA Victor) 48-0441
1951 Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart/Your Locket Is My Broken Heart (RCA Victor) 48-0498
1951 Music Makin’ Mama From Memphis/The Highest Bidder (RCA Victor) 47-4346
1951 Pray/These Things Shall Pass (RCA Victor) 47-4398
1952 Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Law/Lady’s Man (RCA Victor) 47-4733
1952 Zeb Turney’s Gal/Golden River//Moanin’/I Knew That We’d Meet Again [EP] (RCA Victor) 547-0178
1952 Canadian Favorites [EP] (RCA Victor) EPA-443
1952 Hank Snow Sings [2 EP] (RCA Victor) EPB-3070
1952 I Went To Your Wedding/I Went To Your Wedding (RCA Victor) 47-4835/47-4909
1952 I Went To Your Wedding/The Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud (RCA Victor) 47-4909
1952 (Now And Then, There’s) A Fool Such As I/The Gal Who Invented Kissin’ (RCA Victor) 47-5034
1953 Hank Snow Salutes Jimmie Rodgers [EP] (RCA Victor) 547-0266
1953 Hank Snow Salutes Jimmie Rodgers Volume 2 [EP] (RCA Victor) 547-0267
1953 Christmas Roses/The Reindeer Boogie//Frosty The Snowman/Silent Night (RCA Victor) EPA-472
1953 Hank Snow Salutes Jimmie Rodgers [2 EP] (RCA Victor) EPB-3131
1953 Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship/There Wasn’t An Organ At Our Wedding (RCA Victor) 47-5155
1953 Spanish Fire Ball/Between Fire And Water (RCA Victor) 47-5296
1953 For Now And Always/A Message From The Tradewinds (RCA Victor) 47-5380
1953 Christmas Roses/The Reindeer Boogie (RCA Victor) 47-5340
1953 When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon/No Longer A Prisoner (RCA Victor) 47-5490
1954 Panamama/Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 (RCA Victor) 47-5592
1954 Country Pickin Guitar Solos [EP] (RCA Victor) EPA-546
1954 I Don’t Hurt Anymore/My Arabian Baby (RCA Victor) 47-5698
1954 That Crazy Mambo Thing/The Next Voice You Hear (RCA Victor) 47-5912
1954 I’ve Forgotten You/Let Me Go, Lover! (RCA Victor) 47-5960
1955 The Wreck of the Old 97/Hobo Bill’s Last Ride (RCA Gold Standard) 447-0560
1955 Born To Be Happy/Mainliner (The Hawk With Silver Wings) 47-6269
1955 Just Keep A-Movin’/The Bill Is Falling Due//Caribbean (RCA Victor)
1955 Can’t Have You Blues/A Scale To Measure Love//Cuba Rhumba/Blossoms In The Springtime (RCA Victor) 47-0607
1955 Just Keep A-Movin’ [2 EP] (RCA Victor) EPB-1113
1955 Would You Mind?/Yellow Roses (RCA Victor) 47-6057
1955 Cryin’, Prayin’, Waitin’, Hopin’/I’m Glad I Got To See You Once Again (RCA Victor) 47-6154
1956 These Hands/I’m Moving In (RCA Victor) 47-6379
1956 Hula Rock/Conscience I’m Guilty (RCA Victor) 47-6578
1956 Stolen Moments/Two Won’t Care (RCA Victor) 47-6715
1956 I’m Moving On/The Rhumba Boogie//The Golden Rocket/Music Makin’ Mama From Memphis (RCA Victor) EPA-794
1957 Country And Western Jamboree Vol. I [EP] (RCA Victor) EPA 1-1419
1957 Calypso Sweetheart/Marriage And Divorce (RCA Victor) 7-6831
1959 The Golden Rocket [EP] (RCA Gold Standard)
1959 Music Makin’ Hank Snow [EP] (RCA Gold Standard) EPA-5151
1959 Doggone That Train/Father Time And Mother Love (RCA Victor) 47-7448
1959 (Now And Then, There’s) A Fool Such As I/I Don’t Hurt Anymore (RCA Gold Standard) 447-0562
1976 With This Ring I Thee Wed/I’m Moving On (RCA Gold Standard) 447-0557

Jesus Wept/I’m In Love With Jesus (RCA Victor) 47-4856

Silver Bell/The Old Spinning Wheel (RCA Victor) 47-5995
1956 New Spanish Two-Step/Reminiscing (RCA Victor) 47-6558
1970 Difficult/Wheels (RCA Victor) 47-9803

Country Classics (RCA Victor) LPM-3026
1953 Salutes Jimmy Rodgers (RCA Victor) LPM-3131
Hank Snow’s Country Guitar (RCA Victor) LPM-3267
1955 Just Keep-A-Movin’ (RCA Victor) LPM-1113
1955 Old Doc Brown and Other Narrations by Hank Snow (RCA Victor) LPM-1156
1957 Hank Snow´s Country Guitar (RCA Victor) LPM-1435
1958 Sings Sacred Songs (RCA Victor) LPM-1638
1959 The Singing Ranger (RCA Camden) CAL-514
1959 When Tragedy Struck (RCA Victor) LPM-1861
1960 Sings Jimmie Rodgers Songs (RCA Victor) LSP-2043
1961 The Southern Cannonball (RCA Camden) CAL-680
1961 Hank Snow’s Souvenirs (RCA Victor) LSP-2285               
1961 Big Country Hits: Songs I Hadn’t Recorded Till Now (RCA Victor) LPM-2458
1962 The One And Only (RCA Camden) CAL-722
1963 I’ve Been Everywhere (RCA Victor) LSP-2675
1963 The Last Ride (RCA Camden) CAL-782
1963 Railroad Man (RCA Victor) LPM-2705
1964 The Old And Great Songs (RCA Camden) CAL-836
1964 More Hank Snow Souvenirs (RCA Victor) LSP-2812
1964 Songs of Tragedy (RCA Victor) LPM-2901
Hank Snow Sings Your Favorite Country Hits (RCA Victor) LSP-3317
1965 Gloryland March (RCA Victor) LSP-3378
1965 The Highest Bidder and Other Favorites (RCA Camden) CAL-910
1965 Heartbreak Trail (RCA Victor) LSP-3471
1965 The Best Of Hank Snow (RCA Victor) LSP-3478
1966 The Guitar Stylings Of (RCA Victor) LSP-3548
1966 Travelin’ Blues (RCA Camden) CAS-964
1966 This is My Story: Hank Snow tells the Inspiring Story of His Climb To Stardom [2LP] (RCA Victor) LSP-6014
1966 Gospel Train (RCA Victor) LSP-3595
1967 Snow In Hawaii (RCA Victor) LPM-3737
1967 Christmas With Hank Snow (RCA Victor) LSP-3826
1967 Spanish Fire Ball and Other Great Hank Snow Stylings (RCA Victor) LSP-3857
1967 My Early Country Favourites (RCA Camden) CAS-2160
1968 My Nova Scotia Home (RCA Camden) CAS-2186
1968 Hits, Hits & More Hits! (RCA Victor) LSP-3965
1968 Tales of the Yukon (RCA Victor) LSP-4032
1968 Somewhere Along Life’s Highway (RCA Camden)  CAL-2235
1968 Lonely and Heartsick (RCA Camden) CAL-2251
1968 My Nova Scotia Home and Other Early Hank Snow Favorites (RCA Camden) CAS-2257
1969 Snow In All Seasons (RCA Victor) LSP-4122
1969 Hits Covered by Hank Snow (RCA Victor) LSP-4166
1969 By Special Request (RCA Victor) LSP-4254
1969 I Went to Your Wedding (RCA Camden) CAS-2348
1970 In Memory of Jimmy Rodgers (RCA Victor) LSP-4306
1970 Cure for the Blues (RCA Victor) LSP-4379
Memories are Made of This (RCA Camden) CAS-2443
1971 The Wreck of the Old 97 [2LP] (RCA Camden) CXS-9009
1971 Lonesome Whistle (RCA Camden) CAS-2513
1971 Tracks & Trains (RCA Victor) LSP-4501
1971 Award Winners (RCA Victor) LSP-4601
1972 The Jimmie Rodgers Story featuring Albert Fullam (RCA Victor) LSP-4708
1972 The Best Of Hank Snow Volume 2 (RCA Victor) LSP-4798
1972 The Legend of Old Doc Brown (RCA Camden) CAS-2560
1973 Snowbird (RCA Camden) ACL1-0124
1973 Sings Grand Ole Opry Favorites (RCA Victor) APL1-0162
1973 When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again [2LP] (RCA Camden) ADL2-0337
1974 Hello Love (RCA Victor) AHL1-0441
1974 I’m Movin’ On (RCA Camden) ACL1-0540
1974 The Hank Snow Collection [2LP] (Tee Vee) TA-1018
1974 Now is the Hour (RCA Victor) VPL1-0010
1974 That’s You and Me (RCA Victor) APL1-0608
1975 You’re Easy To Love (RCA Victor) APL1-0908
1975 All About Trains [split w/JIMMIE RODGERS) (RCA Pure Gold Series) ANL1-1052
1977 #104 Still Movin’ On (RCA Victor) CPL1-2400
1979 The Mysterious Lady Starring Hank Snow (RCA Victor) AHL1-3208
1979 Instrumentally Yours (RCA Victor) AHL1-3511

Hank Snow Sings (RCA Victor) LPM-3070
1956 Country Classics (RCA Victor) LPM-1233
1957 Country And Western Jamboree (RCA Victor) LPM-1419

Together Again (RCA Victor) LSP-2580

Reminiscing (RCA Victor) LSP-2952

Live From Evangel Temple (RCA Victor) APL1-1361

  Lovingly Yours (RCA Victor) AHL1-3496

Brand on My Heart (Columbia) WPC-3997


Born: September 9, 1955 in Westmount, Québec
Gino Soccio is a Québec producer, writer, and multi-instrumentalist who learned piano at the age of 8 and then synthesizer when he was 18. Soccio was signed to eclectic Montreal label Montreco Records in 1977 where he released the single “Sauve qui peut”. After being asked by a producer to record some keyboard parts for a Québec act called Kébekélektrik, he ended up recording nearly all the instruments on the record. He recorded his first solo LP called ‘Outline’ in 1979 which produced the international disco hit “Dancer”. The song peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 48 and spent six weeks on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The song also reached No.46 on the UK Singles Chart in May 1979. The following year he released the follow-up album called ‘S-Beat’ and then ‘Closer’ in 1981 which spawned the hit “Try It Out” which also spent six weeks on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Several solo albums have continued to be sprinkled throughout a career that focused on the works of others. Soccio’s third solid hit single was “It’s Alright” from the 1982 album ‘Face to Face’ No.2 which spent 5 weeks on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. Soccio has produced records for Karen Silver, Witch Queen, Gotham Flasher, Guy Lafleur (the hockey player), and Radia Frye among others. He also wrote several songs for ’80’s vamp Grace Jones and scored the soundtrack to the Buddy Hackett movie ‘Babe’. [also see KÉBÉKELEKTRIK]

Sauve qui peut (Vocal)/Sauve qui peut (Instrumental) (Montreco) MRC-5001
1978 The Visitors/Les Visiteurs (Instrumental) (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2291X
1979 Dancer/So Lonely (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2329X
1979 Dance To Dance/The Visitors [12”] (Warner Bros. – US) DRCS-8860
1979 Dance To Dance/Dancer [12”] (Warner Bros. – UK) LV-23
1979 The Visitors/There’s a Woman (RFC/Warner Bros. – US) RFC-17525
1980 S-Beat/Heartbreaker (RFC/Warner Bros. – GERMANY) RFC-17663
1980 S-Beat/I Wanna Take You There (Now) [12″] (RFC/Warner Bros. – US) PRO-A-878
1980 Steady Operator//S-Beat/Running In Circles (RFC/Warner Bros. – US) PRO-A-880
1980 Heartbreaker/Rhythm of the World [12″] (RFC/Warner Bros. – US) PRO-A-893
1981 Try It Out/Closer (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2391X
1981 What You Feel Is Real – Hold Tight/Street Talk (Atlantic – US) 3848
1982 It’s Alright/Look At Yourself [12”] (Celebration/Quality) CEL-37
1982 Remember /Who Dunnit? [12”] (Celebration/Quality) CEL-39
1982 You Move On/Dream On (Atlantic – US) 7-89975
1983 Get It Up/Closer (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2427X
1984 Turn It Around/Turn It Around (Instrumental) (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2440X
1984 Turn It Around/Turn It Around (Instrumental) [12”] (Celebration/Quality) CEL-302
1984 Out of My Life/Turn It Around (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2452X
1984 The Scene/Turn It Around [12″] (Celebration/Quality) EPC-5
1985 Human Nature (Extended)//Human Nature (Edited)/Think Back [12”] (Celebration/Quality) CEL-307
1985 Temptation Eyes/Camouflage [12”]  (Celebration/Quality) CEL-310
1986 Magic/Magic (Instrumental) (ZYX – GERMANY) ZYX-5559
1988 Love the One You’re With/[same] (Broken) BRO-7001
1988 Hold Tight//You Move Me/Who Dunnit? [12″] (Unidisc) SPEC-1364

1979 Outline (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2013
1980 S-Beat (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2066
1981 Closer (Atlantic) SD-16042
1982 Face To Face (Atlantic) SD-19358
1982 Dance Exercise Music Volume One: Get It Up [EP] (Celebration/Quality) CEL-41
1984 Remember (Celebration/Quality) CEL-2134
1989 Greatest Hits (Unidisc) SPLK2-8012
1994 The Best of Gino Soccio (Unidisc) SPLK-7240

Compilation Tracks
“Dancer” on ‘Hot Nights & City Lights’ (K-Tel) TC-257

SODA, Frank
Originally from Mangone, Calabria, Italy, Francesco “Frank” Soda grew up in Kitimat, British Columba. By the mid 1960s, he started playing guitar after being influenced by British Invasion acts such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Animals. As his confidence grew and his skills improved he found himself a fan of the electric blues performed by such artists as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Jimi Hendrix among other. Frank formed his first band in high school with John Lechesseur (drums) and Charles Towers (bass, vocals) in the late 1960s. The group went on to win the British Columbia Northwest “Battle of the Bands” in 1970. After high school Soda played in various acts throughout British Columbia including one with future Powder Blues member Jack Lavin. In 1973, Soda met body builder showman and singer Thor who needed a band to take east to Toronto to tour and record an album. Soda called on his old friends Lechesseur and Towers (Bass, vocals), and the trio took a train from Vancouver to Toronto to become Thor’s backing band. Due the diminutive size of each band members, Thor dubbed the group The Imps. Thor’s sideshow-like stage act included having bricks broken on his chest with a sledgehammer, blowing up hot water bottles until they burst, and a requisite over-use of pyrotechnics and special effects. When Kiss played Maple Leaf Gardens, Thor & The Imps were invite guests soo that Thor could present Kiss with a platinum album. Through 1975 and 1976 The Imps began gaining a cult following. Soda started writing songs, and his tune “T.V. People” soon became an anthem in the local Toronto clubs. Since the song was about being brainwashed by watching too much television, Soda would illustrate the point by exploding a TV set on his head. While in Detroit the band acquired the same pyro equipment used by Kiss and Triumph. Soon the Imps live shows were known for high octane and outrageous antics featuring Soda’s variety of exploding head-gear including ‘The Moon Man’, ‘The Smoking Pig’, and the Head Camera during the song “Take my Picture Please” that allowed him to photograph the audience in real time. In 1979, the Imps were voted the best bar band in a magazine poll and caught the attention of CHUM-FM radio. To capitalize they recorded their first independent album, ‘Live in the Tube”. Following a tour of Canada, the band’s manager Robert Connelly landed them a record deal with Quality Records in Toronto. Around this time an old guitarist friend of Soda’s, Kevin Nickel, replaced Charles Towers for a brief time. The debut album for Quality, ‘Soda Pop’, was released in 1980. The album failed to capture the energy and excitement of their live shows, and was done on a shoestring budget giving them very little airplay of sell-through. However, it did allow them to open shows for such acts as Triumph, Max Webster, Deep Purple, Savoy Brown, Powder Blues, Ian Hunter, and Goddo among others. By 1981, The Imps had disbanded, and led to a long list of honorary Imps who would go on to play with Frank Soda. The second album for Quality, a solo release entitled ‘Saturday Night Getaway’ featured help from Madcats drummer Glen Gratto (drums) and The Instructions bassist Peter Crolly. Soda continued building his stage show which now included the addition of two large video screens on stage. The screens allowed Soda to perform a guitar dual with himself via the video screens. He also added his soon-to-be legendary “electric suit” adorned with hundreds of lightbulbs that was powered by a battery pack. It was around this time that the Moon Man head prop almost proved to be fatal when it backfired at The Gasworks club in Toronto. It burned Soda’s hair and skin, and prompted a massive head shave for the whole band. It was also these dangerous experiences that later inspired the song “Skin Graft”. In 1982, Frank Soda became involved in the Lee Aaron Project with guitarist Rick Emmett (Triumph), singer Buzz Sherman (Moxy), and guitarist Rick Santers (Santers). He wrote and recorded the song “I like My Rock Hard” for the recording project to showcase vocalist Lee Aaron. The two of them, together with Buzz Sherman, drummer Glen Gratto, and a bass player known as Loraine recorded a live simulcast from the Adelaide Street Theatre in Toronto for CITY-TV’s ‘New Music’ simulcast. Next Soda recorded the ‘Adventures of Sodaman’ EP between 1982 and 1983.The tracks were recorded in his basement with a drum machine and included input from Lee Aaron and her new guitarist/co-writer John Albani. Around 1984, Frank Soda teamed up with The Hunt bassist Brian Gagnon who had previously played with drummer Glen Gratto in Bullrush. They toured ‘The Adventures of Sodaman’, and tried their best to find time to write new material. Due to a gruelling tour schedule and limited budget their efforts were scuttled. Gagnon soon left to pursue producing and recording and was replaced by Doug Raymond replaced him on bass. Later, Lawrence Grecch (The Warriors, Carpet Frogs) took over the drums. After a year or so, Raymond’s former Riff Raff bandmate Rick Vateur took over the drum seat. Loui Lamana (drums) and Michael Kay (bass) also did some tours, as did Bernie Carter (bass) and Vince Stuiso (drums). In 1985, Terry Watkinson (Max Webster) joined the band on keyboards and vocals. The two musicians exchanged new ideas and planned on writing together when Soda met his future wife Joyce. They had their first child in 1986. Watkinson also had another child around the same time and so they decided to take time off touring, and formed a duo. Watkinson programmed the drums, played keyboards and bass with Soda singing and playing guitar. Together they performed Soda and Watkinson originals plus a handful of cover tunes. Soda had to put everything on hold in 1987 when his father became ill and he was needed back in Vancouver to help the family out. He later set up a cross-Canada tour with a new all female band The Pop Tarts featuring Tessa Kimmel (bass), Tiz (drums) and Cathy (guitar). But not long after arriving in Vancouver the girls decided to move back to Toronto. By 1989, Frank Soda had teamed up with some of Vancouver’s top session musicians Marc LaFrance, (drums, vocals), and Mick Della-Vie, (bass, keyboards,vocals). With this new lineup, he put his original show back on the road and returned to Toronto to play festivals with Colin James, Goddo, and Frozen Ghost. Back in Vancouver they played local clubs and opened for such acts as B.T.O., and Glass Tiger. Soda set up a basement studio in 1990, learning more about sequencing from friends Cory Lavigne and Terry Robotham. Following the birth of his and Joyce’s second child he took time off to write and raise a family. He often jammed and played local clubs in the Vancouver area with his singer wife frequently joining him on stage. In 1992 Frank and Joyce Soda formed the duo Classic Soda covering timeless Rock, Blues and Country classics from the 1950s through the 1990s. In 1993, Pacemaker Entertainment began negotiating with Soda about releasing some of his material on CD. As a bonus her recorded two new demos for the 1995 package ‘High Times: Greatest Hits 1979-1995’. He would then head to Toronto to promote it on radio station Q107 and performed several live shows in Ontario. Back in Vancouver, Soda had a successful CD release party at the club Studebakers which included most of his infamous stage show. In 1998, Frank Soda was elected vice president of the Pacific Songwriters Association. In the summer of 1999, Soda played the Minnedosa Classic Rock Festival with such artists as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Def Leppard, Sammy Hagar, Loverboy and Streetheart. Since 1996, he has divided his time between Classic Soda, (who play extensively throughout the lower Vancouver mainland), and his original band, who play festivals and special events across Canada. A battle with cancer nearly sidelined him in the 2000s but he bounced back and re-teamed with Thor for several reunion shows in Toronto. He is still writing, recording and performing original music. with notes from Frank Soda.

Oversexed and Underfed/Crazy Girls (Carrere) CAR-184

1979 Break the Ice/Total Control (Tube) WRC3-964

Saturday Night Getaway (Quality) SV-2093
1983 The Adventures of Sodaman [5 song EP] (Visual Vinyl) VV-1005

1979 Imps In the Tube (Tube)

Soda Pop (Quality) SV-2065
1995 High Times: Greatest Hits 1979-1995 (Pacemaker) PACE-010

Patsy Gallant (vocals) / Angeline Gallant (vocals) / Florine Gallant (vocals) / Ghislaine Gallant (vocals)
Quartet singing group from Québec. Aside from their own singles, they would do backing up singing on record for The Senators, and Claude Godin. Youngest sister Patsy would go on to international stardom as a solo artist. [also see PATSY GALLANT]

Mon Coeur/Chaque Jour (Series ABC) A-4508
1964 Viens Chez-Moi/[split w/THE SENATORS] (Les Disques Fontaine/Quality) 1514
1965 Les Hommes De 40 Ans/Quand Reviendra Le Garçon Que J’attends (Fantastic) FA-3623

Noel Dans Le Vent/Noel Solitaire (Fantastic) FA-3637

Andrew Dickson (vocals, guitar) / Phil Burns / Jason Kent / Jason Tustin (drums) / Dave Lavoie
Following the dissolution of Dickson’s band, Tricky Woo, in 2002 and Tustin’s band, Local Rabbits, in 2001, the two assembled Soft Canyon in Montreal, Québec in 2003 and released one album – ‘Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings’ on the Alien8 label. Dickson soon left the band to reform Tricky Woo. Soft Canyon continued until 2005.

Broken Spirit, I Will Mend Your Wings (Alien8) ALIENCD-40

SOKYRKA, Theresa
Born: April 1, 1981 In Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan’s Theresa Sokyrka Theresa attended the Ukrainian Bilingual Elementary School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and St. Michael’s elementary school in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with high school back at Holy Cross in Saskatoon. Following high school Sokyrka studied music at Red Deer College in Red Deer, Alberta. Her musical ambitions landed her a spot on Season 2 of ‘Canadian Idol’ and finished second after Kalan Porter in 2004. She was soon signed to Maple Music in Toronto and after an introductory EP in 2004 and made a guest appearance on Kalan Porter’s album ‘219 Days’. Her own debut album ‘These Old Charms’ was released in April 2005. The album would go on to sell 70,000 copies and peak at No.4 on the Canadian album charts based on the strength of her previous ‘Canadian Idol’ appearances and the single “Turned My Back”. Sokyrka has had a steady stream of album releases since.

Turned My Back (Maple)
2006 Waiting Song (Maple)
2007 Sandy Eyes(Maple)
2007 Baby, It’s Cold Outside (Maple)
2010 Everything (Fontana North)

Four Hours In November [EP]
2005 These Old Charms (MapleMusic) cTEP-2005QT
2006 Something Is Expected (MapleMusic) MRCD-6461
2007 Wrapped In a Ribbon (MapleMusic)
2010 Theresa Sokyrka (Fontana North)

Compilation Tracks
“Turned My Back” on ‘Women & Songs 9’ (WEA) WTVD-62800
2006 “Waiting Song” on ‘Women & Songs 10: 10th Anniversary Edition’ (WEA) WTVD-63889

Gary Getz / Gordeon Furlong
From Geraldton, Ontario.

Things/Brown Eyed Girl (Quality) 1999X

Compilation Tracks
“Brown Eyed Girl” and “Things” on ‘The Gaiety Records Story’ (Pacemaker) PACE-020
2003 “Lies” and “Nature’s Love” on ‘The Gaiety Records Story II’ (Pacemaker) PACE-044

Frank MacKay (lead vocals) / Ritchie Oakley (lead guitar) / Donnie Morris (bass, vocals) / Donnie Muir (keyboards, vocals) / Bob Murphy (rhythm guitar, vocals) / Norman Calp (drums) / Bruce Wheaton (percussion, vocals) / Layne Francis (saxophones) / Duncan George (saxophones) / Andrew Meltzer (electric violin) / Charlie Gray (trumpet) / Keith Jollimore (saxophones; replaced George) / Jack Harris (percussion, drums)
Soma (a name take from Aldous Huxley’s book ‘A Brave New World’) was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1969 by ex-The Stitch In Tyme member Bob Murphy. The original group went through many line-up changes until it solidified with Murphy, Morris and Wheaton – all from The Stitch In Tyme – MacKay, Muir, Francis, Grey, Oakley (Five Sounds, Central Nervous System), Metzler, George, and Calp played their first gig in Truro, Nova Scotia at Delmar’s Barn. However, Wheaton soon left to form Everyday People with Pam Marsh and was replaced by Jack Harris. George left next and was replaced by Keith Jollimore (Central Nervous System). In the fall of 1969 the band went to Toronto and Soma lost Grey and Metzler in the transition. An ill-fated recording session in Detroit, Michigan was lost to posterity and soon the group became a six-piece ensemble with the departure of Francis (who would form Horse) and Jollimore who was invited to join Lighthouse. By 1971, the Soma line-up consisted of Oakley, Harris, Murphy, MacKay, Morris and Muir who soon landed a deal with Montreal, Québec’s Aquarius Records. The band released its first single, “Train”, that year which peaked at No54 on the RPM Singles chart in June 1971. The second single, “Technicolor Dreams”, followed in 1972. The band dissolved soon after. MacKay joined Turnpike (aka Junk). Muir connected with Layne Francis in Horse. Oakley, Morris and Harris teamed up with singer Terry Hatty to become Oakley, Morris, Harris and Hatty. But four months later, Halifax, Nova Scotia entrepreneur Peter Christakos put MacKay, Morris, Muir, Oakley and Harris back together as Soma and assumed management of the band. More profile show begin to come their way and Soma did opening slots for the likes of Chicago, Sly And The Family Stone, The J. Geils Band, Santana and Rod Stewart among others. By late 1976  MacKay and Morris left the band. Christakos, in attempt to keep his revenue stream afloat, brought in new musicians to keep Soma alive. The result was a new band called Ram; MacKay went on to an acting career and continues to perform around Nova Scotia; Oakley formed Oakley which also featured Morris (following a stint in Zipper); Muir continued with Ram and then joined The Dutch Mason Blues Band; Harris went on to play in Chalice; Murphy formed this own country act Bob Murphy and Big Buffalo; both Frank MacKay and Donnie Morris passed away within days of each other in March 2019.  with notes from Jim Rice.

1971 Train/Welcome Love (Aquarius) AQ-5010     
1972 Technicolor Dreams/The Box (Aquarius) AQ-5017

Ken (bass) / Mark (drums) / Bing (vocals) / Walt (guitar) / Pete (guitar)
From Winnipeg Manitoba. The band did opening slots (along with The Unwanted) on the Canadian leg of The Dead Kennedys’ ‘Bedtime for Democracy’ tour in 1984.

Some Weird Sin (HeadButt) HB-112

Alec Somerville is best known for his satirical singing group Brothers-In-Law formed in Windsor, Ontario in 1963 by four policemen who were inspired by the Kingston Trio. They gave their first appearance November 22, 1963 at a police banquet in Sandwich West, Windsor. Their popularity grew with Alec Somerville’s satirical lyrics added to Howard Duffy’s music (and later Bob Lee’s) or to traditional and classical melodies. Subjects ranged from North American cultural and political institutions to sexual mores. And despite receiving little airplay (only the CBC would take on their controversial topics), their first and most successful LP ‘Oh! Oh! Canada’ sold more than 275,000 copies and was followed by 5 others for ARC Sound. Even with their success, the group maintained their full-time jobs and only performed 12 to 20 concerts per year (mostly in Ontario). The group disbanded in the early 1970’s.  Somerville continued with ARC doing a solo album called ‘Total Nudity’. Somerville moved to Ireland in 1998 and recorded an independent CD called ‘North Meets South: Old-Time Appalachian Songs And Tunes’ which he released in 2004. He also released a CD single of ‘The Beach of Dieppe’ as a tribute to the Essex Scottish Regiment of Windsor in 2005. with notes from J. Neyfakh and Alec Somerville. [also see BROTHERS-IN-LAW]

2005 Beach of Dieppe [independent]

1970 Total Nudity! (ARC) ACS-5031
2004 North Meets South: Old-Time Appalachian Songs And Tunes [independent]

Ron Ravage (vocals, guitar) / Grant Simmons (guitar) / Randy Horoshock (bass) / John Jacobs (drums)
From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Die Children Die/The Great Winnipeg Riot (HeadButt) WRC3-4614

Jay Caress (vocals, guitar) / Don Hardy (drums) / Rob Deans (keyboards) / Steve Moyer (bass, vocals)  / Howard Leese (guitar, vocals; replaced Caress)
Songbird were from Victoria, British Columbia and one of the first acts signed to GRT Records in Canada. Their 1971 song “Sweet Elaine” didn’t chart in Canada, but did make some noise in England when it was released that year on Tom Jones’s M.A.M. label. With a switch to Vancouver’s Mushroom Records in 1974, their debut single – a cover version of Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe” – was released in May that year and cracked the Top30 on the RPM Adult Contemporary chart and No.80 on the RPM Top Singles chart. The follow-up single was a cover version of Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work” which was released in September 1974 and peaked at No.47 on the RPM Top Singles chart. Leese would go on to work with labelmates Heart; Caress had a brief solo career on Tom Northcott’s New Syndrome label.

1971 Sweet Elaine/Spread The Word (GRT) 1230-02
1974 I Believe/Bonus (Mushroom/Can-Base) M-7002
1974 Dirty Work/Bonus Plus (Mushroom) M-7005
1975 Much Too Much/[same] (Mushroom) M-7009

1980 No Ordinary Child (Capitol) ST-6479


Sonora’s single “Lady Lay” managed to peak at No.65 on the RPM Top100 Singles chart in February 1976. Their follow-up, “Sing Me” fared better by making it to No.52 in September 18, 1976.

1976 Lady Lay/See Me Run (Wam/Polydor) WAM-903  
1976 Sing Me/Sweet Magnolia Trees (Wam/Polydor) WAM-908

1968 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien
(lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Fergus O’Byrne (banjo, mandolin, guitar, bodhran) / Dermot O’Reilly / Garrett Kavanagh
1969 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien (lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Denis Ryan (fiddle, tin whistle) / Jonnie Lynn (banjo, mandolin, tin whistle) / Ron McDonald (bass) / John Cameron (vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonica)
1970 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien (lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Allan Flynn (banjo, guitar, concertina) / Frank McKenna (guitar, vocals, mandolin, autoharp)
1975 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien (lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Robert O’Donovan (vocals, fiddle, viola, mandolin, whistle) / Chris Hennessy (vocals, lead guitar, mandolin, banjo, 12-string, harmonica)
1980 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien (lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Neil Bishop (guitar) / Rusty Walker (steel guitar)
1991 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien (lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Joseph Tompkins (harmony vocals, piano, accordion, keyboards) / Ray “Blackie” O’Leary (vocals, six-string bass) / Fergus O’Byrne (banjo, mandolin, guitar, bodhran; studio only)
2018 Line-Up: Ralph O’Brien (lead vocal, rhythm guitar) / Jason Simms / John Barella / Joseph Tompkins (harmony vocals, piano, accordion, keyboards) / Steve Best
Sons of Erin are a traditional Irish Folk group founded 1968 in St. John’s, Newfoundland by Ralph O’Brien. Since its inception, the group has had an ongoing rotation of member accompanying O’Brien, some of whom have gone on to found their own groups such as Sullivan’s Gypsies (Ryan’s Fancy), and The Irish Descendants.

The Secret Of The Leprachaun/Come Away Bonnie Lad (Dominion) 102
1969 Butcher Boy/Digs In Birmingham (Dominion) 108
1970 Tribute To Newfoundland/The Fishy Mermaid (Dominion) 112
1970 McCarthy’s Party/Liverpool Lou (Dominion) 129
1972 Time Gentlemen Please/Sylvester (Dominion) 151
1972 Simplicity/Kevin Barry (Dominion) 152
1975 Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway/On The One Road (Erinson) ERN-101
1975 Nora/Paddy Lay Back (Erinson) ERN-100
1979 Somebody’s Waiting For You/Matty Groves (Erinson) ES-1979
1980 Sonnys Dream/Lavender Cowboy (Erinson) ES-8001

Sons Of Erin (Dominion) LPS-93055
1970 Progressive, Traditional, Revivalist Material (Dominion) LPS-93065
1970 Treasures – Volume 3 (Dominion) LPS-93067
1973 ‘Live’ At The Blarney Stone (Stamp/Quality) ST-3-2
1975 The Town I Love So Well (Erinson) ERN-1100S
1980 Pleasant And Delightful (Erinson) ES-8002
1991 Alive ‘N’ Kickin’ (Erinson) SONS-1CD
1991 Volume 2 – At It Agin’ (Erinson) SONS-2CD

James Newton
(vocals, guitar) / Don Harrison (guitar) / Don Binns (bass) / Don Short (drums)
Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1987. The band was signed to Slash Records in the US (home to The Violent Femmes) and released their self-titled debut album in 1988. The album’s first single was “Mona Lisa” which won a Canadian Music Video Award in 1989 for ‘Best Independent Video’. The band’s follow-up album, on Chrysalis, was ‘Gump’ (named after former Minnesota North Stars goalie Gump Worsley) in 1991 and debuted at No.1 on Canadian College Radio charts – ahead of Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ album. The group split-up in 1993 but reunited in 1995 to briefly tour the rarities collection entitled ‘Tex’.The three Dons in the group would team-up with metal rocker Lee Aaron to form the band 2 Preciious in 1996. They released one, self-titled, album before Lee Aaron returned to a solo career.The three Dons went on to be the backing musicians in Jakalope; James Newton is currently in the band Rat Silo.

Mona Lisa/Super Cool Wagon [12”] (Slash/Warner) PRO-A-3323
1991 You’re No Good (Chrysalis) 23761

Sons of Freedom (Slash/Warner) 92-57551
1991 Gump (Chrysalis) 21875
1995 Tex (Divine) DI-95012

Compilation Tracks
“Best Friend” on ‘Access III’ (Access Magazine) ACD-003

1984-1985 Line-up: Tim Freeborn / Kenny / Andrew / Ditch Dog [aka Glenn Poirier] / Dave;
1986-1987 Line-up: Tim Freeborn / Ditch Dog / Paul Morris / Myke Canzi / Chris Black;
1989 Line-up: Tim Freeborn / Paul Morris / Myke Canzi / Chris Black / Dave Walsh; 1990-1992 Line-up: Tim Freeborn / Paul Morris / Myke Canzi / Chris Black / Daragh Hayes;
2010-11 lineup – Tim Freeborn / Ditch Dog / Paul Morris / Myke Canzi / Daragh Hayes / Chris Black
Originally formed in Meaford, Ontario in 1985. They relocated to Toronto to be closer to the hardcore punk scene.

Hayseed Hardcore [13 song 7″ EP] (Death Enema)
1986 Sing Generic Crap [10 song 7″ EP] (independent) SOI-003
1991 Mimsey With The Borogoves [10″ EP] (Sell Out Activities) ACT-006

Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice (Over The Top – US) OTT-1202

Rob Elliott (vocals) / Bill Courtney (bass) / Ron Yamauchi (keyboards) / Gary J. Jones (guitar) / Tony Lin (drums)
From Burnaby, British Columbia.

Not Tonight…I Have A Sorehead [4- song EP] (Cacaphonic) [no cat. #]

Compilation Tracks
“Teenage Crime Wave” on ‘Undergrowth /85’ [cassette] (Undergrowth)
1986 “Octopus’s Garden” on ‘Van-Cover’ [cassette] (Garbonzo Bean) GARBO-2
1986 “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch” on “Don’t Open Till Christmas’ [cassette] (Garbonzo Bean) GARBO-3

Jacques Gaines (vocals) / Éric Filto (keyboards, programming, vocals; 1994-1999) / Mathieu Dandurand (guitar)
Soul Attorneys was formed in Montréal, Québec in 1994. They were signed to the Sony Music imprint Epic Records in 1995 and released their self-titled debut in 1996. The label association allowed them to tour with Sony artist Celine Dion on the success of their Canadian Top10 singles “These Are the Days” and “So They Say”. In 2000, after co-writer Eric Filto left the band due to health reasons, Gaines changed the name of the group to J.Gaines & The Soul Attorneys. They then recorded their next album ‘Another Day’ with produced Aldo Nova. By 2003 Gaines had dropped the name Soul Attorneys and recorded under his own name as a solo artist. He released a self-titled French-language album in 2004, and then an English-language follow-up, ‘Four’, in 2007.

These Are the Days [5 mixes 12”] (Epic/Sony) 49-3245
1996 So They Say (Epic/Sony) CDNK-1166
1997 Sun In My Hand (Pop Version)/Sun In My Hand (A/C Version) (Epic/Sony)

Happy Together (Radio Edit)/Happy Together (Album Version) (Epic/Sony) CDNEK-1496
2000 Another Day (Radio Edit)/Another Day (Epic/Sony) CDNEK-1527

Soul Attorneys (Epic/Sony) EK-80234
1997 Exclusive Remixes [3- song EP] (Sony Music Special Products) CDSP-4560

Another Day (Epic/Sony) EK-80428

Trevor Guthrie
(vocals) / David Bowman (vocals) / Ken Lewko (keyboards) / James Reid (guitar) / Tino Zolfo (bass) / Terepai Richmond (drums)
Formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1993 and originally marketed under the moniker “inDecision” as Canada’s answer to the Moffatts/Hanson boy-band fad. In the midst of promoting their Universal Music debut album, ‘No One Does It Better’, the band switched their name to soulDECISION. The album yielded the hit single “Faded” and a second single, “Ooh, It’s Kinda Crazy”.

Faded (Radio Version)/Faded (22 Green Club Mix Radio Edit) (Universal) 215655
2001 Ooh, It’s Kinda Crazy (Universal) UMCR-4132
2001 Gravity (Universal) UMCR-4224
2001 Let’s Do It Right (Universal) UMCR-4284
2004 Cadillac Dress [6 mixes] (Hito Bito Entertainment/Universal)

Tonight [5 mixes] (Popular) PR2S -3171
1997 Ooh, It’s Kindy Crazy (Plastic People) (Popular) PR2S-3227

No One Does It Better (Universal) 454206
2005 Shady Satin Drug (Sextant/EMI) 589101

No One Does It Better (Universal)

Compilation Tracks
“Faded” on ‘Now! 5’ (Warner) WTVD-38986
2000 “Faded” on ‘Now That’s What I Call Music! 5’ (Columbia – US) CK-85206
2001 “Faded” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885

John Maciejewski
(lead guitar, lead vocals) / Raymond Cloutier (hammond organ, piano, vocals) / Marc Paradis (drums, vocals) / Don Wilson (bass) / Roman Pysznyj / Steve Pysznyj
Originally from Red Lake, Ontario they relocated to Sherbrooke, Québec in 1968 and added keyboardist Cloutier. A battle-of-the-bands competition at Montreal’s Man and His World exposition in July 1970 landed them a slot at the Expo 70 Canadian pavilion in Osaka, Japan. A single on Barry soon followed but was met with little success. However, after switching to Columbia Records they released a full-length, self-titled LP and headed out on tour with the brothers Roman Pysznyj  and Steve Pysznyj replacing Cloutier.

