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Yah), Graham Stairs (Intrepid), Ken Stanley (Arc Sound), Darryl Sterdan (Winnipeg Sun/Tinnitist), Warren Stewart (EMI), Mike Stortini (Healey’s Roadhouse), Adrian Strong (DMD), Ron Sumners (Epidemic/Sumners Graphics), Brian Taylor (Record Peddler/Diabolic Force), Stephen Tennant (MCA), Dave Tollington (Warner Music), Greg Torrington (Warner Music), Tom Treumuth (Hypnotic), Yvonne Valnea (Last Tango Productions), Chris Vatour (KOCH), Gianna Venuto (Polygram Video), Gerry Vogel (Polygram), Steve Warden (Q107), Steve Waxman (Warner Music), Jim & Justin West (FUSIONN III – RIP), Michael & Karen White (Trick Or Treat), Paul White (RIP) (BMG), John Wilkinson (KDS Graphics), Gerry Young (Current), Nancy Yu (Virgin), Kim Zayac (Sony), Lisa Zbitnew (Sony), Dominique Zgarka (KOCH/eOne), Aaron Zon (MMS), Richard Zuckerman (Sony).

Thanks For Their Personal Musical Insights
13 Engines, Ronney Abramson, Barry Albert (Bartholomew + 3), Aaron Allan (Figures At Dawn), B. Amesbury, Rick Andrew (WARPT/Shakers), Mary Anka, Cam Atkinson, Audities Mailing List, Jason Avery (Florida Razors), David “Baxter” Balan (Sherry Kean), Mike “Spike” Barlow, Aaron Bentley (Leslie Spit Treeo fan page), Moe Berg (The Pursuit Of Happiness), Chris Berry (39 Steps), Jimi Bertucci (Abraham’s Children), Graeme Bishop (Frank Marino/April Wine), Donnie Blais, Rayburn Blake, Chris Burke-Gaffney, Rob Bowman, Sam Boyd (Burton Cummings/Guess Who/Teenage Head), Gary Brown (The Tenants), Colin Brunton (The Last Pogo), Bob Bryden (Christmas/Age Of Mirrors), Vince Carlucci (Cardboard Brains), Bill Carter, Jim Casson (Downchild), John Catto (Diodes), Dwight Cheese (Earth Baby), Ron Chenier (Fist), Gee Chung, Darren Churchill (Young Saints), Richard Citroen (Diodes/Lola Dutronic), Dan Clancy (Lighthouse), Tom Cochrane, John Cody (BTO/Lee Aaron), Sammy Cohn (Watchmen), James Collins, Gary Comeau (Esquires), Bettie Cook (for George Cook), BJ Cook (Skylark), David Cox, Gord Cummings (The Lawn), “Crazy” Steve (Bunchofuckingoofs), Andy Curran (Coney Hatch/Soho 69/Anthem), Jeff Dalziel (Britton), Terry Danko, Tim Davis, Jonathan Davis (RIP) (Breeding Ground), Paul Dean (Loverboy), Al Demers, Larry Delaney (CMN), Gordon Deppe (Spoons/Beyond 7), Claude DesRoches (The Shakers), Bob Deutscher (Crowcuss), Greg Dick, Matt DeMatteo, John Douglas Jr. (Johnny Dee Fury), Mike Douglas (The Diamonds), Jerry Doucette (RIP), Bill Dureen (The Last Words), Bob Ego, Derek Emerson (TOHC), Rik Emmett, Karl Erikson, Eva Everything, D.Fancy, Mark Farris, Tim Feehan, Ron Ferroni (Steelore – Hamilton Rock History) / Mitchell Field (Hellfield), Bill Findlay (Daniel Band), David Fitzpatrick, Al Foreman (Scrubbaloe Caine), Stanley Frank, Darryl Gaines (ICU), Erella Ganon, George Gardos (Bartholomew + 3), Andre Gibeault, Nick Gilder, Greg Godovitz (Fludd/Goddo), Bruce Good, Gogh Van Go, Larry Gowan, Barry Greenfield, Roly Greenway (RIP) (Crowbar), Ken Greer (Red Rider/Big Faith), Joey Gregorash, Derry Grehan (Honeymoon Suite), Robert Gronfors (Teenage Head), Clay Hage, Mike Hall (Killer Dwarfs), John Hamilton (Diodes), Mike Harris (The Rabble), Mark Harrington, Mike Harrison (RIP) (Mainline), Frankie Hart (Freedom North/Riverson), Jan Haust (OPM), Jeff Healey (RIP), Pat Hervey (RIP), Harry Hess (Blind Vengeance/Harem Scarem), Midge Hill (Zappacosta), Shelley Hines (Picture Comes To Life), Steve Hoffman Audio Forums, Sean Hogan, Gregory Hoskins, Tracy Howe (Rational Youth), Jim Huff (Wall Of Silence/The Works), Kim Hunt (Zon/Moxy), Paul Hyde, Bruce Innes (Original Caste), Maggi Jacks, Susan Jacks (RIP), Terry Jacks, Scott Jaworski, Mendelson Joe (RIP), Prakash John, Molly Johnson, Sass Jordan, Danny K. (RIP), Mark Kearney, Denis Keldie (Extras), Mart Kenney, Ken Kirschner (Silverlode), John D. Kimmel, James Krueger, Bernie LaBarge, Mark LaFrance, Pat Langer (Leslie Spit Treeo), Bob Lanois, Jamie Larsen (Hellfield), Stuart Laughton, Tom Lavin (Powder Blues/Blue Wave Studio), Breen LeBoeuf (Offenbach/April Wine), Steven Leckie (Viletones), Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem), Gord Lewis (Teenage Head), Warne Livesey, Mark London (Encore/Busted Flat Records), James Lord (Ten Commandments), David Love (Carpet