9 Days Wonder
Naked, Bif
Nancy Pants
Napolean Solo
Nash The Slash
Nash, Nancy
Nation, The
National Velvet
Natural Gas
Negatives, The
Neighbourhood Watch
Neon Rome, A
Nerve Tubes
Nerve, The
Nesbit, Wayne
Neufeld, Rick
New City Jam Band
Newfound Aid For Africa
New Country Rehab
New Meanies
New Pornographers
New Potatoes
New Regime
New Toiz
Newton-Davis, Billy
Nex’d, The
Nichol, B.P.
Nichol, Jean
Nicholls, Allan F.
Nicol, Dave
Night Train Revue, The
Nightlife Unlimited
Nigrini, Ron
Nihilist Spasm Band, The
Nils, The
Nine Big Dogs
Nines, The
Nisker, Merrill
Nite And The Nite Train, Jimmy
NJF (Negro Jazz Funeral)
No Exit
No Fun
No Policy
Nobby Clegg & The Civilians
Noble, Hank
Noblemen, The
Nobs, The
Nocturnals, The
Nolan, Dick
Nomads, The
Norman And The Other Four, Don
Norman, Patrick
Normand, Pascal
Northcott, Tom
Northern Haze
Northern Lights
Northern Pikes
Northern Vultures
Northey, Craig
Northwest Company, The
Nostrils, The
Not By Choice
Not Of
Nothing In Particular
Nova, Aldo
Numbers, The
Nylons, The

Mars (vocals) / Dave Clarke (guitar) / Oscar Macedo (bass) / James MacNeil (drums)
From London, Ontario.

Dig My Style (DA) DA-001 1993 Star Pig (DA) DA-002

James Whitton (guitar) / Rick Kyle (bass, vocals) / Karl Werneth (guitar) / Terry Loader (drums, guitars, vocals)
Studio project by Scarborough, Ontario area band under the leadership of Loader whose solitary CD charted at campus radio in 1997. Whitton would go on to join The First Time; In 2012 Whitton and Loader began jamming and recording again at Loader’s home studio in Oshawa, Ontario.

9 Days Wonder (Voodoo/TrailsEnd) TEP-114

Born: Beth Torbert on June 15, 1971 in New Delhi, India
Though born in New Delhi, India to two teenage parents, soon after her birth she was adopted by two American Missionaries. Her formative childhood years were spent growing up in Lexington, Kentucky, and her family eventually moved to Winnipeg when she was in her teens. By the age of 18 she had joined a band called Jungle Milk At age 19 she married Brett Hopkins, drummer for her next band, Gorilla Gorilla. It was there that the group gave her the nickname ‘Bif’ and toured Canada with teaser posters for their gigs that read: “See Bif Naked’. She liked the double entendre and used it as her stage name. After struggling on the road for several years, both her marriage and her band broke up. It wasn’t long before the adrenalin of going solo led her on a path of found fortunes. She soon signed with Plum Records (Rymes With Orange) and her debut album, ‘Bif Naked’, garnered attention with the singles, “Daddy’s Getting Married”, “My Whole Life”, and “Everything”. Aquarius/EMI re-issued the CD following the closing of Plum Records and even released a spoken word release called ‘Okenspay Ordway’ while Naked toured Canada for the ‘Stop The Violence’ campaign. The follow-up album, ‘I, Bificus’ was originally recorded for Naked’s own label, Her Royal Majesty’s, with producer Mike Plotnikoff in 1997, but after she signed with Sony 550 in the U.S. That version of the album was then scrapped and re-recorded with producer Glen Rosenstein (Ziggy Marley, October Project, Stella). Sony 550 eventually dropped the album with it receiving a minor release, of sorts, in Europe. ‘I, Bificus’ was released in Canada in 1998 on Aquarius/EMI. 1999 has seen her do opening tour slots for The Cult and Kid Rock plus a second stage appearance at this year’s Lilith Fair. Lava Record picked up ‘I, Bificus’ and allowed Bif Naked to remix the recording and add some new songs to the running order for release in the US. Naked made a guest appearance on the ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ TV series singing the song “Lucky”, which was included on the series’ soundtrack. Another song, “Chotee”, was used in the Susan Sarandon movie ‘Anywhere But Here’.In recent years Bif Naked has successfully battled breast cancer and pulled through live saving open heart surgery in March 2012.

Daddy’s Getting Married (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1994 My Whole Life (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1994 Never Alone (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1994 Tell on You (A Letter to My Rapist) (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1995 Everything (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1995 My Bike (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1998 Any Day Now (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1998 Chotee (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1998 Lucky (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1998 Only the Girl (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1998 Spaceman [Dance Remixes] (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1999 I Died (Her Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1999 Moment of Weakness (Her Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI) PRCD-8957
1999 Twitch (Her Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
2000 We’re Not Gonna Take It (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2001 Choking on the Truth (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2001 I Love Myself Today (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2001 Leader (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2001 Tango Shoes (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2003 Back in the Day (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2003 Rich And Filthy (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2005 Let Down (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2020 Jim

Bif Naked (Plum) 892400
1994 Bif Naked [re-issue] (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI) Q2-578
1994 Four Songs and a Poem [5 track EP] (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1996 Okenspay Ordway (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI)
1998 I, Bificus (Her Royal Majesty’s/Aquarius/EMI) Q2-584
1999 I, Bificus (Lava – US) CD-83201
2000 Another Five Songs and a Poem [6-song EP]
2001 Purge (Her Royal Majesty’s) HRM-0206
2003 Essentially Naked (Her Royal Majesty’s) HRM-0312
2005 Superbeautifulmonster (Her Royal Majesty’s) HRM-0523
2009 The Promise (Her Royal Majesty’s) HRM-0901
2012 Bif Naked Forever: Acoustic Hits & Other Delights (Her Royal Majesty’s) DEX-0020
2017 Essentially Forever [DigiFile] (Her Royal Majesty’s)
2020 Champ

Compilation Tracks
1998 “
Spaceman (I. Bificus Version)” on ‘Pop!’ (PolyGram) 565770
1998 “Chotee” on ‘Edgefest 98 Rarities & Collectables’ (EMI) DPRO-1738
2001 “I Love Myself Today” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 6’ (Universal) 584097

Adam Waito (bass, vocals) / Jeremy MacCuish (drums) / O’Hara Hale (guitar, vocals)
From Montreal, Québec.

Mother Mary/PS [DigiFile] (Nancy Pants)

Total Nancy Pants [cassette] (Nancy Pants)
2014 Demo [4-song DigiFile EP] (Nancy Pants)
2016 Vol. 27 EP [8-song DigiFile EP] (Nancy Pants)

Compilation Tracks
“w.o.r.l.d.” and “Coco 心” on ‘Greville Tapes’ [cassette] (Greville Tapes Music Club)

Blake Manning
(vocals, bass, drums, keyboards) / Gary Canale (drums programming, guitar, keyboards)
From Ontario.

Echoes/Once In a Lifetime (Impressive) CCR-9126

Born: Jeff Plewman on March 26, 1948 in Toronto, Ontario;
Died: May10, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario
Electric mandolin/violin player and vocalist Nash The Slash, whose name comes from the 1927 Laurel & Hardy movie ‘Do Detectives Think?’, is well known for his instrumental soundtrack work and re-invention of classic rock cover tunes while his image, that of a bandaged, walking, Invisible Man has made him instantly recognizable. During a gig at The Edge in the late ’70’s to raise awareness of the threat from the Three Mile Island disaster, he walked on stage wearing bandages dipped in phosphorous paint and exclaimed: “look, this is what happens to you”. The bandages became his trademark. Though he was guitarist in a late ’60’s Toronto band called Breathless with Michael Waite, Nash The Slash made his auspicious debut on March 17, 1975 wearing top hat and tails (his trademark bandages came later) at the Roxy Theatre to perform his soundtrack to Luis Buñuel’s silent film ‘Un chien andalou’ (1929). During this time Nash appeared on David Pritchard’s solo album ‘Nocturnal Earthworm Stew’ (1976) performing a solo track entitled “Nash Metropolitan”, and also on an improvised piece with Pritchard and drummer Martin Deller. He also appeared on the live TV-Ontario program ‘Nightmusic’ which was televised version of an FM radio show hosted by disc jockey Rainer Schwartz. After teaming up alongside keyboardist/bassist/vocalist Cameron Hawkins as FM in 1976. Their first concert was at the “A Space” art gallery in November of that year. As their experiences live increased, they decided they needed a drummer and Martin Deller was added. Soon they began appearing as a fixture in the established Toronto music scene at rock clubs and outdoor festivals. CHUM-FM radio personality, Larry Wilson, had met FM during its infancy and adopted them as the radio station’s pet project, keeping listeners updated. Their appearances increased around Toronto including an award-winning live performance on TV Ontario’s new reformatted show ‘Nightmusic Concert’ featuring three original tunes: “Phasors On Stun”, “One O’Clock Tomorrow”, and “Black Noise”. They then appeared on CBC’s “Who’s New” TV variety program and were offered a deal to record an album through its Broadcast Recording division. Their first foray into the studio was recorded and mixed in just days at Sounds Interchange in Toronto with CBC producer Keith Whiting. The CBC presses 500 albums and releases them to its affiliates (and through mail-order). The album prompted JEM Records’ Marty Scott to license it for re-release on his VISA label in the US and on Passport Records elsewhere. In 1978 Nash left FM to pursue a solo career. A TV Ontario special, entitled ‘Nash The Slash Rises Again’, featuring paintings by Robert Vanderhorst set to the music of Nash The Slash aired in 1978. Live performances by the two artistes soon followed and included a one hour “pulsed, multi-screen audio-visual show” entitled ‘Bombardier’, (a reworking of a similar project from 1976). Nash would release musical segments of this production on his first two solo records, including the first EP, ‘Bedside Companion’ (1978). Nash The Slash would put out a half dozen releases between 1980 and 1984 as writer, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist as well as work doing engineering and production. ‘Children Of The Night’ was produced by Steve Hillage and eventually became Nash’s biggest selling solo record with estimates at 100,000 copies worldwide. A fledgling engineer by the name of Daniel Lanois produced the single “Dance After Curfew” from the ‘And You Thought You Were Normal’ album. Nash played violin on Gary Numan’s ‘Dance’ album and was invited by Numan to tour the UK through 1980 and 1981. Several solo singles were issued in the UK and a domestic release of the ‘Bedside Companion’ album. Upon his return to Canada in the Spring of 1981 he released the ‘Decomposing’ album which could be played at either 45 or 33 1/3 RPM speeds. Throughout 1983 and 1984, Nash The Slash teamed up with Robert Vanderhorst once more for a new interpretation of their ‘Bombardier’ show which was videotaped and released commercially in 1985. Meanwhile, Nash launched a lawsuit against Pepsi Canada corporation stemming from their use of a character in a high profile TV advertisement (featuring Carol Pope and Rough Trade) that more than resembled the bandaged one. Nash would eventually settle out of court. Also that year, the success of Nash The Slash’s 1984 album ‘American Bandages’ won him a nomination for a CFNY-FM CASBY Award for ‘Single of the Year’. Slash’s solo tour with the Spoons didn’t entirely get him the profile he expected and so he reunited with his old band FM – Martin Deller and Cameron Hawkins who made cameos on the solo album. FM hit the road performing their old standards and Nash performing his proven solo material. Nash’s label, Quality, were impressed enough to offer FM a reunion album and so ‘CON-TEST’ was released with a promising single/video “Just Like You” to establish the ’80’s FM as Canada’s answer to The Cars. Alas, as was FM’s karma, Quality decided to eliminate its recording division just as ‘CON-TEST’ was gaining momentum and the album hung in limbo. MCA records jumped in to save the day and re-issued the album without missing a beat but the momentum had been lost. Martin Deller had decided he’d had enough and decided to finally retire and spent more time with his family. Undaunted, the nominal success of their comeback record led to FM’s signing to Duke Street Records who were, in effect, distributed by MCA. Having utilized actual guitars for the first time on ‘CON-TEST’ the band decided to inject new blood and hire Simon Brierley (Lee Aaron/Strange Advance) and drummer Greg Critchley (Partland Bros./Spoons) for the next album ‘Tonight’. ‘Tonight’ was poorly received despite a handful of singles/videos and almost two years of non-stop touring. Nash quit in May of 1989 to continue his solo career. He landed a movie soundtrack deal with Toronto’s Sinister Cinema which hired him to add soundtrack scores to old silent films such as Lon Chaney’s 1925 ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ and the 1919 German ‘The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’ specifically for home video release. Nash would later perform the works live-in-theatre at special screenings in Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall. Nash The Slash returned to his own musical works. This time he created an entire incidental music score for the soundtrack to Bruce McDonald’s critically acclaimed film ‘Highway 61’ which he produced with Tony Malone (Drastic Measures). 500 copies were pressed at the time and sold out quickly. In 1993 Nash The Slash teamed up with Plexus (aka Brett Maraldo) for a series of concerts called Psychedelitron ’93, an amalgam of Maraldo and Nash tunes backed by Nash’s revamped light show, psychedelic slides and projected computer graphics. Fast forward to the CD revolution of 1994 where Cameron Hawkins, now running his own multi-media company in Toronto, decides its time to re-issue the much bally-hooed ‘Black Noise’ album.His own label, Now See Hear, put the disc out with such success that it sparked another revitalized interest in FM. Touring throughout 1994 and 1995 by the band – Martin Deller, Cameron Hawkins and Nash The Slash – captured their progressive stage impressions on the CDRom enhanced “RetroActive” live album recorded at RPM Warehouse in Toronto on November 19, 1984 by producer Terry Brown. However, old wounds hadn’t healed and the band parted once again leaving Nash to focus on his first love, his own music, once again. In 1994 Nash began work on the first Feature Film Project (Norman Jewison Film Foundation) entitled ‘Blood And Donuts’. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September of 1995. Nash re-issued his entire back catalogue on CD starting with his first two albums ‘Bedside Companion’ and ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ in 1997. ‘Bedside’ was mastered from a sealed, mint vinyl album after the original master tapes were discovered to be in bad shape – both 45 RPM and 33 1/3 RPM formats of the record are included. The double album was titled ‘Blind Windows’. 1998 would find Nash revisiting his silent movie motifs as he put sound to such silent classics as ‘The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari’ and ‘The Lost World’ at clubs all over Southern Ontario. In 1999 Nash released an album of new, harder-edged originals entitled ‘Thrash’. Simultaneously, he released three video compilations: ‘American Banned’ (taped from a show in New Jersey as part of his 1983 ‘American Bandages’ Tour), ‘Give Me The Creeps’, and ‘Halloween 1999’. In 2000 and 2001 Nash focused on finishing his masterful soundtrack work of the famous 1922 silent horror film ‘Nosferatu’, a collection of vaulted FM-era rarities called ‘Lost In Space’ and a re-issue of ‘Children Of The Night’. 2002 saw the re-issue of ‘And You Thought You Were Normal’ and ‘American Band-Ages’ which completed Nash’s cycle of original album re-issues. In 2006 Nash compiled photographs from the former Toronto concert venue The Rock Pile (aka The Masonic Temple) in the mid-to-late 70’s and added editorial comments for each which were featured on his website. MTV Canada also used them in a special feature show following their assumption of the facility that year. Nash was also part of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival in October 2006 where he performed music against the backdrop of a screening of silent film ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’. Nash’s next new album was cover tunes entitled ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Nash’ featuring remakes of such classics as the Iron Butterfly title track, The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”, Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”, and Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald”. In 2010 Nash The Slash released ‘Live In London, 2008’. He had to cancel a proposed tour of the UK due to family issues but promised a new studio album called ‘Dog Will Hunt’. 2011 saw Nash The Slash release his first ever compilation album entitled’ The Reckless Use of Electricity’. Nash announced his retirement via his website on November 6, 2012, stating that live gigs no longer excited him and that his eccentric style was out of step with the current music scene. He also made note that illegal downloading had devastated his ability to generate a revenue for himself. On May 10, 2014, Nash died at his home in Toronto at age 66, from a suspected heart attack.
with notes from Jon Crowhurst, Nash The Slash, Catherine Fawcett and Mark S. Tucker. [also see BREATHLESS, DRASTIC MEASURES, FM]

1980 Dead Man’s Curve/Swing Shift (Soixante-Neuf) (Cut-Throat)  CUT-3
Dead Man’s Curve/Reactor No.2 (Cut-Throat/Dindisc – UK) DIN-28
19th Nervous Breakdown/Danger Zone (Dindisc/Virgin) VS-1129
Novel Romance/In a Glass Eye (Dindisc/Virgin – UK) DIN-33
Swing Shift (Flexi-version) (Smash Hits) [33 1/3 Blue vinyl flexi-disc included with Smash Hits Magazine]
Dance After Curfew//The Womble/Calling [12″] (Cut-Throat/PVC/JEM) PVC-4905
1984 1984 (Radio Edit)/1984 (Album Version)  [7”] (Quality) SQ-703X
1984 (Radio Remix 3:40)/1984 (Radio Remix 5:35)  [7”] (Quality) Q-2442X
1984 – West Side (Radio Version)/1984 – East Side (Dance Version) [12″] (Quality) QDC-301
1984 American Band//American Bandstand (Bandstand Boogie)/American Band (Quality) Q-2448X
1984 Born To Be Wild/Who Do You Dub? (Quality) Q-2453X
1985 Bandstand Boogie/American Band//Who Do You Love [7″] (FM – UK) VHF-13

1978 Bedside Companion (Cut-Throat) CUT-1
1979 Dreams And Nightmares (Cut-Throat) CUT-2
1980 Hammersmith Holocaust (Cut-Throat) NASH-1
1980 Children of  the Night (Cut-Throat/Virgin/Dindisc/Polygram) CUT-4
1981 Decomposing [4-song EP] (Cut-Throat) CUT-5
1982 And You Thought You Were Normal (Cut-Throat/PVC/JEM) CUT-6
1984 American Band-Ages (Quality) SV-2132
1984 4 External Cuts Only (Quality) EPQ-4
1984 The Million-Year Picnic (Ralph) NS-8409
1991 Highway 61 (Cut-Throat) CUTCD-1
1997 Highway 61 [re-issue] (Cut-Throat)  CUT1-CD
1997 Blind Windows (Cut-Throat) CUT2-CD
[CD re-issue of ‘Dreams & Nightmares’ and ‘Bedside Companion’]
1999 Thrash (Cut-Throat) CUT3-CD
2001 Nosferatu (Cut-Throat) CUT5-CD
2008 In-A-Gadda-Da-Nash (Cut-Throat) CUT8-CD
2010 Live In London – 2008 (Cut-Throat) CUT10-CD
2011 The Reckless Use of Electricity (Cut-Throat)

Compilation Tracks
“Dead Man’s Curve” on ‘Rock ’80’s Vol. 2’ (Virgin/Polygram – Germany)
1981“Swing Shift (Soixante-Neuf)” on ‘Cash Cows’ (Virgin/Polygram – UK) MILK-1
1981 “19th Nervous Breakdown” and “Children Of The Night” on ‘Overflight’ (Dindisc – Italy) DCL-15004
1990 “Roadkill” on ‘Roadkill’ (Denon) CAN-9006
1992 “Into The Land Of Fire” on ‘Highway 61 The Soundtrack’ (Intrepid) N21S-0009
2000 “Tension” on ‘The Canadian Independent Box Set’ (Meathead) MHR-010

NASH, Nancy
Nancy Nash was born in Alberta, Canada. Her First Nations name is Sazacha Red Sky. Nash has been a long-time session singer with occasional solo releases. She was also 1/3 of disco supergroup Touché. [also see TOUCHÉ]

1976 Fact Of Life/One More Time (Mustard/Damon) MJ-101
1977 Nothin’ Comes Easy/Nothin’ Comes Easy (Album Version) (Mustard/Damon)
1978 We’re Gonna Show the World/I’d Like to Get to Know You (Mustard/Damon)
1979 Nananheyhey Kiss Me Goodbye/Ain’t Nothin’ Without You (Nash) NN-1
1980 Can’t You Do Anything Right/Starting All Over Again (A & M) AM-505
1980 Running For Love/I Just Want To Tell You (A & M) AM-519
1986 Hand in Mine (Dedicated to Blue Dawn) [12″] (Nash) Nash-1

1978 Natural Born (Mustard/Damon) M-1000
1982 Letting Go (Avalon) AVE-1011

Alex Stangl
(vocals guitar) / Marie Bodine (backing vocals) / Greg Heard (drums) / Jim C. Smith (keyboards) / Dan Washburn (bass).
After flirting with Canadian success in the Capitol Records signed band Bamboo, Alex Stangl returned to Peterborough, Ontario following the collapse of the band and became a taxi driver. It was on long nights driving that he contemplated his next move and soon assembled The Nation as a non-performing studio act. Stangl began releasing albums and singles starting in 1986 on his own Taxi Driver Records and selling them out of his cab. To date there have been eleven albums and three singles. Due to long stretches of illness from 1995 through the new millennium, Stangl’s output became sporadic and he finally put The Nation to rest in 2011.

Inside My Head/Alone On Christmas Day (Taxi Driver)
1990 That’s You/It’s the Times (Taxi Driver) WRC3-6453

Groovy People (Taxi Driver)
Acoustic Campfire [aka Atmosphere on CD] [cassette] (Taxi Driver)
Trillium Poetry [aka Get Me Out of Peterborough on CD] [cassette] (Taxi Driver)
1995 Summerland
2000 Also Besides

Maria Del Mar (lead vocals) / Mark Crossley (guitar) / Garry Flint (drums) / Mark Storm (bass) / Tim Welch (guitar) / Chris Weiss (saxophone)
National Velvet, named after the 1944 Elizabeth Taylor movie of the same name, came together after a chance meeting between vocalist Maria Del Mar and bassist Mark Storm in an alley during a party in Toronto. Six months after the formation of the band they released an independent, self-titled EP featuring the radio played “Flesh Under Skin”. An introduction to Intrepid Records’ Stuart Raven-Hill via Molly Johnson led to a management and record deal with distribution through Capitol Records. Their full-length, self-titled album debut saw a remake and video for ‘Flesh Under Skin’ and critical comparison’s Del Mar’s vocal style to Rush’s Geddy Lee. In 1989 their single/video for ’68 Hours’ became all the rage and garnered them a CFNY-FM CASBY Award. They soon moved up to Capitol Records proper as Intrepid president Stuart Raven-Hill folded up his label and moved back to England. 1990’s ‘Courage’ was recorded in England with producer Zeus B. Held (Nina Hagen, Dead Or Alive, Men Without Hats). The lead single, “Sex Gorilla”, became an ‘IN’ joke because it was originally called “Sasperilla” (named after the soft drink from the 1930’s) but audiences kept misinterpreting the lyrics so the band changed the title of the song. It became their biggest single. National Velvet left Capitol Records, and moved to Iron Music where they released their third album ‘Wildseed’ in 1995. The band’s audiences begin to dwindle in the face of the Grunge explosion and National Velvet broke up; del Mar has continued her musical projects in Toronto including contributions to the Classic Albums Live shows; Storm was reported missing in November 2002 and his body was found in Lake Ontario in June 2003. A reformed National Velvet played a reunion show at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto on December 29, 2011. with notes from John Gladish .

