Z, Les
Zabe, Patrick
Zacharin, Noah
Zahalan, Mary-Lu
Zalarmes, Les
Zamboni Drivers
Zappacosta, Alfie
Zarzour, Corinne
Zaza, Paul
Zebras, The
Zed Head
Zed, Kevin
Zelkine, Alexandre
Zeller, Jim
Zellots, The
Zeman, Brock
Zen Arcade
Zen Bones
Zen Bungalow
Zeniths, Les
Zero One
Zig Zag
Zilba, Mary
Zimmerman, Lorri
Zimmerman Troll
Zipper (1)
Zipper (2)
Zolty Cracker
Zombo Zombo
Zoo, The
Zumpano, Jason
Zuul’s Evil Disco
Zweig, Michael
Zwol, Walter
Zyklon B

Z, Les
From Montréal, Québec.

En Orbite/Pourquoi (Gamma) AA-1045

Compilation Tracks
“Pourquoi” on ‘O Toi, Beatnik…’ (Out Of Limits – FRANCE) OL-002
2002 “En Orbite” on ‘Dans Le Vent Vol.1’ (Les Disques Écho67) STEREOGOL-01
2007 “En Orbite” on ‘Les Introuvables Volume 20’ (Disques Mérite) 22-6050

ZABÉ, Patrick [aka Jean-Marie “John” Rusk]
Following a solo album in 1964 entitled ‘Jean Rusk chante pour vous’, Rusk formed the short lived band Les Doyens in 1965 who released one single on the Fantastic label. With the demise of the band, Rusk would change his name to Patrick Zabé and launch a solo career. He was signed to A-1 for the single “Une vie comme ca” before switching to Canusa for the remainder of the 1960s frequently teaming up to do duets with Johnny Farago. With a move to Nobel Records in the 1970s, he would work with producer René Angelil (Celine Dion). He was also host of his own TV show in 1971. [also see LES DOYENS]

1967 Une vie comme ca/Un baiser un baiser (A-1) 806
1967 Cette Lettre [4-song 7″ EP] (Disques Festival – FRANCE) FX-1552
1967 La lettre/C’est un rêve (Canusa) C-336
1968 Les lunettes/Avec mon ange (Canusa) C-349
1968 La sirène de mon rêve/Quand on a aimé (Canusa) C-363
1968 Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da/Seul avec ma peine (Canusa) C-381
1969 Je Roule Ma Bosse/L’été Sur La Plage (Apollo) LO-503
1969 La Sirene De Mon Reve/[split w/NANETTE] [re-issue] (Canusa) OR-861
1969 Oh Darling/Fils d’argent aiguilles d’or (Nobel) NL-5602
1970 Une Petite Larme M’a Trahi/Passons La Nuit Ensemble (Nobel) NL-5609
1971 Quand J’écoute la Radio/Mon Ami Pierrot (Nobel) NL-5618
1971 C’Qu’on Est Bien Dans Son Bain/Oui J’ai Pleuré (Nobel) NL-5625
1972 Un Peu D’Amour, Beaucoup De Haine/Bip Bop (Nobel) NL-5633
1972 Petite Fille/J’ai Trop Mangé (Nobel) NL-5650
1972 C’Qu’On Est Bien Dans Son Bain/Mon Ami Pierrot (Nobel) NG-7701
1973 Le Petit Chinois En Toxedo Vert Et Bleu/Ne Pleure Pas Daddy (Nobel) NL-5667
1973 On Arrive/Que Vais-je Faire Dans Mon Pays (Nobel) NL-5674
1975 Agadou-Dou-Dou/Agadou-Dou-Dou (Instrumental) (Nobel) NL-5688
1975 Je Bois De L’Eau Dans Mon Lit D’Eau/Je Bois De L’Eau Dans Mon Lit D’Eau (Instrumental) (Nobel) NL-5700
1975 Señor Météo/ Tout nu, tout bronze (Nobel) NL-5708
1976 Angella La La (La Reine De La Pizza Za Za)/Angella La La (La Reine De La Pizza Za Za) (Instrumental) (Nobel) NL-5719
1976 Cerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs (Nobel) NL-5724
1976 Ca Chatouille/Ca Chatouille (Instrumental) (Nobel) NL-5726
1976 Day-O (Talimi-Banana)/La Mokera (Nobel) NL-5729
1976 Ne Fais Pas De Cinéma/Kalimbo (Nobel) NL-5731
1977 Cha Cha Chaud/Ne Fais Pas De Cinema (Les Disques Concorde) CCD-10
1978 Le Maillot De Football/Celimene (Les Disques Concorde) CCD-26
1978 Agadou/A C’qu’on Est Bien Dans Son Bain (Les Disques Millionnaires) MH-100577
1978 La Lettre/Les Lunettes (Les Disques Millionnaires) MH-100579
1979 Ah M’siou Zabe/Agadou-Dou-Dou (Les Disques N°1) NOX-31
1981 Le Tango Me Fait Pleurer/Le Tango Me Fait Pleurer (Version Instrumentale) (Les Disques Showbizz) C-335
1982 Ou Ce Que T’as Appris À Faire L’amour Comme Ça?/Ou Ce Que T’as Appris À Faire L’amour Comme Ça? (Version Instrumentale) (Gamma) AA-1709
1982 Il tape sur des bambous/Il tape sur des bambous (Instrumentale) (VIP) VIP-020
1983 C’est bon pour le moral/[same] [12″] (Choc) PC-12-03
1983 C’est bon pour le moral /C’est bon pour le moral (Instrumentale) (Choc) PC-1003
1989 Zabé Zabo/Zabé Zabo (Instrumentale) (Chang-Hai) CH-211
1989 Goodbye/same (Chang-Hai) CH-212
1989 Moderation/same (Chang-Hai) CH-213
2018 Le Zéro Du Texto (productions gaumond rusk) 86ZAB0864

L’idole Des Jeunes/La Fin De L’été (Derniers Baisers) (Kebec) DK-510
1964 Elle Était Si Jolie/Quand Le Jour Viendra (Kebec) DK-515

Que c’est triste Noël/C’est Noël rock (Canusa) C-340

1968 Et si moi je n’veux pas/Hello Mary Lou (Canusa) C-356

L’Été Est la/Copacabana (Nobel) NL-5646

1967 Les Lunettes (Canusa) CLJ 33-108
1968 Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (Trans-Canada) TC-754
1969 Palmares de P. Zabe (Trans-Canada) TCM-911
1970 Patrick Zabe (Budget Musique) BM-9023
1971 En Spectacle (Nobel) NBL-5702
1972 21 Disques D’Or Patrick Zabé (Les archives du disque Québécois/Transbec) AQ-21009
1972 Patrick Zabé (Trans-Canada) M80-1117
1973 Les Plus Grands Succès De Zabé (Nobel) NBL-306
1973 11 Disques D’Or (Les Archives Du Disque Québécois) M80-1209
1974 21 Disques D’Or Patrick Zabé (Les archives du disque Québécois/Trans-Canada) AQ-21009
1974 10 Disques D’Or (Les Archives Du Disque Québécois) M80-1222
1975 Agadou dou dou (Nobel) NBL-604
1976 Zabé Disco (Nobel) NBL-12000
1976 Les 12 no. 1 de Patrick Zabe (Nobel) NBL-610
1979 Zabé en folie (Disques no. 1) NO-1807
1989 Original (Les Disques Chang-Hai)
1991 Les z’îles à Zabé, ça m’exique (Productions ZED) ZABEC-92
2000 Agadou dou dou (Mérite)
2004 Mambo, Tango… Et Providence! (Konfit) KONFCD-5211
2013 Le Top 25 – Volume 1 (Disques Mérite) 8401
2013 Le Top 25 – Volume Deux (Disques Mérite) 8402
2016 Pour Toi (Gaumond Rusk) BFTCD-2203

