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Born: Zalman Yanovsky on December 19, 1944 in Toronto, Ontario
Died: December 13, 2002 in Kingston, Ontario
Zal Yanovsky, of Russian-Jewish descent, found his first taste of success in the US as a member of The Mugwumps in 1964 with guitarist James Hendricks and future Mamas & Papas members Cass Elliot and fellow Canadian Denny Doherty. The band recorded material for Sidewalk Records (who released the material in 1966) which landed them a deal with Warner Brothers. The group recorded a handful of tracks and managed to squeeze out two singles before splitting up; Warners would release a third single and a compilation album in 1967 following the meteoric success of the Mamas & Papas and Yanovsky’s next band. Yanovsky would join forces with singer-songwriter folk artist Sebastian in New York City in 1964. They began playing the Greenwich Village coffee houses before forming a proper band in 1965 with Joe Butler (drums) and Steve Boone (bass) called The Lovin’ Spoonful (named after a Mississippi John Hurt song). The group demoed four songs for Elektra Records in early 1965, but the band ended up signing with Kama Sutra Records by the spring. They began recording for the label with producer Erik Jacobsen. Their first single, “Do You Believe In Magic”, was released in July 1965 and peaked at No.9 on the Billboard singles chart that year and No.3 on the CHUM Chart in Canada. The follow-up single, “You Didn’t Have To Be So Nice”, also went Top10 in early 1966 in the US and No.13 in Canada. The band was on a streak and they topped the charts with “Daydream” (No.2 in the US), “Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind” (No.2 in the Us), “Jug Band Music” (No. 3 in Canada) and their lone No.1 hit in North America “Summer in the City” by August 1966. The Lovin’ Spoonful would rack up seven Top 10 hits in the United States and seven Top10 hits in Canada (not necessarily with the same songs) between September 1965 and November 1968. The band recorded five albums plus two movie soundtracks for Woody Allen’s ‘What’s Up, Tiger Lily?’ and Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘You’re a Big Boy Now’. In 1966, Yanovsky was faced with deportation after he was arrested with bassist Steve Boone for possession of marijuana while in San. They handed the name of their drug dealer over to police who was arrested instead – but it hurt their reputation with fans who considered the group hip. As the band’s fame, fortunes and lifestyles brought stresses to the band, Yanovsky was voted out of the band in 1967 amid internal conflicts, but remained friends with the band members. He soon embarked on a solo career and released the album ‘Alive and Well in Argentina’ on Buddah Records in 1968. The Lovin’ Spoonful itself imploded that year after one more album. The original members would reunite in 1980 for a cameo in the Paul Simon music film ‘One-Trick Pony’. They would do so again when The Lovin’ Spoonful was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. Back in Canada, Yanovsky did some television work before going into the restaurant business and opening the acclaimed Chez Piggy eatery in Kingston, Ontario. Yanovsky died in December 2002 only six days before his 58th birthday.

As Long As You’re Here/Ereh Er’uoy Sa Gnol Sa (Buddah) 12

Bald Headed Lena/On the Road Again (Kama Sutra) KA-200
1965 Do You Believe in Magic/On the Road Again (Kama Sutra) KA-201
1965 You Didn’t Have to Be So Nice/My Gal (Kama Sutra) KA-205
1966 Daydream/Night Owl Blues (Kama Sutra) KA-208
1966 Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?/Didn’t Want to Have to Do It (Kama Sutra) KA-209
1966 Jugband Music [4 song EP] (Kama Sutra) KEP-301
1966 Summer in the City/Butchie’s Tune (Kama Sutra) KA-211
1966 Rain on the Roof/Pow (Kama Sutra) KA-216
1966 Nashville Cats/Full Measure (Kama Sutra) KA-219
1967 Darling Be Home Soon/Darlin’ Companion (Kama Sutra) KA-220
1967 Six O’Clock/You’re a Big Boy Now (Kama Sutra) KA-225
1967 You’re a Big Boy Now/Lonely (Amy’s Theme) (Kama Sutra)
1967 Day Blues [4 song EP] (Kama Sutra) KEP-303
1967 She Is Still a Mystery/Only Pretty, What a Pity (Kama Sutra) KA-239
1967 Money/Close Your Eyes (Kama Sutra) KA-241
1967 Something In the Night [4 song EP] (Kama Sutra) KEP-306

Searchin’/So Fine (Warner Bros.) WB-5086
1964 I Don’t Wanna Know/I’ll Remember Tonight (Warner Bros.) WB-5471
Jug Band Music/Bald Headed Woman (Sidewalk) 900
1966 My Gal/Season of the Witch (Sidewalk) 909
1967 Here It Is Another Day/Searchin’ (Warner Bros.) WB-7018

Alive and Well In Argentina (Buddah) BDS-5019

Do You Believe in Magic (Kama Sutra) KLP-8050
1966 Daydream (Kama Sutra) KLP-8051
1966 What’s Up, Tiger Lily? (Kama Sutra) KLP-8053
1966 Hums of the Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra) KLP-8054
1967 The Best of The Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra) KLP-8056
1967 You’re a Big Boy Now (Kama Sutra) KLP-8058
1968 The Best of The Lovin’ Spoonful, Volume Two (Kama Sutra) KLP-8064
1970 The Very Best of the Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra) KSBS-2013
1971 Once Upon a Time (Kama Sutra – UK) 2316-002
1974 This is The Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra – GER) 201.713
1976 The Best of the Lovin’ Spoonful [2LP] (Kama Sutra) KSBS-2-2608
1977 The Best of The Lovin’ Spoonful (Buddah) BDS-5706
1979 The Great Years (Buddah) 509022
1981 Greatest Hits (Quality) SV-2077
1984 Hits of the Lovin’ Spoonful Vol. 1 (Memory Lane) MLM-1033
1984 Best of The Lovin’ Spoonful – Volume 2 (Rhino) RNLP-114
1985 Greatest Hits (Buddah) 252-274
1990 Anthology (Rhino) R2-70944
1991 The Lovin’ Spoonful Kama Sutra Box (Teichiku – JAPAN) TECP-98904
1992 The Best of the Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra/Buddah) BDK2-2608
1998 The Very Best of The Lovin’ Spoonful (Camden/BMG) 215584
1998 What’s Up, Tiger Lily?/You’re a Big Boy Now (Razor & Tie) RE-2167
2011 Original Album Classics (Sony) 190136