1987 Pacifist At Risk/Equus (Intrepid/Capitol)
1988 Change My Mind (Video Edit)/Pacifist At Risk (Intrepid/Capitol) B-73079
1988 Flesh Under Skin [Extended Mix]//A Wake/Flesh Under Skin [12″] (Intrepid/Capitol) N1-75219
1988 Bam Bam (Intrepid/Capitol)
1988 68 Hours (Molten Guitar Mix)/68 Hours (Album Version) [12″] (Intrepid/Capitol)
1990 Sex Gorilla/Weebles [cassingle] (Capitol-EMI) 4JM-73111
1990 (A Place Called) Hysteria/68 Hours (Video Mix) [cassingle] (Capitol-EMI) 4JM-73119
1990 Shine On (Capitol-EMI) CDPRO-494


1986 National Velvet [4-song EP] (ENV) 8609-001
1988 National Velvet (Intrepid/Capitol) N1-90336
1990 Courage (EMI) C1-93939
1995 Wildseed (Iron Music Group) 77876

Compilation Tracks
“Flesh Under Skin” on ‘Pure Canadian: Retro 80’s Volume 6’ (EMI) 20023

George Olliver (vocals) /  Carl Watral (trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals) / Dave “Hulk” Berman (saxophones, vocals) / Dave Classic (trombones, vocals) / Dave Tamblyn (guitar, vocals) / Brian Wray (piano, organ, flute, vocal) / Graham Lear (drums) / Leon Feigenbaum (bass)
Following George Olliver’s stint with Mandala, he left to form George Olliver & The Soul Children in 1967. By the end of the decade Olliver had assembled a top-notch R & B ensemble to go head-to-head with the likes of Lighthouse, Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears called Natural Gas. They managed one album that was recorded at RCA Studio in Montreal and Broadway Recordings Studios in New York and featured songs written mostly by Olliver and Watral. The self-titled album, produced by Pat Jaques and Fran White, landed in the Top10 in Canada and the Top50 in the USA; Dave Classic died in 2019. [also see GEORGE OLLIVER]

1970 All Powerful Man/What Do You Want From My Life (Firebird) 1806

Natural Gas (Firebird) FB-18

Shawn Pilot [aka Shaw] (lead Vocals) / Rob Jardine [aka JD] (guitar, vocals) / Jack Sherrard [aka Jakk] (bass, vocals) / Hugh Hamilton [aka Delaney Presto] (keyboards, vocals) / Paul Koivukoski [aka The Pixie] (drums, vocals; 1979-1980) / Ron Taylor [aka Quasie] (drums; 1980-end) / Dave Hovey [aka Hellfield] (guitar, vocals; 1980) / Jeff Lahde [aka Clockwork] (bass, vocals; 1980-end)
Formed in Thunder Bay in 1979, The Negatives’ first gig was on the Cystic Fibrosis Telethon on Mother’s Day 1980. They also opened local shows for artists such as Teenage Head, Goddo, The Deserters, Les Pucks, Harlequin and even Muddy Waters. Following the release of their track “Echos” on 2005’s Punk Histoy Canada compilation ‘Only In Canada’, the band finally issued their album ‘f/25’.

f/25 (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Echos” on ‘Only in Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC-CD-0101

Aaron Young (bass) / Bill Brown (guitar) / Ciaron Lewis (guitar) / Grant Forsythe (vocals) / J.R. Bennett / Nick Oliver (drums) / Rob Melvin (bass)
From Fredericton, New Brunswick. This hardcore punk act was active from 1985 thru 1988. They reunited in 2015.

Death At the Hands of Time [5-song 7″ EP] (Real World – UK) RWR-002
1987 Feeding the Hand That Bites (Vinyl Communications – US) VC-4
1988 Politics//Sports Fan/Man On My Street (independent)

Rage [cassette] (independent)
2020 Neighbourhood Watch (independent) 02

Ric Johnston
(vocals, guitar) / Joel Anderson (drums) / John Tidswell (bass, guitar, keyboards) / Doug Radford (keyboards, vocals; 1989)
Formed in 1982, Edmonton’s NEO a4 (named after books on esoteric mysticism the members were reading in 1981) struggled in the prairies for 6 years playing their techno-pop in the ‘meat and potatoes’ bars of heartland Canada. The band had developed a strong reputation as live performers and business men having successfully cracked the college radio market with their independent releases ‘What’s Up’ (1984) and ‘The Warmer Side of You’ (1985) while opening concerts for such acts as The Thompson Twins, Thomas Dolby and The Cure. Before the demoing for ‘Warmer Side’ had even begun they were contacted by Duke Street, but the label dragged its feet on any kind of commitment and so the band released it to great success on their own. They landed a CFNY-FM CASBY Award for ‘Best New Group/Independent Label’; Top Concert honours from the Edmonton Sun; and Best New Group of 1986 from The Alberta Recording Industry Association. Duke Street finally relented and signed the band in January 1987 and the band relocated to Toronto. The label released a 5 song EP of remixed versions of previously released material and had great sales results. The label decided to send the band into the studio was Colin Thurston (Duran Duran, David Bowie, Iggy Pop) to produced their self-titled debut album. 1989’s ‘The Hard Way’ featured Doug Radford (former Darkroom) as the newest member of the band on keyboards and vocal support by Molly Johnson, Jason Sniderman (keyboards), and Chris Wardman (guitar). The band hit a brick wall trying to break commercial radio and sell records. They finally disbanded in 1990; Joel Anderson moved back to Toronto and is a live and session drummer; Radford released a solo CD in 1994 called ‘Beacon’. with notes from Joel Anderson.

1987 Desire/Desire [instrumental] (Duke Street) 71034
1988 Say This To Me/Standing (Duke Street) 71039
1988 Say This To Me (12″ Dance Remix)//Say This To Me/Is She Is She [12″] (Duke Street) DS- 12039
1988 Only A Fool/Around The World (Duke Street) 81039
1988 One’s Enough/Understand (Duke Street) 91039
1988 If It Was You/[same] (Duke Street) 10039
1989 That’s The Way/[same] 71056

1984 What’s Up (NEO A4) A4-1
1985 The Warmer Side Of You (NEO A4) A4-2
1987 Desire [5 song EP](Duke Street) DSM-31034
1988 NE0a4 (Duke Street) DSR-31039
1989 The Hard Way (Duke Street) DSR-31056

Compilation Tracks
“Say This To Me” on ‘A Canadian Alternative’ (Second Wave) SW-001

Neal Arbick
(vocals) / John Borra (bass) / Ken Burchill (drums) / Russell Ardito (keyboards) / Kevin Nizel (guitar) / Bernard Maeizza (keyboards; replaced Ardito) / Ian Blurton (drums; replaced Burchill) / Crawford Teasdale (guitar; replaced Nizel)
A Neon Rome formed in 1984 during the salad days of the Beverley Tavern’s ‘Elvis Mondays’. After watching bands like Groovy Religion and Change of Heart on consecutive weeks, A Neon Rome debuted their minimalist sound. Just as the act was beginning to gel Arbick replace Burchill and Ardito with Bernard Maeizza and Ian Blurton. They managed triple bills with Change of Heart and Groovy Religion and even opened the very first North American appearance of Jesus And Mary Chain. When Groovy Religion left the Beverley to promote their debut album in 1986, A Neon Rome took up the ‘Elvis Mondays’ residency. A fan of the band, Keith Bates, paid for them to record their debut album with producer Andy St. John (known for work with metal acts in England). In the middle of recording, Blurton quit the band to work with an early version of the Cowboy Junkies. Burchill was brought back in to finish two tracks on the album. Meanwhile, Bates couldn’t get labels stateside to notice the record, but the premiere indie punk label in the UK, New Rose, did release it in Europe. Similarly, Toronto promoter Elliott Lefko created a label called Rightside exclusively to release the album in Canada. The band did some dates around southern Ontario to promote the record and supply footage for a planned movie with director Bruce McDonald but ended up immediately back in the studio with Andy St. John. Frictions within the band had surfaced and Nizel was replaced by Crawford Teasdale. Arbick had become unstable and withdrawn because of substance use and the recordings dragged on for 18 months. In quick succession Arbick began changing his life to a transcendental existence which conflicted with the band’s initial aggressive music and public appeal and then they fired Bates over what they believed were thefts of their money to finance the never ending film production, the quitting of Burchill a second time and the complete collapse of the recordings. Eventually, McDonald got fed-up with the act, secured government grants to finish his film with a fictitious band and eventually released it as ‘Roadkill’. The A Neon Rome album ‘All The Children Are In’ was completed in 1989 and the group played one more show, but Arbick put the brakes on the record ever being released as his personal belief system were in conflict with the album’s message. The band was, for all intents and purposes, over. Arbick went on to teach yoga to mentally challenged adults and re-emerged with Teasdale under the name Mahendra; Borra went to Vienna for 6 months and returned to join his old bandmate Ian Blurton in Change of Heart along with Maeizza who was added as keyboard player. A reunited version of the band emerged in 2009 with a self-titled album on Maple Music.

1987 New Heroin (New Rose – UK) ROSE-111
2009 A Neon Rome (Cousin Jeb) JEBCD005
2019 Live at Larry’s Hideawy March 27, 1985 [6-song EP DigiFile] (independent)

Compilation Tracks
“Human Being” on ‘Elvis Monday Vol.1’ (Kinetic) KRD-919
2012 “Shatter The Illusions” on ‘Have Not Been The Same: The CanRock Renaissance’ (Pheromone) PHER-CD-1024

Steve Bailey
(guitar, vocals) / Kevin Smith (bass; 1981-1983) / JFK [aka Gary Kirk] (bass; 1980-1981) / A.B. [aka Mario Kasapi] (drums)
Punk band  Neos was formed in Victoria, British Columbia in 1980. After two independent singles, the band split up in 1983.

1982 End All Discrimination [12-song 7″] (Alandhiscar) AL-105  
1983 Hassibah Gets the Martian Brain Squeeze [14-song 7″] (Alandhiscar) AL-106
1995 Fight With Donald [18-song 7″] (Break Even) BE-038

End All Discrimination / Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze (Break Even/Schizophrenic) BE-070/SCHIZO-002
2021 Three Teens Hellbent On Speed [LP] (Supreme Echo) SE-27

Compilation Tracks
“Opposition to Violence” and “Typical” on ‘Beating the Meat’ (Xcentric Noise) ODD-1
2007 “Destruct,” “Russian Folk Song,” “Ripped Off” and “Sexual Revolution” on ‘All Your Ears Can Hear: Underground Music In Victoria, BC 1978-1984’ [2CD] (AYECH International)

David Osbourne / Steven Drake (vocals, guitars) / Bobi Muckle [aka Robert Muck] (drums) / David Domino
Nerve Tubes featured members of MT Vessels from Vancouver, BC. This pop/punk/parody act was originally called Those Nerve Tubes before shortening it. Several members, including Drake, formed 20th Century before Drake left to form The Odds with Pat Steward and Doug Elliott of Rubber Biscuits. Drake also brought his Nerve Tubes songs with him including the future Odds hit “Wendy Under The Stars”; Muckle can be found either trail running, biking or swimming. He won the British Columbia Provincial championship Bronze medal in Triathlon and a Gold medal in Duathlon where he qualified to represent Canada at the World Championships in Mexico; David Osbourne is the brother of 54.40’s Neil Osbourne and often plays keyboards for the band on tours.

Compilation Tracks
“Things Break” and “Kiss Me, Carl” on ‘Shindig! Live At The Savoy’ (Zulu) ZITR-102

P.J. Burton
From Edmonton, Alberta; Singer P.J. Burton would go on to form P.J. & The Smarties and then Chocolate Bunnies From Hell, and had a short run as a solo artist.


1978 Penchant/Preludes (Village) VR-7805

From Newfoundland

Port Aux Basques Ferry/Jenny (Quay) CS-7957
1980 One More Time/Toronto Morning (Quay) CS-8038
1980 Some Kind Of Lady/Maureen, Don’t Leave Me Crying (Quay) CS-8085

Born: 1947
Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Rick Neufeld grew up in the Mennonite community of Boissevain. He studied Architecture at the University Of Manitoba followed by travelling in Europe and North America before deciding on a career in folk music. He started in coffeehouses throughout Canada and the US performing at the Regina Folk Festival and Mariposa in Ontario. With appearances on CBC television he eventually landed his own television show called ‘The Songsingers’. His songwriting also became popular with other acts and he had a successful hit in 1969 with “Moody Manitoba Morning” by The Bells. His own albums were moderately successful but he did land a hosting job on CBC with co-host Colleen Peterson for ‘On the Road’. The highlight of his performing career was a performance at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. His 1978 album ‘Prairie Dogs’ featured The Guess Who’s Burton Cummings, Bill Wallace, and Garry Peterson as well as Terry Bush. with notes from Rick Neufeld.

1970 Estevan Fair (Warners) WB-5020
Moody Manitoba Morning/Boissvain Fair (Warners) WB-5025
1971 Country Princess/Long Way Home (Astra) A-45300
1971 Hiway Child/I Came To Play (Astra) A-45311
1973 Medicine Man/The Parable Country (A/S) A-4525
1973 Country Christmas/Sing (A Christmas Song) (A/S) A-4531
1974 A Love Worth Living For/A Morning Song (RCA/Victor) KPBO-0039
1974 Country Pride/Souris River Valley (RCA/Victor) PB-50037
1975 A Most Amazing Lady/Nothing Changes But The Season (RCA/Victor) PB-50062

1971 Hiway Child (Astra) AS-1001
1975 Prairie Dog (RCA/Victor) KPL1-0074
1979 Rick Neufeld (Cubby Hole) 102

1978 Manitobasongs – LIVE! (Prairie Dog) PD-1001

Compilation Tracks
“Overnight Success” on ‘Touch The Earth’ (CBC Radio)

Breen LeBoeuf (bass, vocals) / Beau David (guitar, vocals) / Kenny Marco (guitar) / Steve Kennedy (sax) / Burt Hermiston (sax) / Yum Yum (drums)
Smile Records act Studebaker Hawk was sent into the studio with producer Ralph Murphy who cut four songs with them – two Joe Ress compositions, one Ralph Murphy song, and Steve Cooley’s “Rainbows, Pots of Gold and Moonbeams”. The latter tune became the band’s first single for Smile in August 1975. While on the way home from a show promoting the single in January 1976, the band caught one of their other songs on the air – the Ralph Murphy written “Lazy Love” – except the DJ back-announced it as a new single by a band called New City Jam Band. When they confronted Smile Records about the name change, the label explained that Murphy’s song was a different style and so they had opted to release it under a pseudonym. LeBoeuf was drafted for the line-up of the touring version of New City Jam Band with Southcote vocalist Beau David (William Small) and Motherlode’s Kenny Marco. Studebaker Hawk carried on with Cooley and Ress. “Lazy Love” peaked at No.40 on the RPM Top Singles chart in March 1976. Following the tour, Smile put together another group of musicians around LeBoeuf in the Fall of 1977 to record a follow-up single called “One Love Is Getting Better” written by future Extras member Leon Stevenson. The group featured LeBoeuf, Dave Stone (keyboards), Sonni Bernardi (drums) and Stevenson (tubular bells). The song peaked at No.89 on the RPM Top Singles chart. with notes from Joe Ress, Leon Stevenson, Breen LeBoeuf, and Ralph Murphy.

1976 Lazy Love/One More Time (Smile/GRT) SLE-110 
1977 Our Love Is Getting Better/For You (Smile/GRT) SLE-114

Compilation Tracks
“Lazy Love” on ‘Tonight At The Discotheque’ (Smile/GRT) SMS-IM-303

Dave & Aubrey / George Rowsell / Jenny Wiseman / Junior Walsh / Loretta Cormier / Reg Watkins / Simani / The Wiseman Brothers

Group of artists from Newfoundland, Canada who were assembled by Junior Walsh to perform a benefit concert and an LP for Africa Relief. Proceeds from the concert and the album sales went to the Kinsman African Medical Relief Camp in Bete, Ethiopia. [also see JENNY WISEMAN, JUNIOR WALSH, SIMANI, THE WISEMAN BROTHERS]

They’re Only Human You See (Just Like You And Me) (independent) WRC1-4489

Ben Whiteley
(double bass) / Champagne James Robertson (acoustic guitar) / John Showman (fiddle, lead vocals) / Roman Tomé (percussion, vocals)

New Country Rehab (New Country Rehab) NCR-001
2013 Ghost Of Your Charms (Kelp) KP-075

Compilation Tracks
“Bury Me” on ‘The Calgary Folk Music Festival 2011’ (Calgary Folk Music Festival) 2011
2013 “Home To You” on ‘Mariposa 2013’ (Mariposa Folk Festival) MAR-2013

Sky Onosson (bass) / Jeff Hondubura (guitar) / Jason Kane (drums) / Damon Mitchell (vocals, guitar) / Paul Wright (bass)
Onosson, Hondubura, Kane, and Mitchell met in high school and formed The Blue Meanies in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1990. They traveled about the prairies and released two independent albums on their own Mean Music imprint – ‘Experience Is Lost’ (1992) and ‘The Blue Meanies’ (1994). After discovering there was another Blue Meanies in the US, the band changed its name to the New Meanies in 1995 and re-released their self-titled debut with altered artwork. Virgin Records took notice and signed the band. The New Meanies recorded new material with producer Howard Benson in Los Angeles. Their third full-length album, ‘Three Seeds’, was released in 1997. The first single/video was “Letting Time Pass” and received major airplay on radio and television, which peaked at No. 14 on RPM’s Canadian Rock/Alternative chart in 1998. The band would tour through 1998 and 1999 but lost their deal with Virgin Records. They self-financed their third album, ‘Highways’, which was again released on their own Mean Music label in 2001.

Letting Time Pass (Virgin) DPRO-1580
1997 Three Seeds (Virgin) DPRO-1686
1998 Scenic Anomaly (Edit)/Scenic Anomaly (Album Version) DPRO-1742
1998 The Rush Hour/Head First

The New Meanies (Mean) MM-001CD
1997 Three Seeds (Virgin) SV-1581
2001 Highways (Mean) STCD-30012

Experience Is Lost [cassette] (Mean)
1994 The Blue Meanies (Mean) MM-001-CD

Compilation Tracks
“Letting Time Pass” on ‘Deliverance: Stereo Freedom Has Arrived’ (Virgin) CAMPUS-2
1998 “Friends” on ‘Edgefest 98 Rarities & Collectables’ (EMI) DPRO-1738
2000 “Northern Shore” on ‘Manitoba Music 2000’ (Manitoba Film & Sound)

A.C. Newman
(vocals, guitar, piano, Wurlitzer, mandolin, percussion, bass) / Dan Bejar (vocals, guitar, shakers, piano) / Neko Case (vocals) / John Collins (bass, baritone guitar, glockenspiel, mandolin, guitar, tambourine) / Kurt Dahle (vocals, drums, percussion) / Todd Fancey (guitar, banjo, mandolin) / Blaine Thurier (keyboards, Fender Rhodes, sampler) / Kathryn Calder (keyboards, vocals, Wurlitzer; 2005-present)
Formed in 1998 in Vancouver, British Columbia, The New Pornographers got their new from founding member A.C. Newman after he’d been watching a Japanese film called ‘The Pornographers’. The original version of the band contained prominent Vancouver music scene musicians who decided to form a loose-knit ensemble between their own projects. Their debut albuym was ‘Mass Romantic’ (2000) on independent label Mint Records. They then signed to Matador Records and released ‘Electric Version’ (2003) followed by ‘Twin Cinema’ (2005). Newman’s niece, Kathryn Calder, joined the band in 2005 to replace Neko Case at live shows following the rise of Case’s solo career. She eventually began recording with the band as well and appeared on the album ‘Challengers’ (2007). In 2009, The New Pornographers contributed a cover of the song “Hey, Snow White” to the AIDS benefit album ‘Dark Was the Night’ for the Red Hot Organization. In 2010 they released the fifth album, ‘Together’, which included collaborations with St. Vincent, Beirut’s Zach Condon, and Okkervil River’s Will Sheff. In 2012, New Pornographers included a cover version of “Think About Me” on the Fleetwood Mac tribute album ‘Just Tell Me That You Want Me’.