Chante Pour Vous (Kébec) DK-2001

1968 Le Palmarès De Johnny Farago Et Patrick Zabé (TC Maximum) TCM-914
1971 FZ (Nobel/London) NBL-501

Compilation Tracks
“Un peu d’amour” and “N’as-tu jamais vu la pluie” [w/Johnny Fargo] on ‘Les Artistes Nobel en Vacances’ (Nobel) NBL-103
1974 “Le Petit Chinois,” “Bip Bop,” and “Un Peu D’Amour Beaucoup De Haine” on ’12 Succès Populaires’ (Pacha) PAC-9608
2001 “Señor Météo” on ‘Pour un flirt en vacances Vol.2’ (Citation) CCD-1627

Noah Zacharin was born in Montreal, Québec. He was given his first guitar at age 9, wrote his first song at 13, and began performing at 14. After many years perfecting his songwriting and guitar playing technique he relocated to Toronto, Ontario. He released his self-titled debut on his own Soffwin label in 1982. Zacharin has released another five solo albums since this. 2007’s ‘Waiting on Your Love’ featured the best of Toronto’s pop and jazz players, as well as long-time Tom Waits alumnus Ralph Carney. Since release it has received national airplay on the CBC and its French partner Radio-Canada. Much sought after as a guitarist, he has recorded and performed with some of Canada’s finest writers, including Penny Lang, Bruce Murdoch (with whom he has also co-written), Lucien Francoeur, Rick Fielding, Danny Marks, etc. As a soloist he has opened shows for the likes of Odetta, David Lindley, Dave Van Ronk, Jesse Winchester, Alex de Grassi, and Fairport Convention. He has twice been runner-up in the OCFF ‘Songs From the Heart Contest’, and has consistently short-listed in the competition. Zacharin has published hundreds of poems, translations, and reviews in periodicals and anthologies worldwide, and is currently at work on two volumes of poetry and several children’s books.

Noah Zacharin (Soffwin) SW-33-101
1997 Silence Spoken Here (Soffwin)
2000 aLIVE! (Soffwin)
2002 Crow Dark Wind (Soffwin)
2003 Big Daddy Z (Soffwin)
2007 Waiting On Your Love (Soffwin) 76452
2023 Points Of Light

Somethin’ Like This (Soffwin)

Compilation Tracks
“Can’t Wake Up” on ‘Groovy Mondays’ (GM) GM-2003

“The Last Goodbye” on ‘Groovy Mondays’ (GM) GM-2003

Died: May 27, 2023
Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy was born in Renfrew, Ontario but raised in Oakville, Ontario. Zahalan was a Miss Canada finalist in 1976 before embarking on a career as an entertainer. She was a performing arts teacher at Oakville’s Sheridan College. She released two independent singles on various labels in 1981 and 1982 before signing with the Avalon label. Her debut album, ‘Think of Me’, was released in 1982 on the Avalon label which spawned two charting singles – “If I Had One Wish” and “Breaking Away”. She received a JUNO Award nomination in 1983 as ‘Most Promising Female Vocalist’. She formed her own label, Mazu, in 1985 and released the single “Call Me”. She wouldn’t release another full-length album until signing with Jeff Burns’ Justin Entertainment in 1990. Her ‘Zahalan’ album was released that year and featured the single “I Can’t Forget About You”. In January 2011, Zahalan graduated from Liverpool Hope University in England with a Masters Degree in a program that studied The Beatles called ‘The Beatles, Popular Music and Society’. She was the first graduate of the program. Her dissertation paper has since been turned into a book entitled ‘Cultural Capital: The Beatles In Canada’; Mary-Lu Zahalan died of lung cancer on May 27, 2023.

1981 Try a Little Love Sometime/Take Me Through The Twilight (Heart) HRT-8110
Turn of the Wheel/Think of Me (Sefel/Almada) 45-015
1983 If I Had One Wish/Caught In This Love (Avalon) AVN-104
1983 Breaking Away/Would You Believe Me (Avalon) AVN-108
Call Me/[same] (Mazu) MAZ-02
I Can’t Forget About You (Justin Entertainment)

1982 Think of Me (Avalon) AVE-1010
Zahalan (Justin Entertainment) JED-004

An 8-piece all female Québec vocal group featuring singers between the ages of 15 and 2. They formed in 1999 and won a singing contest ‘The Little Stars of Hydro-Québec’. They have performed hundreds of shows with a mainly unchanged line-up. They released their debut album ‘L’eternite est de notre cite’ [‘Eternity Is On Our Side’]. They performed over 60 shows from 2003 thru 2006. Their follow-up album was 2009’s “Eau Secours! Les nouvelles vagues’.

L’éternité est de notre cite
2009 Eau Secours! Les Nouvelles Vagues

Dale Wiese
(vocals) / Stuart Derdeyn (bass) / Don Betts (drums) / Dave Clarkson (guitar)
Vancouver semi-punk outfit only performed around a dozen times between 1984 and
1985, including a Zulu Records Showcase at the legendary Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, and an end of term bash at the University of Alberta Sub Ballroom. Aside from their one single, there was also a version of Buddy Holly’s “Loves Made A Fool Of You”, on the Og Music’s compilation ‘It Came From Canada, Volume 4’. There is also a rare cassette only Christmas compilation featuring a Lo-Fi no budget recording of Alex Chilton’s “Jesus Christ”. with notes from Dale Wiese.

1985 Skatin’ Ghost/Drained Blood (Sign Post) TZ-001

Compilation Tracks
“Skatin’ Ghost” on ‘It Came From Canada Volume 2’ (Og) OG-9
1988 “Loves Made A Fool Of You” on ‘It Came From Canada – Volume 4’ (Og) OG-17