Pursuit/Eyes of Nature (Barry) B-3524X

The Souls of Inspyration (Columbia) ES-90061

Nick Sagias
(vocals, guitar) / Junior (guitar) / Adam Pittaway (bass) / John Sagias (drums) / David M. (guitar) / Chris Harris (guitar) / Rick K. (guitar) / Bryan Mallon (guitar) / Shawn Stoneman (guitar) / Chris Mezzabotta (drums)
Following the split of Toronto, Ontario metal act Overthrow vocalist/guitarist Nick Sagias briefly played with Pestilence in Holland before yearning for a project of his own. In May 1991 he assembled Soulstorm with his brother John on drums, Adam Pittway on bass and second guitarist Junior. They were signed to Ron Sumner’s Epidemic label and released a demo entitled ‘Control’. The band honed their live show and songwriting chops and returned to the studio. ‘Darkness Visible’ was released on Epidemic/Music For Nations/Metal Blade in 1992. The first video single from the album was the Andrew Hunt directed “Disruption” which was nominated for a MuchMusic Video Award for ‘Best Metal Video’ in 1993. Soulstorm were then the opening act for the likes of Entombed, KMFDM, Cannibal Corpse, Grave, U.S.S.A., Malhavoc, Suffocation, Clutch, Cancer, and Massacre. The band did jaunts across the border at Milwaukee Metalfest ’93 and opened shows for Sacrifice, Thought Industry and Genitorturers. The latter band kicked Soulstorm off the tour after being upstaged. By late 1993, Nick Sagias assembled a new touring version of the band and went out on a Canadian tour with Monster Voodoo Machine. In 1994, they released their sophomore album ‘From Euphoria To Paranoia’ through Cargo Records. A video single for the song “Turning Point” was also airplayed on MuchMusic. After touring for a year, Sagias took time off to figure out Soulstorm’s new move. The band re-assembled and recorded the ‘Under the Killing Sun’ EP on Sagias’ own label imprint. Another video single was released for the track “Brand New Day”. In late December 1999, Soulstorm ran out of steam and Sagias left music for the next five years. By 2006 he returned to recording sporadically and began seriously working on Soulstorm’s third album, ‘Fall of  the Rebel Angels’,in 2011. Sagias then assembled a new live version of the act featuring guitarists Bryan Mallon (Wetwork) and Shawn Stoneman (Woods Of Ypres) plus drummer Chris Mezzabotta (Wetwork, Woods Of Ypres) and has been playing sporadic gigs ever since.

Disruption (Epidemic)
1994 Turning Point (Epidemic)
1994 In Moments of Weakness/[split w/MUNDANE] [7″] (Utopian Vision Music)
1996 Brand New Day (Sagias)

Control [cassette] (Epidemic)
1992 Darkness Visible (Epidemic/Music For Nations/Metal Blade) 414004
1994 From Euphoria To Paranoia (Cargo) CARD-1026
1996 Under the Killing Sun [EP] (Sagias)
2011 Fall of the Rebel Angels


Rob Turner (organ, vocals) / Ken Dedrick (bass) / Gerry Tomey (drums) / Murray Raymond (guitar) / Derek Solby (drums) / Don Geppert (guitar)
South Burnaby, British Columbia’s Sound-Set played at Gassy Jack’s Disco in Richmond, British Columbia quite frequently and did a Sunday night residency at the HMCS Discovery naval base in Vancouver Harbour. With the collapse of the band The Reign, guitarist Don Geppert joined as did new drummer Derek Solby. Following a line-up change they recorded at Psi Chord studio but the material was never released. Ra McGuire (Trooper) also produced several songs for a radio show on the CBC. They were booked by Stan Cayer for Rols-Royce Bookings. Cayer released a rare compilation single for his acts in 1968 to help promote the artists and his agency. Sound-Set’s “Mind In a Bottle” was included. The band changed its name later that year to Ichabod Crane and did gigs in the British Columbia interior as well as on Vancouver Island proper. They split up in 1969. With notes from Rob Turner (at garagehangover).

Compilation Tracks
“Mind In a Bottle” on ‘Rols-Royce Bookings Presents…Live From Vancouver’ [7”] (SGM) EPA-81007

Vern Nicholson (bass, vocals) / Vince Nicholson (guitar, vocals) / Dee Horvath (drums)
Formed in 1989, Sour Landslide was a power pop trio from Toronto, Canada and wore their influences (everything from The Replacements and Elvis Costello to Hüsker Dü and Flop) on their sleeve, yet stay true to their own distinctive sound. Their 1994 debut CD, ‘Friends of Dracula’, was a follow-up to their three independent cassettes. It received airplay on CFNY-FM, Niagara Falls’ “The Planet” and campus stations across the country. Also that year they opened for The Lowest Of The Low on their North American tour. Sour Landslide went on to appear at MusicWest, Canadian Music Week, North By Northeast, and Edgefest. Their highly-touted live shows led them to be personally selected to play with such artists as Art Bergmann, Thrush Hermit, The Refreshments, Universal Honey, Weeping Tile, Suckerpunch, and Cadillac Tramps. In 1996, “Guns Of Navarone” was selected as the lead-off track on Impact Magazine’s new music sampler, and “Human Rain Delay” appeared on CFNY’s New Rock Search. Material from their 1997 CD, ‘They Promised Us Jobs’, made a favourable impression even before the release of the disc itself. Since its, ‘They Promised Us Jobs’, has received glowing reviews in magazines such as Chart and The Record with the first single, “Human Rain Delay”, having received significant airplay on campus and commercial radio across Canada. The single made Chart’s weekly Top 50, while the album made several “Top 10 of 1997” lists, including those at Exclaim, The Vancouver Sun, The Record, and CBC Radio 2, where Manfred Sittmann (Soap Opera/The First Time) picked it as the ‘Number 1 Album of the Year’. The band capped off the year with a national TV appearance on Global Television’s lunch-hour showcase ‘First Up’. Armed with an even bigger and better sound than before, a deal with Shake The Record Label, and a new hard-hitting album, Sour Landslide seemed poised to cause quite a stir, but do to the economic and competitive pinch of the Canadian music industry Sour Landslide decided to fold the band in July 1998.

Human Rain Delay (Shake The Record Label)

How To Fool Your Brother [cassette] (independent)
1990 Swank! [cassette] (independent)
1992 Shine [cassette] (independent)
1994 Friends of Dracula (independent) SLO-40894
1995 Sour Landslide [cassette] (independent)
1997 They Promised Us Jobs (Shake The Record Label) SALD-230

Compilation Tracks
“Shine” on ‘CFNY 1992 New Music Search’ (CFNY)
1996 “Human Rain Delay” on ‘CFNY’s 1996 New Rock Search’ (CFNY) 1996EDGE-2
1997 “Hired Goons” on ‘Popcan: A Taste of Pure Canadian Pop’ (Alert) Z-81033

Mo Boyer (vocals) / Barry Allen (vocals; replaced Boyer 1967 only) / Dwayne Osepchuk (lead guitar) / Ron Turko (keyboards, vocals) / Mavis McCauley (vocals, keyboards; replaced Allen) Gerry Dayle (six-string bass) / Richard Osepchuk (bass) / Ken Koshelek (drums) / Bob Alexander
Edmonton, Alberta’s Osepchuk brothers had been in a band called The Chessman (not to be confused with the Terry Jacks Vancouver act) and Dwayne Osepchuk was then in Jan & The Ortegas and finally The Imperials in 1964 before co-founding Southern Freeway. Southbound Freeway release a single on Pace Records in 1966 called “Dead End Street”. The song was also featured on Pace’s compilation album ‘Direct…From The…Rainbow Ballroom’. They then won a CJCA sponsored ‘Battle of the Bands’ at the Edmonton Gardens. This led to a trip to New York City to compete in the ‘Vox Band Battle for Stardom’ where the finals were held in Forest Hills, New York at the opening of a concert featuring by The Doors and Simon & Garfunkel in August 1967. Meanwhile Barry Allen, fresh out of Wes Dakus & The Rebels, hired Edmonton’s Southbound Freeway as his backing band to support Allen’s latest solo record. They would appear on the TV shows ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘Music Hop’. To confuse matters [especially decades later with collectors of garage band music], a Michigan, Illinois garage act by the exact same name released a single entitled “Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues” in 1967 that got a fair amount of airplay in the USA’s Midwest as well as CKLW in Windsor. Not long after, Allen took off to join the Montreal band Purple Haze after he was offered a deal on Apex Records. Southbound Freeway brought in vocalist Mavis McCauley (ex-Daisy Hill Puppy Farm) and Wes Dakus helped them secure some recording time with producer Norman Petty at his Clovis, New Mexico studio. In March 1969 they traveled south where they recorded six songs. They were unable to land an album deal with the songs but a cover of Steve Miller’s “Roll With It” (b/w McCauley’s “Don’t Go Cryin'”) was released in 1969 on Quality Records. A re-worked version of the band with Dwayne Osepchuk emerged in 1973 under the name Freeway. They released one single on London Records entitled “Right Now, Good Vibrations” which was produced by Mavis McCauley and Wes Dakus.; Members of Southern Freeway were also part of the studio act Rising Sun which was comprised of Mary Saxton, Barry Allen, and The Lords; Dwayne went on to Cat Family, Troyka, Manna (with Stony Plain’s Holger Peterson), Haiku, Spiny Norman’s Whoopee Band (who recorded for GRT) and Hot Cottage. They reunited at the Kinsmen Sports Center in Edmonton on New Year’s Eve 1988; Boyer and Koshelek have since passed away as has Dwayne Osepchuk who died of a heart attack on April 29, 2015. with notes from Shawn Nagy, Dwayne Osepchuk and Mavis McCauley. [also see BARRY ALLEN, MAVIS McCAULEY]

1966 Dead End Street/Something Better (Pace)
1969 Roll With It/Don’t Go Cryin’ (Quality) 1937X

1973 Right Now, Good Vibrations/You Don’t Have To Be (London) M-17448

Compilation Tracks
“Something Better” and “Deadend Street” on ‘Direct…From The…Rainbow Ballroom’ (Pace) RS-101
2011 “Roll With It”, “Don’t Go Cryin'”, “Seven Days Too Long”, “All By Myself”,”You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”, and “The Old Rock Sound” on ‘From Canada to Clovis’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-10

Breen LeBoeuf
(vocals, keyboards, bass) / Beau David [aka William Small] (vocals) / Charlie White (guitar) / Lance Wright (drums) / Joe Ress (keyboards; added 1973) / Steve Cooley (guitar, vocals; replaced White 1973) /  Doug Varty (lead vocals, guitar; 1976)
Southcote was formed in Toronto in 1972 by Breen LeBoeuf (whose band, Chimo, had just dissolved) and William Small directly from working in Homestead with Bill King. After being signed to Smile Records they released one moderately successful single – “She” – in 1973 which made it to No.19 on the RPM Top Singles chart and No.21 on the CHUM chart. In the US the song was released by Buddah Records and it managed to hit No.80 on the Billboard singles chart. With the addition of Joe Ress on keyboards they toured to promote the single. A follow-up single in 1974, “Who Knows His Name”, featured special guests Michael Fonfara (Rhinoceros) and Danny Weis (Iron Butterfly) and was produced by Peter Hodgson but failed to to live up to Smile Records’ publicity claim that Southcote would be the next supergroup. With the departure of White and Small, they changed their name to Studebaker Hawk and had a second round of moderate success which included Doug Varty as vocalist/guitarist. Small would go on to do session work including vocals on Triumph’s ‘Rock And Roll Machine’ album; LeBoeuf would end up in The New City Jam Band, Brutus, Offenbach and April Wine amongst others; Joe Ress went on to play in Shooter and released several solo albums over the years and is now a live performer doing musical tributes to big name stars. He has also produced records for other artists including Virginia Storey among others. with notes from Joe Ress, Breen LeBoeuf and Doug Varty. [also see DOUG VARTY]

1973 She/Right To The Top (Smile/London) SLE-104  
1974 Who Knows His Name/Really Just Roadies (Smile/London) SLE-106

Compilation Tracks
“She” on ‘Canadian Mint’ (K-Tel) TC-215

Debbie Cathey (vocals) / Jimmie Jamison (vocals) / Carl Marsh (keyboards, synths) / Brian Russell (guitar) / Michael Toles (guitar) / Errol Thomas (bass) / Barry Keane (drums) / Dick Smith (percussion)
A one-off studio concoction by Three Hats’ Willi Morrison and Ian Guenther. The ‘Headin’ South’ EP features string parts by members of the Toronto Symphony, including Peter Schenkman, and brass parts featuring Guido Basso and Rob McConnell (of The Canadian Brass). Recorded and mixed at Phase One/RCA Studios by George Semkiw with assistance from Mick Walsh. A near identical line-up would also record under the name Sticky Fingers. [also see STICKY FINGERS]

1979 Headin’ South [4 song EP] (RCA/Victor) KKL1-0306

John Southworth is an English-Canadian singer-songwriter and the son of British musician and Magnet Records founder Peter Shelley. Southworth’s debut album, ‘Mars Pennsylvania’, was co-produced with Jono Grant and released in 1996 on Water Street/AM Records in Canada, and stateside on Bar None Records in 1998. In 1999 Southworth released the lo-fi album ‘Sedona Arizona’ which was produced by Hawksley Workman. Southworth self-produced his 2000 album ‘Banff Springs Transylvania’, The album featured Mary Margaret O’Hara in a duet with Southworth on the song “Cat Mountain”. Southworth then went on the road to promote his albums in theatres wearing white face with was accompanied by a three-piece bluegrass band. Southworth’s love of bluegrass also showed up on a home recording EP entitled ‘Rose Milk Appalachia” in 2001 which featured recreations of songs from ‘Sedona Arizona’. However, Southworth then took a musical detour and recorded the album ‘Yosemite’ with a group of Toronto jazz and avant-garde improv musicians that Southworth called The South Seas featuring Jean Martin (drums), Justin Haynes (guitar) and Andrew Downing (bass). Southworth toured the album across Canada by train and planted ceremonial turnip seeds along the way. In 2006, Southworth And The South Seas recorded ‘The Pillowmaker’ which was co-produced by Southworth and the ensemble’s drummer Jean Martin. Both Sarah Slean and the duo of Veda Hille & Kim Barlow have recorded cover versions of songs from this album. Southworth’s sixth album was ‘Mama Tevatron’ which was released in October 2009. Southworth has continued releasing low key independent releases and has focused on co-writing with Hawksley Workman, Buck 65 and Jully Black. Southworth has also participated in three live performances with Sarah Slean’s Art of Time Ensemble’s at their Source and Inspiration concerts in Toronto.

Mars Pennsylvania (Water Street/AM)
1998 West Coast Person [EP]
1999 Sedona Arizona (Water Street/Outside)
2000 Banff Springs Transylvania (Perimeter/Universal) 3000824
2001 Rose Mile Appalachia [EP]
2005 Yosemite (Universal) 961097
2009 Mama Tevatron (Dead Daisy)
2010 Human Cry (Barnyard) 201597
2011 Spiritual War [cassette]

The Pillowmaker


Sharon Cook
(keyboards, guitar, vocals) / Paul Myers (guitar, vocals) / Michael Phillips [aka Michael Phillip Wojewoda] (drums) / Andrew Snell (bass)
Short-lived Toronto band who released a self-titled EP produced by legendary found-sound avant-garde musician John Oswald; Myers, Wojewoda, and Snell would move on to another short-lived Toronto act called Dis Band. Following that, Myers formed his own The Paul Myers Band and, later, The Gravelberrys. He would relocate to San Francisco where he performs in a duo called The Paul & John. He is also a very successful writer of music biographies on The Barenaked Ladies, Long John Baldry, and Todd Rundgren among other subjects; Wojewoda is a renowned music producer and session drummer.

Space Invaders [4-song EP] (independent) WRC5-1507

Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid [aka Art Kyllonen] (lead guitar) / Captain Maniac [aka Colin Hartridge] (drums, vocals) / Rocky Rockamoto (bass, 1973-1975) / Stringbean (bass, 1975-1978) / Buzz Constantly [aka Rick Whitman] (bass; 1978-81, 1983) / Rod Knowlan (guitar; 1981) / Stretch Marx (bass; 1983-1990) / Kevin Stuart Swain (bass; 1991-present) / Mario Parente (lead guitar; 1993)
Vancouver, British Columbia based band formed originally in 1969 as Bruce Wayne & The All-Niters.

I’m Only Here For the Beer/Good Time Girl (Foot) [no cat. #]
1979 Killer By Night EP [4 song EP] (RadioActive) EP-6901
1980 If You Could See Me Now [5 song 12”] (RadioActive) 12EP6902
1981 It’s Criminal/Never Gonna To Kiss You Bye Bye (RadioActive) U-23S

Hardcore Apple (RadioActive) CD-0069

Compilation Tracks
“It’s Criminal” and “Midnight Flight” on ‘Vancouver Seeds’ (CFOX)

Jason Zumpano (vocals, piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer) / Michael Ledwidge (guitar) / Pete Mills (acoustic guitar, bass) / Scott Morgan [aka Loscil] (drums) / Lucy Brain (vocals) / Josh August Lindstrom (drums) / Rob Calder (guitar, trumpet) / Shane Nelken (bass) / Cary Pratt (drums)
Fallowing the collapse of Vancouver, British Columbia band Zumpano, Jason Zumpano stepped out from behind the drum kit to front the band Sparrow with members of The Salteens and Heartbreak scene in 2001. Several trips to SXSW in 2002 and 2003 (where they backed up Alex Chilton’s reunited Big Star) allowed them to release two full CDs before disbanding; Zumpano would go on to form Attics & Cellars in 2007; Nelken formed The Awkward Stage with Kurt Dahle (Age of Electric).

Sparrow (Overcoat) OC-22 2005 The Early Years (Absolutely Kosher) AK-051

Jack London [aka Dave Marden]
(vocals) / John Kay (vocals; replaced London) / Dennis Edmonton [nee McCrohan] (guitar) / Jerry Edmonton [nee McCrohan] (drums) / Goldy McJohn (organ, keyboards)  / Bruce Palmer (bass) / Nick St. Nicholas (bass; replaced Palmer)
The band that would eventually become Steppenwolf had been the backing band for Jack London and had several Canadian singles chart nationally including “If You Don’t Want My Love”. In April 1965 they released one album with London on Capitol Records before replacing him in May 1966 with German emigre John Kay who had grown a solo following amongst the Yorkville music scene followers in Toronto.  As The Sparrows they would record several singles before releasing one album as John Kay And Sparrow helping solidify their popularity as a touring act in the US. Less than a year later Sparrow broke up and John Kay, Dennis Edmonton (now known as Mars Bonfire), Jerry Edmonton, Goldy McJohn and Nick St. Nicholas re-emerged as Steppenwolf; Jerry Edmonton died in a car accident on November 28, 1993; Goldy McJohn died August 1, 2017. with notes from Phil Townshend. [also see JOHN KAY]

1965 If You Don’t Want My Love/It’s Been One Of Those Days Today (Capitol) 72203
1965 I’ll Be The Boy/Dream On Dreamer (Capitol) 72210
1965 Our Love Has Passed/Sparrows And Daisies (Capitol) 72229
1965 Give My Love To Sally/Take It Slow (Capitol) 72249

1965 Hard Times With The Law/Meet Me After Four (Capitol) 72257


1966 Tomorrow’s Ship/Isn’t It Strange (Columbia) 4-43755
1967 Green Bottle Lover/Down Goes Your Life (Columbia) 4-43960
1967 Square Headed People/Twisted (Columbia) 4-44769


1965 Presenting Jack London And The Sparrows (Capitol) T-6115

1966 John Kay And The Sparrows (Columbia) CS-9758

as JOHN KAY (featuring songs with SPARROW)
1993 The Best Of John Kay: Tighten Up Your Wig (Columbia/Legacy) CK-50344

2008 The Complete CBS Recordings 1966-67 (Rev-O-La)

Jean H (vocals, guitar) / Marina Stamboulieh (bass, drums; 2002-2005) / Damon Stamboulieh (drums, bass; 2004-2005) / Darcy Bangsund (drums; 2002-2004) / Matt Sheppard (bass; 2006-present) / Phil Western (drums; 2006-present)
From Vancouver, British Columbia. [also see PHIL WESTERN]

A Spectre Is Haunting Europe/[split w/ENTERTAINME.NT] [12”]

Astonishing Tales of the Sea
2006 Flames
2008 Embers

Compilation Tracks
“This Old Oscillator” on ‘New Dark Age Vol. 4 (Strobelight – EUR) STROB-023

Tim Hawn
(bass) / Rick MacMillan (drums) / Gary Beaudette (guitar) / Brian Beaudette (guitar)
A teenage pre-punk band from Cornwall, Ontario formed in 1971 when the band members were 10 and 11 years old.  They chose the name Sphex after picking a word at random from a dictionary (it’s a type of insect). As the years progressed they became quite popular around Cornwall and Alexandria Bay. In 1976 they were playing a show on the second floor of an Alexandria coffee shop while Montreal film maker, Jacques Menard was shooting a movie. The noise from the band was disrupting filming and Menard asked the band if they would stop. In exchange they asked him to pay for recording time where they would supply songs for the movie and a provision that they could release the songs on a record if they wanted. Their one and only single, “Time”, was recorded at the Montreal National Film Board in 1976 and then remixed 1977 at Marc Productions Studio in Ottawa. The studio pressed the single and released it in 1977. In 2012, Supreme Echo Records tracked the band members down in Cornwall to ask them if they could re-issue the record. The band members got together and unanimously decided to allow the label to re-issue it. The Beaudettes are still performing together and Hawn is currently in the band Shake The Tree.

Time/Leaving This Crazy City (Marc Productions) MP-39   
2012 Time/Leaving This Crazy City [re-issue] (Supreme Echo)

Maureen Murphy (vocals) / Eileen Murphy (vocals) / Kathleen Murphy (vocals) / Suzanne Moirer (vocals; replaced the Murphy sisters) / Phil O’Connell (guitar) / Brian Meissner (bass, vocals) / Chuck Gorling (organ, piano) / Laurie Currie (drums, vocals)
Originally from Winnipeg, Sugar And Spice were formed in 1966 and managed by Bob Burns and road managed by Gary Bunkowski. They managed two hits on the Franklin label in 1969 – “Cruel War” and “Something To Believe”. “Cruel War” created problems for them as it was recorded and credited as “public domain”, when in fact it was a Peter, Paul & Mary standard. When bassist Bob Walker (formerly of Witness Inc. and Ian & Sylvia) and vocalist Suzanne Moirer (who replaced the Murphy sisters) joined in 1972, the group had already changed its name to Spice and soon relocated to Toronto where they were managed by Ray Danniels (Rush). The band fell apart about 9 months later. Meissner and Currie stayed in Toronto and formed Beatles tribute band Liverpool with former Cat member Gary O’. This band would later evolve into Aerial; Maureen Murphy sang back-ups on at least one Trooper album and later worked for CJOB in Winnipeg in the 1980’s; Eileen Murphy became a doctor; Kathleen Murphy became a lawyer and sister Maureen is the office manager at her legal firm in Winnipeg; Bob Walker went back to Edmonton and formed Granfalloon before joining one of the final incarnations of Privilege. Walker left the music business and worked with Reveen The Impossibilist, managed The West Edmonton Mall for 7 years, and currently works with Las Vegas entertainer Lance Burton.  with notes from Vic Giggani, Dave Sampson and Bob Walker. [also see SUGAR & SPICE]

1971 Strawberry Wine/Sweet Talkin’ Woman (Franklin) 646   
1972 Just A Little Love/Angeline (Franklin) 647

Kevin MacMichael (guitar,vocals) / Paul Eisan (bass,vocals) / Floyd King (guitar,vocals; added) / Eric McDow (drums)
Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Eric McDow formed Spice with Kevin MacMichael and Paul Eisan during the autumn of 1978. With an interest in all things Beatles, the group performed at fraternity houses and on college campuses across the Maritimes. Their popularity grew over the ensuing months and they soon came to the attention of Terris Panagiotakos, owner of the Misty Moon club in Halifax. In January 1980 Panagiotakos offered the trio an opening spot for Toronto bluesman Jim Eaves.They brought in second guitarist Floyd King to make it a four-piece and augment the performance. The show went well and they were asked back a month later. They began selling out venues all around the Maritimes including the 1500 seat Misty Moon.  Not content to perform only Beatle cover tunes Spice also performed other British Invasion classics as well as international hits from the 1960s. The group also ventured into original music resulted in several of singles entering the East Coast music charts. The group’s last project was a two hour walk-through of the history of British Invasion music and featured original Beatles drummer Pete Best as part of the production entitled ‘Off the Beatle’ track. The band finally called it quits in 1982 and Kevin MacMichael decided to pursue more original music – first with the band Fast Forward and then in England. He would soon form The Cutting Crew with Nick Van Eede (ex-The Drivers) and soar to international stardom. He was later added as guitarist to Robert Plant’s solo band. He died of cancer December 31, 2002; Eisan would go on to be the lead in the Neptune Theatre’s production of ‘Joseph & The Amazin Technicolor Dreamcoat’. He would also perform in John Gray’s ’18 Wheels’ at Theatre New Brunswick. He released a self-titled solo album through the Canadian Talent Library; King became an accomplished songwriter and producer. He produced the JUNO Award winning album “Divided Highway’ for Terry Kelly and is a member of his touring band; McDow became a nightclub booker and production manager/agent for ‘The Legends of Rock and Roll’ touring show, he award winning ‘Elvis Elvis Elvis’, ‘Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave’, ‘Sweet Music Man: The Life and Music of Kenny Rogers’, ‘Bernard Purdie Salutes The Platters’ and the Texas based presentation of ‘The Roy Orbison Story’. In 1997 he was also the agent for Pete Best’s solo tour in North America. with notes from Jim Rice and Eric McDow. [also see KEVIN MacMICHAEL]

Beautiful You/Just a Little Bit (Solar) SAR-319
1981 Prisoner of Love/Knife In the Back (Solar) SAR-324
1982 Give Me Money For Christmas/I’m Coming Home For Christmas (Solar) SAR-330
1982 Hey Little Girl/I Love You More (Solar) SAR-335

Compilation Tracks
“Prisoner of Love” on ‘Eastern Alliance’ (CBS) ART-100
1982 “Temporary Situation” and “Beautiful You” on ‘Trans-Canada Rock’ (A & M) SP-9085

Victoria, British Columbia band whose name was derived from the Monty Python character Spiney Norman.

The Green Album (Alternativ Noise – FRANCE) 001

Holger Petersen (guitar, vocals) / Larry Reese (drums) / Robert Edwards (guitar) / Dwayne Osepchuk (bass)
A short-lived Edmonton, Alberta novelty band formed by former Royal Family members Larry Reese and Robert Edwards, folk singer Holger Petersen and Southbound Freeway’s Dwayne Osepchuk; Petersen would go on to found the prestigious Stony Plain Record label.


1973 Rocky Granola/It’s Called Either Henry or Harold (GRT) 1230-49

Airick Woodhead (guitars, keyboards, vocals) / Daniel Woodhead (drums, vocals) / Dorian Wolf (bass) / Maddy Wilde (vocals, synth, organ)

Voodoo//Day OK/Philosophy Is My Cat 7″ (Relentless/Virgin) REL-51

Spiral Beach (independent) SBCD-001
2007 Ball (Sparks) SK-2004
2009 The Only Really Thing (Sparks) SK-2016

Paul Wooten
(guitar, vocals) / Curt Kussman (drums) / Colin Campbell (bass, violin)
Paul Wootton formed Spiral Scratch (after the Buzzcocks album title) in London, Ontario in 1980 shortly after the demise of his previous band The Sinners. The band’s post-punk power pop attracted a regular following in London clubs such as the Cedar Lounge, Fryfogels, Call The Office, Bullwinkles, The Victoria Tavern, Key West, and The Embassy. They also played clubs like The Horseshoe Tavern and the Cameron House in Toronto. They won a spot on a CBC talent show and made several appearances. The band recorded an untitled full-length album cassette and a follow-up cassette EP before committing to a full-blown vinyl release in 1983 entitled ‘Zulu Syndrome.’ By 1985 Wootton began working on new ideas and wanted to go in a different direction. While working on the band’s second album they decided to assemble a side project with London guitarist Pete Watson which evolved into the Crawlin’ Kingsnakes in 1986. The Spiral Scratch sophomore album never materialized. With notes from Paul Wootton.

Zulu Syndrome (Polycan) PC-002

Compilation Tracks
“For What It’s Worth” on ‘Animals Fight Back – 28 Bands From London, Canada 1977 – 1984’ [cassette]
1996 “Fine Line” on ‘London Crawling’ [cassette] (What Wave/CHRW)
2012 “Still Rockin’” on ‘Slippery’s Club Hits’ (What Wave) WW-24

John Mann (vocals, guitar) / Linda McRae (bass, accordion, vocals) / J. Knutson (mandolin, bass) / Vince Ditrich (drums) / Geoffrey Kelly (flute, bodhran, guitar, penny whistle) / Hugh McMillan (mandolin, bass; replaced Knutson)  / Daniel Lapp (fiddle) / Vince Ditrich (drums) / Tobin Frank (bass, percussion, keyboards).
Vancouver, British Columbia’s Geoffrey Jelly and J. Knutson began playing Celtic, folk and acoustic punk music as a duo in the early 1980s. They met John Mann in 1983 and soon joined them as a trio which they called Eavesdropper. There were few places to play with their unique brand of folk-punk and ended up opening shows for local artists such as Art Bergmann and Barney Bentall. By 1984 they had begun recording their original material and after numerous faux pas at live gigs where they were billed incorrectly, they decided to adopt the name of one of their songs in pre-production: Spirit Of The West. The self-titled independent album would be released in 1985.They folk scene noticed the album, and their frantic stage shows, immediately which landed them gig at Seattle’s Northwest Folklife Festival and the 1985 Edmonton Folk Festival. The shows led to additional invites from all the major folk and acoustic festivals the following years. They took advantage of the opportunities to help promote their 1986 release ‘Tripping Up the Stairs’ on Stony Plain Records. They soon met musician Hugh McMillan at the Calgary Folk Festival who was in Great Western Orchestra. When both acts performed at Expo ’86 in Vancouver,  McMillan joined Spirit Of The West on stage for a jam session and he was soon invited to join the band. However, Knutson took this as an opportunity to leave the group. With the reformatted trio in place, the band released the Danny Greenspoon produced ‘Labour Day’ album in 1987. The release quickly crossed over to pop radio when CFNY-FM in Toronto added the record to their regular rotation. The band then spent 1 ½ months touring Canada and 3 months in the UK. Alas, it was too much for McMillan who quit immediately after their return to Canada. McMillan was replaced by Linda McCrae and Daniel Lapp. They completed the second leg of the tour featuring the new line-up including more dates in the UK and a three sold out nights at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. Lapp quit following the Commodore shows and Spirit Of The West begged McMillan to return to the band which he did in time to record their next album – the Daniel Greenspoon produced ‘Save This House’. Industry buzz surrounding the record and their live shows attracted Warner Music’s A & R man Bob Roper who soon signed the act. The song “Home For a Rest” became a hit single. With another set of sold out shows at the Commodore, British band The Wonder Stuff caught their show and a friendship blossomed. When Spirit Of The West returned to England in the fall for another tour, they were invited by The Wonder Stuff to play on the band’s version of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” for the B-side to a new single. They also did opening slots for The Wonder Stuff throughout the UK including Brixton Academy along with Jane’s Addiction. With a return to Canada Spirit Of The West realized they could expand their sound with the addition of a drummer and brought Vince Ditrich (Paul Hyde Band) on board in 1990. The decision to go ‘electric’ (a la Bob Dylan in the mid-1960s) polarized the band’s audience as did the 1991 Joe Chiccarelli produced album ‘Go Figure’. Regardless, they toured the record for the next two years before finally heading into Vancouver’s Mushroom Studio with producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda – who they’d worked with in 1992 for a Joni Mitchell tribute album – for the 1993 album ‘Faithlift’. The album generated to hit singles in ‘And If Venice Is Sinking’ and ‘Sadness Grows’. Following another 18 months of touring, they quickly recorded and released ‘Two Headed’ in 1995 and played The Tragically Hip’s ‘Another Roadside Attraction’ tour. ‘Two-Headed’ would be quickly overshadowed, however, with their live album ‘Open Heart Symphony’ performing with the Vancouver Symphony. The album was a celebration of their 10th anniversary and featured an accompanying TV special in the spring of 1996. Spirit Of The West’s long-time manager, Janet Forsyth, soon retired and Linda McCrae took her cue to leave the band to pursue a solo career. Undaunted, they recorded ‘Weights and Measures’ in England with many of the band’s British music friends at Martin Barre’s (Jethro Tull) home studio in Devon and produced by Michael Phillip Wojewoda. The album was released in 1998 but Warner Music had other priorities and released no singles or videos to promote the album. Spirit Of The West was then dropped by Warner Music. The group stopped touring and went on indefinite hiatus between intermittent festival gigs. Several members released solo albums, Mann did some acting roles and Kelly & Frank joined The Paperboys. In 2004, Spirit Of The West reconvened with a new record deal through MapleMusic and released the ‘Star Trails’ album that July. As part of their 25thanniversary celebrations the band performed at the Commodore Ballroom in March 2008 for a CBC 2 Radio special. Rhino Records paid tribute to the band by compiling the 2CD anthology ‘Spirituality: 1983-2008’ – which included two new songs – and re-issued remastered versions of ‘Faithlift’ and ‘Open Heart Symphony’. In 2009, Spirit of the West opened for Great Big Sea on the ‘Fortune’s Favour’. In February 2010, Kelly, Ditrich and Frank joined Ashley MacIsaac and folk musician Matthew Harder in recording a charity single under the name The Parallel Band. The song, “Dreams”, was released as a benefit record for skier Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, the first Ghanaian athlete to compete in the Winter Olympics. Nkrumah-Acheampong also appeared on the song. The complete Spirit Of The West compliment released another charity single, “Bulembu”, to raise awareness and money for The Bulembu Orphanage and a sustainable economic development project in Swaziland; Spirit of the West played their final show together April 16, 2016; In 2009 Mann was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which he fully recovered from in 2011. However, in September 2014 Mann announced that he had been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease; A crowdfunding campaign in 2015 was launched and raised $55,000 in an effort to allow Mann to go to Mexico for an experimental stem cell treatment; Spirit of the West performed their final show together, as Mann’s illness had steadily progressed, on April 16, 2016 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver featuring special guests including The Odds. Mann finally succumbed to his illness on November 20, 2019. with notes from Berry Hawthorne.

1987 The Crawl/Till the Cows Come Home (Stony Plain) SPS-1045
1990 Home For a Rest (Warner)
1990 Save This House (Warner)
1991 D For Democracy (Warner)
1992 Political/Sad But True (Warner) WEA-90317
1993 And If Venice Is Sinking (Warner) WEA-90642
1994 Sadness Grows (Warner)
1994 Five Free Minutes (Warner)
1995 Is This Where I Come In (Warner)
1995 Tell Me What I Think (Warner)
1996 Williamson’s Garage (Warner)
1997 Soldier’s Boy (Warner)
2004 July (MapleMusic/Universal)
2011 Bulembu

1985 Spirit of the West (Triniti) JPR-181
1986 Tripping Up The Stairs (Stony Plain) SPL-1098
1988 Labour Day (Stony Plain) SPL-1123
1989 Old Material 1984-86 (Stony Plain) SPL-1141
1990 Save This House (Warner) 70971
1991 Go Figure (Warner) 74692
1993 Faithlift (Warner) 93642
1995 Two-Headed (Warner) 10615
1996 Open Heart Symphony (Warner) 460023
1998 Weights and Measures (Warner) 971628
1999 Hit Parade (Warner) 29307
2004 Star Trails (MapleMusic/Universal) MMCD-4402
2008 Spirituality: 1982-2008 (Rhino) R2-90041

Compilation Tracks
“Coyote” on ‘Back To the Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’ (Intrepid/Capitol) N21-0016
1993 “Bone of Contention” on ‘New Stuff Six’ (MMS) NSCD-006
1996 “Bone of Contention” on ‘Due South: The Original Television Soundtrack’ (Nettwerk)
1997 “Kiss and Tell” on ‘The Hanging Garden [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Virgin) 844908
1998 “Home For a Rest” on ‘Frosh’ (PolyGram) 565014

Spookyhorse (guitar, lead vocals) / Erin Bell (bass, flute) / Shannon Emmett (piano) / Chris Gapski (guitar, vocals) / Paul Banwatt (drums) / Jeff Kahl (drums, vocals; replaced Banwatt 2000) / Jenn Bell (piano; replaced Emmett 2000)
Following the disbanding of his first short lived act, Blaze Orange in 1997, Spookyhorse went solo in the summer of 1998. He recorded and produced a 4-song cassette called ‘Eyes Closed’ on a friend’s 4-track tape recorder and released it through his own imprint, Spookyhorse Records, in October of 1998. Solo acoustic concerts were a highlight for Spookyhorse, and he gave many in and around Mississauga, Ontario. For December of 1998, a 10-song cassette album was in order. Entitled ‘Odd One Out’, this release gained Spookyhorse a small, but dedicated, following of fans. After several months of the solo acoustic routine, Spookyhorse yearned to get out and expose the masses to his additional material of all-out rockers. In May 1999 he contacted fellow musicians and friends Erin Bell, Chris Gapski, Paul Banwatt, and Shannon Emmett, recruiting them for The Spookyhorse Band, and recorded the first 4-track, 14-song CD album ever produced in Canada on a budget of $11.47!! The CD was released in early 2000. The act has continued performing with a series of member changes. Spookyhorse relocated from Toronto to London, Ontario in September 2000. With notes from Mike Mazzei.

Uncomfortable Silence/Summer of 1999 (Spookyhorse)

Eyes Closed [cassette EP] (Spookyhorse)
1998 Odd One Out [cassette LP] (Spookyhorse)
2000 Odd One Out [CD re-issue] (Spookyhorse)

Gordon Deppe (lead vocals, guitar) / Sandy Horne (bass, vocals) / Peter Shephard (drums) / Brett Wickens (synthesizer) / Derek Ross (drums; replaced Shephard 1980) / Rob Preuss (keys; replaced Wickens 1980)  / Steve Kendry (drums; replaced Ross) / Scott Macdonald (keys, vocals; replaced Preuss)
Spoons began with the coming of the 1980’s; a modest group of four suburban kids from Burlington, Ontario, who became the province’s new wave/techno-pop sweethearts. The four founding members of the band were Gordon Deppe, Sandy Horne, Peter Shepherd and Brett Wickens who formed the band in high school in 1979. Shepherd left the band before the Spoons recorded their first single “After The Institution/My Job” in 1980. The songs were released on the Mannequin label which was created by Paul Abrahams (the band’s manager) and Wickens. Shepherd was quickly replaced by Derek Ross. The band sooned gained the attention of record labels and after disagreements regarding the pending Ready Records contract, Wickens left the band to form Ceramic Hello with Roger Humphreys. Wickens was replaced by Rob Preuss just prior to the recording their first album for Ready ‘Stick Figure Neighbourhood’. The album attracted the attention of college radio to rave reviews and successful college chart action. Their follow-up was the widely acclaimed ‘Arias & Symphonies’ (also on Ready and distributed by A & M). The album spawned the single “Nova Heart” which, in turn, prompted the band’s first video and major TV exposure. Though the band was developing a tremendous following, they opted for a 2 year advertising campaign with clothing store chain Thrifty’s which restricted all their live and recorded ambitions. In 1983, Ready decided to pull out all the stops and hire Nile Rogers (Chic, David Bowie) to produce the follow-up called ‘Talkback’. Even with extensive touring and a non-LP single “Tell No Lies” riding the charts, the band couldn’t generate enough sales to justify the cost of their tour & album. During this period of indifference, Deppe & Horne recorded the soundtrack to the less than successful movie ‘Listen To The City’. By this time Ready Records folded leaving the band without a recording contract and two less members. Derek Ross left to pursue an accounting career in the music field which would then leave him in the enviable position of co-president of FRE Records (Flood-Ross Enterprises) and Rob Preuss went on to work with T.B.A., Perfect World and Honeymoon Suite. Deppe and Horne continued on with the new line-up of Steve Kendry (drums) and Scott Macdonald (vocals/keyboards) to release ‘Bridges Over Borders’ on Rush’s Anthem label. By 1988 the band was receiving notable airplay with ‘Vertigo Tango’. Though they had exorcised their synthetic teeny-bop sound/image, the momentum was lost. Several official reunions fronted by Deppe and Horne occurred in the 1990’s, particularly following the release of MCA/Universal’s ‘best of’ package called ‘Collectible Spoons’ but for the most part Deppe has worked in his own solo projects (Punch House, Beyond 7); Horne married, had a child and still plays in classic rock act The Big Chill.; Wickens went on to perform and produce works by Mannequin Records act Kinetic Ideals. He soon abandoned his share of the label he founded and was living in London designing LP covers with Peter Saville for people like New Order and Peter Gabriel among others. Wickens currently lives in California still working in design; Rob Preuss has continued composing, producing and working in music theatre as musical supervisor particularly on Broadway; Ross was briefly a talent agent for S.L. Feldman & Associates and co-head of Slaight Music; An updated version of the Spoons featuring Deppe and Horne released a new album, ‘Static In Transmission’ in 2011 which featured the single “You Light Up”.