Letter From an Occupant/The End Of Medicine/When I Was A Baby (Matador) OLE 541-7
2005 High Art, Local News [s/sided 7″] (Matador) OLE 682-7
2006 The Body Says No [DigiFile] (Mint)
2006 Sing Me Spanish Techno (Edit) (Matador) OLE-1251-2P
2007 My Rights Versus Yours (Matador)
2007 Myriad Harbour/Fugue State [ 7″] OLE-782-7
2007 Radio DPRO [3-song EP] (Matador) OLE-1257-2P
2010 Crash Years (Radio Edit) (Matador)
2010 2010 Togetherness: The New Pornographers Play Outrageous Cherry [3-song 7″ EP] (Last Gang) Q1-01209
2011 Moves/A Drug Deal of the Heart [7″] (Matador) OLE-959-7
2014 Brill Bruisers [DigiFile] (Matador) OLE-91846
2014 War On The East Coast DigiFile (Matador) OLE-91916
2014 Dancehall Domine (Matador)
2017 High Ticket Attractions/Sky High [7″] (Concord) CRE-00430
2019 Falling Down The Stairs Of Your Smile [DigiFile] (Concord)
2019 Stand Up/Fade, Baby, Fade Into The City Of Lovers (Demo) [7″] (Concord/Collected Works) CRE-01086
2019 The Surprise Knock [DigiFile] (Concord)
2019 One Kind Of Solomon [DigiFile] (Concord)
2023 Really Really Light [DigiFile] (Merge) MRG-809

Mass Romantic (Mint) MRD-043
2003 Electric Version (Matador) OLE-551
2005 Twin Cinema (Matador) OLE-621
2005 Live Session EP (iTunes Exclusive] [4-song EP DigiFile] (Mint)
2005 Radio EP [3-song] (Matador) OLE-1242-2P
2006 Live! [tour CD only] (The Blue Curtain)
2007 Challengers (Matador) OLE-770
2007 The Spirit of Giving [3-song EP DigiFile] (Matador)
2008 iTunes Live From SoHo [DigiFile] (Matador)
2010 Together (Matador) OLE-891
2014 Brill Bruisers (Last Gang) Q2-01565
2017 Whiteout Conditions (Dine Alone) DA-197
2019 In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights (Concord – US) CRE-01050

Compilation Tracks
“Letter From An Occupant” on ‘The Good Jacket Presents…Vancouver Special (Mint) MRD-038
2001 “Fake Headlines” and “Letter From An Occupant” on ‘Team Mint Volume 2!’ (Mint) MRD-053
2002 “Your Daddy Don’t Know” on ‘Fubar [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Aquarius) Q2-605
2002 “Mass Romantic” on ‘Uncut: All or Nothing – The Pick of the Month’s Best Music – 18 Tracks’ (Uncut – UK) UNCUT-2002-08/ONE ONE 01
2004 “The Laws Have Changed” and “Graceland” on ‘Matador at Fifteen’ (Matador) OLE-623-2
2005 “Graceland” on ‘Intended Play 2005: Wrongs of Spring’ (Matador) OLE-653-2P
2005 “The Laws Have Changed” on ‘Weeds [Television Soundtrack]’
2006 “Twin Cinema” and “Use It” on ‘Fresh Breath of Mint!’ (Mint) MRD-094
2006 “The Body Says No” on ‘Mint Records Presents: The CBC Radio 3 Sessions (Mint) MRD-098
2006 “Turn” on ‘Roadshow’ [7″] (Mint) MRS-097
2008 “All For Swinging You Around” on ‘Heroes [Television Soundtrack]’ (Universal)
2008 “Adventures In Solitude” on ‘American Teen [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’
2009 “Hey, Snow White” on ‘Dark Was the Night’ (4AD – UK) DAD-2835CD
2009 “Don’t Destroy this Night” on ‘SCORE! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers!’ (Merge) MRG-351
2010 “From Blown Speakers” and “My Shepherd” on ‘Matador at 21’ (Matador) OLE-1000
2012 “Think About Me” on ‘Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’ (Hear – US) HRM-33327

Randy Gulliver
(piano, vocals) / Tim Wynveen (guitar, vocals) / Denny Deporter (guitar, harmonica, vocals) / Carl Pamminger (drums) / Bill Loop (bass, backing vocals) / Bruce Pennycook (saxophone) / Ollie Strong (steel guitar)
The New Potatoes were initially signed to Edward Bear’s corporate management and publishing entity called Canada Bear Ltd. in June 1972. By September 1972, Bear had gotten the band signed to Capitol Records Canada. Their self-titled debut was produced by Gene Martynec and engineered by Bill Sneddon at Thunder Sound in Toronto in October that year and finally released in January 1973. New Potatoes did opening slots on Edward Bear’s tour dates as well as joining them on stage when songs required bigger arrangements. This teamwork led to members of the New Potatoes appearing on Edward Bears’ 1973 album ‘Close Your Eyes’. With failure to get radio play from the two singles launched off the debut album in ’73, New Potatoes followed with a cover of the Johnny Mercer song “Something’s Gotta Give” which landed them moderate airplay.

1973 Good Morning And Goodbye/Old Man River Jesus (Capitol) 72683
1973 Thinking Only Of You/That’s Not The Way To Be (Capitol) 72710
1974 Something’s Gotta Give/Sad To Say Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay (Capitol) 72728

1973 New Potatoes (Capitol) ST-6349

Kevin Connelly
(vocals) / Neil A. Taylor (drums) / Bill Telep (guitar) / Jon James (bass) / Tim Durnford (bass; replaced James) / Les Stroud (guitar; replaced Telep) / Norm McMullen (guitar, guitar synthesizer; replaced Stroud) / Russell Walker (keyboards, PPG programming) / Rick Lintlop (bass) / Jim MacDonald (keyboards; replaced Walker) / Rob Laidlaw (bass; replaced Lintlop)
New Regime was a Toronto-area synth-pop act founded in 1982 by Kevin Connelly and Neil A.Taylor along with guitarist Bill Telep. Connelly would soon create The Diamonds Dogs, a brief side project, from the original New Regime. But Connelly disbanded Diamond Dogs when the group’s sponsor, Honeymoon Suite’s manager Stephen Prendergaast, expressed no interest in the original material they were writing. However, Diamond Dogs guitarist Les Stroud and bassist Tim Durnford were recruited into New Regime. Creative differences caused Stroud and Durnford to leave and Connelly called on Rick Lintlop, Russell Walker and Norm McMullen to take up the vacant positions; McMullen was originally in Toronto cover band Persons Unknown with Connelly. After the band’s breakup in 1983, McMullen played in another short-lived Toronto cover band called The Tribe before leaving that group to join New Regime. With Jake Gold and David Kirby managing, the act soon signed to RCA Records having been offered the biggest advance to a Canadian act ever signed to the label. Their 1985 self-titled debut was produced by Terry Brown (Rush, Klaatu, Cutting Crew) and featured the radio hit “Seduction” which was an original song by McMullen called “Production”. Shortly before working on their follow-up album, Walker and Lintlop were replaced by Jim MacDonald (of Rational Youth) and Rob Laidlaw. Their second record in 1987, ‘The Race’, was produced by Steve Webster and featured the radio hit “Love + Satisfaction”.  Connelly went solo in the late ’90s and released his first solo album called ‘Son Of The Sun’ which was well very received by critics and featured co-writes with Bill Bell (Tom Cochrane’s guitar player), Rycky Bird (Joan Jett) and others. Since then he has written and produced a rock musical called “Burn – The Real Joan Of Arc Story” and “Life On Mars – Stage v1.0”, a live show featuring the music of David Bowie; Jon James joined the band Britton, touring Europe; Russ Walker (also formerly of Heads In The Sky) is the house composer for Kitchen Sync Studio in Toronto; Les Stroud would go on to world fame as the solitary traveler in the Outdoor Life Network reality show ‘Survivorman’; Jim MacDonald died September 8, 2021. with notes from Kevin Connelly, Chris Bland, Terry Lusk, and Les Stroud. [see LES STROUD]

1985 Seduction/Beat That Drum (RCA) PB-50819
1985 Love In Motion/Love Will Survive (RCA) PB-50841
1985 Fools Cry/I Won’t Let You Go (RCA) PB-50848
1985 Treasure/Careful//Seduction/I Won’t Let You Go [12″] (RCA) KJN1-7094
1987 Love + Satisfaction/Let It Loose (RCA/BMG) PB-50945
1987 Love + Satisfaction (Monkey Trance Mix)/Monkey Sex Mix/Dub Monkey Mix [12″] (RCA/BMG) KD-10019
1987 Where The Heart Is/It’s Alright (RCA/BMG) PB-50961

1985 New Regime (RCA) NFL1-8054
1987 The Race (RCA/BMG) KKL1-0586

Larry Spiak
(lead guitar) / John MacDougall (drums) / Hugh Lee (bass) / Pete Cushenan (vocals) / Bruce Button (rhythm guitar)
From Hamilton, Ontario.

Blueberry Hill/Drugstore Rock (Jay-Dee) NT-001

Born: April 26, 1951 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
After struggling in the late 1970s and 1980s as a dance artist, Billy-Newton Davis finally caught the attention of Columbia Records who released a series of R & B dance singles before committing to the full-length album ‘Love Is a Contact Sport’ produced by David Bendeth. The album won the 1986 JUNO award for ‘Best R & B/soul Recording on the back of advance single “Deeper” and the additional chart topping hits “Right Beside You” and “Find My Way Back”. His 1989 sophomore release, ‘Spellbound’, included his biggest Canadian chart hit, “I Can’t Take It” featuring additional vocals by Mike Reno (Loverboy), as well the Top50 Celine Dion duet “Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You” which was written by Dan Hill and John Parker. Special guest vocalists also included Dalbello, Jocelyn Brown and several songs were produced by Terry Brown (Rush, Max Webster, Cutting Crew). Newton-Davis would win another JUNO Award for ‘Best R & B/Soul Recording in 1990. Following the death of the founding member of The Nylons, Marc Connors, Newton-Davis was invited to join the a cappella act and he accepted. He joined the group in 1991 and stayed with them for nearly a decade. Since leaving the group, he has focused on songwriting while performing jazz and gospel during live performances. His 2007 album ‘All You Ever Want’ won a JUNO Award for ‘Best Dance Album’. As an openly gay entertainer, he wrote about his personal experiences on the 2008 album ‘On a Boy’s Life’. Newton-Davis has been tapped on several occasions to sing on rap and dance recordings including releases by The Boomtang Boys, Nino Anthony and Deadmau5.

Romance (Disco Remix)/Romance (Unidisc/Rio) RIO-11A
1986 Deeper (LP Version)/Deeper (Video Mix) (Columbia) 7-CDN-28
1986 Deeper [Extended Mix]//Deeper (“Wider” Dub Mix)/Deeper (Video Mix) [12″] (Columbia) 12CXP-7143
1986 Right Beside You/[same] (Columbia) C4-7151
1986 Right Beside You [Extended Remix]/Right Beside You/Find My Way Back [12″] (Columbia) 12CXP-7159
1986 Find My Way Back/Electricity (Columbia) C4-7188
1989 I Can’t Take It/Tell Me Something (Columbia) C4-3082
1989 Spellbound [12″] (Columbia – US) 44-68805
1989 Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You [w/Celine Dion] [CD] (Columbia) CDNK-473
1989 Can’t Live With You, Can’t Live Without You [w/Celine Dion]/Stop Me (Before I Dream Again) (Columbia) C4-3088

The Promised Land [12″] (Boomtang) 12-BOOM-17

Outta My Life (Instrumental Dub)//Outta My Life (Touch Mix)/Outta My Life (Deep Dub Mix) (Play) YALP-EP001
2009 All You Ever Want (Original)/All You Ever Want (Arjuna Schiks Remix)//All You Ever Want (deadmau5 Dreams Mix)/All You Ever Want (Nino Anthony Remix) (Play) YALP-002
2009 I Like Your Music (Original Mix)/I Like Your Music (Velvet Remix) (Play Digital) PD-4002

Everything I Wanna Do (Original Mix)//Everything I Wanna Do (Dub Mix)/Everything I Wanna Do (Radio Edit) [DigiFile] (Play Digital)
2009 Our House World [6 mixes] [DigiFile] (Portomento) POR-057

Love Is a Contact Sport (Columbia) PCC-80112
1989 Spellbound (Columbia) FC-44499
2007 All You Ever Want
2008 On a Boy’s Life

Compilation Tracks
“Right Beside You” on ‘Canadian Gold’ (Quality) QRSP-1061

NEX’D, The
Trevor Groves
(lead vocals) / Lochinvar Sturdy (bass) / Gordon Adam (guitar, keyboards) / Sean Maher (drums, backing vocals)  / Kim Sturdy (keyboards, guitar) / Kevin Kingston (bass, backing vocals)
The Nex’d were a 6-piece act from Calgary, Alberta. The video for their 1985 single “Surreal” was played on MuchMusic. The 12” achieved national campus status at No. 5 including major airplay on CJAY.

Surreal/Flexible [12″] (Black Bear) BBR-1010

George Belanger
(lead vocals) / Ralph “The Brat” Watts (lead guitar) / James Grabowski (organ) / Allan Lee Johnson (drums) / Brian Sellar (bass)
Originally known as the final incarnation of Winnipeg act The Fifth, Next… were signed by the late John Poser to Warner Brothers around 1971, and released the band’s debut album ‘Dusty Shoes’. The album cover is notable as it was the first for the Warner’s Canadian office that was actually designed in Canada; Belanger would go on to front Epic recording artists Harlequin; Sellar is still performing as a current member of the 1960’s Manitoba act Satan & The D-Men; Watts would join Graham Shaw & The Sincere Serenaders, and The Cheer. He has since passed away. with notes from Tom Williams, and Laurie MacKenzie.

1972 Be Free/ Which Way? (Warner Brothers) CW-4011

1972 Dusty Shoes (Warner Brothers) WSC-9009

Roly Greenway
(bass, vocals) / Mark LaForme (guitar, vocals) / Garnet Zimmerman (keyboards) / Melvyn Coburn (drums, backing vocals) / Mitch Hellfield (replaced Zimmerman; 2nd drummer, vocals)
Following his years with Crowbar, Hamilton’s Roly Greenway formed Appaloosa which changed its name to Youngblood Hawk and finally became Next in 1974. Having been signed to a standard (for the day) six sides (three 7” singles) record deal with CBS Records, the band led with the Bob Gallo produced “Only A Friend of Mine”. The song peaked at No.72 on the RPM ‘Top Singles’ chart in April 1976. Two additional singles released in 1976 – “You & I” and “Just Dreaming” – failed to chart. Zimmerman was replaced by Mitch Hellfield who was a drummer-singer. The group sported two drummers, guitar and bass and everyone in the band sang. Following the break-up of the band in 1977, Field formed Hellfield. with notes from Roly Greenway.

1975 Only A Friend of Mine/Uptown Lady (CBS) C4-4108
1976 Just Dreaming/Maybe The Next Time (CBS) C4-4132
1976 You & I/When You’re Singing (CBS) C4-4145

Dennis Gaines
(vocals) / Robert Sunn (guitar) / Perry Blackman (drums) / Mike Stevens (bass, keyboards)

Radio Man (World) WRC1-4877

Born: Barry Phillip Nichol on September 30, 1944 in Vancouver, British Columbia Died: September 25, 1988 in Toronto, Ontario
B.P. Nichol was a celebrated underground experimental poet who, after a fairly obscure solo career in the late 1960s/early 1970s, would form the band, Four Horsemen, during the early 1970s.

Appendix/[split w/ANN SOUTHAM & SEAN O’HUIGIN] (Black Moss) BM-101

1968 Motherlove (Allied) Allied-3
Ear Rational: Sound Poems 1966-1980

Canadada (Griffin House) IPS-1004
1977 Live In The West (Starborne) STB-0177

Born: Louis Simoneau in 1944 in Windsor Mills, Québec
Born in Windsor Mills, near Sherbrooke, Québec in 1944, Jean Nichol made his show business debut at four years of age entertaining people with his father at a food drive. At age seven, he was singing solo in his village church choir. Nichol’s singing teacher, brother Augustin, predicted a great career as a tenor, Nichol fell in love with Rock ‘n’ Roll as a teenager buying all the records he could afford by Dion, Bobby Vinton, Bobby Rydell and Bobby Darin. At seventeen, Nichol was the singer for The Commanders who were one of the hottest R & B commodities in Québec. It was in a bar in Alma, Lac-Saint-Jean, where Guy Cloutier discovered the singer and soon became Nichol’s manager. His first two singles where successful French versions of Welsh singer Tom Jones songs. However, it was a song by Belgian singer-songwriter David Alexander Winter entitled “Oh Lady Mary” that sent Nichol to the top of the charts. Winter’s version of the song had failed to connect with Québec audiences and when Nichol made it a hit, it opened the door for Winter to finally promote his own album in the province. Following a series of successes on the backs of singles like “Angelica”, “First Love”, “One Night Without You”, and “Gypsy Heart”. He would accumulate more than twenty No.1 hits in Québec. By 1976, Nichol had risen to be the star of cabaret and large hotel performances in Québec which included Place des Arts and The Grand Theatre. Jean Nichol still entertains audiences in Québec.

1968 Quand reviendra la nuit/Une minute de ton temps (Trans-Canada) TC-3281
1969 Oh! Lady Mary/Les Filles de mon pays (Trans-Canada) TC-3295
L’Amour est bleu/Love is Blue (Nobel) NBL-5701
1970 Regarde Sous Ton Balcon/M’lady (Nobel) NL-5605
1970 La plus belle fille du monde/Sans toi (Nobel) NL-5611
1971 Toi qui n’a pas compris pourquoi/Les joie de l’amour (Nobel) NL-5620
1971 C’etait un reve/Cœur de gitan (Trans-World) TF4-79
1971 Un soir sans toi/Maria (Trans-World) TF4-85
1972 Je suis la/Ne pleure pas (Trans-World) TF4-93
1972 On reste les emes/L’amour a fait de moi un homme (Trans-World) TF4-98
1973 Blanc et noir/Premier amour (Trans-World) TF4-106
1973 L’amour est une chanson/Le temps le vent (Trans-World) TF4-115
1973 L’Amour est une chanson/Love is a Beautiful Song (Trans-World) TWF-2414
1974 Viendras-tu /Je suis la/ (Trans-World) TF9-120
1974 Angelique/Daddy (Trans-World) TF9-122
1975 Dis-moi mon ami/Love Me Do (Trans-World) TF9-133
1975 Je n’ai pas l’age/Si je pleure (Trans-World) TF9-135
1976 Lady My Love/Lady My Love (Instrumentale) (Trans-World) TF9-138
1977 Buona Sera Papa/Donne-moi Un Peu De Temps (Music Hall) MH-3513
1978 Disons-nous Adieu/[same] (Martin) M-10717
1978 Une fille comme toi/Une fille comme toi (Instrumentale)  (Martin) M-10735
1979 Laisse-moi T’aimer/Laisse-moi T’aimer (Instrumentale) (Martin) M-10755
1982 Le Solitaire/Le Solitaire (Instrumentale) (Janico) PPC-2031
1982 All People/[same] (Janico) PPC-2032
1983 Je voudrais te retrouver/Babe (Maisonneuve) MAS-1407
1983 Aloha mon amour/A la longue (Maisonneuve) MAS-1411
1984 Toi l’amour/[same] (Maisonneuve) MAS-1414
1985 Everybody Reggae/Everybody Reggae (Version Instrumentale) (Les Disques Liberté/Trans-Canada Disques) LIB-701
1985 I Love Everybody/I Love Everybody (Version Instrumentale) (Les Disques Liberté/Trans-Canada Disques) LIB-702
1985 California Song/California Song (Version Instrumentale) (Les Disques Liberté/Trans-Canada Disques) LIB-703
1985 Sénorita/Sénorita (Version Instrumentale) (Les Disques Liberté/Trans-Canada Disques) LIB-704
1985 En Jamaique/En Jamaique (Instrumentale) (Les Disques Liberté/Trans-Canada Disques) LIB-705

Mustang Sally/J’Aurais Voulu T’en Parler (Carrousel) CR-9
1972 Stan-Beurre Blues/Moineau Moineau (Chart On) 2000-009

1970 Tous les deux sur la plage/les filles et les Garçons (Nobel) NL-5610

1969 Jean Nichol sur scène (Nobel) NBL-1
1970 Oh! Lady Mary (Nobel) NL-5701
1971 Sans toi (Nobel) NL-5704
1971 Sur scene double (Nobel) NBL-12000
1972 L’Amour a fait de moi un homme (Trans-World) TWK-6503
1974 Angelique (Trans-World) TWK-6508
1975 Cette femme (Trans-World) TWK-6527
1978 Disons nous adieu (Disques Total) DT-22077
1985 Les 18 Numeros 1 de Jean Nichol (Les Archives du Disques Québec) AQ-21026
1992 Jean Nichol (Mérite) 22-1048
1998 16 grand succès (Mérite) 22-7715
1999 24 chansons d’amour (Mérite) 22-1110
2004 Jean Nichol (Mérite) 22-7722
2006 Jean Nichol (PMKK) PMJN-0506

Nicholls musical career started with Montreal’s J.B. & The Playboys who established a firm reputation in the early 1960’s in the local club scene playing Beatles cover tunes before The Beatles broke in North America because Nicholls’ aunt lived in England and sent him all the latest releases. Through a local independent label they released a version of “All My Loving” along with an original tune, “Cheryl”, in 1964 to minor success in Montreal. By 1965 they had been signed to RCA Victor International Canada Records and released the single “Tears of Woe”. A string of successful singles followed on the charts through the spring of 1965 after which the band headed into RCA Studios to record the remaining tracks for their self-titled debut LP which was released in the summer of 1965. During that same summer they starred in the US Movies Inc. production of Maxwell Sendel’s ‘Playgirl Killer’ film. With a May 1966 switch in name to The Jaybees (as they were being confused with Gary Lewis And The Playboys) and a move to Toronto, they continued with a string of successful singles including “I’m A Loner” peaking at No.25 in August 1966, and “I Think of Her” which hit No.49 later that year. Kaye and Atkins would leave the band following this release and were replaced by Pete Carson and J.P.Lauzon who would immediately appear on their next single for Columbia Records “Who Do You Think You Are”. Later that year The Jaybees would appear in a second film called “Waiting For Caroline” starring Alexandra Stewart. After another brief name change they returned to RCA as Peter And The Pipers with the addition of Tim Forsythe. But they found themselves without a hit in the form of ‘Rockin’ to Mars’. By 1968 the music world had changed styles again and the remaining members (Hill, Nicholls and Lauzon) rebuilt itself under the moniker Carnival Connection releasing one unsuccessful single “Poster Man” (only hitting No.67 in December 1968); Nichols moved to New York to work on Broadway (‘Hair’ and ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’) before returning to Montreal to join a short-reformation of Mashmakhan in 1973, all the while working on solo material for several labels. In 1975 he packed up for Hollywood where he had parts in such movies as ‘Nashville’, ‘Buffalo Bill’, and ‘Slapshot’. He later worked in movie production with Robert Altman and eventually moved into video production including directing Leonard Cohen’s “I’m A Hotel” and working with ‘Saturday Night Live’; Nicholls currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. with notes from Shawn Nagy [also J.B. & THE PLAYBOYS, CARNIVAL CONNECTION, MASHMAKHAN]

1970 Goin’ Down/Sounds-Noises (Avco Embassy) 4520
1970 Let The Music Play/Coming Apart (Rare Earth/Motown) R-5020
1972 The Joke/[same](Polydor) 2066-204
1974 I’ll Love You From Far Away/Country Junk (Aquarius) AQS-5056*
[The catalog # for this title is incorrect.]