Born: Alfredo Zappacosta in 1953 in Salò, Italy
Alfie Zappacosta decided he wanted to be a musician shortly after getting his first guitar at age 9. With proper guitar lessons by age 12, Zappacosta’s guitar teacher began arranging weekend gigs for him at Italian weddings. As work progressed, Zappacosta found himself playing with a plethora of musicians on stage including accordion players and flamenco guitarists. Weary of the wedding circuit, he decided he would rather get into contemporary music which led to a series of Top-40 bands during the late ’70’s disco era. His first professional, unionized, card-carrying gig was with Robert E. Lee followed by the disco/R & B Janette Brant Lee which featured three female vocalists, a horn section and sequined three-piece jumpsuits. Zappacosta soon grew tired of this three ring circus and decided to form an original rock and roll act in 1979 by utilizing Paul Delaney (drums) and Steve Jensen (guitar) from the disco act and called it Surrender. They recorded their self-titled debut in 1979 for Capitol Records which just barely cracked the RPM Top 100. After touring and several member changes, Surrender returned to their original three member line-up. In September 1981 they released the EP ‘No Surrender’ which failed to chart despite the release of two singles. The trio trudged on despite resistance from Capitol who reluctantly agreed to another album but shipped the band off to LA to work with Ed Thacker. The resulting album was considered an unmitigated disaster, was shelved, and Surrender disbanded. In 1983 Zappacosta began selling himself as a solo act and just as he was about to sign a management deal with American agents Leber-Krebs, he received a call from manager Lou Blair (Loverboy) who enticed Zappacosta back into the Canadian talent pool. With a fresh vision the new team decided to revive the finished Surrender album but it needed an overhaul. With Dee Long and John Jones’ new ESP Studios (which was home to many other Capitol recording acts) the record was reworked and remixed by Dee Long (Klaatu) in three weeks. The 1984 result was named ‘Zappacosta’ and featured several members of Surrender (Steve Jensen, Mitch Starkman, Paul Delaney and Gerald O’Brien) and guest appearances by Jeff Jones (Red Rider) on bass and Gerry Mosby (The Hunt, Rhinegold) on background vocals. The album spawned several hit singles including the Bob Ezrin co-write “Passion” and landed Zappacosta a Juno Award for ‘Most Promising Male Vocalist of the Year’. As 1985 marched on Zappacosta’s next album was in the proverbial can, and once again Capitol dragged their heels. In the interim he performed in the musical stage production of ‘Evita’ as Che Guevara and was one of many Canadian superstars to lend his voice to the “Tears Are Not Enough” Ethiopia relief record ‘We Are the World’. With the ‘Evita’ production on a roll in Halifax, Zappacosta received word that his album would be picked up by Capitol Records after all. ‘A-Z’ was released in 1986 and resulted in another fistful of hits. During the time of uncertainty with Capitol Records Zappacosta had been courted by Millenium Records president Jimmy Ienner but Zappacosta refused his advances. However, in 1988 Ienner approached him again about adding a song to an upcoming movie he was producing called ‘Dirty Dancing’. Zappacosta co-wrote a tune called “Overload” with Marco Luchiani which the producers loved and the song was featured in the movie soundtrack which became not only a hit movie, but one of the biggest selling movie soundtracks up until that time. That same year Lou Blair’s business partner Bruce Allen founded Penta Records and signed Zappacosta. However, Penta Records would soon become unmanageable as a five-headed business proposition and the label lost its distribution deal with Elektra on the eve of release of Zappacosta’s next album. Bruce Allen cut his ties with Zappacosta and Lou Blair helped clear up the contractual mess and Zappacosta was left with a finished master tape and no distributor. Using money from his ‘Dirty Dancing’ soundtrack profits, he was able to convince Capitol to take a chance on him one more time and they released his A-Zee Records album ‘Quick!…Don’t Ask Any Questions’ two years after it was recorded. A heavy tour schedule followed with his new band featuring Steve Jensen (guitar, vox), Corrine Plomish (vocals, keyboards), Marco Luciani, Darren Bowler (bass), and Tony Azzopardi (drums). Zappacosta even brought in long time road crew Bob Shindle (audio) and Brad Campaigne (lighting, tour manager). Following the wrap up of the tour he decided to take a much needed break to do some soul searching and finally focus on his abilities as both a singer, by taking vocal lessons, and a guitarist (by taking up classical guitar). In 1993 Zappacosta fronted a trio who played the club circuit with his flair for adult contemporary charm and new classical stylings. By late 1995 he had recorded his next effort, ‘Innocence Ballet’, for fre/EMI and did a Canadian promotion tour with few actual gigs. By early 1996, Syndrome Records had released the disc in the US and Zappacosta found himself touring on some very successful and well received dates stateside. In July 1996 after the particularly grueling tour schedule, the singer/songwriter was admitted to an Edmonton hospital with severe pneumonia that made it necessary to perform a tracheotomy (rather than damage the singer’s vocal chords with a standard breathing tube). But the pneumonia was only part of a larger complication as doctors discovered 2 large pancreatic tumors. These were removed successfully. During Zappacosta’s recovery, he took time to reflect on his career and choices he had made. He had made it clear in many interviews that it had never been his intention to be a front man. Writing songs and playing guitar had always been his passion. But somewhere along the way, he realized that he really did want to sing. If that decision was going to ring true, he wanted to be the best he could be. In 1998, he began work with renowned vocal couch David Dunbar. The result was an incredible growth that inspired Alfie to record once again. In 1999, with a new label, White Feather Records, and lifelong friend/producer Gerry Mosby, Zappacosta headed to Wellesley Sound Studios to record his 7th CD “Dark Sided Jewel”. While this recording has certainly received the critical acclaim it deserved, it never did garner airplay. The music industry was just not ready for a new Zappacosta. In 2001, Zappacosta returned to Neptune Theatre in Halifax, Nova Scotia to resurrect his role as Christ. Teamed with Heather Rankin (The Rankins), ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ was a smashing success and put Zappacosta back on the radar. On a return visit to Halifax in 2001, Alfie met Anne Oakley, a promoter/publicist from Halifax. They began to work together and six months later, she became his manager. In 2002, Alfie returned to Edmonton to once again portray Che in ‘Evita’ and began to tour Canada to introduce his new music. During a DVD filming in Toronto, Zappacosta signed to LiveTourArtists and Alfie began to find a home in theatres and soft seater venues. Zappacosta was finally home, singing in venues with an audience who wanted to hear the music and buy the CD’s. In 2003, he signed to Marquis Records/EMI. Teamed with producer Glenn Morley (Gino Vannelli) Zappacosta recorded ‘Start Again’. He also took time to star in his first motion picture HALO where he portrays an Italian drug lord. ‘Start Again’ was released in April 2004 and HALO will be released in 2005. Currently Zappacosta is performing in the hit musical ‘British Invasion: America Strikes Back’ and continues to tour to promote his new CD. with notes from Alfie Zappacosta, Midge Hill, Mitch Starkman, Brad Campaigne, and Anne Oakley. [see SURRENDER]

1984 Passion/Katie’s Eyes (Capitol-EMI) B-5369
1984 Runaround/Can’t Let Go (Capitol-EMI) B-72945
1984 Katie’s Eyes/I’ll Give It A Go (Capitol-EMI) B-72970
1985 We Should Be Lovers/Can You Hear Me (Capitol-EMI) B-5426
1986 When I Fall (In Love Again)/Heroes (Capitol-EMI) B-73001
1986 Turn It On/Judgement Day (Capitol-EMI) B-73013
1986 Nothing Can Stand In Your Way/Another Man’s Gun (Capitol-EMI) B-73016
1986 I Think About You/Burnin’ (Capitol-EMI) B-73026
1987 Overload/[same] [12”] (RCA) JD-10025
1990 Nothing To Do With Love (A-Zee/EMI)
1990 Letter Back (A-Zee/EMI) SPRO-505
1991 I’ll Be The One (A-Zee/EMI)
1991 Simple Words To Say (A-Zee/EMI)
1995 Orlanda (Syndrome – US only)
1995 Show Me (Syndrome – US only)
1996 Lombard Street (Syndrome – US only)
1996 Me & Mrs. Jones (Syndrome – US only)
1996 Someone (Syndrome – US only)
2000 Adilina (White Feather)
2004 Tears Of Hercules (Radio Edit)/Start Again (Marquis) DPRO-77471-81705-2-1
2004 And We’ll Dance (Marquis)

1988 The Power And The Glory/[split w/Mount Royal Theme – instr.] (Attic) AT-372

1984 Zappacosta (Capitol-EMI) ST-12296
1986 A-Z (Capitol-EMI) ST-6541
1987 Over 60 Minutes With…Zappacosta (Capitol-EMI) 748552
1990 Quick!…Don’t Ask Any Questions (A-Zee/Capitol-EMI) A2-40710
1995 Innocence Ballet (fre/EMI) CL2-50112
1999 Dark Sided Jewel (White Feather) CD-001
2004 Start Again (Marquis) MAR-319
2007 Bonafide
2008 At The Church At Berkeley (independent) AREC-005
2010 Blame It On Me (independent) AREC-006
2015 No Avoiding Cliches (Alfie Zappacosta) 010
2018 A To Z (Alfie Zappacosta) 012
2021 Saved (Alma) ACD-20512

1985 “With A Little Help From My Friends” on ‘Welcome To The Club’ (Pasha/CBS) PSH-26697

Compilation Tracks
“Nothing Could Stand In Your Way” on ‘This Is Music 2’ (Quality) QRSP-1056
1987 “Nothing Could Stand In Your Way” on ‘Canadian Gold’ (Quality) QRSP-1061

Derek Sharp
(guitars, vocals) / Alexander Zarbo (bass, vocals) / Greg Anzelc (drums, vocals)
Toronto-area band produced one 8-song LP called ‘A-Z Collection’ in 1985 which spawned an early 1986 single “Get Up And Dance”; Anzelc would go on to be in the Sisters Euclid; Sharp has continued as a songwriter and producer. He married singer-songwriter Sass Jordan in 1997.