1980 After The Institution/My Job (Mannequin)  MAN-001
Nova Heart/Symmetry (Ready) SR-201X
1982 Nova Heart/Symmetry [12”]  (Ready) LR-020
Arias & Symphonies/Trade Winds (Ready) SR-271
1982 Smiling In Winter/South American Vacation (Ready) SR-272
1983 Old Emotions/Out OF My Hands (Ready) SR-391
1983 The Rhythm/Don’t Shoot The Messenger (Ready)  SR-392
1984 Talkback/Unexpected Guest At A Cancelled Party (Ready)  SR-393
1984 Tell No Lies/White Lies (Ready)  SR-481
1984 Tell No Lies/White Lies/Romantic Traffic [12″] (Ready) SRB-048
1984 Romantic Traffic/[split w/GORDON DEPPE] (Ready)  SR-482
1986 Bridges Over Borders/Across the Water (Anthem) ANS-071
1986 Bridges Over Borders/[same] [12”] (Mercury – US) PRO-490
1986 Be Alone Tonight/Radio Heaven (Anthem) ANS-073
1986 Rodeo/Radio Heaven (Anthem)  ANS-074
1987 Rodeo/As We Lay [12”] (Mercury – US) PRO-498
1988 When Time Turns Around/I’ve Been Here Before (Anthem) ANS-081
1988 When Time Turns Around/[same] [12”] (Mercury – US) PRO-633
1988 Waterline/[same] (Anthem)  ANS-082
1988 Sooner Or Later/Bed of Nails (Anthem) ANS-084
2011 You Light Up (independent)

1981 Stick Figure Neighbourhood (Ready)  LR-012
1982 Arias & Symphonies (Ready) LR-027
1983 Talkback (Ready)  LR-039
1985 Listen To the City [O.S.T.] (Ready) LR-053
1986 Bridges Over Borders (Anthem) ANR-1-1050
1988 Vertigo Tango (Anthem) ANR-1-1054
1994 Collectibles (MCA/Universal) MCAD-11186
2007 Unexpected Guest At a Canceled Party (Spoons) 272855
2008 Limited Edition (Ready) RR-057
2011 Static In Transmission (Fontana North) FNCD-5574

Compilation Tracks
“Arias & Symphonies” on ‘Hit Explosion’ (K-Tel) TC-276
1982 “Nova Heart” on ‘Rocktober ‘82’ (Attic) ROCT-082
1984 “Talk Back” on ‘For The Record’ (Ready) EP-4-FREE
2001 “Nova Heart” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885

Formed in  Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983.

Meat Biproduct [3 song EP] (Criminal)
1986Narcs In My Pants/P.M.; Conspiracy In The Sky (Criminal) TS-86 

Schizofungi! (Criminal) CSPS-2641

Terry Frewer 
(lead guitar, vocals) / Peter McKinnon (bass) / Kat Hendrikse (drums) / Bob Buckley (keyboards, vocals, woodwinds, sax)
From Vancouver, British Columbia. with notes from Jamie Antsley

As Feelings Go/Recreation Time (Coast) C-1970
It’s A New Day/She’s A Woman (Coast) C-1972
A Country Boy Named Willy/Pressed Ham (London) M-17401
I Turn To You/Sprung (London) M-17423
1973 Shine/It’s So Hard//Long Long Way/You Were Blind (CBC) LM-162
I Wish Could Forget/Strut McGurk (Mushroom) M-7012

Compilation Tracks
“Bring Yourself Down To Earth” and “Loving Blues Baby” on ‘Cool Aid Benefit Album’ (Arthfor) ASP-4001D
1983 “It’s A New Day” and “As Feelings Go” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 3’ (Neptoon)  VRCA-003
“A Country Boy Named Willy” on ‘‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 3’ (Neptoon)  VRCA-004

Paul James [aka Paul Vigna] (guitar, vocals) / Rick Law (organ, bass, harmonies) / Frank Meehan (drums)
Toronto area trio who played primarily blues and R & B cover songs. Were signed to Paragon Records and released one album, ‘Woodstock,’ in 1970; Paul James would go on to form Lick’n Stick and release several singles on CBS Records before embarking on a successful solo career; Meehan would later form a band called Crosswalk in Newfoundland. [also see PAUL JAMES]

Woodstock (Paragon) ALS-302


David Ruehl
(guitar, vocals)
Formed by David Ruehl in Michigan in 1970, Springwell found themselves a cross-border act that frequently worked in Windsor, Ontario. They released several singles on Parrot in the early ’70s and were designated as CanCon to maximize airplay on Windsor radio station CKLW. Their highest charting single was a cover version of the Lennon & McCartney written “It’s For You” and a remake of the J.F. Murphy & Salt song “Come Fill Your Cup”. The original version and the Springwell remake were both produced by Vinny Testa; Ruehl has released four solo albums to date and lives in Michigan where he teaches high school Physics.

1971 Let It Show/Gypsy Queen (Parrot/London) PAR-354
1971 It’s For You/Our Question (Parrot/London) PAR-359
1972 Come Fill Your Cup/Secretly Bound (Parrot/London) PAR-361

Frank Carlone (vocals) / Elad D’Amore (guitar) / “Coma” Joe Desrameaux (bass) / Dave O’Gorman (drums)
The Spys were from Windsor, Ontario. Carlone and D’Amore had been in and out of musical projects together as far back as 1973 but they decided to form The Spys with Desrameaux and O’Gorman not long after they saw another local band, The Dry Heaves, win a local Battle of the Bands. Their first show was at the Drop-In Tavern in Windsor and over the course of twelve months performed constantly including an opening slot for the Battered Wives at Toronto’s Masonic Temple in 1980. They recorded their only single “Underground” b/w “Machine Shop” at Salem Studio in Leamington, Ontario. The first independently pressed single sold out and distribution was picked up by CBS Records for a second run.


1980 Underground/Machine Shop (CBS) C-321

Neil Young (guitar, vocals) / Ken Koblun (bass) / Allan Bates (guitar) / Jack Harper (drums) / Ken Smyth (drums; replaced Harper)
This instrumental guitar act from Winnipeg, Manitoba recorded the songs “The Sultan” and “Image In Blue” at CKRC radio station in Winnipeg in 1963. DJ Bob Bradburn owned a 2-track tape machine and produced the songs while Harry Taylor engineered. The song “Image In Blue” was renamed “Aurora” and the songs were released on the independent V label asa single. A further session from 1964 of Neil Young singing “I Wonder” also exists but Young’s vocals received a lot of criticism and the song was never released. The group toured endlessly and worked their way eastward into Northern Ontario where Young would meet Stephen Stills. Following the collapse of The Squires, Young would spend a short period in Toronto as a solo artist before deciding to track down Stills in California. The union would result in the creation of The Buffalo Springfield. **Not the same Squires featuring Michael Holland.**

The Sultan/Aurora (V) V-109

Born: Raymond A.J. St. Germain in St. Vital, Manitoba July 29, 1940
St. Germain is Metis and hails from St. Vital, Manitoba. The guitarist and singer hit the road at the age of 18. Stage presence and vocal range soon earned him the nickname “Winnipeg’s Elvis.” He signed his first record deal the Chateau label in 1958 and had a hit with the song “She’s A Square” that year. As the 1960’s progressed St. Germain was compere, host and announcer for many Winnipeg area fetes, dances and radio station promotions. He was the host for the 1969 Canadian variety television series ‘Time for Living.’ The songs he performed on the show became his album ‘Time For Livin.’He is an award winning recording artist and producer, and has logged 600+ appearances on television primarily as host of the long running series ‘Big Sky Country.’ Later in his career, St. Germain moved into radio as a host and program director for NCI-FM Radio and hosted the ‘Métis Hour X2’ on Manitoba Métis Federation radio. He has also released an autobiography “I Wanted to be Elvis, So What Was I Doing in Moose Jaw?” In 1985, St. Germain received the Aboriginal Order of Canada. He has since worked with The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), producing and hosting the series ‘Rhythms of the Métis.’ He is also a voice actor for the children’s series ‘Tipi Tales’ for the Treehouse Network and APTN. His career has taken him across Canada and he has even entertained Canadian Forces troops in Germany, Israel, and Cypress. He was the 2006 federal Liberal candidate for the Winnipeg Centre constituency (but lost). His contributions to Canadian culture has been recognized with the Order of Manitoba, the Aboriginal Order of Canada, and the Order of the Sash – Saskatoon and Prince Albert. He was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010. His daughter, Sherry St. Germain, was a Top 30 semi-finalist in the first season of CTV’s ‘Canadian Idol’ talent show. with notes from Ray St. Germain.

My Time is the Night Time/We Got Nothing//Travelin’ Man/Thank You For Loving Me (CBC Radio Canada) LM-153
1975 I’m Just A Nobody/Keep Smilin’ (Quality) 2157X
1975 The Metis/Sweet Innocence (Gigi) CA-741012
1980 Anyway You Want Me
1983 No More On The Outside/[same] (RSt.G Prod.) WRC3-3123
1983 Show Me The Way/Memories, Memories (RSt.G Prod.) WRC3-3393
1985 You Are My Special Angel/Cry (RSt.G Prod) WRC3-3566
1986 Please Don’t Hurt Me/I Feel Better (Comstock – USA) COM-1824
1988 Whiskey Train/No More On The Outside (Jennie) JPR-020
1989 Any Way You Want Me/[same] (Jennie) JPR-027

She’s A Square/If You Don’t Mean It (Chateau) C-107

Ray St. Germain (RCA Victor) CTLS-1098
1969 Time For Livin’ (Canadian Talent Library/Capitol) SQ80-010
1978 Ray St. Germain (Sunshine) SSLP-4014
1980 Show Me the Way (Rayne)
1981 Memories, Memories (Rayne)
1983 Live (Rayne) 1931
1985 Thank God, I’m Métis (Rayne)
1990 There’s No Love Like Our Love (Broadland)
1996 Greatest Hits Vol. 1
1997 We All Make Mistakes Sometimes
2003 My Many Moods (GR) AR-12032
2005 Family Christmas
2007 Show Me the Way To Jerusalem
2008 Life Ain’t Hard (GR) GR-005
2009 After A Lifetime

Everybody Has To Fall In Love (Paragon) ALS-257

Compilation Tracks
“She’s A Square” on ‘Rocking Rufus (White Label – NETHER) WLP-8856
1986 “She’s A Square” on ‘Canadian Rockabilly: Hillbilly Rock (Redita – NETHER) REDITA-127
1987 “Dynamite Woman” on ‘The Best Of The MACA Awards (CKRC) WRC1-5319/RC-63-87
1995 “She’s A Square” on ‘Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. II (Collector – NETHER) CLCD-4427
1998 “She’s A Square” on ‘I Dreamed I Was Elvis’ (Buffalo Bop – GER) Bb-CD-55074
1999 “She’s A Square” on ‘Shakin’ Up North-Canadian Rockabilly, Vol.1′ (Bear Family – GER) BCD-16289-AR
2009 “She’s A Square” on ‘Buried Treasures: Winnipeg Rock Gems 1958-1974’ (SuperOldies) SOCD-9
2011 “She’s A Square” on ‘Rock-A-Billy Rock And Roll & Hillbilly (200 Original Hits & Rarities) [10 CDs] (The Intense Media – EUR) 233313
2013 “She’s A Square” on ‘Rock-A-Billy Dynamite’ [40 CDs] (The Intense Media – EUR) 600025

ST. JOHN, Wayne
Toronto, Ontario soul/blues/R & B frontman Wayne St. John sang briefly for Motherlode in 1971 and has released several solo singles. He can be heard on the 1977 THP Orchestra hit “Fightin’ On the Side of Love”. [also see MOTHERLODE, THP ORCHESTRA]

1976 Something’s Up (Love Me Like The First Time)/Runnin’ Wild (RCA) PB-50384
1980 Two Can Play (LTFSO)/Lady Luck (Nimbus/Rio) NN-314
1988 Vocal Magic (Set Them Free)/Vocal Magic (Set Them Free) [Instrumental] (World Peace) WAR-1057

Compilation Tracks
“Something’s Up (Love Me Like the First Time)” on ‘Disco Boogie Vol. 2’ (Salsoul – US) 2SS-0102
1983 “Good Lovin’” and “The Outer Limits of My Soul” on ‘Live At the Bluenote’ (Quality) SV-2127

Dean Hagopian (vocals; 1963-1964)  / Brian Rading (bass) / Rick ‘Bell’ Belanger (drums) / Les Emmerson (vocals, guitar) / Vern Craig (guitar; 1963-1968) / Mike ‘Bell’ Belanger (2nd drums; 1968-1973)  / Ted Gerow (keyboards; 1968-1973)
Formed in 1963, The Staccatos, featuring singer/disc jockey Dean Hagopian, emerged from the Ottawa scene in the mid-’60’s with a single on Allied Records. However, their first single of prominence was “Small Town Girl” which was picked up by A& R manager Paul White for Capitol Records. Through the financial backing of journalist Sandy Gardiner, The Staccatos launched their next release called “Moved To California”. In 1966 “Let’s Run Away” won ‘Best Produced Single’ and ‘Vocal Instrumental Group of the Year JUNO Awards. They began to receive more notice with gigs in Toronto’s Yorkville Village after the release of “Half Past Midnight” (1967) which became a national hit and won another JUNO Award for ‘Best Produced Single’. Around this time they hooked up with Coca-Cola Company for some radio jingles and shared half an LP recorded at Hallmark Studios with The Guess Who called ‘A Wild Pair’ on Jack Richardson’s Nimbus Records. The album was a big seller prompting Capitol U.S. to release “Half Past Midnight” along with a commitment to record new material in L.A. Though they received a lot of hype in California from the record label, the group was seen as being ‘too Beach Boy sounding’ and The Staccatos records failed. They would soon change their name to The Five Man Electrical Band after the title of The Staccatos second album and waited out their contract. Once free, they hooked up first with MGM with no success, then with Lion Records owned by writer Jimmy Webb and producer Dallas Smith. They recorded the album Goodbyes & Butterflies (containing controversial cover art). The jacket was changed and the first single “Signs” went to No.3 in the U.S. and No.4 in Canada selling more than 2 million copies worldwide. The band’s next single “Absolutely Right” also was No.3 in Canada and Top-20 in the U.S. By 1973 they were exhausted and pursued solo careers. In 1986 they reformed for a one-off benefit concert which has lead into a fun Eastern Canada tour every year with no business pressures. The song “Signs” also saw a revival as an international hit in 1990 by hair metal band Tesla; EMI has released two separate Staccatos re-issues on CD; Mousehole Music released a larger career anthology in 2009; Brian Rading passed in June 2016; Les Emmerson died at age 77 on December 10, 2021. with notes from Richard Patterson, Vern Craig, Ian McLeish, and David Sampson. [also see LES EMMERSON, FIVE MAN ELECTRICAL BAND]

1965 It Isn’t Easy/Please Come Home (Allied) AR-6339
1965 Small Town Girl/If This Is Love (Capitol) 72244
1965 Moved To California/Do You Mind (If I Dance With You Girl) (Capitol) 72281
1966 It’s a Long Way Home/Poor Baby (Capitol) 72329
1966 C’mon Everybody/Let Me See (Capitol) 72371
1966 Let’s Run Away/Face To Face (With Love) (Capitol) 72395
1967 Half Past Midnight/Weatherman (Capitol) 72453
1967 Catch The Love Parade/Whisper Words (Capitol) 72497
1968 Walker Street/Supergirl (Capitol) 72526
1968 She Fancies Herself a Lady (Capitol – US) 2126
1968 Didn’t Know The Time/We Got Together Well (Capitol – US) 2260

Just In Case/This Is the End (Trans-Canada) TC-3081

Sorry About That Chief/Would You Believe (Capitol) 72356

1966 Initially The Staccatos (Capitol) ST-6158
1967 A Wild Pair [split w/THE GUESS WHO] (Nimbus) NNE-100
2001 Initially: The Staccatos (EMI)
2008 Half Past Midnight: The Staccatos and Beyond (Now Sound/Cherry Red)
2009 First Sparks: The Anthology (1965-1969) (Mouse Hole/Pacemaker/EMI) PACE-076

Compilation Tracks
“Half Past Midnight” on ‘Made in Canada, Our Rock ‘n’ Roll History – Volume One: The Early Years’ (BMG) KCD1-7156

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Glen Stace had been performing around his hometown for many before being noticed and scooped up by Larry Wanagas’ Bumstead Management. His self-produced debut album, ‘Buddahotel’, featured a guest appearance by Billy Cowsill (Cowsills, Blue Shadows) and was released on Bumstead’s imprint label. Stace toured the record with drummer Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, The Odds) and would utilize him on his sophomore album, ‘Road To Damascus’, in 1992. The album was produced by Barry Beckett (Bob Seger, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan) and featured additional help from guitarist Kurt Schefter (Alannah Myles, Ravin’ Mojos) and bassist Dave Kilner.

Buddahotel (Bumstead/Warner) CD-74224
1992 Road To Damascus (Bumstead/Warner) CD-61723

Compilation Tracks
“House on Fire” on ‘New Stuff’ (MMS) NSCD-001

STAGG, Barry
Born: April 9, 1944 in Montreal, Québec
Previously with the duo Green & Stagg.

1977 Blue/Let’s Go On With the Game (RCA) PB-50370
Stay/Inside Out (RCA) PB-50399
Like You And Me (My Love)/Sanctuary (RCA) PB-50429
Children of the Dream/My Town (RCA) PB-50458
1980 When I See Rivers/The Warm Maritimes (RCA) PB-50581
1981 This Is My Best Song/It Gives Me Strength (RCA) PB-50623

Julian Taylor (vocals, guitar) / Dan Black (bass) / David Marshall (guitar; 1996-1997, 2002-2007) / Jeremy Elliott (drums) / Darrell O’Dea (keyboards, guitar, vocals; 1997-2001) / Bruce Adamson (lead guitar, 1997-2001)
The four original members of Staggered Crossing – Taylor, Black, Marshall and Elliott had formed the band in high school. In 1996 Taylor and Elliott went to an open jam session at a bar called the Rose and Crown on Yonge Street in Toronto where a band called The Crown Jewels were playing. The live group left an impression on the fledgling StagX members. By 1997 Crown Jewels guitarist, Bruce Adamson, was brought in to replace Marshall – who had left for Montréal to go to University – and keyboard player Darrell O’Dea had joined the Staggered Crossing line-up to make it a 5-piece. O’Dea would produce their first EP which came to the attention of music publisher Frank Davies. Davies spent the next two years encouraging them to write more material. With 40 songs in hand, the group was able to secure a recording contract with Warner Music Canada in 1999. Manager Larry Wanagas (Big Sugar, k.d. lang, The Trews) came on board to help them with career opportunities. The band’s self-titled debut album was released in 2001 featuring the lead-off single “Further Again” which was play listed at Rock Radio and received heavy rotation through the end of 2001. Additional singles, “A Million Works of Art” and “Old Man Sittin’ By the Fire” would follow. The band were able to tour nationally throughout Canada and would take stages with the likes of Big Sugar, Blue Rodeo, Nickelback, The Guess Who, Midnight Oil, 54-40, Wide Mouth Mason, Crowbar, and Spirit of the West among others. Their debut album won ‘Best Contemporary Music Recording of the Year’ at the annual COCA Conference in 2001. Adamson would leave the group to further his career in publishing and law that year. From there the band went through several radical changes including parting company with Darrell O’Dea and an acrimonious split with Warner Music Canada. Guitarist, David Marshall, would re-join the group by Christmas 2001. Re-invigorated Staggered Crossing formed their own publishing company and record label, Bent Penny Records in 2002. That year Jay Bennett (Wilco) produced their sophomore album ‘Last Summer When We Were Famous’. The album ‘Burgundy & Blue’ followed in 2004 and after touring and pounding independent radio the album reached the Neilson Soundscan Top 10 for the Toronto market in mid-January 2006. During the recording of a third album, referred to as ‘1978’ (the year the band members were born), Staggered Crossing announced their breakup on August 29, 2007 in a press release; Julian Taylor would go on to a successful solo career and Staggered Crossing have continued infrequent reunion shows including a concert at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, Ontario Thursday July 9, 2009 to pay tribute to the music of the late Jay Bennett (Wilco). Staggered Crossing released a tribute single to Bennett entitled “Pull You Through” (written by Bennett’s former band Titanic Love Affair); Taylor announced on December 17, 2015 that guitarist Bruce Adamson had died unexpectedly of undisclosed causes. with notes form Julian Taylor. [also see JULIAN TAYLOR]

Further Again (Warner Music)
2001 Million Works of Art (Warner Music)
2001 Old Man Sittin’ By the Fire (Warner Music)
2002 Felony (Bent Penny)
2003 Business as Usual (Bent Penny)
2003 Everyone Says (Bent Penny)
2004 Grow (Bent Penny)
2005 Perfect Prize (Bent Penny)
2005 Don’t Get Me Started” (Bent Penny)
2009 Pull You Through” (Bent Penny)

Mold (independent)
2000 4-Song EP (Warner Music) DSP-001
2001 Staggered Crossing (Warner Music) 2-84062
2002 Last Summer When We Were Famous (Bent Penny) SX-01
2004 Burgundy & Blue (Bent Penny) SX-02

Garry Bell (guitar, vocals) / Brett Wade (lead guitar, vocals) / Joel Wade (bass) / Richard Whetstone (drums, vocals) / Basil Watson (piano, organ, vocals)
In May of 1970 Watson was playing bass guitar with Ed Coppard and Bill Ennis in a band called Trilogy in the Vancouver area. They played local clubs and soon became a quartet with George Greenwell playing guitar. Alas, Greenwell soon left so, searching for a new guitarist, the band answered an advertisement placed by Brett Wade and his friend Garry Bell. The duo met the Trilogy members at Coppard’s well-padded garage, and they all jammed for an hour or so. As Wade and Bell were leaving they asked Watson for his phone number. They called him that evening and within a few days they had moved into a cabin on the shores of Cultus Lake in Chilliwack, British Columbia. They wrote songs and jammed day and night in front of the massive stone fireplace with a view of the lake. Three months passed when Wade finally walked to the lake’s bait shop to call Whetstone who was living in Colorado and within two weeks met the band in Vancouver. Whetstone and Wade were latter-day members of the Electric Prunes and had recorded two albums with the group. With Whetstone’s addition, the quartet had a solid core of musicians who were all vocalists. They built their repertoire, wrote additional songs and moved to Vancouver so they could perform at the area night clubs. Their first tour, by van, took them to Detroit and Saugatuck, Michigan, where they appeared for four weeks as The Electric Prunes (one Prune song and 30 Stallion Thumrock originals). They morphed back into Stallion Thumrock and played Kansas and Denver on the way back to Canada. Upon returning they added their fifth member, Brett Wade’s brother Joel as bass player with Watson moving to keyboards. In early 1972, Bell and Brett Wade met with Claire Lawrence and Bill Henderson (The Collectors/ Chilliwack) to ask if they would consider producing Stallion. Soon after, Keith Lawrence would become their manager and arrange the details for a recording contract. Time was scheduled in at the legendary A & M studio in Hollywood, California to record the band’s well rehearsed live repertoire of original songs. The tracks took only three days to record and an additional three days to overdub vocals and mix. The self-titled LP was released under the Haida Records label – distributed by A & M Canada. The single “Mayday” was released and the band launched two Trans-Canada concert tours to promote the album including a stop at the CBC in Toronto. Not long after Watson  left the band for personal reasons and Whetstone followed closely behind. Watson continued writing material for other artists including Powder Blues, Susan Jacks and Long John Baldry among others; Brothers Brett and Joel Wade were signed to Epic Records and released the “Which Wade?” album in 1979. Following the CBS Records deal, Joel Wade signed an international songwriting deal with BMG. He has performed and produced numerous recording sessions with world renowned musicians Ringo Starr, Harry Neilson, Bob Rock, and Rik Emmett. Wade currently lives in Tulsa and records solo including his 2005 CD ‘Don’t Look Back; Whetstone returned to Denver, Colorado after leaving the band and drum grooves from his days with the Electric Prunes are considered the basis for most modern hip-hop records as his performances were sampled and replicated since the birth of the genre; Bell moved to England about a year after the band split up and briefly worked with Jack Bruce (Cream). He later became involved in TV and radio commercial production and now lives in west London.  with notes from Basil Watson. [also see WADE BROTHERS]

1972 Mayday/[same] (Haida/A & M) HS-106

1972 Stallion Thumrock (Haida/A & M) HL-5102

Rich Dodson
(lead guitar, vocals) / Len Roemer (rhythm guitar) / Kim Berly [aka Kimball Meyer] (drums, vocals) / Brendan Lyttle (bass; quit in 1968) / Race Holiday (lead vocals; quit in 1968) / Ronnie King (rhythm guitar, vocals; replaced Roemer 1965) / Van Louis (rhythm guitar; 1965-1968)
In 1964, drummer Kim Berly answered an ad in a Calgary newspaper to join a band called the Rebounds, which consisted of lead guitarist Rich Dodson, bassist Brendan Lyttle and rhythm guitarist Len Roemer; Berly also brought his brother Al (who went by the name Race Holiday) into the fold to sing lead. In January of 1965, they changed their name to the Stampeders, after signing a managerial contract with Mel Shaw. At this point Roemer decided to call it quits and was replaced with Cornelius Van Sprang (stage name Ronnie King) and his brother Emile (stage name Van Louis) whose band The Echo Tones had just split up. The six-man group started wearing assorted-coloured denim outfits and cowboy hats with the idea of promoting a group of cowboys playing rock ‘n roll. During their first year as a band in Calgary, they had one single release on the SOTAN label entitled “House of Shake” b/w “Don’t Look At Her.” Anticipating better things to come, The Stampeders decided to move to Toronto in 1966. At the invitation of Bigland booking agent, Ron Scribner, the six-man group, along with Mel Shaw and his family, loaded up their $800, used, ’62 Cadillac limousine and U-Haul trailer, and left Calgary heading east to the ‘big lights’ of Toronto. Though most of the members were under the legal drinking age, they managed to beg, borrow and work their way across Canada, playing bars and various one-nighters. Upon their arrival in Toronto, the Western-Canadian band, with their yellow denim T-Kays, cowboy boots and hats, became an immediate curiosity in the folk-oriented, hippie clubs of the Yorkville district. Though the first year was an extremely lean one, the band managed to survive the six-month, Toronto Musician’s Association’s initiation and find work in the bustling Toronto club scene. The Stampeders finally had a breakthrough late in ’68 with a single they recorded while on a sight-seeing trip to New York. Released on manager Mel Shaw’s Music World Creations independent label and distributed by Caravan, “Morning Magic” b/w “All the Time” wasn’t much of a sales success, but critical acclaim earned the group a BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) Award. The first major-label single release, “Be A Woman” b/w “I Don’t Believe,” came in 1968 on the MGM label in the U.S. Though the record was done with a studio rhythm section and only featured the band’s vocals, it was to be The Stampeders’ final release as a six-member group. Late in 1968, the three oldest members – Lyttle, Louis and Race Berly – left the band, leaving the line-up of Dodson, Kim Berly and King. They would still where cowboy boots, but the colored T-Kay denim outfits and cowboy hats became history. During this period from 1968 to 1970, the band toured around Ontario and Québec developing their stage show. The Stampeders’ only release during 1969 was “Cross-Walk” b/w “I Don’t Know Where I’m At Sometimes” on the Melbourne label, distributed by London Records. Soon, Quality Records became interested in the band. By mid-1970, The Stampeders were in the studio working on their first album. “Carry Me”, the first single from this session, quickly hit the top of the Canadian charts, garnering the band its first gold record. Simultaneously released on Polydor in the U.S., the single received plenty of airplay but failed to make the charts. Canadian success, however, allowed the band to complete the album with Terry Brown. The resulting LP, “Against the Grain,” was concurrently released with the next single, “Sweet City Woman”. The summer of 1971 saw “Sweet City Woman” go to No.1 on radio stations across Canada, catching the attention of the American label, Bell Records. The band was signed immediately and Bell rush-released the single in the U.S. “Sweet City Woman” climbed the Billboard charts, reaching the No.8 spot on September 11, 1971. Bell Records renamed the album “Sweet City Woman” for the U.S. market to capitalize on the success of the single. Next up for the band was Juno Awards for ‘Best Vocal Instrumental Group,’ ‘Best Producer,’ ‘Best Single’ and ‘Best Composer’. In 1972, at the request of their U.K. label, EMI, The Stampeders toured the United Kingdom and Europe. Upon their arrival, they discovered that their American hit, “Sweet City Woman,” had already been covered by The Dave Clark Five. Dates included the Marquee in London, the Hard-Rock Theatre in Manchester and appearances on BBC Radio and ‘Top of the Pops’. In Holland, The Stampeders received the prestigious Edison Award for ‘Most Promising Group’, along with Ry Cooder and Beach Boy, Carl Wilson. During this visit, The Stampeders had the privilege of staying at Amsterdam’s Hotel Weichman with the Eagles. 1972 also took The Stampeders to Los Angeles to perform at the legendary bar The Whisky A-Go-Go and tape their appearances on ‘Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert’ and ‘The Dating Game’. While hanging out at The Troubadour in Hollywood, Ronnie King met Keith Moon, drummer of The Who. Moon invited the band to his birthday party at The Beverly Hills’ Wiltshire Hotel the next night where The Stampeders jammed with Hollywood’s rock elite including Keith Moon. The Stampeders signed with U.S. booking agency, Premier Talent, in 1971 which led to American tour appearances with Jim Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas, Santana, Joe Cocker, Steve Miller, The James Gang, Robin Trower, Steely Dan, Sonny and Cher, The Beach Boys, ZZ Top, The Eagles, Earth, Wind And Fire, Mountain, America, Tower Of Power, Blood, Sweat and Tears and Genesis. Establishing themselves as a good concert draw in the US, The Stampeders played everywhere from New York to Hawaii, including Los Angeles, Reno, Disneyland and the much-sought-after southern-college circuit. Heavy airplay and extensive touring, coupled with many guest appearances on the popular Canadian TV shows of the time (Anne Murray, Miss Teen Canada, Kenny Roger’s ‘Rollin’ On The River’ and The Ian Tyson Show), eventually led to The Stampeders’ starring in their own CBC-TV special, ‘A Short Visit to Planet Earth’. 1972 also saw the release of The Stampeders’ second album ‘Carryin’ On’,’ featuring the lead-off single, “Devil You”. Although it was the last record released in the U.S. on Bell, the album gained a release in Europe on Regal Zonophone. It also featured hard rocker “Wild Eyes”. The Stampeders’ busy schedule also took them to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil in South America. They were asked to represent Canada in the Rio de Janeiro Song Festival, in front of a live audience of 30,000 and a television audience of 90 million. In 1973 the did cross-Canada tours, coupled with the release of their albums ‘Rubes, Dudes and Rowdies’ and ‘From The Fire’. In Canada, the singles “Oh My Lady” and “Minstrel Gypsy” went gold, while follow-up singles, “Running Wild” and “Johnny Lightning”, garnered heavy airplay and another JUNO Award nomination. The release of The Stampeders’ fifth gold album, ‘New Day’, spawned the radio hit “Ramona.” Their live-album, ‘Backstage Pass’, was recorded at Ontario Place in Toronto before a sold-out crowd of 17,000 fans. This was soon followed by ‘Steamin’ which contained a cover version of “New Orleans” and “Hit the Road Jack” featuring a special appearance by legendary disc jockey Wolfman Jack. The Stampeders met Wolfman Jack, and became good friends, while taping a television special for NBC at the ‘Saratoga Springs Song Festiva’l in 1975. On April 4, 1976, “Hit the Road Jack” went Top40 in the US, reached No.1 in Canada, and hit Top10 in Holland. The success of the single led to the release of The Stampeders’ final gold album, ‘Hit the Road’, and another JUNO Award nomination. Dodson left the band in 1977 to start his own 24-track recording studio and independent record label, Marigold. The final three singles with Dodson, “Playing In The Band,” “Sweet Love Bandit,” and “San Diego” were released in 1976. With the release of “Platinum” in 1977, the new band’s line-up included original members, Ronnie King and Kim Berly, along with back-up musicians Gibby Lacasse (drums and percussion), Ian Kojima (tenor and baritone sax and flute), David Norris-Elye (tenor and soprano sax), Doug Macaskill (guitar) and Gary Scrutton (guitar and vocals). Single releases included the horn-basedR&B track, “Bring the House Down.” Following “Platinum,” TeeVee International released a “Best of The Stampeders” hit package. The failure of the new jazzier, funky-sounding Stampeders to gain critical and commercial acceptance, along with the increased cost of supporting the large band, eventually led to the departure of drummer, Kim Berly. Also gone was the band’s recording deal with Quality records. Ronnie King tried to keep the flame burning with a new album on Apex called “Ballsy.” The new line-up included Ronnie’s youngest brother, Roy Van Sprang, Bob Allwood and Gary Storin. Lack of sales, high overhead and disappointed fans led to the band’s final break up in 1980 and the departure of manager, Mel Shaw. Dodson continued recording other acts; Kim Berly was signed to Orient/RCA in 1979 as Kimball Fox under the handle of a new band called The Cry. In 1992, the original three-piece edition of the Stampeders reunited, released an album and toured as a New Country act. The trio often does annual ship cruises with their fans. [also see RICH DODSON]

1965 House of Shake/Don’t Look At Her (Sotan) S-1006
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1971 Sweet City Woman/Gator Road (MWC) MWC-1004X
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1975 New Orleans/Summer In the City (MWC/Quality) MWC-1018X
1975 Playin’ In The Band/Rock and Roll Line (MWC/Quality) MWC-1019X
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1977 Bring the House Down/Rocky Mountain Home (MWC/Quality) MWC-1023X
1977 Move On Up/Bring The House Down [12″] (MWC) MWCDIS-1024X
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1977 Man Smart, Woman Smarter/Believe It (MWC) MWC-1027X
1979 Are You Coming To Your Senses/Got My Mojo Working (Apex/MCA) AP-95557
1979 Bye, Bye Johnny/Within You (MCA – Scandinavia) SAPL-1
1979 Within You/Here To Rock And Roll (Apex/MCA) AP-95561
1981 Lookin’ Back/John Lennon Remembered (Marigold) M-705
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1996 Oh Belinda/ Carry Me ’96/Carry Me ’96 (A/C Mix) (Marigold) MPL-SI-1001
1997 Hometown Boy (Marigold) MPL-SI-1003
1997 Blue Angel (Marigold) MGO-S1-1004
1997 Sure Beats Working (Marigold) MGOCD-0009
2008 Keeper Of The Flame/Merry Christmas (Marigold)
2008 Fields Of Gold (Marigold)

1971 Against The Grain (MWC) MWCS-701
1972 Carryin’ On (MWC) MWCS-702
1973 Rubes Dudes And Rowdies (MWC) MWCS-704
1974 From The Fire (MWC) MWCS-705
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2001 Over 70 Minutes With… (Marigold) MGO-CD-0012
2004 Best Of (Unidisc) SPLK-7351
2006 Rock the Road Again (Marigold)
2011 Live At The Mae Wilson (Marigold)

Compilation Tracks
“You Never Know Until You Try” on ‘International Master Discovery Series’ 7″ NU-19661
1970 “Carry Me” on ’20 Heavy Hits – Volume 1 (Syndicate/K-Tel) TC-201
1971 “Sweet City Woman” on ’20 Solid Hits – Volume 2 (K-Tel) TC-203
1972 “Wild Eyes” on ‘Maple Music Vol. 1 (MMJ) MMJ-1
1972 “Wild Eyes” on ’22 Explosive Hits – Volume 2′ (K-Tel) TC-206
1973 “Oh My Lady” on ‘Bright Side of Music’ (K-Tel) TC-209
1973 “Sweet City Woman” on ‘Today’s Super Greats’ (K-Tel) TC-211
1973 “Minstrel Gypsy” on ‘Fantastic’ (K-Tel) TC-212
1973 “Running Wild” on ‘Sound Explosion’ (K-Tel) TC-213
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2006 “Sweet City Woman” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

Jon Landry (vocals, guitar) / Craig Eugene Harris (bass, vocals) / Mark Murphy (drums) / Jason Wright (bouzouki, vocals) / Jason MacIsaac (guitar, vocals)
Formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2008.

Vanguard of the Young & Restless (Ground Swell) 301286

STANKE, Alexandre
Born: Aleksandras Stankevičius
Stanke, a singer/songwriter/producer/arranger of Lithuanian descent, is the son of Quebec book publisher Alain Stanke and brother of singer-songwriter Sophie Stanke. Alexandre was one of the first Québec artists to attempt a French/English language crossover. His first album, ‘Let It Out,’ spawned the hit single “We Broke Up The Band,” which spent 16 weeks on the RPM A/C chart; Stanke has also done stage and movie music work for productions such as ‘Malarek’ and ‘Viens chez moi, j’habite chez une Copine.’ In 1995, Stanke established his own audiobook company – which now distributes over 800 titles to date – called Editions Alexandre Stanke.

J’ai Le Goût De…/Le L’ai Dans La Peau (#1) NOX-61
1981 C’est Bon/Love L.A. (Able) ABE-1819
1982 Keep It Up/Dandy Dancer (Able) ABE-1826

1983 I Need Love/Sheila (Vilnius) V-108 DJ
1983 We Broke Up The Band/Dirty Shame (Celebration) CEL-2433X
1983 Makin’ Out On A Friday Night/The Tuba Song (Celebration) CEL-2434X

1984 Reach Out (For Love)/Give Me Time (Matra) 7ILL-710
1985 Passager Clandestin/Passager Clandestin (Instrumental) (Vilnius) VIL-120
1986 Sortie De Secours/Sortie De Secours (Instrumental) (Vilnius) VIL-1212
1986 Serie Noire /Jamais (Vilnius) VIL-1213
1987 Casino/Septembre (Vilnius) VIL-1214
1989 Now And Then/[same] (Polydor) DJ-330


1983 Let It Out (Celebration) CEL-2124

1986 13e Avenue (Vilnius/Fusion III) VIL-121
1993 Au Nom Du Père Et Du Fils (Production Guy Cloutier/Select) PGC-CD-935

STANKE, Sophie
Lithuanian singer/actress, Stanke is the daughter of Quebec book publisher Alain Stanke and sister of musician Alexandre Stanke. Stanke is also President of the French Quebec Movement Montreal.

L’Amour d’une Diva/ L’Amour d’une Diva (instrumental) (SIX A.M./Trans-Canada) SAM-F1
1984 In Vitro/In Vitro (Instrumental) (SIX A.M/Trans-Canada) GHX-003
1986 J’voudrais te dire/J’voudrais te dire (Instrumental) (Axion/Select) AX-57
1988 Talibou/Amoureuse (GMD/Select) GMD-1302-18

Rick Whittier (vocals) / Bob Sprenger (guitar) / Neil Light (bass) / Bill Mair (bass: replaced Light) / Wayne Brown (bass; replaced Mair) / Bill Coutts (drums) / Greg “Fritz” Hinz (drums; replaced Coutts) / Dixie Lee (drums; replaced Hinz)
Starchild was formed in 1975 in Cambridge, Ontario by Bob Sprenger, Rick Whittier, and Neil Light, all former members of Gaslight. With a heavier progressive sound they picked their new name from the sci-fi ‘Starchild Trilogy’ written by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson. After going through a few different drummers, they hired Greg “Fritz” Hinz and hit the road full-time. The band’s first studio session was a two-song demo of “Party of the Toads” and “Tough Situation” in 1976 recorded by up and coming producer Daniel Lanois (Martha & The Muffins, U2, Peter Gabriel). Having secured a record deal with Greg Hambleton’s Axe Records, the owner/producer took them into the studio to record the ‘Children of the Stars’ album in Toronto in the autumn of 1977. It was released in the spring of 1978. The band immegiately headed out on tour opeing for such acts as Triumph, Goddo, and Moxy among many others. The album never charted – as there were no singles pulled from it – but it did receive FM radio play helping the band promote their live shows. Light left the band for family reasons in 1979 and was replaced by Bill Mair who would later be replaced by Wayne Brown. Hinz would be recruited by Helix a few months later and was replaced by British drummer Dixie Lee (Lone Star, Ozzy Osbourne). Starchild continued to tour across Canada, and although they never made it to Europe, their records sold well there. A follow up single on Hambleton’s Tuesday label, “No Control for Rock-n-Roll”, was released in 1981 and was subsequently covered by a Dutch artist in the 1980s. In early 1982, the band went into Metalworks Studios and recorded another two-song demo of “Steamroller Rock” and “I Need A Woman Tonight” to shop for a new record label after Axe wanted them to change their look and musical direction. Attic Records showed interest but the band had burned out split-up in the summer of 1982 prior to their Attic audition; Sprenger and Light formed the band Thief in the Night in 1985, opening for Trooper & Platinum Blonde and others before disbanding in 1990; Sprenger went on to record two albums with Distant Thunder in the early 1990s before reuniting with Light once more to form cover band Wake the Giants in 2001. The band also consisted of comedian Ron Pardo (History Bites) on drums, Jason Pardo on lead vocals and eventually Sam Barber on bass (replacing Light in 2011). They disbanded in Augus 2014; Sprenger is currently the lead guitarist for London, Ontario vocalist/keyboardist Kathryn Marquis. The duo released a live CD entitled ‘Your Kingdom Come’ in 2011; Whittier passed away September 18, 2015 after a lengthy battle with lung disease.