1967 Rockin’ To Mars/Girl On The Hit Parade (RCA Victor Canada International)

Chad Kroeger (lead vocals, lead guitar; 1995–present) / Ryan Peake (rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals; 1995–present) / Mike Kroeger (bass, backing vocals; 1995–present) / Brandon Kroeger (drums ; 1995–1997) / Mitch Guindon (drums; 1997–1998) / Ryan Vikedal (drums; 1998–2005) / Daniel Adair (drums, backing vocals; 2005–present)
The origins of Nickelback began in the early 1990s as a cover band called the Village Idiots featuring Chad Kroeger, Mike Kroeger, Brandon Kroeger, and Ryan Peake in the town of Hanna, Alberta. They soon changed their name to Nickelback based on a phrase Mike Kroeger often repeated as his Starbucks job – “Here’s your nickel back.” By 1996 they’d written enough original material to release the independent EP ‘Hesher’. The release was well received and by year end they recorded their first full-length album entitled ‘Curb’ featuring the single “Fly” (which was a remake of a track that appeared on ‘Hesher’). In 1997, Brandon Kroeger had left the band was replaced by Mitch Guindon. The drum seat was soon vacant again when Guindon quit to pursue a new job in a car company. In the summer of 1998, Ryan Vikedal joined the band as new drummer. By 1999, Nickelback had signed a record deal with EMI (Canada) and Roadrunner Records (US). Their major label debut, ‘The State’, was released in 2000 and spawned four singles – “Old Enough”, “Worthy To Say”, “Leader of Men” and “Breathe” – the latter two becoming Top10 rock radio hits. The album peaked at No.3 in the Billboard ‘Top Heatseekers Albums Chart’ and peaked at No.6 on the Billboard ‘Top Independent Albums Chart’. The record would eventually be certified platinum by 2008. Nickelback were quick out of the box with the follow up album entitled ‘Silver Side Up’ on September 11, 2001. The album had been written before ‘The State’ and produced by Rick Parashar at the same studio. The CD peaked at No.2 on the Billboard Top200 Chart with over 177,000 copies sold in the US in its first week. It would reach No. 1 on the Canadian albums chart on the back of the No.1 hit single “How You Remind Me” which managed to cross-over on the Mainstream, Modern Rock and Pop charts. It would peak at No.2 on Adult Top40 and became the Billboard Hot100 No.1 single of the year for 2001. The follow-up singles, “Too Bad” and “Never Again”, both went to No.1. In 2002, Chad Kroeger collaborated with Josey Scott on the Sam Raimi produced Spider-Man movie theme song, “Hero”. The same year, Nickelback released their first DVD entitled ‘Live at Home’. The band’s next album was 2003’s ‘The Long Road’. It debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and spawned five singles. The album would go on to sell 3x Platinum. It would go on to sell 5 million copies worldwide to date ranking No. 157 on Billboard’s ‘Top 200 Albums of the Decade’. It spawned five singles including “Someday”, “Figured You Out”, “Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good”, “Because of You”, and “See You at the Show”. In 2005, drummer Ryan Vikedal left the band and was replaced by Three Doors Down drummer Daniel Adair. The band’s next album, ‘All the Right Reasons’ was released the same year and reached No.1 on the Billboard 200 and the Canadian albums chart. They album spawned five US Hot100 Top20 singles in “Photograph”, “Savin’ Me”, “Far Away”, “If Everyone Cared” and “Rockstar” (three of which went to hit Top10). The album went on to sell 7 million copies in the US alone, with more than 12 million singles sold and over 9 million ringtones. The band spent the next two years touring including an opening slot during the European leg of Bon Jovi’s tour. Nickelback would win an American Music Award for ‘Best Album’ in November 2006. Nickelback was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame in 2007. In September 2008 Nickelback released the advance single “Gotta Be Somebody” from the Mutt Lange produced album ‘Dark Horse’ which was released in November 2008. The second single, “Something in Your Mouth”, went to No.1. The album was milked for singles over the next eighteen months culminating in an unprecedented eighth single, “This Afternoon”, which was released in March 23, 2010. In 2009 the album was certified triple platinum and Nickelback would win three JUNO Awards for ‘JUNO Fan Choice Award’, ‘Group of the Year’, and ‘Album of the Year’. Billboard’s 2010 year end charts listed ‘Dark Horse’ as the ‘Top-Selling Rock and Metal Album of the Year’ and Nickelback was listed as the ‘Top Selling Hard Rock Artist. The band also performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Nickelback released two new singles in September 2011 – “Bottoms Up” and “When We Stand Together” – two days apart on iTunes before releasing the next studio album, ‘Here and Now’ in November. The album peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 following fellow Canadian Michael Bublé’s Christmas album which sold 419 more copies than Nickelback. Part of Nickelback’s promotion for the album involved performances at the halftime shows for both an NFL Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit on November 24, and the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver. An online petition by NFL fans was set up in opposition to the announcement that Nickelback was the half-time entertainment. The petition received 55,000 signatures. Nickelback responded to the negative response with a humorous video through ‘Funny or Die’ on YouTube and proceeded to perform at both events anyway. Nickelback would also perform on the WWE Tribute to The Troops and would donate $50,000 to British Columbia Children’s Hospital. The band was nominated for four more JUNO Awards in 2012, and performed at the ceremony. The third single from the album was “Lullaby”. In August 2012, Chad Kroeger surprised the entertainment world by announcing that he was engaged to marry fellow Canadian music star Avril Lavigne.

2000 Leader of Men (Road Runner) RR-2079
2000 Old Enough (Road Runner)
2000 Breathe (Road Runner)
2000 Worthy to Say (Road Runner)
2001 How You Remind Me (Road Runner) RR-PROMO-613
2002 Too Bad (Road Runner) RR-2037
2003 Never Again (Road Runner) RR-2025
2003 Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting (Road Runner)
2003 Someday (Road Runner) RR-2008
2004 Because of You (Road Runner)
2004 Figured You Out (Road Runner) RR-2001
2004 Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good (Road Runner) RR-PROMO-756
2004 See You at the Show (Road Runner) RR-3979
2005 Photograph (604/Road Runner) RR-3954
2006 Far Away (604/Road Runner) RR-3948
2006 Savin’ Me (604/Road Runner) RR-3939
2006 Rockstar (604/Road Runner) RR-3932
2006 Animals (604/Road Runner)
2007 If Everyone Cared (604/Road Runner) RR-3891
2007 Side of a Bullet (604/Road Runner)
2008 Gotta Be Somebody (604/Road Runner) RR-3833
2008 If Today Was Your Last Day (604/Road Runner)
2008 I’d Come For You (604/Road Runner) RR-3824
2008 Something in Your Mouth (604/Road Runner)
2009 Never Gonna Be Alone (604/Road Runner)
2009 Shakin’ Hands (604/Road Runner)
2009 I’d Come for You (604/Road Runner)
2009 Burn It to the Ground (604/Road Runner) RR-PROMO-1145
2010 This Afternoon (604/Road Runner) RR-3750
2011 Bottoms Up (604/Road Runner)
2011 When We Stand Together (604/Road Runner) RR-3625
2012 Lullaby (604/Road Runner) RR-3618
2012 This Means War (604/Road Runner)
2012 Trying Not To Love You (604/Road Runner)

Hesher [7 song EP] (Nickelback) NICK-505
1996 Curb (Nickelback) SECD-14006
1998 The State (Road Runner) RR-8586
2001 Silver Side Up (Road Runner) RR-8485
2002 Three #1’s + The First One Live [EP] (Road Runner) RDRR-100512
2003 The Long Road (Road Runner) RR-8400
2003 Three Sided Coin (Road Runner – JAPAN) RRCY-29032
2005 All the Right Reasons (604/Road Runner) RR-8300
2008 Dark Horse (604/Road Runner) RR-8028
2011 Here and Now (604/Road Runner) RR-7709
2014 No Fixed Address (Republic/Universal) B0022085-02
2017 Feed the Machine (BMG) 297796
2021 Live From Red Rocks [DigiFile] (The Orchard)
2022 Get Rollin’ (BMG) 538853812

Compilation Tracks
“Breathe” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 5’ (Warner) WTVD-39170
2000 “Leader of Men” on ‘Allstar Contact: The Ultimate Hockey Album’ (Attic) ACD-1542
2001 “Too Bad” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 7’ (Universal)
2003 “Flat On the Floor” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 8’ (Warner) WTVD-61050
2005 “Fight For All the Wrong Reasons” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes X’ (EMI) 41878
2006 “How You Remind Me” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 3 – Juno Awards: Celebrating 35 Years of the Best in Canadian Music’ (EMI) 59829
2009 “Burn It To The Ground” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 14’ (EMI)

Dave Nicol is a singer/songwriter from St. John’s, Newfoundland who was signed to Columbia Records in the early 1970’s. He had two successful hits, “Goodbye Mama” (1973) and “Mexico” (1974) before falling into relative obscurity. He never gave up on his passion for music and took odd jobs in Kelowna, British Columbia to make ends meet while continuing to write throughout the last two decades. By 1993 he ventured back into the studio and produced a moving tribute to his late friend Brian MacLeod (Chilliwack, Headpins) on his independent CD ‘Night Crossing’. with notes from Derek Churchill.

1972 No One Ever Told Me/ (Columbia) C4-3045
1973 Goodbye Mama/Fairy Tale (Columbia) C4-4013
1971 Tonight/ (Columbia) C4-4031
1974 Dancin’ Romancin’/ (Columbia) C4-4040
1974 Mexico/My Love (Columbia) C4-4057
1975 Salvation (Nebula) C-0001

1973 Dave Nicol (Columbia) ES-90247
1975 All the Wild Birds (Columbia)
1993 Night Crossing (Wild West) SP-0618-2

Compilation Tracks
“Goodbye Mama” on ‘Canadian Mint’ (K-Tel) TC-215

Sy Risby (vocals) / Billy Dixon (vocals) / Chuck Flintroy (vocals) / Tony Harris (vocals) / Al Johnson (vocals) / Ron Johnson (trombone) / Bill Keyes (baritone saxophone) / George Chapelas (bass) / Doug Cuthbert (drums) / Bill Wheeler (guitar) / Chuck Cliff (organ) / Larry Volen (tenor saxophone) / Wayne Morris (tenor saxophone) / Bill Hallet (trumpet) / Jimmy Knight (vocals) / Miss Suzanne (vocals) / Kenny McColl [aka Billy Mack] (vocals; 1981) / Denise McCann [aka Dee Dee Mack] (vocals; 1981) / Perry White (baritone & tenor saxophone; 1981) / Alan Treen (bass; 1981) / Olaf DeShield (guitar; 1981) / Mike Kalanj (piano, keyboards; 1981) / Hugh Frazer (trombone; 1981) / Rod Borrie (trombone; 1981) / Jamie Croil (trumpet; 1981) / Leona Lohn (backing vocals; 1981) / Ria Falkner (backing vocals; 1981)
Originally formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1963, the vocal group survived until 1971 with a revolving cast of more than 15 members. The group was revived in the ’80s as The Night Train Revue featuring Denise McCann and Kenny McColl (Rocket Norton Band) on vocals. [also see JIMMY KNIGHT, DENISE MCCANN]

Ain’t Love Wonderful/Hope We Have (6th Avenue) AV-601

Walk On The Wild Side/Give Me The Right (New Talent) SPC-45-24

1981 Ain’t Gonna Stop (Blue Wave) BWR-NT-ST-1001

Compilation Tracks
“Letter Song”, “99 ½”, “Sometimes I Wonder”, and “You Don’t Know Like I Know” on ‘Live! From the Grooveyard’ (New Syndrome) NSLM-1004
1985 “Walk On the Wildside” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 2’ (Neptoon) VRCA-002

Tony Bentivegna
/ Johnny D’Orazio / Louis Toteda (vocals) / Peter Sciascia (vocals) / Rebecca Bell (vocals) / Denise Davis (vocals)
Montreal, Québec-based studio project orchestrated and performed by Bentivegna and D’Orazio who used a series of vocalists over the lifespan of the act. Bentivegna and D’Orazio would also produce releases with/for Sweet Heat, Ladies Choice, Gillian Lane, Valerie Krystal, Susan Stevens, Stephanie Wells and six other acts.

Disco Choo Choo (6:20)/Disco Choo Choo (7:20) [12″] (Unidisc) UNI-1020
1979 Love Is In You (No. 2)/Dance Freak And Boogie (No. 2) [12″] (Unidisc) UNI- 1023
1979 Love Is In You/[same] (Unidisc) UN-117
1979 Love Is In You/[same] [12″] (Unidisc) JUNI-03
1979 El Amor Esta En Ti (Love Is In You)/Alocate Y Baila El Boogie (Dance, Freak And Boogie) [12″] (Casablanca Records – Mexico) 3017
1979 Dance Freak And Boogie [12″] (Unidisc) JUNI-02
1979 Precious Moments/[same] [12″] (Unidisc) JUNI-04
1980 Just Be Yourself/[same] [12″] (Uniwave) W-12058
1980 Do Me Tonight/[same] (Uniwave) WN-336
1980 Do Me Tonight/Love Is In You/Dance Freak and Boogie (Uniwave) FL-02
1982 Danger Zone/[same] [12″] (Tojo – US) T12-1007
1982 Dance With Me (Remix)/Tell Me Why [12″] (Unidisc) UNI-1072
1983 Danger Zone/Ready For You (Rams Horn – NETHERLANDS) RHR-1193
1984 Woman/Some Make You Dance [12″] (Rams Horn – NETHERLANDS) RHR-3368
1984 Playing Tricks On Me/Power and Desire [12″] (Rams Horn – NETHERLANDS) RHR- 3389
1986 Do You Wanna Feel Free/Do You Wanna Feel Free (Progressive Mix) [12″] (Man – US) KR-103
1993 Disco Choo Choo (Remix)/Love Is In You (Remix)/Dance Freak and Boogie (Remix)/Just Be Yourself (Remix) [12″] (Unidisc) SPEC-1210

1978 What’s On Your Mind/[same] (TGO) TG-2004

Nightlife Unlimited (Unidisc) ULP-06
1980 Just Be Yourself (Uniwave) WLP-1014
1981 Nightlife Unlimited (Unidisc) ULP-26
1983 I Love The Night In New York City (Tojo – US) TLP-02
1983 Hot Plate No.9 – Nightlife Unlimited (Trebol – MEXICO) TI-70676
1983 Hot Plate #11 (Unidisc) UNI-009
1984 Power & Desire (Rams Horn – NETHERLANDS) RHR-5090
1997 Let’s Do It Again (Unidisc) AGEK-2062
1997 The Best Of Nightlife Unlimited – I Love The Night In New York City (Tojo – US) HTCD-111

Sandy Singers
(vocals) / Gerald O’Brien (keyboards) / Terry O’Brien (guitar) / Mike Gingrich (bass) / Mike Phelan (drums)
Nightwinds was a progressive A-level bar band whose line-up would go on to greater things as individual members. They played around the Southern Ontario club scene, rotating with the likes of Rhinegold, Saga, FM and the like throughout 1978 and 1979. The band came to the attention of Klaatu members Terry Draper and Dee Long (on hiatus from their own recording career) when Terry and Gerald O’Brien were moonlighting in that duo’s Top-40 cover band FUNN. Draper and Long took Nightwinds into the studio to record their debut album. Personnel conflicts erupted and the LP did not see the light of day until 1991 when Ken Golden’s Laser’s Edge Records released the rough monitor mixes of the original album on CD for the first time; Mike Gingrich would eventually wind up in Klaatu’s touring act in 1981/82. Gingrich would also play with the likes of Max Webster, Toronto and other Canadian acts as a session bassist; Gerald O’Brien would go on to form Surrender before touring with Klaatu as well. Eventually, he hooked up with Gerry Mosby (his old bandmate from The Hunt) to work in a jingle house, but soon grew tired of this in pursuit of more lucrative songwriting jobs. O’Brien lives in Los Angeles and is a member of experimental jazz act Exchange with Steve Sexton; Terry O’Brien became an executive at BMG Publishing in the 1990’s before moving to Vancouver in 1997; Sandy Singers lives in Kingston and became the vocalist in a showband called Soul Survivor. He retired from singing in 2004. With notes from Kerry Gordon, Terry Draper, and William Soper.

Nightwinds (Laser’s Edge – US) LE-1007

Born: 1948
A refugee from Toronto area coffeehouses playing his own brand of folky pop in the ’70’s, Nigrini actually got his start in 1965 in a duo called The Coachmen. By 1967 he had joined Dan’s Heard and drifted around from act to act until 1970 when he finally decided to go solo starting his days on the coffeehouse circuit in the American midwest and eastern seaboard. By 1972 he was back in Canada writing jingles with A&M recording artist Michael Hasek. But, Nigrini was still a singer/songwriter and yearned for the big leagues. He signed a record deal with Attic in 1974 and released his first single that year – “Letters”. The record drew enough attention for Nigrini to follow that up with a 1975 self-titled debut, which, in itself spawned the singles “Lost In Colorado” and “Horses”. It also featured a remake of The Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”. Nigrini’s talent was showcased with his lead singing, acoustic guitar, and dulcimer work. On the suggestion of Attic Records president Al Mair, Nigrini did a remake of “I’m Easy” (from the movie ‘Nashville’) which was from his sophomore effort ‘Rich Things’ (1976). But Nigrini’s sweet Jim Croce-meets-Harry Chapin style was no match for the invasion of harder rock and punk leaving him nothing but closed doors of opportunity in the Canadian music business. He disappeared from the recording studio entirely and drifted for years as a soloist in seedy bars south of the border. Then, in 1983, he returned to the scene for another shot, this time using his own record label as a launch pad. His first single, “Baby, I’m A Lot Like You”, became a national hit. Nigrini’s battle plan for himself and the Oasis label was to release singles only and after the success of “Baby…” and its follow-up “Secrets”, he decided that an album might be good for him too. These two singles were remixed and added to the 1987 album ‘The Drift’ , engineered by Rich Dodson (Stampeders) which also featured the single “Thin Line” and Nigrini’s first stab at a video. This ‘comeback’ record established Nigrini in the A/C and country markets especially with the added bonus of his duet with Shirley Eikhard on “If I Lose You”. Nigrini lives in Commanda, Ontario. He still writes and records and successfully sells out his yearly pilgrimage to play live at Toronto’s Hugh’s Room. with notes from Karen Hazzard.

1974 Letters/Simply Flowers (Attic) AT-101
1974 Lost In Colorado/Kitty Star (Attic) AT-104
1975 Horses/Signs (Attic) AT-110
1976 I’m Easy/For Someone on the Road (Attic) AT-116
1977 You’re The Reason/Rich Things (Attic) AT-157
1983 Baby, I’m A Lot Like You/[same] (Oasis) OA-5351
1983 Secrets/Baby, I’m A Lot Like You (Oasis) OA-5352
1983 Thin Line/[same] (Oasis) OA-5353
1984 The Drift/[same] (Oasis) OA-5357

1975 Ron Nigrini (Attic) LAT-1000
1976 Rich Things (Attic) LAT-1010
1987 The Drift (Oasis) OA-1200
1998 Above The Noise (Oasis) OA-1201
2002 Songs From Turtle Island (Oasis/Pacemaker) OA-1202
2010 Undisguised Heart (Oasis) OA-1203
2013 Directions Home (Oasis) OA-1204
2019 The Quiet (Oasis) OA-1205

Compilation Tracks
“Colorado”, “For Someone On the Road”, “Red Clouds Over New Mexico”, and “Letters” on ‘Radio Canada International LM400’ (RCL) LM-400
1976 “I’m Easy” on ‘Power House’ (K-Tel) TC-233
1976 “I’m Easy” on ’20 All Around Hits’ (Arara – BRAZIL) 507.0006
1979 “I’m Easy” on ‘Afterglow’ (AHED) TVLP-79047
1988 “I’m Easy” on ‘Celebrating 15 Years With Attic’ (Attic) 15B
1993 “I’m Easy” on ‘Caught In the Attic’ [3CDs] (Attic) ATTIC-XX
1998 “I’m Easy” on ‘Together – 12 Favourite Love Songs’ (Attic) ACBD-1242
2007 “Turtle Island” on ‘Mariposa 2007’ (Mariposa Folk Festival) MAR-2007

Bill Exley (vocals) / John Boyle (kazoo) / John Clement (guitar) / Greg Curnoe (kazoo, drums) /  Murray Favro (guitar, drums) / Hugh McIntyre (bass; 1965-2004) / Archie Leitch (clarinet) / Art Pratte (pratt-a-various) / Tim Glasgow (guitar, drums, 1999-present) / Aya Onishi (drums, kazoo, 1999-present)
The Nihilist Spasm Band is a free-form improvisational experimental act formed in London, Ontario in 1965.

Art Southwest Ont.[split w/JOHN CHAMBERS]

No Record (Allied) No.5
1978 Vol. 2 (Music Gallery Editions) MGE-13
1984 1984 (Chimik) CC-004
1985 = 7x~x=x (A United Dairies) UD-016
1992 What About Me (Alchemy) ARCD-056
1997 Live In Japan (Alchemy) ARCD-093
1999 Every Monday Night (Alchemy) ARCD-107
2007 No Nihilist Spasm Band in Mulhouse
2012 Nothing Is Forever (Wintage) WRT-99

Compilation Tracks
“Archaeology” on ‘World Record’ (Alchemy) ARCD-042
1997 “No Bananafish” on ‘My Baby Does Good Sculptures (Bananafish – US) #12
1997 “Muckraker” on ‘Muckraker #8 [7″] (Giardia) GRD-017
2000 “I Have Nothing To Say”, “I Dreamt I Was Living In Paradise”, “It’s Not My Fault”, and “No Canada” on ‘no99: No Music Festival 1999’ (Entartete Kunst – US) EK-2120

Alex Soria
(guitar, vocals) / Carlos Soria (guitar) / Terry Lee Toner [aka Eloi Bertholet] (drums) / Guy Caron (bass) / Jean Lortie / Karim Dormeyer (lead guitar)
The Nils were from Montreal, Québec.  In July of 1985 they entered Le Majeure Studio in Montreal to create the EP ‘Sell Out Young’ which was produced by Stefan Doroschuk of Men Without Hats. His brother Ivan Doroschuk (vocalist for MWH) played keyboards. A second EP of material demoed in 1984 materialized in 1986 on the Seigfried label. Their self-titled full-length album was produced by Chris Spedding and was released in 1987 on the U.S Rock Hotel label distributed by Profile Records. In 1995, a Montreal label called Mag Wheel records re-issued the extra stock from the 1986 Seigfried release with a new sleeve under the title ‘Paisley’. In 1998 they also released a pseudo “best of” package called ‘Green Fields in Daylight’. Alex Soria resurfaced in 1999 with a new act called Chino. Their 6-song EP, ‘Mala Leche’, was also released on Mag Wheel. In 2009 a split LP with old and new material called ‘Now + Sell Out Young!’ was issued on Just Fucking Music. with notes from Jim Hynes and Guy St. Laurent.