1986 Get Up and Dance (Zarbo) 4509

1985 A-Z Collection (Canadian Custom) CCR-9051

ZARZOUR, Corinne
Corinne Zarzour was born into a musical family where she learned piano and found her voice as a singer. At the age of thirteen, she began playing with other young musicians to find her musical direction. Although Classical music was always part of her passion, the teenager also loved Janis Joplin and often imitated her. A few years later, she founded the hard rock band Silver & Lace. She was also the band’s manager and booked their shows in bars and clubs around Québec. The band would eventually split up in 1997. In December 1999, she joined the cast of ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ playing the character Esmeralda as part of a tour of France before returning to Québec, where she alternated performances with France D’Amour until August 2001. While juggling multiple projects she recorded her first album, ‘Café Noir’ which was released in the spring of 2002. Zarzour co-wrote most of the tunes along with Charles Lanteigne. Following the release of the album Zarzour played Lady Capulet in a Québec performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for most of 2002. She then joined Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas for two years beginning in the fall of 2003 as part of the troupe Zumanity.

Café Noir (A & R) AR2-4505
2002 Stratosphere (Gestion Lez Arts) GLACD-01021DJ

Café Noir (Gestion Lez Arts) GLAC-D0102

ZAZA, Paul
Born: Paul James Zaza
Toronto, Ontario’s Paul Zaza is a classically trained pianist who completed a degree at the Toronto Conservatory of Music. He was bass player for the hit musical ‘Hair’ and was a touring member of The Fifth Dimension in the 1970s. After establishing his own Zaza Sound studio he would go on to compose and record the soundtracks to over 175 feature films including ‘A Christmas Story,’ ‘Murder By Decree,’ ‘Prom Night,’ ‘Porky’s,’ ‘My Bloody Valentine,’ ‘Iron Eagle 4,’ and ‘Hog Wild’ among others. He is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who dabbled in pop music throughout the 1970s with his own act Paul’s People featuring various lead vocalists such as Vern Kennedy, and also orchestrated arrangements as Paul Zaza & His Orchestra. Zaza is a Genie Award winner for many of his film scores; Zaza also produced music for other recording artists including Eria Fachin, Bobby G. Griffith, Artie MacLaren, and Catherine McKinnon among others. Many of these artists found a home on Zaza’s many indie label imprints such as Zaza, ZSP, and Blue Chip Records. [also see FREE ROSE CORPORATION]

1972 Rainy Days and Mondays/Don’t Pull Your Love Out On Me Baby//You’ve Got A Friend/Sweet City Woman (CBC Radio-Canada) LM-139
1977 Be What You Wanna Be/Ode To A Sea Worm (Mo-Sheng/Rebel) MSR-4511
1978 Genesis/[same] (no label) WRC3-602

It’s All Because of You/[split w/BENJAMIN JAMES] (Blue Chip) B.C. #1/2
1980 While You Were Away/Windmill Song (Blue Chip) B.C. #7/8

1975 Why Don’t We Sing Anymore?/If It Seems (Badger) BA-006
1975 The Me Song/Laugh (Badger) BA-010
1979 The Blue Jays/The Blue Jays (Instrumental) (Little Guy) LGR-007
1979 I Want You Boy/Summer Fun (Blue Chip) B.C. #15/16
1979 Fly Away Pretty Bird (Vocal)/Fly Away Pretty Bird (Instrumental) (Little Guy) LGR-009

with ZSP
O.G.N.A.D.S./Catchin’ Up (Mo-Sheng) MSR-45-009

with HEAVY WATER [as Peter J. Zaza]
Reasons Hard To Find/Why I Say (Zaza) WRC3-664

Peggy’s Theme/Theme From “Sounds Good” (Zaza) ZZ001X
1982 Welcome Home/Dancing Lights (Parasol) 501
198- Flutey Fugue

Le Payback (Baby Grand) SE-1032
1978 Zaza (Baby Grand) SE-1033
1979 Contact (Baby Grand) SE-1066
1987 From The Hip – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Varese Sarabande) STV-81039
2016 My Bloody Valentine – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [2LP] (Waxworx) WW-022
2018 Popcorn – Original 1991 Motion Picture Soundtrack (Strange Disc/Light In the Attic) SD-007LP
2020 The Brain – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Terror Vision) T.V.019

A Christmas Story – Music From The Motion Picture (TCM Music/Rhino) R2-522315

Just A Little Bit (Baby Grand – US) SE-103

Safety First (Blue Chip) BLP-1002

Faces and Places (Parasol) PSL-8001
1984 Images (Parasol) PSL-8004

Jack August (lead vocals, bass) / John Hagopian (guitar, backing vocals, keyboards, drums)
Session musicians from Montreal, Québec whose previous acts included Moonquake, The Crescent Street Stompers, Dogs Of War, and Influence among others.

1980 Paradise Garage/Animal (PBI/Uniwave) WN-303
Paradise Garage/Paradise Garage (Instrumental) [12”] (PBI/Uniwave) W-12003
1980 Animal/[same] [12”] (PBI/Uniwave) W-12020
1980 I Don’t Do It No More/Razor Girl (PBI/Uniwave) WN-320
1980 Now That I’ve Met You/Animal (Flamingo – UK) 8-DJ
1981 Lady Is a Tramp/[same] [12”] (PBI/Uniwave) W-12030
1981 Lady Is a Tramp/[same] (PBI/Uniwave) WN-327

Paradise Garage [6-song EP] (PBI/Uniwave) WLP-1001
1981 How Can I Get Through the Night? [6-song EP] (PBI/Uniwave) WLP-1029
2011 Dogs Of War & The Zebras (Electunes) ETS-006CD

Marc Déry / Yves Déry / Yves Marchand / Alain Quirion
From Québec.

Adam et Elle (Audiogram) ABCD-5209

Zebulon (Audiogram) ABCD-10080
1996 L’oeil Du Zig (Audiogram) ABCD-10098
2008 Retour sur Mars (Audiogram)

Bob Adams (harp) / Neil Chapman (guitar, vocals) / Fog Johnny (bass, vocals) / Chris Lingard (drums, vocals)
Zed Head were formed in 2005. Adams was formerly with Mainline, and Chapman with Pukka Orchestra/Sattalites.

Texas Cufflinks (independent)
2011 Mortal Man (Allegro/Blues Boulevard) 5413992502820

ZED, Kevin
From Vancouver, British Columbia. The 1985 ‘Double Dutch’ EP was recorded at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver.

Double Dutch [EP] (Beat) BTR-901

ZELKINE, Alexandre
Born: 1938 in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France
Former France émigré who relocated to Montreal, Québec and fell in love with French Canadian folk music. He was signed to Capitol Records in the 1960s and United Artists in the 1970s. His albums were also released in the US on the Monitor label where his name was Anglicized to Alexander Zelkin.

Bagman/Come Away Melinda (United Artists) UAXW-303
Sac en papier/L’otage (United Artists) UP-35832

Alexandre Zelkine (Capitol) ST-70.002
1967 Alexandre Zelkine – Vol. 2 (Capitol) ST-70.010
1970 Alexander Zelkin Sings Meadowland and Other Russian Songs, Old and New (Monitor – US) MFS-703
1973 Pessimiste (United Artists) UA-LKA164F
1974 L’Otage (United Artists)  UALA-336

La Belle Province Québec: French-Canadian Folk Songs (Monitor – US) MFS-714

Vocalist and harmonica player Jim Zeller is a former member of the studio act Icarus and has worked on albums by many other artists including Nanette Workman and Boule Noire. Zeller’s 1979 solo album, ‘Cartes sur table’ features appearances by Serge Laporte, Phil Bech, Terry Martell (Boule Noire, Michael Fury, Seventh Son) and Nanette Workman.