No Control For Rock-n-Roll/Detroit Rocker (Tuesday) TUE-3002

Children of the Stars (Axe)  AXS-521

Adam East
(bass) / Adrian Buckley (drums) / David Lawson (guitar) / Ringo LaFleur (drums) / Shane Hayes (bass) / Steve Monteith (guitar) / Tyson Maiko (bass) / Vic Gailiunas [aka Vic Wayne] (drums)
From Vancouver, British Columbia featuring Monteith and Gailiunas of State Of Mind; East would move to Portland, Oregon and form Ce-Li-Lo and Sweetjuice; Hayes would join Jet Black Stare; Buckley former The Orchid Highway; Maiko joined Gob.

Demo Model 256 (Clockwise) SCDM-256
2001 Black​-​Eyed Soul (Clockwise) DM-257
2003 Flash-Arrows & The Money Shot (Clockwise) DM-258
2006 Hundred Bullet Proof (Clockwise) DM-259
2021 Game Day (Clockwise) DM-260

Stark Naked (vocals) / Greg Sullivan (drums) / Mark Foran (guitar) / Eugene Ripper (guitar) / Scott Hardy (bass)
Stark Naked And The Fleshtones ripped up the Southern Ontario club and college stages from 1980 – 1985 with their high-energy original material, memorable live show and off the wall humour. Heavily influenced by The Ramones, Sex Pistols and Teenage Head, the group emerged with their own unique surf and destroy sound and prankster worldview – unaffected North American suburban punk. Ripper went solo in 1985 with a vision to pursue his passion for the acoustic guitar and roots based sound. with notes from Eugene Ripper. [also see EUGENE RIPPER]

1982 Live @ The El Mocambo [cassette]

STARR, Errol
Born: October 8, 1957

Errol Starr has spent all of his working life in the music industry first as a guitar player first, then as a vocalist/guitar player. He played and toured Ontario and later across Canada in the 1970s fronting rock bands rock bands that included Phaze, Actual Size. In 1981, Starr landed a gig as frontman for long-running Canadian club act Harbinger. In 1982, they started working up demos in Halifax rehearsals and headed into PSM Studio, in Quebéc City, to lay down their songs for a proposed album. The results were unsatisfactory to the band and the album was never released (but did finally surface, online, in 2008. By 1984 the band went its separate ways. In the early 1980s he decided to step into the role of solo artist. After a period of writing and self-recording some early demos, a showcase of the material was arranged for Toronto’s legendary nightclub, the El Mocambo. The showcase landed him a deal with A & M Records in 1985. A publisher’s demo single was released of “I Found Out” b/w “When I Look In Your Eyes” first to introduce radio and music industry people to A & M’s newest signing. The first official release was ‘The Key’ which managed to land at No.5 on the National Dance Charts. Then Starr’s debut album, ‘Temple of Love’, was released in 1987 and spawned three Top-25 hit singles on the Canadian charts including “Holding Out For You”, “For the Love of Money” and “Angel. The album won ‘Best R & B/Soul Recording’ at the 1989 JUNO Awards on the back of the hit single “Angel”. He would also win awards from SOCAN and the Black Music Association. Having gotten his feet wet on the production/mixing side of the album, Starr began to take on projects as an audio engineer and/or producer. He wrote, produced and engineered three solo albums in the 1990s ‘From the Inside Out’ (1994), ‘I’ll Learn To Fly’ (1997), and ‘Attune Your Spirit’ (1998). From 2001 – 2010 he has worked from a solar powered recording studio in the woods of the Upper Ottawa Valley. Now back in Southern Ontario, he continues to write music under his own name as well as for the healing arts industry with fellow music composer & partner Schroeder Nordholt for Asomassage Music. Starr is currently in pre-production with Jamie Patchett (drums) and Al Sare (bass, keyboards) under the name The Erroll Starr Project [E.S.P.]. They are recording with legendary engineer/producer Hayward Parrott and Don Bird of FLOCK productions in Toronto, Ontario with a release date for new material set for winter 2012. with notes from Errol Starr. [also see HARBINGER]

I Found Out/When I Look In Your Eyes (Almo/A & M) AMB-1
1985 The Key (Vocal)/The Key (Instrumental) (A & M) AM-701
1985 The Key/The Key II [12″] (A & M) SP-23036
1986 Holding Out For You/The Key II (Instrumental) (A & M) AM-711
1987 For The Love of Money (Loose Change) [3:59]/For The Love of Money (Loose Change) [4:40] (A & M) AM-733
1987 For The Love of Money (Loose Change) [3:59]/For The Love of Money (Loose Change) [4:40] [12″] (A & M) SP-23054
1987 Angel/For The Love of Money (Loose Change) (A & M) AM-743

Temple of Love (A & M) SP-9130
1994 From the Inside Out
1997 I’ll Learn To Fly
1998 Attune Your Spirit

STARR, Kinnie
Born: Alida Kinnie Starr Pierre in 1970 in Calgary, Alberta
Calgary, Alberta’s Kinnie Starr is native aboriginal and part Mohawk on her father’s side. She attended Western Canada High School and Queen’s University and then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue her music career. Though she was playing in a band by 1992 it was a trip to New York City where a friend talked her into going on stage for an open-mic event in the East Village and received an encore that she realized she needed to pursue music. In 1995 she released the independent demo entitled ‘Learning 2 Cook’ . This was followed in 1996 by the full length album ‘Tidy’ which was an amalgam of Punk, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and spoken word. She rapped some songs in three different languages: English, Spanish, and French. Starr signed to Island/Def Jam in 1997 and performed in Lilith Fair. In midst of recording her major label debut, ‘Mending’, in 1998, Def Jam’s parent company was merged with Universal Music Group and Starr felt she was being lost in the shuffle and extracted herself from her record deal.’Mending’ remains unreleased.In 2001, she played Reggie in Kurt Voss’ fictional girl-group movie ‘Down and Out with the Dolls’ . In 2003 Starr released the ‘Sun Again’ album and then signed with Cirque du Soleil to perform in their Las Vegas production Zumanity. She returned to Canada in 2004 and joined Veda Hille and Oh Susanna as part of the Canada-wide Scrappy Bitch Tour and was nominated for a JUNO Award for ‘New Artist of the Year’. Starr released the album ‘Anything’ in 2006 and appeared as a guest on ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’. The title track to the album went No. 1 on CBC Radio 3’s countdown show ‘The R3-30’ in August that year. In 2010 released the album ‘A Different Day’ and took time to produce the 2009 Digging Roots album ‘We Are…’ which won a JUNO Award for ‘Aboriginal Recording of the Year’ in 2010.

Anything [3 mixes 12″] (Release) REL-018

Tidy (Violet Inch) VIR-1111
2000 Tune-up (Violet Inch) VIR-20002
2003 Sun Again (Violet Inch/Maple) MRCD-6408
2006 Anything (Violet Inch/Maple) MRCD-6448
2010 A Different Day (Last Gang) Q2-00893

Compilation Tracks
“Canadian Bush Party” on ‘A Tribute to Hard Core Logo’ (BMG) 42086
2004 “Alright” on ‘The L Word: Music From the Showtime Original Series’ (Universal)

Simon Slinger (lead vocals, harmonica) / Mark Valdez (lead guitar, backing vocals) / Tony Blaise (bass guitar, backing vocals) / Richard Rudolph (keyboards) / Andrew St. George (drums) / Reggie Steeler (guitar; replaced Valdez) / Tracy Striker (drums; replaced St. George)
The Start first got together in 1979 in Toronto. Drummer Andrew St. George and keyboard player Richard Rudolph got together with bass player Tony Blaise and guitarist Mark Valdez. Simon Slinger became the lead vocalist and harmonica player after he answered an ad in the Toronto Star newspaper. The Start rehearsed and recorded demos of original material in the basement of St. George’s Toronto house. Later that year, the band began playing live shows around Toronto at such clubs as Lee’s Palace, The Horseshoe, The Edge and Larry’s Hideaway. After seeing one of their shows, Kim Kelly signed The Start to a management deal. Kelly also worked with other artists such as Goddo and Long John Baldry. In 1980 Capitol Records decided to put The Start in the recording studio. Their album, entitled ‘Hey You’, was recorded at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton during the summer of 1980. The recordings were produced by Stacy Heydon and engineered by Daniel Lanois. The album, and the first single which was the title track “Hey You”, were released by Capitol Records in 1980. In the summer of 1980 the band played at the Toronto outdoor festival called Heatwave. Also on the bill were The Pretenders, The Talking Heads, The B52s, Teenage Head, The Kings and Elvis Costello. Later in 1980 The Start opened for Gary Numan at the Forum in Montreal. Despite airplay on CFNY in Toronto and video play with the title track “Hey You” on the short-lived ‘All Night Show’ on CFMT-TV, sales of the ‘Hey You’ album in Canada were poor. So in 1981 Tony Blaise and Simon Slinger reformed the band as a four-piece outfit with new members Reggie Steeler on guitar and Tracy Striker on drums. The new version of The Start recorded demos and played shows in Toronto from 1981 to 1984. They played shows at the El Mocambo and Upper Lip nightclub during this period. In 1984 the band folded and the members pursued other musical interests. with notes from Gary “Pig” Gold and Simon Slinger.

1980 Hey You [Album Version]/Hey You [Edit] (Capitol) 72833
1980 Hey You/Gotta Have Love (Capitol – Europe) 86295

1980 Hey You (Capitol) ST-6475

John Milchem (guitar) / Glenn Milchem (drums) / Jon Card (drums) / Eric Larock (bass) / Spencer Warren (drums) / Scott Mucklow (guitar) / Dave Lavoie (bass; replaced Larock)
Initially a solo guitar act featuring John Milchem starting in 1995, it soon evolved into a duo with brother Glenn Milchem adding drums on recording and live during downtime from his band Blue Rodeo. The duo released the 8-song cassette ‘raw like luv’ in 1997. A second full recording of 12 songs was done the following year but these sessions were never released aside from one or two tracks appearing on later releases. Glenn Milchem went back to Blue Rodeo full-time in 1998. John Milchem carried on as a solo act until adding drummer Jon Card (SNFU, D.O.A.) and bassist Nick Sewell (Tchort, Mount Cyanide) in 1999. The performed around Ontario until a final gig in 2000 at the Bovine Sex Club. John Milchem moved to Montréal shortly after, and formed a new version of the band in 2001 with drummer Spencer Warren (Line Three, Subumlaut), bassist Eric Larock (Tricky Woo), and added second guitarist Scott Mucklow in 2002. Jonathan Cummins would produced the album ‘Damnesty’ in 2003. Positive radio support by campus stations across Canada led to a tour. 2007’s Jace Lasek produced album ‘Cold Burns’ followed in 2007 and led to a US and Canadian tour. In 2008, Mucklow left the band, leaving Starvin Hungry as a three-piece until Dave Lavoie left in 2009 formally ending the band; In 2012, Mucklow started the band Half Measures. Warren and Lavoie later joined. Following that Mucklow played guitar in Slippery Hitch; Warren would contribute drums artists such as Krista Muir, Lederhosen Lucil, and Shane Watt. John Milchem would drum for the O-Voids and Montréal-based multi-instrumentalist Eliza Kavtion. On the horizon is an unnamed project with Jonathan Cummins (Doughboys, Bionic); Lavoie died of colon cancer February 6, 2021.

raw like luv [cassette]
1999 Starvin Hungry [3-song EP] SHCD-001
2003 Damnesty (Grenadine) GREN-014
2007 Cold Burns (Signed By Force) SBF-003

Reece Terris
(piano, organ) / Steve Monteith (guitar) / Vic Gailiunas [aka Vic Wayne] (lead vocals) / Eli Paull (drums) / Kennedy Stewart (bass)
Monteith would join Dear God with Grapes of Wrath’s Kevin Kane, and would then go on to join Star Collector with Gailiunas.

The Road Inside (London Smith) CD1-1610

Cameron Melnyk (lead vocals) / Alison Toews (bass, backing vocals) / Jesse Wainwright (guitar, backing vocals) / Simon Clow (guitar, backing vocals) / John Philippon (drums)
State of Shock was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2003. They wasted no time in writing original material and releasing their independent debut ‘Guilty by Association’ in 2004 on IODA Records. After plugging away live for several years and releasing well received videos for three songs off the album, they were signed to Cordova Bay records who released their sophomore album ‘Life, Love & Lies’ which was produced by Jeff Dawson and mixed by Mike Fraser. The debut single was “Money Honey” which would go on to win four Canadian Radio Music Awards (in 2008). The band opened for the likes of Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd across Canada in the summer of 2007. The album had been picked up for international distribution by Universal Music overseas and when it came time to release their next album, they signed with Universal domestically. State of Shock returned to the studio in early 2011 once again with producer Jeff Dawson for album #3. ‘Rock N’ Roll Romance’ was released in September 2011 and spawned three singles – “Have a Nice Day”, “Runaway” and “Wish I Woulda Wowed U”.

Wish I Never Met You
2004 If I Could
2005 So Many Times
2007 Money Honey (Cordova Bay)
2007 Hearts That Bleed (Cordova Bay)
2008 Best I Ever Had (Cordova Bay)
2008 Too Pretty (Cordova Bay)
2009 Different Day (Cordova Bay)
2011 Have a Nice Day (Universal)
2011 Runaway (Universal)
2011 Wish I Woulda Wowed U (Universal)\

Guilty By Association (IODA)
2007 Guilty By Association [re-issue] (Cordova Bay) 70035
2007 Life, Love & Lies (Cordova Bay)
2011 Rock N’ Roll Romance (Universal)

Mike Greger (bass, vocals) / Dean Stillie (guitar) / Ed Miluton (guitar) / Virgillio Chousia (drums)

Original 1980 Punk Rock Recordings [3-song EP] (Ugly Pop/Squelchtone) UP-008

Compilation Tracks
“Rebel Like Me” on ‘Mississauga “Live” (Ratz) LP-33002

Vince Carlucci
(guitar, vocals) / Stanley Viemer [aka Stan Viezner] (synth, drums, programming) / JohnSandy” Macfadyen (guitar, vocals) / Garry Flint (drums) / Craig Davidson (guitar; added 1988) / Richard Leech (drums; 1988) / Mikael Duggan (drums; replaced Leech) / Brenden Cavin (bass; 1990) / Carl Tafel (bass, vocals; 1994)
Station Twang was conceived in January 1984 in Toronto, Canada by Carboard Brains member and that band’s sound engineer Stanley Viemer. Assembling recordings made between spring 1982 and winter 1985, they released the first Station Twang LP entitled ‘Secret Songs’ on the Modem Music label in Spring 1985. A several year hiatus found Carlucci composing and recording music for films, recruiting John (Sandy) Macfadyen and Garry Flint as co-writers and musicians. Their film work included Golden Reel Award winner, ‘The Gate’, and ‘Proteus’. Following these projects, Macfadyen was commissioned to play studio sessions with Three Blue Eyes. Carlucci would co-produce The Lawn’s ‘Peace in the Valley’ LP in 1986 and the unreleased Dandelions LP. Flint moved on to joing National Velvet. Station Twang reformed in 1988 with the nucleus of Carlucci and Macfadyen, Craig Davidson on second guitar and Rich Leech on drums. Mikael Duggan (The Lawn, Plasterscene Replicas) replaced Leech and the band released the song “James Brown’s Doin’ Time” on the 1991 Indie-Can compilation CD. Further recordings ensued with the release of a foursong cassette, ‘Xperiment In Terror’. Another nine month break found Carlucci and Duggan writing and recording with Mr.Fizzer featuring local players Gord Cumming on vocals and slide (Woods are Full of Cuckoos, The Lawn) and bassist John Borra (Change of Heart). Brenden Cavin (Plasterscene Replicas) was recruited on bass to fill out the rhythm section for the band’s 1990 CD release ‘Black CD1’. Carl Tafel (Terrace Garden) was sought out shortly after the CD recording as the band’s live show bassist ; the band was still playing as a three-piece of Carlucci, Duggan and MacFayden as recently as March 2011; MacFayden has been the guitarist for Swollen Members between stints.

Secret Sides (Modern Music) MM-564563
1990 Xperiment In Terror [4 song cassette]
1994 Black CD1

Compilation Tracks
“James Brown’s Doin’ Time” on ‘Indie-Can ‘91’ (Intrepid) CD-4

Mike Hilliard
(guitar) / Gordon Henderson (vocals, piano) / Ed Hilliard (drums) / Hank Hutchenson (bass)
Formed in 1977 in Kamloops, British Columbia, the band took its name from a character in the movie ‘Walking Tall: Part Two’. Prior to getting signed to a record deal the band toured with The Guess Who and Steppenwolf. In 1979 they moved eastward and had to establish themselves all over again on the Ontario bar circuit. They would sign a deal later that year with Intercan/Pickwick. Their debut album, ‘Look At Me Now’, was released in 1980 through the Canadian Talent Library program. The album featured the singles “Don’t Say Goodbye” and the title track. After slogging it out another two years were signed to RCA Records who gave them larger promotion and they were able to release the ‘Steamer’ album in 1982. They gave it one more go with another Canadian Talent Library release entitled ‘Steamer Part II’ in 1983. They would tour as far away as South Korea but called it quits in 1984 and returned to Kamloops.

1980 Don’t Say Goodbye/Don’t Give Up (Intercan/Pickwick/CTL) CAN-10004
1980 Look At Me Now/Every Bit of Love (Intercan/Pickwick/CTL) CAN-10011

1980 Look At Me Now (Intercan/Pickwick/CTL) IC-1005
1982 Steamer (RCA) KKL1-0438
1983 Steamer [aka Steamer II] (CTL) CTL-S5255

From Nova Scotia.

The Island/Go Off On Your Way (College of Cape Breton) CCBP-1004

John Dudgeon
(vocals) / Bob Forrester (keyboards) / Rob Cockell (bass) / Tony Dunning (guitar) / Ray Angrove (drums) / Dennis Watson (drums)
Starting in 1965 originally as a part-time Toronto R & B club band called The Toronto Shotgun, Steel River decided to become full-time musicians in 1969 and hired Greg Hambleton to produce their first demo. He liked the band so much he signed them to his Tuesday Record label. Their first single release was the Jay Telfer (A Passing Fancy) song “Ten Pound Note”. The song afforded them international success, although they only managed the ‘bubbling under’ section of the US Billboard charts. Regardless, they found themselves in demand as a touring act in the States. The record did go Top-10 in Canada and subsequent successful singles followed as were international releases in England, Germany and Australia. Their two full-length LPs managed to do well in 15 countries. They continued as a hot live attraction until 1974 at which time they called it quits. A reunion with 4 out of the 5 original members happened in the early ’80’s. John Dudgeon went on to release a solo single record in 1983 called “Put My Arms Around you” which received extensive airplay on CKFM {99.9) and numerous other stations in Canada and U.S. IN 2004, he hooked up with Mojo Grande, a funk/blues band from Markham, Ontario. with notes from John Dudgeon.

1970 Ten Pound Note/Momma Pie Blues (Tuesday) GH-101
1971 Walk By The River/If You Let Her Know (Tuesday) GH-105
1971 Southbound Train (Stand Up)/A Lie (Tuesday) GH-110
1971 Mexican Lady/Joyful Judy (Tuesday) GH-113
1973 Just Remember/Lazin’ Children (Axe) AXE-14
1974 Armoured Car/Hold Me Close (Axe) AXE-60
1974 We Want You To Love Us/Keep Movin’ On (Axe) AXE-61

1970 Weighin’ Heavy (Tuesday) GHL-1000
1971 A Better Road (Tuesday) GHL-1003
1979 Armoured Car (Axe) AXM-1001

Compilation Tracks
“Ten Pound Note” on ’20 Explosive Hits’ (Syndicate/K-Tel) TC-200
1971 “Mexican Lady” on ’20 Power Hits – Volume 2’ (K-Tel) TC-204
1990 “Ten Pound Note” on ‘Made In Canada: Volume One – The Early Years’ (BMG) KCD1-7156

STEELE, Cassie
Born: Cassandra Samantha Steele on December 2, 1989 in Toronto, Ontario
She began crafting her own songs to go with her poetry when she was in the first grade, she then began taking singing lessons. She attended London School of Dance in Scarborough, Ontario and trained in ballet and jazz dance. At the age of 11 Steele joined the cast of Canadian television series ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ as the character Manny Santos from 2001-2010 (including several made-for-TV movies). Her 2005 debut album, ‘How Much for Happy’, was co-written with Danny Ricardo (Gowan), produced by Eddie McDonald (Eddie M, Masterstroke) and released on her management company’s Rob’N’Steal label. It was distributed in North America by Bullseye Records and following two Canadian tours the album managed gold sales (25,000). Steele also appeared in the 2007 MTV movie, ‘Super Sweet 16: The Movie’ and in ‘My Babysitter’s a Vampire’. Steele’s follow-up album, Destructo Doll, was released in July 2009 and spawned the videos/singles “Mr. Coulson” and “Go Dark”. She was named as one of ‘Ten Canadian Music Women To Watch For’ by ‘GWNtertainment’ magazine in 2009. In 2010 Steele left ‘Degrassi’ to star in the TV show ‘L.A. Complex’ as Abby Vargas Sanders with Jewel Staite (‘Firefly’, ‘Stargate: Atlantis’). Steele’s newest musical release is the ‘Shape Shifter’ EP released in April 2012; Steele is the older sister of Alex Steele n ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’.

Bluebird (Rob’n’Steal/Bullseye)
2005 Famous (Rob’n’Steal)
2009 Mr. Coulson (Super Spy)
2009 Go Dark (Super Spy)

How Much For Happy? (Rob’n’Steal/Bullseye) BLR-CD-4104
2009 Destructo Doll (Super Spy)
2012 Shape Shifter [3 song EP DigiFile]

STEELE, Chrissy
When Darby Mills left The Headpins in 1989, Brian MacLeod invited British Columbia singer Chrissy Steele (Reform School) to take her place. The reconfigured band did two Canadian tours over the next six months and recorded some new material in a mobile truck on the Pacific Coast leg of the second tour in 1990 with Steele on vocals, MacLeod on guitar and bass and Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, The Odds) on drums. Shortly after, MacLeod was diagnosed with cancer and internal conflicts with The Headpins’ label Solid Gold led to the decision that any new recordings would be released as a Chrissy Steele solo album while The Headpins sorted out its problems. Steele’s debut album, ‘Magnet To Steele’, featured mostly MacLeod and Tim Feehan (Footloose) co-writes plus one song by Mutt Lange (Def Leppard, Shania Twain) and a three-way co-write between MacLeod and Loverboy’s Mike Reno and Scott Smith. It was released in the summer of 1991 and featured the singles “Love You Til It Hurts” and “Love Don’t Last Forever”. Despite strong radio support and roadwork to tour the album through the remainder of 1991 and two JUNO Award nominations in early 1992, Chrysalis dropped the singer. MacLeod died in April of that year. Steele continued to perform live throughout the 1990s and sang back-ups on Tim Feehan’s 1996 ‘Pray For Rain’. Eventually, she gave up singing for work in the computer I.T. industry back in Victoria, British Columbia. She did, however, sing back-ups on the 2002 debut album by Vancouver’s Fury. [also see THE HEADPINS]

Love You Til It Hurts (Chrysalis) 23729
1991 Love Don’t Last Forever (Chrysalis) 23791

Magnet To Steele (Chrysalis) F2-21843

STEPP, Richard
Richard Stepp grew up in Sicamous, British Columbia where he was bitten by the Rock and Roll bug in the late 1950s. He learned to play guitar, drums and piano and often jammed with locals Terry Bach and Art Bach. His first working band was called The Esquires featuring Wayne Servio (guitar), Reid Smith (piano) and Stepp on drums. He was also in another act called The Rebels before moving to Vancouver after graduating high school and got a job as a draftsman with the Department of Highways. While living with his aunt and uncle. In the Fall of 1964 an old musician friend from Sicamous, Frank Babakaiff, was living in nearby Port Moody and suggested the form a band called The ?uestions. With Babakaiff on guitar, Stepp on drums, Rick McClartie on vocals, Adrie van Viersen on badd, and  Rob (Dave) Rougeau on saxophone, they rehearsed at keyboard player Rich Coleman’s parents house in Ioco, British Columbia as well as manager Gary Marconi’s parents’ house in Vancouver. They took their musical influences from acts like The Animals, Paul Revere & The Raiders and R & B flavoured garage rock. As everyone had day jobs, the band played teen dances and community halls on weekends in Burnaby and mainland Vancouver. In August 1965 they entered a Battle of the Bands contest at the Pacific National Exhibition and won. Their prize was studio time and they recorded two songs live-off-the-floor at New Westminster radio station CKNW’s studio. The songs were never released. The band broke up in summer of 1966 wuth Babakaiff moved to New Zealand. In 1967 Stepp took a cruise to New Zealand to visit Babakaiff and decided to stay. The duo soon rented a house with three guys from the Okenagan Valley who had also moved to New Zealand. But soon Stepp received a phone call from famed British Columbia act The Northwest Company to join their band back in Vancouver. Stepp joined the already established band in 1967 and went on to record six singles with them and enjoy a colourful history with the band which included opening shows for the likes of The Beach Boys, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Who, Lee Michaels, The Byrds, Boz Scaggs, and Country Joe McDonald. It was in this band that Stepp began honing his singing and songwriting skills. Stepp would contribute to John Laughlin’s 1973 album ‘Changes In the Weather’. Following the Northwest Company’s demise in 1974, Stepp spent the next year making the shift from playing drums to playing guitar in the band Home Cooking which was the house band at Vancouver’s Gastown club The Town Pump. The band made a few recordings that remain unreleased but Stepp was signed to Mushroom Records as a solo artist and released the single “Chasing A Dream” which, unfortunately, did not chart. He would also sit in on drums for The Law Brothers Band – a country-rock group led by Rodger and Leslie Law (ex-Northwest Company). Following that Stepp joined a group called The High Times and Stepp landed them a house band gig at The OK Corral. Stepp played piano and guitar in the band doing mostly hits of the day, with a few Stepp original songs thrown into the mix. By 1976 he decided to move on. This time Stepp formed his own band called Shakedown featuring High Times bassist Jim Fraser, Rick Clark (drums) and Neil James Harnett (lead guitar, vocals). Later the group included former Northwest Company guitarist Ray O’Toole, bassist Marshall Hunt, keyboardist Ali Monroe, and finally George Chapelas (bass) and Glenn Hendrickson (drums). They landed a deal with Casino/A & M Records, and were teamed up with veteran producer Andy DiMartino (The Cascades, Glenn Yarborough, Captain Beefheart). From the many tracks recorded only one single, “Good To Have You”, materialized. It was a moderate hit in Canada in the summer of 1977. Shakedown, unfortunately, broke up by late fall that year. Producer Andy DiMartino, meanwhile, thought Stepp’s material still needed to be brought to the world and took the singer-songwriter to Los Angeles where he would be signed to MCA Records’ specialty label Infinity Records. With a healthy budget they went to Devonshire Studios in North Hollywood with top notch California session players to record the album ‘Holiday In Hollywood’ which received worldwide release. But MCA soon restructured and cut funding to Infinity Records and, therefore, the album. Stepp was left in limbo. The album, however, did manage to earn him a JUNO Award nomination for ‘Best New Male Vocalist’. Stepp changed management, backing band and label in the 1980s and released his self-titled sophomore release in Canada on Vera Cruz Records. It was recorded at Sundown Studios in Edmonton and at Smooth Rock in Calgary, Alberta, with Wes Dakus, Howard Steele and Jim Gaines producing. Two singles were spawned from the album – “Imagination” and “Sooner Or Later” – and both had moderate success on Canadian radio. The Richard Stepp Band played the club circuit around British Columbia through 1981 and 1982. Following this, Stepp did one-man solo show on piano or, when he needed a group, assembled musician friends under the banner Richard & The Hired Guns. Sometimes he added a vocal group known as the I Dreamt I Died And Went To Heaven Inspirational Singers that featured four female and one male singer. He would also create his own home studio called Dogwood Studios and began recording new material. In the late 1980s he was taken on by new manager Bill Crompton (a songwriter who was covered by The Beatles and Cliff Richards among others). Stepp then recorded songs with Billy Cowsill (The Cowsills/Blue Northern/Blue Shadows) and Lindsay Mitchell (Seeds Of Time/Prism). The tracks have never been released. In the 1990s Stepp did cruise ship performances around the world. When he returned to Vancouver he played in the Chris Munday Band. He hen released the ‘Hooray For Santa Clause’ EP in 1997 which was subsequently re-issued each year around Christmas. The EP’s three songs have received major airplay in Ireland (No.1), Denmark, England, Scotland, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Australia plus Florida and New England in the US. He followed that release with a new single “Rhythm of the Sun” b/w “Ain’t Got Nobody” in 2001. In 2002 Richard Stepp launched his own RS Records label and released three album that year: a country album entitled ‘It Only Takes One’, a lounge album entitled ‘Stepp On a Steinway’ and the previously unreleased 1984 album ‘Freewind’ [Richard Stepp should not be confused with the soul artist that released “Caught In a Whirlwind” in 2008]. with notes from Richard Stepp.

Chasing a Dream/You On My Mind (Mushroom) M-7010
1979 Holiday In Hollywood/If I Could Write a Song (Infinity/MCA) INF-50026
1979 Hold On/If I Could Write a Song (Infinity/MCA) INF-50039
1979 Holiday In Hollywood/Good to Have You (Harbor – UK) HRB-2
1979 Holiday In Hollywood/Feel the Inspiration (Polydor – France) 2056-799
1981 Imagination/Can You Feel My Love (Vera Cruz)
1982 Sooner of Later/Summer Love (Vera Cruz) VCR-154
2001 Rhythm of the Sun/Ain’t Got Nobody (RS)
2002 My Pretty Blue Rose/After All These Years (RS)
2002 Rudolph & the Roadblock/Beautiful Canadian Christmas (RS)

Good to Have You/Driving Down the Freeway (Casino/A & M) C7-123

Holiday In Hollywood (Infinity/MCA) INF-9012
1981 Richard Step (Vera Cruz) VCR-1019
1997 Hooray For Santa Clause [3 song EP] (RS)
2002 It Only Takes One (RS)
2002 Stepp On a Steinway (RS)
2002 Freewind 1984 (RS)
2007 Don’t Steal My Feel (RS)

John Kay (vocals) / Goldy McJohn [nee John Raymond Goadsby] (keyboards) / Jerry Edmonton [nee McCrohan] (drums) / Michael Monarch (guitar) / Rushton Moreve (bass) / John Russell Morgan (bass; replaced Moreve) / Nick St. Nicholas (bass; replaced Morgan 1968) / George Biondo (bass; replaced St. Nicholas 1970) / Larry Byrom (guitar; replaced Monarch 1969)  / Kent Henry (guitar; replaced Byrom) / Bobby Cochran (guitar; replaced Henry 1974)
One of the most loved American acts, like The Band, were actually Canadian. At least 4/5ths were. Singer John Kay arrived in Toronto with his family (mother and stepfather) in March 1958. He lived in Toronto’s High Park region initially before moving to Humberside. After attending sight-saving classes at Deer Park Elementary School run by the CNIB he went to Humberside Collegiate where he graduated from high school in 1963. The family then moved to Buffalo in 1963 but John kept coming back to Toronto hanging out in Yorkville before heading to LA in 1964. He returned to Toronto in the summer of 1965 and lived in Yorkville, regularly playing the Half Beat Club. It was then that he met up with Nick St. Nickolaus (Klaus Kasbaum) and joined The Sparrows (who were regulars at the Devil’s Den club). The Sparrow had moved from Oshawa to Toronto in late 1964 without its previous lead singer Jack London. Kay himself never lived in Oshawa but the group rehearsed in McCrohan (Edmonton’s) garage after Kay and McJohn joined in the fall of 1965. The band, now called Sparrow, did some recordings with Kay in the lineup in Toronto before they headed off to New York in the spring of 1966 to cut ‘Tomorrow’s Ship’. Kay, meanwhile moved, to L.A. By 1967, The Sparrow had run its course and Kay was back in Los Angeles, where ABC-Dunhill Records staff producer Gabriel Mekler encouraged him to form a new group to record for his label. Towards that end, the singer reenlisted two old Sparrow bandmates, drummer Jerry Edmonton and keyboardist Goldy McJohn, and recruited 17-year-old guitar prodigy Michael Monarch and bassist Rushton Moreve. The new outfit was christened Steppenwolf, after Hermann Hesse’s mystical novel of the same name. Steppenwolf’s self-titled 1968 debut album introduced the band’s tough, blues-rooted sound, a penchant for topical lyrics and the gritty growl of Kay. The single “Born to Be Wild” (written by ex-Sparrow member Dennis Edmonton — aka Mars Bonfire) became Steppenwolf’s first major hit, and was subsequently featured, along with Steppenwolf’s recording of the Hoyt Axton anti-hard-drug composition “The Pusher”, in the seminal ’60s film ‘Easy Rider’. The band’s career momentum and musical progression continued with such best-selling albums as ‘Steppenwolf The Second’ (which yielded another Top Five classic in “Magic Carpet Ride”), ‘At Your Birthday Party’ (which spawned the Top Ten hit “Rock Me”), the ambitiously conceptual ‘Monster’ (whose politically provocative title track became a surprise hit), ‘Steppenwolf Live’ (which featured studio single “Hey Lawdy Mama”), ‘Steppenwolf 7’ and ‘For Ladies Only’. Along the way, various members came and went, with bassist Moreve leaving in late 1968; he was initially replaced by former Sparrow member Nick St. Nicholas, before being supplanted in early 1970 by George Biondo. Guitarist Monarch exited in 1969, replaced first by Larry Byrom and subsequently by Kent Henry. Steppenwolf’s popularity continued into the early 1970s. But, burned out from the endless album/tour grind, the quintet officially disbanded on Valentine’s Day 1972. Kay then released a pair of critically acclaimed solo albums, ‘Forgotten Songs And Unsung Heroes’ and ‘My Sportin’ Life’, which found him exploring new musical and lyrical territory. Following Steppenwolf’s highly successful 1974 European “farewell” tour, Kay reformed the band with Jerry Edmonton, Goldy McJohn, George Biondo and new guitarist Bobby Cochran. The group recorded three more albums: ‘Slow Flux’ (which yielded the Top 20 hit “Straight Shootin’ Woman”), ‘Hour Of The Wolf’, and ‘Skullduggery’ for the Epic-distributed Mums label, before folding again in 1976. Kay then signed with Mercury Records and relaunched his solo career with 1978’s well-received ‘All In Good Time’. It was around this time that Kay learned that two of his former bandmates were touring with a bogus Steppenwolf. The notion of the fake band playing tarnishing the band’s legacy and name motivated Kay and Steppenwolf co-founder Jerry Edmonton (who by then had retired from music in favor of a career in photography) to take steps to establish their legal claim to the band name. In 1980 Kay launched an all-new lineup, now billed as John Kay And Steppenwolf, virtually starting from scratch to restore his band’s good name. The new group spent the next several years working a punishing touring regimen, playing anywhere and everywhere it could to rebuild Steppenwolf’s reputation. By 1987 the band hadn’t conquered the Top 40, but had re-established themselves with a devout following. Since then, John Kay And Steppenwolf which now includes longtime members Michael Wilk (keyboards/bass) and Ron Hurst (drums) and relatively recent addition Danny Johnson (guitar) have released seven albums and maintained a busy international touring schedule that keeps the band on the road for several months per year. The band also hosts Wolf Fest, an annual weekend-long festival that draws fans from around the world to the band’s adopted home base in Tennessee. In 1994, on the eve of Steppenwolf’s 25th anniversary, Kay returned to the former East Germany for a triumphant series of Steppenwolf concerts; that trip reunited him with friends and relatives he had not seen since his early childhood. The same year, Kay published his autobiography, ‘Magic Carpet Ride’. Today’s Steppenwolf, operating without major-label financing, is the model of a successful cyber-age cottage industry. The band’s self-contained operation incorporates an in-house 24-track digital recording studio, as well as an extensive website that serves as clubhouse for fans around the world. The website also functions as an outlet for Steppenwolf music, allowing fans easy access to the group’s recent work, as well as CD reissues of the entire Steppenwolf and John Kay album catalogue. The band continues to generate vital new music, with a number of recording projects in the works, including the recent John Kay solo effort, ‘Heretics and Privateers’. Steppenwolf’s dramatic and sometimes turbulent history recently became the subject of an episode of VH-1’s documentary series ‘Behind the Music’. Kay continues to tour with a version of Steppenwolf to this day; Jerry Edmonton died in a car accident on November 28, 1993; Goldy McJohn passed away August 1, 2017. with notes from John Einarson and John Kay. [also see SPARROWS, JOHN KAY, MARS BONFIRE]

1967 A Girl I Knew/The Ostrich (ABC-Dunhill) 4019
1968 Sookie Sookie/Take What You Need (ABC-Dunhill) 4123
1968 Born To Be Wild/Everybody’s Next One (ABC-Dunhill) 4138
1968 Magic Carpet Ride/Sookie Sookie (ABC-Dunhill) 4161
1969 Rock Me/Jupiter Child (ABC-Dunhill) 4182
1969 It’s Never Too Late/Happy Birthday (ABC-Dunhill) 4192
1969 Move Over/Power Play (ABC-Dunhill) 4205
1969 Monster/Berry Rides Again (ABC-Dunhill) 4221
1970 Hey Lawdy Mama/Twisted (ABC-Dunhill) 4234
1970 Screaming Night Hog/Spiritual Fantasy (ABC-Dunhill) 4248
1970 Who Needs Ya/ (ABC-Dunhill) 4261
1971 Snow Blind Friend/Hippo Stomp (ABC-Dunhill) 4269
1971 Ride With Me/For Madmen Only (ABC-Dunhill) 4283
1971 For Ladies Only/Sparkles Eyes (ABC-Dunhill) 4292
1974 Straight Shootin’ Woman/ (Mums/Epic) 6031
1974 Get Into The Wind/ (Mums/Epic) ZS-86034

1968 Steppenwolf (ABC-Dunhill) 50029
1968 Steppenwolf The Second (ABC-Dunhill) 50037
1968 At Your Birthday Party (ABC-Dunhill) DSX-50053
1969 Early Steppenwolf (ABC-Dunhill) DS-50060
1969 Monster (ABC-Dunhill) DS50066
1970 Steppenwolf Live (ABC-Dunhill) DSD-50075
1970 Steppenwolf 7 (ABC-Dunhill) DSX-50090
1971 Steppenwolf Gold (ABC-Dunhill) SX-50099
1971 For Ladies Only (ABC-Dunhill) DSX-50110
1972 Rest In Peace (ABC-Dunhill) DSX-50124
1973 16 Greatest Hits (ABC-Dunhill) DSX-50135
1974 Slow Flux (Mums/Epic) PZ-33093
1975 16 Great Performances (ABC) ABCD-4011
1975 Hour Of The Wolf (Epic) PE-33583
1976 Skullduggery (Epic) PE-34120
1976 The ABC Collection (ABC) AC-30008
1976 Reborn To Be Wild (Epic) PE-34382

1981 Live In London (Mercury/Polygram – Australia) 6437147
1982 Wolftracks (Attic/Wolf) LAT-1145
1984 Paradox (Attic/Wolf) LAT-1191
1987 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebels (Qwil) NU-1560
1990 Rise & Shine (IRS) IRSD-82046
1991 Born To Be Wild: A Retrospective (MCA) MCAD2-10389
1995 Live At 25 (ERA) 5030
1996 Feed The Fire (Winter Harvest) WH3310-2
1998 Wolftracks (Nautilus/Attic)

1967 John Kay & Sparrow (Columbia) CS-9758
1993 The Best Of… (Columbia/Legacy) CK-50344

Compilation Tracks
“Magic Carpet Ride” on ‘Don Kirshner Presents Rock Power’ (Ronco/Columbia Special Products) CSPS-838
1974 “Straight Shootin’ Woman”on ‘Sounds Spectacular’ (K-Tel) TC-222
1975 “Straight Shootin’ Woman” on ‘Canada Gold – 22 Karat Hits’ (K-Tel) TC-225
1978 “Born To Be Wild” and “Magic Carpet Ride” on ‘Sizzlers’ (Cymbal/GRT) 9240-1010
1994 “Born To Be Wild” on Contact! The All-Star Collection / Contact! La Collection Des Étoiles (Attic) ACD-1395
1995 “Born To Be Wild” on ‘Party Time Volume 2’ (SPG) SPG-5001
1996 “Born To Be Wild” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25
1999 “Born To Be Wild” on ‘Contact 2000: The All-Star Collection / Contact 2000: La Collection Des Étoiles’ (Attic) ACD-1538
2001 “Born To Be Wild” on ‘Ultimate Rock 2’ (Sony) 91480

Peter Baylis
(vocals) / Sean Bryson (drums, percussion) / James Logan (guitar) / Bruce Murphy (keyboards, synths) / Jim Parker (bass)
Formed in 1983, Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Steps Around the House came in second place after Haywire in the 1984 Q104-FM Homegrown Contest. With a deal on the independent Freedom label, the band released one single “City of Kids”; Murphy would go on to join Men Without Hats in the 1990s and is now a dentist in Chicago, Illinois. He is still actively performing live in bands such as the Bakelite Army; Baylis would form Toronto ska band The Hopping Penguins.