The Mugwumps (Warner Bros.) WS-1697
1967 An Historic Recording (Valiant) VS-134

Larry Yates (bass, guitar, vocals) / Bill Yates (guitar) / John Leiher (keyboards) / Blaine Cossaboom (drums) / Jim Chevalier (guitar)
Larry and Bill Yates got their musical start singing blue grass music in Sudbury with their dad Sid who was a blue grass pioneer in Ontario. They both began playing guitar in 1964, and in 1968 left for Montreal to form the group “Mum” with Sudbury drummer pal Don Gaudry. They eventually were joined by Montreal vocalist Heather Woodburn (see Tapestry). Heather left in 1969 and was replaced by a Sudbury pal, guitarist/vocalist Marcel Trudeau. The group name was changed to “Brothers and Others”. After a trip to Memphis to record some demos, and opening for a Montreal appearance of Andy Kim and “Gary Puckett and the Union Gap”, they disbanded in the summer of 1969. Yates was formed in the late 1970 when the Yates brothers signed to do a single with Capitol Records in New York City. They called some Toronto friends, Leiher and Cossaboom, to come to New York to do the single recording session with them. Their single, “I’m Only Country”, was a country song written by Larry and side B was a pop rock tune co-written with brother Bill. It was released in Canada and the U.S. in the fall of 1970 to good reviews, but overall success did not follow. They rehearsed in the Catskill Mountains, did a couple of gigs in the New York area before returning to play in southern Ontario. They briefly took on the name Police (the British band of that name was unknown at that time) before disbanding in the summer of 1971; Leiher retired in Orillia and Cossaboom returned to his home town of Sarnia where he formed “Big Sky Music Publishing” and continues with his musical efforts; After Yates, Bill Yates was forced to retire after being diagnosed with schizophrenia; Larry Yates studied electrical technology at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute for a couple of years before getting day work and playing bass with a Toronto gospel group The Tymes which evolved into a gospel trio Expressions Of Joy. Larry supplied bass and vocals; Alan Davey supplied acoustic guitar and vocals; Donna (Lee) Jovkovic supplied vocals and flute. The trio released several cassettes of original gospel songs locally, and played church banquets and youth coffee houses. In 1979 Larry registered his own company Start Records and recorded a pop/country/folk LP of original songs entitled ‘At the Gate’. It included a new recording of “I’m Only Country” and was recorded with the help of his brother Bill, father Sid and assorted friends. This LP was available at limited Toronto record outlets and one of the songs, “Lady Orange In the Evening” received some local airplay. Larry returned to music full time in 1980, writing songs and performing at cafes and bars across Ontario before retiring in 1987. As of 1998 he is a Hearing Instrument Specialist, testing hearing, selling and servicing hearing aids, and playing in a gospel band at church. with notes from Larry Yates.

1970 I’m Only Country/Shoe Leather Alley (Capitol)  2970

Born in Oshawa Ontario, but raised in Downsview, Ontario, Lori Yates was influenced by Dolly Parton, Pink Floyd, Tanya Tucker and Suzi Quatro. She began singing and writing professionally at the age of 19 in the Punk/New Wave band The Last Resorts. They played legendary Toronto clubs such as The Turning Point and Larry’s Hideaway and a career highlight for the band was opening for Teenage Head. Yates then formed Rang Tango who are recognized as pioneers of alternative country/cowpunk music especially in Canada. Scooped up by Sony Nashville as a solo artist, her debut album and single ‘Can’t Stop the Girl’ was released worldwide in 1989 and managed to find a place on the Billboard charts. She toured with Dwight Yoakum, Steve Earle, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Big Sugar. One of her first introductions to Nashville was a 2 A.M. demo session at Cowboy Jack Clements’s studio which was produced by Bob Johnston (Bob Dylan’s ‘Nashville Skyline’, Johnny Cash’s ‘Live at San Quentin’). Marty Stuart played mandolin and Roy Husky Jr. played stand-up bass. Yates also recorded a duet in Los Angeles with Gregg Allman (Allman Bros.) for a Patrick Swayze movie ‘Next of Kin” which was produced by David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman). In 1993, she signed to Virgin Music Canada and released ‘Breaking Point’ which was a collection of roots, rock and soul. The album was produced by Colin Linden and featured contributions from Rick Danko (The Band) and Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo) on vocals. Following the album’s release she toured with Blue Rodeo, Jann Arden, Colin James and Faith Hill. Her efforts were rewarded with a nominated for a JUNO Award and a CCMA award. In 1996, Yates released her second Virgin Music CD ‘Untogether’ which was a complete artistic departure when she teamed up with trip-hop trio Opium Concepts to create more ethereal soundscapes. She also did work on the TV show ‘Forever Knight’ co-writing songs with Fred Mollin and Stan Meissner for two soundtracks in 1996 and 1999. Returning to her roots, she formed the cowpunk band Hey Stella! in 1998. The release of their debut CD, garnered them the designation of No.1 band in Toronto’s NOW magazine annual readers poll. The band also featured veteran players Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo), David Baxter (Sherry Kean), and Michelle Josef. Hey Stella! continued to be active on the club and festival circuit. In 2001, Yates and her family moved to Hamilton, Ontario where she took up residency at the Corktown nightclub playing solo acoustic. This inspired a prolific period of songwriting that informed her next solo release ‘The Book of Minerva’ in 2007. Yates won Hamilton Music Awards in 2007 for ‘Songwriter of the Year’ and ‘Alternative Country Recording of the Year’. She is currently playing with Brian Griffith (Daniel Lanois) and Pete Sisk (Good Brothers) and is a member of the band The Nashville Rejects. She runs a songwriting workshop, is writing a novel and occasionally performs a stand-up comedy routine. with notes from Lori Yates. [also see RANG TANGO]

1988 Scene of the Crime/Cowboy (Columbia) 38-08055
Promises Promises/[same] (Columbia) 7CDN-78
1989 Lonesome Desire/[same] (Columbia) 7CDN-88
1989 Promises, Promise/Heart in a Suitcase (Columbia) 38-68596
1989 Can’t Stop the Girl (Columbia)
1997 Frequency/Lost Highway [12”] (Virgin) SPRO-1711


1989 Can’t Stop the Girl (Columbia) FC-44278
1994 Breaking Point (Virgin/EMI) 839532
1997 Untogether (Virgin/EMI) V2-44606
2006 The Book of Minerva

2001 Hey Stella! (independent)

Compilation Tracks

1989 “Brother to Brother” on ‘Next of Kin [Motion Picture Soundtrack]’ (Columbia) CK-45331

Gord (bass, vocals) / Jamie (guitar, vocals) / Chris (guitar, vocals) / Phil (drums, vocals)
Formed in 1993, Yellow Plastic Bucket is a four piece based out of Oakville, Ontario. Their first release, “Just Got Back/I Tried” harvested enthusiastic critical response from a number of influential publications. A live performance in New York City attracted the interest of hit producer Mark Kramer (who produced Urge Overkill’s “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon”). Yellow Plastic Bucket’s second release, “Young Again/Empire Maple”, was recorded with Kramer at Noise New Jersey and garnered a significant amount of College radio airplay in North America. It was included in syndicated radio programs broadcast in Europe, Australia and Japan. The record is now in its tenth pressing.