1985 Sell Out Young! [4 song 12″] (Psyche Industry) PIR-06
1986 The Nils [4 song 12″] (Siegfried)

1987 The Nils (Rock Hotel/Profile – US) PRO-1245
1995 Paisley (Mag Wheel) MAG-013
1997 Greenfields In Daylight (Mag Wheel) MAG-012
2009 Now + Sell Out Young! (Just Fucking Music) 02
2017 Brave New Waves Session [LP] (Artoffact) AOF-317

Compilation Tracks
“Call of the Wild” on ‘Primitive Air-Raid’ (Psyche Industry) MPAS-01
1984 “Scratches and Needles” on ‘Something To Believe In’ (Fringe Product) FPL-3015
1992 “Scratches and Needles” on ‘Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head To Believe In Something’ (B.Y.O.) BYO-026CD

Alex Bako (vocals, guitar) / Ken Brown (guitar, flute) / Mike Daley (guitar, piano, vocals) / Tim Hopkins (bass, vocals) / Greg Allworth (drums) / Mike Arsenault (bass; 1992)
Formed in Hamilton in 1989 by Alex Bako and Ken Brown under the name The Bogus. Bako brought in bassist Tim Hopkins (ex-Toy Town Troupers) who, in turn, brought in Greg Allworth. They renamed themselves Nine Big Dogs and entered a battle of the bands at Mohawk College which they won. The prize was a recording session leading to a demo tape. That demo tape was heard by Spy Record co-founder Jim Skarratt, who decided that he wanted to add Nine Big Dogs to their roster, which would eventually include Guitar Mikey, The Phantoms, and electric violinist Mark Wood. Brown quit the band at that point and was replaced by 21-year-old jazz student at Mohawk named Mike Daley on guitar. They signed a recording, publishing, and management contracts with Spy. Their debut album, ‘Bite!’, was recorded and mixed in Fort Erie at River Audio with Ed Stone over a couple of weekends. It came out in 1991 and distributed by A & M Records. The focus track, “Dougie’s Lament,” was picked up by DJ Don Berns at CFNY-FM and given regular rotation which helped the band secure bookings at the Horseshoe, Lee’s Palace, a couple of months of Mondays at Ultrasound, the Rivoli and many more in Toronto. Spy sent Nine Big Dogs to Halifax in a tour bus where they showcased at the COCA conference for university and college bookers. However, dissatisfaction was growing as very little money was coming in and in 1992 Tim Hopkins quit the group to be replaced by Mike Arsenault. Bako finally quit his own band, and the group split up in 1993. With notes from Mike Daley.

Bite! (Spy/A & M) SPY-CD-1005

Steve Eggers (vocals, piano, keyboards, bass) / Paul McCulloch (bass, guitar, vocals) / Warren Cliff (drums) / Sam Tallo (guitar) / Aaron Nielson (drums)
The Nines was formed in Oakville, Ontario in 1993 as a pseudonym for Steve Eggers’ solo pursuits. When he decided to perform on rare occasions he added a band of musicians to reproduce his album tracks live. The Nines have played with Ron Sexsmith, Vince Neil (Mötley Crüe), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) and the Barenaked Ladies. Eggers has managed to work with some name songwriters including Andy Partridge (XTC) and Jason Falkner (Jellyfish). Nines songs have also appeared on network television shows such as ‘Dawson’s Creek’, ‘Party of Five’, ‘Joan of Arcadia’ and ‘The Jane Show’.

Wonderworld of Colourful (Page Publications) TH-9999S
1999 Four Song [EP] (Universal) UMDM-811105
2001 Properties of Sound (Nines Music 1997)
2006 Calling Distance Stations (T.A.S. Gold)
2006 CQDX Transmissions #1 [EP]
2006 CQDX Transmissions #2 [EP]
2006 Winter Snow and Icicles [EP] (T.A.S. Gold) 74701-454862
2007 Gran Jukle’s Field (T.A.S. Gold)
2011 Polarities (Nines Music 1997)
2013 The Nines (T.A.S. Gold) 829982-14660
2014 Nine Lives (independent)
2015 Night Surfer And The Cassette Kids (independent)
2016 Alejandro’s Visions [Music From the Motion Picture] (T.A.S. Gold)
2017 Colour Radio (American Transistor) (T.A.S. Gold)
2019 Shipwrecked (Eggers Songbook Vol. 1) (T.A.S. Gold)

Compilation Tracks
“Ghost Town Sunday” on ‘Popcan: A Taste of Pure Canadian Pop (Alert) Z-81033
1997 “I Would Never” on ‘Yellow Pills Volume 4’ (Big Deal – US) BIGDEAL-9043
1998 “That Takes Time” on ‘Page 2’ (Page Publications) PM-1270
2001 “Doesn’t Matter What I Do” on ‘International Pop Overthrow, Vol. 4’ (Not Lame US) NL-69
2003 “Melene” on ‘Not Lame: Super Charged Flash Light Pops: V. II’ (Not Lame – US)
2006 “Take What You Want” on ‘UNsigned, Sealed & Delivered: V2.0 – A New Breed’ (Frontline/Bullseye) FL-804009
2007 “Sad To See You Go” on ‘Life’s a Gas: A Tribute to Joey Ramone (AMP – US) AMP-1234
2012 “What Can I Do” on ‘Power Pop Prime – Volume One 1995-1997’ (Pop Geek Heaven)
2014 “Life’s What You Make It” on ‘Here Comes The Reign Again: The Second British Invasion’ (Curry Cuts)
2019 “Insanity” on ‘Power to the Pop’ (SONY – JAPAN) SICP-31336/7

NISKER, Merrill [see PEACHES]

Jimmy Nite
(vocals) / Paul Poulin (vocals) / Ron Leppard (vocals; 1967)
Formed in 1965 in Medicine Hat, Alberta. They released one single in 1968 – “I’ve Been Done Wrong” – with new vocalist Ron Leppard.

I’ve Been Done Wrong/Darling You And I Are Through (RCA Victor) 57-3463

NJF (Negro Jazz Funeral)
Katherine G. (lead vocals) / Mike (drummer) [deceased] / Hugo Von Levetzow (drums; replaced Mike)

Wounded Knee [4-song EP] (Green Fuse) GF-15

Kevin Lucks
(bass) / Mark Hons (guitar, vocals) / Scruff (guitar, vocals) / Jimmy-Joe-Pearson (drums)
From Vancouver, British Columbia.

No Exit (No Label)

Compilation Tracks
“No Excuse” and “Nothing New” on ‘Vancouver Independence’ (Friends)
1981 – “Hit Single” and “Dead Men” on ‘Standardeviation’ (Panic)

Dan Vere (vocals, keyboards) / David Matychuk (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synths) / Jim French (bass) / Jimmy Hamelin / Mike Berger (drums) / Paul Leahy (guitar) / Peter Campbell / Pico (vocals)
A Surrey, British Columbia punk band.

1978 Fall For A Cliche [7-song 7″ EP] (Werewolf T-Shirt) WTSF-1
1979 At The Disco [5-song 7″ EP] (Werewolf T-Shirt) WTSF-2
1981 Don’t Leave Me Hanging/It Came From Heaven [7″] (Werewolf T-Shirt) WTSE-7
2022 Be Like Us/Work, Drink, Fuck, Die [7″] (Atomic Werewolf) AW-4903
2022 Here Comes Jesus/Swimming Pool [7″] (Atomic Werewolf) AW-4911

Ghost Paper Boy In Robin’s Gay Trailer Park [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSV-4
1984 Snivel [2 x cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSVX-10
1984 Old [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSVX-12
1985 1894 [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSV-15
1987 The New Switcheroo [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSV-18
1988 No Fun Presents The Rich Folk Festival [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSCBC-3
1990 The Night Smells Like A Dog (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSV-19
1992 The Beatles Of Surrey [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirts) WTSVX-20
1994 No Fun At Christmas Again [cassette] (Werewolf Santa Hat) WTXMS 21
2018 No Fun Presents The Rich Folk Festival [CD] (Werewolf T-Shirts)WTSLP 22
2021 Greatest Hits 1974 – 2015 [DigiFile]
2022 Ghost Paper Boy In Robin’s Gay Trailer Park [CD re-issue] (Atomic Werewolf) AW-4901
2022 1894 [CD re-issue] (Atomic Werewolf) AW4904-CD
2022 Triumph of the Oinksdedoinks [7-song EP] (Atomic Werewolf) AW-4908

Compilation Tracks
“Mindless Aggression” on ‘Vancouver Complication’ (Pinned) PIN-79330001
1981 cut on ‘Ghost Paperboy In Robin’s Gay Trailer Park’ [cassette] (Werewolf T-Shirt)

Ron Johnston
(vocals) / Rebecca Tucker (guitar) / Denis (bass) / Stewart “G” (drums) / Mike Briseboise (drums) / Lord Hams [aka Stephan] (bass)
No Policy’s first public exposure was through the released of a tape on Blurrg (the U.K. Subhumans label). Their song “News Or Propaganda” was on the 1984 Montreal compilation ‘Primitive Air Raid’. It received extensive airplay on CBC’s ‘Brave New Waves’ radio program. The band toured Canada in 1984 with Honest Injun. Denis quit and Lord Hams from Vomit And The Zits joined. Rebecca moved to Los Angeles and played with Haircuts That Kill with Chuck Mosley (Faith No More’s first singer) and then moved to San Francisco to play with noise band Frightwig. Tucker currently plays guitar for Cockfight.

1984 No Policy [cassette] (Blurrg)

Noah’s early incarnation as The Tyme And A Half. Photo courtesy David Sampson.

Paul Clapper (lead vocals) / Barry “Buzz” Vandersel (lead vocals, bass) / Marinus Vandertogt (lead & rhythm guitar, vocals) / Peter Vandertogt (drums, percussion, vocals) / Ron Neilson (lead guitar; replaced Clapper) / Al Manning (guitar; replaced Neilson)
The band started originally playing local clubs around Trenton, Ontario in 1964-65 as Buzzy And The Belvederes. The band featured ‘Buzzy’ Vandersel’s (who was 14 at the time of the band’s inception), his older cousins Peter & Marinus Vandertogt and finally, lead singer Paul Clapper. The band was re-christened Tyme And A Half by Nimbus 9 Productions’ manager Al MacMillan during the recording of their first single “It’s Been A Long Time”. They would release the song and a second single in 1969. The group landed a deal with RCA/Victor through their Nimbus 9 producer Jack Richardson, and with a final name change to NOAH, released their eponymous debut in 1970. Paul Clapper, unhappy with the direction the band was taking under the leadership of Al McMillan, left and was replaced by Ron Neilson as they toured the debut album. However, Neilson also left and Noah carried on as a three piece. Moving to ABC/Dunhill their 1972 album ‘Peaceman’s Farm’ was produced by Randy Bachman. Bachman also wrote the song “Sussex” for the record and played guitar on several tracks as did keyboardist Jim Morgan. The song “World Band” would later be covered by US group GRIFFIN. The album not only received great reviews in RPM, Cashbox and Billboard magazines, but increased their profile as one of the featured acts in the Canadian music industry’s summer Maple Music Junket. Noah began extensive touring in the USA to promote the album in the Spring of 1972 and Bachman toured with them. One stint included a live broadcast on radio station WCMF in Rochester, New York. Al Manning joined the group at this time as well. With the group on it’s way to big success, it was back into the studio for production of their third album ‘California Man’. During the recording of a re-working of Bachman’s “Sussex”, Vandersel took ill and was rushed to the hospital. Recording was completed in mid-1973 but shortly thereafter Vandersel was rushed to the cancer ward of Kingston General Hospital in Kingston, Ontario for examination which confirmed the growth of a malignant brain tumor. After two years of chemotherapy treatments (and a temporary remission) Vandersel succumbed to his illness in the fall of 1975 at the age of 23. The group disbanded following his death and the ‘California Man’ album remains unreleased to this day; Manning would go on to form Coyote with Gary Comeau (Esquires); Marinus Vandertogt died May 17, 2016.
with notes from Ron Neilson and Keven Rector.

1970 Summer Sun (RCA/Victor)
1972 Peaceman’s Farm/Something’s In My Way (ABC/Dunhill) 45D-4308

1969 It’s Been A Long Time/Magic Island (Nimbus 9) NN-9008
1969 Cassandra/It’s Happening Here (Nimbus 9) NN-9011 

Noah (RCA/Victor) LSP-4432
1972 Peaceman’s Farm (ABC/Dunhill) DSX-50117

Andrew Nicholls (guitar, e-bow) / Darrell Vickers (vocals) / John (drums) / Bill (guitar) / Charlie (bass)
Nicholls and Vickers, both transplanted Brits, began writing music and comedy together while at Ridgeway Junior High School in Oshawa, Ontario. After high school they wrote for stage, radio, TV, syndicated cartoonists and stand-up comedians. From 1979 until 1982 they performed in the novelty punk band Nobby Clegg And The Civilians. Following airplay from CFNY-FM with their home-made demos, they found local success with the songs “Essay, My Dad” b/w “I Wanna Be in Commercials” which the band recorded for the ‘Toronto Calling’ compilation. The tracks were produced by Paul LaChappelle at Quest Studio in Oshawa for a proposed album that was never released as El Mocambo soon went bankrupt. Nicholls and Vickers later used the band’s name for a character on the Showtime Network television series ‘Rude Awakening’. In the series, the Nobby Clegg was played by The Who’s Roger Daltrey.The duo then co-wrote 770 hours of material for Johnny Carson’ ‘The Tonight Show’ from 1986 thru 1992. They earned 4 Emmy Award nominations for their work. They became the show’s head writers in December 1989 and held that position until Carson’s retirement in May 1992. The duo have earned similar notoriety and accolades for work on the animated show ‘Ned’s Newt’ (with the voice of Harland Williams), John Callahan’s ‘Quads!’, ‘The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius’, ‘ The World of Tosh’, and the Pre-School animated series ‘Will & Dewitt’; Vickers has also returned to making music as part of the virtual on-line band Death of the Author Brigade. With notes from Darrell Vickers.

Compilation Tracks
“I Wanna Be In Commercials” and “Essay – Me Dad [aka My Old Man]” on ‘Toronto Calling’ (El Mocambo) ELMO-759

Born: 1930 in Raleigh, North Carolina;
Died: 1988
When CHUM-AM went on the air as a Top40 station on May 27, 1957, the midnight-to-6 a.m. shift was given to Hank Noble – who had been a budding crooner several years before with several soft-selling 7″ singles to his credit on Mercury. Noble and his GAR Ranch Boys, recording under the name Billy Guitar And His Nighthawks were signed to Decca Records’ Canadian affiliated label Apex for four ‘sides’: “Here Comes The Night”, “You Didn’t Ever Love Me (Darlin’, Did You?)”, “You Should Have Loved Her More”, and a fourth, unidentified tune. The song was written by Noble and charted on Toronto’s CHUM chart for 5 weeks, reaching the top spot of  No.22 in 1957. The single was also released stateside on Decca Records. About eight months after debuting on CHUM – in January of 1958 – Noble was replaced by DJ Jay Jackson.

1954 The Case Against My Heart/If You Want It That Way (Mercury – US) 70485
1954 Keep On Trying/Wa Ha Ne Na (Mercury – US) 70515
1955 I’ve Lost Again/Little Log Cabin (Pirco) P-1002

1957 Here Comes The Night/You Should Have Loved Her More (Apex) 76185


Kevin Closs [aka Kev Nob] (guitars, vocals) / Chris Peplinski [aka Pepper Nob] (bass, vocals) / Rob Straughan [aka Rob Nob] (drums)
From Sudbury, Ontario.

The Nobs (Tower Bay) TB-4

Wayne Evans
(bass) / Ron Henshel (guitar) / Bill McBeth (drums) / Roger Skinner (saxophone) / Chad Thorp (organ) / Carl Erickson (saxophone)
The Nocturnals were an instrumental band with members from Haney, British Columbia and Vancouver which is where the band would be founded in 1958. They released two singles on Regency in 1965 and two singles on Trans-World in 1967 playing frequently at Eaton’s Department stores, The Grooveyard, and Pacific National Exhibition (where the backed American legend Glen Campbell in 1965) as well as many towns around British Columbia. They also managed to play the Garden of The Stars Pavillion at Expo 67 in Montréal. The group split up in 1968.

1965 Because You’re Gone/Can It Be True (Regency) R-959
1965 This Ain’t Love/You Lied (Regency) R-9641967 Detroit/Do What You Want (Trans-World) TW-1669
1967 Lovin’ Blues/I Found Love (Trans-World) TW-1681
1967 Lovin’ Blue/Love Is Where You Find It (Embassy – US) C-1969

Tossin’ and Turnin’/Mashed Potato [7” flexi-disc] (Hilroy)

Greatest Hits and More! [CD + DVD] (Neptoon) 010

Compilation Tracks
“Mustang Sally”, “Slow Down”, “You Make Me Feel So Good” and “Get On Back” on ‘Live! From The Grooveyard’ (New Syndrome) NSLM-1004
1985 “This Ain’t Love”, “You Lied “, and “Because You’re Gone” on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 2’ (Neptoon) VRCA-002

Born: Richard Francis Nolan on February 4, 1939 in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland.
Died: December 13, 2005

Nolan grew up entertaining by the age of 12. In his early teens he sang on local radio. By 1954 gave his first CBC Radio broadcast. Nolan moved to Toronto in 1958 to take advantage of well-paying nightclub shows – including a house gig at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. In 1962 he became a member of the pick-up group called The Blue Valley Boys with Bunty Petrie, Johnny Bourque, and Roy Penney who had a deal with Arc Records. He would record 13 albums for Arc Records as a solo act – some as duets with Marlene Beaudry and some with his daughter Bonnie Lou Nolan. In 1972 he signed a new record deal with RCA/Camden and returned to Cornerbrook, Newfoundland where he appeared on TV and played at the Bella Vista Nightclub. In 1976 signed to Boot Records.[also see THE BLUE VALLEY BOYS]

I’m Movin’ On/Golden Rocket (Arc) A-1082
1966 I’se The B’y/Come Where We’re At (Arc) A-1135
1967 Running Bills/Wreck Of The Old 97 (Arc) A-1175
1967 The Fool/Long Time Gone (Arc) A-1184
1967 Johnnie Walker/Truck Drivin’ Son Of A Gun (Arc) A-1193
1968 Lukey’s Boat/John Hinks (Arc) A-1237
1972 Aunt Martha’s Sheep/The Unemployment Song (RCA Victor) 75-1098
1972 Home Again This Year/The Badger Drive (RCA Victor) 75-1100
1973 Me And Brother Bill/I Married A Newfie (RCA Victor) KJB0-0010
1974 Happy Anniversary Newfoundland/Home Again This Year (RCA Victor) KPB0-0029
1974 Japanese Gin/Shift Old Ireland (RCA Victor) PB-50011
1977 A Country Song/Well I Tell You Dick (Boot) BT.179
1980 Newfoundland, That’s What You Mean To Me/I’se D’a Bye (Starpak) SS-2
1984 Rooster From Kitchusis/With My Rubber Boots On (Boot) BTX-36

The Old Fishing Hole/[split w/ROY PAYNE solo] (Starpak) SS-1

I Walk The Line (Arc) A-543
1963 Atlantic Lullaby (Arc) A-627
1963 Echoes Of The Atlantic (Continental Maple-Leaf) CM-1005
1964 Truck Driving Man (Arc) A-630
1966 I’se The B’y What Catches Da Fish (Arc) A-694
1966 Movin’ Out (Arc) A-740
1967 I Want To Live (Arc) AS-776
1968 Be True Newfoundlanders (Arc) ACS-5024
1968 Folsom Prison And Other Johnny Cash Songs (Arc) AS-807
1968 Lukey’s Boat (Arc) AS-810
1968 Newfie Hits (Arc) NH-6
1969 Home Of The Blues (Olympic/Sonex) DM-203
1972 Fisherman’s Boy (RCA/Camden) CAS-2576
1972 Home Again This Year (RCA Camden) CASX-2603
1973 Happy Newfoundlanders (RCA Camden) KCL1-0012
1974 Happy Anniversary Newfoundland (RCA Camden) KCL1-0050
1975 Dick Nolan (RCA Victor) KXL1-0096
1976 A Country Song (Boot) BTM- 2001
1977 Best Of (RCA) KNL1-7062
1980 Dick Nolan’s Greatest Hits Of Newfoundland (Starpak) SK-134
1984 Welcome Aboard (Boot) BTM-2008
1991 My Beautiful Island [cassette] (Condo/Heritage) 1500
1992 More Dick Nolan [cassette] (Condor/Heritage) 1509
1994 Xmas At Home [cassette] (Oak) XM-57
1996 The Family Album (Condor/Heritage) HCD-4412
1996 Pretty Girls Of Newfoundland (Condor/Heritage) HCD-4418
1997 My East Coast [CD re-issue of ‘Welcome Aboard’ w/7 bonus tracks] (Condor/Heritage) HCD-4423
1998 Down By The Sea (Condor/Heritage) HCD-4443
1999 Newfoundland Good Times (Condor/Heritage) HCD-4449
2005 The Best Of Dick Nolan (Sony BMG) 82876-78296-2
2008 Newfoundland Songbook Volume 1 (Unidisc) AGEK-2571
2008 Newfoundland Songbook Volume 2 (Unidisc) AGEK-2572
2008 Newfoundland Songbook Volume 3 (Unidisc) AGEK-2573
2008 Newfoundland Songbook Volume 4 (Unidisc) AGEK-2574
2008 Newfoundland Songbook-Volume 5 (Unidisc) AGEK-2575
2008 Newfoundland Songbook-Volume 6 (Unidisc) AGEK-2576

Atlantic Christmas (Arc) AC-20

Country Hits (Arc) AS-819
1969 Duet (Arc) AS-822

Folksongs Of Newfoundland (Radio Canada International) RCI-414

1980 Side By Each Down At The Ol’ Fishin’ Hole” (Starpak) SK-132

1962 LINE-UP:  Lennie Richards (lead vocals) / Garry McDonall (vocals, trumpet, trombone) / Wallis Petruk (saxophone, flute) / Bob Clark (lead guitar) / Orest Urchak (tenor sax) / Jack Dakus (bass) / Don Paches (drums) / Dough Michetti (piano)
1968 LINE-UP: Lennie Richards (lead vocals) / Garry McDonall (vocals, trumpet, trombone) / Wallis Petruk (saxophone, flute) / Garry White (bass) / Hugh Brockie (guitar, piano) / Don Remeika (drums) / Les Vincent (bass, vocals)
From Edmonton, Alberta.