1986 Stone Fox Chase (U.S. Mix) / Stone Fox Chase (Power Mix) (Matra/Unidisc)
1986 Stone Fox Chase (Dance Remix) / Stone Fox Chase (Conga Mix) / Stone Fox Chase (Power Mix) [12″] (Matra/Unidisc) MM-012
1986 In Zaire (Extended Dance Mix/Percella) / In Zaire (Straight Mix) [12″] (Matra/Unidisc) MM-019
1988 Pepino’s Back/ Pepino’s Back (Remix) (Matra/Unidisc) MM-040


1979 Cartes sur table (Kébec-Disc) KDL-966
1995 Fire To the Wire (AIR M.S.) AMSCD-402
2003 Live (AIR M.S.) AMSCD-404
2004 Cut To the Chase (AIR M.S.) AMSCD-405

Heather Haley (vocals) / Christine deVeber (guitar) / Jane Colligan (bass) / Conny Knowe (drums) / Cathy Destun (vocals; 1980) / Greg Moore (drums; 1980) / Craig McGauley (drums; replaced Moore) / John Francom (rhythm guitar, sax, keyboards; added) / Greg Rinehart (bass)
Zellots was an all-female punk band founded in in late 1970s, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The band split up but Colligan and deVeber formed a new version in London, Ontario in 1980 with Cathy Destun on vocals and Greg Moore on drums; the band would ultimately split up for good in 1984.

Zellots [3-song s/sided 7″ flexi EP] (Supreme Echo) SE-13

Empty Victories [DigiFile] (Fervor) FVRCD-06270

Compilation Tracks
“Blades” on ‘Domestic Animals’ [cassette]
1984 “Blades” on ‘Animals Fight Back!’ [cassette]
1996 “Blades” on ‘London Crawling’ (What Wave)
2005 “Soldiers” on ‘Boot 2 The Head (Call The Office)
2006 “Empty Victories,” “Blades,” and “Social Elite” on ‘You Only Get One Shot At The Big Time – Obscure Powerpop & Punk 1979-1985’ (Wizzard On Vinyl) WiV-098CD
2012 “Soldiers” on ‘Slippery’s Club Hits’ (What Wave) WW-24

ZEMAN, Brock
The former punk-turned-singer-songwriter has spent nearly two decades creating Americana soundscapes, drawing from roots-rock and alternative country. Zeman has also won a slew of songwriting awards, including 2nd place at both 2016’s ‘Unsigned Only Competition’ as well as the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) for his track “Pulling Your Sword Out Of The Devil’s Back.” In 2017 he returned to ISC as a finalist with his song “Dead Man’s Shoes.”

Cold Winter Comes Back (independent)
2005 Songs From the Mud (Busted Flat) BUSTED-019
2008 $100 Difference (Busted Flat) BUSTED-027
2008 Live @ The Acoustic Grill (Acoustic Grill) 625989-619625
2010 Ya Ain’t Crazy Henny Penny (Mud Music) Mud Music #2
2011 Me Then You (Busted Flat) BUSTED-055
2013 Rotten Tooth (Busted Flat) BUSTED-074
2015 Pulling Your Sword Out of The Devil’s Back (Busted Flat) BUSTED-081
2017 The Carnival Is Back In Town (Busted Flat) BUSTED-096
2019 Hey Tom (Busted Flat) BUSTED-102

Brock Zeman and The Dirty Hands (Busted Flat) BUSTED-018
2006 Welcome Home Ivy Jane (Busted Flat) 844667-002850

The Bourbon Sessions (Busted Flat) BUSTED-015

Robnoxious Kelly (vocals) / Mike O. N. Girard (bass) / Rocky Hache (lead guitar) / Michael Newby (lead guitar) / Heinz Gawlick (drums)
Calgary, Alberta.

Word Of Reason [cassette] (Metanoia)
1993 Zen (Metanoia) META-D-1000

T. Packham [aka Mit] (vocals) / D. Thiel [aka Nad] (lead guitar) / J. Reid [aka Tweed] (guitar) / C. Cleave [aka C. Dog] (bass) / D. McGee [aka Derlick] (drums, percussion)
From London, Ontario.

The Underling/The Underling (Radio Remix) (Swear Song)

Alun Piggins (guitar, vocals)
From London, Ontario.

The Importance of Being Naked [cassette]

Greg Lev (vocals, guitars) / Grant Page (drums) / Rod Slaughter (bass, vocals) / Alan Wolanin (guitars)
From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1992 Zen Bungalow [5-song EP cassette] (independent)
Milky (OhYah!) OYCD-080

Compilation Tracks
“This Could Very Well Be True” on ‘Indie-Can ‘92’ (Intrepid) CD-5
1993 “This Could Very Well Be True” on ‘New Stuff Three’ (MMS) NSCD-003
1994 “Stone Smile” on ‘A Canadian Alternative Vol III (DAHB) SWM-003

Pierre Plante
(guitar) / Jacques Pepin (saxophone) / Pierre Bédard (guitar, organ) / Robert Gingras (drums) / Alain Labrecque (bass) / Fernand Gallichand (2nd saxophone) / Pierre Miller (trumpet) / Richard Grenier (trumpet; replaced Miller) / Denis Tremblay (3rd saxophone)Les Zéniths was formed in the summer of 1964 in Charlesbourg, Québec as a Yé Yé band after being bitten by the British Invasion bug. They would frequently perform in the regional dance halls such as The Centre Durocher, Centre Monseigneur Marcoux and Centre Monseigneur Déziel. In January 1966 Les Zéniths won a Battle of the Bands and the prize was the recording of a 7” single. They would record French versions of The Beatles’ “Girl” and The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie”. The single, on Premiere Records, allowed the band to perform on several TV 4 Québec television shows such as ‘Surboum’, ‘Teen-Club’, ‘Alley 4’ and ‘Le Palmères’. In 1967 they added more musicians including Fernand Gallichand (2nd saxophone) and Pierre Miller (trumpet). The group would eventually split-up in 1969.

Seul (Girl)/Louis Louis (Premiere) PRE-825

Frank Zirone
(lead vocals) / Gord Paton (drums) / Keith Ross (guitar) / Jim MacDonald (keyboards) / Gary Lalonde (bass) / Jim Elder (bass; replaced Lalonde)
Formed in 1979, Frank Zirone’s Zero One was signed to Anthem Records in 1980 and released their self-titled debut that year. “You’re On My Radio” was released as the only single, but “Invisible Man” and “You’re On Your Own” received considerable airplay on rock radio stations as well. Under the management of Michael Cohl(later of CPI), Ray Danniels (SRO Management) and Ron Dabous, they also managed two live radio broadcasts on Toronto – one on CHUM-FM and the other on Q107-FM. Lalonde left to join Honeymoon Suite. The band carried on with Elder throughout the Toronto club scene until their demise in 1982. Zirone would then go on to form Hanover/Hanover Fist; Jim MacDonald would join New Regime. He passed away September 8, 2021; in recent years Frank Zirone has found great success fronting The Beatles theatrical musical show called ‘ONES’. with notes from Frank Zirone

1980 You’re On My Radio/Busy Boy (Anthem) ANS-025

1980 Zero One! (Anthem/Capitol) ANR-1-0101

Gordon Option (bass, vocals) / Stuart Option (guitar, vocals) / Kealan Option (drums, vocals)
Formed in the spring of 1981 Zeroption were an influential “hardcore” punk group, spawning many imitators throughout North America. Based out of their hometown of Oakville, Ontario, the band were prolific performers in the region during their short existence 1982-1984. Through their networking they were able to bring many underground acts into the area for the first time including the Bad Brains, Effigies, Subverts, Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, F.U.’s and Youth Brigade, as well as numerous regional Canadian acts. Zeroption also played on limited road tours supporting DOA, Dead Kennedys, Social Distortion and The Circle Jerks. Although only one of their songs, “Realpolitik” (produced by Thom Wilson of TSOL fame), received anything but a limited release, they have been cited as an influence by bands as disparate as Killdozer and Metallica. Zeroption broke up in the summer of 1984; Stuart Option is now living in England; drummer Kealan also lives in England and is the leader of underground band the Useless Eaters. With notes from Zeroption.