Just Got Back/I Tried (Masterstaff)
1994 Young Again/Empire Maple

Danny Squire
(vocals) / Frank Bozz (keyboard / Rocco Ferrari (trombone) / Wayne King (bass) / Kyle Pacey (lead guitar) / Joey DiMarco (drums) / Bruce Gordon (trumpet) / George Barbini (trumpet) / John David Redmond (keys; replaced Bozz) / Roger Plomish (guitar; replaced Pacey) / Alex MacDougall
Signed to John Driscoll’s Ampex imprint, the band’s first single “Goin’ To the Country” reached #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1971; Roger Plomish died April 7, 2018. With notes from Frank Bozz.

Goin’ To the Country/Grape Farm (Ampex) AC-1301
1971 The Rain Came Down/We Got Time  (Ampex) AC-1302
1971 Happy Song/Don’t Push A Man (Ampex) AC-1308
1971 Buffalo/Goin’ Down (Ampex) AC-1312

Business (Ampex) A-10151

Harry Youngs
(vocals) / Pete Bebee (guitar) / Mike Bishop (bass) / Roger Matte (keyboards) / John Wargo (drums) / Chuck Bergeron (bass; replaced Bishop) / Brian Caine (keyboards; replaced Matte)
Originally known as The Noblemen, this five-piece was based in Cornwall, Ontario and owned their own night club called ‘Club 23’. After flirting with radio play for “Child of My Sleeping Mind” in May 1969, the band went through a series of name changes while still signed to RCA Records: Harry Youngs & The Noblemen, The Noblemen featuring Harry Youngs, and their final incarnation, Young And Company. 1969’s Young And Company single “Come Out Come Out” was arranged by Ben McPeek and produced by Jack Richardson; Harry Youngs died in Merrickville, Ontario on May 28, 2005; After years of not performing and running his own business, Bebee began playing again and reformed his late 1950’s high school band the Monarchs with Doug Gravelle (ex-Bells) and Larry Lawson. The current act includes Gary Tisdale, Wayne Sweet (ex-Marshmallow Soup Group), and Don Candon.

1969 Come Out Come Out/Georgia On My Mind (RCA) 74-0284
1970 Angela/Hold On To Your Life (RCA) 75-1030

Child of My Sleeping Mind/Up To No Good (RCA) 75-1003

From Winnipeg, Manitoba. Started out in Vaudeville with his brother and sister as The Young Trio.

All Time Xmas Favorites [6-song 7″] (Top Hit) X-1
1963 Still Your Dear Old Daddy/Rough and Tough Cowboy (Downs/Metrodisc) D45-001
1965 Putting On the Style/Autumn Leaves (Eagle) ER-107
1965 Can’t Have You Blues/Real Good Friends (Eagle) ER-115
1977 Girl From Saskatoon/Manitoba In the Fall (Eagle) ER-130
1977 Autumn Leaves/Convict and a Rose (Eagle) ER-131

I Still Miss Someone/Little Tot (Eagle) ER-104

Autumn Leaves (Eagle) ER-1006

I’m Still Your Dear Old Daddy, I’m Still Your Little Girl (Downs/Metrodisc) DLP-001

Compilation Tracks
“Little Tot” and “Autumn Leaves” on ‘The Best Of Eagle Records’ (Super Oldies) SOCD-8


This Land Is Our Land/Canadian Lad (Giant) 901
1967 Canada: A Centennial Song/Canada (Quality) CE-1967


Joker/Get Together (Capitol) 72316
1966 Making My Mind Up/Satisfied Mind (Capitol) 72380


Chris Genest (bass, vocals) / Steven Kuzell (drums) / Mike McCurdy (guitar, vocals)
The Young Lions where a proto-punk three piece from Toronto formed in 1982 who achieved plenty of acclaim during their reign on the Queen Street Circuit in the early 1980’s. They released a four-song EP entitled ‘Freedom? What Freedom’ in 1982. They self-destructed in 1984. A retrospective album was released in 1986 of tunes recorded from 1983-85 entitled ‘Welcome To the Freakshow’; The A side was recorded before the band broke up while the B side was recorded after their reunion. The package was re-issued on Schizophrenic Records with a bonus 7” single in 2009 under the title ‘1982-1984 From the Vaults’. McCurdy would later form Was Ist Los? with ex-members of Swindled and Blibber And The Rat Crushers. with notes from Steven Kuzell.

1982 Freedom? What Freedom? [4-song EP] (Ghetto Blaster) NRK-101
1986 Welcome To The Freak Show (Yodel Gems)
2009 1982-1984 From the Vaults (Schizophrenic) SCHIZ #41

Compilation Tracks
“Pray For Julie” on ‘Smash Yor Face’ [cassette]
1983 “Pray For Julie” and “Folsom Prison Hardcore” on ‘Smash ’83’ [cassette]
1983 “Shithole”, “Process”, “Lizard For a Day”, and “Defy the State” on ‘T.O. Hardcore ’83’ (NRK) NRK-002
1984 “In a Field” on ‘Something To Believe In’ (Fringe Product) FPL-3015

Larry Guthrie / Darrell Kitllitz / Sidney Franchuk / Rod Kuffler / Nicky Petruk
The Young Ones were from Edmonton, Alberta. Kitllitz, Franchuk, and Kuffler would go on to form Sweet Salt.