Be Myself/Cry Baby (Damon) D-001
Hey Joe/The Letter (Damon) D-004

Teem Twist (Startime) MG-1145

The Nomads Are Back! Lock Up Your Mothers! (Damon-Soundtrek) DSCD-1001
(Almost) “Live” at the Sidetrack Café (Damon)  DSCD-1002

1968 Hits of the Nomads (Point) P-333

Compilation Tracks
“Las Vegas Scene”, “Bob’s Guitar”, “Cascade for Strings”, and “Mountain Guitar” on ‘From Canada…to Clovis’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-10

Rob Wright (bass, vocals) / John Wright (drums) / Andy Kerr (guitar; 1982-1983)  / Tom Holliston (guitar) / Ken Kempster (2nd drums) / Craig Bougie (sound modification)
Punk band NoMeansNo was formed in Victoria, British Columbia by brother Rob and John Wright in 1979. The brothers began recording as a duo in their parents’ basement soon after. These recordings would be released on their first two self-released 7″ singles. NoMeansNo released their debut album ‘Mama’ in 1982 and were soon joined by Infamous Scientists guitarist Andy Kerr. The trio were signed to Alternative Tentacles in the US and would tour and release a dozen albums from 1983 through 1992 at which time Kerr left while the Wright brothers formed a band of alter egos – The Hanson Brothers (with Tom Holliston and Mike Branum) – named after the real-life hockey Hanson brothers featured in the movie ‘Slapshot’. They returned as NoMeansNo for their 1993 effort ‘Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy?’ recruiting Tom Holliston from the Hanson Brothers and 2nd drummer Ken Kempster. The duo would alternate between the two projects eventually leaving Alternative Tentacles to release music on their own Wrong Records starting in 2000. with notes from Daniel Aaij.

1980 Look, Here Come The Wormies/[split w/MASS APPEAL] (Wrong)
1981 Betrayal, Fear, Anger, Hatred [4 song EP] (Wrong)
1987 Dad/Obsessed (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-60
1991 Oh Canaduh/New Age (Allied) No. 10

1992 Brad/Hey, There Goes That Kid (Wrong) WRONG-4
1992 Blitzkrieg Hops/You Are Not For Me/Bad (Alternative Tentacles – US)
         [bonus 7″ w/LP ‘Gross Misconduct’]
1996 Stomp ‘Em (Essential Noise)
1997 You Can’t Hide the Heinz/[split w/DOA] (Musical Tragedies) MT-347

1982 Mama (independent)
1985 You Kill Me [5 song EP] (Undergrowth) UG-1302
1986 Sex Mad (Psyche Industry) PIR-012
1987 Sex Mad [re-issue minus one track] (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-56
1988 The Day Everything Became Nothing (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-62
1988 Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-63
1988 Wrong (Cargo) CAR-007
1990 The Power of Positive Thinking [3 song EP] (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-81
1991 You Kill Me [Re-mixed; 5 song EP re-issue] (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-86
1991 Live and Cuddly (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-97
1991 0 + 2 = 1 (Alternative Tentacles/Virus – US) VIRUS-98
1993 Why Do They Call Me Mr. Happy? (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-123
1994 One Down & Two To Go (Alternative Tentacles – US)
1995 The Worldhood Of The World (As Such) (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-171
1996 Would We Be Alive? [EP] (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-207
1997 In the Fishtank – Volume 1 [EP] (In The Fishtank) FISH-1
1998 Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-215
2000 One (Wrong) WRONG-20
2001 Generic Shame [EP] (Wrong) WRONG-21
2004 The People’s Choice (Wrong) WRONG-29
2006 All Roads Lead to Ausfarht (Wrong) WRONG-33
2010 Old [EP] (Wrong) WRONG-37
2010 Tour EP 1 (Wrong)
2010 Tour EP 2 (Wrong)
2010 0 + 2 = 1 ½ (Wrong)

1991 The Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-85

1992 Gross Misconduct (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-116
1996 Sudden Death (Essential Noise/Virgin) 842016
2002 My Game (Mint) MRD-059
2008 It’s a Living (Wrong) WRONG-36

Compilation Tracks
“Self Pity” and “Some Bodies” on ‘Undergrowth Vancouver 84’ [cassette] (Undergrowth)
1985 “No Sex” on ‘It Came From The Pit’ (Psyche Industry) PIR-05
1990 “It’s Catching Up” on ‘Terminal City Ricochet’ (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-75
1990 “I Don’t Care (Liver)” and “Glad All Over (Live)” on ‘Sasquatch – The Man, the Myth, the Compilation’ [2 x 7″] (Kirbdog – US) KD-002
1991 “Lost [aka “I Wanted It All”] on ‘Where Are They Now? File’ (Lookout/Pop Bus)
1991 “Self Pity” on ‘Last Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988’ (Zulu) ZULU 5-2
1992 “Ya Little Creep” on ‘Clam Chowder And Ice Vs. Big Macs And Bombers’ (Nardwuar The Human Serviette) CLEO-4
1992 “Forward To Death” on ‘Virus 100 – The Dead Kennedys Tribute’ (Alternative Tentacles – US) VIRUS-100
1995 “Oh, Canaduh” and “New Age” on ‘The Making of Allied One Two Three’ (Allied) No.50
2002 “Hey Hey My My” on ‘Fubar’ (Aquarius) Q2-605

“My Girlfriend’s A Robot” on ‘Blobs Volume 1’ [7″] (Way Out!)
1994 “Hockey Night Tonight” and “I’m Gonna Play Hockey” on ‘Johnny Hanson Presents Puck Rock Vol. 1’ (Wrong)
1997 “Four Heads, One Brain” on ‘Introducing Vol.8’ (Indigo)
1997 “The Hockey Song” on ‘Contact 4: Overtime’ (Attic) ACD-1494
1998 “Stick Boy” on ‘King Konk Vol. 3’ (Konkurrel – Holland)

Scott Tremaine (vocals) / Dave Walsh (guitar) / Alisdair Jones (bass) / Paul Newman (drums)
From Oakville, Ontario.

Punkusraucous Rex [cassette] (independent)
1988 Tales of Ordinary Madness (Lone Wolf) LWR-003

Compilation Tracks
“Bonehead” on ‘No Apparent Reason’ (X) XR-87001
1988 “Strontium Dog,” and “Big Bad Bugs” on ‘Ontario : Yours To Discover!’ [cassette]
1988 “My Family” on ‘Bands Only A Mutha Could Love Volume 1’ (Mutha) MUTHA-033CD

Colin (vocals) / Miklos Le Grady (vocals) / Cyndi “Cyn D” Mikel (vocals) / Hugo Von Levetzow (drums) / Brat X (bass, vocals) / Tod C (guitar)
Norda featured ex-members of the Rent Boys Inc. including the late Brat X. ‘West Over Seas’ was the first of a planned trilogy; Both Brat X and Cyndi Mikel have passed away.

1984 West Over Seas [3-song  7” EP]  (Unfaegne/Green Fuse) N1-GF2

Norda [2CD] (Smash) smashrecords001

Compilation Tracks
“Howl” and “Dragon’s Blood” on ‘Materials & Processes’ [cassette] (Materials & Processes)

Don Norman (vocals, guitar) / Gary Comeau (guitar, vocals) / Ron Greene (guitar, keyboard, vocals) / Bill Helman (bass, vocals)  / Brian Dewhurst (drums) / John Matthews (lead vocals, saxophone) / Art Kirby (guitar, flute; replaced Comeau 1966) / John Winskell (lead guitar) / Rick Pandis (lead vocals) / Skip Layton (drums; replaced Dewhurst)
When Don Norman and Gary Comeau left the Ottawa band The Esquires in 1964, they formed a new band featuring additional support from Greene, Helman, and Dewhurst as Don Norman And The Esquires. The original Esquires, still performing with a slight name change, took exception to the theft of their name and Don Norman found himself in court. An out-of-court settlement was reached and the band became The Other Four. CJET disc jockey John Pozer had a vision to help the band and they soon added John Matthews as second vocalist and saxophone player. They prepared for their big break as Don Norman And The Other Four while Pozer secured a distribution deal with Quality Records. In April 1966, Pozer, the band, and former Esquires singer Bob Harrington took a trip to RCA Recording Studio in Toronto to cut two singles – Don Norman & The Other Four’s version of The Olympic’s “The Bounce” and an original Norman tune “All of My Life”. The band then backed Harrington on his single “Country Boy” backed with Phil Och’s “Changes”. The Don Norman band tracks ended up on Quality’s subsidiary label Barry Records (and a US release through MGM was negotiated after favourable airplay in New York State) in 1966. An altered French language version was released in Québec as “Le Bounce” backed with “Je t’ai cherche” on the Solfege label under the band name Les Demi-Douzaines. Meanwhile, despite having a local double-sided hit on CFRA in Ottawa, Quality Records had failed to make “The Bounce” available in Ottawa record stores. This lack of care or belief in Canadian talent (the Bob Harrington single had seen even less support – most of the 500 copies destroyed by Quality warehouse staff years later) caused Pozer and the band’s Ron Greene to form the Sir John A. Records label in November 1966 to nurture and release record by local Ottawa acts. That month they released the next Don Norman And The Other Four single called “Low Man” which received a great reception at local Ottawa stations CFRA, CKOY and CJET where Pozer still worked as an on-air personality. Comeau would leave soon after to join The Townsmen and was replaced by guitarist Art Kirkby. By late-1967 Helman, Matthews, and Dewhurst left and were replaced by Ron Greene with John Winskell, Rick Pandis and Skip Layton of the band The Bittersweet. Despite working the local circuit through early 1968 the band fell apart on the cusp of recording their next single (“Nothing To Do, No Place To Go”) which was never released. with notes from Richard Patterson, Marc Coulavin and Alexander J. Taylor.

1966 The Bounce/All of My Life (Barry/Quality) 3419
1967 Low Man/Mustang Sally (Sir John A.) RG-1015
1967 Your Place In My Heart/Trae Hymn I (Sir John A.) RG-1019
1967 Low Man/ Your Place In My Heart (Sir John A/RCA) SJA-3

Le Bounce/Je t’ai cherche (Solfége) 1844

Compilation Tracks
“Low Man”, “The Bounce”, “All of My Life”, “Your Place In My Heart”, “Fever”, “Nothing To Do, No Place To Go” on ‘Ottawa Rocks: The Sir John A. Years (1966 – 1968)’ (Sound Investment Enterprises) D-11101

NORMAN, Patrick
Born: Yvon Éthier on September 10, 1946 in Québec

Patrick Norman was signed to RCA Records in 1973 and has pursued an unwavering career in Québec ever since. From 1997 to 2000 Norman performed in the band Les Fabuleux Élégants as acoustic guitarist alongside William Dunker (bass), Jeff Smallwood (electric guitar) and Bourbon Gautier (drums). They released their self-titled debut album in 1998 on the Disques Double label.

1970 Love Is All/That’s Part of Being Your Man (Celebration) 1975X
1971 La melodie du printemps/L’amour de ma vie (Visa) VI-5801
1972 Donne-moi ton coeur/Mon coeur est a toi (RCA/Victor) 75-5135
1972 D’ou que tu viennes/Il n’y a que toi (RCA/Victor) 75-5155
1973 Pour un instant d’amour/Laisse-moi rever (RCA) KPBO-5012
1973 Papillon/Mon pays (RCA) KPBO-5033
1983 C’est pour toi que je chante/ C’est pour toi que je chante (Instrumentale) (Able) AB-5507
1976 C’est La Saison (RCA) PB-50231
1976 You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’/You Can Count On Me (RCA) PB-50260
1977 Let’s Try Once Again/Let’s Try Once Again (Instrumentale) (RCA) PB-50333
1977 Loving You/Loving You (Instrumentale) (RCA) PB-50379
1978 I Remember You/Sweet Sweet Lady (RCA) PB-50460
1979 Je serai toujours la/Mon vVieux copain (JMI) JMI-4
1980 Aiko Aiko/Que vais-je devenir (JMI) JMI-791
1982 Crois en l’amour/T’es surement fatigue (Appalooza) AP-3007
1982 Mais tu sais je t’aime/Qui est gagnant (Appalooza) AP-3009
1984 L’hirondelle/Revers fous (Star) ST-207
1986 Quand on est en amour/L’amour ensemble (Star) STR-3012
1986 Vivre/[same] (Star) STR-3014
1986 Only Love Sets You Free/Only Love Sets You Free (Star) STR-3015
1987 True Love Will Find A Way/[same] (Star) STR-3024
1987 Tu n’es plus la/[same] (Star) STR-3029
1988 Love’s a Crazy Game/Two Shades of Roses (Star) STR-3031
1988 J’ai beson de toi/[same] (Star) STR-3038
1988 I’d Rather Have You/It’s A Crying Shame (Star) STR-3039
1988 Heaven In Her Eyes/[same] (Star) STR-3052
1989 Whispering Shadows/Forever (Star) STR-3115

Patrick Norman (RCA) KPL1-0015
1974 Toi qui rêves (RCA) KPL1-0070
1976 Textures (RCA) KPRI-0131
1978 Sweet, Sweet Lady (RCA) KKLI-0279
1980 On part au soleil (JMI) JMI-1980
1982 Hommage à Kenny Rogers (Appalooza) 77001
1984 Quand on est en amour (Star) STL-1003
1987 Only Love Sets You Free (Star) STR-8001
1988 Soyons heureux (Star) STR-8009
1990 Passion vaudou (Star) STR-CD-8024
1992 Noël sans faim (Star) STR-CD-8037
1994 The Christmas Album (Star) STR-CD-8066
1994 Whispering Shadows (Star) STR-CD-8053
1995 Chez-moi (Star) STR-CD-8072
1996 Les grands succes (Star) STR-CD-8083
1997 Collection privée (Star) STR-CD-8097
1997 Guitare (Star) STR-CD-8088
2000 Patrick Norman (Bibo) BM2-1407
2001 Les plus belles chansons de mariage (Guy Clotier) PGCD-9415
2003 Soirée intime (Gestion Patrick Norman) PTN21753
2004 Simplement (Gestion Patrick Norman) PTN22003
2007 Comment le dire… (Gestion Patrick Norman) PTN-23367
2010 Where I Come From (Gestion Patrick Norman) PTN-23857
2011 L’amour n’a pas d’adresse  (Gestion Patrick Norman) PTN-24050

Les Fabuleux Élégants (Disques Double) DOCD-30046

Country (Star) STR-CD-8104

Compilation Tracks
“Let’s Try Once Again” on ‘Disco Motion’ (K-Tel) TC-241

Holder of a master’s degree in literary studies from McGill University, Pascal Normand taught for several years as an associate professor of French at Concordia University, while pursuing a career as a performer of Quebec songs. He published the book, ‘The Quebec Song, Mirror of a People’ and introduced a university course on the subject. He also recorded several albums of cover versions of Quebec hits. Normand currently has a radio show on Radio VM.

J’ai Un Piano Et Du Whisky/Sur Un Air De Guitare ‎(Capitol) 85.029
1969 Y’aura Toujours Des Filles/Nous Avons Bien Le Temps ‎(Capitol) 85.047
1970 Je Serai Toujours Ton Ami/Vivons Ensemble ‎(Citation) CN-25002
1973 On Laisse Tous Un Jour/Un Amour D’ete ‎(DSP) DSP-016 1974 Un An Deja/Mini Vacance ‎(Spectrum) SP9 – 63
1975 Je Pense A Toi/Je N’ai Pas Le Temps ‎(Trans-World) TF9-136
1976 Les Beaux Jours/Les Beaux Jours (Version Instrumentale)‎(Trans-World) TF9-139
1978 J’Aime Comment Tu M’Aimes/Comme Si C’etait Hier ‎(Telson) AE-134
1978 Nous Pouvons Recommencer/Make The World Go Away ‎(Telson) AEX-137
1979 C’était Plus Fort Que Tout/Chanson Pour L’étrangère ‎(Telson) AEX-140
1979 Soleil De Joie/Sur Un Air De Guitare ‎(Telson) AEX-145
1980 Un Amour De 16 Ans/Je Voudrais Dormir Près De Vous ‎(Telson) AEX-146
1981 Le Semeur D’Etoiles/Instrumental (Le Semeur D’Étoiles) ‎(Transbec) BEC-780
1982 Le Jardin Aux Souvenirs/Le Jardin Aux Souvenirs (Version Instrumental) ‎(Axis/Select) AX-4503
1984 Vivre Au Soleil/Vivre Au Soleil (Version Instrumentale) ‎(Saisons/Trans-Canada) SNS-6552

Donne-Moi Un Sourire/Donne-Moi Un Sourire (Version Instrumentale) (Boussole/Trans-Canada) MG-7507

Pascal Normand ‎(Capitol) ST-70.011
1979 Je Voudrais Dormir Près De Vous ‎(Telson) AE-1521
1997 La Chanson Québécoise Sans Frontière, Vol.1 (Les Disques Jouflu/Panor) PN-001
1999 Des Chansons Qui Nous Ressemblent (Les Disques Jouflu/Panor) PN-002
2001 Un Amour D’été (Disques Mérite) 22-1131

Born: August 29, 1943 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Tom Northcott started his musical career in Vancouver, British Columbia fronting Tom Northcott and the Vancouver Playboys who had been around the scene since 1962. He began his own imprint label called Syndrome Records that released two singles by the act. With an altered line-up they became the Tom Northcott Trio and Syndrome released several more singles. Northcott then formed The Eternal Triangle with ex-Classics member Howie Vickers and singer Susan Pesklevits. After one single on Northcott’s re-branded NEW Syndrome label, Vickers joined The Collectors, Pesklevits met and married Terry Jacks and together they formed The Poppy Family leaving Northcott to go solo. 1967’s “Sunny Goodge Street” represented the first release through a major distribution deal for New Syndrome with Warner Brothers. The “1941” single in 1968 was well received at radio leading to more releases. Eventually New Syndrome stopped being a going concern and he found himself signed to Coast Records, then Uni. His second release for the label was a cover version of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne”. By the late ’70s he found himself labeless again. He hooked up with Bob Buckley (Straight Lines, Body Electric) to record dance music for an imprint called Fifi La Flammes. Eventually, he went to Greg Hambleton’s Axe Records. [also see THE ETERNAL TRIANGLE]

1967 Sunny Goodge Street/Who Planted Thorns in Miss Alice’s Garden (New Syndrome/Warner Bros.) NS-18
1968 Crazy Jane/Collector (New Syndrome/Warner Bros.) NS-106
1968 Girl From North Country/Landscape Grown Cold (New Syndrome/Warner Bros.)
1968 1941/Other Times (New Syndrome/Warner Bros.) WB-7160
1969 The Rainmaker/Cities Make The Country Colder (New Syndrome/Warner Bros.) WB-7330
1971 (Everybody’s Got To) Care/Don’t Hear Me Complain (Coast) C-1976
1971 It’s True/I Think it’s Going to Rain Today (Uni) 55267
1971 Suzanne/Spaceship Races (Uni) 55282
1978 Born To Boogie/Go (Fifi La Flammes) FLF-1
1988 The Trouble With Love/Allnite Boogie (Axe) AXE-108

1965 Cry Tomorrow/She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (Syndrome) 1-1001/2
1965 Don’t You Just Know It/ (Syndrome) 1-1003/4

1966 Just Don’t/Let Me Know (Syndrome) 1-1005/6
1966 Goin’ Down/The Sky’s Cold Tears (Syndrome) 1-1007/8

1970 The Best of Tom Northcott (New Syndrome/Warner Bros.) WS-1859
1971 Upside Down (Uni) 73108
2001 The Best of Tom Northcott (Neptoon) 003
2011 Sunny Goodge Street: The Warner Bros. Recordings (Rhino Handmade – US)

Compilation Tracks
“1941” on ‘Some of Our Best Friends Are’ (Warner Bros. – US) PRO-290
1969 “Sunny Goodge Street” on ‘The Warner-Reprise Songbook’ (Warner Bros. – US) PRO-331
1970 “Crazy Jane” on ’20 Explosive Hits’ (Syndicate/K-Tel) TC-200

“Just Don’t” and “Let Me Know” on on ‘The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll Volume 3’ (Neptoon) VRCA-003

James Ungalaq (guitar, vocals) / Johnny Inooya (drums) / Kolitalik “Kolt” Inuksuk (guitar) / Elijah Kunnuk (bass, vocals)  / Naisana Qamaniq  (guitar) / Derek Aqqiaruk (bass, vocals; replaced Kunnuk 2008)
Inuit friends from an outpost at the 69th Parallel in the Arctic born to Nomadic parents later settled in Igloolik in 1968/1969 – a hamlet of 900 at the tip of Baffin Island. After seeing local band Phreeze perform for the locals in 1973, Qamaniq, Ungalaq and Inuksuk built their own instruments by hand and started working with other friends who were inspired by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Terry Jacks. Eventually they acquired real instruments and the band began performing loud and heavy rock music with lyrics in their native Innuktituk language. They formed Northern Lights in 1977, and after bringing Inooya on board as drummer in 1980, changed their name to Northern Haze. They would garner attention winning contests, receiving press coverage, and touring isolated Northern communities in the early 1980s. As part of a 30 album project of Inuit and Native Canadian music sponsored by  CBC Radio in 1985, Northern Haze was invited to travel 3000 km south to record an album at Mark Productions in Ottawa that March. The album was co-produced by Randall Prescott and Les McLaughlin. The result became the first Canadian Inuit Rock/Metal album ever made and first Indigenous language rock album in North America. The largely promo-only short run album was limited to 500 copies and soon ran out as a collectible after the band made appearances at The Arctic Show and Expo ‘86. The band’s notoriety soon faded but they carried on and have remained together for 35 years; Kunnuk died of cancer in December 2007 at the age of 45, Inuksuk was stabbed to death five days later. Northern Haze carried on in 2008 with Derek Aqqiaruk taking over bass duties. A documentary by director Jason Flower on the band’s long history was also filmed in their hometown Igloolik, Nunavut in August of 2010 entitled ‘Living The Dream’. In recent years the band played all five nights of the Snow Festival 2011 in Puvirnituq. The original album was licensed from the CBC and Jason Flower recorded three new tracks with the band in September 2010. The new tracks were mixed in Vancouver through February and March 2011 and added to a 25th Anniversary anthology CD released of Sinnaktuq on Supreme Echo Records.