Compilation Tracks
“Live Your Life”, “Rain Of Terror”, “Silent Majority” on ‘T.O. Hardcore ’83’ [cassette] (NRK) NRK-002
1984 “Realpolitik” on ‘Something To Believe In’ (Fringe Product) FPL-3015

Mike O’Brien / Carlin Nicholson / Neil Quinn / Rob Drake (drums)
O’Brien and Nicholson grew up together in Barrie, Ontario and played in bands together along with Afie Jurvanen. When Jurvanen was asked by Jason Collett producer Howie Beck to form a band for Collett, Jurvanen formed Paso Mino which consisted of Jurvanen, Michael P. Clive, O’Brien and Drake. Nicholson became their soundman. Paso Mino backed Collett for years and released their own original album ‘Good People’. Paso Mino disbanded when Clive left to become a professional chef. Jurvanen toured with Feist and began a new solo project under the pseudonym Bahamas. O’Brien, Nicholson and Drake began recording together to pass the time. The eventually brought Neil Quin on board and formed Zeus.They signed to the Arts & Crafts label in 2009 and released their debut EP, ‘Sounds Like Zeus’ in June 2009 of that year. In 2010 they released their debut album, ‘Say Us’, in February. The album was included on the 2010 Polaris Music Prize long list but failed to make the final round for the Polaris prize. The band spent most of 2010 and 2011 releasing a series of collectible 7″ singles. Some of the songs would be released on their sophomore album ‘Busting Visions’ in March 2012. The album debuted on the Canadian album charts at No.73. The members of Zeus continue to back Collett and occasionally they collaborate and perform with Jurvanen’s project Bahamas.

Hot Under the Collar/Aeroplane (Arts & Crafts) ACX-060
2011 Permanent Scar/The Darkness (Arts & Crafts) ACX-063
2011 Are You Gonna Waste My Time? (Arts & Crafts) ACX-073

Sounds Like Zeus [EP] (Arts & Crafts) ACX-032
2010 Say Us (Arts & Crafts) A&C-051
2012 Busting Visions (Arts & Crafts) A&C-069

Dick Torros / Taj Bolduc
Disco act from Montréal, Québec.


Zig Zag (Pacha) PAC-11207

Vocalist Mary Zilba released her debut album, ‘Out of the Blue’, in 1999 which garnered four Top40 hits in Canada and two Top 12 videos on MuchMore Music. In 2002 her follow-up album, ‘Fly’, garnered two Top 40 hits in Canada and a video for the title track went to No.6 on MuchMore Music. Zilba’s song “Hallellujia” was featured in the 2003 movie ‘Apartment 3’. The song “Shelter” was featured in the 2004 Jennifer Tilly movie ‘Deluxe Combo Platter’. With notes from Frank Anderson.

Do Me Right [4 mixes] (Sound Music Inc.) SP-700
1998 Seduction [6 mixes] (Anderson Entertainment)

Mary Zilba (Sound Records Corp) SRCD-9401
1999 Out Of The Blue (Sound Records Corp/Select) SRCD-9402
2003 Fly (EMI) 70009-2

Compilation Tracks
“Do Me Right” on ‘Massive Dance Hits 3′ (Popular) PR2-3334

Originally a member of the second version of Montreal’s The Munks (under the name Sweet Loraine), Zimmerman would later join Montreal band Life. She did a brief solo stint with the Vegetable Band before becoming one third of vocal group Toulouse. [see THE MUNKS, LIFE, TOULOUSE]

1971 Don’t Twist My Mind/Love Me, Love My Children (Crescent Street) CR-2014
Cause The World Is Mine/Don’t Twist My Mind (Crescent Street)

Sixty Minute Man/I’d Like To Know (Sweet Plum) SPL-9910

Lorri Zimmerman (Crescent Street) CS-1863

From London, Ontario.

Out of Our Heads and Into Yours

From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Never Too Old (To Rock & Roll)/Slowtown Rats (Fly High)
1980 Another Boyfriend/Bad Girl (Fly High)

Michel Allaire (bass) / Jean-Guy Blais (lead guitar, keyboards, vocals) /
Michel Gagnon (percussion) / Michel Côté (saxophone, flute) / Jacques Perron (twelve-string guitar, guitar, vocals, keyboards)
From Québec.

Zip (La Collection) PCR-850315

Adrian Lawryshyn
(bass, vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, loops)
Solo project from Toronto’s Adrian Lawryshyn.

13april (Zoebliss)
1999 For The Beauty Of Ruins (Zoebliss)

Compilation Tracks
“Wicked Ways” on ‘The 1998 New Rock Search’ (102.1 The Edge) 1998-EDGE3
1999 “China Smile” on ‘The World According To Popguru’ (Popguru/Page) 6-27915-07882-7

Gilles Zolty (vocals, guitar) / Annie Wilkinson (bass, vocals, accordion) /
Wayne Adams (percussion, harmonica, vocals)
From Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Zolty Cracker [cassette] (independent)
1995 Go Please Stay (Page Publications) ZC001-CD
1997 Flush (Zed) ZC002-CD

Trance Chamois ‘The Debateable’ [aka Frank Prather] (lead vocals, tabla, talking drum) / Jacques Cognac [aka Terry Martell] (drums, percussion) / Sauce eh Sho’nuff [aka Ian de Souza] (bass, tabla) / Neosphere [aka Neil Chapman] (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Zombo Zombo were a studio project featuring Pukka Orchestra’s Neil Chapman and Michael Fury’s Terry Martell.

Into The Market (Zombo) ZOM9909-9

Denton Young (lead vocals) / Roddi Chappell (guitar) / Howard Helm (keyboards, vocals) / Pat McQuire (drums) / Jim Samson (bass) / Brian Miller (guitar, vocals; replaced Chappell) / Kim Hunt (drums, percussion; replaced McQuire)
Toronto progressive rock band Zon formed in the mid-70’s and soon came to the attention of CBS Records A & R chief Bob Gallo. They released two albums for Epic (distributed by CBS) and gained a foothold in the Canadian prog rock sweepstakes next to the likes of Saga, Klaatu, FM and Rhinegold. The Don V. Lorusso produced ‘Astral Projector’, released on blue vinyl, became an FM radio staple in the late ’70’s. The album garnered the band a ‘Best New Group’ Juno nomination. The band would find itself opening up gigs for the likes of The Tubes at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens, and Styx at CNE Stadium getting opening slot encores on both occasions! 1979’s ‘Back Down To Earth’ was produced by Don V. Lorusso and the late Vancouver keyboard whiz Dale Jacobs. The band played Toronto as headliners where a hometown crowd swelled to 17,800 people. A reporter for the Globe & Mail, who had only stayed to see the opening act, wrote a scathing review thinking he had seen Zon. The negative review was the headline of the entertainment page, nationally in Canada. CBS demanded compensation for the impact on Zon’s popularity but neither the band, nor the label, ever recovered. Zon was dropped from CBS after a thorough corporate housecleaning of the A & R Department despite Zon already having their contract picked up for a third album. The ensuing legal battle took much of the heart out of the band, but they did manage one more album for Falcon Records called ‘I’m Worried About The Boys’ produced by then former CBS A & R man Bob Gallo. The record featured a cover version of the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane”. As part of the 1980 tour to support the album, Zon did an ill-fated opening slot for Alice Cooper at Toronto’s CNE Stadium. When Cooper failed to appear minutes before showtime due to an apparent throat infection, Denton Young was given the onerous task of telling the audience. A riot ensued and police had to be called out. Audience members threw chairs and garbage onstage and Zon barely got away unharmed. The band broke-up shortly after despite the 1981 single “For You” reaching #2 on CKOC in Hamilton (higher than any of the previous singles on CBS Records). Singer Denton Young most recently popped up on Rik Emmett’s solo work; Kim Hunt would go on to join Hanover, Urgent, and Moxy along with Jim Samson; Roddi Chappell is in long running AOR band Lightspeed who released two CDs on Pacemaker in the ’90s; Brian Miller works at Toronto’s famed 12th Fret guitar store; Howard Helm joined Michael Fury which mutated into Refugee. In 1988 Helm was offered a job as touring keyboardist for Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter. He took the job and spent 4 years on the road touring the world. That band released one live CD for the BBC on Windsong Records; Helm eventually settled in Tampa, Florida (whilst touring with Hunter/Ronson) and has a music production company where he writes music for film, commercials and television. He is currently writing for TBS television in Atlanta and Universal Studios in Orlando. He continues to play keyboards in-studio for the likes of bands like Seven Mary Three on their ‘Orange Ave.’ CD among others; Zon’s first two albums were released as a double CD in Europe in 2003; Brian Miller passed away from cancer in the fall of 2015. With notes from Denton Young, Howard Helm, Rick Wharton, Rod Chappell, Jack Palmerston and Jef Leeson.