City of Kids/[same] (Freedom) FR-45-051

Compilation Tracks
“Pull the Pin” and “Beat of the Devil” on ‘Q104 Homegrown Project Vol.1’ (Solar) SAR-3032

Born: Roger Prud’homme on October 3, 1953 in Verdun, Québec, Canada
From Montreal, Québec.

Sans ton amour/Sans ton amour (Instrumentale) (Pirate/Trans-Canada) P-7914
Mal/Mal (Instrumentale) (Pirate/Trans-Canada) P-7919
1977 J’aime la musique / J’aime la musique (Disco Version) (Pirate/Trans-Canada) P-7923
1977 Sha la la encore une fois / Sha la la encore une fois (Version Disco) (Pirate/Trans-Canada) P-7926
1977 Super Tours 45 [4 song EP] (Pirate/Trans-Canada) P-7927
1977 Midnight Music/Gotcha Baby (Pirate/Trans-Canada) P-7929
1977 La derniere fois (Vocal)/La derniere foi (Instrumentale) (Pirate/Trans-Canada)
1978 Love Is In the Air/Love Is In the Air (Columbia) C4-41 87
L’amour que j’ai perdu/Viens vers moi (Columbia) C5-4196
1978 Siempre hay amor/Siempre hay amor (Instrumentale) [12″] (Columbia) 12C5-4200
Belle/Combien faut-il de Jours (Columbia) C5-4209
1979 Midnight Music/Gotcha Baby [7”] [12”] [re-issue] (Columbia) C5-4220
1979 Help I Need a Doctor/Music Is the Message (Columbia) C5-4234
1979 Pick Up Your Whistle And Blow/Midnight Music (CBS – Italy) CBS-8621
1984 Over and Over/Over and Over (Instrumental) [12″] (Ovni) MRP-103
1985 Too Much Too Late/Too Much Too Late (Instrumentale) (Unidisc) 7UN-194
198- Anikana-o/Anikan-o (Instrumentale) (Lirys) LY-9028
198- I Want To Love You/I Want To Love You (Instrumentale) (TBI) TBI-1006
198- Ne t’en vas pas/Please Stay (PBI) WN-373

1978 Martin Stevens (Columbia) CBS-80011
1979 Midnight Music (Columbia) CBS-80027

Compilation Tracks
“La Magie de l’amour’ on ‘Disco Boogie’ (K-Tel) TC-241
1979 “Love Is In the Air” on ‘Circuit Breaker’ (K-Tel) TC-252
1979 “Love Is In the Air” on ‘Hot Nights & City Lights’ (K-Tel) TC-257
1979 “Love Is In the Air” on ‘Northern Stars’ [2LPs] (CBS) 2-CDN-12

STEVENS, Suzanne
Born: Montreal, Québec
Montreal’s Suzanne Stevens was discovered while she worked as a receptionist and entered a talent contest where she won the chance to sing with Québec music star Reneé Claude at the Salle Claude Champagne. This appearance led to a recording contract with Capitol Records who released her first single “Le soleil” in May 1973. Stevens also sang in English and managed to break into the American music market with the 1976 album ‘The Tower’ and the hit single “Make Me Your Baby”. with notes from Richard Huet.

1973 Le soleil/Fleuve mon fleuve (Capitol) 85084
1973 On quitte le port à seize ans/America (Capitol) 85092
1974 Mother of Us All/Play Me (Capitol) 72729
1974 Lonesome River/House Full of Women (Capitol) 72738
1974 Plus rien n’existe/Tout va bien (Capitol) 85097
1974 Comme deux enfants/Je vais réinventer l’amour (Capitol) 85099
1975 Je ne vivais pas avant toi/Vers notre mère (Capitol) 85104
1975 Viens t’en viens t’en/Pourquoi (Capitol) 85112
1976 Make Me Your Baby/There Ya Go (Capitol) 72763
1976 Love’s The Only Game in Town/Doesn’t It Seem Like a Miracle (Capitol) 72767
1976 Knowing How Knowing When/Good Times (Capitol) 72773
1976 Doesn’t It Seem Like a Miracle/Knowing How Knowing When (Capitol – US)
1976 Take Me Away/Soldier of Fortune (Capitol – US) P-4366
1976 Moi, de la tête aux pieds/La vie d’amour (Capitol) 85115
1976 L’as-tu vu le soleil/Au revoir et merci (Capitol) 85121
1976 Pour l’amour/Que tu es loin (Capitol) 85125
1977 Après la pluie, le beau temps/Avec le temps (Capitol) 85132
1977 Crazy About You/Higher Mountain (Capitol – US) P-4395            
1977 Goodbye Yesterday’s Heartaches/Losing End (Capitol – US) P-4503
1978 Fais ta vie/À deux (Capitol) 85148
1978 Les nuits sont trop longues/Le plus beau gars du monde (Capitol) 85154
1979 You Saved Me/Goodbye Yesterday’s Heartaches (Capitol – US) P-4536
1979 L’amour tendre/Fais confiance à l’amour (Capitol) 85161
1979 Comme une flamme éternelle/Comme une flamme éternelle (Instrumentale) (Columbia) C5-4230
1979 Let It Burn (Columbia) C4-4231
1980 Viens-t’en, Viens-t’en/Le Soleil//[split w/BOULE NOIRE/CANTIN] (RCA) SP-1002
1983 I Love Everything You Do T12-1008
1983 Get to You T12-1015 (Tojo)
1983 Love School T12-1017 (Tojo)
1984 Baby You And Me (Kiss, Kiss) (Tojo) T12-1038
1984 This Is Love (Remix)/Boogie Walk (Remix) (Tojo) T12-1022


1974 En Route (Capitol) ST-70032
1975 Moi de la tête aux pieds (Capitol) ST-70039
1975 Love’s the Only Game In Town (Capitol) ST-6439
1975 Les nuits sont trop longues (Capitol) ST-70065
1977 Crystal Carriage (Capitol) ST-11615
1978 Stardust Lady (Capitol) ST-11717
2009 Mes plus beaux souvenirs

Scotty Stevenson (vocals, acoustic guitar) / Buddy Ackers (steel guitar) / Ron Carlton (drums) / Marty D. Desjardins (bass) / Johnny Brown (fiddle)
Originally from Alberta, Scotty Stevenson moved to Montréal where he formed the band in 1958. Buddy Ackers joined in 1959. Nova Scotia duo Bernie and Ruth McLean often joined the band on stage and on recordings beginning with their London Records debut.

Where Has My Blue-Eyed Baby Gone?/Take Me Back To Old New Brunswick (London) M-17315
1969 A Nehru Jacket And Turtleneck/I Can’t Go Back To Winnipeg (RCA Victor) 57-1024

I’m Not Just Lonesome/Springtime In the Maritimes (RCA Victor) 57-3261

Big Scene ’67 (London) GA-1014
1968 Beautiful Brown Eyes (Camden/RCA) CAS-2219
1969 I Can’t Go Back To Winnipeg (Camden/RCA) CAS-2305

Country Songs (London) EB-18
1964 Versatile Scotty Stevenson (London) EB-85
1968 Scotty Stevenson & The Canadian Nighthawks (Arc) AS-703

Country Singin’ & Pickin’ (London) EB-78

Johnny Brown & The Canadian Nighthawks (London) EB-95

Jason Flower (rhythm guitar, vocals) / Jeremy Turner
From Victoria, British Columbia.

Split [split w/PERFECT CRIME] (Weed Productions – US) WP-005
1992 Gut [2-songs 7”] (Flight 13 – Germany) FL113-010

Reharvest [LP] (Supreme Echo) SE-26

Phyllis Duncan
(vocals) / Helen Duncan (vocals) / Errol Thomas (bass) / Michael Toles (guitar) / Brian Russell (guitar) / Carl Marsh (keyboards, synthesizers) / Barry Keane (drums, percussion) / Dick Smith (congas, percussion)
A studio concoction by Willi Morrison and Ian Guenther’s Three Hats Productions. A near identical line-up would also record under the name Southern Exposure. [also see SOUTHERN EXPOSURE]

1979 Sticky Fingers (Prelude/Quality) PRL-12164

William Chobotar [aka Zippy Pinhead] (drums) / Gerry Hannah [aka Jerry Useless] Mike Graham [aka Mike Normal]Sid Houniet [aka Sid Kick]
The band’s demos were finally released on vinyl in 2018; Chobotar died in March 2019.

The Stiffs [7-song 7”] (Supreme Echo) SE-15

Gregory Paquet (lead vocals, guitar; 2000-2005, 2010-2011) / Dave Hamelin (drums: 2000-2005, 2010-2011; vocals, guitar: 2005-2010) / Tim Fletcher (vocals, guitar) / Liam O’Neil (keyboards, percussion, backing vocals; 2005-2011) / Olivier Corbeil [aka Oliver Crowe] (bass) / Julien Blais (drums; 2010)
Originally known as The Dropouts, the Montréal, Québec band decided to move to New York City to try and catch a break in the music business stateside. Guitarist Mike Heppner stayed behind and formed a new band called Priestess. The Dropouts then changed their name to The Stills in 2000 and were eventually signed to Brooklyn, New York indie label Vice Records. They released the ‘Rememberese’ EP that June while their debut album, ‘Logic Will Break Your Heart’, followed in late 2003. The spent the next two years pounding away trying to make a name for themselves and wrote material for their next release. In May 2006 they released their sophomore effort, ‘Without Feathers’, and headed out on tour opening for Kings of Leon on their 2007 UK tour. At the end of 2007 they parted company with Vice and then signed with Canadian label Arts & Crafts in 2008. In July of 2008 they opened for Paul McCartney at a celebration in Québec City marking the city’s 400th anniversary. The Stills’ third album, ‘Oceans Will Rise’, was released in August that year. While on tour in Australia and New Zealand in March 2009, the band won ‘Best New Group of the Year’, and ‘Best Alternative Album of the Year’ (‘Oceans Will Rise’) at the JUNO Awards. The Stills split up in April 2011; Hamelin, O’Neil and Justin Peroff (Broken Social Scene) have since formed the band Eight And A Half and released an album in March 2012.

Still In Love Song/Killer Bees (Vice)
2004 Lola Stars and Stripes (Album Version)/At War (679) 679-L036
2004 Changes Are No Good (Album Version)/Let’s Roll (Band demo) (679) 679-L072
2004 Retour a Vega
2004 Still In Love Song (Album Version)/Yesterday Never Tomorrows (679) 679-L079
2006 In the Beginning [5-song 12”] (Vice) PR- 302233
2006 Destroyer (Drowned In Sound)
2007 Helicopters (Drowned In Sound)
2008 Being Here [DigiFile] (Arts & Crafts)
2008 Don’t Talk Down (Arts & Crafts)
2009 I’m With You (Arts & Crafts)

Rememberese [4-song EP] (Vice/Outside) CD-88155
2003 Logic Will Break Your Heart (Vice/Outside) 83674
2004 Logic Will Break Your Heart (4 mixes) [4-song EP] (Vice) SAM-00892
2006 Without Feathers (Vice/Outside) 83943
2008 Oceans Will Rise (Arts & Crafts) A&C-035
2008 iTunes Live From Montréal (A & C)

Compilation Tracks
“Retour a Vega” on ‘Wicker Park [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Lakeshore) LKS-33804
2006 “Lola Stars & Stripes” on ‘Broken Dreams II’ (WSM – UK) 11229
2007 “Helicopters” on ‘Canadian Blast: The Sound of the New Canada Scene’ (NME – UK) CD07-02
2007 “In the Beginning” on ‘P.S I Love You [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Atlantic)

John Yorke (vocals) / Grant Fullerton (guitar, vocals) / Bob Murphy (keyboards, vocals) / Donnie Morris (bass, vocals) / Pinky Dauvin (drums, vocals) / Bruce Wheaton (guitar, vocals; replaced Yorke)
ARC/Yorkville Records president Bill Gilliland discovered The Untouchables (which was half of another band – The Continentals) in Halifax and was so impressed with their original songs he signed them to the label and brought them to Toronto in 1966. He re-christened them The Stitch In Tyme and the members began living in and amongst the flourishing Yorkville Village scene and within a year the band was one of the most popular acts in Toronto. However, the drug influence and laid-back lifestyle of Yorkville wasn’t conducive to songwriting. In order to fulfill at least part of their recording agreement with Yorkville, who was footing the bill for a full-length album in progress, the hastily slapped together a cover version of The Beatles “Got To Get You Into My Life”. The record hit the charts and became a national hit. John Yorke moved to Sault Ste. Marie (where he still resides) and was replaced by Bruce Wheaton formerly of The Continentals/Chester & The Unknowns. They appeared on several Canadian TV shows including a regular feature on Toronto’s “After 4” music show. They toured constantly through Ontario, Québec and The Maritimes. One of the highlights of their career performing at the official opening of Expo’67 and staying on to rotate a week each at the Ontario Pavilion and at The Garden Of Stars on La Rhonde. The band went to New York City to record their next single entitled “New Dawn”. After returning to Toronto, the band opened a coffee house called The Flick in Yorkville so that they had a place to play. The band left Arc Records and formed their own company called Flick Entertainment Co. which included a record label and publishing company. They then began writing and recording their own material but when it came time to release their new single “Stop Wastin’ Time”, Arc Records served them with an injunction preventing them from going further. Arc’s Bill Gilliland and the band tried to reconcile their differences but things did not work out and the band split up in late 1968. In December 1969 Fullerton and Dauvin joined Skip Prokop and Paul Hoffert in Lighthouse; Wheaton Wheaton went on to form the short lived Rockin’ Chair before returning to Nova Scotia with Donnie Morris and Bob Murphy to join SOMA. Wheaton would then form Everyday People followed by Molly Oliver; Bob Murphy switched to rhythm guitar while with SOMA until he left to form the country band Big Buffalo. There have been several reunions, the last being when John Yorke, Pinky Dauvin, Grant Fullerton and Bruce Wheaton got together to play The Toronto Rock Revival reunion in 1999. with notes from John Yorke and Bruce Wheaton. [also see GRANT FULLERTON, PINKY]

1966 Dry Your Eyes/Point of View (ARC) A-1133
1966 Got To Get You Into My Life/Dry Your Eyes (Yorkville) YV-45001
1967 New Dawn/Don’t Make Promises (Yorkville) YV-45011
1968 Stop Wastin’ Time/ (Flick)

Compilation Tracks
“Got To Get You Into My Life” on ‘Yorkville Evolution’ (Yorkville) YVM-33001
1969 “Dry Your Eyes” on ‘CTV’s After Four Presents The Great Groups’ (Yorkville) YVM-33003
1990 “Got To Get You Into My Life” on ‘Made in Canada, Our Rock ‘n’ Roll History – Volume Three: Eclectic Avenue’ (BMG) KCD1-7158

This Toronto, Ontario native found notoriety as Ani DeFranco’s drummer.

The Glory Remix [EP]
2002 Wonderful (It’s Superman) (BMG) 11665
2002 Stutter (BMG) 11675
2004 Shine [EP] (Linus)

While You Slept (Population 60)
2000 Radio Fusebox (Population 60)
2002 Five Star Motel (BMG)
2005 100 (Linus/UMG) L-270061

Compilations Tracks
“The Beat of Black Wings” on ‘Back To the Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’ (Intrepid/Capitol) N21-0016
1995 “Psalms” on ‘Stuck On a Cold Steel Pole’ (Duke Street) DSRSD-31097
1998 “I Can’t Take It” on ‘Charmed: The TV Soundtrack (Private) 765213
2002 “Here Nor There” on ‘Felicity: Senior Year’ (Nettwerk)
2006 “On the Radio” on ‘Summer 2006’ (Chrysalis – US)

Born: 1965 in St. John’s, Newfoundland
Originally from St. John’s Newfoundland, Kim Stockwood moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1993 to further her music career. Two months after her arrival, she was in the office of Mike McCarthy, the president of EMI Publishing, and was immediately signed to a publishing deal after singing Patsy Cline’s Crazy for him. In another five months, she had a recording deal as well. The album ‘Bonavista’ was released in 1995 to little public notice. While in rehearsals, a representative from EMI heard her singing “Jerk”. Deciding the song was a hit, the record company decided the song should be added to ‘Bonavista,’ and the album re-released. A year after its initial release, ‘Bonavista’ was in stores with the addition of “Jerk” and “You Won’t Remember This”. In 1996 “Jerk” and “Enough Love” (both co-written with Naoise Sheridan) went Top 10 on Canadian pop charts. Stockwood spent the summer of 1997 touring and playing many festivals in Canada. She also received a 1997 SOCAN Award for airplay (“Enough Love”, co-written with Naoise Sheridan). She released her follow-up effort in 1999, ’12 Years Old.’ That album spawned a radio single of the same name. Buoyed by a remix by the Boomtang Boys, the ’12 Years Old’ received medium rotation on radio as well as MuchMusic.With notes from Naoise Sheridan. [also see SHAYE]

She’s Not in Love (EMI) CDPRO-1143
1995 Greetings From Bonavista [5 song EP] (EMI) CDPRO-1159
1996 Enough Love (EMI) CDPRO-1172
1996 Jerk (EMI) D-1291
1996 You Won’t Remember This (EMI) DPRO-1414
1999 12 Years Old (EMI) DPRO-1891

Bonavista (EMI) 852356
1999 12 Years Old (EMI) 857177
2006 I Love Santa (Turtlemusik) 376421
2011 Back To the Water

Compilation Tracks
“Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor” on ‘Another Time: The Songs of Newfoundland (Pigeon Inlet) PIP-7326
1997 “Jerk” on ‘Now! 2’ (WEA) WTVD-35296
1999 “12 Years Old” on ‘Women & Songs 3′(WEA) WTVD-38141
2000 “12 Years Old” on ‘MuchMoreMusic Volume 2’ (Universal) 541302
2000 “12 Years Old” on ‘MuchMoreMusic Volume 2’ (Universal) 541302
2003 “How Many Miles” on ‘Songwriters Series: Waves of Atlantic Canada’
2003 “It’s A Marshmallow World” on ‘Women & Songs: Christmas’ (Warner)
2004 “It’s A Marshmallow World” on ‘A Canadian Christmas’ (Universal) 824386

Born: Ottawa, Ontario
Vancouver resident Paul Stoddart was a spoken word poet who often used musical accompaniment as ambience for his readings. ‘Day Coach Rider’ was produced by Bruce Cockburn. In 1977, Stoddart interviewed his uncle, British Columbia bush pilot Harold Davenport for his personal anecdotes on flying in Northern British Columbia. Subsequently, Stoddart did the same with other British Columbia pilots from the early part of the 20th Century. The interviews formed the basis for ‘The Magnificent Distances’, a Sound Heritage book on B.C.’s bush pilot era.

1974 Day Coach Rider (True North) TN-15
1980 Units (independent)

Ronny Paige (vocals) / Sonny Haines (guitar) / Dave Keeler (bass) / Mike Burns (drums) / Jonathan Caine [aka Larry Cohen] (keyboards)
Montréal, Québec band The Funky Farm headed stateside to look for fame and fortune. Having already signed Canada’s Nucleus, American label Mainstream Records signed The Funky Farm and surreptitiously changed their name to Stone Circus for the release of their self-titled debut in 1969 – without telling the band. Despite a well received single, “Mr. Grey”, the album was not promoted and failed to sell. The band split up immediately after; Larry Cohen returned to Montréal, worked on projects with Yank Barry and moved into the soundtrack business.

Mr. Grey/What Went Wrong (Mainstream) 694

Stone Circus (Mainstream – US) S-6119

Vancouver, British Columbia’s J.C. Stone had a small taste of chart success with the independent Leo Label single “Carrie’s Gone” from the album ‘Stealin’ the Night’ which peaked at No.34 on the RPM Top 100 Singles chart on October 26, 1974. After signing a distribution deal with London Records in 1975, Stone released “Look At the Stars” which failed to chart but the B-side to the promo single, “Singing Laura’s Song”, was issued as its own single in the Spring of 1976 and reached No.56 on the RPM Top 100 Singles chart on June 19, 1976. The follow-up single, “Don’t Shoot Me”, failed to chart.

Carrie’s Gone/Little Girl (Leo Label) LA-101-Z
1975 Look At the Stars/Singing Laura’s Song (London) L-2569
1976 (Singing) Laura’s Song/Brownstone Freddie (London) L-2591
1976 Don’t Shoot Me/Woman of Spring (London) L-2599
1976 L.A. Lady/Look At the Stars (London) L-2610
1981 Rocky Mountain Boy/Denver (Leo Label) LA-103Y
1981 Stealin’ the Night/Maybe You’re the One (Leo Label)  LA-104T

Stealin’ the Night (Leo Label) LA-106S

David Jay Wills (vocals) / Ray Roper (guitar) / Danny Atchison (bass) / John Webster (keyboards) / Brian Lousley (drums) / Lewis Nitikman (keyboards; replaced Webster 1982)
During the late ’60’s in Vancouver, Roper and Lousley decided to form a band. Soon the duo became a trio with the addition of Atchison. They called themselves Perth Amboy and with the final addition of Webster from Vancouver and Wills from Seattle, the band became Stonebolt. It was nearly a decade of slugging it out on the British Columbia bar scene before their career would take a turn toward stardom. In 1977, while working on Denise McCann’s first solo album, the band was noticed by Walter Stewart (Johnny Rivers) who heard them in Vancouver and was suitably impressed with their demo tape enough to sign them to a management deal. Soon he landed them a recording contract with the Casablanca distributed label Parachute Records. From their 1978 self-titled debut came the Adam Mitchell (Paupers) written single “Queen Of The Night” which did little to establish the band but single No.2, “I Will Still Love You”, became a huge hit reaching the Billboard Top30. They lost momentum after Parachute Records went bankrupt in 1979 but bounced back with 1980’s ‘Keep It Alive’ on RCA Records. The album featured three moderately successful singles. Also in 1980, Wills would take time out to co-star in the Burton Cummings motion picture vehicle ‘Melanie’. Two more albums followed on RCA, but they were never able to regain the momentumof their initial Billboard appearance with “I Will Still Love You”. The band split up in 1983. All the musicians worked behind the scenes in the music biz; Roper formed his own Ray Roper Band and The Edge; Lousley joined The Knobs; Webster joined Red Rider and went on to be an in-demand session player; Nitikman formed Diamond In The Rough. In recent years Roper and Lousley formed the band Trama with Trooper’s Doni Underhill. Roper also issued a solo release called ‘I’m A Fighter’ in 2003. with notes from G.S. Taylor, John Fraser and Ray Roper.

1978 Queen Of The Night/Sail On (Parachute/Casablanca/Polydor) RR-507
1978 I Will Still Love You/Stay In Line (Parachute/Casablanca/Polydor) RR-512
1978 Was It You/One Man’s Heartache (Parachute/Casablanca/Polydor) RR-522
1978 Was It You/Love Struck (Parachute/Casablanca/Polydor) RR-522-AA
1980 Don’t Ya Hide It/Love Struck (RCA) PB-50547
1980 Let It All Go/Price of Love (RCA) PB-50571
1980 Crying Again Tonight/Please Please Me (RCA) PB-50591
1982 Goin’ Through the Motions of Love/To Love Somebody (RCA) PB-50658
1982 Outrun the Sun/Juvenile American Princess (RCA) PB-50683

1978 Stonebolt (Parachute/Casablanca/Polydor) RRLP-9006
1980 Keep It Alive (RCA/Victor) KKL1-0357
1981 New Set Of Changes (RCA) KKL1-0380
1982 Juvenile American Princess (RCA) KKL1-0427
1999 Regeneration: The Best Of Stonebolt

Joe Verbeydon

Deep Shades of Blue/Morning Hours (Luck/Sparont) CP-6158

Nelson Barrie
(vocals) / Alan Sutherland (lead guitar) / Archie Nicholson (drums) / Danny Sutherland (bass) / Alex Marks (rhythm guitar)

Endlessly/Coke Avenue (The Great Eastern Production Co.)  SR-68

STOREY, Virginia
Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Virginia Storey began piano lessons at 7 years of age and wrote her first “song” at 8. Originally influenced by 70’s glam rockers such as Bowie, Sparks, Ian Hunter, and early Queen, she took up guitar at 12 and spent her teenage years learning everything from Yes progressive rock to the Sex Pistols punk. Her first band was a punk outfit called The Resisters that toured the very northern regions of Ontario as the bass player. Returning to Toronto, Storey met singer Karen Hendrix, an artist in development with Capitol Records, where she wrote with Karen in a per diem arrangement under Capitol executive Dean Cameron. At 20, she met Joe Ress (aka Passion) and formed a new wave band called Members Only whose line-up consisted of John Sievert (guitar), Keir Brownstone (bass), Claude Desjardins (drums), Ress (keys and vocals) and Storey (keys and vocals). Storey and Ress continued to work together with various line-up changes up until and including the release of her 1994 debut CD-EP ‘Virginia Storey’ on Strawberry/A & M Records. It was produced by Paul Gross of Phase One Studios in Toronto. Simon Brierley was one of the many contributing musicians to her album, and he suggested Storey as a guitarist to Andy Curran (Coney Hatch, Soho 69) for his new band Caramel. The band, at that point, consisted of Brierley, Curran and drummer Eddie Zeeman. The 1998 ‘Caramel’ CD was recorded at Sony Records in Toronto was swiftly signed to Geffen Records, USA. However the 1999 acquisition of Geffen by the Universal Music Group left Caramel in search of a new identity and a new deal. Zeeman was replaced by Randy Cooke and they changed their name to Drug Plan. The group recorded a new CD in 1999 at Backroom Sound which was produced by Andy (Concussion Bros.) and Vic Florencia. There was interim interest in the Drug Plan album by labels such as Interscope and Maverick, however after an extended period of time they went unsigned and subsequently disbanded. However, the Drug Plan album was re-released in 2003 under a new band name Leisureworld. The CD ‘Double Wide Double High’ consisted of Drug Plan tracks with several new tracks recorded after Storey’s involvement. Behind the scenes, Storey continues to write and record her own music, of which many tracks can be found on her You Tube channel. In 2004, she produced four songs for the popular Montréal based band Direct Line. Virginia Storey has also continued a long career in post production audio as one of Canada’s top Foley Artists, garnering nominations and wins per the Emmy, Gemini, Genie, and Golden Reel Award societies. Storey remains musically active as an artist, producer and player in her 1000 sq. ft. home studio in Hillsburgh, Ontario. With notes from Virginia Storey.

Virginia Storey [CD-EP] (Strawberry/A & M)

Caramel (Geffen) GEFD-25228

Drug Plan (41 Records)

Double Wide, Double High (41 Records) 191077

Compilation Tracks
“Mind Over Matter” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered – Volume 5: The Sonic Explosion’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4007

STOTT, Amanda
Born: May 6, 1982 in Brandon, Manitoba
Stott grew up on a rural Manitoba farm. Her father was a saxophonist and pianist, and she first started singing in the Brandon Calvary Temple church choir at the age of three. Her first big break came as a country singer performing at the Dauphin Country Fest in 1994. By 1999, she signed her first record deal with Warner Music Canada. Her eponymous debut album was released in January 2000. The single “Black Is Black” quickly became a hit at country radio and the video in high rotation on Country Music Television. Stott was nominated for a ‘FACTOR Rising Star Award’ by the Canadian Country Music Association in 2000, and for a ‘Best New Solo Artist’ JUNO Award in 2001. By 2004 Stott had reworked her image and her sound as an adult contemporary pop singer and a new record deal with EMI. Her first single was ‘Paper Rain’ which reached No.1 on the Canadian Singles Chart. Her sophomore album, ‘Chasing the Sky,’ was released in March 2005. The album’s follow up singles were “Homeless Heart” and “She’ll Get Over It.” In the summer of 2005, Stott toured Canada with Keshia Chante, Christine Evans, and Cassie Steele. She also performed on Parliament Hill in Ottawa during the Canada Day celebrations on July 1st. In December 2005, she was a part of the CP Holiday Train cross-Canada Christmas tour along with Wayne Rostad and The Moffatts. Later Stott became a featured singer in the North American touring edition of Cirque du Soleil’s show ‘Delirium.’

Black Is Black (WEA)
2000 Somebody To Love (WEA)
2000 You’re Not Alone (WEA)
2001 I Just Believe That I Can (WEA)
2001 To Keep From Missing You
2004 Paper Rain (EMI)
2005 Homeless Heart (EMI)
2005 She’ll Get Over It (EMI)
2005 Light A Candle (EMI)
2012 Now’s Our Time [w/Matt Young] (In His Grip)
2017 How Did It Hap-pen

Amanda Stott (WEA) 2-80791
2005 Chasing the Sky (EMI) 72438- 6046604
2011 Place To Start Again (In His Grip)

Compilation Tracks
“Paper Rain” on ‘Women & Songs 8’ (WEA) WTVD-61926
2005 “Homeless Heart” on ‘Women & Songs 9’ (Warner)

Bob Buckley (keyboards, saxophone, clarinet) / David Sinclair (guitar, lead vocals) / Daryl Burgess (drums, percussion, marimba) / Peter Clarke (bass, vocals) / Peter Padden (drums, percussion, vocals) / Geoff Eyre (drums; replaced Padden)
As seasoned studio musicians, Buckley and Sinclair originally gained popularity as Dogstar and attracted the attention of CBS Records in Toronto. The label loved the act (and the songs) but not the name so it was effectively changed to Straight Lines. After a succession of songwriting episodes with Chilliwack’s Howie Vickers, the band went into the studio with producers Martin Shaer (Sweeney Todd) and Jack Richardson (Guess Who) and engineer Bob Rock to lay down tracks for their self-titled debut which featured two singles – “Heads Are Gonna Roll” and “Roanne” (which made the RPM Top100 singles chart). Bruce Allen management team sent them on the road in 1981 with another of their acts, Prism, and Klaatu across the prairies in the fall of that year. Their second album, 1981’s ‘Run For Cover’, faired a little better with the hit single “Letting Go” – making it all the way to the Top-10 in Canada. A second single, “There Are No Secrets”, would scrape the RPM Top-40, but it was enough to land them a ‘Composers of the Year’ Juno Award nomination. But management was unable to generate sufficient international interest and CBS dropped them resulting in Straight Lines disbanding. The duo of Buckley and Sinclair carried on and managed to draft ex-Ironhorse/Union/Trooper keyboardist Frank Ludwig and drummer Ross Friesen. They landed a deal with Attic Records under the new name Body Electric; Daryl Burgess would have a brief solo career with MCA Records.

1980 Roanne/She’s A Rounder (Epic/CBS) E4-4247
1980 Heads Are Gonna Roll/Hope I’m Feeling Better (Epic/CBS) E4-4258
1980 The Things You Didn’t Do (3:20)/The Things You Didn’t Do (4:40) (Epic/CBS) DJE4-4268
1981 Letting Go/I’ve Heard It All Before (Epic/CBS) E4-4290
1981 There Are No Secrets/Te Laisser Faire (Epic/CBS) E4-4298
1982 Illusions/I’m Talking To You (Epic/CBS) E4-4311


1980 Straight Lines (Epic/CBS) JE-36504
1981 Run For Cover (Epic/CBS) FE-37560

Compilation Tracks
“Letting Go” on ‘Street Hits’ (CBS Special Products) CSPS-1953

Darryl Kromm (synth guitar, guitar) / Drew Arnott (keyboards, drums) / Paul Iverson (bass; 1980-1984) / David Quinton (drums; 1985 tour) / Rick DeGroote (keyboards; 1985 tour) / Ian Cameron (guitar; 1985 tour) / Joe Alvero (bass; 1985 tour)
Darryl Kromm and Drew Arnott played together from 1974 to 1977 in a group called Slan. Later, while writing original music together, Kromm played in the band Remote Control. While touring with Bryan Adams, Kromm gave him a demo tape of the tunes he and Arnott were working on. Adams liked what he heard and passed it on to producer Bruce Fairbairn. Fairbairn also liked what he heard, did a quick remix then played it for Deane Cameron, who was the Canadian A&R rep for Capitol Records L.A. The band, originally known as Metropolis, were then signed to Capitol Records in Los Angeles. Fairbairn had just finished up work with Prism and Loverboy and decided to produce the band’s debut album, ‘Worlds Away’, which was released in February 1983. Within a week of the release of the first single, “She Controls Me”, and the title track, Canadian radio stations were all over Strange Advance. A dance mix of “Love Games” became a club hit in England and “Kiss In The Dark” became single #4. The album went gold (50,000 copies) and the band was nominated for a ‘Most Promising Group’ JUNO Award. The album featured guest appearances by Bryan Adams, Bob Rock and Paul Dean (Loverboy). In 1984 Strange Advance worked with famed soundtrack producer Michael Kamen on the follow-up album but the results weren’t satisfactory and the band returned to Canada to start fresh by recording in Toronto. Arnott would produce the second album, ‘2WO’, with the addition of one of Kamen’s tracks, “Nor Crystal Tears”. The album boasted a name-dropping roster of special guest talent including Spider Sinnaeve (bass) of Streetheart, John Jones (piano) of Bond , Gerald O’Brien and Steve Sexton of Exchange, Howard Ayee (bass) of Rough Trade/The Arrows, and world renowned session drummer Andy Newmark  of Roxy Music, plus guitarists Earl Slick (Stray Cats, David Bowie), Keith Scott (Bryan Adams) and Domenic Troiano (Mandala, James Gang). The first single “We Run” became an AOR radio hit weeks before the album was released followed by the reggae flavoured “The Second That I Saw You”. In 1985 Strange Advance became a 6-piece for their first Canadian tour which including two sold-out nights at Ontario Place in Toronto. The album eventually went gold in Canada and Strange Advance were again nominated for a Juno (Best Group). For album #3 Strange Advance switched to Gerry Young’s independent label, Current Records, for 1988’s ‘The Distance Between’ though they would maintain distribution through Capitol-EMI Canada. The album was produced by Arnott, Howard Ayee and Joe Primeau with musical assistance from Owen Tennyson (Rational Youth, Blue Peter), Greg Critchley (FM), Randy Bachman, Jim Hubay, Ian Cameron, Howard Ayee, Ken Greer (Red Rider), Mathew Gerrard (Regatta), Peter Fredette (Kim Mitchell Band), Simon Brierley (FM, Lee Aaron), Ed Shaw (Images In Vogue), and Allan Holdsworth (Soft Machine, UK) and Drew Arnott’s father Andy Arnott playing sax on “This Island Earth.” The lead off single/video was “Love Becomes Electric” peaking at No.20 on the RPM100 Singles Chart the week of April 30, 1988 which lasted a total of 22 weeks on the chart and eventually reaching #2 on the RPM Cancon Singles chart. The video managed to break the Top10 on MuchMusic. The second single/video “Till The Stars Fall” was released in July 1988 and peaked at #23 on the RPM Cancon Singles chart. Constant touring and the release of a third track, “Hold You”, in August 1988 helped the album itself reach #46 on the RPM100 Albums Chart.The bottom finally fell out of the synth-pop market and both Current and Capitol Records passed on Strange Advance. A ‘Worlds Away’ ‘best of’ was released in 1996 and featured new recordings of the title track; a re-issue of ‘The Distance Between’ came out on Bullseye Records in 2016; Drew Arnott has assembled a new version of the band and have recorded a new album tentatively set for release in 2021 entitled ‘4’. with notes from Drew Arnott, David Quinton, Gerry Young, and Derrick Gyles.

1982 She Controls Me/Lost In Your Eyes (Capitol-EMI) 72896
1982 Kiss In The Dark/Prisoner (Capitol-EMI) 72907
1982 Worlds Away/Prisoner (Capitol-EMI) B-5232
1982 Love Games (Dance Remix)/Kiss In The Dark [12″] (Capitol-EMI) 75032
1985 We Run/Nor Crystal Tears (Capitol-EMI) 72960
1985 We Run (Extended Mix)//We Run (Single Version)/We Run (Dub Mix) [12″] (Capitol-EMI) V-75089
1985 The Second That I Saw You/One Chance In A Million (Capitol-EMI) 72968
1985 Running Away [Remix]/Home Of The Brave (Capitol-EMI) 72982
1988 Love Becomes Electric/This Island Earth (Current/Capitol-EMI) B-73041
1988 Till The Stars Fall/Wild Blue (Current/Capitol-EMI) B-73056
1988 Hold You/Rock and Whirl (Current/Capitol-EMI) B-73064

1982 Worlds Away (Capitol) ST-12232
1982 AOR Sampler [3 song 12″ EP] (Capitol) SPRO-217
1985 2WO (Capitol-EMI) ST-12349
1987 Over 60 Minutes With…Strange Advance (Capitol-EMI) 746887-2
1988 The Distance Between (Current/Capitol-EMI) CLT-48550
1996 Worlds Away: The Very Best Of Strange Advance (EMI Canada)
2016 Current Records Remastered: The Distance Between (Bullseye) BLR-CD-3102
2021 4 (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“She Controls Me” on ‘Electric North’ (K-Tel) TC-277
1998 “We Run” on ‘Retro 80’s Volume 1’ (EMI) 94887
1999 “Worlds Away (Edit)” on ‘Pure Canadian: Retro 80’s Volume 6’ (EMI) 20023
2000 “We Run” on ‘The Best 80’s Modern Rock Album…Ever! [2CDs] (EMI) 72435-2687220

Bill Campbell (vocals) / Don Burnett (drums) / Robert Daniel (bass) / Rodger Law (guitar, vocals) / Jim Wilson (bass; replaced Daniel) / Gerry Deshayes (guitar; replaced Law) / Dan Ferworn
Originally from Kelowna, B.C., the Strange Movies were formed in the Spring of 1966 with the merging of members from two bands – Jimmy And The Rebounds and Urban Council. The first version of the band played about a dozen shows as a Top40 cover band before Daniel left for university and Law went to Vancouver where he ended up joining Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck. The band changed musical direction with the addition of Wilson and DeShayes (ex-Rebounds) to the Blues. Kelowna disc jockey Dave Alan supported the band and started mentioning them on his CKOV overnight radio show. Alan soon became their manager and spearheaded their first recording. When Alan left, their new manager was school teacher Lloyd Eldstrom. The band was soon entering and winning “Battles of the Bands” contests in the Kootenay Mountains and elsewhere which drove the demand for them in concert and school dances. Finally, in the summer of 1968 they made the leap and relocated to Vancouver where the rented a house together. The were soon playing venues like The Big Mother, The White House, The Village Bistro and the usual litany of high schools. A major highlight was playing The Forum at the Pacific National Exhibition. Within months after landing in Vancouver Wilson joined another group and Deshayes went back to school and Strange Movies was left in limbo. Another musician who had left Kelowna for the bright lights of Vancouver, Dan Ferworn, was playing in the band Times Children where Campbell and Burnett convinced him to join their band instead which would soon become a top draw power blues trio. In 1969 they recorded two singles for Van Records which brought them to the attention of a club owner visiting from Bermuda. Soon they were flown to Hamilton, Bermuda to play at the Ace of Clubs for a season. Upon their return they played gigs in New York and Toronto followed by a second season in Bermuda. By the fall of 1972, the band was left deciding what they would do next. Burnett decided to not pursue music any longer and returned to Kelowna to start a career as a horticulturist with his father; Campbell went on to play in New York and Toronto and now works as a legal assistant in Toronto; Ferworn has followed a career in the health services industry. with notes from Don Burnett and Jamie Anstey

1969 (I Can) Feel It Coming/What A Drag (Van) 2605   
1969 Summer in the City/Christine (Van) 103

David Piltch (bass) / Ron Allen (saxophone; keyboards) / Mike Sloski (drums)
This experimental jazz trio released their independent debut album, ‘Back To Nowhere’, shortly after forming in 1982. They would record a second album but they lacked the finances to release it and they split up in 1983. Piltch was a member of Blood Sweat & Tears, and worked with Chuck Mangione.