Compilation Tracks
“I’ve Been Lonely Too” and “You Hear Me Call Your Name” on ‘Direct…From The…Rainbow Ballroom’ (Pace) RS-101

Robin Cook (vocals, guitar) / Darren ‘Dirt’ Churchill (bass) / Ian Roe (guitar) / Alex MacFarlane (drums)
As Crisis, this Newfoundland quartet spent years gigging around ‘The Rock’ and getting nowhere fast. When their former light and soundman phoned to tell the band that the Vancouver scene was where they should be they went to see a psychiatrist, figuring that life on the road could be made or broken by their ability to get along. At the time they were a five piece and relocated to Vancouver in 1988 where the crammed into a recording/rehearsal spot which acted as a communal home. Cook, Roe and Churchill took odd jobs to make ends meet but the keyboardist and drummer returned to St. John’s. Former drummer Alex MacFarlane was studying jazz in Toronto when he got the call to join the act – which he did. The band got their break after a lousy gig that paid $51.00 in gate receipts where the lighting man turned them onto manager Cliff Jones (Payolas, BLVD, Idle Eyes). With their demo in hand he was able to line them up a gig opening for Juno winner Sue Medley. While in Toronto opening for Bob Dylan, Medley spoke to Corky Laing and Bob Ansell at Polygram to check out The Young Saints. Polygram scooped them up after an impromptu audition in the band’s shed and in the early weeks of 1991 the band entered the studio with Corky Laing the same day the Gulf War broke out. The depressing news entering the studio led to the writing of the band’s “My God Is Bigger Than Your God” from their self-titled debut. Guest appearances featured Randy Bachman and Sue Medley. The album spawned three singles – “Weight off the World” which peaked at No.6 on Canadian AOR charts; “Live For Today” (with Randy Bachman) which went Top 20 on AOR charts; and “New Solution” which cracked the Canadian Top40. All three singles featured Roy Pike (Bootsauce, Chalk Circle, Sue Medley) produced videos. A tour across Canada with the likes of Glass Tiger, Tragically Hip, and BTO involved driving by van – sometimes non-stop from Nanaimo, British Columbia to St.John’s, Newfoundland in 72 hours straight. Despite the miles of road weariness and two JUNO Award nominations (‘Best New Group’ and ‘Best Artwork/Design’ for Robert Lebouef) the band never made a second album. With notes from Darren Churchill.

Weight of the World (Polygram)
1991 Live For Today (Polygram)
1991 New Solution (Polygram) PCD-129

The Young Saints (Polygram) 849418

Mel Dalgleish
(guitar) / Bill Laurie (bass) / Randy Mathers (drums) / Jim McWilliams (lead vocals) / Art Panchishin (guitar) / Mike Maynard (keyboards)
The Young Society was formed in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They maintained a busy schedule of dances, clubs (Adam’s Rib Cabaret), coffee houses (like The White House), community events and “Battles of the Bands”. They also appeared on Victoria, British Columbia’s ‘Club Six’ Teen TV dance show. They went into Mushroom Studios in Vancouver that year and recorded “Games” and “Flyin’ Away” which were released as a single in 1968 on Arrex Records; McWilliams has since passed away; Panchishin and Mathers were working on a new blues project in 2010. with notes from Randy Mathers.

Games/Flyin’ Away (Arrex) RX-685

YOUNG, Astrid
Born: August 16, 1962 in Picton, Ontario
Astrid Young is the half-sister of Neil Young (they share the same father). After Neil bought Astrid her first guitar in the 1970s she was intent on learning how to play. By the early 1980s she was testing the waters in many projects starting with an appearance playing bass and singing on Ohm And The Secret Source’s EP ‘Exit From a Dream’. She then fronted the band Banana Hammock and recorded a self-titled album in 1986 on Target Records. Next, she was the lead vocalist in Los Angeles Glam band Sacred Child who released one album on Target Records in 1987. By the 1990s she began singing with Neil Young on his albums ‘Unplugged’, ‘Road Rock Vol. 1’ and the Grammy Award nominated ‘Harvest Moon’. In 1995 she released her first solo album, ‘Brainflower’. In 2002, she was playing bass and singing lead vocals in the short-lived rock band iST with David Kiner (guitar) an Dan Cornelius (drums) who released the album ‘Pokalolo Paniolo’ in May 2002. Material that didn’t fit on the iST album were spun off as Young’s second solo album entitled ‘Matinee’ also in May 2002. Young has also co-written and performed on record by Dramarama, Nancy Wilson, Ben Keith, Scott Joss, The Scrubbers, Ad Vanderveen, and Rebecca Trujillo among others. [also see OHM AND THE SECRET SOURCES]

2002 Matinee (InBetween) IRCD-015

Banana Hammock (Target)

Sacred Child (Target) TE-1351

with iST
Pokalolo Paniolo (War of the Gargantuas/Inbetween) IRCD-016

Compilation Tracks
“Modern Love” on ‘Spiders From Venus: Indie Women Artists and Female-Fronted Bands Cover David Bowie’ (Skipping)
2007 “Sleeps With Angels” on ‘Borrowed Tunes II: A Tribute to Neil Young’ (Universal)

“Bad As You Want It” on ‘Metal Without Mercy’ (Black Dragon/CBS – FRANCE) BD-052

YOUNG, Cathy
Born: 1951
Cathy Young is a Canadian folk singer/guitarist who got her start as a performer in Yorkville coffee house during the Summer of Love. She was signed to US label Mainstream Records (home of Toronto’s Nucleus) in 1969. Her debut album, ‘A Spoonful of Cathy Young’ was chosen by Billboard Magazine as it’s ‘Pick of the Week’ in 1969. In 1973 she released a self-titled sophomore album on GRT Records featuring the single “Set Me Free”. Young received a JUNO Award for ‘Most Promising Female Vocalist 1973’ in March 1974. She was also nominated for a JUNO Award for ‘Best Female Artist 1974’ in March 1975. Young toured consistently from 1979 to 1994 and has diversified her skills into theatre & television work including roles in the Canadian touring version of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ (as Mary Magdalene) and vocal work on the TV show ‘Rita MacNeil & Friends’. She has also been a featured performer on Regent’s Holiday Cruises, at the Sheraton in Hong Kong and the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok. with notes from Cathy Young.

1973 Set Me Free/I Really Needed Me (GRT) 1230-75

1969 A Spoonful Of Cathy Young (Mainstream – USA) S-6121
1973 Travel Stained (GRT) 9230-1035

YOUNG, Karen
Born: Karen Elizabeth Young June 19, 1951 in Montréal, Quebéc
A break-out folk singer at the age of 19 in Québec, Young was signed by Warner Bros. Canada by A & R manager John Pozer while still attending Sir George Williams University. He lone single for the label was “Garden of Ursh” The song hit No.1 on RPM’S MOR Playlist in May, 1971 and No.35 on the RPM 100 Singles Chart. Trying to make her way through the business after this, Young joined the group Bug Alley for one album in 1980. She decided to try her hand solo again in 1981 and released a self-titled debut on Radio Canada International. A deal with Justin Time Records performing jazz found her recording several albums with Michael Donato. By the 1990s she’d created her own label, Les Disques Ursh, and has been releasing albums steadily on the label for the last 25 years.