Northern Haze (CBC Northern Service) WRC1-3962
2011 Sinnaktuq: 25th Anniversary Anthology (Supreme Echo) SE-06

Bryan Adams
(vocals) / Paul Anka (vocals) / John Candy (vocals) / Carroll Baker (vocals) / Veronique Beliveau (vocals) / Salome Bey (vocals) / Liona Boyd (vocals) / Robert Charlebois (vocals) / Tom Cochrane (vocals) / Bruce Cockburn (vocals) / Burton Cummings (vocals) / Dalbello (vocals) / Paul Dean (guitar) / Steven Denroche (French horn) / Claude Dubois (vocals) / David Foster (keyboards) / Don Gerrard (vocals) / Barry Harris (vocals) / Corey Hart (vocals) / Ronnie Hawkins (vocals) / Dan Hill (vocals) / Mark Holmes (vocals) / Tommy Hunter (vocals) / Paul Hyde (vocals) / Doug Johnson (synthesizer) / Martha Johnson (vocals) / Geddy Lee (vocals) / Eugene Levy (vocals) / Gordon Lightfoot (vocals) / Frank Mills (vocals) / Murray McLauchlan (vocals) / Joni Mitchell (vocals) / Kim Mitchell (vocals) / Anne Murray (vocals) / Catherine O’Hara (vocals) / Oscar Peterson (vocals) / Carole Pope (vocals) / Mike Reno (vocals) / Lorraine Segato (vocals) / Paul Shaffer (vocals) / Jane Siberry (vocals) / Liberty Silver (vocals) / David Sinclair (acoustic guitar) / Wayne St. John (vocals) / Sylvia Tyson (vocals) / Jim Vallance (drums) / Neil Young (vocals) / Zappacosta (vocals)
In 1984 singer-songwriters Bob Geldof and Midge Ure assembled an all-star cast of British musical performers to record their song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to raise global awareness and money for famine relief in Ethiopia which had been brought to light by CBC reporter Brian Stewart that year. Geldof issued a public challenge to the musicians in other countries to assemble and do the same. By early 1985 producer Quincy Jones and singer Michael Jackson were already planning a USA response to Geldof’s challenge entitled “We Are the World”. Jones then asked his fellow producer, and Canadian musician, David Foster to do the same with a Canadian supergroup. Foster immediately enlisted Canadian talent guru Bruce Allen to assemble artists while Foster got to work with another team to write the song they would need record. As Foster was working on a new Payola$ album with Bob Rock and Paul Hyde, the two songwriter offered up a song called “Tears Are Not Enough”. Foster felt the tune was too cynical but liked the talent so he called up the hottest songwriting team in Canada at the time – Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams – to get to work writing a new song around the title. With the lyrics assembled in no time flat, Rachel Paiement was brought in to do a French translation of one verse. The backing music was recorded in advance and so on February 10, 1985 an all-star cast of Canada’s biggest music names past and present, plus TV and movie actors, ascended on Manta Sound studios in Toronto to sing the song.”Tears Are Not Enough” was issued as a single by CBS Records along with a video of the stars singing the song in March 1985 which quickly pushed the song to No.1 on the Canadian Top40 charts and MuchMusic’s Top20 countdown show. Understandably, it also finished No.1 on the year-end Canadian charts for 1985. A 90 minute making-of documentary was aired on the CBC December 22, 1985 and was subsequently released on home video. By 1990, the ‘Tears Are Not Enough Foundation’ project had raised $3.2 million for African famine relief. 10% of those funds remained in Canada and were ear-marked for Canadian food banks.

Tears Are Not Enough/Tears Are Not Enough (Instrumental)  (Columbia) 7-BEN-7073
1985 Tears Are Not Enough/Tears Are Not Enough (Instrumental) [12”] (Columbia) 12-BEN-7074

Compilation Tracks
“Tears Are Not Enough” on ‘We Are the World’ (Columbia) USA-40043
1996 “Tears Are Not Enough” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25

Merl Bryck (vocals, guitar) / Jay Semko (bass, vocals) / Bryan Potvin (vocals, guitar) / Rob Esch (drums; 1983-1984) / Glenn Hollingshead (drums; replaced Esch 1984-1985) / Don “Nigs” Schmid (drums; replaced Hollingshead 1986)
The Northern Pikes were founded in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1983 out of the relics of such prairie bands as The Idols, Seventeen Envelope, and Doris Daye. They needed money to finance an independent release and so became, according to band members, the worst Top-40 band ever. They ended up releasing two self-financed independent albums: ‘The Northern Pikes’ and ‘Scene In North America’ which led to bites from Virgin Records Canada who were looking to expand their Canadian roster beyond their first domestic act Agent. Virgin’s Doug Chappell chased them down as early as 1985 and offered the band a 6 album International deal which they signed on December 18, 1986. Their major label debut was ‘Big Blue Sky’ and contained the breakaway singles/videos “Teenland” and “The Things I Do For Money”. They would open headlining tours by Duran Duran, David Bowie and The Fixx. Their next album, ‘Secrets of  the Alibi’ was blatantly ignored by critics who had already grown tired of the Pikes’ perky outlook. However, Robert Palmer saw potential in the band and offered them an opening slot on his 1989 North American tour. 1990’s ‘Snow In June’ was their third major release and boasted three Top-40 hits/videos “She Ain’t Pretty”, “Girl With A Problem”, and “Kiss Me You Fool”. The album sported the attitude Bigger Is Better with mixes by Hugh Padgham & Bob Clearmountain and production by Rick Hutt, Fraser Hill & the Pikes themselves. The playing was augmented by an array of support musicians including Garth Hudson (The Band) and John Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful). And despite all of this attention the album received, Virgin America passed on the US release of the album and, instead Scotti Brothers Records in the US picked it up in 1991. The album would go on to sell double platinum. 1992 saw the album ‘Neptune’ and its first single “Worlds Away” (a duet with Cowboy Junkies’ Margo Timmins) released to very little fanfare and as the popularity of the band dwindled, they released a live album at the end of 1993 called ‘Gig’ from a set of shows they knew would be their last. Semko quit the band in frustration over the Pikes’ inability to grow south of the border and released a solo disc called ‘Mouse’ in 1995 with the Iron Music Group label in Toronto. He would then become music director for the TV show ‘Due South’. Potvin became an A & R representative for Polygram Records and helped launch the career of The Barstool Prophets. In July 2000, he released a solo CD, “Heartbreakthrough”. Schmid formed an indie band in Saskatoon with the ill-fated moniker of The Non-Happeners who released one CD on Fresh Vibe North Records. The original line-up of The Pikes then reconvened in December 1999. That meeting saw the release of a collection of old favorites and buried treasures, entitled ‘Hits And Assorted Secrets: 1984-1993’. It also led to a hugely successful Canadian tour in early 2000, some of which was recorded and resulted in The Northern Pikes ‘Live’, a CD worth of tunes from various shows in Ontario and Québec. The band decided to stick it out and record a new studio album in Toronto during the Fall of 2000. ‘Truest Inspiration’ was released in 2001, the Pikes’ first studio album in 8 years. The title track from that album became a hit in Japan, so The Pikes did a short, but intensive, tour there in late June 2003, including a Canada Day party at the Canadian Embassy. Studio recording resumed in late 2003 and the result was the well received CD ‘It’s A Good Life’ in 2004. The band released a hybrid collection of songs from ‘Truest Inspiration’ and ‘It’s A Good Life’ along with lyrics and enhanced video footage with a number of female artists under the name ‘Beautiful Music’ in 2006. The band was nominated into the Western Canada Music Hall of Fame in 2012; Jay Semko has gone on to a successful solo career; in 2017 three members of the Northern Pikes reunited to record new material and tour. with notes from Trent Stevely, Sue Jackson and Blaine Gysler. [also see JAY SEMKO]

1987 Teenland/Heartaches Heartbreaks (Virgin) VS-1379
1987 Things I Do For Money/Love Will Break You (Virgin) VS-1397
1987 Dancing In a Dance Club/Never Again (Virgin) VS-1419
1987 Dancing In a Dance Club (Edit)/Dancing In A Dance Club (Live)/Things I Do For Money (Live) [12″] (Virgin) VSX-1419
1987 Dancing In A Dance Club (Spawnin’ Mix)/Love Will Break You/Heartaches Heartbreaks (Open Up) [12″] (Virgin) VSX-1426
1988 Wait For Me/Better Twice (Virgin) VS-1441
1988 One Good Reason/One Good Reason (Extended Mix) [12″ single] (Virgin)
1988 Place That’s Insane/Place That’s Insane [12″ single] (Virgin) VSX-2548
1989 Hopes Go Astray/Hole In The Ground (Virgin) VS1458
1989 Let’s Pretend/Do You Really Want Me (Virgin) VS-1478
1990 She Ain’t Pretty/Isn’t It Lovely (Virgin) VS-1521
1990 Girl With A Problem/Unimportant (Virgin) 4KM-1530
1991 Kiss Me You Fool/Shadow of Doubt (Virgin) 4KM-1534
1991 Dream Away/Unimportant (Virgin) 4KM-1543
1992 Twister/Black Cat (Virgin) 4KM-9942
1993 Believe (Virgin)
1993 Everything/World’s Away (Virgin) 7349
1993 Worlds Away [w/Margo Timmins] (Virgin)
2001 Echo Off the Beach (Northern Pike Songs)
2001 Colour Into Colour (Northern Pike Songs)
2003 It’s a Good Life (Northern Pike Songs)
2004 Underwater (Northern Pike Songs)
2023 Dream Away (Acoustic)
2023 Girl With A Problem (Acoustic)

1984 The Northern Pikes [6 song EP] (Black’n Round) WRC1-3
1985 Scene In North America (Black‘n Round) WRC1-4137
1987 Big Blue Sky (Virgin) VL4-03001
1988 Secrets of The Alibi (Virgin) VL4-03041
1990 Snow In June (Virgin) VL4-03084
1992 Neptune (Virgin) V4-86501
1993 Gig (Virgin) V4-39191
1999 Hits and Assorted Secrets 1984-1993 (Virgin/EMI) 848219
2000 Live (Northern Pike Songs/Outside) NPR-001
2001 Truest Inspiration (Northern Pike Songs/Outside) NPR-002
2004 It’s A Good Life (Northern Pike Songs/Outside) NPR-003
2019 Forest Of Love (Universal) 776479
2023 Time To Time

Long Walk Home [6-song EP]

Compilation Tracks
“Teenland” on ‘Big Hits ‘87’ (PolyTel) 816-589
1987 “Teenland” on ‘Canadian Gold’ (Quality) QRPS-1061
1987 “The Things I Do For Money” on ‘Son Of Singles Scene’ (Virgin) PRCD-2019
1987 “Teenland” on ‘The Tape That Ate My Brain’ [cassette] (Virgin) PR-2068
1990 “She Ain’t Pretty” on ‘Leather & Lace: The Men & Women of Rock’ (PolyTel)
1992 “Twister” on ‘New Stuff’ (MMS) NSCD-001
1999 “Teenland” on ‘Pure Canadian: Retro 80’s Volume 6’ (EMI) 20023
2001 “She Ain’t Pretty” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885

(vocals) / Fritz Dilligaf (guitar, vocals) / Grõtha (bass) / Kelly Backs (drums) / Mike LaPuff (guitar) / Dave Cornuto (drums) / Mike Wax (guitar)
The Northern Vultures formed in Montreal, Québec in 1986; the band split up in 1993. with notes from Mario Ethier.

1987 The Eggs Have Hatched (In My Basement) IMBR-004
1989 Rise Up [12″] (Goliath) GOL-1001
1990 Tabarnak Hardcore (Fringe Product) FPD-3116

Craig Northey is a singer-songwriter and producer and was a founding member of the successful 1990s Canadian rock band The Odds. A friendship with the comedy troupe Kids In The Hall gave him the opportunity to write the musical score for the 1995 feature film ‘Brain Candy’. Then in 1999 he wrote and recorded the score for Kids In The Hall member Bruce McCulloch’s first feature film ‘Dog Park’ starring Janeane Garafolo, Luke Wilson and the late Natasha Henstridge. He has appeared on albums by Kim Stockwood (‘Bonavista’) and Arlene Bishop (‘Cut a Man’s Heart Out’). Northey later helped write, produce and record McCulloch’s album ‘Drunk Baby Project and then pitched in as musical director on the ‘Kids In The Hall: Tour of Duty’ in 2002. Craig continues to commission work for other artists. Some of his most recent writing and co-writing has been for or with artists like Colin James, Rex Goudie, David Gamson (Scritti Politti), Glen Phillips (Toad The Wet Sprocket), Wide Mouth Mason, Splendid, Damhnait Doyle, Paul Hyde, The Waltons, and Jesse Valenzuela/Gin Blossoms. His writing collaboration with Colin James has led to an extended stint in the Colin James Band spanning three albums. Northey also wrote the song “Beautiful Pain” on Rosanne Cash’s Grammy nominated album ‘Rules of Travel’ (2003). His first solo album, ‘Giddy Up, was released in 2003. Northey then worked on two collaborative CDs: ‘Northey Valenzuela’ with Jesse Valenzuela of the Gin Blossoms and ‘Strippers Union Local 518′ with Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip. The song “Not Alot Goin’ On” from the 2006 ‘Northey Valenzuela’ album became the theme song to the CTV hit television series ‘Corner Gas’. In the summer of 2005 Strippers Union enjoyed several weeks in the Top10 with their single “Give Up and Go Away”. In 2009 The Odds reunited as The New Odds which Northey was part of. The Strippers Union released a second album, ‘The Deuce’, in 2011. With notes from Craig Northey. [also see ODDS]

Give Up and Go Away (Bhajimaker/Universal)

Not Alot Goin’ On (Warner-Chappell/Tea Guy)

Giddy Up (Warner-Chappell/Tea Guy) SP-711819

Strippers Union Local 518 (Bhajimaker/Universal)

2011 The Deuce (Universal) 765145

Northey Valenzuela (Fuel/True North/Universal)

Rick McCartie
(lead vocals; 1965-1970) / Ray O’Toole (lead guitar, vocals; 1965-1971) / Vidor Skofteby (rhythm guitar; 1965-1970) / Gowan Jurgenson (bass) / Jerry Ringrose (drums; 1965-1967) / Richard Stepp (drums, vocals; replaced Ringrose; 1967-1974) / Leslie Law (rhythm guitar; 1971) / Dan Smith (lead guitar; 1971) / Zak August (lead guitar; replaced Smith) / Brent Shindell (lead guitar; replaced August)
The Northwest Company was formed in 1965 in Haney, British Columbia by Gowan Jorgenson and Ray O’Toole and several other local musicians including Rick McCartie (ex-The ?uestions). They were originally going to call themselves The Bad Boys in an attempt to get sponsorship (and free clothing) from the The Bad Boys’ Rag Shop in Vancouver. When that never panned out they settled on the more generic The Northwest Company. They worked their way around the club circuit up and down the British Columbia coast. They managed to release their first single, “Hard To Cry” in 1966 after which drummer Ringrose left. McCartie suggested his old band mate and drummer in The ?uestions Richard Stepp as replacement and they tracked him down in New Zealand. He agreed to join and was added to the line-up in 1967. The band released six more singles on the Apex, London, Stamp and Coast labels. They performed regularly throughout Western Canada, often as the supporting act to big name acts like The Beach Boys, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Who, Lee Michaels, The Byrds, Boz Scaggs, and Country Joe McDonald. They would also make appearances on British Columbia TV shows – many broadcast nationally including ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘Where It’s At’. By 1970 the band was reduced to a trio featuring Stepp (drums, vocals), Jorgenson (bass), and O’Toole (guitar, vocals). In 1971 O’Toole left and was replaced by rhythm guitarist Leslie Law (ex-Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck) and lead guitarist Dan Smith. Smith left soon after to form his own band 6 Cylinder. He was replaced by Zak August and then Brent Shindell. Eventually O’Toole returned to the band as lead guitarist. The group managed to do some recording with Jay Telfer but those sessions were never released. The band split up in 1974. A live set recorded at the Pender Auditorium in Vancouver in 1973 was released by Neptoon Records along with the band’s independent singles as ‘Eight Hour Day: 1966-1973’ in 2003; Stepp would play in several bands including The High Times before going solo and releasing records on Mushroom Records, Casino/A & M, and Vera Cruz; Law would form The Law Brothers Band with his brother Rodger and later played in a band with singer Alexis Rose Radlin. with notes from Richard Stepp. [also see RICHARD STEPP]

1966 Hard To Cry/Get Away From It All (Grenadier) GR-1
1968 Time For Everyone/She’s A Woman (Apex) 77085
1968 Can You Remember/The Sunday Song (Apex) 77091
1968 The End Is Autumn/Eight Hour Day (London) M-17359
1970 Sweet Suzy (The Bandit)/There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With Rock and Roll (Stamp) ST-4-4
1971 Rock ‘n Roll Lover Man/Let It All (Coast) C-1974
1971 Everybody’s Got to Care/Don’t Hear Me Complain (Coast) C-1976

Eight Hour Day (1966-1973)  (Neptoon) 004

Bruce Simpson
(vocals) / Bruce Hallett (guitar) / James Simm (bass) / Scott Coats (drums)
The Nostrils formed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the summer of 1979 in Bruce Hallet’s parents’ basement and were soon tossed out for making too much noise. In November 1979 the Nostrils auditioned drummer Scott Coats. He liked the songs, but didn’t join because he wanted to join a Led Zeppelin cover band and play in bars. After that failed to pan out he became a Nostril in December 1979. The Nostrils left their parents’ homes and moved into the first of a series of rehearsal spaces the band dubbed “House of Noz”. In July 1981 The Nostrils took off on their ‘1965 World Tour’. After finally reaching Vancouver, they hit the Queen’s celebration of the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, where they helped themselves to some free cake. This was covered by the local Vancouver magazine, and later in MacLean’s Magazine. Upon their return to Winnipeg, the band’s landlord wanted to convert the House of Noz into a six unit apartment. The Nostrils put up signs protesting their eviction, recruited several hundred rioters, set up the PA on their front porch, and instructed their roadies to observe bail procedures. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and they hauled the gear to St. James Hall. The Nostrils split up in late 1981, but reunited to play ‘The Last Movie’ at the Downtowner in November 1982. Their recordings finally saw the light of day on CD in 2001 entitled ‘Nostrophilia: The Dreaded Re-Issue’.

Nostrophilia [cassette]
Nostrophilia: The Dreaded Re-Issue

Compilation Tracks
“I’m Vile” on ‘Only in Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC-CD-0101

Mike Bilcox (guitar, vocals) / A.J. Bovaird (bass) / Glenn “Chico” Dunning (guitar, vocals) / Liam Killeen (drums)
Not By Choice was formed in Ajax, Ontario in 2001 and released an independent self-titled EP that year. They caught the attention of Linus Entertainment who signed the band in 2002. Their debut album was ‘Maybe One Day’ which spawned the singles “Standing Alone” and “Now That You Are Leaving”. The second single won the band a MuchMusic Video Award for ‘Best Independent Video’. They also won a CFNY CASBY Award for ‘Best Independent Album’. The album ‘Maybe One Day’ was released in Japan in September 2003 where it would sell 25,000 copies. After switching to Maple Music in 2004, their sophomore album, ‘Secondhand Opinions’, was not well received at commercial radio despite heavy rotation for the first single/video “Days Go By” on Much Music. The band was unable to mount a major tour and played intermittently outside of Southern Ontario. However, their song “Standing All Alone” became the theme song to the YTV Canada television show ‘15/Love’. They eventually were added as opening act on the Ontario leg of Avril Lavigne’s 2005 summer tour – nearly a year after the album’s release. However, Japan received the album well and Not By Choice toured there in March 2005 as headliners and then as opening act to fellow Canadians Simple Plan. Folling their return from overseas Bovaird left the band. The group decamped and took a break to decide on their future. Despite an announcement to work on a new material in 2006, the band’s third album has failed to materialize.

Standing All Alone (Linus/Warner)
2002 Now That You Are Leaving (Linus/Warner)
2004 Days Go By (Maple/Universal)

Not By Choice [EP]
2002 Maybe One Day (Linus/Warner) 270012
2004 Secondhand Opinions (Maple Universal) 642525

Compilation Tracks
“Standing All Alone” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 7’ (Universal)
2003 “Now That You’re Leaving” on ‘Big Shiny Tunes 8’ (Warner) WTVD-61050

Victor Malang [aka David Dunham] (drums) / John Ex [aka John Crossingham] (guitar, bass)
Featuring ThanatoPop/Raising The Fawn member John Crossingham and Chore/Don Vail member David Dunham.