1982 Back To Nowhere (C-Note) 821040

Ian Stone
(lead vocals, guitars) / Dave Black (bass; 1980) / Bobby Wilhelm (lead guitar; 1980 – 1981) / Clive Diggins (vocals, drums, percussion) / Philip Bennett (vocals, bass, keyboards; replaced Black 1981)
From Fergus, Ontario. The band’s records were released on their own Grand River Records and produced by Bob Gallo.

Inflation/So Much Trouble (Grand River) GRR-001
1982 Searching For A Friend/With A Girl Like You (Grand River) GRR-002
1982 Wasting Time/You Said (Grand River) GRR-003

1982 Stranger (Grand River) GRRLP-004


Greg McConnell
(bass, vocals) / Johnny Trash [aka Paul Bullock] (guitar, vocals) / Derek Downham (drums; 1998) / Duncan McBain (drums; 2002) / Scott Bradshaw (guitar, vocals) / Vaughn Passmore (guitar, vocals)
Strato-Chief was formed by former Lost Dakotas bass player Greg McConnell in 1997. McConnell recruited previous band mates from The Absolute Whores Johnny Trash and Vaughn Passmore. They recorded their debut, ‘Turbines For Speed,’ in 1998 independently. Sadly, McConnell would pass away from unknown causes on April 4, 1999 bringing an immediate end to the band. The members re-assembled in 2002 to record a follow-up album as a dedication to McConnell entitled ‘In Search Of the Seven Foot Woman.’

Turbines For Speed (independent) WIN-001
2002 In Search of the Seven Foot Woman (Bobby Dazzler) BODA-011

Buddy Carlton (vocals) / Jim Finch / Vic Denoury / Erv Barrett / Ray Roy
London, Ontario band signed to Ronnie Hawkins’ Hawk Records in the mid-1960s. The toured the entire Eastern seaboard and even performed at the legendary Peppermint Lounge; Buddy Carlton had a solo career. [also see BUDDY CARLTON]

Sneakin’ Around/Splish Splash (Hawk/Capitol) HR-003

Bring Your Love/Betty Jo (Hawk/Capitol) HR-008
1965 Summer Vacation/I Don’t Wanna Go (Hawk/Capitol) HR-009

Ron McJannet (vocals) / John Hitzroth (guitars, vocals, keys) / J.P. Philip (bass) / Stacey Washington (drums) / Al McMullan (voices, noise, keyboards)
From Toronto, Ontario, Strawman was the brainchild of John Hitzroth (ex-Dorian Gray) and manager Al McMullan who auditioned over 100 singers before picking McJannet. The band was but one aspect of a multi-disciplinary media community with dozens of artists, graphic designers, video producers, and photographers contributing to the band’s near cult-like stage presentations which were deliberately provocative. The band recorded their self-titled CD release at Presence Studio in Toronto in 1994, released the disc in 1995 and promptly fired the rhythm section. McJannet would eventually re-team with Stacey Washington in the band The First Time a decade later.

Strawman (Power And Industry) PI-001

Jeff Byron
(guitar, vocals) / Burn Byron (bass, keyboards) / Stephen Black (drums)
Formed in Montreal, Québec in 1985; The group split up in 1997.

Outside World Within [4-song 12″ EP] (Byron) BRS-60121
1990 Treats Of The Mystery Sky [cassette] (Byron)
1992 Alien State (Byron) BRS-77442
1995 Experimental (Byron/MaGaDa) MAGCD-45

Compilation Tracks
“Unreal,” “Shadowland,” Electric Rage,” and “Generation” on ‘Forgotten Metal Collector’s Series (Outstanding Metal Gems Vol. 16)’ (Revenge Of True Metal – Greece)

Jack “Streetboy” Blyth
(guitar, harmonica) / Peter Kornherr (bass) / Peter Beaudoin [aka Peter Evans] (drums) / Billy Mitchell (organ, vocals) / Jamie Gatti (bass) / Scott Alexander (bass) / Ed Bimm (keyboards) / Ron Henry (vocals) / Floyd Bell (vocals, guitar) / Charlie Grassi (organ, piano) / Peter Fredette (vocals, bass) / Steve Hollingsworth (backing vocals)
From Ottawa, Ontario featuring former Face Dancer members Beaudoin, Henry, and Bimm. [also see FACE DANCER]

Nothin’ To Lose [5-song EP] (independent) JM-8377
1996 Playin’ Your Fool (independent) FB1114-92

Kenny Shields (lead vocals) / Paul Dean (guitars, vocals) / Matthew Frenette (drums) / Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve (bass, vocals) / Daryl Gutheil (keyboards) / John Hannah (guitar; replaced Dean 1978) / Bob “Herb” Ego (drums; replaced Frenette 1980) / Jeff Neill (guitar; replaced Hannah 1982) / Billy Carmassi (drums; replaced Herb Ego 1983)
During his stint in the late ’60’s with Witness Inc., Shields nearly died in a devastating car accident in April 1970. Unfortunately, one arm and leg were so badly injured it took him until 1975 to fully recover and regain the confidence to return to centre stage. He attempted to reform Witness Inc. with former drummer Craig Kaleal, Sinneave and Gutheil, but it was soon abandoned in favour of a better offer to join former Great Canadian River Race members Dean (Scrubbaloe Caine) and Frenette to create Streetheart in 1976. Following a year of slugging it out from their homebase in Regina, Saskatchewan to an impressive response on the Western bar circuit, Streetheart were soon signed to Atlantic Records in 1977 by Gary Muth. Their debut, ‘Meanwhile Back In Paris’ sold 100,000 copies in 1978. A personality conflict soon erupted and Dean and Frenette left in 1979 to form Loverboy. Their replacements were John Hannah (guitar) and Bob Ego (drums). Two more albums followed, ‘Under Heaven Over Hell’ (1979) and ‘Quicksand Shoes’ (1980) before the band switched to Capitol Records for another album that year called ‘Drugstore Dancer’. Jeff Neill (H.U.N.N, Shama) replaced Hannah on guitar for 1982’s ‘Streetheart’ and 1983’s ‘Dancing With Danger’ and their live album that year ‘Live After Dark’. The band split up in the mid-80’s under the weight of poor management and a heavy debt load , but during their successful career, Streetheart accumulated 6 gold albums, 4 of those going on to sell platinum; they also had one gold single for “Under My Thumb”. Kenny Shields continued to perform regularly across Western Canada as a solo act (and sometimes with Streetheart) until suffering a heart attack in 2000. The original line up (with Paul Dean) first reunited for a brief time in 1993. In 1996, the Streetheart reunion line-up included Jeff Neil on guitar. Recordings from the tour were released on the ‘One Night. One Take’ CD in 2014. Kenny Shields returned to the stage (after a 2 1/2 year recuperation) in the summer of 2002 at the Little River Rock Festival in Manitoba and in November, 2002 for a pair of shows in Streetheart’s hometown of Regina. A year later Kenny Shields and Streetheart performed at the Rock’n The Valley Festival in Craven, Saskatchewan; Kenny Shields passed away in Winnipeg after a long illness on July 21, 2017. with notes from Bob Walker, Robert Barrie, Bob “Herb” Ego, John Einarson, Ray Shoeman, Glen McGregor, Paul McKinnon, Conrad & Janice Labonte.

1978 Look At Me/People (Takin’ Pieces Of Me) (Atlantic/WEA) CAT-72002
1979 Here Comes The Night/Fight To Survive (Atlantic/WEA) CAT-1502
1979 Under My Thumb/Star (Atlantic/WEA) CAT-1505
1980 Draggin’ You Down (edit)/Highway Isolation (Atlantic/WEA) WEA-72009
1980 Joke’s On You/500 Miles (Atlantic/WEA) WEA-72010
1980 Tin Soldier/Sold Out (Capitol-EMI) 72842
1981 Drugstore Dancer/Teenage Rage (Capitol-EMI) 72849
1982 What Kind Of Love Is This?/Wired (Capitol-EMI) 72875
1982 One More Time/Mad As Hell (Capitol-EMI) 72881
1982 Look In Your Eyes/I Ain’t In No Hurry (Capitol-EMI) 72890
1982 Comin’ True/Leave Me Alone (Capitol-EMI) 72902
1982 Have It Your Way/You’re Not The Only One (Capitol-EMI) 72911
1983 Midnight Love/Dancing With Danger (Capitol-EMI) 72921
1983 Snow White (Studio)/Snow White (Live) (Capitol-EMI) 72933

1978 The Twelve Incher [3 song 12″ EP] (Atlantic/WEA) EPA-72005
1978 Meanwhile Back In Paris (Atlantic/WEA) KCA-92002
1979 Under Heaven Over Hell (Atlantic?WEA) SD-19228
1979 Under My Thumb [3 song 12″ EP] (Atlantic/WEA) DDK-7505
1980 Quicksand Shoes (Atlantic/WEA) XWEA-92005
1980 Drugstore Dancer (Capitol) ST-6481
1981 Action: The Best Of Streetheart (Atlantic/WEA) XWEA-92010
1982 Streetheart (Capitol-EMI) ST-6491
1983 Dancing’ With Danger (Capitol-EMI) ST-6499
1983 Live After Dark (Capitol-EMI) ST2-6507
1984 Buried Treasure (Capitol-EMI) ST-6514
1989 Over 60 Minutes With…Streetheart (Capitol-EMI) C2-91599
2005 Essentials (Warner Music Canada) 825646252824
2014 One Night. One Take (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Drugstore Dancer” on ‘Superstars Salute New Massey Hall’ (CBS/CRIA) CRIA-1
1982 “One More Time” on ‘Hit Explosion’ (K-Tel) TC-276
1982 “What Kind of Love Is This” on ‘Electric North’ (K-Tel) TC-277
1982 “What Kind of Love Is This” on ‘Sound Explosion’ (K-Tel) TC-281
1996 “One More Save (One More Time)” on ‘Hockey Rock: Winnipeg Style!’
2006 “Under My Thumb” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

STRÉLISKI, Alexandra
From Québec.

Pianoscope (independent)
2018 Inscape (Secret City) SCR-080CD
2018 Pianoscope [re-issue] (Secret City)  SCR-081CD

Bill Jackson (guitar) / Kelly Jackson (drums) / Mark Langtry (bass) / Dick Savage (vocals)
From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Who’s In Charge? [6-song EP] (HeadButt) 111-EP

What D’ya See? (HeadButt) HB-113
2017 Who & What – The Complete Studio Recordings (Sounds Escaping) SE-002

Compilation Tracks
“Foreign Policy” on ‘Something To Believe In’ (Better Youth Organization – US) BYO-04
1985 “Old Man Understand” on ‘It Came From the Pit’ (Psyche Industry) PIR-05

Mike Pitre / Pete Paillé (drums) / Mario LeBlanc / Romy Bélanger / Sylvain Latendresse (drums)
From Montréal, Québec. Strike Force was formed in 1982 and recorded their material with French producer Ben Kaye. Paillé was replaced by Sylvain Latendresse in July, 1984 for live dates.. Paille died in September. Strike Force would split up in 1985.

She’s A Killer/Danger In the Night (Globe) GS-4519
1984 Shadow of the Night/Back On the Street (Globe) GS-4527

Strike Force (Globe) G-1007

Marie-Lynn Hammond (vocals; 1971-1978; 1980-2002) / Bob Bossin (banjo) / Jerry Lewycky (violin) / Ben Mink (violin; replaced Lewycky) / Terry King (fiddle; replaced Mink 1976) / Zeke Mazurek (fiddle; replaced King) / Calvin Cairns (fiddle) / Nancy Ahern (vocals; 1978) / Dennis Nichol (bass)
A satirical folk/Acadian bilingual trio, the Stringband was formed in Toronto in 1971 after Hammond moved to Toronto to study Art. She met Bossin and Lewycky and they decided to form a band. They started in college pubs for little pay, but what they did make they saved and by 1973 were able to self-finance their debut album ‘Canadian Sunset’ through friend and benefactor Nicholas Laidlaw. They called the label Nick Records. The success of this independent product was followed by the barely ‘hit’ single “Dief Will Be the Chief Again” in 1975 which scraped the bottom of the RPM Top100 singles chart. However, CKBI in Prince Albert made the song No.1. On the occasion of Diefenbaker’s 80th birthday, he was guest of honour in Saskatoon at Centennial Auditorium. The Stringband happened to be in Saskatoon at the Parktown Motor Hotel. CTV in Toronto contacted the band to have them play on the public affairs show W5 while they interviewed Diefenbacker via satellite from Saskatoon. They flew the Stringband from Saskatoon to Toronto so they could then play for Diefenbaker back in Saskatoon! He was amused by the song but it seemed to haunt him the remainder of his days after which he refused to comment on whether he liked it or not. In 1977 they released ‘Thanks To The Following’ and performed the first of what they dubbed their ‘Stringband Annual Farewell Concert’. ‘ It would finally take until 1979 before the band finally split-up on the heals of their 4th album ‘The Maple Leaf Dog’. Marie-Lynn Hammond went on to release a self-titled debut album in 1979 on her own independent label. A final Stringband album was released in 1980 called ‘Stringband – Live!’. Following a month long tour of Russia, they released ‘Across Europe By Stage’ on cassette. Their final show was in 1986 but they did a brief reunion tour in 1991. In 2001 Stringband fans raised $25,000 so that a collection called ‘The Indispensible Stringband: 1972-2002’ could be released; Hammond lives in Toronto. In addition to writing and performing her music, she writes and performs in plays (such as ‘Beautiful Deeds/de beaux gestes’) as well as edits books. She has also hosted CBC Radio’s ‘Musical Friends’; Mink released a solo album called ‘Foreign Exchange’, was briefly a member of Prog Rock act FM, and has been kd lang’s writing partner and music arranger for many years. He now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia; King lives in New York City, is a librarian by day and fiddler by night; Cairns formed The Romaniacs post-Stringband, is still a fiddler and musical director in Victoria, British Columbia; Nichol lives in Saskatoon and plays bass; In 1991 Bossin moved to Gabriola Island in British Columbia. In 1994, he released ‘Gabriola’. As well, Nettie Wild directed “Sulphur Passage”, a music video/ mini-documentary set to Bossin’s song about the Clayoquot forest protests. It won seven international awards and, more importantly, played a significant role in the fight to preserve Clayoquot. In 2005, Bossin recorded ‘The Roses on Annie’s Table’. with notes from Bob Bossin.

1975 Dief Will Be the Chief Again (Nick)
197– Mail Sortin’ Man/I Don’t Sleep With Strangers Anymore (Nick)
197– Newfoundlanders/Root Like a Rose (Nick)

1973 Canadian Sunset (Nick) NICK-1
1975 National Melodies (Nick) NICK-2
1977 Thanks To The Following (Nick) NICK-4
1978 Stringband Revisited (Radio Canada International) RCI-458
1979 The Maple Leaf Dog (Nick) NICK-5
1980 Stringband – Live! (Nick) NICK-6
1983 Across Europe By Stage [cassette] (Nick) NICK-C1
1991 20th Anniversary: The Old Masters [cassette] (Nick) NICK-C5
2002 The Indispensable Stringband: 1972-2002

Gerry Fiander
(lead guitar) / Gary O’Bray (drums) / Blaine O’Bray (bass) / Clive Gard (piano) / P.J. Perry (saxophone) / Howie Vickers (saxophone) / Buddy ‘Tex’ Lemire (rhythm guitar) / Ian Tyson (rhythm guitar).
From Vancouver, British Columbia. Fiander, and Tyson would all go on to solo careers; Vickers would go on to The Collectors and Chilliwack as well as a solo career. [also see GERRY FIANDER, IAN TYSON, HOWIE VICKERS]

Hot Rod/Boogie Beat (Aragon) 45-AR-301

Singin’ The Blues/Your Cheatin’ Heart (Aragon) 45-AR-300

Compilation Tracks
“Hot Rod” on “The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 1” (Neptoon) 003
1995 “Hot Rod” on ‘Early Canadian Rockers, Vol. II’ (Collector) CLCD-4427

“Singin’ The Blues” on “The History Of Vancouver Rock And Roll Volume 1” (Neptoon) 003

Les Stroud is best known as the solitary traveler in the internationally acclaimed TV show ‘Survivorman’ – the highest rated show in the history of Canada’s Outdoor Life Network and the US Discovery Science Channel. But his beginnings are as a songwriter and musician. At the age of fourteen, Stroud walked into his eighth grade music class expecting the usual boring songs. But this new music teacher did an exhaustive study of Elton John’s ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ album which set him on a musical path. After two years learning music production at Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts course, Stroud returned to Toronto to play the indie bar circuit. A brief stint in the David Bowie clone band Diamond Dogs led him to the role of lead guitar for the band New Regime. Citing many creative differences, Stroud left the band on the eve of signing what was, at the time, the largest financial advance in the Canadian history of RCA. A few more years of writing and recording without a mentor left Stroud frustrated and turning his back on opportunities as a composer with BMG (although some of his music was published along the way). Instead, he became involved professionally in the production of rock videos and music television, where he began learning the skills of editing and camera work. At the age of twenty-five, after suffering an accident in a hockey game that broke his wrist in eight places, Stroud decided to leave music and film work altogether and focus on a life of outdoor adventure. For the next eleven years he left music behind. In 1996, Stroud, with his wife Sue, moved to Yellowknife, North West Territories, where he worked as an outdoor instructor to aboriginal special needs individuals. One day he noticed that the local bar called itself the most northern blues bar in the world and he loved the blues. He bought a harmonica and jumped up on stage during the weekly blues jam. He eventually became the house band harmonica player, and began playing around town at the only other (two) venues available as a blues duo with Ridd Sorrensen. The first song penned after eleven years, “Ride On”, would be featured on his debut CD. Stroud took his re-found love for music back with him to New Liskeard, Ontario where he promptly teamed up with Ian Auger and began to enter and win music festivals. Driven by a new desire, he threw together his first solo CD in Auger’s studio called, simply, ‘Les Stroud’. Working hard to perfect his harmonica chops, he eventually teamed up with local North Bay blues legend Jake Thomas and together they played for a year at blues festivals including the Toronto Beaches Jazz Festival and the Orillia Blues Festival. Flash forward to the early days of “Survivorman”‘s presence on television screens across Canada, The United States, United Kingdom, Africa, Europe, France, Spain, Italy and onwards, when Northern Pikes member Jay Semko convinced his bandmate Bryan Potvin to check out the show. Potvin was impressed enough to look up Stroud on the web. While editing his show, Stroud got an email from Potvin who modestly offered The Northern Pikes up as Stroud’s backing band for a future CD collaboration. An Ep called ‘Long Walk Home’ was released in the spring of 2007. He is currently working on a new solo release and an evening performance that highlights his award winning film-work coupled with his music. He has performed on stage (at the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Concert) with Alice Cooper, Steven Stills, Tommy Shaw, Tesla, Don Felder (Eagles), and members of Chicago and Brian Setzer (Stray Cats). With notes from Terry Lusk and Les Stroud. [also see NEW REGIME]

I Am Canadian (Les Stroud)
2016 Arctic Mistress (Mother Earth)
2019 One Giant Farm (Mother Earth

Les Stroud (Stroud – US)
2018 Bittern Lake (Mother Earth)

Long Walk Home [6-song EP] (Les Stroud – US)

Breen LeBoeuf (vocals, keyboards, bass) / Lance Wright (drums) / Joe Ress (keyboards) / Steve Cooley (guitar, vocals) / Doug Varty (guitar; replaced Cooley) / Beau David [aka William Small] (vocals)
Originally known as Southcote, the band had Top 20 success in Canada with a single on Smile Records called “She” in 1973. However, after touring and attempting to promote a second unsuccessful single in 1974, the band had a line-up shuffle and became Studebaker Hawk (named after a Frank Zappa character). The y were sent into the studio with producer Ralph Murphy – two Ress compositions, one Ralph Murphy song, and Steve Cooley’s “Rainbows, Pots of Gold and Moonbeams”. The latter tune became the band’s first single for Smile in August 1975. The song managed to get to No.80 on the RPM Top Singles chart and No.17 on the RPM Adult Contemporary Music chart. While on the way home from a show promoting the single, the band caught one of their other songs on the air – the Ralph Murphy written “Lazy Love” – except the DJ back-announced it as a new single by a band called New City Jam Band. When they confronted Smile Records about the name change, the label explained that Murphy’s song was a different style and so they had opted to release it under a pseudonym. with notes from Joe Ress, Doug Varty, Ralph Murphy and Breen LeBoeuf.[also see SOUTHCOTE, NEW CITY JAM BAND, DOUG VARTY]

1975 Rainbows, Pots of Gold and Moonbeams/Hot Love (Smile/GRT) SLE-109

Compilation Tracks
“Rainbows, Pots of Gold and Moonbeams” on ‘Block Buster’ (K-Tel) TC-229

From Calgary, Alberta.

Punk Rock Virgins/Forward Disorder (Social Blemish) SB-002

Bill Mahoney (vocals) / Walter Sobczak (bass) / Todd Cutler (guitar) / Hugo von Levetzow (drums) / John Lennard (saxophone)
Formed in Toronto in late 1982, Stürm Group (named after a 1920’s German expressionist art movements) played their first gig at the ‘Sounds From the Streets’ festival in December of that year. More frequent shows came in early 1983 on the Queen Street circuit. That same year their track “Upon a Nerve” appeared on the ‘Sounds From the Streets’ compilation and soon the band produced a seven song cassette – “Adventures In the Skin Trade” through the same imprint. In 1984 they released their debut album called ‘Untitled’ which reached #1 on CKMS (Waterloo) and CKLN (Toronto), and Top10 in two dozen other radio markets. Their sophomore release, ‘Century Ho!’, had sold over 2,00i0 copies independently by the end of 1986 – 500 copies in England alone. The band would release their third album, ‘Grind’, in 1989 before splitting up; Walter Sobczak would go on to to be a co-founder of Raggadeath, and has engineered gold and platinum albums and was an assistant engineer on the ‘Dirty Dancing’ album. with notes from Gail Wetton and Walter Sobczak.

1983 Stürm Group [7 song cassette] (Sounds from the Streets) SFTS-02
1984 Untitled (Green Fuse) GF-78876
1986 Century Ho! (Green Fuse)  GF-157
1989 Grind (Amok) HLP-526

Compilation Tracks
“Die Sher Bin Stasse” on ‘Smash Yor Face’ [cassette]
1983 “Die Sher Bin Stasse” on ‘Smash ’83’ [cassette]
1985 “16” on ‘Materials & Processes’ [cassette] (Materials & Processes)
1987 “V” on ‘Perdurabo’ (Cathexis – UK) CABLA-2

Wimpy Roy [aka Brian Roy Goble] (lead vocals) / Gerry Useless [aka Gerry Hannah] (bass, backing vocals) / Dimwit [aka Ken Montgomery] (drums; 1978) / KoichiJim” Imagawa (drums, back-up shouting; 1978-1982) / Normal [aka Mike Graham] (guitar, backing vocals)
The Subhumans (not to be confused with the British act with the same name) were a punk act from Vancouver, British Columbia that formed in 1978 and originally called Wimpy & The Bloated Cows. They soon became The Subhumans are released the 7” single entitled “Death To the Sickoids’. Drummer Dimwit soon left to join The Pointed Sticks (and later D.O.A. and the Four Horsemen,) and was replaced by Jim Imagawa on drums. In 1979 they released a self-titled EP on Quintessence Records featuring their now immortal songs “Fuck You” and “Slave To My Dick”. Another single,” Firing Squad,” followed before the band moved to Friends Records and released their debut album ‘Incorrect Thoughts.’ However, Gerry Hannah quit the band to become a political activist in the Direct Action Organization. Several members, later dubbed The Squamish Five, went on a rampage across Canada committing felonies in the name of political activism including the October 14, 1982 bombing of the missile guidance system manufacturing plant owned by Litton Industries which injured several people including three Metro Toronto police officers. Though Hannah was not part of the Litton felony, he supported it, he participated in other unlawful actions including the planning of a Brinks truck robbery. He and four other members of Direct Action were arrested in January 1983. He pled guilty to lower his jail time. He was sentenced to 10 years but only served 5. He would write a column for US punk magazine ‘Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll’ while incarcerated. Filmmaker Glen Sanford made a documentary about him called ‘Useless’. A revamped version of The Subhumans carried on with various members and by 1983 the band included Wimpy Roy, Mike Graham, Ron Allan (replacing Useless on bass), and Randy Bowman (drums). The band released their sophomore album ‘No Wishes, No Prayers’ on Black Flag’s SST Records before calling it a day; Allan and Bowman went on to form The Scramblers. The original band reunited in 2005 with drummer Jon Card (ex-Personality Crisis, SNFU, D.O.A.) replacing the late Ken Montgomery who had died of a drug overdose in September 1994. They signed to G7 Welcoming Committee Records and were distributed through Alternative Tentacles. 26 years after their debut album The Subhumans released their third album, ‘New Dark Age Parade’, in September 2006. In 2008 Alternative Tentacles reissued the 1996 compilation ‘Pissed Off…With Good Reason!’ which contained the early singles and EPs under the new title ‘Death Was Too Kind’. While attempting to re-issue their debut album ‘Incorrect Thoughts’ in 2010, the band was slapped with an injunction related to copyright ownership and so they carefully recreated the songs note-for-note and issued the album as ‘Same Thoughts, Different Day’.

1978 Death To the Sickoids/Oh Canaduh (independent) S1-A00
1980 Firing Squad/No Productivity (Quintessence) QS-105

1979 Subhumans [4 song 12″] (Quintessence) QEP-1202
1980 Incorrect Thoughts (Friends) FR-008
1983 No Wishes, No Prayers (SST – US) SST-018
1996 Pissed Off…With Good Reason! (Essential/Virgin) V2-41724
2006 New Dark Age Parade (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-366
2008 Death Was Too Kind (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-391
2010 Same Thoughts, Different Day [re-recording of ‘Incorrect Thoughts’] (G7 Welcoming Committee/Alternative Tentacles -US) VIRUS-404

Compilation Tracks
“Death To the Sickoids” and “Urban Guerilla” on ‘Vancouver Complication’ (Pinned) PIN-79330001
1981 “Slave To My Dick” on ‘Let Them Eat Jellybeans” (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-4
1981 “Behind the Smile” and “Out of Line” on ‘Vancouver Independence’ (Friends) FR-009
1991 “Slave To My Dick” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu) ZULU 5-2
1993 “Firing Squad” on ‘Faster & Louder – Hardcore Punk, Vol. 2’ (Rhino) R2-71225
2007 “I Got Religion” on ‘Sonic Terror Surge 2007’ (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-375
2009 “Piss On You” on ‘Let Them Know’ (Better Youth Organization) BYO-125

Barry Sainchuk
(vocals, flute) / Curtis Ruptash (bass) / Michael Sniatenchuk (drums) / Brian Schultze (guitar) / R.J. Smart (keyboards, vocals) / Gary Lloyd (saxophone, vocals, keyboards)
Following Curtis Ruptash’s departure from Pretty Rough following their first album, he joined Edmonton, Alberta’s Subtle Hints. The band released several independent singles before getting signed to Stony Plain Records for one album. The band fell apart shortly thereafter but Ruptash and Schultze carried on as a duo called Guerilla Welfare and released one album in 1986.

Secret Holiday/He Wants You (Echo) 45-017
1984 Lost In Action/He Wants You (Powderworks) POW-0214
1985 Nightclubbing/Lost In Action (Stony Plain) SPS-1031
1985 Vital Signs (Stony Plain)

Subtle Hints(Stony Plain)STP-1070

Derek Raby (bass) / John Keffer (guitar) / Vash Mochoruk (drums)
Three-piece from Toronto who worked at MuchMusic together.

1995 Bullitt (tunage) TUN-001CD
1997 Cannon Shell Dinner Bell (tunage/Page Music) 77752-112792

Compilation Tracks
“Weak” on ‘New Stuff Seven’ (MMS) NSCD-007
1995 “Here’s the Truth” on ‘The Edge New Music Search’ (CFNY)

Gunther Albert Seliger (lead vocals) / Wilhelm (guitar) / Otto (drums) / Max (bass) / Spencer Warren (drums)
From Montréal.

1994 The Subumlauts [2-song cassette] (independent)

The Lager & The Stout (Frie Bier) SUB96-1
1999 Hangover in Hannover (Frie Bier) SUB99-2

Compilation Tracks
“Drunk On Die Autobahn” on “Trouble In The Squirthouse” (Bosschief – IRELAND) 004

Nick Pawliuk

From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Give Jesus Back To The Martians [6 song EP] (Looney Tunes – UK) TUNE-18

Crunch [split w/DESECRATION] (Manic Ears – UK) ACHE-008
2012 Aural Regurgitations (Boss Tuneage – UK) BTRCRS-050

Mitch Garvin (vocals) / Michael Brunt (guitar) / Reid English (guitar) / Steve Milo (bass) / Scott Fraser (drums) / Johnny Borodenko (vocals; replaced Garvin)
From Toronto, Ontario.

1984 Freaked Out [cassette] (independent)
1985 No Rest For The Wicked (Diabolic Force/Fringe Product) FPL-3019
1988 Split Personality (Fringe Product) FPL-3056

Compilation Tracks
“To Our Glorious Dead” and “Drunk Driving” on ‘It Came From The Pit’ (Psyche Industry) PIR-05

Peter Tangredi
(vocals) / Chris (Bork) Serratore (drums, percussion) / Greg (Egg) Rinehart (bass) / Pat (Snit) Eynon (guitar) / Stephen (Phano) Beckoff (keyboards) / Lisa Patterson (saxophone, backing vocals) / Ted Peacock (drums, percussion) / Jack Trentman (guiar)
Suffer Machine were a 6-piece alternative rock act from London, Ontario. They released one album, ‘Deprogram’ in 1986 and opened shows for Tupelo Chain Sex that year. In 1990 they recorded several tracks with famed producer John Switzer at Inception Sound and Paul Brennan at EMAC in London, Ontario for the album ‘Heaven In the Strangest Places’.

Deprogram (Burning Buffalo) WRC1-4667
1990 Heaven In the Strangest Places
1993 Scream of Love

Compilation Tracks
“Footsteps” on ‘London Underground – CHRW Compilation’ (Astro)
1991 “No Guarantee” on ‘Indie-Can ‘91’ (Intrepid) CD-4
1992 “Brand New Feeling” on ‘Indie-Can ‘92’ (Intrepid) CD-5
1994 “Revolutionary” on ‘London Underground II: Dig Deeper – CHRW Compilation’

Geoff Marrin
(vocals; 1968-1969) / Maureen Murphy (vocals; 1968-1970) / Aileen Murphy (vocals; 1968-1971) / John MacInnes (rhythm guitar & bass; 1968-1969) / Phil O’Connell (guitar; 1968-1972) / Ken Richard (drums; 1968) / Mike Elliott (drums; replaced Richard 1968) /Steve Banman (drums; replaced Elliott 1968) / Brian Meissner (bass, vocals; 1970-1973) / Glenn Stewart (bass; 1971) / Bob Walker (bass; 1972) / Suzanne Moirer (vocals; 1971-1972) / Chuck Gorling (organ, piano; 1968-1973) / Laurie Currie (drums, vocals; 1970-1973)
Winnipeg act Sugar And Spice started in 1966 as The Griffins featuring Don Carrier (vocals), Larry Mahler (bass), Phil O’Connell (lead guitar), Ron Harder (rhythm guitar), and Ken Richard (drums) under the management of Michael Gillespie. The band added keyboardist Ken Lowry in 1967 but after continuing to struggle, major changes were soon necessary. Carrier was replaced as vocalist in 1968 by the Murphy sisters (Maureen, Aileen and Kathleen) and male vocalist Geoff Marrin. Harder was replaced by MacInnes as rhythm guitarist but switched in mid-1968 to replace Mahler on bass. The group would also replace drummer Richard with consecutive players Elliott and Banman through 1968 and added keyboardist Gorling. Under the tutelage of new manager Frank Wiener, they released their first single “Not To Return” on the Franklin label. Enthusiastic response led to more recording and more releases. They finally managed two hits in 1969 – “Cruel War” and “Something To Believe”. “Cruel War” created problems for them as it was recorded and credited as “public domain”, when in fact it was a Peter, Paul & Mary standard. Kathleen Murphy left while Brian Meissner (bass, vocals) and Laurie Currie (drums) were added in 1970. Meissner would shuttle between bass and lead vocals along with Glenn Stewart in 1971. When Stewart was replaced by bassist Bob Walker (formerly of Witness Inc. and Ian & Sylvia) and vocalist Suzanne Moirer (who replaced Aileen and Maureen Murphy) joined in 1972, the group had already changed its name to Spice and soon relocated to Toronto where they were managed by Ray Danniels (Rush). The band fell apart about 9 months later. Meissner and Currie stayed in Toronto and formed Beatles tribute band Liverpool with former Cat member Gary O’. This band would later evolve into recording artists Aerial on Ray Danniels’ Anthem Records; Maureen Murphy sang back-ups on at least one Trooper album and later worked for CJOB in Winnipeg in the 1980’s; Aileen Murphy became a doctor; Kathleen Murphy became a lawyer and sister Maureen is the office manager at her legal firm in Winnipeg; Bob Walker went back to Edmonton and formed Granfalloon before joining one of the final incarnations of Privilege. Walker left the music business and worked with Reveen The Impossibilist, managed The West Edmonton Mall for 7 years, and currently works with Las Vegas entertainer Lance Burton. with notes from Vic Giggani, Michael Gillespie, Dave Sampson and Bob Walker. [also see SPICE]

1968 Not To Return/I Don’t Need Anything (Franklin) 616
1968 Day By Day/It’s Growin’ (Franklin) 620
1969 Cruel War/Not To Return [reprise] (Franklin) 622
1969 La Guerre Se Déchaîne/Cruel War [in French) (Franklin) 625
1969 Something To Believe/Without You Babe (Franklin) 627
1969 Whisper Girl Shining/Judith And The Windswept (Franklin) 633
1970 Angeline/It’s Been A Long Long Time (Franklin) 642

Mirella Dell’Aquila (vocals) / Julie Crochetière (vocals) / Andrea Henry (vocals) / Sahara MacDonald (vocals) / Maiko Watson (vocals)
Sugar Jones was a five-piece ‘girl band’ pop vocal group created as part of the Canadian TV show ‘Popstars’ in 2001. The women were part of a nationwide search of 4,000 young women in Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver which was narrowed down to 145 and finally 25 during the production of the show. Their self-titled debut album was released by Lone Eagle/Universal Music that year and spawned the No.1 Canadian hit single “Days Like That”. The follow up single, “How Much Longer”, went Top5, the album sold platinum and the group was nominated for two JUNO Awards. Despite this, Sugar Jones was dropped in 2002 effectively ending the group; Crochetière immediately released the ‘Café’ EP in 2003 under the name Julie C. which was produced by Haig V. (Bran Van 3000), then the live-off the floor full-length ‘A Better Place’ (2006), and her most recent release is ‘Steady Ground’ (2011); Andrea Henry still sings R & B/Jazz and has kept busy working in theatre and has her own group called Crystal Soul; Sahara MacDonald picked up an acoustic guitar and released a clutch of songs online in 2007. In February 2008 she was a performer and understudy in the Toronto production of Queen’s musical ‘We Will Rock You’.; Maiko Watson pursued a career singing soul music and her debut solo album ‘Sweet Vibrations’ won ‘Best Urban Album’ at the Breakout West Awards. She was married to Canadian soul singer Remy Shand, who she divorced in 2009, and now lives in Toronto performing as part of the 88 Days of Fortune collective; Mirella Dell’Aquilla was romantically linked to British Pop Idol star Darius Danesh which proved to be false. She starred in the movie ‘Angel Tears’, a film by Montréal director Minor Mustain that premiered at the Montréal Jazz Festival in 2003. She she married in 2006 and was last seen working at Montréal’s West Island College.

Days Like That [5 song EP] (Lone Eagle/Universal) UMCR-04352
2002 How Much Longer (Lone Eagle/Universal)

Sugar Jones (Lone Eagle/Universal)146332

Compilation Tracks
“How Much Longer” on ‘YTV Big Fun Party Mix 3’ (Universal)

Laurie Hood (vocals) / Peter Mann (piano) / Victor Garber (vocals) / Lee Harris (vocals) / Sandy Crawley (vocals; replaced Harris) / Al Manning (instrumentation)
The Sugar Shoppe came together in Toronto as a studio project in 1967. Peter Mann had relocated from New York and met up with Laurie Hood, who was in her last year of a scholarship at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. They also teamed up with Lee Harris (who had three years of vocal training), and London, Ontario native Victor Garber who was acting in the University of Toronto’s Hart House and moonlighting in coffeehouses around Toronto. At the time of the band’s inception Mann had re-arranged Bobby Gimby’s anthemic song “Canada” which they released as their inaugural single in 1967 on Yorkville Records. They had one more single for Yorkville in 1967 called “The Attitude” which was also included on the ‘Yorkville Evolution’ compilation album. From there they moved to Capitol Records for a full-length self-titled album in 1968. The song ‘Skip-A-Long Sam’ was released as a single in August 1968. It reached No.73 on the RPM Top singles chart. In November 1968 “Privilege” was released and only reached No.93 on the same chart. Sugar Shoppe would finally move to Epic Records in 1969 briefly to release a version of Laura Nyro’s “Save the Country” which managed to crack the RPM Top 50 Adult Contemporary chart in November 1969 reaching No.37. Harris was replaced by Sandy Crawley in 1971. The group played several live shows and appeared on the Hart And Lorne Show on TV. The group would disband in 1972; Laurie Hood would go on to take an office job with Toronto Sound Studio working for Terry Brown and Doug Riley. She eventually became a well-respected session singer for the likes of Klaatu (“California Jam” and “Juicy Luicy”), Shooter, Myles And Lenny (along with Sugar Shoppe bandmate Lee Harris), and eventually for such luminaries as Anne Murray in the ’80’s; Victor Garber would find fame as a stage and screen actor starring in the hugely successful 1996 Hollywood blockbuster film ‘Titanic’ and  in the television series ‘Alias’ among others; Manning went on to form Tundra who were signed to A & M Records in the early ’70s; Peter Mann died December 7, 2021. with notes from David Bradley, Laurie Hood, Sandy Crawley.

1967 Canada/Thoroughly Modern Millie (Yorkville) YV-45009
1967 Ca-na-da [mono]/Ca-na-da [stereo] (Yorkville) YV-45012
1967 The Attitude/If I Were A Carpenter (Yorkville) YV-45015
1968 Skip-A-Long Sam/Let The Truth Come Out (Capitol) 2233
1968 Privilege/Poor Papa (Capitol) 2326
1969 Save The Country/Easy To Be Hard (Epic) 5-10517

1968 The Sugar Shoppe (Capitol) ST-2959

Compilation Tracks
“The Attitude” on ‘Yorkville Evolution’ (Yorkville) YVM-33001
1968 cut on ‘Back To Cool’ (Capitol) SL-6673
1969 “If I Were a Carpenter” on ‘CTV’s After Four Presents The Great Groups’ (Yorkville) YVM-33003
1969 “Easy To Be Hard” on ‘Happening Sounds!’ (Columbia) CSPS-392


Blair O’Halloran (vocals, keyboards) / Sherrie Laird (vocals)
Synth-pop duo from Toronto; Laird would go on to a solo career under the name Sherrie Lea. [also see SHERRIE LEA]

Only You [4 mixes 12”] (Hi-Bias – US) HB-111

Don’t Tell Me (Fab) MFSN-0000
2000 Only You (Hi-Bias – US) HIB-6110-2

1962 Line-Up: Andre Dion / Giles Henry / Claude Reid (guitar) / Marcel Richard / Bruce Huard (vocals) ; Ghylain Dufault (bass) / Michel Dufault (drums) / Denis Forcier (guitar) / Claude Reid (guitar) / Roger Baudet (guitar) / Pierre Bélanger (drums)
Formed in St-Hyacinthe, Québec Les Sultans evolved out of an early 1960s instrumental quintet known as The Dowries who late renamed themselves Les Dots. With the addition of former Les Majestics singer Bruce Huard they became Bruce et Les Sultans. As the Beatles swept North America in 1964 they reappeared as Les Sultans doing jangly garage rock. They found themselves recording with a number of labels as the fervor of the British Invasion required French pop to compete at radio. Les Sultans would even record a French version of The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There”. With a move to Télédisc Records in 1966 producer Denis S. Pantis let them explore their original songwriting. After a full album and several singles, Pantis started his own label and took Les Sultans with him. They released another album in 1967 called ‘Express’ which spawned three singles.  1968’s ‘Les Sultans en Personne a Starovan’ (subtitled “their spectacular goodbye”) documented the group’s final concert at Montreal’s Starovan Club to an audience of 6,000.