Garden of Ursh/Love Song (Reprise/Warner Bros.) CR-4000
1992 Lucky Lucky/Alone (Les Disques Ursh/Select) URCD-19920DJ

Billion Dollar Loan Shark/Anna Maria (Bold Reprive – UK) 7-BRM-030

Karen Young (Radio Canada International) RCI-528
1992 Karen Young (Les Disques Ursh/Select) URCD-1992
1994 Good News On the Crumbling Walls (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-1993
1997 Nice Work If You Can Get It (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-1995
2000 Canticum Canticorum (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-2000
2003 La Couleur Du Vent (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-2005
2007 Âme, Corps Et Desir [2CD] (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-2-2006

Karen Young \ Michael Donato (Justin Time) JTR-8403
1988 Contradanse (Justin Time) JTR-8410
1990 En Vol III (Justin Time) JTC-8418
1996 Second Time Around (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-1994

Electro-beatniks (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-2007

Miss Campanula (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-2015

Dreamers (Les Disques Ursh) URCD-2017

Bug Alley (PM) PMR-019

YOUNG, John Paul
Born: John Paul Young on July 16, 1956
John Paul Young began his music career in 1977 as the frontman for The Cardboard Brains who helped define the Toronto Queen Street circuit with their tireless work ethic playing clubs like The Edge and The Horseshoe Tavern. The band released a 7″ four song EP called, simply, ‘The White EP’ in 1977 as they performed alongside such notorious acts as The Viletones, Teenage Head and The Ugly among other notables. With several line-up changes the band continued developing its unique cross of King Crimson-inspired art-punk which led to the release of a 12″ 1979’s four song follow-up called ‘The Black EP’ — which contained the 7″ single as a free bonus. That same year the band would achieve its biggest claim to fame when they were immortalized on film and record for their performance as part of the ‘The Last Pogo’ movie and soundtrack recording. But, by the following year, John Paul Young yearned for a more stable and reliable format to produce his music and went solo at which time he performed all his own instrumentation in a new set of recordings in 1980 entitled ‘The Life of Ermie Scub’ which won a CASBY Award. The band reunited for The Edge’s brief resurrection and anniversary celebration April 26, 1981. Recordings from this performance were released as a live album in 1982 before the band split up for good. John Paul Young is a successful actor in many Canadian television productions such as ‘Earth: Final Conflict’ and movies such as ‘Sanctuary’ & ‘Sabotage’, as well as contributing to movie soundtracks such as ‘The Gate’ and ‘Metal Messiah’. He has since resurrected the Cardboard Brains on several occasions for club dates in Toronto, initially to coincide with the John Paul Young And Cardboard Brains ‘best of’ compilation CD, and then in 2000 as a prelude to a possible new Cardboard Brains recording project.The album never materialized and Young would spend time acting in Europe before returning to Canada to care for an ailing parent. with notes from JPY. [also see CARDBOARD BRAINS]

1980 Our Time Escapes/Fire; Incensed As In Rage (Canadian Music Development Corporation) C-325

1980 The Life of Ermie Scub (CMDC)

1998 John Paul Young and Cardboard Brains (MEG Entertainment)

Compilation Tracks
“Jungles” and “Babies Run My World” on ‘The Last Pogo’ (Bomb) BOMB-7029