1978 Melody [Stereo]/Melody [Mono] (Epic/CBS) DJE4-4177
1978 Melody/On the Road (Epic/CBS) E4-4177
1978 Talkin’ About [Stereo]/ Talkin’ About [Mono] (Epic/CBS) DJE4-4189
1979 Back Down To Earth/When He’s Old (Epic/CBS) E4-4217
1979 Gods and Kings/Take It From Me (Epic/CBS) E4-4226
1980 Sweet Jane/Takin’ The Easy Way Out (Falcon/A & M) FAS-1005
1980 For You/Just The Other Side (Falcon/A & M) FAS-1006
1981 Better Get Up/Want My Baby (Falcon/A & M) FAS-1007

1978 Astral Projector (Epic/CBS) PEC-90442
1979 Back Down To Earth (Epic/CBS) PEC-80026
1979 Back Down To Earth/Special Edited Mix (Circus/Take It From Me/Lifeline/Gods and Kings / Please Stay/Cheater) [12″] (Epic/CBS) 12E4X-4217
1980 I’m Worried About The Boys (Falcon/A & M) FAL-80003
2003 Astral Projector/Back Down To Earth [2CD] (Escape) ESMO-91

Compilation Tracks
“Circus” on ‘Chocolate Hits From Nestle Quik’ (CBS Special Products) CSPS-1513
1979 “Cheater,” “Back Down to Earth,” and “Gods and Kings” on ‘Northern Stars’ [2LP] (CBS) 2-CDN-12
1984 “Circus” on ‘Striktly for Konnoisseurs’ (Music for Nations) MFN-32

Jean Robitaille
Montréal, Québec studio act.

Space Love/Space Love (Instrumental) (TGO) TGS-1012
1984 Space Love/Space Love (Instrumental) [12”] (TGO) TGS-112

ZOO, The
Bryan Duffy
(vocals, guitars) / Phil Houston (bass) / Brent Gagnon (drums)
Following his departure from See Spot Run, Bryan Duffy formed short-lived trio The Zoo who released on album on Bullseye Records before Duffy relocated to Los Angeles.

The Zoo (Bullseye) BLR-CD-4112

Compilation Tracks
“Original” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered: A New Breed V2.0 (Frontline/Bullseye) FL-804009

Chris Haight
(guitar) / John Hamilton (drums; switched to bass) / Bent Rasmussen (drums)
Zoom was formed in the Fall of 1976 and debuted at Toronto Queen Street bar The Beverly Tavern on New Year’s Eve of that year. It was there that the band would meet up with future scene makers Steve Leckie (The Viletones) and Lucasta (The B-Girls). In January 1977 the band revived the Colonial Underground and began playing there regularly while booking other bands like The Diodes, The Viletones, The Cads, The Battered Wives and Teenage Head. Jimmy The Worm (Chris Haight’s brother) was club manager. The band hastily released a single in the Spring of 1977 but it wasn’t long before they played their last gig on Toronto Island — kicking out their original bassist for dressing badly (Hamilton switched from drums), and recruiting Diodes drummer Bent Rasmussen. With most of the punk acts in disarray at the same time, Hamilton wound up in The Diodes as their drummer; Haight changed his name to Hate and joined the Viletones as bassist; Rasmussen ended up in Johnny & The G-Rays. Between work with their respective full-time bands Hamilton and Haight re-issued the Zoom single with a picture sleeve with plans to release a Zoom album on the side. Though the album was recorded and produced by BB Gabor and Bob Segarini, it was never released. The recording features additional musical input from BB Gabor, Bent Rasmussen, Lucasta and Zenia (B-Girls), Screamin’ Sam Sinatra (The Ugly), and Dr. Bourque (The Curse) among others. Later Hamilton and Haight would reconvene in the early 1980’s as musical frustration led the two musicians to quit The Diodes and The Viletones respectively. With Haight’s departure from The Viletones, that band essentially folded and members Motor X (drums) and Freddy Pompeii (guitar) joined Hamilton and Haight first for a Zoom review-styled production, then as backing musicians for several Toronto singers and finally as The Secrets. with notes from John Hamilton.

1977 Sweet Desperation/Massacre At Central High (Riot) 1001

Collaboration Tracks
“Zoom” on ‘ …On the Radio’ (Bullseye) BLR-CD-7030

French Rap artist from Québec.

Le masque de Z (African Kings) 893860
2006 Sacrifices (Select)

Zero (vocals) / Tony Brighton (bass) / Tommy Barnes (drums) / Dave Joudrey (guitar)
Toronto punk outfit.

Compilation Tracks
“Bbod” on ‘No Pedestrians’ (Chameleon) CR-535
2005 “Gimme Attention” on on ‘Only in Canada, Eh 77-81 Volume 1’ (Punk History Canada) PHC-CD-0101

Andy Eichhorn (lead vocals, guitar) / Reed Shimozawa (guitar, vocals) / Wayne Stadler (drums) / Kurt Dahle (drums; temporary for Stadler 1998) / Brian Doss (bass) / Ted Koti (bass; replaced Doss 1998) / Ed Teigs (bass; replaced Koti 1999) / Ian Grant (bass)
Originally from Calgary, Alberta, the songwriting and performing partnership of Eichhorn and Shimozawa started in the early ’90s with groove-oriented band Calliope. Their original line-up shifted with the exit of bassist Ted Koti over personality conflicts. It wasn’t long before they brought in Brian Doss on bass and renamed themselves Zuckerbaby – taken from the 1985 German art film by Percy Adlon. The group garnered plenty of attention across the country opening for larger touring acts, eventually landing a recording contract with Mercury Records in 1996. The self-titled debut record was recorded at Sundae Sound Studios in Calgary, Alberta during January/Febuary1997 and was released in May of that year. The album was produced by Krisjan Leslie and Reed Shimozawa with six songs mixed by Jack Joseph Puig (Black Crowes, Tonic, Jellyfish). The album produced three singles and accompanying videos: “Andromeda”, “Heavy” and “Shampoo”. The “Andromeda” video reached No.13 on the Much Music Video Countdown. Both “Andromeda” and “Heavy” received heavy rotation on Canadian rock radio, particularly in Vancouver and Toronto. Among the band’s accomplishments was performing at Edgefest dates in Barrie and Ottawa, Ontario as well as opening for the Cardigans and Savage Garden as well as playing with INXS at Vancouver’s Coliseum, a month before Michael Hutchence’s death. The band went through some personality conflicts with bassist Brian Doss and Ted Koti returned to the line-up. Zuckerbaby’s sophomore effort, ‘Platinum Again’, for Mercury Records was recorded between October 1999 and January 2000 at the Factory Studios (formerly Little Mountain Sound) in Vancouver, British Columbia. The album was produced by John MacLean and Zuckerbaby and featured new bassist Ed Tiegs. Guest artists were ex-Age Of Electric’s Todd Kerns & Ryan Dahle keyboardist Dave Genn (Matthew Good Band). The first single/video from the CD was “Overexposure”.