1964 Toujours devant moi [I Saw Her Standing There]/Cielito lindo (Fontaine) F-1606X
1964 La Bamba/Oh Lady (Fontaine) F-1621
1964 Le père Jean/Sois mienne (Jeunesse-Franco) J-4019
1965 On est trop jeune/Va t’en (Jeunesse-Franco) JF-4040
1965 Je t’aime bien/Dis-lui (Jeunesse-Franco) JF-4046
1965 Vivre sa vie/Le bohème (Laniel) LA-3001
1966 La Bamba/Oh Lady (Solfège) LF-104
1966 Tu es impossible/Pardonne-moi (Télédisc) TD-22
1966 La poupée qui fait non/Il n’y a rien au monde que je ne ferais pas pour cette fille (Télédisc) TD-24
1966 L’amour s’en va/Les filles (Télédisc) TD-40
1967 Tout ira/Pour qui pourquoi (DSP) DSP-8602
1967 À toi, que je pense/Si soudain je t’aimais (DSP) DSP-8608
1968 Le Bonhomme d’hiver/Fade Out (DSP) DSP-8616
1968 En fermant la porte/Non non non (DSP) DSP-8624
1969 Tout le monde me dit qu’elle est belleb/C’est promise (DSP) DSP-8632

1966 Les Sultans (Télédisc) TD-356
1966 La Poupee Qui Fait Non (DSP) TD-259-25
1967 Express (DSP) DSP-16003
1968 En personne les Sultans à Starovan (DSP) DSP-16028
1969 15 Disques D’or (DSP) DSP-16031
1976 Le Retour Des Groupes: 20 Succès Originaux (K-Tel) KF-123

SUM 41
Deryck Whibley (guitar, vocals, keyboards) / Steve Jocz (drums, percussion) / Marc Costanzo (guitar; 1996-1997) / Mark Spicoluk (bass, vocals, 1996-1997) / Richard Roy (bass, vocals; 1997-1998) / Dave Baksh (guitar, vocals; 1997-2006) / Jay McCaslin (bass, vocals; 1998) / Tom Thacker (guitar, vocals; 2007-present)
Ajax, Ontario’s Sum 41 started life as a NOFX cover band called Kaspir featuring Deryck Whibley, Marc Costanzo, and Mark Spicoluk. In need of a new drummer Whibley convinced Steve Jocz to quit his existing band and join Kaspir. The played their first show in September 1996 under the name Supernova. By 1997 Spicoluk had been replaced by bassist Richard Roy and guitarist Dave Baksh was added so that Whibley could focus more on vocals. By 1998 the band began recording demos and soliciting record companies. After many rejection notices Roy left the band and was soon replaced by Jay McCaslin. The line-up finally solidified and Sum 41 was officially born. The band played shows around Southern Ontario and continued demoing songs through 1999 and 2000 which finally landed them a recording contract with Montréal’s Aquarius Records.In June of 2000 they released their first EP entitled ‘Half Hour of Power’ which featured the single “Makes No Difference”. The EP was certified and Gold and was encouragement enough for Aquarius Records to send the band back to the studio to complete a full album. Sum 41’s debut album, ‘All Killer, No Filler’, was released in May 2001 and the lead-off single “Fat Lip” which did significant chart action around the world including Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks Chart. “In Too Deep” followed and peaked at No.10 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, while the third single, “Motivation”, peaked at No.24. With 300 gigs in 2001 – including opening spots with Blink-182 and The Offspring – the ‘All Killer, No Filler’ album peaked at No.13 on the Billboard 200 and No. 9 on the Top Canadian Albums chart. The album would go on to receive platinum sales in North America and the UK. Simple Plan then took time off to recharge and write their next album. The band’s sophomore release, ‘Does This Look Infected?’ was released in November 2002 featuring the lead-off single “Still Waiting”. The song peaked at No.7 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart and the follow-up single,”The Hell Song”, managed a No.13 peak position. The album peaked at No.32 on the Billboard 200 and No.8 on the Top Canadian Albums chart. The album achieved platinum certification in Canada and gold in the US. Another lengthy world tour followed and a third single was issued entitled “Over My Head (Better Off Dead)”. In 2003, Sum 41 won a JUNO Award for ‘Group of the Year’. In May 2004, Sum 41 headed to the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a mission with War Child Canada. Days after arriving, fighting broke out in Bukavu the band’s hotel. As the hostilities raged on, the U.N. peacekeeper Charles “Chuck” Pelletier sent armoured carriers in to rescue Sum 41 and other occupants of the hotel. The band named their next album, ‘Chuck’, in honour of Pelletier which was released in October 2004. The first single, “We’re All To Blame”, peaked at No.10 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. Several more singles followed – “Pieces” (which reached No.1 in Canada), “Some Say” and “No Reason”, released at the same time as “Some Say” which hit No.16 on the Billboard Modern Rock chart. ‘Chuck’ peaked at No.10 on the Billboard 200 and No. 2 on the Canadian Albums chart. It would go to be certified platinum in Canada and gold in the United States. In November 2005 War Child released the DVD of the Congo visit entitled ‘Rocked: Sum 41 in Congo’. The band released the live album ‘Happy Live Surprise’ in December in Japan only and renamed it ‘Go Chuck Yourself’ for a Canadian release in March 2006. In May of 2006 Braksh quit the band to form his own solo act Brown Brigade. The band commenced recording their next album without him in November 2006 and wrapped up recording in March 2007. Sum 41 released ‘Underclass Hero’, the album and single, in July 2007. It debuted at No. 7 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Billboard Rock Albums chart as well as the Canadian Albums chart and Canadian Alternative Albums chart. Two more singles were mined from the album – “Walking Disaster” and “With Me” – helping to push the record to platinum sales in Canada. In October the band embarked on a tour with Finger Eleven and headlined their shows with Die Mannequin opening. However, Whibley sustained a herniated disc in his back and the remainder of the tour was canceled. IN March 2008 they finally headed back on the road until July that year. In August the band announced they were taking time off to work on their new album and side projects; McCaslin finished up the second The Operation M.D. project he was part of, Jocz became touring drummer for The Vandals, and Whibley toured with singer (and new wife) Avril Lavigne. A Japan-only greatest hits album entitled ‘8 Years of Blood, Sake, and Tears’ was released in November 2008 followed by a similar package in North America entitled ‘All the Good Shit’, in March 2009. New guitarist Tom Thacker was added to the songwriting process and pre-production started in December 2009 for Sum 41’s next album. ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ was recorded intermittently from January through June of 2010 but didn’t see release until March 2011. The title track and “Baby, You Don’t Wanna Know” were released as singles. Sum 41 then headed out on tour with Deryck Whibley’s brother, Matt, adding keyboards to their live performances. In August 2011 they released the album ‘Live at House of Blues, Cleveland 9.15.07’ from a show they’d done during the ‘Underclass Hero’ tour in 2007. Alas, while playing make-up dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2011 for the ones canceled in 2010, Deryck Whibley re-injured his back and the remainder of all their tour dates, including a South American tour planned for 2012 had to be canceled. The band is currently on an indefinite hiatus awaiting Whibley’s recovery. Sum 41 has moonlighted for many years as a 1980s hair metal band called Pain For Pleasure – several songs under that name have appeared as bonus tracks on Sum 41 albums and they even recorded Helix’s “Rock You” for the ‘Fubar’ movie soundtrack.

Makes No Difference (Island – US) ISLR-15115
2001 Fat Lip (Island – UK) 588-756
2001 In Too Deep (Island – UK) 588-883
2002 It’s What We’re All About [7″] (Island – US) 440-0630862
2002 Motivation (Island)
2002 Still Waiting (Island)
2003 The Hell Song (Island)
2003 Over My Head (Better Off Dead) (Island)
2003 Little Know It All [w/Iggy] (Virgin) Pop IGGYPRO-1
2004 We’re All to Blame (Island – US) ISLR-16130
2004 Pieces (Mainstream Version)/Call Out (Island – US) ISLR-16231
2005 Some Say (Island – US) ISLR-16425
2007 Walking Disaster (Island – US) ISLR-16784
2007 Underclass Hero (Island)
2008 With Me (Island)
2011 Screaming Bloody Murder (Island)
2011 Baby, You Don’t Wanna Know (Island)

Demo [4 song cassette] (independent)
2000 Half Hour of Power [EP] (Aquarius) Q2-589
2001 All Killer, No Filler (Aquarius) Q2-598
2002 Does This Look Infected? (Aquarius)
2004 Chuck (Aquarius) Q2-618
2005 Happy Live Surprise
2006 Go Chuck Yourself (Aquarius) Q2-624
2007 Underclass Hero (Aquarius) Q2-638
2008 8 Years of Blood, Sake and Tears: The Best of Sum 41 2000-2008
2008 All the Good Shit: 14 Solid Gold Hits 2000-2008 (Aquarius) Q2-00656
2011 Screaming Bloody Murder (Island) B001437102
2011 Live at House of Blues, Cleveland 9.15.07
2016 13 Voices (Hopeless) HR-2286
2017 Order In Decline (Hopeless) HR-2673

Compilation Tracks
“Makes No Difference” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 5’ (Warner) WTVD-39170
2001 “Fat Lip” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 6’ (Universal) 584097
2001 “Fat Lip” on ‘American Pie 2 [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Universal) 16348
2002 “In Too Deep” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 7’ (Universal)
2002 “Rock You” [as PAIN FOR PLEASURE] on ‘Fubar’ (Aquarius) Q2-605
2002 “What We’re All About (Original Version)” on ‘Spider-Man [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Sony) CK-86402
2003 “The Hell Song” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 8’ (Warner) WTVD-61050
2003 “The Hell Song” on ‘American Wedding’ (Universal)
2004 “Open Your Eyes” on ‘Going the Distance’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Nettwerk)
2005 “Some Say” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes X’ (EMI) 41878
2005 “Killer Queen” on ‘Killer Queen A Tribute to Queen’ (Hollywood – JAPAN)
2005 “Noots”on ‘Fantastic Four – The Album [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Wind-up) 501311
2006 “Pieces” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

Gordy Hayman
(bass) / Byron O’Donnell (vocals) / Art Hine (guitar)  / Lynn Mooney (drums) / Craig Hayman (organ)
From Vancouver, British Columbia. The group was discovered by producer Stan Cayer of SGM Records. Cayer’s label was distributed through Lond Records and in 1970 the band released one single produced by Stan Cayer called “Change of Mind”. Five tracks were recorded in all, but a second single was rejected by London. The band broke up after a fight with their manager over money. with notes from Jamie Anstey.

Change of Mind/Livin’ Free (London) M-17397

Matt Murphy (guitar, vocals) / Drew Yamada (guitar, vocals) / Charles Austin (bass, vocals) / Lonnie James (drums) / Dave Marsh (drums)
The Super Friendz was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1993 by three students attending King’s College – Matt Murphy (ex-Blackpool), Charles Austin (ex-Al Tuck And No Action) and Drew Yamada. The trio performed with a series of temporary drummers including Chris Murphy (Sloan), Cliff Gibb (Thrush Hermit), and Dave Marsh. In 1994, the group released a cassette entitled ‘Sticktoitiveness’. The demo, which featured the single “By Request” which Chris Murphy helped get released on Sloan’s Murderecords label. This was followed by the 1995 debut album ‘Mock Up, Scale Down’ which sold poorly but received critical kudos and was a staple on East Coast College radio. In 1996 Super Friendz released a 10″ vinyl single entitled ‘Play the Game, Not Games’. Songs from the single were added to those on ‘Mock Up, Scale Down’ and re-issued stateside in 1997 under the title ‘Sticktoitiveness’ – a title re-used from their original demo. Following extended touring that year, they released the album ‘Slide Show’ featuring drummer Lonnie James (ex-Young Lions). The band broke up soon after; Matt Murphy formed The Flashing Lights, moonlighted in City Field and Cookie Duster, and starred in the film ‘The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico; Charles Austin is a recording engineer and producer in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Drew Yamada toured with Mike O’Neill and then pursued a post-secondary education; The band reunited in late 2002 and would release another album, ‘Love Energy’, that summer. They did a small Canadian tour in the Fall of that year. Another album was started in 2003 but has never materialized; In 2016 Murphy teamed up with his brother Chris (Sloan) and Mike O’Neill (The Inbreds) to form the band TUNS.

By Request (Murderecords) MUR-012
1996 Play the Game, Not Games [10″ EP] (Murderecords) MURD-024

Sticktoitiveness [cassette] (independent)
1995 Mock Up, Scale Down (Murderecords) MUR-017
1997 Slide Show (Murderecords) MUR-025
1997 Sticktoitiveness [compilation] (March – US) MAR-030
2003 Love Energy (Outside) 399001
2006 Sticktoitiveness [remastered 1994 demo]

Compilation Tracks
“Karate Man” on ‘This One’s Worth Saving’ (MCA) MCAD-9562
1996 “Blue Tattoo” on ‘A Tribute to Hard Core Logo’ (BMG) 142086
1997 “Ladies Man In Exile” on ‘Twisted’ [7″] (Poster Girl) PG-001
1998 “Karate Man” on ‘Losing Money & Losing Friends – The March Records Story (1992-1998)’ (March – US) MAR-026

A.C. Newman (vocals) / Keith Perry / Sean Elliott / Scott Gubbels / Mike Kerley / Mike Rohaly / Warren Westling
Superconductor was a loose ensemble from Vancouver, British Columbia formed by A.C. Newman and featuring members of Twerdocleb; Newman would go on to play in Zumpano and The New Pornographers.

1991 Murdelizer/Most Popular Man In the World (Scratch) No. 4
1992 Heavy With Puppy (Boner/Tupelo – US) BR-30
1995 The Strip Oracle/A Song for Europe (Mute America) 7006-7

Hit Songs For Girls (Boner/Tupelo – US) BR-40
1994 Anvil To the Fucking Head [8-track]  (TOSK – JAPAN) TOSK-6
1996 Bastardsong (Boner/Tupelo – US) BR-43

Compilation Tracks
“Debonair” on ‘Nardwuar The Human Serviette Presents…Clam Chowder & Ice Vs Big Macs & Bombers’ (Nardwuar) CLEO-4
1993 “I’m Going To Blow Your Fucking Head Off” on ‘Teenbeat 50’ (Matador) OLE-25
1996 “Tough Mentalness (What the World Needs)” on ‘Tinker Compilation’ (Tinker) TKR-7

Marco DiFelice (vocals) / Mike Palermo (guitar; 1995-1998) / Adam Mott (guitar) / Rob “Knuckles” Passero (bass) / Roger Habel Jr. (drums; 1995-2002) / Michael Rosenthal (drums; 2002)
Thorold, Ontario’s Supergarage – name after the auto shop that Palermo’s father owned – formed in 1995 and released their debut EP, ‘Duct Tape’, in 1996. The disc featured the radio hit “Post-Teen Crisis”. Their full-length self-titled debut was released in 1997 after being signed by Iron Music. Palermo left the band in 1998 to start his own music store called Mike’s Music. In early 2000, Supergarage released the album ‘Demolition’ and featured three video singles – “Cheryl”, “Five Year Rut” and “On a Summer Nite”. Original drummer Roger Habel Jr. left the band in 2002 to play in a number of cover bands. With the addition of Mike Rosenthal on drums, Supergarage released ‘Elvis Was Bigger Than the Beatles’ on Sextant Records. The album featured the single “Sugar” which received moderate rotation on Canadian radio. Supergarage toured with the likes of The Headstones, Big Sugar, I Mother Earth, Barstool Prophets, Matthew Good, Soul Asyulm, and Green Day among others.

Post-Teen Crisis (Iron Music/BMG)
2000 Cheryl (Iron Music/BMG)
2000 Five Year Rut (Iron Music/BMG)
2000 On a Summer Nite (Iron Music/BMG)
2003 Sugar (Sextant/EMI)

Duct Tape [7-song EP] (Supergarage) 7 77521 11092
1997 The Self-Titled Debut Album By (Iron Music/BMG) 51015
2000 Demolition (Iron Music/BMG) 50532 
2002 Elvis Was Bigger Than the Beatles (Sextant/EMI) SXT-CD-0018

Compilation Tracks
“Post-Teen Crisis” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Album Volume 16’ (MCA) Q-9561
2000 “Five Year Rut” on ‘A Little Bit of Canada’ (Bhurr) RCD-137

Industrial experimental music.

Live 1983 [cassette] (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Dead Dogs Don’t Talk (Live)” on ‘Cadavres Exquis’ (Chimmick Communications) CC-001

Mike Sayk (vocals) / Dave Dysart (guitar) / Shawn Crockard (guitar) / Jim McDowell (bass) / Claude Barnes (drums)
From Toronto, Ontario. The band featured Ten Commandments member Dave Dysart.

The Supreme Bagg Team (Og) OG-29

Compilation Tracks
“Flip Flip Flip” on ‘It Came From Canada Volume 3’ (Og) OG-13
1988 “Crankin’ With Elvis” on ‘Disgraceland’ (What Wave/CHRW) #3
1988 “Twentieth Century Dog-Faced Boy” on ‘It Came From Canada Volume 4’ (Og) OG-17
1989 “Crankin’ With Elvis” on ‘Mr. Garager’s Neighbourhood’ (Og) OG-21
1989 “If You Could Read My Mind” on ‘It Came From Canada Volume 5’ (Og) OG-25

Born: Guelph, Ontario
Patty Surbey was born in Ontario but grew up in the Fraserview war vets project in Burnaby, British Columbia. She attended David Thompson High School and by the age of 15 was a regular singer on the TV show ‘Let’s Go’ from Vancouver. Execs at Aragon Records signed her to a record deal and paired her with another of their artists Canadian V.I.P.’s. This rockabilly outfit found notoriety on the Canadian west coast – most notably from the timely 1964 track “I Want A Beatle For Christmas.” Moving to Sparton Records in 1965, the group released the rocker “Hey Boy,” but it failed to chart. In 1966, Surbey continued on ‘Let’s Go’ and also appeared with Kenny Colman, Gillian Russell and trumpeter Bobby Hales CBC-TV’s ‘Twelve For Summer’ variety show on July 2, 1966 performing Petula Clark’s “A Sign Of The Times.” She would appear again on the show June 18, 1967 with Pat Rose and Brian Griffiths. Between 1968 and 1970 Surbey was also in a group called The Numerality Singers (a splinter group of the UBC Choir). Patty Surbey would leave the music business in the late 1960s, move to Ontario, and become a Born-Again Christian. [also see THE CANADAN V.I.P.’S]


1964 A Beatle For Christmas/Christmas All Year ‘Round (Aragon) 45-AR-402A
1965 Hey Boy/Everyone I Know (Sparton) 4-1341R

Compilation Tracks

1985 “Hey Boy” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 1’ (Neptoon) VRCA-001
1985 “I Want A Beatle For Christmas” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 2’ (Neptoon) VRCA-002
2003 “Hey Boy”, “Everyone I Know”, “I Want A Beatle For Christmas”, and “Christmas All Year ‘Round” on ‘Real Gone Aragon: Roots Rockers & Rockabillies’ (Bear Family) BCD-16348-AH
2017 “(I Want) A Beatle For Christmas” on ‘Christmas Up North’ 10″ (RWA – GERMANY) ALP-10516

Alfie Zappacosta (vocals, guitar) / Steve Jensen (guitar) / Peter Currie (keyboards) / Paul Delaney (drums) / Jeff Waddington (bass) / Mitch Starkman (bass; replaced Waddington) / Peter Boynton (keys; replaced Currie) / Steve Sexton (keyboards; replaced Boynton) / Gerald O’Brien (keys; replaced Sexton) / Gerry Mosby (additional keys; 1982) / David Moyles (additional guitar; 1982) / Peter Goodale (additional keyboards; 1982) / Calvin Sauro (keys; 1982)
Surrender’s roots actually began as part of the disco/R & B act Janette Brant Lee which featured three female vocalists, a horn section and sequined three-piece jump suits. This three ring circus had become too much and some of the members decided to form an original rock and roll act by utilizing Zappacosta (vocals, guitars), Delaney (drums) and Jensen (guitar). With keyboardist Currie and bassist Waddington, they formed Surrender in 1979. After getting signed by Capitol Records they recorded their self-titled debut later that year which just barely cracked the RPM Top 100. After touring and several member changes, Surrender returned to a three-piece line-up of Zappacosta, Delaney, and Jensen. In September 1981 they released the EP ‘No Surrender’ which failed to chart despite the release of two singles – “It’s All Been Done Before” and “Start Again”. The trio trudged on despite resistance from Capitol who reluctantly agreed to another album, but shipped them off to LA to work with Ed Thacker to give them a beefer, more American sound. The resulting album was considered an unmitigated disaster and shelved, causing Surrender to disband. In 1983 Zappacosta began selling himself as a solo act and just as he was about to sign a management deal with American agents Leber-Krebs, he received a call from manager Lou Blair (Loverboy) who enticed Zappacosta back into the Canadian talent pool. With a fresh vision the new team decided to revive the finished Surrender album, but it needed an overhaul. With Dee Long (ex-Klaatu) and John Jones’ new ESP Studios on board the record was reworked and remixed by Long in three weeks. The 1984 result was named ‘Zappacosta’ and featured several members of Surrender (Steve Jensen, Paul Delaney and Gerald O’Brien) and guest appearances by Mitch Starkman and Jeff Jones (Red Rider) on bass and Gerry Mosby (The Hunt, Rhinegold) on background vocals. The album featured remakes of “It’s All Been Done Before” and “Start Again” and spawned several hit singles including the Bob Ezrin co-write “Passion”. The album landed Zappacosta a Juno Award for ‘Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year’. Delaney and Jensen stayed on as Zappacosta’s backing band with Jensen eventually joining the Carpet Frogs and later The Anger Brothers; Gerald O’Brien left Surrender to immediately tour with Klaatu and eventually formed his own jazz duo, Exchange, in L.A. with notes files from Alfie Zappacosta, Bruce McPhee, Mitch Starkman, and Anne Oakley. [also see ALFIE ZAPPACOSTA]

1979 Any Way You Want/Buddy (Capitol) 72811
1979 Some People/Find Your Way (Capitol) 72818
1982 It’s All Been Done Before/Strange, Strange Way (Capitol) 72894
1983 Start Again/Find Your Way (Capitol) 72898
1982 Hold Tight/Turn Down The Mission (Capitol) 72904

1979 Surrender (Capitol-EMI) ST-6467
1979 Anyway You Want/Buddy/Some People/Nicole (Capitol-EMI) SPRO-201
1982 No Surrender (Capitol-EMI) DLP-3002
2004 Surrender/No Surrender [CD re-issue] (EMI Canada) 40719

Compilation Tracks
“It’s All Been Done Before” on ‘Countdown’ (K-Tel) SL-8454

Rehgina (vocals) / Peter Murray (bass) / Norman Laco (guitar) / Dave Stevenson (drums)
Surrender Dorothy formed in 1987 when drummer Dave Stevenson asked Rehgina to sing lead for the band he was in at the time. Like most bands, though, it took a few years before they found the lineup that worked, involving Rehgina, Stevenson, bassist Peter Murray, and guitarist Norman Laco. In 1990 they got one of their demo recordings on CFNY’s Modern Rock album, and were a featured part of a Canadian music showcase in Texas in March 1991. In 1992, the band spent six months planning, gathering funds, and applying for (and receiving) financial assistance from FACTOR and SOCAN to do a short tour of Europe in the fall of that year. Arriving a week before their first gig, all the things that could go wrong did, but they got themselves sorted out during that week and proceeded to impress the European media and audiences alike. When they got home they made the record label rounds with the four-song demo they’d recorded before they left for Europe. One song, “…here’s my heart…”, was eventually released on a CD-single for radio, and appeared on the Bullseye Records Compilation “Unsigned, Sealed And Delivered Volume 5″, which received national distribution. Due to the success of the 1992 European tour, the band returned in the fall of 1993, once again to critical and public acclaim. Subsequent tours in 1994 and 1996 culminated in a licensing deal with Universal Music’s German office in 1996. Their debut CD, ‘Serum”, was co-produced with Toronto’s Matt Dematteo (Big Wreck, Ashley MacIsaac, Big Sugar) at Presence Sound. With notes from Peter Murray.

Here’s My Heart (independent)
1994 WEWN/Ja//Time and Place/Here’s My Heart (Wana) SDCD-002
1996 Alone/Wewn (Remix) [12”] (MCA) MCA-70904

Surrender Dorothy [4-song cassette] (Dorthomusic)
1997 Serum (MCA) MCD-70010

Compilation Tracks
“Here’s My Heart” on ‘CFNY’s Modern Rock Search ’90’
1992 “Here’s My Heart” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered – Volume 5: The Sonic Explosion’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4007

Kenny MacLean
(vocals, bass)
From Ajax, Ontario, the band featured future Deserters and Platinum Blonde member Kenny MacLean. He was asked to join the Deserters in 1980 (Johnnie Lovesin’s former backing band) and dissolved The Suspects. The B-side to their 1978 single, “Raining Over France,” would be reworked for the Deserters’ debut album on Capitol Records in 1981.

Overexposed/Raining Over France (Third Degree) SUS-001

Dave Wanless (vocals) / Dee Cernile (guitar) / Andy Frank (guitar)  / Shawn ‘TT’ Mahar (bass)  / Gregg Gerson (drums) / Mike Ferguson  (drums) / Tom Beaton (bass)
Niagara Falls and Hamilton’s Sven Gali was formed in 1987 as a regional cover band but soon began developing their own material. In 1989 they decided to get serious about their songwriting and began causing a buzz with frequent trips to LA where they often decapitated mannequins and trashed their instruments on stage — a court injunction was filed against them by Toys ‘R’ Us for the sale of T-shirts featuring the store’s logo and the words ‘Sex Toys ‘R’ Us’. This attracted a manager and when news finally filtered back to the labels, BMG was first in line with a record deal. Drummer Gregg Gerson was added and they were signed to BMG in 1991 and released their self-titled debut, produced by David Bendeth, in 1992 which featured the hits “Tie Dyed Skies” and “In My Garden” plus a remake of Teenage Head’s “Disgusteen”. Their 1995 sophomore effort, ‘Inwire’, showed a decided change of musical style, but Sven Gali had a difficult time extracting themselves from their image as a metal band. Mahar started his own clothing line and left the band in 1996 to go into film production. Sven Gali split up shortly thereafter. Cernile passed away after a three year fight with cancer on February 25, 2012.

1992 Under The Influence (Radio Edit)/Under the Influence (Album Version)/Freakz (BMG) KDCP-51101
1992 Under The Influence (Radio Edit)//Freakz/Body Count [12”] (Rock City/RCA – UK) CITY-01
1992 Tie Dyed Skies (BMG)
1992 Worms/Make Me [12”] (RCA – UK) MOUNTIE-01
1993 In The Garden (BMG)
1993 Love Don’t Live Here Anymore (BMG)
1993 Sweet Little Gypsy (BMG)
1994 Tie Dyed Skies [promo CD] (Labatt Genuine Draft)
1995 What You Give (Edit)/What You Give (Album Version) (BMG) RDJ-64397
1995 Keeps Me Down (Radio Version)/Keeps Me Down (Spacious Mix) (BMG) RDJ-64477

1992 Sven Gali (BMG)  211144
1995 Inwire (BMG) 212313

Dan Bejar (vocal, guitar) / Spencer Krug (keyboards, vocals) / Carey Mercer (vocals, guitar)
Victoria, British Columbia act formed in 2006 featuring Dan Bejar (New Pornographers, Destroyer), Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Sunset Breakdown, Moonface) and Carey Mercer (Frog Eyes, Blackout Beach, Breakwater, Republic of Freedom Fighters).

Beast Moans (Jagjaguwar) JAG-98
2009 Enemy Mine (Jagjaguwar) JAG-128

Compilation Tracks
“All Fires” on ‘Uncut: Wake Up! – 15-Track Guide to New North American Indie’ (Uncut – UK) UNCUT-2007-04
2007 “All Fires” on ‘Secretly Canadian + Jagjaguwar Sampler [Issue 251]’ (Sinedín – SPain) SM-103
2010 “All Fires” on ‘Heart and Soul’ (Uncut) UNCUT-2010-03

Guitarist/vocalist Toby Swann is originally from England and formed Toronto’s The Battered Wives in 1977 with Toronto natives Larry “Jasper” Klassen and Cleave Anderson. The Battered Wives gained a reputation on Queen Street as aggressive rabble rousers. Fellow Brit, John Gibb, a clothing boutique owner on Queen Street, had heard about the band through their reputation and managed to convince the members they needed him. Within a year they had signed with fledgling Bomb Records out of Toronto who released their first album, simply titled ‘The Battered Wives’, and they headed out on tour with Elvis Costello. But, it wasn’t long before women’s groups were down their backs for not only the name, but for their logo – a fist with lipstick smeared across the knuckles. The women’s groups began to picket every venue the band played and doing a set list featuring such tunes as “Uganda Stomp” (about Idi Amin) and “Lover’s Balls” didn’t sit well with the pre-PMRC parents groups either. Despite the controversy, or maybe because of it, the Battered Wives built up a huge following which managed to push the sales of the self-titled debut to gold status (50,000 copies) — an unprecedented event for a debut by a Canadian ‘New Wave’ group at the time. The continual upheaval and media spectacle was too much for Cleave Anderson and soon departed to beat the skins for The Sharks (with Sherry Kean). He was quickly replaced by Patrick Mooney. A second album was recorded, but Bomb Records had run out of money and the album sat for almost a year before they licensed it to Epic. However, Epic refused to release the disc unless the band changed their name to ‘The Wives’. Controversy or not, the album only sold 5,500 copies but still managed to win the band a Juno Award (a Canadian version of The Grammy) for ‘Best Album Graphics’. The Wives had seen no promotion on the western leg of their 1979 tour and asked to be released from their deal with Epic Records citing breach of contract. Ready Records were quick to pick up the newsworthy band and let them return the ‘Battered’ to their names for their 1980 album ‘Live On Mothers’ Day’. Alas, the punk hedonism was long gone and the industry failed to recognize the band and they split up. Swann moved on to both a solo career. He would have a seminal underground hit with ‘Lullabyes In Razorland’ and its slash-and-burn remake of the Judy Garland classic “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” through El Mocambo Records. He was also a founding member of Gamma Gamma. He now lives in Antigua. with notes from John Hamilton, Larry Klassen, Patrick Mooney, Cleave Anderson, Rick Perreault, Toby Swann, Peter Burnside. [also see THE BATTERED WIVES]

1980 Diamond World/Jonathan (El Mocambo)  ESMO-508
1981 Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Lullabyes In Razorland (El Mocambo)  ESMO-513
1981 Magic/You’re Wrong (El Mocambo)  ESMO-518

1981 Lullabyes In Razorland (El Mocambo)  ELMO-757
1986 Imaginary Angels [cassette] (El Mocambo)

Compilation Tracks
“Caught Being In Love” and “Lullabyes In Razorland” on ‘Hit Toons For Hip Teens!’ (El Mocambo) ELMO-760

Sharon Lee Williams (vocals) / Vivienne Williams (vocals) / Colina Philips (vocals)
Williams, Williams and Philips are legendary Canadian session singers who have performed on hundreds of Canadian recordings singing back up. Sway was a vehicle for the three singers who had No.7 hit with a remake version of a Club Med Resort television commercial theme song “Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)” which had originally been a hit for the French duo Ottawan in 1981. The record was produced by Carl Harvey (Crack of Dawn). The commercial helped propel both the Sway version and a re-issue of the Ottawan version up the charts through 1988.

Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)/Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) (Mixo Internationale)  (Virgin) VS-1418
1987 Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)//Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) (Mixo Internationale)/ Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) (Seven Inch Mix)  (Virgin) [12”] (Virgin) VSX-1418

Martha Bouchier (vocals) / Simon Bedford-James (guitar, vocals) / Saverio Schembri (guitar, vocals) / Austin So (bass) / Chong-Hye So (keyboards, vocals) / Nelson Pereira (guitar) / John McMahon (drums) / Jaimie Vernon (bass; 1986) / Craig Adams (percussion, vocals) / Domenic Whelan (drums; replaced McMahon; 1986-1987; 2006 – 2007) / Lenny Van Brugen (drums) / Kevin Croucher (bass; replaced So) / Sue McCluskey (guitar) / Martin Cooper (keyboards) / Todd Gemmill (drums; replaced Whelan 2007)
After struggling in the Scarborough, Ontario act Moving Targetz for two years, new management directives involving musical direction caused Bedford-James and Schembri to quit the group and form Swedish Fish in August 1985. Bedford-James switched from bass to guitar alongside Schembri, they added third guitarist Pereira, new bassist Austin So (ex-Moving Targetz), So’s sister Chong-Hye on keyboards and drummer John McMahon to round out the line-up. After working up several new songs, the band went to see Rick Winkle (Vital Sines) about recording a single at his Rhythms In Dark studio. Bedford-James took lead vocals on ‘Next Best Thing’, ‘She’d Rather Day’ and ‘Counting To Ten’ with additional backing vocals by friend Martha Bouchier. The record was released before Christmas on Moving Targetz’ Bullseye Records label. The band struggled with their line-up through early 1986 before it was decided that Bouchier should become the band’s lead vocalist. Pereira was gone as third guitarist and the line-up stabilized. By the Spring of 1986 the band returned to Rhythms In Dark with the intention of recording an entire album. They laid down eight songs over the next few months, but budgets were tight and only four tracks were released from the sessions to become the band’s second EP entitled ‘How Can You Sleep At Night?’. The single was met with critical acclaim from Music Express Magazine and began getting airplay on CFNY-FM and campus radio like CKLN, CIUT and CSCR in Scarborough, Ontario. The band would be nominated for a U-KNOW Award by CFNY that year. As the year wore on, Austin So was unable to dedicate his time to the band and returned to University. Moving Targetz’ Jaimie Vernon filled in on bass and percussionist Craig Adams was added to the line-up. Through the Fall of 1986 the band performed all over Toronto’s Queen Street circuit at The Cameron House, Branko’s, The Rivoli and other haunts  – including several Saturday shows in the short-lived London Calling boutique in the Queen Street Simpson’s Department store. A video for the radio played song ‘Innocents’ was filmed around Toronto but the footage was eventually lost during the editing phase. By early 1987, Austin So returned to the band and Vernon resumed leading Moving Targetz. Vernon also suggested that the band record their next record at Gary Brown’s Certain Circles Studio. Both bands shared rehearsal space and Swedish Fish started pre-production. They soon moved into the main studio and began recording their full-length release ‘Light Side of the Moon’ with producer Brian Gagnon (The Hunt, Frank Soda, Moving Targetz) . Bullseye was unwilling to press vinyl for a full-length release and it was issued on cassette later that year on as the band ranks were starting to splinter. Members came and went leaving only the core of Bedford-James, Bouchier and Schembri. But, by 1988 the band was in disarray and finally fell apart after appearances on CITY-TV’s ‘Toronto Rocks’; Bedford-James began recording a solo album under his stage name ‘Simon Truth’ with Brian Gagnon entitled ‘Shopping’ which was released in 1990. He assembled a team of former Swedish Fish alumni and toured with Moving Targetz under the name Simon Truth & The Last Band until 1991. Not long after he would join the band Made which ended up with a major label deal; Schembri left the music business to run a veterinary practice with his wife in Maple, Ontario; Bouchier became a hairstylist and works for radio host and punk Greg Dick at his salon in Yorkville Village in Toronto; Whelan joined The Mahones in 2001; In 2005, a Christmas party at Bouchier’s Toronto home found her, Bedford-James, Schembri and Vernon reminiscing about the old times and an impromptu acoustic jam sparked talk about a Swedish Fish reformation. By 2006 a new version of Swedish Fish had been assembled featuring Bouchier and Bedford-James plus late 1980s SF bassist Kevin Croucher and drummer Domenic Whelan (still doing double duty with The Mahones), Sue McCluskey on lead guitar and Martin Cooper on keyboards. Vernon was running Bullseye Records full-time at this point and offered to finance a reunion album of new material. The band set up shop at Steve Sherman Studio in Toronto (Sharon’SISTER, Drew Winter, Cats & Dogs) where the bed-tracks for the project were laid down. The remainder of the recording was completed with Brian Gagnon back at the helm. The album, ‘Dark Light’, was released in 2007 and gave the band impetus to resume playing live – including several International Pop Overthrow Toronto gigs at the Rivoli Club. Soon, Whelan left to join The Mahones and was replaced by Todd Gemmill. Another album was underway when old wounds surfaced and the band’s gigs and recordings began to grow farther apart. The group officially disbanded as a performing act the second time in January 2012. Bedford-James, McCluskey and Bouchier have since been finishing some incomplete recordings for digital release. The band’s song “Clever Girl” will be featured in the 2013 horror film ‘The Haunter’. A new studio album assembled from abandoned tracks between 2008 and 2011 was released under the title ‘More Than I Could Tell You’ in 2013. A long planned ‘best of’ is also in the works; In 2013 the band changed its name to The Snows. Simon Bedford-James quit the Snows in 2016 and formed Mr! Mouray with Domenic Whelan, Nelson Pereira, and Jaimie Vernon. The remainder of The Snows carried on as Standard Electric with notes from Simon-Bedford James and Martha Bouchier.

1985 She’d Rather Die [3 song EP] (Bullseye) SW-005
1986 How Can You Sleep At Night? [4 song EP] (Bullseye) SW-006

1987 Light Side of the Moon [cassette] (Bullseye) NOVA-003
2007 Dark Light (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4129
2013 More Than I Could Tell You (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Summers Needing” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered – In Pop We Trust: V2.2’ (Bullseye/Frontline) FL-804130

Country singer Jimmy Sweeney worked in Western Canada for Canadian Pacific Railway. After moving to Nashville he began writing and recording for a number of labels including Hickory, Chic, Date, and Parthenon before being picked up by Columbia under his real name in the late 1950’s. By the 1960s he began using the stage name Jimmy Bell professionally and had a hit in 1961 on the pop charts with “She Wears My Ring” which was released in Canada on the REO label. He returned to Hickory for his US singles. Bell left the entertainment business for a state government job. Bell died in the early 1990’s. with notes from Craig Coyle.