Born: Neil Percival Young on November 12, 1945, Toronto, Ontario
Neil Young was born in Toronto to well-known Canadian sports writer Scott Young but moved to Winnipeg with his mother when his parents divorced. Like most teenagers in the 1950’s, Young was very influenced by the music coming out of the US and decided to pick up a guitar. Between late 1960 and 1966 he was a member of such bands as the Jades, the Esquires, the Stardusters, the Classics, several different versions of the Squires, the High Flying Birds, several versions of 4 To Go, and the Mynah Birds. In 1963 he recorded two songs with the Squires, “The Sultan” and “Aurora”, which was released as a single locally in 1963 on V Records. The Squires played coffee houses in the Winnipeg area, and one of those gigs was opening for The Company, which featured two people with whom Young would later form pivotal relationships – Stephen Stills and Richie Furay. Young moved to back to Toronto after the Squires split up in 1965, and formed a band with bassist Bruce Palmer, the Mynah Birds. The Mynahs played around the Yorkville area of Toronto for awhile, during which time they also recorded some material, but quickly realized that if they wanted to move ahead musically it would be best if they joined the burgeoning Los Angeles scene, so they moved to L.A. in late 1965. Driving around sightseeing they ran into Stills and Furay again, and the four of them decided to form a band. They called it Buffalo Springfield, and it featured Young (vocals, piano, lead guitar), Stills (vocals, 2nd lead guitar), Furay (vocals, rhythm guitar), Palmer (bass), and Dewey Martin (vocals, drums). They toured the area for awhile, then went into the studio in the fall of 1966 to record the first album. Between that time and May 1968, they recorded two more albums, and did three more tours (these being cross-country) during which time Palmer was arrested on drug charges and deported to Canada. Jim Messina, who went on to be part of the Loggins and Messina duo, was brought in to fill his spot. Messina produced the third and last Buffalo Springfield album, and the band split up in 1968. In late 1968 Young recorded his first solo album. The self-titled album for Reprise Records was released in November 1968; He has also pursued music for films, including his own movie, ‘Journey Through the Past’ in 1972 (Warner Bros.), and doing arrangements of seven public domain songs for the soundtrack of ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’ (1980, on Backstreet/ MCA). After doing a solo tour of Canada in early 1969 to promote first solo album, he met a band called the Rockets that featured, among others, Danny Whitten (guitar), Billy Talbot (bass) and Ralph Molina (drums); he convinced these three to join him and together they formed Crazy Horse. They first recorded together in early 1969 and their first album, ‘Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere’, was released in May 1969; it contained the hit singles “Down By the River” and “Cinnamon Girl”. While they were recording the album they toured the east coast, and their first full tour was in 1970. Since the release of that first Crazy Horse album, they’ve released 12 more albums, touring sporadically to support them. Of these albums, some are considered some of Young’s finest works, including ‘Rust Never Sleeps’ and ‘Re-ac-tor’. With Crazy Horse, Young also scored a film, “Landlord”. Such is the status of this band that when they get back together to record and tour, it is a musical event of epic proportions. By 1969, Crosby Stills and Nash had achieved some national success with their first album, but felt they would like to augment their sound with a fourth vocalist. Stephen Stills brought in his old friend Young, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (CSNY) was born. This band situation was always meant to be an informal situation for the four singers, so that the individual members could always pursue other work and projects. Still, they toured as CSNY in mid-1969, and in the latter half of that year recorded their first album, ‘Déjà vu’, which was released in March 1970. Since then they have released four more albums, including the successful reunion album, American Dream, in 1988, which spawned the hit single of the title track. In 1970 Young had two solo songs (“Down By the River”, “The Loner”) and a CSNY song (“Helpless”) on the soundtrack for “Strawberry Statement” (MGM) and in 1976 Stills and Young also released an album under the moniker of the Stills/Young Band. Young’s career has been vast and prolific, with commercially and critically successful tours and albums solo, with Crazy Horse and CSNY. He had a solo hit single in 1970 with “Southern Man”, about his impression of life in the southern USA, which prompted Lynyrd Skynyrd to record and release a rebuttal, “Sweet Home, Alabama”; while most people thought that Young and Skynyrd were mortal enemies after this, Young in fact worked with wrote a number of songs for them after all was said and done. In 1971 he did some work on David Crosby’s first solo album, If Only I Could Remember My Name, which kicked off Young’s hobby of appearing on other people’s works, including releases from the Monkees, Emmylou Harris, Nils Lofgren, Warren Zevon, Robbie Robertson, Tracy Chapman, and Randy Bachman, amongst others. One song on the Crazy Horse album ‘Zuma’ (1975), “Cortez the Killer”, was banned in Spain because it offended General Franco’s regime. In 1983 he did an album of original and R&B classics with the Shocking Pinks (Ben “King” Keith – alto sax, lead guitar; Tim Drummond – upright bass; Karl Himmel – snare; Larry Byrom – piano, backing vocals; Anthony Crawford and Rick Palombi – backing vocals). In 1985 he came home to Toronto to participate in Canada’s contribution to Ethiopian famine relief, “Tears Are Not Enough” by Northern Lights (when told by producer David Foster that perhaps his one solo line was slightly off-key and asked to perhaps do it again, Young paused for a second and replied laconically, “That’s my style, man!”), which was eventually included on the American LP, ‘We Are The World’, by USA For Africa. In 1986 this first Neil Young compilation CD was released in Europe called ‘Greatest Hits’, but contained radio edits of his most popular songs causing Young to issue a removal order with his former label Reprise. The disc is now quite rare. In 1995 he released an album with Seattle stalwarts Pearl Jam, called Mirror Ball, but for contractual reasons, Pearl Jam was not allowed to be listed AS Pearl Jam, so the members were simply listed as backing musicians. In his entire career, Young has handled most of his own production duties, with his solo material as well as with his band projects. However, he has also worked with a dizzying array of producers, including Ahmet Ertegun, Jim Messina, Ry Cooder, David Crosby, Brian Wilson, Stephen Stills, and Danny Kortchmar, to name only a very few. The list of musicians he has recorded with is a veritable who’s who of the international music community, attesting to the level of respect the industry has for the Toronto native. His 1997 album ‘Year of the Horse’ was a live album from the tour Crazy Horse did following the release of their last studio effort ‘Broken Arrow’ (1996); Young has spent the intervening years releasing more straight-ahead solo releases – many with political leanings particularly related to the United States — and reunited Crazy Horse in 2003 to back him on his ‘Greendale’ album project. They have recorded half a dozen releases since; Young has also been supporter of the technology of music formats (flipping flopping on the pros and cons of digital downloading). He fully embraced Blu-Ray technology and has been using the archival format to release collections of previously unreleased outtakes, rarities and live recordings. with notes from Rick “Fred” Geiger and Greg Simpson.