Andromeda/Grease Flowers [FlexiDisc] (Mercury/Polygram)
1997 Heavy (Mercury/Polygram)
1998 Shampoo (Mercury/Polygram)
2000 Overexposure (Mercury/Universal) UMCR-41442
2000 Holiday (Mercury/Universal)

Zuckerbaby (Mercury/Polygram) 453457
2000 Platinum Again (Mercury/Universal) 542763

Compilation Tracks
“Jealousy” and “Andromeda” on ‘Oooh, I’m So Pretty’ (Gone Tomorrow)

A.C. Newman (vocals, guitars) / Michael Ledwidge (keyboards) / Maynard Smylie (bass;1992) / Stefan Niemann (bass; 1993) / Jason Zumpano (drums)
Zumpano was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1992. They were signed to Sub-Pop Records in 1994. Following two albums and the band’s demise, Newman joined The New Pornographers, and Jason Zumpano formed the band Sparrow in 2003 and then Attics and Cellars in 2007 before going solo.

Wraparound Shades/Orange Air (SubPop) SP-286
1996 The Only Reason Under the Sun/The Long and Winding Road (Murderecords)

Look What The Rookie Did (SubPop) SPCD-277
1996 Goin’ Through Changes (SubPop) SPCD-372

Compilation Tracks
“Changes” on ‘The World of the Zombies’ (Popllama)
1997 “The Moment Business” on ‘Twisted’ [7″] (Poster Girl) PG-001
1997 “Sylvia Hotel” on ‘Sub Pop Spring Lineup: A Compilation of Sub Pop’s Heavy Hitters’ (SubPop – US) SUB-PROCD 59
1997 “The Party Rages On” on ‘Poptopia! Power Pop Classics of the ’90s’ (Rhino) R2-72730
2012 “Silas Stingy” on ‘The New Sell Out’ [DigiFile] (Futureman) FTRM-01

Born: Burnaby, British Columbia

In the Company of Ghosts (Catbird) CSP-003
2007 The Living Room Recordings (Powertool) PT-066
2009 Roses $9.99 A Dozen (Catbird) CSP-006
2010 Room And Mansion (Catbird) CSP-010

Stew Hayes
(vocals) / Jaymz Leacock (bass) / Dre Noronha (lead vocals, drums, percussion) / Ajay Massey (guitars, backing vocals) / Anil Malhotra (words, dancing) / Lindsay McLay (tenor saxophone, vocals) / Maria Galioto (alto sax) / Chris Graham (trumpet, vocals) / Tim Gordon (trumpet; 1999)
From London, Ontario.

1999 Homemade Prozak
2000 What You Talkin’ About Willis?

ZWEIG, Michael
Singer-songwriter Michael Zweig spent his formative years playing around Southern Ontario in his fair share of Top40 bands as well as backing higher profile artists like Danny Brooks. His songwriting skills and determination landed him a deal with Ready Records. He released his debut EP, ‘Five Seven, Maybe Five Eight’, in 1984 under the name Michael Zee. The record spawned two singles but gained almost no attention at radio. Undaunted, Zweig would eventually form his own band called The Knockouts with Victor D’Arsie, Anton Evans and Terry Martell. After being signed to Justin Entertainment in the late 1980s they changed their name to Seventh Son and had a modicum of success with their self-titled debut. Zweig opened his own production studio called Candyland in the early 1990s and released another solo album in 1995 with that title. As the decade wore on he joined Classic Rock act The Carpet Frogs playing hundreds of shows on their own and as backing band for Burton Cummings and occasionally Randy Bachman including their appearance at Live 8 in Toronto. He produced, co-wrote and performed on The Carpet Frogs second studio album, ‘Pretending to Fly’, in 2006. In recent years he decided to forego touring to be with his family in Toronto and focus on his production work. He is also a coach for the ‘Legion of Rock’ team-building company; The Knockouts reunited under their original name and have been performing around Southern Ontario in recent years. He is also in cover band Kings of the Midway featuring The Carpet Frogs Jeff Jones. Zweig writes music for TV and radio advertising including jingles for the Home Hardware chain. He also co-wrote “The Place’ll Be Rocking ‘Cause It’s Saturday Night” for CBC’s ‘Hockey Night In Canada’. [also see CARPET FROGS, SEVENTH SON]

I’ve Got News For You/I’ll Hold On (Ready) SR-471
I’m No Loser/Blueprints for Love (Ready) SR-472

Candyland (Long Island) LIR-00098

Five Seven, Maybe Five Eight(Ready) ER-047

Compilation Tracks
1989 “Going Downtown” on ‘Q107 Homegrown Album Volume 11 (MCA) MCA-37331

ZWOL, Walter
Born: Walter Zwolinski
Walter Zwol is a former member of Brandy in the late 1960s and Brutus (1969 – 1976) and became the first Canadian artist signed directly to a US label in 1977 through EMI-America. In 1981 he formed a new band called Walter Zwol & The Rage featuring drummer Paul Armstrong (ex-Extras), keyboardist Grant Slater, guitarist Bernie LaBarge and bassist Dennis Pinhorn. He would later work for Attic Records in Toronto in the A & R department. Zwol has been a staple of the Toronto nightclub circuit for nearly 20 years with his band Naked Brunch. with notes from Walter and Naomi Zwolinski. [also see BRUTUS]

New York City/A Little Bit Crazy (EMI-America) 8005
Call Out My Name/It’s So Real (EMI-America) 8009
1978 Southern Part Of France/Every Man For Himself (EMI-America – Netherlands) 5C 006-85797
1979 Shaka Shaka/It’s A Wonder (EMI-America) 8021
1979 Cheerleader/Street Fightin’ Man (EMI-America) 72820
1979 Try It You’ll Like It/It’s A Wonder (EMI-America – Germany) 1C 006-86-021

1981 Darlin’ I’ll Be True/Her Love (A & M) AM-529
1981 Hey, What’s Your Name/Thrillz (A & M) AM-538
Brand New Car/Rock ‘N’ Roll School (A & M) AM-547

Zwol (EMI-America – US) SW-17005
Effective Immediately (EMI-America) SW-17014

1981 Thrillz (A & M) SP-9057

Compilation Tracks
“Call Out My Name” on ‘Beautiful Music’ (Arc/Precision/Ahed) TVLP-80001
1993 “Lorraine” on ‘Unsigned, Sealed & Delivered, Volume 5’ (Bullseye) BLP-CD-4007
1995 “Lorraine” on ‘When the Bullet Hits the Bone [Soundtrack]’

Blizz Neurolick (vocals, lead guitar) / Jeff  St. Louis (drums)
Montreal, Québec’s Zyklon B, named after a hydrogen cyanide based pesticide used by the Nazis in gas chambers at deathcamps, have often been misnamed “Buzz Neurolick” due to the poor graphic design of the band’s only output – a 7” single on their own Blizz Neurolick label entitled “Independence & Anarchy. Neurolick would go on to join Welcome Home; St. Louis went on to be in Dead Brain Cells.

1983 Independence and Anarchy/No Escape (Blizz Neurolick) BN-4501

Helene Boulduc (vocals) / Real Pelletier (vocals) / Peter Fraser (organ) / Blaine Murphy (lead guitar) / Donald Hann (bass) / Andy Davis (drums) / Dave Miller (trumpet) / Harold Tsistinas (trombone) / George Wilson (trumpet) / Steve Annan (drums; replaced Davis) / Dave Skinner (guitar; replaced Murphy)
Founded by David Ronald Miller (from Newcastle, New Brunswick) in the early ’70’s in the port town of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the band had a unique brush with fame with the single ‘Darlin’ from their 1973 post-psychedelic album ‘Rainbows, Dreams And Fantasies’ which, like the album itself, was released in both English and French.  The title would later be used by author Vernon Joynson as the title of a book on Canadian psychedelic music. Donald Hann would later become a founding member of the Minglewood Band with Matt Minglewood.  with notes from Rhonda Miller.

1973 Ma Promesse/Souvenirs (Columbia) C4-4011
1973 Darlin’/Back In Yesterday (Columbia) C4-4012

1973 Rainbows, Dreams and Fantasies (Columbia) ES-90235
1973 La difference (Columbia) FS-90244

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