Deep Blues/I’ve Got a Woman’s Love (Hickory – US) 45-1004

Endless/Beloved (Parthenon – US) P-1800
The Question/These Tears (Chic – US) 45-1002
1957 Tica Boo/Bongo Olay (Chic – US) 45-1007

The Midnight Hour/Till the Right One Comes Along (Date – US) 1001
1958 Sick, Sick, Sick/Gonna Find My Sweetheart (Columbia) 4-41201
1958 It Wouldn’t Be the Same (Without You) (Columbia) 4-41262
1959 The Buzzard and the Owl/I’ll Follow You (Columbia) 4-41454

1960 Prayin’ For Someone To Love/ Whatcha Gonna Do About Me (Hickory – US)
1960 She Wears My Ring/Going Down To The River (Hickory – US) 45-1136
1961 She Wears My Ring/Going Down To The River (REO) 8543X
1961 Lunch In a Bucket/(Yes) Here I Go Again (Quality) 1338X
1961 Honey Bee/The Poorest Boy In Town (Hickory – US) 45-1156
1962 Your Skies Of Blue (Will Turn Gray On You)/Tomorrow Is A-comin’/ (Hickory- US)

Nick Gilder (lead vocals)  / Jim McCulloch (guitars) / John Booth (drums) / Brian McDonald (bass) / Budd Marr (bass; replaced McDonald) / Dan Gaudin (keyboards)  / Clark Perry (lead vocals; replaced Gilder 1976) / Bryan Adams (lead vocals; replaced Perry 1976)  / Skip Prest (guitar; replaced McCulloch 1976) / Chris Booth (lead vocals; replaced Adams 1977)  / Ron Gislason (guitar; replaced Prest 1978)
British-born Nick Gilder settled in Vancouver at a young age and after finishing high school, decided to pursue his love of singing. In the early 1970’s he and his writing partner Jim McCulloch put together their version of a glam band, Sweeney Todd, with John Booth, Budd Marr and Dan Gaudin. They hooked up with newly-arrived British producer Martin Shaer, who owned his own recording studio, and created the bed tracks for their first album. Shaer approached London Records about the band and London signed them in 1975. Their self-titled debut was released in 1975. The first single off the album, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Story”, failed to chart, but the follow-up, “Sweeney Todd Folder”, managed to make No.36 on the RPM Magazine Top Singles chart by March of 1976 which also drove the album sales to a modest 10,000 units. With the third single, “Roxy Roller”, released in May 1976 the song quickly rose to No.1 in Canada within weeks. This success caught the eye of Chrysalis Records in the US, who managed to lure Gilder and McCulloch away from the band. London Records pressed on releasing a fourth single – “Shut Up” – with little chart success and a fifth single – “Say Hello, Say Goodbye” – which ran out of steam while chasing Nick Gilder’s own single “She’s A Star (In Her Own Right)” into the Top 100. Clark Perry was brought in for lead vocal duties, and Skip Prest was recruited for guitar. At this point, the production company that Shaer worked for got into financial difficulties and handed over Sweeney Todd’s contract with them to him; he found himself owner of the band. Very quickly, however, it was discovered that Perry was not working out despite the re-charting of the “Roxy Roller” single which peaked at #90 in the US. In due time, 16-year-old Bryan Adams took over the vacant spot. How Adams joined is described differently by all involved – either he approached them or they approached him – but suffice to say that Shaer was impressed with his personality, his fledgling song-writing abilities and his ability to mimic Gilder’s vocal inflections down to the syllable. The youngster got the job. Into the studio went the new incarnation of the band, and the result was If Wishes Were Horses, which also featured three songs co-written by Adams. Despite a grueling touring schedule to promote a couple of singles (including the third re-issue of “Roxy Roller” which hit #99 on the US charts), including some dates with Trooper, the album failed to sell as well as the first ST album and late in 1977 Adams left the band. He was replaced by Chris Booth. Prest left shortly thereafter to work with the Rocket Norton Band, to be replaced by Grant Gislason, but this version didn’t last long and they called it quits in 1978.  Gilder would continue with a lengthy solo career; John Booth has been playing in cover band XLR8. The band re-united in 2000 and did a nostalgia tour across Canada. In 2007, Sweeney Todd – with Nick Gilder – headlined the Golden Spike Days Festival in Port Moody, British Columbia and again at the Merritt Mountain Musicfest in Merritt, British Columbia in 2008; McDonald died in December 2016. with notes from Leslie Charles and Nick Gilder. [also see BRYAN ADAMS, NICK GILDER]

1975 Rock ‘N’ Roll Story/Short Distance, Long Journey (London) L-2572
1976 Sweeney Todd Folder/Let’s All Do It Again (London) L-2583
1976 Roxy Roller (mono)/The Kilt [Nick Gilder vocal] (London) L-2590
1976 Roxy Roller/Rue De Chance [Clark Perry vocal] (London – US) L-244
1976 Roxy Roller (stereo)/Roxy Roller (mono) [Bryan Adams vocal] (London) 5N-244-DJ
1977 Say Hello, Say Goodbye (Long Version)/Say Hello, Say Goodbye (Short Version) (London) L-2609
1977 Shut Up/Wastin’ Time (London) L-2616
1977 Tantalize/Say Hello, Say Goodbye (London) L-2625
1977 If Wishes Were Horses/#5243605 Smith (London) L-2635
1977 Song For A Star/Shut Up (London) L-2652

1975 Sweeney Todd (London) PS-664
1977 If Wishes Were Horses (London) PS-694

Compilation Tracks
“Roxy Roller” on ‘Hit Machine’ (K-Tel) TC-234
1996 “Roxy Roller” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25

Perry Smith
(lead vocals) / Jean Piche (percussion, bass) / Dave Pickell (keyboards) / Jeffery Neill (guitar) / John Mitchell (backing vocals) / Kendra Sprinkling (backing vocals)
Vancouver, British Columbia studio project by Perry Smith recorded at Mushroom Studios. [also see PERRY SMITH]

I Can’t Dance/Step On It (Macdylan) WRC3-3937

Bobbi Dupont (lead vocals, percussion) / Curtis Lee (guitar, lead vocals) / Al Marnie (bass, backing vocals) / Sonny Milne (drums) / Gabor Szepesi (keyboards) / Phil Smith (keyboards, backing vocals; replaced Szepesi) / Bruce Barrow (bass; replaced Marnie 1977) / Don Lowe (drums; 1977)
Originally known as the Statlers, the band changed its name to Sweet Blindness (after their song of the same name) with the addition of American guitarist Curtis Lee in 1974. Szepesi and Milne joined shortly thereafter. Following their first self-titled album on Quality, they toured the Southern Ontario bar circuit after which Szepesi was replaced by former Statler Phil Smith in 1976. A second album followed at which time Marnie was replaced by Barrow for another tour. In recent years, Curtis Lee called Hawaii home where was the music director for the Unity Church of Maui for 20 years. He passed away June 14, 2022 in Maui after suffering a stroke between cancer treatments.

1975 Cowboys To Girls/Give It To You Right Now (Quality) 2150
1975 National Poddy/Québec (Quality) 2196
1977 Special Arrangement/Something For You (Quality) Q-2224
1977 Sunshine, Sunshine/Raincheck (Quality) 2233-X

1975 Sweet Blindness (Quality) SV-1923
1977 Energize (Quality) SV-194

Compilation Tracks
“Cowboys to Girls” on ‘Block Buster’ (K-Tel) TC-229
1976 “Cowboys to Girls” on ’36 Super Greats’ (K-Tel) TC-235
1978 “Sweet Blindness (Music You Can Ride On)” on ‘Love Express’ (Quality) SV-2014

Born: Skye Alexandra Sweetnam on May 5, 1988 in Bolton, Ontario
Skye Sweetnam grew up in Bolton, Ontario where she studied dancing and began singing at the age of 5. In her early teens she began writing songs and would record demos at the local music school Rumball Music Studios. Though she was a Regional Arts Program student at Mayfield Secondary School in Brampton, Ontario, she dropped out at the beginning of Grade 9 to pursue a career in singing and acting. With the help of producer and instrumentalist, James Robertson they recorded an album entitled ‘Noise From the Basement’ which was picked up by EMI Canada in 2003. The first single “Billy S.” was released July 2003 which appeared on the soundtrack to the movie ‘How to Deal’ and became a chart hit in Canada. Two more singles were released and Sweetnam found herself on tour in Europe and North America opening shows for Britney Spears. Sweetnam was soon writing and recording material for Disney’s TV channel which included theme songs for ‘The Buzz On Maggie’, ‘Wayside’, and Radio Free Roscoe’. Sweetnam was soon signed to Paul McCartney’s publishing empire MPL for worldwide representation. In 2006, she provided the singing voice for Barbie in ‘The Barbie Diaries’ for her songs “Girl Most Likely To”, “Note to Self”, “Real Life” and “This Is Me”. Her sophomore album, ‘Sound Soldier’ was released in October 2007 which featured the single “Human”. The video was nominated for a 2008 MuchMusic Video Award for ‘Best Cinematography’. The follow-up single was “(Let’s Get Movin’) Into Action”. She also directed two music videos with “Music Is My Boyfriend” and “Babydoll Gone Wrong”. Several more singles were spawned from ‘Sound Soldier’ through 2009 and 2010.Sweetnam recorded “Lava Rock” for ‘Super Monkey Ball: Step & Roll’ and provided vocals for a song on Jun Senoue’s album ‘The Works’. She also directed a music video for Leah Daniels’ song “Northern Señorita”, and for Ashes’ song “Explode (Makes My Head)”. She also co-wrote two songs for Ashes.Sweetnam began working on new music in 2009, also forming a new band, Sumo Cyco. They are a four piece metalcore band who opened for Hollywood Undead in Toronto in April 2011. Sweetnam now goes by the name Sever, which is her current alter-ego. As of July 2012, Sumo Cyco has released six singles: “Mercy”, “Limp”, “Interceptor”, “Danger”, “Loose Cannon” and a cover of Oingo Boingo’s “Who Do You Want To Be?”. With each new song, Sumo Cyco directs and puts together their own music videos to their YouTube channel which as of April 2012 received over a million views. The song “(Let’s Get Movin’) Into Action” was used in an episode of ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, and in the films ‘Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach’, ‘Hotel for Dogs’ and the Selena Gomez film ‘Ramona and Beezus.’

Billy S./Wild World (Capitol) 724355337923
2004 Tangled Up In Me (Capitol) DPRO-7087
2004 Heart of Glass (Radio Edit) (Capitol – France)
2005 Number One (Capitol) DPRO-7087
2005 Superstar (Capitol)
2007 Human (EMI)
2007 Into Action (Tim Armstrong)/Into Action (Skye Sweetnam) (Capitol)
2008 (Let’s Get Movin’) Into Action (EMI)

3 Song Demo (independent)
2004 Noise From the Basement (Capitol) 81681
2004 B-sides [2-song EP] (Capitol)
2007 Sound Soldier (EMI) 37553

Compilation Tracks
“Billy S.” on ‘Now! 8’ (EMI) 591083
2004 “Why Doesn’t Santa Like Me?” on ‘Radio Disney – Jingle Jams’ (Walt Disney) 61191
2005 “Part of Your World” on ‘Disney Mania 3’ (Walt Disney) 861248
2005 “Tangled Up In me” on ‘Now That’s What I Call Music! 18’ (Sony)
2006 “Real Life” on ‘MPL Presents Groundbreakers – Songwriter Series 2’ (MPL) MQF-624

Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Though she was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Gwen Swick’s father was in the Canadian Armed Forces and so she lived and traveled throughout Canada while growing up. Although known primarily as a songwriter and vocalist, Swick’s musical background includes guitar and electric bass, viola da gamba and East Indian singing. In addition to her solo career, she also recorded five albums during the early 1990s with the traditional folk trio Tamarack. In 1997, she joined Sylvia Tyson, Cindy Church and Caitlin Hanford in the popular vocal group Quartette following the death of member Colleen Peterson. Constant recording and touring as a solo act and with other groups has put Swick on stage at international festivals and concert halls across Canada and Europe, including Germany’s Women in (E)Motion Festival, Dawson City Folk Festival, Edmonton Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival and many others. Her music has been featured in a number of movie soundtracks for the National Film Board of Canada and Hollywood-style productions including “I Should Feel Empty” from ‘Talk to Strangers’ (starring Antonio Banderas and Rebecca DeMornay). The song “Call” was written for Terrance Odette’s award-winning Canadian feature ‘Heater’. Her music has also been choreographed for dance and stage productions. Swick has been a guest on many CBC Radio shows including ‘Morningside’ with Peter Gzowski, ‘Swinging On a Star’ with Murray McLachlan, ‘Vinyl Cafe’ with Stuart McLean, ‘Heartland’ and ‘Performance’. Swick works as a writer, vocal arranger and singer for other recording artists and vocal groups (Jeffery Hatcher, Mendelson Joe). She has written and arranged music for children in dramatic performances, and conducted songwriting workshops for children. [also see QUARTETTE]

Here I Stand

Gwen Swick
1995 A Pebble of Mercy (Gudney Eylin) GER-2008
2002 Love and Gold (Spin/Page/EMI) SP-20014

I See a Star (Outside) 339017
2007 Down At the Fair

Compilation Tracks
“Song For A Winter’s Night” on ‘Beautiful: A Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot’ (Borealis) BCDN-BM500

Hamilton, Ontario singer-songwriter Tomi Swick had mastered several musical instruments by the age of 13 including the bagpipes, military drums, piano and guitar. When he was 19 he joined his first band but after a short time decided to pursue a solo career. IN 2006 Warner Music began to take an interest in Swick and added his song “A Night Like This” to the label’s compilation album ‘From the Heart’. The song was sent to radio and became a Top5 hit at Canadian A/C stations. Warner committed to a full album and later that year Swick’s debut, ‘Stalled Out in the Doorway’, entered the Canadian album chart at No.77. The singles “Everything Is Alright” and “Sorry Again” followed and garnered Swick’s videos for the songs some moderate airplay on MuchMusic and MuchMoreMusic. He promoted the release with a five-week tour as opening act for The Barenaked Ladies in January and February 2007. In April that year Swick won a ‘New Artist of the Year’ JUNO Award. His selt-titled sophomore album was released in March 2012.

A Night Like This
2006 Everything Is Alright
2006 Sorry Again
2006 Easy Company

Stalled Out In the Doorway (Warner) 2- 63611
2006 Come In 2’s [5-song EP] (Warner) 2-63119
2012 Tomi Swick (Warner) 807857
2016 The Yukon Motel (Tomi Swick) 99788

Compilation Tracks
“Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” on ‘Now! Christmas 3’ (Warner) 931514

Ivan Judd
(vocals) / Tim James (bass, backing vocals) / Jim Greeley (drums; 1980-1981) / Jaimie Vernon (guitar, backing vocals) / Jason Clarke (drums; 1981-1984) / Cleave Anderson (drums; 2011)
Swindled’s roots were showing as early as May ’80 when bassist Tim James asked Elysium Moon’s prog-rock guitarist, Jaimie Vernon, to join Swindle — a Pickering, Ontario punk band. Vernon had been in high school with James and drummer Jim Greeley at Lester B. Pearson Collegiate in Scarborough. Vocalist Ivan Judd had the pedigree of a proto-punk growl having fronted and been booted out of his own band, DOLE-Q, for that old standby excuse – for musical reasons. Swindle floundered for a year and only managed two live gigs later – including an ironic opening slot with Judd’s DOLE-Q cohorts (renamed Nasty Habitz) at the infamous Larry’s Hideaway in Toronto. It was decided at this time that Greeley needed to be replaced. After short stints with several auditionees, including a convicted felon from a prominent bike gang, Tim James stumbled upon fellow Pearson alumnus Jason “Jay” Clarke (Black Haven) during a Frank Zappa concert at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens and was quick to join. The newly re-christened SWindleD envisioned a world dominated by Buzzcocks and Dead Kennedys Top-40 radio. A rapid-fire delivery – giving them the illustrious title of “fastest band in Toronto” – and a heavy political stance (cf The Clash) jettisoned them into the Toronto club scene in December 1981. They played a flurry of gigs at Larry’s Hideaway, The Turning Point, The Beverley Tavern, and The Cabana Room, with the likes of VITAL SINES, Brian Taylor’s Youth Youth Youth, The Ugly Models, The Young Lions, Steve Cameron’s Doomed Youth, and a fledgling Blibber & The Ratcrushers. This was followed by recordings of the gonzo anti-gun anthem “Who Wants Guns?” and the anti-Falwell punkabilly ditty “Hymn No. 84″ in March 1982. With the release of the 7” single in May ’82, the tide was turning — James, who had been orchestrating gigs and political agendas, was soon being pressured by his peers to conform. With a change of name, Cambodians On Safari, they tried again with a new image and stage show: ‘Apocalypse Now – The Musical’. James then tried to implicate the band in anti-nuclear protests against Litton Industries – a movement that would lead the Squamish Five to bomb Litton in western Canada and spend years in prison. But, it was too late. SWindleD polarized and collapsed under a clash of ideologies and bad fashion choices; despite James’ charismatic allure, Clarke, Vernon and Judd walked out in August of 1982. The remaining trio would go on to form a six piece act called Youth In Asia that lasted a year. During the band’s one and only gig Clarke and Vernon quit to form Moving Targetz with Simon Bedford-James (Made) and, eventually, Bullseye Records of Canada. Judd would re-team with James who had stolen several members of Blibber & The Ratcrushers (including future Good Brothers member Travis Good) to form Was Ist Los? Five years later Judd is asked to be the new vocalist for Targetz to rejuvenate the band. While in search of new members to complete yet another band makeover, ‘Maximum Rock ‘N’ Roll’ magazine digs through the vaults and does a review of Swindled’s “Who Wants Guns? single. They review it favourably and Judd and Vernon start getting attention from the punk community about this long dead act (including the Dean of Hardcore himself, Jello Biafra, of the Dead Kennedys). Judd and Vernon hastily assembled some friends, not entirely interested in joining a punk outfit, but willing to have some fun and the result was a brash and crass 4-track cassette called McJesus which entertained as it offended — a true punk rock standard. The 7” was repackaged along with the tape and the reviews from the underground were favourable. The cash was thin in coming but the vindication of not gaining respect the first time around was reward enough. Meanwhile, original SWindleD bassist, Tim James, joined Toronto’s Jughead and co-wrote “The Hockey Song” immortalized at Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games. Two bands have also gone on to record cover versions of Swindled songs: Moving Targetz (“Nazi Dog”) and Sulpher (“Possession” and “Nazi Dog”). In 1998 “Who Wants Guns?” made an appearance on a set of punk vinyl bootlegs called “Killed By Death” in Europe. Fast forward 30 years…Vernon has been financially ruined in the recession as is his 25 year old record label Bullseye. James and Judd help him out with a fundraising show at Toronto’s Black Swan in March of 2011. They manage to get Battered Wives/Blue Rodeo/Sharks drummer Cleave Anderson to learn the old Swindled catalog of songs and the night turns in a success. The band decided to stay together as the political messages from their Reagan-era rants remain as relevant and vital as ever. University of Toronto radio station CIUT’s punk show ‘Equalizing Distort’ has them on the air for an interview and performance the week of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s third term in office. The band then decided the recordings were good enough to release. Several gigs later, Swindled’s long-awaited debut album ‘It’s Only Peace That You Want, It’s Only War That You Get’ is released on Vernon’s revived Bullseye Records label in July 2011. The band played several dates in Toronto in the Fall of 2011 with Boneyard Graveyard, Arson and Slander among others; Vernon is currently a member of Mr! Mouray and continues releasing solo material. with notes from Jaimie Vernon, Tim James and Ivan Judd. [also see JAIMIE VERNON]

1982 Who Wants Guns?/Hymn No.84 (Swindled Music Stuff) SW-001
1988 Who Wants Guns?/Hymn No. 84 [re-issued] (Bullseye) SW-001
[single was also included with some copies of the Frank Manley book “Smash The State“]

1984 Okay! That’s Enough [cassette] (YIA) NOVA-001
1988 McJesus [cassette] (Bullseye) NOVA-004
2011 It’s Only Peace That You Want, It’s Only War That You Get (Swi-Fi/Bullseye)

St. Catharine’s, Ontario native Kurt Swinghammer is a musician and multi-media artist who spent the majority of the 1980s honing his guitar playing and songwriting skills on half-a-dozen self-produced demo tapes. Following a short stint doing artwork for and performing in Toronto band Vital Sines, Swinghammer produced his old friend Ron Sexsmith’s first cassette, ‘There’s A Way’ in 1987. After successfully managing college and CFNY-FM commercial radio play for his ‘PoMo A Gogo’ independent cassette, he would re-release the album on CD through Fringe Product in 1991 which earned him an appearance on the cover of ‘NOW magazine’ and earned him a feature story on the TV show ‘New Music’. That year he composed the score for Kevin McMahon’s feature documentary ‘The Falls’ which received a premiere Gala screening at the Toronto Film Festival and was broadcast on Channel 4 in England. In July of 1991 he performed with his band (Glenn Milchem, John Gzowski and Victor Bateman) as part of the Canadian Showcase at the New Music Seminar in New York City which was also  broadcast live on CFNY-FM in Toronto. In 1992 Swinghammer created the theme music for the City TV series ‘Media Television’. During a 1993 interview appearance by figure skater Karen Magnussen on the talk show  ‘Friday Night with Ralph BenMurgui’, Swinghammer would perform his ode to Magnussen, “Canada’s Sweetheart” with The Shuffle Demons backing him. In 1995 Swinghammer co-wrote a song with Alanis Morrisette and would accompany Ron Sexsmith on the singer-songwriter’s first European tour. Swinghammer then played with Melanie Doane at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas in the summer of 1996. He then played several shows on the 1997 Lilith Fair as guitarist for the Wild Strawberries. A recording of one of their performances, with Sarah McLauchlan sitting in with the band would be released on a subsequent Lilith Fair compilation CD. Swinghammer was enlisted in 1999 to play guitar on Ani DiFranco’s album “To the Teeth” recorded at Daniel Lanois’ Kingsway Studio in New Orleans. Swinghammer would then open shows for her in Austin, Dallas and Houston, Texas. His 1999 CD, ‘Vostok 6’, was an hour long concept album inspired by Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. The album was mixed by JUNO Award winning producer Michael Phillip Wojewoda and features guest appearances by Tyler Stewart (Barenaked Ladies), and CityTV’s late newscaster Mark Daily. Swinghammer has written over 500 songs, scored several feature films, composed TV themes and commercials, produced and arranged CD’s of his own material and of other artists, performed internationally as a solo act and in numerous bands, and appeared as a session musician for over 40 releases by other artists. Swinghammer’s artwork was the basis for the rebranding image of former music retail giants Sam The Record Man – gracing their store signage, T-shirt swag, and even the polybags customers would carry their purchases in. with notes from Kurt Swinghammer. [also see VITAL SINES]

1984 This Is Culture [cassette] (independent)
1985 Play [cassette] (independent)
1985 Talking With My Hands [cassette] (independent)
1986 Chemistry [cassette] (independent)
1987 The Fair [cassette] (independent)
1988 #12 [cassette] (independent)
1988 Double Sided Tape[split w/HAPPY AS HELL] [cassette] (independent)
1990 Solo PoMo A GoGo [cassette] (independent)
1991 PoMo A GoGo [re-issue] (Fringe Product) FPD-3109
1999 Vostok 6 (Righteous Babe)  RBR-022

Compilation Tracks
“Canada Ha Ha” on ‘In Demand’ (Demand) D-01
1992 “Alternative Radio D.J.” on ‘Indie-Can ‘92’ (Intrepid) CD-51992
1992 “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio” on ‘Back To the Garden: A Tribute To Joni Mitchell’ (Intrepid/Capitol) N21-0016
1992 “Canada’s Sweetheart (The Karen Magnussen Song)” on ‘Canada Bittersweet (Word of Mouth)
1994 “All I Want For Christmas” on ‘A Canadian Christmas’ (Nepotism)
2000 “Blue” and “Vostok 6” on ‘Free Air – Righteous Babe Records Sampler 2000’ (Righteous Babe) PRO-20221
2001 “The First” on ‘Free Space – Righteous Babe Records Sampler 2001’ (Righteous Babe) PRO-20251
2003 “All I Want For Christmas” on ‘Groovy Mondays’ (GM) GM-2003

Mad Child [aka Shane Bunting]
(1996–present) / Prevail [aka Kiley Hendriks] (1992–present) / Moka Only [aka Daniel Denton] (1992–1996, 2002–2005) / Easy Roc (1996–1998) / Zodak (1996-1999) / Rob the Viking [aka Robin Hooper] (2002–present)
Vancouver, British Columbia rap act Swollen Members was formed in 1995 by rappers Mad Child, Prevail and Moka Only. Mad Child had been living in San Francisco, California working under the pseudonym What The Hell but returned to Vancouver when his finances ran low. He soon met Prevail and Moka Only and together they pooled their resources to form Swollen Members. In 1996, Mad Child and Prevail attended the annual B-Boy Summit in San Diego, California, where Mad Child won several rap battles and Swollen Members soon became officially affiliated with legendary rap team Rock Steady Crew. Man Child’s Battleaxe Records fronted the release of three 12″ singles from 1997 thru 1999. By November 1999 Swollen Members had assembled the full-length album, ‘Balance’, featuring collaborations with Everlast, Divine Styler, and Dilated Peoples. With instant critical acclaim, the independent album would sell nearly 50,000 copies in Canada. The band re-issued the album in 2000 which won a JUNO Award in 2001 for ‘Best Rap Recording’. Swollen Members’ sophomore album, ‘Bad Dreams’, was released in November 2001, and featured appearances from Chali 2na (Jurassic 5), Son Doobie, Joey Chavez, and the return of former group member Moka Only. The group won its second JUNO Award for ‘Best Rap Recording’ and four MuchMusic Video Awards including ‘Best Rap video’, ‘Best Director’ (for “Fuel Injected”), ‘MuchMusic VideoFACT Award’ and ‘Best Independent Video’. In 2002 the group released an album of B-sides and outtakes (along with three new songs including “Breathe” with Nelly Furtado) entitled ‘Monsters In the Closet’ with returning member Moka Only and new member Rob The Viking. In 2003, the band released the album ‘Heavy’. Several of their songs would also be featured in the video game ‘SSX3’. The following year their tune “Bottom Line” was used in both the ‘WWE Day of Reckoning’ and ‘WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw’ video games. Swollen Members would win their third JUNO Award for ‘Rap Recording of the Year’ (‘Monsters In the Closet’ and the COCA Campus Entertainment Award for ‘Entertainer of the Year’. They would also take home two Western Canadian Music Awards for ‘Rap/Hip Hop Recording (‘Monsters In the Closet’) and ‘Outstanding Video’ (for “Breathe” featuring Nelly Furtado). The album ‘Heavy’ would win a Western Canadian Music Award for ‘Rap/Hip Hop Recording’ the following year. In 2005, Moka Only left the group again to return to his solo career. In 2006 Swollen Members released their fifth full album ‘Black Magic’ featuring the summer single “Put Me On” featuring Everlast. In the fall of 2006 their deal with Nettwerk Management was abruptly severed when the company learned of Mad Child’s association with the Hell’s Angels. The group won their fourth JUNO Award for ‘Rap Recording of the Year’ for ‘Black Magic’ in 2007. In October 2009 the new album ‘Armed To the Teeth’ would be the first release on the group’s new label Suburban Noize Records. The album would feature collaborations with La Coka Nostra, Talib Kweli, Tech N9ne, Tre Nyce, and a return of Moka Only on the song “Red Dragon”. Swollen Members also embarked on a North American tour with Australian Hip-Hop act Bliss ‘n’ Eso. Swollen Member’s next album, ‘Dagger Mouth’, was released in April 2011 and featured the singles “Mr. Impossible” and “Bring Me Down” (featuring rapper Saigon). In August 2011 the group released the first of two archival projects entitled ‘Monsters 2’. In December they released ‘1997’ featuring previously unreleased early recordings including the song “Canada 3000” featuring rap act Dilated Peoples. In August 2012, Swollen Members recorded the song “Lost In the Music” with the Insane Clown Posse for a compilation album; all the members of Swollen Members have released solo albums; Moka Only and Mad Child also released on album in 2001 under the name Perfect Strangers; Prevail, Moka Only and Abstract Rude released one album under the name Code Name: Scorpion in 2001.

Shatter Proof/Consumption/Sunburn/Paradise Lost (Battleaxe) BAR-1001
1997 S & M On the Rocks/Committed/My Advice/Left Field [featuring Del The Funky Homosapien, Funkdoobiest, Mix Master Mike] [12″] (Battleaxe) BAR-1002
1999 Strength/Out of Range/Bless and Destroy/Bottle Rocket [12″] (Battleaxe) BATTLE-XR1
1999 Front Street/Counter Part [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-004
2000 Lady Venom/New Details [12″] (Battleaxe) BAX-5005
2000 Camouflage/Members Only [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-1014
2001 Full Contact/Take It Back [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-1015
2001 Deep End (Battleaxe)
2001 Temptation/Dark Riders [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-1019
2002 Fuel Injected/Lady Venom [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-1027
2002 Bring It Home/Freak Fantastic/Heavy Thinkers [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-1031
2002 Steppin’ Thru/Battleaxe Exclusive [12″] (Battleaxe) 320531
2003 Freak Fantastic/Against All Odds [12″] (HipHopSite.com) HHS-0001
2003 Watch This/Remember the Name [12″] (Battleaxe) BX-1035
2006 Black Magic (Clean)/Too Hot (Clean)/Swamp Water (Clean)/Sound Bites (Swamp Water) (Battleaxe) BAX-2039
2006 Too Hot (Clean Version)/Weight (Clean Version) (Battleaxe) BA-2281
2006 Put Me On/Too Hot/Anything [w/Everlast] (Battleaxe) BA-2282
2011 Mr. Impossible (Suburban Noize)
2011 Bring Me Down (Suburban Noize)

Balance (Battleaxe) BAX-1001
2001 Bad Dreams (Battleaxe) BAX-1009
2002 Monsters In the Closet (Battleaxe)  BAX-1013
2002 Monsters In the Closet Instrumentals (Battleaxe) BAX-1015
2002 Bad Dreams Instrumentals (Battleaxe) BAX-1019
2003 Heavy (Battleaxe) BAX-1028
2003 Heavy Instrumentals (Battleaxe) BAX-1031
2006 Black Magic (Battleaxe) BA-2280
2009 Armed To the Teeth (Suburban Noize) BAT-136
2010 Greatest Hits: Ten Years of Turmoil (Suburban Noize) BAT-180
2011 Dagger Mouth (Suburban Noize) BAT-274
2011 Monsters II (Suburban Noize) BAT-303
2011 1997 (Suburban Noize) BAT-360
2012 Beautiful Death Machine (Suburban Noize)

Compilation Tracks
“Watch This” on ‘Going the Distance’ [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Nettwerk)
2006 “Lady Venom” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829

Rick Hughes
(vocals) / Dan Hughes (drums) / Mike Larock (bass) / Mike Plant (guitar) / Jeff Salem (drums; replaced Dan Hughes)
Sword was formed in St. Bruno-de-Montarville, Québec in 1980 by brothers Rick and Dan Hughes. The band struggled on the heavy metal club circuit for years before being signed to Aquarius Records in 1986 based on a two-song demo. They released their debut album, ‘Metalized’, the same year. Their sophomore release was ‘Sweet Dreams’ in 1998. The band managed to open shows for Metallica (‘Master of Puppets’ tour), Alice Cooper, Motorhead, and Metal Church. Eventually Dan Hughes was replaced by drummer Jeff Salem. When the band finally imploded in 1990, Rick Hughes and Salem formed Saints & Sinners; Sword reunited and performed a handful of shows in August 2012.

Demo ’86 [2-song cassette] (independent)
The Trouble Is (Aquarius) Q1-16047

Metalized (Aquarius) AQR-541
1988 Sweet Dreams (Aquarius) AQR-553
2006 The Best of Sword  (Aquarius) Q2-630

Compilation Tracks
“Sweet Dreams” on ‘Now That’s What I Call Metal’ (Roadrunner – GER) RR-9385

Gene Kirby (vocals) / Hank Levant (vocals) / Les Leigh (vocals) / Stephanie Taylor (vocals) / Vern Kennedy (vocals)
Features Stephanie Taylor (ex-The Willows) plus Leigh and Kennedy formerly of Six People. [also see STEPHANIE TAYLOR, LES LEIGH]

Flap Flap/Ocho Rios (Ampersand) 477-601

Bright Down The Middle (Ampersand) 477-1602

Bernie Carlos
(guitar, vocals) / J.K. Blackjack (bass) / Wayne Simpson (drums) / “Gunner” San Augustin (bass) / Ray Cincinnato (drums) / Steve Ferguson (drums) / Steve “Shmingy” Binder (drums)
Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1981.

1985 Turn the Fire (Metal Blade) MBR-1038
1988 Wings of Change (Loudspell) LOU-001

Compilation Tracks
“You’ve Got The Power” on ‘Moose Molten Metal Vol. 2 (Capitol) SQ-6540

Bob Sylum (lead vocals) / Garry Flint (drums) / Greg Flint (keyboards) / Darrell Flint (bass) / John Escapa (guitar) / John James (saxophone)
Bob Sylum and his Rocky Horror inspired outcasts – which included the brothers Flint from Terraced Garden – created what Sylum called ‘new metal’ or ‘heavy wave’. Having landed themselves on Toronto radio station Q107’s ‘Homegrown’ series of albums in 1983, they were signed to Tom Berry’s Alert label. Alas, their reputation for outrageous stage theatrics failed to turn a 1985 self-titled album and several singles into record sales, even with the experienced production work by Nick Blagona (Deep Purple). They were dropped by Alert at which time Bob Sylum decided to fire his entire band and formed a new one in 1986. This line-up had demos produced by Kenny MacLean (Platinum Blonde, Deserters) and was engineered by Juno award winner Heywood Parrott. The new band re-emerged on the west coast, downplaying the theatrics, but Sylum’s reputation as outlandish and not quite accessible preceded him. Bob Sylum died in the early 1990’s; John James went on to have a rather successful career as a solo artist with Attic Records; Escapa and Garry Flint would form BAD and released an independent single in 1986. Flint eventually ended up in Images In Vogue. [also see BAD, JOHN JAMES]

1985 I’m Impressed/I’m On the Martian’s Side (Alert) BDS-506
1985 I’m Impressed (Dance Mix)//I’m On the Martian’s Side/I’m Impressed (Single Edit) (Alert) MBD-005
1985 Mistakes of the Heart/You Keep The City Awake (Alert) BDS-509
1985 Break Down the Wall/Sing Along With Me (Alert) BDS-511


1985 Sylum (Alert) BD-1002

Compilation Tracks
“Beauty Kissed, I’m On Fire” on ‘Q107 Homegrown – Volume 5’ (Attic) ATT-1225

Born: Scott Bradshaw in Brantford, Ontario
Scott Bradshaw left his hometown of Brantford, Ontario when he was 20 and began performing at open stages on Toronto’s Queen Street West in the 1980s. He formed an ad hoc band of rotating players (including Ian Blurton, John Borra, Terry Carter and Don Kerr among others) called The Sympathy who frequently played at William New’s weekly Elvis Mondays shows. He would shorten his name to just Scott B. and together the entire unit was dubbed Scott B. Sympathy. However, the media continually cited Bradshaw as Scott B. Sympathy – the person – and numerous attempts to correct them failed. Bradshaw eventually just adopted the name as his own. The first album in 1990 was the pun-titled ‘Neil Yonge Street’ utilizing all of Bradshaw’s music allies including Alisdair Jones and Willie P. Bennett. 1993 saw the release of the follow-up album ‘Drinking with the Poet’ which found airplay at campus radio stations while MuchMusic rotated the video for the title track. Bradshaw had nailed down a more stable line-up of Gary Robertson (guitar), Ron Bock (bass), and Dave O’Sullivan (drums). This line-up would record 1996’s ‘Long Way Down’ under the name The Sympathy which was picked up by True North Records. Alas, lack of promotion eventually took the steam out of the band and the touring group fell apart. Bradshaw’s final album under the Scott B. Sympathy moniker was ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ (a reference to Schubert’s famous “Unfinished Symphony”). The album would eschew his long-time band – with the exception of Gary Robertson – and instead feature contributions from Ashley MacIsaac, Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo), David Baxter (Sherry Kean), Tyler Yarema, Vaughn Passmore, Michelle Josef (Bob Snider, Willie P. Bennett_, Oh Susanna, and Cindy Church. The album was released in 1998 on Bobby Dazzler Records in 1999. Bradshaw would move on to join Strato-Chief next; the first two Scott B. Sympathy releases were re-issued digitally by Curve Music in 2021. [also see STRATO-CHIEF]

Scott B. Sympathy [4-song cassette] (Smokeshow)
1990 Neil Yonge Street (Smokeshow) Smoke-1
1993 Drinking With the Poet (Fringe Product) FPD-3121
1998 Unfinished Sympathy (Bobby Dazzler) BODA-001

Long Way Down (True North) TNSD-0130

Home Movies (independent) SB-005

Timo Laine (guitar, vocals) / John Lowery (drums) / David Stone (keyboards)
A short lived progressive rock ensemble who were signed to a six-figure deal by A & M Canada. They released one album and played a few profile shows around Southern Ontario before calling it a day. David Stone would go on to be in the 1977-1978 version of Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow and following that, US act OAK; Timo Laine followed Symphonic Slam with a dance record under the name TIMO entitled ‘S.S. II’ on Nick Panaseiko’s Lady Records. A final album as TIMO, ‘Her Fire’, was released in the early 1980s.

I Won’t Cry/Fold Back (A & M) AM-430

Symphonic Slam (A & M) SP-9023


1978 SS II (Lady)
1980 Her Fire (Lady)

Dick “Syncona” Smith
(lead vocal, percussion) / Selwyn Gomes (marimba, keyboards, steel drums) / Lloyd Jack (guitar, vocals) / Lincoln Waldron (bass, steel drums, keyboards, vocals) / Lester Boyke (bass) / Harris Todman (steel drums)
Dick Smith grew up in a remote region of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. Most of his boyhood friends were the descendants of Africans who came to the island centuries before and who became known as the “Windward Maroons.” It was their drumming style and chanting which would shape his musical career. He came to Canada to work with internationally known artists in the fields of theatre, television and recording. Within a short time he earned the reputation of being one of the best exponents of hand percussion. In 1967 Smith was part of the team that founded Caribana – North America’s first and largest Carnival celebrating Caribbean culture. He then formed the band Syncona [a play on the word for the South American plant cinchona] to celebrate the music of the West Indies. Smith continues to compose and perform for radio, television, and film. Some credits include TV’s ‘Sesame Street’ and ‘The Muppet Show’ and the film ‘Beetlejuice’. In 1987 he was inducted into the Black Music Association’s Hall of Fame for his contributions to Caribbean culture in Canada. He remains a consultant for the Percussive Arts Society and to Brandor and McMillan Music Publishers.  Smith also performed in Disney’s award winning production of the ‘Lion King’ in Toronto, Canada; Dick Smith died December 2, 2021, with notes from Dick Smith.

1974 Listen To The Steel Band Man/Wings of a Dove (Syncona) S-101
1974 One More Time/Land Of Wood and Water (Syncona) S-102

Syncona (Syncona) SLP-105

Karim Benzaid (vocals) / Hassan El Hadi (lute) / Fréderick Demarrais (bass) / Guillaume Landry (drums) / Mustapha Zellat (keyboards) / Noémie Robidas (violin) / Hakim Chérif (percussion) / Annick Beauvais (oboe)
Formed in Montréal, Québec in 1998.

Les gens du voyage (Syncop) SYNCOP-2003

François Groulx (keyboards) / Serge Ipperstel (guitar) / Bernard Grenier (trombone, vocals) / Sylvain Saucy (saxophone) / Serge Mercier (trumpet) / Richard Villeneuve (bass, vocals) / Jean Dumontier (drums)
Formed in Hull, Québec in the mid-1970s Syncope was a jazz fusion/R & B collective who released one album in 1980.

Syncope (MP) MP-1077

Doug Weir
(vocals) / Chip Gall (guitar) / Rick Mead (guitar) / Chris Caron (bass) / Jamie Constant (drums)
Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1986; Chip Gall (son of legendary jazz coronet player Charlie Gall) now resides in Woodstock, Ontario still performs hundreds of solo shows a year and has released the solo CD ‘Me, Myself & You’.

1989 You Never Looked Back (A & M) AM-793
1989 In Your Eyes/I’m With You (A & M) AM-799

It Ain’t Pretty Being Easy (A & M) SP-9156

John Mills-Cockell (piano, organ) / Doug Pringle (keyboards, saxophone) / Malcolm Tomlinson (drums, vocals) / Allan Wells (percussion)
Following his stints with Intersystems, Kensington Market, then Hydro Electric Streetcar, John Mills-Cockell formed Syrinx with a focus on experimental orchestration using synthesizers and percussion with Doug Pringle and Allan Wells. Malcolm Tomlinson was brought on board later. They were soon signed to Bernie Finkelstein’s True North Records in 1970 and released their self-titled debut that year. Following their 1971 sophomore release, ‘Long Lost Relatives’, the band’s single, “Tillicum”, peaked at No.38 on RPM Top100 singles chart on June 5, 1971 and ranked No.96 on RPM’s Top singles for 1971. The song would also become the theme song for the CTV-TV show ‘Here Come The Seventies’; Mills-Cockell would remain on True North as a solo act; Doug Pringle would go on to form punk band The Poles with Michaela Jordana; Allan Wells died November 3, 2010; Malcolm Tomlinson died April 3, 2016.  with notes from Doug Pringle. [also see JOHN MILLS-COCKELL, MALCOLM TOMLINSON]


1971 Tillicum/Melina’s Torch (True North) TN4-104

1970 Syrinx (True North) TN-2
1971 Long Lost Relatives (True North) TN-5
2016 Tumblers From The Vault (1970-1972) (Rvng Int’l – US) RERVNG-08

Compilation Tracks
“Tillicum” on ‘Bernie Finkelstein’s Greatest Hits’ (True North) TN-13X
1991 “Tillicum” on ‘Made in Canada, Our Rock ‘n’ Roll History – Volume Four: More Great Stuff’ (BMG) KCD1-7247

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