1968 Sugar Mountain/The Loner (Reprise) R-0785
1969 Down By the River/The Losing End (When You’re On) (Reprise) R-0836
1969 Oh, Lonesome Me/I’ve Been Waiting For You (Reprise) R-0898
1970 Cinnamon Girl/Sugar Mountain (Reprise) R-0911
1970 Only Love Can Break Your Heart/Birds (Reprise) R-0958
1971 When You Dance I Can Really Love/Sugar Mountain (Reprise) R-0992
1971 Going To The Country/ (Ampex) 4000
1972 Heart of Gold/Sugar Mountain (Reprise ) R-1065
1972 Old Man/The Needle and the Damage Done (Reprise) R-1084
1972 War Song/The Needle And The Damage Done (Reprise) R-1099
1973 Time Fades Away/Last Trip To Tulsa (Live and Electric)  (Reprise) R-1184
1974 Walk On/For The Turnstiles (Reprise) R-1209
1975 Don’t Cry No Tears/Stupid Girl (Reprise – UK) K14431
1975 Drive Back/Stupid Girl (Reprise) RPS-1350
1976 Tonight’s the Night/New Mama (Reprise) RPS-1385
1977 Like a Hurricane/Hold Back the Tears (Reprise) RPS-1391
1977 Sugar Mountain/The Needle and the Damage Done (Reprise) RPS-1393
1977 Southern Man/Cowgirl in the Sand [12”] (Reprise) 1RS-1
1978 Comes a Time/Motorcycle Mama (Reprise) RPS-1395
1978 Four Strong Winds/Human Highway (Reprise) RPS-1396
1978 Lookin’ For a Love/Sugar Mountain (Reprise) RPS-1442
1979 Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)/My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue) (Reprise) RPS-49031
1980 The Loner (Live)/Cinnamon Girl (Live) (Reprise) RPS-49189
1980 Hawks & Doves/Union Man (Reprise) RPS-49555
1981 Stayin’ Power/Captain Kennedy (Reprise) RPS-49641
1981 South·ern Pac·i·fic/Mo·tor Cit·y (Reprise) RPS-49870
1982 Opera Star/Surfer Joe and Moe the Sleeze (Reprise) RPS-50014
1983 Little Thing Called Love/We R in Control (Geffen) GEFA-2781
1983 Computer Age/Sample and Hold (Geffen) GEFA-3230
1983 Mr. Soul/Mr. Soul (Part 2) (Geffen) 7-29707
1983 Wonderin’/Payola Blues [w/Shocking Pinks] (Geffen) GEFA-3581
1983 Cry, Cry, Cry/Payola Blues (Geffen) 7-29433
1985 Are There Anymore Real Cowboys? [w/Willie Nelson] (CBS) BA-3380
1985 Get Back To the Country/Misfits (Geffen) PRO-CD-2373
1986 Touch The Night (Geffen) PRO-2541
1986 People On The Streets (Geffen) PRO-2623
1986 Old Ways/Once An Angel (Geffen) 7-28753
1986 Weight of the World/Pressure  (Geffen) 7-28623
1987 Too Lonely (Geffen) PRO-2811
1987 When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (Geffen) 9-28277
1987 Long Walk Home/Cryin’ Eyes (Geffen) 9-28296
1987 Inca Queen (Geffen) PRO-2796
1987 Mid-East Vacation/Long Walk Home (Geffen) 7-28196
1989 No More (Reprise) PRO-CD-3864
1989 Rockin’ In The Free World (Reprise) 9-21388
1989 Someday (Reprise) 9-21464
1989 Crime In the City (Sixty To Zero) (Reprise) PRO-CD-3952
1990 Mansion On The Hill/Don’t Spook The Horse (Reprise) PRO-CD-4448
1990 Over and Over (Reprise) PRO-CD-4575
1990 Love To Burn (Reprise) PRO-CD-4669
1992 Harvest Moon (Reprise)
1993 All Along the Watchtower (Reprise)
1993 Unknown Legend (Reprise) PRO-769
1993 The Needle and the Damage Done/You and Me (Reprise) PRO-808
1993 Long May You Run (Live)/Sugar Mountain (Live) (Reprise)
1994 Philadelphia (Reprise)
1994 Piece of Crap (Reprise) PRO-CD-7105
1994 My Heart (Reprise)
1994 Prime of Life (Reprise) PRO-CD-7274
1994 Change Your Mind (Reprise)
1995 Sleeps With Angels (Reprise) PRO-CD-7460
1995 Peace and Love (Reprise) PRO-CD-7623
1995 Downtown (Reprise) PRO-CD-7646
1995 Throw Your Hatred Down (Reprise) PRO-CD-7961
1995 Truth be Known (Reprise) PRCD-34
1996 This Town (Reprise) PRO-CD-8465
1996 Big Time (Reprise)
2000 Razor Love (Reprise) PRO-CD-100152
2000 Good to See You (Reprise) PRO-CD-100225
2000 Fool for Your Love/All Along the Watchtower (Reprise) PRO-CD-100507
2001 Let’s Roll (Reprise) PRO-CD-100829
2002 Goin’ Home (Reprise) PRO-CD-100867
2002 Differently (Reprise) PRO-CD-100870
2003 Bandit/Be the Rain (Reprise) PR0-4257
2004 Rockin’ in the Free World (Fahrenheit 9/11 Mix) PRO-CDR-101385
2005 Far From Home (Reprise) PRO-CDR-101679
2005 He Was the King (Reprise)PRO-CDR-101753
2005 The Painter (Reprise)
2005 This Old Guitar (Reprise)
2006 Lookin’ for a Leader (Reprise) PRO-CDR-101803
2006 After the Garden (Reprise) PRO-CDR-101867
2007 Old Man (Reprise) PRO-CDR-101998
2009 Fork in the Road (Reprise)
2009 Johnny Magic (Reprise) PRO-CDR-517942
2009 Cinnamon Girl [Live From Fillmore East]
2010 Walk With Me (Reprise) PRO-CDR-526270
2011 Sign of Love (Reprise)

The Sultan/Aurora (V) V-109

The Mynah Bird Hop/The Mynah Bird Song (Columbia) C4-2660

Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing/Go and Say Goodbye (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6428
1966 Burned/Everybody’s Wrong (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6452
1966 For What It’s Worth/Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6459
1967 Mr. Soul/Bluebird (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6499
1967 Rock ‘n’ Roll Woman/A Child’s Claim to Fame (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6519
1967 Expecting to Fly/Everydays (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6545
1968 Special Care/Kind Woman (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6602
1968 On the Way Home/Four Days Gone (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6615
1968 Un-Mundo/Merry-Go-Round (Atco/Atlantic) 45-6572
1969 Pretty Girl Why/Questions (Atco/Atlantic

1977 Homegrown/Hey Babe (Reprise) RPS-1390

Ten Men Workin’/I’m Goin’  (Geffen) 7-27908
1988 This Note’s For You/This Note’s For You (Live) (Geffen) 7-27848

American Dream/Compass (Atlantic) 78-90037
1989 Got It Made/This Old House (Atlantic) 7-88966

1968 Neil Young (Reprise) RS-6317
1970 After the Gold Rush (Reprise) RS-6383
1972 Journey Through the Past [Original Soundtrack 2LP] (Reprise) RS-6480
1972 Harvest (Reprise) KMS-2277
1973 Time Fades Away (Reprise) MS-2151
1974 On The Beach (Reprise) MS-2180
1975 Tonight’s The Night (Reprise) MS-2221
1976 Decade [3 LP] (Reprise) 3RS-2257
1977 American Stars & Bars (Reprise) KMS-2261
1978 Comes a Time (Reprise) KMS-2266
1980 Hawks & Doves (Reprise) MS-2297
1982 Trans (Geffen) XGHS-2018
1985 Old Ways (Geffen) XGHS-24068
1985 Greatest Hits (Reprise) 9-25277
1986 Landing On Water (Geffen) XGHS-24109
1989 Freedom (Reprise) 9-25899
1992 Harvest Moon  (Reprise) W2-45057
1993 Lucky Thirteen (Geffen) GEFD-24452
1993 Unplugged  (Reprise) W2-45310
1996 Dead Man [Motion Picture Soundtrack] (Reprise) W2-46178
2000 Silver & Gold  (Vapor/Reprise) 9-47305
2000 Road Rock, Vol. 1: Friends & Relatives (Vapor/Reprise) CDW-48036
2001 Mystery Train (Polydor – GERMANY) 9493014
2002 Are You Passionate? (Vapor/Reprise) CDW-48111
2005 Prairie Wind (Reprise) CDW-49593
2006 Living With War (Reprise) CDW-44335
2007 Living With War – In the Beginning (Reprise) CDW-43265
Live at Massey Hall 1971 (Reprise) CDW-43327
2007 Chrome Dreams II [CD/DVD] (Reprise ) CDW-49906
2008 Sugar Mountain: Live at Canterbury House 1968 (Reprise) 2-516758
2009 Fork in the Road (Reprise) 2-518042
2009 Live At the Riverboat 1969 (Reprise)
2009 Dreamin’ Man Live ’92 (Reprise)  2-511277
2009 Official Release Series Discs 1-4 (Reprise)
2009 Early Years (1963-1965) (Reprise)
2009 Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963-1972) (Reprise) 175292
2009 North Country (1971-1972) (Reprise)
2009 Topanga 1 (1968-1969) (Reprise)
2009 Topanga (1969-1970) (Reprise)
2009 Topanga (1970) (Reprise)
2010 Le Noise (Reprise) 2-525956
2011 Live In Chicago 1992 (Immortal – EUROPE) IMA-104252