Tectonic Plates/Invitation//[split w/CHORES] [7″] (Harbour House/No List) NOEL-058

Pique [DigiFile]
2018 Hypocritic Oath [LP (No List) NOEL-054

Compilation Tracks
“The Mark” on ‘EDN 10: Everybody Dance Now. Songs From Hamilton Vol 10’ [2 CD] (CFMU 93.3)

Andy Ford
(electric guitar) / Rich Carter (vocals, acoustic guitar) / Tom Perry (drums) / John Tuttle (bass) / Brad Hopkins (bass) / Mike Morrow (drums)
From Scarborough, Ontario. Features Brad Hopkins (ex-Chalk Circle)

Thank Us [4-song 7” EP] (Lone Wolf) LWR-002

Spindizzy [5-song cassette] (N.I.P.) SAMPLER-No.1
1995 Is That Right? (Kinetic) KRD-923

Compilation Tracks
“What About Us?” on ‘CFNY 1994 New Music Search (CFNY) 1994NMS
1994 “Doug Boy” on ‘Elvis Monday Vol. 1’ (Kinetic) KRD-919
1995 “Doug Boy” on ‘KOMP V March ’95’ (Kinetic) KRK-5

NOVA, Aldo
Born: Aldo Caporuscio

Montreal-born Aldo Nova is a multi-disciplined musician who writes songs, produces, sings and plays guitar and keyboard. He learned to play guitar relatively late in life at the age of 15 but was ravenous to learn and spent every waking hour practicing and eventually teaching himself piano as well. By 1980 Nova landed the part of George Harrison in the stage musical Beatlemania. During his three year stint in this production he honed his skills as a recording studio engineer outside Montreal. His first official release was an obscure 12″ single under the pseudonym XR 7 featuring a synth pop track and its instrumental dub by the same name – “XR 7” – on Quality Records. In 1982 Nova secured a publishing deal and then a recording contract with Portrait Records through CBS Records. His self-produced debut album, ‘Aldo Nova’, contained some material from his earlier demo sessions and garnered two hit singles – the title track and “Foolin’ Yourself” which pushed album sales over a million copies worldwide. The album ranked among Billboard Magazine’s Top10 just 10 weeks after its release (for a total of 22 weeks), and achieving both US double-Platinum and Canadian double-Platinum status. The video for “Fantasy” was not only among the first videos to be featured on the MTV music channel, but also one of the first rock videos that pioneered the use of special effects. Nova lived the highlife as a newly born ‘rock star’ and lost his focal point while partying. It was no wonder then that his follow up album ‘Subject…Aldo Nova ‘ failed to sell as well though it did contain the radio hit “Monkey On Your Back” and a cover version of Coney Hatch’s “Hey Operator”. Nova put the blame on the music industry and retired from music for nearly two years. After cleaning up his personal act and realizing that the album failed because of his lack of musical focus, he hired new manager John Baruck (REO Speedwagon, Survivor) and prepared his next record. Meanwhile, he had been co-producing music with Blue Oyster Cult, Cyndi Lauper, Claudja Barry, Lita Ford, Patrick Bruel and Michael Bolton. 1985’s ‘Twitch’, featuring guest appearances by Anton Fig and Michael Bolton among others, was released to relative success with the lead off single “Tonite (Lift Me Up)”, but did little to put Nova back on the top of the rock world. Nova lost his record deal and spent the ’80’s floundering in no man’s land. He spent 6 years in contractual hell with CBS Records, in the meantime, producing records by such artists as Céline Dion. Through the years Nova kept in touch with Jon Bon Jovi who was always hanging around the studio while his cousin Tony Bongiovi mixed Nova’s debut album at Studio A Power Station in New York. When Jon was recording the soundtrack to ‘Young Guns II’, he brought Nova in as guitarist. Jon Bon Jovi eventually signed Nova to his own JAMBCO label and produced the guitarist’s 1991 comeback album ‘Blood On The Bricks’ featuring musical assistance from drummer Kenny Aranoff (John Mellencamp) and bassist Randy Jackson (Journey). The album put Nova back in demand with its three charting singles – the title track, “Medicine Man” and “Someday”. Nova soon became in demand again as a songwriter having since written material for Céline Dion , Sword and others. His work as musician and composer is also found on the soundtracks for the motion pictures ‘Ruthless People’ (“Don’t You Want My Love”) and Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Goonies’ (“Good Enough”). Nova returned in 1996 with a bluesier solo release called ‘Nova’s Dream’ which is predominantly instrumental. In December 2004 Nova’s song “True Believer” was released by Krista Remmers-Morgan on her album ‘By Way of Love’. In recent years he has enjoyed success as a songwriter for multi-million selling artist Celine Dion. with notes from Lindy Willis, Everett Morgan, and Dan Brisebois. [also see XR 7]

1981 Fantasy/Under The Gun (Portrait/CBS) E4-4299
1982 Fantasy (single mix)//Fantasy (LP mix)/Under The Gun [12″] (Portrait/CBS) 2802
1982 Foolin’ Yourself/See The Light (Portrait/CBS) E4-4307
1982 Ball & Chain/Hot Love [Live] (Portrait/CBS) E4-8505
1983 Always Be Mine//Armageddon/Race Cars (Portrait/CBS) E4-4354
1983 Hold Back The Night/Heart To Heart (Portrait/CBS – UK) 38168
1983 Hold Back The Night/Heart To Heart//Money On Your Back/Hot Love [7″ x 2 gatefold] (Portrait/CBS – UK) DA-4189
1983 Hold Back The Night/Heart To Heart//Money On Your Back/Hot Love [12″] (Portrait/CBS – UK) TA-4189
1983 Money On Your Back/Armageddon [7″ & 12″](Portrait/CBS) 3926
1985 Tonite (Lift Me Up)/Lay Your Love On Me (Portrait/CBS) 37-05685
1985 Tonite (Lift Me Up)/[same] [12″] (Portrait/CBS) 2205
1985 Rumours Of You/Lay Your Love On Me (Portrait/CBS) 37-05762
1985 Rumours Of You (single mix)/Rumours Of You (LP mix) [12″] (Portrait/CBS) 2256
1991 Blood On The Bricks (JAMBCO/Mercury/Polygram) CDP-436
1991 Medicine Man (JAMBCO/Mercury/Polygram) CDP-503
1992 Someday (JAMBCO/Mercury/Polygram) CDP-571

1982 Aldo Nova (Portrait/CBS) FR-37498
1983 Subject…Aldo Nova (Portrait/CBS) FR-38721
1985 Twitch (Portrait/CBS) FR-40001
1991 Portrait Of Aldo Nova (Portrait/Epic/CBS) EK-48522
1991 Blood On The Bricks (JAMBCO/Mercury/Polygram) 848 51 3-2
1995 Nova’s Dream (Lynx)
1996 Nova’s Dream (Chacra – US)
2004 Blood On The Bricks [re-issue] (Lemon/Cherry Red) CDLEM-042

Compilation Tracks
“Fantasy” on ‘Electric North’ (K-Tel) TC-277
2001 “Fantasy” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885
2005 “Fantasy” on ‘Melodic Rock Anthems – The Masters of Melodic Rock’ (EMI – SWEDEN) 563584
2006 “Foolin’ Yourself” on ‘Dock Rock Presents Classic Rock Weekend’ (Sony/BMG)

Greg Fitzpatrick (bass, vocals) / Bob Horne (keys) / Hughie Leggat (bass, vocals) / John Richardson (guitar, vocals) / Danny Taylor (drums)
Fitzpatrick, Taylor, Leggat, and Richardson and keyboardist Seb Agnello were teenagers in The Lords Of London, who played to their peers on weekends. They released several singles in the mid-sixties scoring a Canadian hit with “Cornflakes and Ice Cream”. However, it failed to ignite the attention of Americans and the group began a slow evolution into progressive sounds and a new name: Nucleus. Through day-long rehearsals they would jam extended progressive rock treatments, many of which would be recorded in 1968; Bob Horne replaced Agnello on keyboards as the band headed into the studio for their first and only LP written entirely by Greg Fitzpatrick. However, it took a year to get interest for the record, which was released by Chicago label Mainstream, but by the time it was released in 1969, the band had distanced itself from it. And yet, the album became a cult favourite throughout the North American eastern seaboard, and its first single, “Communication”, was played fervently despite its excessive length. Also in 1969, the band released a quickie single called “Johnny Peace” to capitalize on John Lennon’s appearance at the Toronto Peace Festival. The Peace Festival Committee enthusiastically endorsed the record. By 1970 Nucleus’ free-form radical jam sessions had failed to make any significant in-roads and so, Taylor, Leggat and Horne hooked up with ex-Leather members Alex Machin and Paul Naumann to become A Foot In Coldwater. Richardson and Fitzpatrick would head to California to pursue solo careers but Fitzpatrick would return to Toronto in the 1980’s. The band members (excluding Richardson, who was still working as a studio engineer in California), reunited in 1991 for an audiophile gathering of the Canadian Wax Hounds to discuss the old days with Lords Of London and Nucleus. Agnello has continued on for 30 years as a successful solo artist in his own right; Greg Fitzpatrick is living in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland and performs with his brother David; the remaining members have continued on with an updated version of A Foot In Coldwater. with notes from Sebastian Agnello and David Fitzpatrick. [also see A FOOT IN COLDWATER]

1969 Johnny Peace/Ernie’s Gone (Family/ARC/Ahed) AP-1
1970 Wonder Girl/Help Me Find Some Peace (Freedom) 1987X

1969 Nucleus (Mainstream) S-6120

Compilation Tracks
“Communication” on ‘Made In Canada – Volume 3: Eclectic Avenue’ (BMG) KCD1-7158

Chris Cooper / Ron Dickie (synthesizers) / Allan Scarth / Heather Ferguson (drums)
Nova Scotia students at the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design Cooper, Dickie, Scarth, Ferguson used the facility to record their only release entitled ‘New.Job’ in 1980.

New.Job [5 song 12” 45 RPM] (Nova Scotia College of Art & Design)

Don Gordon
(keyboards, guitar)/ Dave Hall / Sean Stubbs (vocals) / Blair Dobson (vocals; replaced Stubbs) / Conan Hunter (vocals, keyboards; replaced Dobson) / Richard Hanley (percussion; live) / Dave Collings (vocals, keyboards; replaced Hunter)
NumB was  started by Images in Vogue founding member Don Gordon late in 1986 in Vancouver, British Columbia along with Sean Stubbs and Dave Hall. In its initial incarnation it was more of an ‘art project’ that explored concepts of social desensitization through over-stimulus but the surprise success of its early tape release, ‘Blue Light’, widened their audience. Early shows were loud multi-media driven assaults. Metal percussion, tape, guitars and synthesizers providing the live soundtrack to Stubb’s  vocals. Over the course of the following year the band worked on their debut album which was released on the New Rose label in France and on a Vancouver independent label Scott Gubbels. Their debut album allowed them a seat at the industrial movement table alongside fellow Vancouverites Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly. Following a year of successful live shows Stubbs left the band due to health reasons and was replaced by Blair Dobson. Their follow-up album, ‘Christmeister’, was rated one of the Top-10 most ‘important’ industrial albums by Alternative Press Magazine (in 2000). The ‘Christmeister’ period was plagued with label issues and internal strife resulting in Dobson’s departure. Dave Hall and Don Gordon carried on by adding Conan Hunter to the lineup. Over the period leading up to the recording of NumB’s next album, ‘Death on the Installment Plan’, Hall left the band to return to university. Soon their label, Onslot, went bankrupt and the band had to rescue their unfinished tracks from a studio holding them for ransom. NumB found a new home with KK Records in Belgium as well Reconstriction in the US. ‘Death On the Installment Plan’ spawned the the German club hit ‘Shithammer’. A 10 country European tour was launched to promote the album and an additional mini-album called ‘Fixate’. The lineup for the tour comprised Don Gordon (keyboards, guitar), Conan Hunter (vocals, keyboards) and Richard Hanley (percussion) on stage. This was followed with an appearance at the New Music Seminar in New York City and several west coast shows. During this period NumB also collaborated with Madeleine Morris (ex-Moev) to create the Blood of the Lambs performance piece which they presented at the Vancouver Fringe Festival. The next release was ‘Wasted Sky’ and contained the club hit “Blood “. A few weeks before the ‘Wasted Sky’ European tour was to begin Hunter was no longer in contact with the band. David Collings joined the band and Sean Stubbs returned in time to be part of the tour. A second live blitz of Europe followed, resulting in NumB being voted one of the top touring foreign acts by the German magazine ‘New Life’. In 1995 NumB was invited to Japan by independent label Gift Records for a series of live performances and recording. The result was the live album ‘Koro’. Several mini-tours of North America with FLA and Die Krupps happened in the spring of 1996. The single ‘Blind’ was released in 1997 from the album ‘Blood Meridian’ and a tour followed in 1998. ‘Language of Silence’ in 1999 was NumB’s next album.  The album was mixed in London, England by Don Gordon. After its release, Gordon took a break from NUMB to concentrate on a new project called Halo_Gen which was released in early 2000. Aside from their own releases NUMB found time between records to do soundtrack work. They composed scores for the play ‘Photographic Memories’ and three short films ‘A Dream of Naming’, ‘Six Hundred Million Breaths’ and ‘155’.  In addition, the track “Shithammer” was incorporated into the soundtrack of the film ‘Totally F***ed Up’ by director Greg Araki. NUMB also became an active remix artist providing mixes for such acts as Dive, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Spirit of the West. with notes from Don Gordon.

1991 Bliss (Onslot – US)

Blue Light [cassette] (independent) BRC-001
1988 Numb (New Rose – FRANCE)
1990 Christmeister (Onslot – US)
1993 Death On the Installment Plan (KK/Re-Constriction – US) REC-005
1993 Fixate [EP] (KK- BELGIUM) KK-094MCD
1994 Wasted Sky (KK – BELGIUM) KK-126-CD
1996 Koro (Gift – JAPAN) GFT-03
1997 Blind [EP] (Metropolis – US) MET-056
1997 Blood Meridian (Metropolis – US) MET-063
1998 Desire/Blind Remixes (KK – BELGIUM) KK-164CD
1998 Suspended [EP] (Metropolis – US) MET-111
1999 Language of Silence (Metropolis – US) MET-125

Compilation Tracks
“Stiff” on ’13’ (Lively Art – FRANCE) ARTY-13
1994 “Shithammer (Dread and Bled Mix)” on ‘Moonraker’ (Sub Terranean – GER) SPV-DCD-085-38942
1994 “Ratblast” on ‘The Digital Space Between (Hard) HARDEST-07
1996 “Push It” on ‘Operation Beatbox’ (Re-Constriction) REC-023
1997 “Eugene” on ‘More Exclusive Alternatives (Cleopatra) CLP-9967
1997 “Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood’ on ‘TV Terror: Felching a Dead Horse’ (Re-Constriction) REC-032
1998 “Blood (Crash and Burn Edit)” on ‘Electropolis Volume 1 (Metropolis – US) MET-080
1999 “Respect” on ‘Electro Club Attack: Shot Two’ (Zoomshot – GER) ZS-206917

Coleman York (drums, backing vocals)  / Jim Kennedy (rhythm guitar, backing vocals)  / Ed Blocki (lead vocals, bass guitar) / Peter Evans (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards)  / Colin “Archie” Gerrard (keyboards vocals; replaced Kennedy 1980)  / Greg Trinier (vocals)
With Canadian record label Attic Records always on the cutting edge of new, innovative ways of developing talent while keeping costs low, they hit on the idea of a no-frills label called Basement Records. Their first signing was Toronto act, The Numbers, in 1979. The band went into the Soundstage studios in Toronto in October of that year with Jack Richardson’s son Garth Richardson producing. Attic co-owner Tom Williams wanted the Numbers to be the first album released in 1980 so, at 9:00 AM on New Year’s day, key radio music directors and journalists were sent a copy of the album ‘Add Up’ to their homes along with a Bloody Caesar alcoholic beverage. The ploy worked as The Numbers received a bit of activity with the first single, “Sideways Elevator”, but when it came time to follow that up with a second album the band demanded a larger production budget defeating the ability for Basement Records to live up to its mandate. As a result the band made a deal to re-sign with Attic Records under the new name Hot Tip (whereby Jim Kennedy was replaced by keyboardist Colin Gerrard). Unfortunately, the band broke up shortly after its two singles were released in 1981. with notes from Kevin Shea and Michael Coxe.

1980 Sideways Elevator/Can’t Take It (Basement/Attic) BAS-1


1981 Teach Me Something/Bridge To Manhattan (Attic) AT-244
1981 My Shoes/Hard To Be Me (Attic) AT-246

1980 Add Up (Basement/Attic) BASE-6000

1981 Stop All Motion (Attic) LAT-1089

Rob Purdie (vocals) / Derek Henderson (bass, backing vocals) / Bob Davies (drums) / Dave Cherry (guitar) / Todd Gillies (guitar, backing vocals)
Short-lived punk band from Waterloo, Ontario.

Dead And On The Floor [11-song 7” EP] (independent)

Marc Connors
(baritone; 1978-1991) / Paul Cooper (tenor) / Claude Morrison (tenor) / Denis Simpson (bass) / Ralph Cole (bass; replaced Simpson 1979) / Arnold Robinson (bass; replaced Cole 1981) / Micah Barnes (tenor; replaced Cooper 1991) / Billy Newton-Davis (baritone; replaced Connors 1992) / Garth Mosbaugh (tenor; replaced Barnes 1994) / Gavin Hope (baritone; replaced Newton-Davis 1994) / Mark Cassius (baritone; replaced Hope 1997) / Tyrone Gabriel (baritone vocals, 2005-present)
The origins of the Nylons date back to 1978 when four experienced Toronto stage actors, Connors, Cooper, Morrison, and Simpson, used to get together in the back of a delicatessen to sing doo-wop together. They took their ensemble to parties and friends’ houses and constant comments from people convinced them to take their unique a cappella act into the clubs. An acquaintance they met at a party was about to open a new cabaret and invited them to debut there. They played there for six weeks, garnering rave critical and audience reviews. In 1979 Simpson retired from the group and Cole was brought on board. They very quickly established themselves as one of the area’s classiest and most original ensembles and caught the attention of Attic Records. Their self-titled debut album in 1982 eventually went platinum in Canada (100,000 copies), and there followed four more releases on Attic that all sold at least gold in Canada (50,000 copies). They received the equivalent of a Dutch Grammy award and a gold disc for the ‘One Size Fits All’ album and the ‘Best Singer Award’ at 1986’s Tokyo Music Festival. In 1987 Disney used their song “That Kind of Man” in their feature film ‘The Tin Man’, and their version of “Up the Ladder To the Roof” was used in the movie ‘Made In Heaven’. They also scored a second appearance on the Taft Broadcasting television show ‘Throb’ after writing the theme song and having made a previous appearance on the program. In February 1991 founding member Connors left the group and in March of that year died of viral pneumonia. A new deal in 1991 with Scotti Brothers in the US and BMG in Canada saw the release of three more albums, and constant touring on either side of the border. In 1997 they signed with Shoreline Records in the US, a label primarily devoted to vocal groups, and released the ‘Fabric of Life’. The group’s latest effort is ‘Skintight’ in 2011 through Linus Entertainment which was nominated for a JUNO for ‘Best Jazz Vo; Denis Simpson died October 22, 2010
Arnold Robinson passed away March 20, 2013; James Paul Connor died December 29, 2013; Tyrone Gabriel died January 11, 2022 at the age of 57. [also see BILLY NEWTON-DAVIS, MICHAH BARNES]


1980 Some People (Song For Sheenah)/Mirage (CBS) C-323
1982 A Million Ways/Up in the Roof (Attic – UK) Nylon 1
1982 Up On The Roof/Me And The Boys (Attic) AT-259
1982 The Lion Sleeps Tonight/Somethin’ Bout’cha (Attic) AT-268
1982 Silhouettes/Heavenly Bodies (Attic) AT-279
1983 Up The Ladder On The Roof/Romance (Attic) AT-283
1983 That Kind Of Man/Bop ’til You Drop (Attic) AT-290
1984 Stepping Stone/Stars Are Ours (Attic) AT-306
1984 Take Me To Your Heart/Perpetual Emotion (Attic) AT-314
1984 Combat Zone/Samba Samba (Attic) AT-324
1986 Lion Sleeps Tonight (remix)/Stars Are Ours (Attic) AT-338
1987 Kiss Him Goodbye/It’s What They Call Magic (Attic) AT-348
1987 Happy Together/Face In The Crowd (Attic) AT-361
1987 Dance of Love/Grown Man Cry (Attic) AT-364
1989 Poison Ivy/The Stars Are Ours (Attic) AT-387
1989 Wild Fire/Another Night Like This (Attic) AT-388
1989 Busy Tonight/Another Night Like This (Attic – AUS) K10305
1991 Call My Name (Attic)
1991 One Fine Day (Attic)
1992 Don’t Look Any Further (Scotti Brothers)
1993 Time of the Season
1993 What Is It Worth
1995 Carol of the Bells/Little Drummer Boy
1996 God Only Knows
1996 Smalltown Boy
1997 Drift Away (Windham Hill) WD-17898
1998 I Can’t Go For That/Go With It
1998 Let It Be/Ai No Corrida
1999 Busy Tonight/Another Night Like This


1982 The Nylons (Attic) LAT-1125
1982 One Size Fits All (Attic) LAT-1152
1984 Seamless (Attic) LAT-1190
1987 Happy Together (Attic) LAT-1233
1989 Rockapella (Attic) LAT-1254
1989 Four On The Floor (Attic) ACD-1301
1992 Live To Love (Scotti Brothers) SBDM-5255
1993 Illustrious: A Collection Of Classic Hits (Attic) ACD-1375
1993 The Best of The Nylons (Attic) ACD-1426
1994 Because… (Scotti Brothers)
1994 Another Fine Mesh [aka ‘Because…’] (Zomba/BMG – US) 723927543527
1994 Harmony – The Christmas Songs (Scotti Brothers) 75446
1996 Run For Cover (Scotti Brothers) 75499
1997 Hits of the 60’s: A Cappella Style (Shoreline)
1997 Fabric Of Life (Shoreline) 9905700442
1997 Perfect Fit [aka ‘Illustrious’] (Windham Hill)
1999 A Wish for You (Light Year) 085365441323
1999 Lost & Found (Shoreline)
2000 Musical Reflections: Christmas Harmonies (Shoreline)
2002 Play On (Sleeping Giant) SGM-101
2002 Fabric of Life: Vocal Percussion Remix (Shoreline)
2006 Sterling (Shoreline)

Compilation Tracks
“Prince of Darkness” on ‘Rocktober ‘82’ (Attic) ROCT-082
1987 “Kiss Him Goodbye” on ‘Canadian Gold’ (Quality) QRPS-1061
1987 “Kiss Him Goodbye” on ‘Hit After Hit’ (PolyTel) 816-498
1993 “Silhouettes” on ‘Caught In the Attic’ [3CDs] (Attic) ATTIC-XX
1994 “(Na Na Hey Hey) Kiss Him Goodbye” on Contact! The All-Star Collection / Contact! La Collection Des Étoiles (Attic) ACD-1395
1998 “(Na Na Hey Hey) Kiss Him Goodbye” on ‘Attic Records Limited Twenty5’ [4CDs] (Attic) ATTIC-25

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