Frogs), Fraser Loveman (RIP) (British Modbeats), Todd Lumley (The Waltons), Aaron Lusch, Colin & John Angus MacDonald (The Trews), Michael Magann (Brutus), Ra MaGuire (Trooper), John Mars, Jeff Martin (Tea Party), Brian Maxim (RIP) (Moxy), Denise McCann, Donnie McDougall, Ron McJannet (Strawman/First Time), Ian McKay (Diodes), Mike McKenna (Mainline/Luke & The Apostles), Ian McLeish & Dave “Mr. Stereo” Sampson (Mousehole Music), Jim McMillan (Rising Sons), Tim Mech, Brian Meissner (Liverpool/Aerial), Stan Meissner, Darrell Millar (Killer Dwarfs), Ed Miller (Major Hoople’s Boarding House), Glenn Miller (RIP) (Classics, Collectors), Darby Mills (Headpins), Fred & Larry Mollin (Homemade Theatre), Betty Moon, John Moorhouse, Peter Moore (The ‘E’ Room), Jeffery Morgan, Marty Morin (Goddo/Wireless), Gerry Mosby (Rhinegold/The Hunt), Bill Munson, Ralph Murphy (RIP), Peter Murray (Surrender Dorothy), Andy Ramesh Myers (Scenics), Alannah Myles, Paul Naumann (RIP) (A Foot In Coldwater), Jeff Nearing (I.C.U.), Rick Neufeld, Brian Newcombe (Collectors), William New (Groovy Religion), Tony Nolasco (Mainline), Mel O’Brien, Gary O’Connor (Liverpool/Aerial), Norman Orenstein (Infidels/Alta Moda), Dwayne Osepchuk (RIP), Matthew Page (PAGE Music), Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies), Michael Panontin, Nick Panaseiko Sr., Don Wayne Patterson (The Haunted), Rick Pearson (Liverpool), Jurgen Peter (The Haunted), Carl Peterson (King-Beezz), Ed Pilling (Fludd), Carole Pope, Rob Preuss (Spoons/Honeymoon Suite), Carolyn R. (Spoons Webpage), Random Killing, Douglas Rankine (The Secrets, Quiet Jungle), Randy Ray, Rob Reiner & Lips (Anvil), Joe Ress (Studebaker Hawk/Shooter), Paul Robinson (Diodes), Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies), Gabrielle Roddy (Brass Bikini), John Roles (Bond), Cindy Ross (Gino Vannelli fan page), Cynthia & Lucasta Ross (B-Girls), Paul “Bela Ray” Royes (Hellfield), Tim Ryan (Jackson Hawke), Michael Sadler (Saga), Jim Samson (Moxy/Zon), Jeff Sawatzky, Eddie Schwartz, Deb Scott, Liam Scott (for Priscilla Wright), Graham Shaw, Jane Siberry, Stevie Skreebs (Brighton Rock), Richard Skelly, Alec Somerville (Brothers-In-Law), Danny Smith (Brutus), Tommy Solo, Wolfgang Spegg (Bomb Records), Squidhead, Craig Smith (RIP) & the SOWNY Radio Board, Glen Stace, Graham Stairs (Intrepid/Popular Spies), Leon Stevenson (The Extras), Jamie Stewart (The Cult), Virginia Storey (Drug Plan/Caramel), Scott Sutherland, Kurt Swinghammer, Chris Tait (Chalk Circle/Big Faith), Danny Taylor (Lords of London, Nucleus), Jay Telfer (RIP – A Passing Fancy), Doug Thompson, Tim Thorney (RIP – The Front), Ken Tobias, Deirdre Tobin (Abbey Tavern Singers), Too Many Cooks, Alexander ‘Sascha’ Tukatsch, Shari Ulrich, UNIDISC Music, Rude Van Steenes (RIP – Arson/Glamatron!/Vis-à-Vis), Hayden Vialva (The Dice), Darrell Vickers, Daryl Wadsworth (Canada Goose), Ray Wallace (RIP – PEACE Magazine), Nick Walsh (Slik Toxik/Revolver), Nick Warburton, Christopher Ward, Mike Watson, Bruce Wheaton (Everyday People, Stitch ‘n’ Tyme), Duncan White (Greaseball Boogie Band/Shooter), Tom Wilson (Florida Razors/Junkhouse/BARK), Tom Wilson (Little Caesar & The Consuls), Tom Williams (Warner Music/Attic), Graeme Williamson (Pukka Orchestra), Brett Wickens (Spoons/Ceramic Hello), Rick Winkle (Vital Sines), Jack Wong (The Shondels), Mike Woods, Barry Worrell & Ric Terter (Diamonds fan pages), David Wynne (The Haunted), Leo Yarnold (Jane Child fan page), Cathy Young, Denton Young (Zon), John Paul Young (Cardboard Brains), Karen Young, Alfie Zappacosta, Eddie Zeeman (Cats Can Fly), Frank Zirone (Zero-One/Hanover), Jim Zolis (Zolis Sound), Alan Zweig, Michael Zweig (Carpet Frogs, Seventh Son).

All other credits are attributed to individual contributors at the end of each artist biography where applicable.

The majority of photos are courtesy of the Gerry Miskolczi Archive at The Canadian Records & Artists’ Appreciation Society. All others have been credited to those who provided them. Additional credit to photographers is given where known.

Apologies to anyone that may have been left off these lists. After 35 years some names may have slipped through the cracks.

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