1967 Buffalo Springfield (Atco/Atlantic) SD-33-200
1967 Buffalo Springfield Again (Atco/Atlantic) SD-33-226
1968 Last Time Around (Atco/Atlantic) SD-33-256
1968 Retrospective: The Best of Buffalo Springfield (Atlantic) SD-33-283
1970 Expecting To Fly (Atlantic) 2464-012
1973 Buffalo Springfield (Atco/Atlantic) SD-2-806
2001 Buffalo Springfield [Boxed Set] (Rhino) R2-74324

1969 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (Reprise) RS-6349
1975 Zuma (Reprise) MS-2242
1979 Rust Never Sleeps (Reprise) MS-2295
1979 Live Rust (Reprise) 2CRS-2296
1981 Re·ac·tor (Reprise) XHS-2304
1987 Life (Geffen) XGHS-24154
1990 Ragged Glory  (Reprise) 9-26315
1991 Weld  (Reprise) 9-26671
1991 Arc-Weld  (Reprise) 9-26746
1991 Arc  (Reprise) 9-26769
1994 Sleeps With Angels (Reprise) W2-45749
1994 The Complex Sessions [4 song EP] (Reprise) PRO-CD-7342
1996 Broken Arrow (Reprise) W2-46291
1997 Year of the Horse (Reprise) W2-46652
1997 Don’t Spook the Horse [3 song EP] (Reprise) 121544-01
2003 Greendale (Reprise) CDW-48699
2006 Crazy Horse At the Fillmore 1970 (Reprise) CDW-44429
2007 Live In San Francisco (Immortal – EUROPE) IMA-104211
2012 Americana (Reprise) 9-531195
2012 Psychedelic Pill [2CD] (Reprise) 9-531980
2021 Barn

1970 Deja Vu  (Atlantic)
1971 4 Way Street  (Atlantic)
1974 So Far  (Atlantic)
1988 American Dream  (Atlantic)
1999 Looking Forward  (Reprise)
1999 Deja Vu Live (Reprise)

1976 Long May You Run (Reprise)

1983 Everybody’s Rockin’  (Geffen) XGHS-4013

1988 This Note’s For You (Reprise) 9-25719

1989 Eldorado (Reprise)

1995 Mirror Ball (Reprise) W2-45934

A Treasure (Reprise) 9-527650

Compilation Tracks
“Helpless” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA)
1994 Philadelphia [soundtrack] – Philadelphia (Epic)
1998 “Harvest Moon” on ‘MuchMoreMusic’ (Universal) UMDG2-81074
1999 No Boundaries [Album For Kosovo] – War Of Man (Live) (Epic/Sony)
2001 “Heart of Gold” on ‘Oh What a Feeling 2: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (CMC) 0885
2007 “Waling To New Orleans” on ‘Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino (EMI) 950805

“Tears Are Not Enough” on ‘Oh What a Feeling: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music’ (MCA) JUNO-25

“This Wheels On Fire” on ‘Garth Hudson Presents a Canadian Celebration of The Band’ (Sony)

Collaboration Tracks
David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name (Atlantic)
1987 Warren Zevon – Sentimental Hygiene (Capitol)
1989 Tracy Chapman – Crossroads (Elektra)
1989 Warren Zevon – Transverse City (Capitol)
1991 Robbie Robertson – Storyville (Geffen)
1992 Rusty Kershaw – Now And Then (Domino)
1992 Nils Lofgren – Crooked Line (Ryko)
1993 Randy Bachman – Prairie Town (Phantom)
1993 Buffy Sainte-Marie – She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina (Vanguard)

From Vancouver, British Columbia.

Get Out of Dodge [4-song EP] (Jesseco) BMR-004

Compilation Tracks
“Take Me Home” on ‘Vancouver Seeds 2’ (CFOX) CFOX-FM99


Only One For Me (Gaiety) G-106
1966 She’s My Woman (She’s All The World To Me)/I Have Lost My Life Companion (Gaiety) G-743


Brian Taylor
(vocals) / Robert Malyon (guitar) / Bryan McCullough (drums) / Paul Bishop (bass)
Intellectual punk from frontman Brian Taylor who would later go on to run the store front operation at Toronto’s Record Peddler and do A & R for Fringe Products’ death metal label Diabolic Forces. The band reunited in 2009 at Sneeky Dee’s nightclub in Toronto.

Youth Youth Youth [cassette] (independent)
Sin [7-song EP] (Fringe Product) FPE-3010
1989 Repackaged (Fringe Product) FPL-3090
2014 Anthology 1982-1984

Mike Lehman (vocals) / Wayne Carson (bass) / Vernon McDonald (guitar) /Ted Zawadzki (guitar) / Bobby Becker (keyboards) / Rick Lamb (keyboards, replaced Becker 1973)
Yukon was formed in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario in 1968. The band was signed to US label Sussex in 1971 and recorded their material in Detroit, Michigan which disqualified them as Canadian Content under the CRTC’s 1971 airplay rules. However, their debut single “Understanding Is Sorrow” – which only featured Mike Lehman and US session players from the Funk Brothers – reached No.57 on the RPM Top100 Singles chart in September 1971. The surprise hit required a touring act and Copperpenny’s guitarist Vern McDonald was lured away and also became a contributing writer in the band. Their follow-up singles, all produced by Dennis Coffey & Mike Theodore for Sussex Records, failed to chart; Zawadzki became a songwriter and producer with his own Black Forest Band.with notes from Ted Zawadzki, Alan Dunbrook, Ed Miller, and Brian Tozer.


1971 Understanding Is Sorrow/Save My World (Sussex) SUX-220
1972 A Message/[same] (Sussex) SUX-228
1972 Fallen Angel/[same] (Sussex) SUX-249
1973 Flying Machine/Lady Luck (Sussex) SUX-258

Jeff Innes (guitar, vocals) / Brandon Scott (guitar, vocals) / Graham Jones (drums, vocals)
Kelowna, British Columbia’s Yukon Blonde originally performed under the name Alphababy from 2005 thru 2008. Under their new handle they’ve released several albums since 2009. They are currently signed to Dine Alone Records.

Stairway (Dine Alone)

Everything In Everyway (Nevado) NRV-003
2010 Yukon Blonde (Bumstead)
2011 Fire/Water [4 song EP] (Dine Alone) DNAL-10.1
2012 Tiger Talk (Dine Alone)

You Gentle Crustacean

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